Women: the greatest warriors

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Women are the pillars of our world and most of the time they are not even conscious about it. They have been put down for many years and seen inferior to men, but nobody ever questioned why this happened eventhough they are the only reason we are all here today. They are great mothers and fighters, they take care of their kids and many of them are very talented for things such as painting, writing or journaling, and although they don't need to hide anymore behind their husband's name to do what they want, they are sometimes not taken as seriously as a man would be for the fact of just being a man.

It is a fact that the number of women in media is lower that the number of men (although it is slowly increasing), and someone would think that is just because the number of men who want to work in this sector is higher than the number of women who wants to do it, but the truth is that the number of women in the media we see is not even half of the number of women who want to work there and don't do it for several reasons; some of them are afraid of not being enough, others need to take care of their family, and even in some cases their husbands don't let them do it.

However women need to fight for their rights even out of their works and society is very guilty for that. They often have to endure being called awfull things when they're walking on the street and being criticized for not following the standards and beauty canons that the society has set for them. This causes in many cases that women stop thinking they are enough despite of being beautiful and smart because they are tired of receiving comments on how they look and who they are from people that don't even know them personally, but who tell them anyways they have to be thin, but not too thin because that looks unhealthy, they need to have money but stay at home taking care of their kids, they have wear makeup but not too much because that looks fake, and despite all of this they still smile and continue with their lives because that is what they have been taught to do.

In conclusion I want to thank women for their strenght and everything they've taught us..

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  • I totally agree with you on your point of women being the pillar of the world and great because of the point you have stated on women being mothers, study has shown that a child tends to spend more time with their mother than their father, I believe this because the mother is both responsible for taking care of the children and also doing some work to help the husband in generating income, this usually is not an easy task as women are taking care of the little ones who are still undergoing development and listen to their problems, teach them the right thing to do and still performs her work where she learns money. I personally would like to say kudos to all the mothers and other women in the world for the effort they put in behind the scenes such as grooming of the children and many others. THANK YOU.

  • Hello Openminded strawberry!

    Out of humility I agree to what you are saying. Women have been seen inferior to men because some traditions think that women are less important and are only useful in domestic chores women. There are many women that have been great warriors' example of those women are: Fu Hao, Tomyris, Artemisia, Cynane, Amina of Zaria, and Teuta. These are example of women who had physical power. Women should know that their strength may not be physical, but it can emotional meaning having emotional maturity. Mothers are very awesome. Some of them do not mind sacrificing their lives for their family which I would like to use this opportunity to say kudos to all mothers around the world.
    In conclusion, women are not just strong they are also brave so we should make sure that women are being treated equally and with great respect.

    Thank You!!!!

  • Good morning! Everyone
    I think International Women's Day is very important in the life of women. Because Women's Day began in 1908, women workers started a movement to demand women's suffrage, and suffrage was recognized in 1910 In the context, at the second international Women's conferences in Copenhagen in 1910, German women's leader Clare Zetkin proposed to declare March 8 as International Women's Day since 1914, March 8 has been celebrated as International Women's Day in various countries around the world. This event of women community more active in getting their rightful rights.

  • Good evening! Everyone
    The role of women in nation building is unforgettable. The role of women's society in nation building with equal rights and dignity to men is remembered with pride today. In Europe -America and developed countries, women are given a higher status. They move forward on an equal footing with men in the formation of the country and nation. As they have extensive participation in every sector of the country's administratory free participation of women in industry, business, commerce, research, science and technology including space operations has been ensured . Through education they have chosen their own field of work and through hard work they have proved their talent and competences.

    1. Are there any problems women still face in Europe and America?

  • In my own perspective, I think that women are the strength of the world, I say this because alot of women around the world have alot of responsibilities to attend to especially when it comes to domestic responsibility. So many people have this fixed mentality that women should be in the kitchen, staying at home all day taking care of children , while the men should be at the office making money for the family, I partially agree with this statement because men are supposed to be providing for his family while women should be in the kitchen , alot of men don't have the ability to handle children, taking care of chores and cleaning the house this is a result of how they were being trained by their parents, for example, if parents were to share the house chores equally they would send the boys to wash the car and the girls to wash dishes

    1. HELLO smart effort,
      I agree with you that there is this general believe that women should be in the kitchen while men go to the office to make money. This is not true, there have been instances where the women are more money savvy than the men. So for a family, it is important for them to know who better positioned to some things and if the woman is better, there is no shame.
      Stereotype ha s denied the world huge talents, creativity and innovation because we never gave the women the opportunity to showcase them
      THANK YOU!!!

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    Women are referred to as the greatest warrior because she can sacrifice everything for her family, her passion, etc. It is said that a kid feels the safest with his or hers mother. A woman can sacrifice her own life to protect her nation. As per the reports the percentage of women working in society has increased from 51.7% to 52.1% from 1990 to 2020. If you think that the life of a working woman is easy, you are wrong because she has to take care of her family too at the same time. Still in some countries women are not equally respected as men but they don't know that she is not working to earn she is working to be independent so in the future she will not rely on anyone.

  • I totally agree with you.
    Women are warriors and they have proven it many years ago.
    They were never afraid to fight for their rights and that is why they have succeeded so many things.
    Even nowadays women struggle to prove that they are not only beautiful creatures , they have powerful minds and they can balance both of them well.
    They are multi tasking creatures and their voices are now loud enough to be heard.
    So yes women are warriors and for that should be proud.

  • I strongly agree with u on women begin great in so many different ways women look after us they care for us and yet they aren't given that respect they deserve women are humans like us we shouldn't look down on them just because they aren't capable. Women are even capable of achieving lots of things but we look down on them to much

  • A huge problem women still face in Europe and America is the " gender pay gap ". Gender pay gap is basically the difference in the average earnings of women and men by measurements of percentage. According to Google, the gender pay gap for women ranges less than 5% in Luxembourg, Romania, Slovenia, Poland and Belgium and Italy to more than 17% in Hungary and Germany. Even if their work efforts reach the same level as that of the men they work with, they are still paid less. I think that we could all do something to help most of these women's situations by protesting online, discussing matters on the gender pay gap and motivating employers we know to pay attention to this situation too. Many women are single, have families to raise and personal things they would like to achieve, giving them lower pay than others will just seem as a discouragement as they won't be able afford important things for their children like clothing, soaps and occasional change of toothbrushes. It is also good we encourage women to enter businesses most are very qualified and impactful in what they do rather than discriminating them

    1. @consistent_engine - what national policies do you think would positively affect this issue?

      1. I think that the government should create an organisation that prevents salary corruption and discrimination in workplaces. The leaders of countries all round the world should institute a national agency with branches in different states, town and cities in that country that basically checks for gender discrimination in jobs, such as women being paid less than men although both contribute the same efforts needed, when an employer is caught practicing this unfair treatment towards his female workers he will be penalised, charged to court and made to suffer for his crimes or pay a huge fine. This will mainly set an example for all those who do this and slowly the world can at least get rid of this aspect of gender inequality. But for this to happen, the women must stand up for themselves and report these incidents.

  • I totally agree with you openminded_strawberry your thoughts are really very fascinating and intersting . Women are always been warriors as warrior exactly the one who fights and in my observation I observed every women fighting for her rights , dignity, equality among men and women and for getting justice . Reading my civics book I got to know about a Indian women. In my opinion she is one of the greatest warrior in the time of 90's in India discrimination was on the peak to stop and claim justice this women started a movement" women's right movement" and protested against the inequality sapna Mishra was most active member of the same her fight was for her two daughters. One of them committed suicide because she was discriminated as doesn't have any brother and she was the second girl child in the family and her sister was rapped by 2 boys when she was 15 years old . This story is a clear example that women's life is just about fight but , after this sapna fought for women's right and just because of these 2 girls women's were able to claim there justice after facing discrimination since , centuries but still much more has to be done to change the stereotypes of people .