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Women have always played a vital role in our world. They serve as the glue that bonds our families, societies, and world together. They are the foundation, the caretakers and guardians, and all the way to even the leaders who run and shape our world to what it is to what it is today. From the very first societies to the present day, our women have been the foundation and backbone of our world. They have nurtured, taken care of, and trained children who have become great people and have changed our world drastically, they instilled in our present leaders right from when they were children, the right values and tactics they need to make the world a better place and succeed. They are not exempted, they have also done great things in our world and communities. They have worked as leaders who made great and productive changes to ensure that everyone is comfortable and also the world. They are that motivational force that has developed platforms and global changes that generally make up our world. Even with all they have done they still face challenges beyond the control of anyone, they face unfair treatment because they are still not seen as equal to men, and also many other adverse effects, but still they don't let it get to them and they push on hard with resilience and resourcefulness.

I for one know that I won't be able to live in a world without women, But I would like to know Your opinion; would you be able to cope in a world that faces the absence of women? Do you think that women have made these great contributions to our world and have earned the right to be called the "foundation of our world"? Or maybe you think otherwise. I would really like for everyone to express their honest opnion on this topic.

Thank you!

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  • I personally think neither gender would be able to survive without the other due to each of them playing both a vital and significant role. However, I do feel like throughout the course of history, women have been overlooked and just seen as men's servants that just stay at home and cook and clean. To answer your question though, I think no one would be able to live without women. Or as well exist, considering it's been scientifically proven only women are able to give birth, so it's kind of impossible for you to exist without women. Besides that, the percentage of women in the workforce is about 56%, so if we were to live a life without women, the workforce would have to suffer multiple consequences, taking into consideration that about 80% of teachers are females, so it might be hard to teach children with most of their teachers missing.

    1. Hi Daring passionfruit,
      I completely agree with you, both genders need each other to survive. It is basically just like a symbiotic relationship both male and female play an important role in society and in the world at large. If we were to live without women, I feel the world would be in complete chaos because, I can't just imagine a world without my mom or even my sister. I've gotten so used to life with these inspirational women around me, I can never just imagine life without them. Although men are also equally as important because men and women are interdependent, and we both need each other to survive.

    2. Women are the main sources of population. The number and efficiency of women is what affects a population's birth rate. Women are a main pillar of the world. They make more sacrifices generally compared to. Women are usually more influential than men, especially in the lives of children. They sacrifice to make the family as comfortable as they can make it for the men and children.
      Women, especially as girls or babies have strong immune systems that can resist diseases more easily than boys. Boys are more vulnerable to death than girls due to wars and life threatening conditions.
      Can you imagine a world without women? High mortality rate, low birth rate and low workforce. Women face more unfair treatment than men and still have high resilience and tolerance.
      Women should be appreciated and not undermined because in most families, they bring food to the table. They are also great teachers; morally and educationally.
      Thank you.

    3. Hey Daring Passionfruit!
      Wonderful comment! Indeed, women play a vital role in our societies... They are not just there to make lives easier for men and children, but also as the other half to a man. Men are psychologically considered more easily excited. Their adrenaline levels are higher than women, upon reaching adulthood. Women are calmer due to higher cortisol levels.
      in this sense, men and women balance each other's weaknesses out. They compliment one another's skillset excellently. Men need women to survive and women need men. That's co-existence. And nothing is wrong with interdependence. It's the nature's way indeed.

    4. You are right daring passionfruit, every gender needs each other either male or female but the thing here is that women have been overlooked the treat them like they don't have a brain to think but only to work and take care of a family not knowing that the woman encourages her husband and stay by his side always if a woman can be given a chance she will be a really great person, even if she is not allowed to work on her own she should just work with her husband and we all will see the progress.

      1. Yes, but I also think women can do much more than just working with their husbands and cleaning homes. For example, wasn't it a woman who invented Wifi, GPS, Bluetooth, and etc.? Yet, people still overlook the abilities that women can reach.

        1. Yes you are very right women can do lots of things but it is the choose of the woman to either be discouraged and do nothing or to be discouraged and do something that can proof those people discouraging you.

  • Women are the body governing homes. Women play a very notable role in our families and nation at large. Women procreate through the help of the other gender. There is these popular saying that educating a man is like educating an individual while a educating a female is like educating a whole nation. Women were maltreated in the days of the old but now they are taking over the nation by their creativity and good counselling. World without women would really not be interesting, because , anything we do wouldn't be fun.

    1. Well said.
      Women serve as the backbone of households, playing a crucial role in both our families and our society. They contribute to procreation in collaboration with the other gender. A common belief suggests that educating a man impacts an individual, whereas educating a woman impacts an entire nation. In the past, women faced mistreatment, but in the present, their creativity and guidance are shaping our nation. A world without women would lack excitement, as their presence enriches our experiences in a significant way.

      1. I see where you are coming from, but don't you think that this is quite a stereotypical view of women and what a woman is. Yes they play a significant role in our families but so do men. I don't think that we can say that women are the backbone of society because we all work together to build a successful society.

        In the past women were seen in the way you were describing, but in this day and age men also play these roles. With all of the advancements we have made to strive for gender equality, we also need to try and remove some of these stereotypes that you have suggested.

  • Women have made a huge contribution to our world throughout history. Their achievements and contributions in various fields like science, art, politics, advocacy etc. examples are women like Marie curie who revolutionized science with her discoveries, Rosa parks embarked on a civil rights movement with her bravery, Malala Yousafzai fought for female education. And these are just a few of the amazing ways women have shaped our world. Women have the power to uplift, support and make a significant impact on their communities. Women continue to make a difference every day, and that why they are called “The Foundation of the World “

    1. Thank you dear, do you think that females should be respected only in the society?

      1. @polite_pomegranate, I don’t think so, I feel like women should be respected equally as men whether in the society or not. And besides respecting women in the society only is still not breaking the bias we want the main aim is to ensure that they are given the same accord, opportunities and support as the other gender. In my own opinion they should respect them the same as males and nothing much or that will bias still against male.

        1. Yeah I understand you perfectly,
          I was Only saying that since women were maltreated in the olden days , the society now needs to reconsider and recognize them now that the world is growing into a global village were technologies are now required and women can venture into any of these online business just by watching the videos on YouTube.
          Women are as important as males, so when we have these mindset the bias would equally stop.

  • Women are equally important for a society as are men. Women should be given equal opportunities and representation in every segment, every field of life. Actually women are excellent managers!

  • In my own opinion, I strongly believe that I personally would not be able to cope in this world if there has been absence of women.
    Now I will like to draw us back to the time of Adam, God in his infinite wisdom said it that man can't cope alone in the garden of Eden, that he needs a helper fit who will help him in the garden of Eden.
    So I will like to say that we need the both gender for us to survive and to cope up in this world, because women procreate through the help of men, that is to sure you that we needs the help of both gender in order to actually survive.
    So many researches has showed that women are been descriminated in so many ways, till the extend that they are been payed lesser when they work in the same office with a man, which is not suppose to be so, but I strongly believe that now that with the way are been creative these days and with their achievement, this gender inequality problem will gradually be solved.
    Remember that I said, no gender is more superior, more important or more needed in the society, we need the help of each other in other to survive.

  • my opinion of International Women’s Day is good since you can see the importance of womens day but i do think there should be a day about men but in international women's days you only celebrate women and that's it you don't do anything important like celebrating important things that women have done

  • I think that both genders can't live without eachother

  • I agree. Women play a very pivotal role in the society and without them the society would crumble. They play very relevant roles that benefit us all.
    For example, Ada Lovelace, she invented programming and now it is used to create a lot of things including the ever-famous AI. Honestly, I think that women are the basis of our modern world and that they have a lot of the best contributions in the world.


    1. Well said, but do you think ,en are important as well?

  • I believe that a world without women would be unbearable since they are the backbone of our society. Women are mentally stronger, responsible, and more caring, making them an indispensable part of our lives. From ancient times, women have played a significant role in shaping the world we live in today. For instance, women such as Velu Nachiyar, Begum Hazrat Mahal, Rani Lakshmi Bai, Sarojini Naidu, and many others have contributed immensely to India's independence struggle. It is safe to say that a world without women is unimaginable and impossible.

  • Being born as a girl child in a country like India has been a little struggling for each of we girls since ancient times...not only in India but their is male preference in the minds of people having mentality that men can only inherit their families and run thier generations...nowdays we this gender inequality.. sometimes I ponder that how can women who gives birth to the lives we have today can be less powerful to be independent?!..the pillars of our society are womens and we appreciate their multitasking abilities and skill to manage home and office together...in India their are glorious stories of queens who gave foundation to thier kingdoms like Rani laxmibai,Rani ahilyabai and many like those are the inspirations of millions of girls..now the situation has improved a bit especially in India with the coming of constitution we have 'equality' as a right of all..so in all womens are reason for giving us a fantastic life that we live today...!!

  • Hello everyone!
    We can easily understand from proper discussion that our economic development is never possible without the participation of women. Therefore, the role of women should be increased in this field. In this case the following methods can be adopted -
    1. Women should be educated and freed from prejudice.
    2. Must be freed from religious orthodoxy.
    3. Skilled human resources should be developed through career - oriented education.
    4. Security must be properly provided.
    5. Right price of labor should be paid.

  • I am whole hearty agree with you because Women are incredibly important in our world. They take care of families, lead communities,and make big changes globally. Despite facing challenges, they keep pushing forward with strength and creativity. It's essential to treat women equally and give them the same chances as men to create a fair and better world for everyone.

  • I believe that women have played a vital role in the overall development of the world. They have contributed in many aspects, yet they did not receive the recognition they deserved. Yes, men and women need each other, they are supposed to co-exist and help each other, but we must admit that women were a crucial part of building this world, and without them, some things may have never happened.

  • Good night! Everyone
    There is no alternative to the concerted efforts of men and women to build a meaning and beautiful future. Because men have never been able to win any work alone with out the active support and motivation of women. However, the contribution of self -sacrificing and welfare women is not written anywhere in society -civilization- history. This discrimination between men and women is unreasonable and humiliting. Therefore, the society and civilization should move forward towards a bright future by properly evaluating the contribution and sacrifices of women on the basis of rights and equality.