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  • I think there should be a hub discussion on WHY DO PEOPLE COMMIT CRIMES AND HOW TO PREVENT IT?
    Crime isn't always a choice it is the circumstances which lead a person to commit crimes. As there is a long list of crimes we should focus on them specifically to their solutions.
    Now why does one commit this offence. Data shows that most of the criminals are constituted by the section of society which faces socio-economic differences, rich-poor gaps, lack of basic facilities and proper education. Their bad experience with the world cause them to be bad to the world. Referring to philosopher Socrates, if a society is constituted by unjust then lawlessness creates disorder and chaos whereas abiding by laws and being just maintain order.
    A society must not be judged on the basis of how it treats it's best but how it treats the worst. Hence I believe the cause of crimes and their solution as a valuable discussion.

    1. I agree because I also strongly believe that crimes are not always a choice but the circumstances also play an important role. However, many people tend to take advantage of their section in the society such as a low economical state, an early age, their gender or even their lack of education. That is why criminals should not only be judged according to law but also according to human sense.

    2. Well people commit crime as an easy way to get something they often think that it is the best and only way of getting something done. For example, A man wants a gold watch but instead of working for it he decides to go in and steal it. Crime is an option, and it is made to look like the best one but I'm here to tell you that it is a big fat lie. People only commit crime because... they see it as a last resort.


    3. I disagree with your second statement because though criminals are influenced or motivated by their economic or emotional environment, it is their choice to 'save' themselves by committing crime. They can protest to about their economic problems and if the government ignores them, obviously, not everyone will ignore them- people will also support them.
      Crime isn't entirely the fault of law breakers but the government (when it fails in its duties) and the social environment. I am just trying to advise us to treat others the way we want to be treated because you can never always know what they are going through. Your actions and relationship with others can either indirectly, increase crime rate or reduce it.

      1. Hi,
        Yes, many unfortunate situations subject people to go into crime, but to me nothing can justify their actions, there is no excuse for harming other people or damaging the properties and belongings of others. Crime is never the solution to any issue or problem, it can only bring more problems and dire consequences. The price to pay for committing crimes is more tedious than the reason of which a person goes into crime. In this life there are many resources available to aid you solving your problem that are not bad or of bad demeanor, there are always better ways of solving or tackling your problems that allowing yourself to get subject to criminal behavior . Just remember there is always a way when all is lost do not allow yourself to resort to something that will not only hurt and affect you but also other innocent people. Some of the people who are rich and successful today either came from poor backgrounds or from bad pasts but because they had hope for the future and they worked towards achieving their goals of changing their lives by seeking help, acquiring the necessary education, accepting support and also not allowing their bad situations at that that to discourage them they made a difference in their lives. So a life of crime is never the way, doing bad can only bring bad no matter your reason for your wrong actions. According to Magaret Thatcher, "The only way to deal with crime is to punish it, quickly and severely. " , this statement can mean many things , in my opinion it is trying to say that when we think that the only way is to do something bad or commit crime we should try our best to put our minds and hearts in a safe environment and not a hostile one, this environment will create forces to fight against such thoughts or ideas.
        Thank you!

      2. I strongly agree but with this few points of mine I think we could spice it up a little bit.
        First and foremost, the judge doesn't really care about what made you commit the crime even if you had to rob a bank to save your mother's life at the hospital, the main point is that you committed the crime and surely that person would get punish for his/her actions.
        A person can resort to other ways than crime, if the person badly needs that money, he/she take a loan and pay bank and that definitely not a crime or the person looks for a LEGIT AND A NON CRIME job that could fetch you your money,even if it doesn't come in as how you expected it, he could try again a make more legally with no one send him to prison.
        But, I have also gotten to know that major crimes are being authorized in prison. Isn't this supposed to be a cause of alarm?

    4. People commit crimes because of many reasons, like:
      -Peer pressure: peers have a very huge influence on one's behaviors. The type of "friends" people keep can influence them to commit crimes, such as drug trafficking, kidnapping and many illegal activities.
      -Poverty: you see, when one is unable to pay his/her dues, taxes, rents and all, it will cause them to go into armed robbery, theft, kidnapping and so on.
      -Pleasure: crimes such as drug trafficking most times are as a result of one wanting to get pleasure from whatever drug/substance he/she has been taking. To them it's like the substances take them to another dimension, another world where all their problems seem to leave "forever".
      -Unemployment: when one does not have a job, he/she is rendered jobless and may become a useless member of the society (sorry to say). Joblessness can also make one result in crimes maybe in the name of exploration or adventure or just something they think they can while away their time doing.

      1. Are all people without jobs "useless"? What do you mean by this, and can you think of instances to prove yourself wrong?

        1. No, not all people without jobs are useless. But what I mean is some people today go into crimes due to "joblessness". Like I said earlier on, because they have nothing productive to do with their lives they result in committing crimes. It could lead to theft, armed robbery like I said earlier... Don't get me wrong please, I didn't mean all people without jobs are useless.

          1. I would have to disagree with this comment. Sure a portion of people may decide to do crimes because of joblessness but what about the people that don’t? Many people without jobs tend to try to find hobbies like cooking or doing art on the side to try to make some extra cash. I understand when you didn’t mean all people without jobs are useless but still maybe all this people could have a special talent like singing or acting and they could just be waiting to take off. Maybe a question to ask about these people without jobs is what could they offer if they have and special skills or talents to help them get jobs?

            1. You seem to be getting me wrong over here. I didn't say all people without jobs end up committing crimes, I said SOME of them MAY DECIDE TO. Off course it's not all of them that go into crimes, could be just a few.

              Sure, they could have talents but off course you wouldn't force them to make use of it. Some probably wouldn't even know they have such abilities/talents and maybe just go ahead with anything they feel like doing, not really minding whether it's legal or not. They may have the mentality of yeah, they're getting/making money and probably won't mind.

          2. I strongly agree with you , lack of jobs end up in committing crimes because they have nothing productive to do making their family abandon them . That's when they end up in gangs because for example; teenagers might be peer pressured to rob people and they would start skipping school more than usual making their parents more attentive to them and they might find out , which can also make the relationship with their parents inadequate which might cause their parents to probably throw them out and they might end up jobless , hopeless and abandoned by people including their families making their only option is to join gangs . Basically what I'm saying is that sometimes it depends on how things are at home and outside which can lead to inadequate actions because of ignorance by their loved ones

          3. Yes, I agree with gentle _ seahorse, most people who don't have the qualification to get a decent job that pays well either turn to the streets or crime. Some times we see these instances in movies, when grown family men go around robbing banks and stealing money, while in reality they are jobless and desperately needed to feed their family. This equally applies to real life, although crime such as stealing is a big offence, the Police officers also need to check the background of the crime and original motive. When someone is given no option due to unemployment than to steal to feed themselves, they should at least be given a lesser term in jail or a lenient punishment. They should also look into the number of homeless people on the street because most are those who were jobless at first or prisoners released without any money or provisions to start a new life.

        2. Not all people without jobs are useless, I say this because some people that are unemployed suffer from that but I will not say that they are useless.
          I say this because in my country, most places that you pass, you see people on the road sweeping due to joblessness and when passing them I feel pity and I try to see the little thing that I can do. Why did I bring this up, I brought this up because my teacher in school told by classmates and I that most of the people that we see sweeping the roads are joblessness, he also said that the people who sweep the road are graduates but their only problem was that they are job available hence they managed the menial jobs available like sweeping the road which was given to them by the government and their little income from the job is what they rely on.
          In conclusion, not all people who are jobless are useless to the society it is just that some of them could not get jobs that is why they remain unemployed.

        3. Hi,
          Honestly I feel like this statement of people without jobs being useless is rather offensive and wrong. Let's start with people becoming jobless is not their choice, due to different and various reasons, like economic backslides, company shutdowns, or even personal circumstances, must of these people are subjected to being jobless not because they do not have the right qualities or qualifications but because of some of these problems which causes unemployment, we tend not see that these people make efforts everyday to seek employment but they have to face challenges beyond their capacity and control. Another thing is that surprisingly most jobless people have a lot of potential and skill, some of them have expertise, creativity and unique abilities but because of these problem of unemployment may never be able to showcase it. And being jobless is not all that bad, in fact being jobless can help people to adapt, gain new skills, and find alternative decisions and paths to take when they are faced with adversity, it can also help them to reinvent themselves, explore new fields and interests, and even gain new and fresh knowledge.
          In conclusion, I just want to say that we do not have the right to call people without jobs useless because we do not know what they have gone through, or they hardships they have been faced with , and finally joblessness doesn't define a person's worth. Everyone has exceptional value, regardless of their employment status. Instead of judging them and making assumptions we should try our best to show empathy and understanding towards them.
          Thank you!

        4. GoodDay,
          I believe that nobody should ever be given the mindset that they are useless. By the term useless it means the person has no use to anyone which is not true. Although a person can be jobless but can still have use and importance to his/her family and friends. Also if a person is given a mindset that they are useless I do not think the person will be motivated to work towards having a job and be "useful" but if they are encouraged and made to believe that they are useful despite not having a job they work more to having a job and be "useful" because I was once told that if you continue to pretend to have a character, you will develop that character after some time, the same thing that applies in the case of encouraging an unemployed person.

    5. I agree with that opinion because is not always a choice as triumph snow said it is usually the situation or circumstances that come with it .Crime analysis have mentioned and explained that in many cases it has been need sand lacks of things like there education and daily facilities that drive and motivate criminals .There lack of good quality and experience in life drive too establish a existence of crime In there daily lives.
      Thank you for reading

    6. I agree with you because here in Nigeria, there is a very high rate of crime and according to my research, the main cause of crime in Nigeria is poverty and economic deprivation,so I believe that we should talk about crime and how it can be prevented.

    7. I strongly disagree with you because you cannot just commit crime due to your crisis. Then if this was to be the case, then I guess everyone will commit crime because we are all going through hard times especially in my country where hyper inflation takes place. We have to break issues down so that we can find solutions to them. Everyone who is successful in life went through a tough time but hard work pays off. You have to be persistent. If these successful people had committed crime, they will not be where they are today. So I feel that commiting crime is not the answer.

      1. I disagree because... first of all you said everyone would have committed crime because of hyperinflation. But the president would not have to commit crime since he is benefiting from the hyperinflation. The money that we ordinary people pay goes into the banks of the politicians. Secondly, you said "everyone who is successful in life went through a tough time" what about those people who were born rich or were from rich families? They just have to work hard and try to accomplish their goals. But I do believe we have to be persistent.

    8. I agree because... Understanding why people turn to crime involves recognizing the impact of financial struggles. In many cases, criminal behavior stems from an inability to afford basic needs like food, rent, or expensive medical
      bills. To effectively address this issue, it is vital to explore practical solutions that can prevent crime at its roots.

      A significant driver of criminal behavior is financial instability. Individuals facing economic hardships often resort to illegal activities to secure essential resources.

      1. Affordability Measures: Implementing government policies to make essential goods and services more affordable can significantly reduce the financial burden on individuals.

      2. Community Homes: Creating additional community housing options provides a safety net for those experiencing homelessness or struggling with housing costs, fostering a sense of community and support.

      3. Food Assistance Programs: Expanding food assistance programs, such as soup kitchens, can alleviate hunger and reduce the likelihood of individuals resorting to crime for survival.

      In conclusion, addressing the root causes of criminal behavior, particularly financial struggles, is crucial for building a safer and more just society. By making necessities more affordable and fostering supportive community initiatives, we can work towards preventing crime and prioritizing the well-being of all members of society.

    9. I think you are right because sometimes people do not want to be criminals but because of the state they are in,they start living a life of crime.For example,one of the major problems we are facing here in Nigeria is unemployment.So if a youth is done with the tertiary institution and he or she is not employed,he or she might not be able to fend form him/herself which might lead them to turn into a life of crime due to unemployment and poverty.

    10. I feel people mainly commit crimes so they can gain profit and use it as a source of income, for example; kidnapping. This is one the main crimes people use to get money. Sometimes, one should not really blame such people because it is often because of poverty due to unemployment because of the corrupt nature of the economy. Moreover the less, some people do it because they were to lazy to find jobs and therefore this kind of people should be punished severely. I think we can prevent it by making more job opportunities available and should also punish and rehabilitate those who are guilty of such crimes.

  • I believe a central focus on society focus on security is essential. This hub topic would educate individuals on safety in both their surrounding and society. It provides a platform to share news and knowledge, empowering people to educate their friends and family, ultimately enhancing safety across and community.

    1. I agree because security is a very serious issue in our modern day society and the world at large. Security centers are really lagging when it comes defending the country and the detection of crime. A very good example is Jose Adolfo Macias Villamar, a notorious criminal that escaped from a prison in Equador. In my opinion the reason why he was able to escape the prison was because the prison wasn't heavily guarded which gave him the opportunity to escape from prison.

  • I would like a discussion on the topic psychology or a mindset of criminal as currently alot of crimes are committed due to the mental impact a certain event has had on the criminal where it is related to their childhood or any other part of life secondly I would also love a discussion on the topic related to communication as communication is an essential for any relationship whether it is between that of a parent and a child or between two people or a student and a teacher as communication can create bond between people which may result in friendship on the other hand any error in communicating between people may result in hurting of ones emotion which can increase a chance of crime committed by people which also brings the topic psychological health for discussion as people most of the time are driven by their emotions in a certain situation that they can commit a crime therefore a discussion on mental or psychological health is important for any person irrespective of there age group or proffesion etc.
    Therefore the topics I would like to be disccused are( any one or all of them)
    1) Psychology of a Criminal
    2) communication skills
    3) Psychological or mental health

    1. I totally agree with you on this one!
      It is because looking at the reasons and psychology behind why these criminals do what they do can give us powerful insights on how to prevent crimes and potentially allow us to give these people the best treatment and rehabilitation they can get!
      Communication is also key as well, it’s why we are here in topical talks in the first place! To rub minds and share ideas, I think if prisoners were given a chance to communicate their issues and willingly seek help, whether mentally or physically a lot of crimes would have been prevented.
      Thank you.

  • Hi
    This is a really fascinating topic.The topic that there should be discussion on is 'How the criminals could be a successful person in the world'.I know the topic's weird.
    Disclaimer: I am not saying that there should be more crimes or criminals are right or that criminals should escape from prison.
    Back to the topic:
    I don't really know much about the prison neither about how it works.Just some basic things.All I know is it's like a huge punishment for criminals and for their betterment and it is protected and the security of area is taken care by the police/security and it is pretty tight.
    So why I chose the topic'How criminals could be successful' is because as I mentioned that the security of a prison is tight so it is quite hard to escape from the prison.It needs brain and strength.Not only Fito but many other criminals also escaped from prison.For which they should make a good plan, they should be mentally strong because they may fail and already going to prison is a failure for them in life but also to cross the strong walls of prison or to even execute the plan it takes a lot of physical strength.So probably criminals who have successfully escaped the prison are mentally strong and physically strong.
    One commits crime because of some circumstances or socio-economic difference but what if socio-economic differences never existed.The criminals wouldn't have committed any crimes.Maybe their strength either physical or mental would have helped them.They would be listed on 'world successful people'.It would be great for them or maybe even for their nation or the world.Maybe instead of 'criminal' they would have been called 'inspiration'.I believe somewhere the society is responsible and even the criminal themselves are responsible for their tragedic life. So even in difficult situation we should be mentally strong so that we can fight and we can reach success.
    You can suggest a better name for this discussion.
    Thank you.

    1. I disagree because... Prison should be a punishment and just because they a physically and mentally strong doesn't mean they can just leave Prison and a crime shouldn't be judged on this state. I know people's circumstances can sometimes be hard but a crime is a crime and we have to keep a base level of standard.

      Basically Prison or crimes aren't forgiving.

      1. I agree with you in a way but also not in a way.You don't seem to understand.Your reason for disagree was that according to you that prisoners shouldn't leave prison,I also agree that a prison and a crime shouldn't be judged on the state of the criminal.But I never said that the criminals should leave the prison or the prison system should stop.In my comment above there is a 'what if' the criminals weren't 'criminals'.They never committed crime.Crime needs plan.Plan needs brain and implementation.To implement the plan the criminals needs strength.If the criminals weren't 'criminals' they could've done better in life.
        And I disagree that prison should only be for punishment as prisoners are there to learn how to be a better citizen. Prisons should have humane behavior towards the criminals as the criminals are getting the punishment of no freedom for their crimes.

  • I think there should be a hub discussion on this topic "should people with disabilities and the mentally ill be Imprisoned" e.g the blind,deaf,dumb and autistic patient.

    Because most of them can not express their self,and can be easily framed because of their disability.

    1. I strongly disagree with you because people should not be judged based on their disability.You cannot just imprison them because of their situation. After all, I feel that they did not choose the type of disability they wanted but along the journey, life turned it to them and some people were even born with it. Also, most of these people are smart and they can bring up mind blowing plans to help Earth so why imprison them for no crime? For example, I know someone who is autistic and the person is just soooo... intelligent. You cannot explicitly tell because the person cannot express him or herself properly but if you come to his or her studies and delve deeper, he or she is actually a go- getter. This same person is very skilled especially when it comes to arts and crafts. He or she works professionally and my gosh it is soo perfect as if Leonardo da Vinci made it. He is like the mini version of him. So how can you arrest people like this? As they always say, do not judge a book by it's cover!!!

      1. It's great to hear your positive experience of someone who is autistic. Thank you for sharing this and helping us to be open-minded.

    2. Hey, I totally get where you're coming from! It's important to recognize that when it comes to cases involving specially abled individuals being framed for crimes. While there might be instances where innocent people are wrongly accused, we can't overlook the complexity of the situation. After all, if it were as simple as some say, there's a risk that dangerous criminals could take advantage of this to escape justice. That being said, I'm totally on board with discussing this topic further. I think it's crucial to really dive into the details and consider all the different angles. By doing so, we can gain a deeper understanding and come up with better solutions.

    3. I agree because to this because many people suffer from many things that can make them do things they don't mean to do. I believe they should be be sent to a different type of prison with people like them and take classes/therapy to help them.

  • A discussion I think should be considered on the hub is “ How to balance between safety and personal liberties during an emergency”why I feel this topic is important is because the safety of the people in Ecuador is important but on the other hand it’s also crucial to safeguard individual rights and freedoms. This balance is vital to ensure that necessary measures taken for safety don’t infringe on personal freedom. This task is challenging for government to tackle.

  • I suggest a Hub discussion post focusing on what role international organizations and the global communities should play in supporting Ecuador in resolving its prison emergency because international organizations can play a crucial role in ensuring the protection of human rights within Ecuadorian prisons. Global challenges, such as prison emergencies, often require a collaborative and shared-responsibility approach. International organizations can assist Ecuador in managing the crisis by offering support that complements the efforts of the local government.

    1. enthusiastic buffalo, I agree with you that a hub discussion post focusing on what role international organizations and global communities should play in assisting Ecuador in resolving it's prison emergency. I believe that they can play a crucial role in ensuring protection of human rights within and outside Ecuadorian prisons.

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion post about the crime that I heard and surprised me the most because in this way we can then prioritize different types of crime and answer the question:
    What shocked me the most?
    We all have heard on TV, read on social media almost daily minor or major crimes but throughout our life we can only remember some of them. These were the ones that shocked us and they will always be on our minds.
    Sometimes the type of crime that shock us depends on our country, values, age.

  • Hi,
    I think there should be a discussion about "the impact of cultural factors on the prison emergency in ecuador" We could explore how cultural norms, beliefs, and attitudes towards crime and punishment influence the operation of the prison system and the treatment of inmates. Additionally, we could examine the role of indigenous communities and their justice systems in addressing crime and conflict resolution, and how they interact with the formal prison system in Ecuador. This approach could provide insights into potential culturally sensitive solutions to the challenges faced by Ecuadorian prisons.
    Thank you!!

  • I think that there should be a Hub discussion post about "How Ecuador's situation can be compared to other Latin American countries struggling with prison violence. Can lessons be learned from these cases, and if so, which ones?" because the situation in Ecuador's prisons has gained international attention due to the recent spate of deadly riots and violence. And this is not the first time that the country has struggled with this issue, as well as many other Latin American countries. Therefore, it is essential to discuss the topic in more detail and explore what can be done to prevent such incidents in the future.

    Creating a hub discussion post about Ecuador's situation and its comparison with other Latin American countries struggling with prison violence would be a great way to start this conversation. It can be an opportunity to share different perspectives, experiences, and insights. By learning from each other, we can identify the root causes of the problem, understand the challenges and opportunities, and propose effective solutions. This discussion can also contribute to raising awareness and building solidarity around the issue of prison violence in Latin America.

  • I think there should be a hub discussion on 'Should highly unsound criminals be executed?' Execution of a criminal in our country takes place very rarely. But when it does, it leaves a huge impact on the people, especially the family. This topic will make a pretty good debate and will open up doors to unique perspectives.

    1. This is actually a very interesting question and something i would also like to see debated. and adding on to your question, maybe even asking to what extent execution should be ok, and if "Fito" falls in that category. because I believe that if that was done it would have a immense impact on ecuador because he is very known so i wonder if the gang problems would slow down or if they would spike up because of his death.

  • I think there should be a hub discussion on the topic of stopping prison breaks by making sure that prisoners are not maltreated. There have been many prison breaks all over the world and most of them are caused by maltreatment .Many prisoners all over the world are victims of this brutality, and this is what leads to most prison breaks and I feel that prisoners even though guilty are still humans and they deserve their rights as does every other human being if they are properly treated their reformative process will be increased greatly and the production of useful citizens will become normal making the criminals of today the advocates, ambassadors, and the innovators of tomorrow.

    1. I agree because... I have a theory that the reason why the prison break in Ecuador happened was maltreatment. Prisoners in ecuador might have been vulnerable to maltreatment due to various reasons like poverty, lack of access to education, and so on. There was too much violence. Even if my theory turns out to be is wrong, this is something all prisons all around the world need to correct. Sometimes the inmates maltreat themselves, other times the prison is responsible for the maltreatment. Either way, it is still maltreatment and is still wrong.
      I really agree with you because it is not just about knowing that maltreatment is a problem in prisons, it is also about thinking of ways to fix this problem. That is why I really believe we need to talk about this. I believe that there are so many ways of stopping maltreatment in prisons. One of which is government carrying out thorough and impartial investigations so prisoners maltreating fellow inmates should be prosecuted and punished appropriately. Prisons that also torture inmates unnecessary should be shut down. There are so many other ways to stop maltreatment in prisons and I would really like to hear them.

  • I think there should be a hub post about," Why the internal conflicts among the countries are increasing day by day and why people are declaring war against another nation without solving the matter peacefully?" Because now a days we are seeing a lot more conflicts among the nations. For example: Russia-Ukraine war, Israel- Palestine war, the present condition of Ecuador and many more nations are engaged in civil war among themselves. But why the number of wars is increasing? I believe that everything can be settle through peaceful way then why people are choosing war. Because of this war, the whole world is suffering. The life of the people not only living in those countries but also the Neighbour countries are getting disturbed. Besides, there are a lot more bad effect of war. The effects of nuclear war can never be explained in words. For this reason, I think we need a good discussion about this topic. We need to seek the attention of others about this topic. We have to try to solve the issue peacefully rather than declaring war against other.

  • Certainly! Here's a question for discussion or debate:
    "In response to the state of emergency in Ecuador and ongoing issues within its prison system, what measures should the government prioritize to address the root causes of prison overcrowding, violence, and Human Rights violations while ensuring public safety and upholding justice?"

  • Yes I got a good question about prison: emergency in Ecuador that’s:”Is the prison emergency in Ecuador a result of systemic failures in the criminal justice system or is it primarily a consequence of societal economic factors?” This question delves into the root causes of the prison emergency in Ecuador exploring whether it seems from issues with in the criminal justice system or if it is a reflection of border societal challenges. It can generate debate regarding the role of government, social inequality and the potential solutions for addressing the prison crisis.

  • "In the context of Ecuador's current state of emergency and the challenges within its prison system, how might a comprehensive and sustainable criminal justice reform initiative be designed to address the root causes of crime, promote rehabilitation, and foster community integration for individuals in custody? What role can societal collaboration, policy changes, and international perspectives play in shaping a more equitable and effective approach to the criminal justice system?"

  • Hey everyone I think there should be a Hub discussion post about the fact that Fito's mum said he was innocent. We will all be parents one day and none of us would want to see our child go to jail but then when all arrows point to the truth we can't cover it up anymore. I understand the fact that she loves her son but all the evidence points back to him. So does anyone else have something to say about this?

  • I think there should be a hub discussion post about HOW SHOULD BE PRISONS BE DONE because I believe there is a particular way that prisons should be run to ensure a faster and safer reformation process for inmates. I think that in prisons comfort should be a priority because i believe that when an inmate is comfortable they will be more compliant to change their ways but there is a disadvantage to this because if a prison is too comfortable, more people will commit crimes just to enjoy the comfort of the prison therefore i also believe punishment should be strict so prisoners will not get too comfortable.

  • Why would prisoners like to run away & take police as hostages ?
    Is the prison system so bad ?
    How did they escape if it was a maximum security prison?
    Did the police watch them 24/7?
    Or were they slacking off?
    And why does he think that gang is necessary?

    1. Hi.
      Firstly, I will like to share my own opinion with you concerning your second and third question.
      "Is the prison system So bad?
      Well in my own opinion, the prison system is not so bad but the rate of the comfort is higher than the rate of the punishment and security. In the actual sense, A prison is meant to be a correction centre and not an enjoyment centre.well I am not trying to say that Fito was enjoying in the prison but he was so comfortable that he could even smuggle in gadgets which he used to contact or connect to those that rescued him from the prison.
      Now down to the third question that says "how did they escape if it was a maximum security prison? Well in answer to that question, I will say that the prisoners can easily escape if they have an inner in the prison Who will make it easier for them to escape and they can also escape easily if they have gadgets with them. Thirdly, to much comfortability without punishment in a prison can give the prisoners the courage to do what ever they want to do.

    2. Hi,
      I will like to answer the questions you asked that is the first and third question.
      Why would prisoners like to run away and take police as hostages?
      In my opinion, the prisoners will like to escape from prisons because for them they feel like here is a zone which they may or never escape from prison and for them to escape the only solution is to take the police as hostages in order for them to escape and be free because when the police are being held by the prisoners the law enforcement agencies will decrease in number which will give others more opportunities to escape.
      Secondly, how did they escape if it was a maximum security prison? The prison was actually more as a comfort zone for the prisoners because they even got the opportunity to smuggle their gadgets into prison which will help them communicate to their gangs for help and they could also have an opportunity to escape if they have an inner in the prison to escape.
      Lastly, if there's lots of comfortablity in prison it will give rise to prisoners to commit more offence.

  • Hey,I think there should be a Hub discussion post about 'prison is actually healthy for criminals' like from my research I found that in Norway there is a prison named Halden Prison.It is said be the world's most humane prison. It has facilities like gym, library ,dental office etc.The prisoners can have family visit too once a week.But there has always been a controversy about prison being like a vacation place for criminals .But we should know that the prison's for criminal to help them be a better citizen and as they have already lost their freedom they should not be tortured or suffered.They should be allowed to do things they are interested in.They shouldn't be pressurized,if they are pressurized they will hate the society and prison is to make them a their betterselves.If the prisonhave facilities and humane treatments.It can actually help the prisoners mentally and physically.If they are tortured then it can have mental effect on them.Prison can actually be healthy for criminals.
    Thank you

    1. Hi, I also have heard about the prison in Norway and the controversy behind it, in my opinion i think that all prisons should generally be like that. My reasoning for this is because like you said prison should be a place where prisoners learn how to become better citizens and by making a prison more like a society they are able to learn how to really change and how to find something they like to do, so that when they get out they are used to aspects of society and are able to do what they liked doing in the prison. which is also why when i hear about people saying that prisons should be a bad place, i disagree because again like you said they already lost their freedom and shouldn't have to suffer or be tortured and if this is a case i don't doubt that the prisoners will want to escape and not change because this unfair treatment makes mental problems even worse.

    2. Well, thank you constructive_memory for your such an interesting and extra-ordinary facts about prison. I never had a thought of having such a prison until you light it up. I would say it would get a controversy for it's facility because it's facility is like a vacation to criminals. But, the main point I trust you is that they shouldn't be pressurized, well true that pressurizing would cause a hate on society. Prison should get along with a facility of better mental and physical health. They should treat them in like a society, so they would change their thinking and thoughts about society. On this comment, I am really supporting you because you really have shown how a prison can be healthy for criminals.

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion post about "STIGMATIZATION OF PRISONERS", this is because even when prisoners have being corrected for their wrong deed and have turned a new leaf (becoming a good person), people still discriminate against them. This can make them become more hostile or ashamed, which can still lead to their misbehavior against the society again.
    The stigma of not wanting to be known as a ex-prisoner by the society, can make the commit crimes that will lead them back to jail or lead them to plan a Jail break.
    The stigmatization can also be from prison wardens in the way the see and treat the prisoners sometimes. Friends and family are also not proud of associating with them.

  • I think they should be a discussion about how prisoners are treated. Even though they've committed crimes, fear treatment is important. If prisoners aren't treated right, they might seek revenge and become more stubborn, leading to more crimes.
    It is crucial to find better ways to treat prisoners to avoid problems and help them improve.

    1. I completely agree with what you have said. Even though the prisoners did some crime, prisons should ensure they do not repeat it when released. If the prisons poorly treat prisoners, the prisoners might not co-operate with them resulting in chaos. And as you said, prisoners might seek revenge thinking of a way to compensate for their mistreatment. Prisons should ensure that the prisoners are treated fairly and values like sympathy and kindness are instilled within them. If the prisons would focus more on punishment than on improvement, the society might suffer.

  • I think there should be a discussion about the difference between a prison and a mental hospitals.
    Thank you.

  • I believe that there should be a hub discussion about the concept of second chances for criminals. Often, we see individuals labeled as criminals, but we cannot truly understand their intention or circumstances. It is unfair to judge someone solely based on their appearance or past actions, just as it is unfiar to judge a book by its cover. Therefore,I suggest that we give this individuals a second chance.
    In schools, we often witness sinors or juniors engaging in negative behaviours, yet they are still given opportunities for redemption. This demonstrates that we ,as a society, recognize the value of second chances.
    However, it is important to note that not all crimes should be granted second chances. There are certain offences that offences that may be too serve or dangerous to warrant such leniency. It is crucial to strike balance between offering opportunities for rehabilitation and ensuring the safety of society as whole.

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion post about the impact of Ecuador's state of emergency on its prison system, focusing on the balance between security measures and human rights. This topic is crucial for a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by the justice system during emergencies. Discussing the effectiveness of emergency measures in prisons, potential human rights implications, and exploring alternative approaches to maintaining order in such situations could provide valuable insights.

  • I think there should be a hub discussion about: “How the quality of a prison can affect the environment around it?”

    Prisons are sometimes stationed near residential areas, and depending on the prison some people feel unsafe of how the prison is ran and who is being released out of said prisons. There are prisons where they are run very strict, and their integration of inmates back into society successfully make some residents near the prison feel safer.

  • I think that there should be a discussion about what the people of Ecuador think about this terrible news about Fito escaping, and whether they feel in danger or safer because of the state of emergency and the curfew which they have to follow. when i heard about this story one of my first thoughts was what the people that live there must be thinking and how worried they must be knowing this criminal is out. and so i think speaking on this could also give insight into what the people of Ecuador think should be done about this situation.

  • I think there should be a hub discussion post on Corruption and how to prevent it.
    Corruption is not only about bribery, under-the-table transactions or manipulation of election results. It is the misuse of power by authorities at high posts. It also breaks our trust in proper governance, where we believe that the taxes we pay will be used for providing public facilities, not by some individuals.
    It is really necessary to know about corruption and how it affects the lives of the people. We students are the future of our countries. Only when we know about its side effects, can we stay away from it, take steps to reduce it and create the ideal "corruption-free" society we all wish for.

    1. I think this would be an interesting debate question because in my opinion corruption is something that might not be talked about as much as it should be, and i'd like to hear if other people think that corruption might have had a role in the escape of Fito. I agree with you, corruption through bribery breaks peoples trust in the system and this makes people feel unsafe even when these bad people are "put away" because at any moment a bribe could happen and this person could be out of prison.

  • I think there should be a hub discussion post about what is our role in helping the prisoners get back into the society, because there are a lot of discussions about what are prisons supposed to do, what prisoners should have done right, but now we need to accept what they have done and play our role and help/support them in their journey. Most of the crimes are committed due to poverty, lack of education, poor mental well being and this shows how we fail as a society, that we couldn't support each other in their struggles. Sympathy towards the prisoners is good but empathy is better, this way we will actually be able to understand their scenario and help them better because it should be our responsibility to support them in their healing journey and let them become a part of the society again.
    At last we should ask ourselves " what' our role to play here?"

  • An essential and timely conversation revolves around the rights of prisoners, underscoring the significance of preserving basic human rights even within correctional facilities. This discussion should explore the ethical treatment of inmates, concentrating on issues like ensuring access to sufficient healthcare, preventing cruel and unusual punishment, maintaining fair and impartial disciplinary procedures, and safeguarding personal dignity. Recognizing and rectifying potential infringements on prisoners' rights is not solely a matter of justice but also aligns with the principles of rehabilitation and societal reintegration. By cultivating a discourse on these rights, we contribute to the broader dialogue on reforming the criminal justice system, aspiring towards a system that values the inherent dignity of every individual, regardless of their status of incarceration.

  • Hi Hub,

    In my opinion, I would agree that robots should be used to represent humans in some domestic activities because, if robots are used in some areas of life, it will ease humans of stress.
    There are various ways robots can represent humans, in things like computer operation, teaching and factory works.
    At this point I will advise that we discuss about this in the hub, so we can all give our opinions.

  • After taking my test I'm going through various discussions on this hub I noticed that the number of female prisoners is increasing. I'm wondering why this increase in female prisoners? What factors contributes to more females in trouble than males, and why does this happen?
    Understanding the reason behind this trend is crucial to creating fair and effective solutions. Let's explore the reason behind the higher number of female prisoners and let's work towards a society where everyone has equal opportunity to be responsible citizens.

    1. I don't think that's right that there are a higher number of female inmates than males. What measures do you think should be put in place to create a society where everyone has the opportunity to be "reasonable citizens"?

  • I want to suggest a hub discussion on "Why people get arrested." While I'm well aware that the police are a very important and helpful force in society, anyone would have to admit at this point that some people are arrested for unnecessary or unfair reasons. Though this has been happening for an extremely long time, is there a pattern in these unfair arrests? What motivates the police to arrest someone who didn't do anything wrong? What about someone who did wrong but as a crime of passion? What are the acts that can get people arrested, that aren't actually wrong? Apart from general crime, is there anything else that motivates police to arrest those who offend?
    Do police sometimes lack sympathy? Is it important that they don't sympathize? Why?
    What about the "S.A.R.S" incident that took place in Lagos? What made the police act the way they did? What about George Floyd or Breonna Taylor? Where the police feeling threatened, despite the fact nothing was done by the victims to make them feel that way?
    What really is a crime now? Is it different from before? Are there more crimes now that there's more technology? Does this mean technology didn't really help with that aspect of the World? How do we prevent ourselves from mistakenly committing crime or getting arrested even though we did nothing wrong?
    That is why I have chosen the topic, "WHY DO PEOPLE GET ARRESTED?"

  • "I think there should be a discussion about WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF CRIME AND HOW TO OVERCOME IT? People shouldn't commit crimes . But if they do so , there should be a reason ... But the reason is still unknown . But to keep ourselves safe , we should know how to defend ourselves...THANK YOU!

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion post about "Should juveniles be tried and treated as adults?". This is an important issue that, although not directly related to prisons and Ecuador's state of emergency, warrants discussion

    Opening up a conversation about whether juveniles should be treated as adults in the legal system is essential. This topic dives into the fairness of how we handle young individuals who make mistakes. It will prompt us to consider what's right and just. Even though discussion on whether protection or prevention is better is already in place, I believe more detail must be placed on juvenile under this matter. This conversation is vital for shaping our societal approach to young offenders and influencing legal and social policies. It's about seeking fairness, finding the best way to support young individuals, and deciding what values we want to uphold in our community.
    A similar topic could be "the impact of implementing rehabilitation programs for juvenile offenders instead of treating them as adults in the legal system".

  • I would like to have a topic, referring to this hypothetical situation: Let's say that you are walking alone, at night in a badly framed neighborhood holding a piece of gold above your head and it gets stolen. Is it your fault that it got stolen, or is it the thief's fault for stealing it? I think that society so often puts a label on us, based on what it thinks about us. So I wonder, what percentage will say that you should take the blame and what percentage will say that the thief is guilty. It has happened to me many times for others to say that I was wrong, even though somebody else has done something to me. I found it unfair.
    You could be accused of being wrong, because walking around with gold in your hands is such an opportunity for others to steal it. It can seem very tempting. Also, you are supposed to be aware of the danger of your act. However, what business did the thief have to come and get it from you? If you think about it, he shouldn't have even touched the gold, since it wasn't his. Isn't it supposed to be common sense not to steal? So, who is to blame after all?

  • I believe there should be a Hub discussion post addressing the treatment of women in prisons because the conditions they endure are often inhumane and raise questions about how we treat individuals who have committed crimes. There is a significant lack of medical personnel and facilities to address the physical, sexual, reproductive, and mental health needs of women in prisons. Prisons are intended to be correctional facilities that help convicts realize the repercussions of their crimes and make them a better human, not places of torture.

  • I think a good discussion would be on the difference between a prison and a mental hospital. When you go to both of these facilities, your mental health is supposed to improve. They both restrict freedom to make sure that they people they keep inside don't go out and hurt people around them or do bad things. Mental issues can normally be reasons for committing crimes so, mental hospital and prisons both stop people committing crimes.

    1. Hi ,
      I disagree because... I do not feel it will be right to deprive anyone of their freedom ; I think we should focus more on other ways to serve as forms of punishments because it is not lawful to deprive someone of his / her rights as we possess the law of right to freedom . If we deprive someone of his / her rights , we are also entitled to a criminal offense . I feel we could reduce criminal offenses by monitoring little ones who possess certain criminal traits and correct them at that point in time which they can still be corrected so that they will not grow to be worse . As most people say , "The best way to stop something is never to let it start ". We should never overlook the little cases ; they may grow later on to be our greatest problems .
      In conclusion , all I am trying to say is that there should be other means of correcting criminals to show that they still matter in the society . Rather than showing them neglect which could make them hardened and cause them to commit more crimes .
      I am open to other opinions .
      THANK YOU .

      1. Thank you for your opinion on the matter but I would like to point out that the people held inside are not neglected but they are separated from the society so that professionals can help them work on bettering themselves for a peaceful life.

  • A great discussion that I suggest would be the factors and causes of crimes. The causes of crimes can be due to mental issues, revenge, drugs, pressure from people around you and in my country and some other countries unemployment.

  • I personally think there should be a discussion post about "JOINT GLOBAL CRIMINAL LAW ENFORCEMENT COMMITEE", in my perspective it is very important to punish people for their wrongdoings however criminals often find ways to avoid this by fleeing to another countries with whom their own country don't have a extradition treaty, this ironically not only protect them from their sins but the country which gives them shelter also puts the lives of their own people in danger. Even global superpowers such as America don't have extradition treaties with every country due to differed political ideologies. Hence I would like to suggest the formation of a global police, constituting officers of different countries, that sidelines the political and geographical borders and brings back every criminal making sure that there is no way for any criminal to outrun his or her crimes.

  • there should be a topic on the hub about how prisons' Impact Individuals and Families because Recognizing the emotional, psychological, and social impact of incarceration on both individuals and their families promotes empathy. Understanding the challenges faced by those re-entering society can encourage support systems and reduce stigma. Thank You 👍

  • I think there should be a hub discussion post about "What circumstances can influence a person and which ones influence in a bad or
    a good way" because in my perspective it's important to discuss why crimes happen in the first place and under what circumstances,since circumstances can really be a playmaker in encouraging someone to do crime, also choice and intention is involved however, a very important point which is that circumstances give birth to new will and intention;for example if someone had a comfortable and fair life, then the only possible encouraging thing for him to do crime is his will and intention and it is really illogical for someone to do crime under these fulfilling circumstances.
    While someone who has an alterable will and is under various circumstances such as lack of money,satisfaction or gratitude is more likely to do crime just because the encouraging circumstances.
    You see, that's why circumstances have a big role in anyone's actions.

  • What measures should be prioritized in reforming Ecuador's prison system to prevent high-profile escapes and ensure the overall security and effectiveness of the correctional facilities?"

    This question prompts consideration of both immediate actions to address the current crisis and broader reforms needed to strengthen the prison system in the long term. It encompasses topics such as security protocols, staff training, technological enhancements, and potential legislative changes to foster a comprehensive discussion on improving the country's prison infrastructure.

    To further elaborate on measures for reforming Ecuador's prison system, additional points for consideration include:
    Risk Assessment Protocols: Implementing rigorous risk assessment procedures during intake to identify high-profile or high-risk inmates and adjust security measures accordingly.Infrastructure Upgrades: Investing in modern and secure prison infrastructure, including surveillance systems, secure perimeters, and updated facilities to deter escapes.

    Staff Recruitment and Training: Ensuring a stringent recruitment process for prison staff, including background checks, and providing ongoing training to enhance professionalism, ethics, and security awareness.

    Technological Integration: Embracing advanced technologies such as biometrics, AI-driven monitoring systems, and secure communication tools to augment surveillance and control capabilities.

    Crisis Response Planning: Developing comprehensive crisis response plans that involve coordinated efforts between law enforcement agencies, the military, and other relevant authorities to efficiently address emergencies.Legal Framework Enhancement: Reviewing and updating the legal framework governing prisons to ensure it addresses current challenges, allows for effective security measures, and safeguards the rights of inmates.

    Inmate Rehabilitation Programs: Strengthening rehabilitation initiatives to reduce recidivism, focusing on education, vocational training, and mental health support to contribute to long-term societal safety.

    Independent Oversight Mechanism: Establishing an independent oversight mechanism to monitor and evaluate prison conditions, ensuring transparency, accountability, and adherence to human rights standards.These points collectively address the immediate challenges presented by the recent escape and establish a foundation for a sustainable, secure, and rights-respecting prison system in Ecuador 🇪🇨.

    1. I fully agree with this comment. Implementing these measures would greatly contribute to the prevention of high-profile escapes and improve the overall security and effectiveness of Ecuador's correctional facilities. By prioritizing risk assessment protocols, infrastructure upgrades, staff training, technological integration, crisis response planning, legal framework enhancement, inmate rehabilitation programs, and establishing an independent oversight mechanism, the prison system can become more efficient and ensure the safety and well-being of both inmates and the broader society. These measures address the immediate challenges while also providing a long-term solution for the reformation of the prison system in Ecuador.

  • I think there should be a hub discussion about "Jail Location". We need to decide where exactly should a Prison be located?
    If it is located in central location like the middle of the city, the prisoners will not feel left out. This will in turn keep their mental health from deteriorating. But, it could also result in an easier Jail Break due to the crowded location. Also, the normal Residents will be affected by the prison activities. They might feel unsafe, fearing a possible Jail Break or be disturbed because of the treatment in Jails.
    But if these prisons are located in isolated areas, then officers may not get re-enforcements in time, and medical services for prisoners would be far away as well. The ease of facilities would reduce and prisons might come to be badly managed.
    So where exactly do we locate the prisons? What would be the best place from a prisoner as well as the resident's Point of View.

  • Hi!,
    I think there should be a hub discussion post about "What role do you think international organizations or neighboring countries should play in supporting Ecuador during times of crisis?" Because discussing the role of international organizations and neighboring countries in supporting Ecuador during times of crisis helps highlight the interconnectedness of global challenges and the importance of collaboration in finding solutions.

    So I suggest there should be a hub discussion post about ''What role do you think international organizations or neighboring countries should play in supporting Ecuador during times of crisis?"

    Thank you!!

    Crime is committed in every part of the world, and every corner had the jury to deal with such matters. but, what if the criminal had no other choice? If a man steals bread, it may be because he is hungry; in this case when all the scenarios are taken in view, the man is let off with a warning. But again if he steals bread, then should he be let off the hook or not?

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion about capital punishment because it is a very controversial issue.
    I recently saw in the internet that executions are still done in some countries and this made me wonder.
    Is this a fair system to practice? Even the biggest criminals should support on justice not only for them but for their families too.

  • Hi everyone
    I think I have something to say that I would like to know more about and the question goes like this, when Fito escaped from the prison, where do you think he ran to?

  • I think there should be a hub discussion post about the reason why there is a prison in a country. why do countries have prisons for people in a country. Now let's take a look at this, if there are prisons or cells in a country , have we ever considered that the prison should be too comfortable. Should the prison be only for punishment, hard labour; work day and night without resting. When setting a prison what are the things you must consider when putting up a prison?

  • I want to talk about fito and according to me, i will say that they should allow fito to go since he has been able to escape.from the.prison two times and i think what the government should do is to call him advice him and render him a job than allowing him being a drug trafficker.

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion post about the impact of state of emergency measures on prison systems. This is important because it provides an opportunity to explore how extraordinary measures, such as those implemented during a state of emergency, influence the dynamics within prisons, the rights of inmates, and the overall criminal justice system. It opens the door for discussions on balancing public safety, individual rights, and the potential long-term consequences of such measures. Examining the case of Ecuador can offer insights into the broader implications for the intersection of emergency powers and prison conditions.

  • I think that there should be a hub dicussion post about why people say that prison officers need to be too be strict on prisoners all the time. Shouldn’t they have mercy on prioners when punishing them? Should they give punishments according to their offence?

  • I suggest creating a Hub discussion post on who should be held accountable for the lapses in security that led to the escape of the dangerous gang leader from an Ecuadorian prison, because the escape of this dangerous criminal is a matter of public interest and safety. In my opinion, engaging in this discussion will allow participants to express their concerns, share perspectives, and collectively seek solutions.

  • Hello
    Let's have a hub discussion about whether prisons are actually reforming criminals. There's almost no reason to even have prisons if over 80% of the criminals continue to be repeat offenders. If this statistic continues, then there's almost no reason to even have prisons at all. We NEED to talk about this or else society will become more and more corrupt and it will be more dangerous.

    Thank you

    1. Interesting ideas, @centered_lynx. Can you tell us where you got your evidence from?

  • I think there should be a hub discussion on the topic "Discrimination within criminal justice system".

    1. Conversations like this area already happening within the Ecuador topic. Could you reply to another students' comment to start talking about this?

    2. Creating a hub discussion on the topic "Discrimination within the criminal justice system" could be a constructive initiative to explore various aspects of this pertinent issue. It would provide a platform for individuals to engage in informed discourse, share perspectives, and propose potential solutions. The discussion could encompass systemic biases, disparities in sentencing, racial profiling, and socioeconomic factors influencing access to justice. By fostering dialogue and exchanging insights, such a hub could contribute to raising awareness and advocating for reforms aimed at promoting fairness and equity within the criminal justice system.

      1. That's an excellent idea spirited_concept.
        Creating a hub discussion on "Discrimination within the criminal justice system" would be a fantastic initiative. It would provide a platform for individuals to have meaningful conversations, share their perspectives, and propose potential solutions. By exploring systemic biases, disparities in sentencing, racial profiling, and socioeconomic factors, we can raise awareness and advocate for reforms that promote fairness and equity within the criminal justice system. It's through informed discourse and collective action that we can work towards a more just society. Let's keep the conversation going and make a difference together.

  • I think that we should try to start a discussion or debate on this topic ''Should Prisons Focus More on Rehabilitation or Punishment?'' This question has me thinking ever since I read news stories on the topic of prisons, where both sides can have considerable pros and cons.

    When we consider the focus on rehabilitation in prisons, it is good to recognize its impact on people and communities. By addressing the causes of criminal behavior, programs provide criminals with the opportunity receive the help that they need to re-enter into society. This not only offers a chance to turn their lives around but also plays a role in reducing the crimes that they will try to commit again, thus contributing to the creation of a safe society. It also tells that criminals struggle with drug abuse or mental health challenges that should be dealt with understanding and support rather than punishment. By focusing on rehabilitation, we are bringing out the humanity of those who have committed crimes and their potential for positive change. With this people can bring a positive change and reduce crime.

    But the primary purpose of prisons should be to punish offenders for their crimes, serving as almost their sole reason for being. A focus on rehabilitation may fail to tell the consequences of criminal behavior. This also help spread fear to people which helps them stop from trying to do crimes. Punishment is seen as a means of paying for the harm caused by the criminal. In some cases, certain crimes want a punishing response to satisfy the need for justice. It also puts forward the idea of holding criminals responsible for their actions. It sends a clear message that ''society will not tolerate criminal behavior'' which actually work most of the time.

    1. I understand your point understanding_wilddog, but I don't think the main purpose of prison should be PUNISHMENTS.
      I think that the main purpose of prison should be rehabilitation.
      This is because through rehabilitation prisoners would learn from their mistakes and not only that through rehabilitation they acquire skills and knowledge either vocational or educationally, it helps them become a better and law abiding citizens.
      So by the time they get out of the prison they would have learnt their mistakes, they would have gained a lot, if prison is meant for punishments if prisoners gets out they would have nothing doing and this could even lead them to crimes like stealing, etc because they don't have any skill to start a business in order to earn a living.
      Although if prisoners are being punished, they would know and feel the pains they must have caused people's.
      So it's good to know that punishments alone or rehabilitation alone can't solve the problem of criminal behavior.
      I think that a combination of both punishments and rehabilitation would be a very good and have positive effects on the prisoners.

      1. Rightly said caring_spring.
        I fully agree with your belief that the primary goal of prisons should be rehabilitation rather than solely punishment. By engaging in rehabilitation programs, prisoners can learn from their mistakes, gain new skills and knowledge, and ultimately become law-abiding citizens. If the focus is only on punishment, prisoners may not have the necessary tools to successfully reintegrate into society upon release, potentially leading to further criminal activities. Therefore, it is crucial to find a balance between punishments and rehabilitation to effectively address criminal behavior and facilitate positive outcomes for prisoners.

      2. I agree because you are head to toe right. Everything you typed spoke wisdom and I cannot agree with you more. Rehabilitation would be the best way to change a prisoner, punishing them would not do that much but rehabilitation can change the darkest soul. I really agree with when you typed: This is because through rehabilitation prisoners would learn from their mistakes and not only that through rehabilitation, they acquire skills and knowledge either vocational or educationally, but it also helps them become a better and law-abiding citizen.
        they will indeed acquire skills and knowledge and will become better citizens.
        I am gravely impressed by you caring_spring.

  • I think that there should be a Hub discussion post about "What do you think could be done to make prisons better for society and prisoners?". I think that there should be a hub discussion post about this because this would open up many minds and also give them something to think about. This is a very interesting topic.

    1. Hey! I totally agree with your opinion. I love the fact that you stated it would help users of topical talk open up their minds. I hope your suggested get the recognition that it deserves!

  • A discussion that could possibly be added is; "What could people do to improve jails and prisons?" Another discussion could be, "Are people sometimes punished unfairly?"

  • I think that a topic that would make a great debate is "Why are criminals granted amnesty"

    1. I agree because some people have very different opinions on amnesty with criminals some people think that they do not deserve a second chance and that they should be punished severley meanwhile another person would say that criminals should be given second chances and that anyone can change. Personally I think that prisoners should be given second chances because anyone can change and some people arent genuinely bad they just really needed it.

      This topic could also be used by prisons around the world and how they treat prisoners because some prisons actually dont treat their prisonsers right AT ALL they are treated horribly by the guards. They could learn from it and even become better prisons and wardens such as the violence as said by alljazeera that there was ALOT of violence in prisons in Ecuador and there are even deaths caused by it and it said that 31 people were killed 31 PEOPLE not animals. Prisons could definently learn from this if they pay attention to it. It could even by a reason Fito wanted to get out.

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion post about whether or not children should get to hear more about the Emergency in Ecuador in school because if you don’t know about world crisis when you are a child it will be a big shock to you when you grow up and all of a sudden you have to deal with it. Also, if a crisis happens in your country or somewhere near you then all of a sudden you have to learn really quickly what is happening.
    In this discussion people would say whether or not they think people should teach about crisis in school and how they would speak about it and also why they should learn about it.

  • I think a topic that would make a great debate is "should prisoners be granted amnesty".

  • Prisons are of great importance in countries around the world because they protect people and ensure the rule of security in society. For example, in Lebanon there is a law called the Penal Code, which specifies the punishment for every act committed by a person. Suppose this law did not exist. The question is: Will people live in safety? Will crimes increase? In my personal opinion, there is no punishment for a person in this case. If it is abolished, the people will rebel and become heartless. It is easy to commit a crime, and this leads to people fearing for their lives and the lives of their loved ones. They may expect that they will lose their child at any moment, or the porcupine may leave its home and never return. We encourage increased prison sentences for our sake and for the sake of our loved ones

  • I suggest we discuss the future of health. Discussing the future of healthcare can be an thrilling and interesting topic to talk about. For example, things in the future like 3D-printed super organs, genetic upgrades, and other medical breakthroughs that will revolutionize health care.

    1. I agree because many of us are stuck in the past and not the future. The future can provide us with many more things and opportunities. Which I believe we should be more focused on.

  • Hello!
    Let's discuss the future of fashion. As we all know, fashion and style are constantly evolving. We can explore various topics, such as walk-in closets that allow you to change your outfits with the single tap of a screen or even see into the development of spray-on clothing.

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion post about how we feel about Fitos escape. I mean that as in like how do other prisoners feel about this. put yourself into another prisoners shoes. That would seem really unfair because you're stuck here and there roaming about being free. In the sense of " how we feel about Fitos escape" you could put yourself into the Ecuador people. You could say "You're feeling scared because he could hurt you" and "Hes just escaped prison who knows what he'll do next".

  • I think there should be a topic about tiktok trends and how to avoid them. People are hurt from these trends so to raise awareness i think should be a discussion about them,people already spend too much time on tiktok and they can come across these bad influences while using the app.

  • how do you think fito escaped from prison without anyone spotting him

    1. I think he actually came out threatening the guards that they will kill their sons and daughters or even family members if they don't let them escape

  • Hello!
    I believe that there should be a Hub discussion post on ''Can prisons be imporoved/altered,or not?, if yes how can this be achieved?'' .
    To begin with, most people think of prisons as a "bad or "criminal" place. This is the reason I thought that this question can change this prespective and actually make prisons better. Of course someone who has commited a crime should be punished for breaking the law. However, this does not mean that prisons can not make this person better.
    So, in order to make this change possible I believe it is a good idea to hear the prespectives and suggestions of our generation on this question.

  • Topic on which I would like to suggest a hub discussion would be the effect of these terrorist organizations on the people to turn them into terrorists. Are these people who join these organizations anti-social or psychotic, or is there any other trait that defines every terrorist?
    Dissatisfying there is not really a specific trait that defines every terrorist but, the people that usually join these organizations are the ones, who think that they are victims of social injustice, or have felt disenfranchised or have had some trauma because of a group of people or a community. These are the people who had been frustrated by a political change, and have no problems in harming and causing violence. Thus, these people join these organizations. When these people join the organizations, the organizations turn them against the society. Then these people turn into what we call terrorists. Thus, I think this should be a topic for hub discussion as it might help us in understanding the thought-process of terrorist or a terrorist organization.

    Thank you

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  • Imprisonment exists in any country in order to punish criminals and hold them accountable according to the crime they commit, but here we ask the question: Does the prisoner live a decent life or is he tortured in an inappropriate way? And does he learn from this punishment after leaving? In most countries, prison is an expression of torture, injustice, and very severe punishments. It is difficult for a normal person to bear, and I do not think that a person learns in this way. Rather, he increases his criminality after completing his sentence and commits more crimes. We encourage all countries to introduce into their laws punishments that benefit and educate a person, because the first goal of imprisonment is to raise a person’s awareness and teach him not to commit crimes, for example. If training is put in place to educate them, guide them, and spread awareness among the criminal, then the person will emerge with remorse and not repeat the act he committed.