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When Clover Hogan answered my question about creating awareness among communities ignorant about climate change, It really inspired me to encourage others to stand up against climate change by using points that appeal to them, not just reasons that I care about.

I've also been placing a lot of emphasis, on how we should live, a lifestyle that is not only comfortable and safe for us, but also for the environment. We should all commit to living in ways that help us to save the planet. Clover has inspired me to save the planet by making people see how their lifestyle affects the planet, and how we can achieve so much by adjusting our standards of living and the way we do things. I believe in saving the planet, one person at a time.

So now, over to you! Here are a some questions that I want you to think about:

Firstly,What are some ways you can create awareness about climate change in your community?

And, What are some ways you and your family can adjust your lifestyle to help save the Planet?

So, let me know! has this standpoint had a positive effect on your life? Has it made you think differently in any way? If so , feel free to comment below...!🤔

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  • I have always seen that my community and school have taken small but significant steps to maintain a safe and healthy environment for future generations. For example, we have an annual competition where we see which class has the highest number of students that walked, cycled or scooted to school. This encourages pupils to reduce carbon emmissions and even those who are obliged to use other forms of transport such as cars try to use a different approach by car-pooling or using public vehicles such as buses. Additionally, we have pupil parliament representatives for our school that go on trips to nurture a unlittered environment. For example, some students from my school, went to Brookfield Primary Academy and they planted over 65 trees! This is something to be admired and this pushes us to even plant a tree of our own. As the saying goes: Until you dig a hole, you plant a tree, you water it and make it survive, you haven' t done a thing. One planet, one chance, one future.

  • What are some ways you can create awareness about climate change in your environment.

    Climate change in recent times has been causing more harm than good.
    So I think one way to create awareness is by educating the people about it and the problems it brings.
    Some people are ignorant ,they really know the harm their actions could cause,so when we educate them we create awareness.
    And one way we could educate them is when we use the media /social media using the media to speak is like speaking to the entire nation.
    When we go to the media to stress the reasons we need to abstain from certain actions people would see the importance and stop them .

  • your standpoint actually changed my perspective not every way I feel can impact climate change is good or right different people can come up with different ideas to save their environment and planet at large. We also should try and not always focus on living a life comfortable for us but also save the planet I mean every effort we put into living comfortable lives tat affects the environment or planet is quite in vain because we are destroying the eco system and normal nature that aids us live happy life. We should look at what's best for us not what is convenient for us. This is a bpld step we should take and get serjous about saving the planet and reducing the rate of pollution..

  • A lot of people are quite ignorant that some of the activities they engage in today are slowly endangering the future of our planet but there are a lot of ways we could help adjust to a lifestyle that would help us save our planet.
    First of all, we could start by trying to encourage people in our communities to try to stop the cutting down of trees and to also try their best to reduce the use of fossil fuels because they are one of the major contributors to ozone layer depletion. As a child you might be thinking ''what can I do to preserve my planet?'' We could help to preserve our planet by maybe starting a campaign or even starting fund raisers to preserve our planet, we could also plan with a group of friends to clean up the beach or the park, we should try our best to reduce the amount of trash we produce and we should also try to recycle.
    We could also try to encourage our parents and family members to walk short distances instead of always driving around in cars, because cars emit some toxic gases that contribute to ozone layer depletion.
    If we make caring for our planet a daily routine it would prevent our planet from going into extinction.

  • I would like to elaborate more on how I and my family have adjusted our lifestyles to help save the planet.
    Recently my grandma installed solar panels in her house in order to save energy and regulate the use of electricity. Most things in her house runs on the power we extract from the sun, we got this idea from my uncle who stays in Tampa,Florida he is a really big fan of energy saving . In my house in order reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill we started buying products that last longer, and that can be reused and recycled and it has really helped us a lot, we also try to reduce our carbon footprints in little ways like turning off the lights and unplugging devices when not using them and incorporating walking or biking to some of our regular short-trip destinations which also helps us in exercising. Energy saving has also reached my school , we use solar powered water heaters which really works exceptionally unknown to others. I think in these simple ways and many others we could greatly reduce the effects of climate change and save our our planet earth.

  • The earth where we live needs to be taken care of. For example, In Nigeria in some communities the people are not aware how their actions destroy the earth like using too much firewood help depleting the ozone layer and causing harmful rays or burning fossil fuels . So, because of their ignorance they keep doing it. So, I feel a way of creating awareness to those who are uneducated is for environmentalist can go for outreach to the villages and rural area and they should be educated and taught about all these.
    Also another way of created awareness is that the number of days that earth day is celebrated should be increased because when it is done often people will see how relevant it is.
    It should be enrolled in schools as a topic or even as a subject so the young children will be motivated and start planting or doing other things that will make the world a better place and the children can also encourage their parent that don't know about it
    And I feel that if all these actions are taken a good number of people will know about why they need to take care of the earth.

  • Well, you have really inspired me I always lived not caring about my environment because in the community and country I come from(NIGERIA), people live like that but now, i want to support your believe and make the planet a better place, your standpoint has really touched me. But, I feel no matter how much we try to push your belief of changing the planet by adjusting our standards of living it might or may not be effective. To be frank with ourselves, we both know that there are people that no matter how much they are convinced and with those people it just can't work. See it like this, you have five good eggs and one rotten one and you brake all into the same bowl and fry them. After you fry them, the whole thing will not be eatable because the mix will be rotten due to that one egg. From this we can see that even if the good people are more than the bad the little bad spoils all the goods effort. Also, there is no way we can eradicate bad people from the world because they are every where and they are ''hard nuts to crack''. So, my question is, should we not then result to employing strict rules and regulations to check those people ? or are you still confident on your belief ?if you are them why?

    1. Hi, affable bird!
      I totally understand your point of view here. As I continue to think about how I can encourage others to save the planet, the more I notice that there are people out there that just don't care about the effects of their lifestyle on others, and believe me, I've been there. I didn't always care about climate change, global warming and things like that. I just one day realized that the way we all live will come back to affect us. We might enjoy our lifestyle now, but it might affect us later. It's like eating a bucket of ice cream for dinner(I've always wanted to try that!). It tastes so good now, but you're probably going to end up with a stomachache the next morning.
      To answer your question, imposing strict laws on people to get them to contribute to saving the planet is not exactly the best way. You have to get them to understand why they need to do this, and how it affects them. Sometimes you have to realize that you can't always force people to make decisions that you like. They have to decide for themselves. And while it may be very annoying when some people still have a nonchalant disposition, just keep doing whatever you can to save the Planet. Actions speak louder than words. I'd like to encourage you not to be the rotten egg in the basket!

  • You can create awareness about climate change by passing flyers around to create awareness about the effects of thier habbits on climate change and having a community meeting every weekend and discuss on what we can do to reduce climate change.
    These are some of the ways that I and my family adjusted our lifestyle to save the planet. We started by recycling more aand plant more trees and plant in our house and strated using less geneators.
    Yes this standpoint had a positive effect on my life and now i live in a better and cleaner life.

    1. I'm not sure about this because... using flyers might not have that much effect because some people might not know how to read and some might not be interested, i think it would be better if a presentation would be organized which would be presented using different languages and also presented by using sign language.
      I admire how you and your family have adjusted your lifestyle to save the planet.
      and this standpoint also made a positive effect on me

  • I can create awareness by sharing fliers within my community showing the effect of climate change as well as posting images on my social media handle showing this effect.
    My family can change our lifestyle to save the planet by using paper bags when going for shopping instead of polyethene bags, using solar power instead of generators , recyling plastic containers instead of throwing them away and using fan as a cooling system instead of using air conditioner.

  • We can create awareness by Setting up a program talking about the effects of climate change and how to build back greener, by setting a program we can ensure to talk about the causes and out care me of our way of life and knowing that not a lot of people will attend we can make sure to inform as much people as we can, and we can also set up the program in more than one place just to make sure lots of people will attend.
    The best way me and my family can adjust our life style and help save the planet is by reducing our carbon footprint. And can do that by limiting the amount of time we send on watching TV and playing video games and to also limit the use of air conditioners (AC) and our heaters.

  • We can spread awareness about climate change by issuing press releases and publishing reports, studies and publications. We can also submit written or oral reports to parliamentary committees and consultations and work with the media. Holding meetings and public events and holding conferences and workshops are ways to spread awareness in addition to To create and contribute to educational materials. Information can also be disseminated through a variety of different media or tools, such as radio, television, video, film, the Internet, social media, mobile phones, newspapers, newsletters, print, and poster campaigns. And the arts are all in order to spread awareness about climate change. My family and I can plant trees in our home and spread awareness to friends and relatives to plant trees. As a student, I spread awareness among my friends at school and talk about this topic.

  • I am thrilled to share some of the ways my family and I have modified our lifestyle to contribute to the preservation of our planet. After participating in a contest and immersing myself in the theme of Earth Day, I shared my newfound knowledge with my family. As a result, we have made significant changes to our daily routine.

    One of the most impactful changes we have made is switching to reusable bags for our groceries and produce. Additionally, we have invested in reusable water bottles and cloth wipes, which have significantly reduced our waste. my father, who is an avid farmer, suggested growing herbs and vegetables in our small garden. This not only reduces packaging waste but also provides us with fresh produce and an enjoyable outdoor activity.

    we have also begun composting our leftovers, which has allowed us to create nutrient-rich soil for our plants. Another significant shift we have made is implementing Meatless Mondays, which has helped us reduce our carbon footprint by consuming fewer animal products each week.

    we take pride in doing our part to protect the planet while still enjoying life's simple pleasures. These changes have not only positively impacted the environment but have also made us spend great times together

    1. Wow, you've got some great ideas 🔥! And let me tell you, my family and I have been doing our part to save the planet too. It's all about being mindful of our daily actions, like ditching disposable items for reusable ones, fixing leaky pipes, and carpooling like it's our job. Plus, we've even upgraded to energy-efficient appliances and green energy options to really reduce our carbon footprint. And get this, we even started a little garden with herbs and plants, using our leftover food as fertilizer. It's like we're living in our own little eco-friendly paradise! So, when you suggested watering plants and taking care of them, we were all about it. It's a beautiful responsibility that not only makes our planet happy, but it also makes us feel like total plant parents. Thanks for the awesome idea "about garden" .
      Our planet deserves all the love and care we can give it 🌹!

  • Hey there, fellow planet-savers! We you ready to make a difference in our community and help combat climate change

    First up, let's talk about some fun events we can organize. How about a neighborhood meeting where we can all share our knowledge and ideas? Or, if you're feeling extra festive, a swap meet or farmers market where we can exchange tips and tricks for living a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

    But wait, there's more! We can also distribute informative pamphlets that highlight simple yet impactful changes we can make in our daily lives. Think reusable bags, energy-efficient light bulbs, and all that good stuff.

    And let's not forget about the power of local leaders and influencers. They can help spread the word and bring more attention to the cause. Plus, social media campaigns can reach a ton of people in a short amount of time.

    Of course, it's important to make sure all our messages are accurate and backed by scientific research. We want to be credible and trustworthy, after all.

    So, let's get creative and spread the word together! Remember, creating change starts with raising awareness in our own communities and being the change ourselves. Let's show the world what we're made of!

  • I am thankful to you enigmatic_salak as you have reminded me that we not only need to adjust our way of living to secure a safe and healthy environment, but we need to make others aware of the changes they can make for the better. I really admire the way you write. Even though this is not an audio, I can still see the genuine emotions you have implemented in this piece. One I particularly like is when you have put creating awareness in bold letters. This stresses the urgency of the situation we are currently in so this standpoint is done cleverly and thoughtfully. Additionally, I love how Clover Hogen is a significant icon to you and that you have expanded on the question you asked her about how you can create awareness about climate change in your country. Very well done, I have enjoyed reading your piece.

  • That's inspired me and I want to tell you that as students we can do many steps
    As student I have an important role in saving the planet. Start by reducing your own carbon footprint through actions like walking or cycling to school, using less water, and consuming less meat. I can advocate for sustainable practices at your school and in your community such as recycling programs and renewable energy initiatives. Educate yourself and others on environmental issues and take action to create positive change.

  • Welcome.
    I think that careless people who only care about themselves are more than people who care about everything around them like a science teacher who feels like a part of the environment..... For me: I will publish the state of the climate and the environment through the means of communication and the Internet .. or by posting banners Warns against throwing waste or fines for dirty neighborhoods ... In fact, in the name of expert Miss Clover Hogan, I did a post about climate and environmental conservation on our school radio but as I said there are those who care and there isn't... Regarding the work that we do with my family to preserve the environment, it is (recycling), for example, we will use good glass and plastic to recycle them into useful tricks, as for wood, I use it to paint beautiful paintings, and some people use it to make fire and we can use Burn paper and make it compostFor the environment, which is good... From simple ideas we try to improve the environment... But there are people who don't care about these things. What do you think of a good solution for them to come back to us and save the environment other than the above ideas? Try to find ideas please, maybe your ideas are rare and creative that make people interested...
    Hand in hand we build a safe future

  • What are some ways you can create awareness about climate change in your community ?
    By ensuring awareness reaches everybody in the sense I mean; bring the education of climate change down to the level that even a person with no standard educational background can grasp

    What are some ways you and your family can adjust your lifestyle to help save the planet ?

    I have been planning on organizing a fund raising to support climate change ever since I was more enlightened about it on topical talk
    I have also ask my father to get our house a solar system which he has added as a next budget ,
    I also took action by planting some trees in my school area with the help of some other students

  • I believe that there a lot of ways to create awareness about climate change in our communities to create a safe and carbon free world, while keeping the earth's natural beauty clean such as creating posters creating awareness programs of etc... these are one of many ways to enlighten people about climate change.
    In my country Nigeria lot of people do not believe that climate change is real they believe there is no such thing as carbon footprint they are not affecting the environment negatively.
    In my school we have had programs for awareness about climate change 30 to 60 people came and said that our environment is really being affected by our carbon footprint that much, enlighten people like this can spread the word about climate change.
    In my school we have planted a at least 7 trees in school and we have been asked to plant more trees in our homes, this is one of many ways to protect the environment
    My family and I have thought of many ways to protect the environment like working to more often to school, creating a larger garden with more trees, eating more vegetables etc...

  • I think that there are many ways to create awareness in my community but the first place I think we should start
    creating awareness is from home then other different schools then public places spreading the word using posters etc ... because it is in school we learnt about climate change that is where our teachers gave us knowledge about climate change. but we to have to do a part we need to plant at least 10 trees in our school environment eat less meat and more vegetables, do not use cars for short distances.
    . and I think my can adjust by driving less plant trees around our neighborhood use less electricity than before ride bikes more and educating our neighbors about climate change and the dangers
    it can cause.

  • Clover Hogan's profound insights have also ignited a powerful flame within me, inspiring a call to action against climate change. I am driven to encourage others by connecting with their personal values and highlighting the impact of their lifestyles on our planet. Together, we can embark on a journey of transformation, forging a path toward sustainable living and a brighter future. I believe in the power of one person at a time, united by a shared vision to save our planet. Let us embrace this mission wholeheartedly, for our actions today shape the legacy we leave for generations to come. Clover's words also have struck a chord deep within my soul, resonating with a profound sense of urgency and hope. They have stirred within me a relentless determination to inspire change and create a ripple effect that transcends borders and barriers like you. It is not enough to merely raise awareness; we must empower individuals to take ownership of their role in preserving our planet.

    In our quest to save the Earth, we must recognize that the journey begins with ourselves and extends to our families and communities. By adjusting our lifestyles and redefining our priorities, we can unlock the immense power within us to heal and protect our precious homes.

    Let us embody the change we wish to see, embracing sustainable practices and embracing a mindset of compassion and responsibility towards the environment. Together, we can rewrite the narrative, infusing every action with purpose and resilience. Our collective efforts, no matter how small, have the potential to create an extraordinary wave of transformation.

    So let us rise, united in our commitment, fueled by the belief that every step we take towards a sustainable future is a step towards a better world. Let us inspire, educate, and uplift one another, spreading a contagion of hope and possibility. The time is now, and we are the catalysts of change. Together, we will embark on a journey that transcends boundaries, lighting the way for generations yet to come. Our legacy will be one of courage, compassion, and stewardship, as we join hands and hearts to save the planet, one person at a time.

  • You can create awareness about climate change by meeting an environmentally friendly person who cares about it and always maintains awareness and education about the importance of preserving the environment and how to use old materials by recycling them and returning them to something useful in our lives without affecting the environment or increasing its waste, and I suggest you encourage your friends and your family and colleagues in the workplace to reduce carbon pollution, by joining projects and plans such as the Palestine Action Campaign entitled “Recycling” which aims to inspire people to take practical steps to act more boldly on climate change and to add people’s voices to this important debate, and by It is also possible to shop locally and buy sustainable products to reduce the carbon footprint of our food. This will help small businesses and even farms in the area and will contribute to reducing fossil fuel emissions associated with transportation

    As for changing our lifestyle to help save the planet? My mother used to put food for us in a reusable bag when we went to school instead of plastic or disposable boxes or containers. In this way, my mother taught us how to reduce waste and at the same time protect us from chemicals that may harm our food. Food in cans or plastic bags

    Your topic has changed my point of view, not only in terms of seeking comfort for ourselves, but we must also search for comfort for the environment, so protecting the environment is one of the rights that must be adhered to and acted upon, in order to build an advanced and environmentally clean society, so that this does not affect Not only does it focus on the environment, but it also supports industries that are working towards more environmental responsibility.