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Freedom is the ultimate human right and all people should feel free to practice it. However... Freedom v safety? 25/2/24
Exactly the same thoughts . Having each person a personal computer would be a great idea but can... Will AI transform the emerging world? 14/2/24
I totally agree with you. For me it's impossible a business to donate petrol. Petrol is... How could businesses make positive change? 13/2/24
From my point of view people do change. And this is because society changes and our planet too. ... Why don’t people change? 12/2/24
When a company chooses its face of their brand they know who and why they choose them. They are... The “face” of a business 10/2/24
Unfortunately in many parts of the world animal cruelty is evident. There is a place in my... Animal rights 05/2/24
I think that picture D represents more my country. Climate change has started to affect... Climate change in your country 05/2/24
I think there should be a Hub discussion about capital punishment because it is a very... Suggest a discussion 04/2/24
I think that AI will help more the planet if it us used properly. With the use of AI we can... AI and the planet 04/2/24