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I think that stereotype somethimg that is inside us thet we need to change,but is very difgicult... Stereotypes 05/3/24
is not fair from my point of view because this will give them and advantage that the athlest... Unfair advantage? 04/3/24
I think that the athlest can't consume any performance enhancing substance because It is not... Unfair advantage? 03/3/24
Yes,I think that AI will be not able to replace the human sensibility or any feeling in... Will AI transform the emerging world? 03/3/24
I think that AI Will transforma the world in a way thet humana will be not needed any more, only... Will AI transform the emerging world? 25/2/24
To the world IS better to have good news,because It afects in a positive way to the people.I... Too much negative news? 14/2/24
I think that if this happend without a strong correction in the prision the prisionero will... What’s the purpose of prisons? 09/2/24
I think that the goverment shoult invest a 70% in protecting the city from crime ,and the other... Prevention or protection? 09/2/24
First of all,I think that the prision propouse is to panish the people that do bad things.So for... What’s the purpose of prisons? 09/2/24
I think the AI Will be good for the planet because new things can be invented,and Will hello yo... AI and the planet 03/2/24