Animal rights


This discussion was inspired by enigmatic_leopard of Cheam Fields Primary Academy in the United Kingdom, who wanted to start a discussion about animal rights. They have won five stars for having their idea published!

Stephen Fry

In the United Kingdom it is traditional for the royal guards and the royal family to wear animal furs during traditional ceremonies.

However, recently a famous actor, Stephen Fry, spoke out against this.

Mr Fry said: “Tradition is never an excuse for animal cruelty.”

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  • In Nigeria, poaching is abnormally common. We have cases of hunters selling illegal bushmeat and even some of our animals are going endangered. We need to make sure millitary personnel are put outside wildlife reservoirs and just forests too in order to make sure that the wild animals are safe from heartless poachers.
    Even some domestic animals are treated recklessly, such as dogs and cats as pets, who are abused by their owners and these owners aren't even stopped from buying other pets and abusing them as well.
    In some countries there are rules where before you get a pet fish, you have to have had a fish before. The pet shop owners actually make sure you've had one before selling it to you.
    Even if there was a rule like this here(Nigeria) , unfortunately, I think the pet shop owners wouldn't be the slightest bit bothered if you had a fish before or not once money is payed in full for it.
    Animals are not that relevant and therefore responsibility is not really taken for them here. I believe this needs to change as animals are actually largely important in ways other than being eaten and we need to spread awareness on why they shouldn't go extinct without effort being made to stop it.

    1. An interesting point of view. If you can only get the pet if you've had that animal before, then will pet ownership eventually die out?

      1. Hi,
        I feel that if pet ownership were to be limited or restricted to only those who have had pets or that particular animal before, it is implausible or unlikely that pet ownership or pet acquirement would completely die out, yes, it might lead to the decline or to the reduction in the number of people who own pets , but during my research I found that according to Forbes Advisor, " as of 2024, 66% of U.S. households own a pet and this is up from 56% in 1988, meaning that pet ownership and acquirement has increased significantly over the past three decades". It is actually going to be difficult to predict the future of pet ownership, it is obvious that pets play a very important role and are to significant in the lives of many people, also during my research I found out that 97% of pet owners consider their pets to be a part of their family, I can't lie I am part of that 97%. From my research I found out that pets provide a wide range of benefits to their owners. Animals who serve as pets, according to the Cleveland Clinic provide social, physical, mental and emotional boosts to their various owners. Here are some of the benefits of pets:
        1. They relief stress: Shockingly during my research I found out that petting a dog decreases the stress hormone, cortisol, which helps to decrease blood pressure and completely helps people to feel less stressed. I was so happy that do something as a little as that can save a life because high blood pressure and a lot of stress can prove a big threat to the health and life of someone and to know that doing something as easy as petting a dog can help to reduce that risk and also serve as a form of relaxation.
        2. Pets can help you with your social life , as these animals we call pets can lead to more human connections and interaction. They are also there for the purpose of companionship, in fact that is one of their main purposes, They help you feel less alone that is if they do not even completely take the place of loneliness in your life, They can help you not to seep in depression and isolation bringing more improvement to your mental health and state.
        3. Animals can also help in protecting you and being your aid when you have disabilities or limitations. Like an episode of a show I watch called " Operation Ouch " they showed a girl who had a little disability and had a dog to help her through everything. We also have dogs that help the defence department like K-9s, arson dogs and many others who assist the policemen, firemen and many others to save lives and ensure our safety.
        So you see these animals or pets that are abused save our lives and they also help us in our shortcomings , so they deserve to be accorded respect and their lives. And also with these reasons I have stated the tendency of decline in the acquirement of pets is highly unlikely.
        Thank you!

      2. Well, honestly speaking it probably would in that case. But truth be told that is a lot better than having animals die recklessly due to lazy or abusive owners.

        1. I don't think that will be the best solution, my reason being that the present owners of pets will eventually become old and pass away so the upcoming generation of pet owners won't have the opportunity of having a pet, that's not right because they will be affected because of the mistake of other people. Permitting pet ownership on the condition of experience isn't the best approach to this because it will even prevent potential responsible pet owners from acquiring a pet. I think a better approach to this is the sensitization of people on the dangers of poaching, also teaching them how to manage their pets, government should also establish pet owners law enforcement agencies that check out for abusive treatments to pets and arrest the perpetrator, that would work better and it wouldn't prevent the potential responsible pet owners from acquiring pets.

          1. Hello.
            I concur that the pet's current owner should properly take care of it.Pets that are not well-cared for will feel unwanted.They ought to have a facility for animal protection.Every pet wants to be loved and no creature wants to be rejected.
            Thank you.

          2. I completely agree with you because conditioning pet ownership on the basis of experience is not fair because if it is on experience, some people who need companions will not be able to do so because they do not have experience. Rather i think it should be based on responsibility and other credentials such as a clean criminal record.

    2. I agree because... every life is relevant even that of animals, just because their intellectual is not advanced doesn't mean that they should be maltreated, after all they still play a vital role in the lives of humans daily.

      1. I agree but would you rather have animals tested or humans?

        1. That's a really interesting question and very difficult to answer. So who can say who is responsible to value most human or animal life? Maybe it is all wrong from the beginning. Maybe we should have restarted the way we think and how we can prioritize beings, human or not, life values.

          1. Hello!
            I think as an animal enthusiast the life of pets. animals and living organisms are generally very important as they have many key roles they play in the world around us and some even help some humans who have disabilities to navigate the world safely without getting hurt but I think that these animals are a little bit overprioritized sometimes even more than ourselves as humans.
            All around the world, many people own pets, who help them in many ways but like us humans, the cost of taking care of these pets is relatively high. In fact according to a piece of research published on Google, "The average cost of owning a dog is around $1,400 per year. The average cost of owning a cat is around $1,200 per year. But, every pet is different and the cost of living has increased for people and pets alike." and according to another post on Google" Worldwide, 33% of households own pets." When considering the fact that a household could have more than one pet it means that the amount of money spent on pets yearly is high.
            We have millions of people roaming about on the street homeless and in need of care and assistance and this relatively high sum of money is spent annuallyon PETS!
            I am not against having a pet but I just think that we need to first focus on taking care of ourselves and people around us before we can think of spending this amount of money on pets!
            Thank you!!!

            1. You have a point but I should say that when we can't talk with numbers when we are talking about life.
              Yes maybe they are spending too much money on households pets but how much money is spent on weapons and military purposes?
              I agree that homeless people and generally people in need should be our priority but cruelty is another issue in animals.
              If we want to change then and help people.we should take action and demand from governments to take the necessary steps.
              Thank you

              1. I want to ask you, in a matter of life and death which will you choose humans or animals,i would love to hear from you. Thanks for your time.

                1. Hello brilliant_personality. This is a very rhetorical question and I hope that this day will never come to anyone. I mean to choose their beloved ones.
                  And why do I have to choose? I would save anyone I can with all my strength.
                  We have seen cases in my country during fires people abandoning their homes the whole family, people and pers. I don't think that anyone will threaten me what to choose. It's up to us to be saved all together.

                2. This is a very hard question to answer but I reasoned it, and we know humans are also called animals but, in this case, I will choose animals for death and life for humans because, humans have more standards than animals so we will need more development to the world, so humans deserve more life but please don't get me wrong both humans and animals deserve.

          2. I agree because... life is very valuable and we can only live once. so, why do scientists still conduct experiments on living things? shouldn't they be looking for better alternatives for scientists to use instead of living things?

            1. Do you have any ideas about what scientists could use instead?

              1. Ok Cloe
                I think scientist should use animals whith the same genetics and characteristics as humans.
                Thank you.

              2. Hello, Chloe @ Topical Talk.
                Scientist could make use many alternatives to perform experiments in the lab which could include:
                -Cell cultures: Both animals and plant cells can be grown, reared and cultured in a laboratory which can be used to substitute the use of animals as test subjects in the
                -Use of Human tissues: Healthy and unhealthy tissues contributed by willing human participants can be used to study human biology easier and more efficiently.
                -Use of Computer models: Computer models can be also used to duplicate the influence of substances on living organisms, which would provide a more profitable selection for animal testing and experiments.
                Although, these discretions aren't only more compassionate but also helps in predicting living thing's reaction to certain substances.
                THANK YOU👨🏻‍🔬🐇!!!

              3. Hi
                This seems to be a very sensitive topic, "...what scientists could use instead of animals?". I believe that the main reason why these animals are used is so that more effective drugs for ailments will be discovered. Most of the drugs we see in pharmacies and stores today are results of multiple tests and this tests can only be done on little
                animals because they reproduce faster than humans and using humans as experiments can indirectly lead to murder. So replacing animals in laboratory tests is a quite impossible feat, instead of replacing them, why don't we place laws that guide the use of animals in labs. Yes, I know that a lot of people have been on and on about laws but if these laws are implemented and carefully monitored they will definitely yield positive results, laws like limiting the number of animals used for experiments or using a particular specie of animal provided a culturing facility for their survival is established in order to prevent extinction or issuing license to laboratories before they are granted permission to use animals as test subjects, these laws sure favour both parties; humans and animals. Maybe in a more advanced future, artificial bio-genetically engineered animals would have been invented and be used in labs but for now I think these laws would work great to secure a green future for all species.
                THANK YOU.

            2. This is a very big question pioneering_impression. In my opinion experiments on animals just for cosmetics is out of the question for me. We can't harm animals just fir beauty purposes and thankfully many companies have understood this.
              On the other hand tests for medical purposes and finding solutions to many issues is a different thing. But again I can't really feel well when I imagine animals feeling pain for us. And did really these experiments provided the solution we needed and to what extend?

            3. I agree because... Right and freedom are very important. You've got a nice point pioneering_impression. People usually enter the forest and hunt animals like rhinos, elephants,deer and suchlike just for their horns but based on my own opinion,I don't even see the use of hunting. People see hunting as a responsible business. There would be a lot of migrants if humans are also hunted. Migration from one planet to another or real dangerous weapons would be used. If we do not understand animal language,we should think of how they feel and sight examples with ourselves. THANK YOU.

          3. I would like to side with your comment, it is true that all life is valuable, but can the value of life vary. like harmless and innocent microorganisms that we kill a very common and volatile example is the ant which no human being can count how many times it has been stepped I have a question for you are creatures lives like that of the ant excluded from the value of life.

        2. Humble_flower, thank you for your comment.

          Whilst testing products such as new medicines is done routinely to find out if there are side effects, it does assume that animals and humans respond in the same way.

          Sometimes humans respond differently. Some years ago, a medicine called thalidomide was developed. It was tested on animals and found to be safe but this was not the case for humans.

          Medicines have to be tested on humans in the end anyway.

          1. Hi James,
            In my opinion, medicines that are routinely tested for side effects are typically tested on animals. this is because animals share the same genes as humans and some animals can reproduce easily. However, certain medicines need to be tested on humans to determine whether they are safe for us to use or require further improvements.
            THANK YOU.

            1. I disagree with the justification on testing harmful medicines on animals solely because they might benefit humans. While animals share the same characteristics and genetics as human, subjecting them to testing raises ethical concerns and may not reliably predict human responses.

              1. I do not totally agree because if you don’t test it out on animals how would you know the harmful ones or do you better on test it on human beings?

                1. The debate over animal testing is indeed complex. While some argue it's necessary for safety evaluations, others advocate for alternative methods like in vitro testing or computer modeling to minimize harm to animals. Each approach has its own ethical considerations and effectiveness in predicting human responses to substances.

                2. I agree with you brilliant_personality, if we go straight into testing on human beings it could be fatal to humans and also to the animals. For a disease like rabies if the cure was not tested on humans firstly but on animals like dogs and cats that carry the disease.

        3. Neither! With the technology we have in this day of time we are able to create something that doesn't allow either species to be harmed. We have already created mechanisms who are able to tell us if something is toxic or completely unsafe. If we already have these, we could use them to see if the machines can be modified for testing products. Instead of testing on a living thing, we could use a machine to test if the products are safe for use.

          1. I agree with you if we test them on animals it is very cruel to them because every life matters even if it is an animal. With technology no one will be harmed or modified in a bad way.

            1. I agree because... Animals are also creatures like humans. If we harm animals, it is not useful rather it is useless based on my opinion. My biggest question is that what would happen if animals would hunt humans and not humans would kill animals?

        4. I think that this is a really interesting idea that I would love to expand on.

          Most humans believe that testing on animals is cruel and inhumane but if we didn't test on them then it would only leave humans to test on. However if we did this then people would continue to argue that it should not be done so there is simply no winning.

          If we decided to not test products of medicines on anyone then it may lead to worldwide outbreaks due to the unsafe products that are not being properly tested.

          So when it comes to animal testing there is no proper civil way that we can stop doing it without beginning to hurt humans instead.

        5. Hi humble_flower!
          My view might be a bit different but I think instead of testing on innocent animals, scientists should test on prisoners who have been sentenced to lifetime imprisonment. These prisoners have committed heinous crimes like murder, rape etc and they have been sentenced to lifetime imprisonment so they wouldn't be of any use anyway. By using them for testing, I think animals would be saved, prisoners would get their punishment and we would get more accurate results. Animals have done no crime and are innocent, testing on them is fundamentally wrong. We do not have any right to put their life at risk and provide them pain. So I think prisoners who have already hurt someone so much should be used for testing. Some might argue that we can't take their human rights, but what about those victims whose rights were taken by these criminals by killing, raping etc? Now, we can use the prisoners for something useful too. So even though this view might be a bit different, I think we should do this.

          1. I disagree because their being in prison is already their punishment so testing drugs and cosmetics on them is over punishment. With AI scientists should find new ways of testing cosmetics and drugs.

        6. I partially agree with you. Lots of people would rather have animals tested however, it depends. But did you know that people would love to volunteer to be tested? This is because they or their family get payed greatly and receive enormous deals which is a benefit. Would you rather have a perfectly fine animal tested or a dangerously sick human who has a few days to live?

          1. You make a very good point helpful_idea, people get paid lots of money to get it tested on themselves they also sign a contract that says that if they die their family will get paid all of the money that the place would have given that person. If the persons family is dead then he will sign a contract that says that they will give it to that person's friend.
            THANK YOU.

      2. Hi glad_outcome,
        You are absolutely right, the life of every living organism is important even animals because we all play an important role within our eco- system and every animal has a right to live. Just because we humans are higher classification of animals doesn't mean we should abuse or mistreat the other animals around us. Although we might not notice but animals play very important roles.

        Animals can be used for provision of food for human consumption and for human consumption I do not mean we should excessively kill animals for consumption but animals like cows and chickens can provide us with milk and eggs. These are things we use in our everyday lives but for a second have we ever wondered what would happen if cows or chickens did not exist any more, how would we produce yoghurt, ice cream and many other things. These are things that are at our dispense but we tend to ignore the fact that most of the time they are produced from animals but we are abusing and killing these animals daily forgetting that they play a crucial role in our lives

        1. I couldn't agree more, the roles animals play in our lives are really important but we tend to ignore them, animals deserve to have a right to life just as much as humans do. Animals deserve rights because they are just as important as humans are, because we all play an important role in the working of our eco-system but with the rate at which animals are being killed they are at the verge of becoming extinct and if we do not do something about it these animals might cease to exist. So we need to work hard towards saving these animals because they are a huge benefit to us all.

          One of the importance of animals is that they serve as pets to humans. Pets are said to be one of man's best friends and if we continue to ignore the crucial roles animals play in our lives our pets might cease to exist so we should try and work hard to save the lives of the animals that surround us before it is too late.

          1. Traditionally, using animal skins for clothing has been associated with royalty. While it reflects a sense of tradition and property, it's crucial to reconsider how these materials are obtained. Instead of supporting the killing of animals for their fur and skin, let's advocate for using materials from animals that have already passed away. This way, we can honor tradition without causing harm to living creatures. It's essential to find a balance between preserving cultural practices and promoting ethical choices to ensure the well-being of animals.

        2. Hi gusty_blackcurrant,
          I do agree with you that the life of every organism is important to all humans because without all this animals we the humans won't see food to eat such as: eggs, milks and so on which could lead to deficiencies and may even lead to death.
          Secondly, we will feel lonely because most humans don't have anyone to talk about their challenges they are facing in life but with the help of pets we could pour out our emotions even though we are aware they can't speak to us or give us words of advice.
          Lastly, pets such as: dogs, parrots acts as our watch guards and protect us from harm or danger. Without pets by our side humans could have gone through a lot being alone.

      3. I am together with you on this your point you have stated, because animals are not meant to be treated like trash as you have said @glad_outcome because they can't act or think like us. It is our duty to protect animals because they are useful in our ecosystem through the following ways:
        1. Animals help in the reproduction of plants through carrying pollen grains from one plant to another and also through carrying seeds. A very good example is the butterfly, which carries pollen grains as it sucks nectar from a flower.
        2. Beavers help in preventing flooding through their indirect damming when they are trying to protect themselves from predators.
        3. Rats can help us to detect landmines and also have the ability to make unusable land useful again through their keen sense of smell and ability to be trained.
        In conclusion animals should be given rights and be protected from poaching so as to sustain our ecosystem. If these animals are given rights, this will take us a huge step ahead in solving the problem of climate change.
        THANK YOU.

      4. I totally agree with you. Animals are vital parts of nature and human lives.
        But I think that we can not talk about intellectuality. I believe that animals are clever enough for their kind and have the same feelings with us. That's why they are do expressive even though they can't talk.

      5. I like the idea that you care so much about animals glad outcome,they are meant to be treated both with emotions and care ,we also know that we are animals but higher animals and we are given the respect we deserve.So the lower animals should be accorded same.Let's cultivate the habit of having love and compassion over them.

        1. I agree because... loving and caring for animals can help us. Animals serve as companions and pets to human and calm humans going through a bad time down.
          Imagine if you and a dog swap place and the dog does to you what you have previously been doing to the dog would you like it?
          Caring for animals should be a very common habit portrayed by us humans as we are some sort of senior brothers to them. They deserve to be treated with respect.


      6. I agree with you than no animal should be maltreated because they play a vital role in the live of humans. Animals do not only play vital role to humans but also plays a vital role on our climate. For example insects play a role in pollination of flowering plants, some animals play a role in dispersing of seeds to restore natural habitat, Animals can be really important in helping people learn about the environment and understand why it's essential to take care of it, etc.
        Thank You.

      7. I agree with you on the fact that every life deserves to be on Earth but the VITAL role is what I disagree with. FOR the security purposes they are not really helping because even with strong and aggressive dogs thieves are still able to kill the dogs with food poisoning or with a gun. So I don't see the point in having animals .

      8. HELLO!
        I agree with you glad_outcome every life is valuable not only human but also animal lives. Just because we are human doesn’t mean animals should be maltreated. Even trees shouldn’t be cut down because the trees are what give the earth its greenish color they protect us from the harmful effects of the ozone layer, they clean up the air by giving us oxygen and they are homes to a lot of animals. Also if pets are only given to people who owned a pet before, it wouldn’t be fair to others who want to own a pet and are kind people.
        THANK YOU!

      9. I agree because... Some are also smart according to BBC, animals are also smart such as dolphins, chimpanzee,apes, octopus and also crows, this animals deserve rights. Even if animals are not smart we still need to take care of them we don't need to maltreat them. If we don't take care of them we are being negligent to our world

      10. I totally agree that treating animals whith kindness is crucial, regardless of their intelligence. Animals play a significant role in our daily lives, and mistreating them is simply unfair. it is high time for a change.
        Imagine if, before someone could have a pet, those around them ensure they are responsible and genuily good and fair to animals, This way, pets could find homes where they receive the love and care they deserve. Bieng compassionate towards our animal friends is essential, and I appreciate you raising this important issue.

      11. Hi glad outcome, Do wild animals really play a vital role in our lives daily? The domestic animals help to comfort and soothe us. I agree with you animals should not be maltreated. But animals should not have more rights than adults and children.

        1. Interesting thoughts. Did you know that wild animals play vital roles in different ecosystems. Can you think how these affect our lives?

      12. I agree with you glad_ outcome because, animals play a vital role in the life of humans, their intellect might not be as high as ours but animals still help humans and the eco-system.

        1. How do you think animals help humans?

          1. Hi Eva @ Topical Talk,
            Animals are very versatile and very helpful when it comes to different things, they help humans and even the planet itself, they play a vital role in the lives of humans.
            I think that their major contributions of animals to humans are eco-wise. They help in combating climate change. i.e. When beavers build dams, when bees pollinate flowers and even shockingly how birds balance nature and they help humans both socially and health wise for example it is scientifically proven that physical activity of walking and playing with your dog contributes to better overall cardiovascular health and fewer heart attacks. What's more, dog owners who have suffered from a heart attack have better survival rates following the event.
            Animals help to protect people with physical and phycological issues and they even serve as a security means themselves.
            When talking on the purposes of animals in the lives of humans it cannot be undermined, and I want to give a shout out to animals in the world because... they are all important.


      13. You are very right glad outcome.
        As we all know humans are also classified as animals but high standard animals instead, so as humans have rights so should low standard animals have their rights, as you said all life if relevant even a criminal's life is important too so every one should have a right in different countries and even the world .

    3. Great point grateful brain,I concur with the importance of protecting animals. In Nigeria, there has been a tendency to mistreat animals, as illustrated by the pollution of aquatic habitats leading to a higher fish death rate. Considering the significance of fish consumption and its role in generating income, implementing animal protection laws becomes crucial. The introduction of fishing regulations in 1971 under General Yakubu Gowon's regime aimed to safeguard aquatic species from extinction, with measures like prohibiting toxic substances, banning electrofishing, implementing population control, landing tax, and catch quotas. Following these regulations, Nigeria now enjoys rivers blessed with healthy fishes, benefiting various aspects of daily life such as production, consumption, income generation, and medicinal purposes. Protecting animals is essential, given their vital role in our society.

      1. Well said admirable_butterfly.
        Animals play a crucial role in our ecosystem and their well-being should be prioritized. By implementing and enforcing strong animal protection laws, we can not only ensure the survival of various species but also support the livelihoods of people who rely on them for income and sustenance. Additionally, protecting aquatic habitats and preventing pollution can have a positive impact on the health and abundance of fish, which is essential for food security and economic prosperity. Overall, considering the importance of animals to our society, it is imperative that we take proactive measures to protect them.

        1. I agree because... Preserving our ecosystem and the well-being of diverse species hinges on the critical task of safeguarding animals. The implementation and enforcement of strong animal protection laws are paramount, not only to ensure the survival of these creatures but also to sustain the livelihoods of those reliant on them for income and sustenance. Additionally, prioritizing the preservation of aquatic habitats and preventing pollution can have a positive ripple effect on the health and abundance of fish. This, in turn, is vital for ensuring food security and fostering economic prosperity. Recognizing the indispensable role animals play in our society, it becomes imperative to take proactive measures in their protection. Some key points include legal frameworks, economic impacts, and the interconnectedness of ecosystems.
          Thanks 😊👍

      2. Thanks for agreeing and honestly, I'm glad you see protecting animals as important as I do

    4. Hi grateful_brain,
      I couldn't agree with you more, animal cruelty is usually a topic that is brushed aside but we need to realize that animals also play an important role in the working of our eco-system and if we do not stop animal poaching and hunting a lot of these animals will be extinct. Africa is home to the world's most iconic wildlife but illegal hunting might destroy our wildlife forever. Animals like Lions, Rhinos, Zebras and Gorillas are on the verge of becoming extinct because they are being slaughtered and their body parts are being sold for huge sums of money. These animals that are being slaughtered mercilessly play significant roles within the eco system and I can't even begin to imagine life without them. But to every problem there is always a solution and we can always try our best to save these animals before they go out of existence

      We should try to protect wildlife by informing the public and raising awareness about the dangers of animal poaching and illegal hunting. We can also encourage people to make donations in order to open more wildlife conservatories in order to prevent the animals from going extinct. We can also help by buying eco-friendly pets because many species are being illegally stolen from their habitat and are being sold in pet markets at large prices. We should also encourage people to report illegal trading of animal species. These little things could really help preserve our animals and stop them from going extinct. If we can all work together we can stop Africa's wild life from becoming history

    5. I completely agree with you! It's disheartening to hear about the issues with poaching and animal mistreatment in Nigeria. It's crucial to protect our wildlife and ensure their safety. Implementing measures like having military personnel stationed near wildlife reserves and forests can definitely help deter poachers. Additionally, raising awareness about the importance of animals and the consequences of their extinction is vital. We need to encourage responsible pet ownership and hold individuals accountable for their actions. It's a collective effort to make a positive change for animals. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and the article! 😊

      1. I absolutely share your sentiments caring_spring.
        It's truly disheartening to learn about the problems involving poaching and the mistreatment of animals in Nigeria. It's of utmost importance to safeguard our wildlife and ensure their wellbeing. One effective method to discourage poachers could be deploying military personnel near wildlife reserves and forests. Simultaneously, it is imperative to increase awareness regarding the significance of animals and the severe repercussions of their extinction. Promoting responsible pet ownership and holding individuals responsible for their actions is crucial. Ultimately, making a positive impact on animal welfare requires a collective endeavor.

    6. I agree with you because Animal rights teach us that certain things are wrong as a matter of principle, that there are some things that it is morally wrong to do to animals. Human beings must not do those things, no matter what the cost to humanity of not doing them.
      For example: if animals have a right not to be bred and killed for food then they must not be bred and killed for food. It makes no difference if the animals are given 5-star treatment throughout their lives and then killed humanely without any fear or pain - it's just plain wrong in principle, and nothing can make it right. Safety precautions needs to be taken to maintain animal right.

    7. Grateful Brain, I agree with your comment. Poaching is a horrible practice and is getting worse by the day. Some people just don't learn and sell these expensive animal parts for tons of money. It has gotten so bad, it has gotten to the point that people have to dehorn rhinos and make them less of a target towards poachers.

    8. I absolutely concur with your perspective and I also believe that the exploitation of animals has gone to far and it is not a joke. People should stop showing cruelty and brutality to animals and they also must have experience before getting the hang and the ownership of one. Giving animals love and tenderness is very important and stopping exploiting them is of equal importance too. Besides, there is a very meaningful phrase that says: "What goes around, always comes around"

    9. I exceedingly agree with you grateful_brain, surprisingly, domestic animals are also being treated the same way in my country. You are right about domestic animals like dogs and cats are being abused by their owners. There have been instances where I have witnessed owners mistreating their pets, and it was so agonizing to watch. I had witnessed children beating their dog up and carrying it up and down, when they become tired, they just drop the dog on the floor which always resulted in a big "thud" sound. Surprisingly, as you stated, these owners are still given permission to buy animals even after abusing the ones they won.
      In my opinion, I think that there should be a rule that people who had owned pets or are owning pets can buy new ones, even if someone hasn't owned a pet before, they should go through a little test to ensure they know how to effectively take care of domestic pets.
      I think that most of the time it is not the fault of the people that makes them treat their pets badly, but the situation they are in. Due to the heartless and corrupt leaders in my country, people are going through hardships, and they barely get enough food on the table, thus when the animals start to worry their owners and whining about food they get really stress and beat them up, however, on the other side, majority of people in my country don't have the slightest clue on how to take care of pets and do it efficiently.
      Based on my life experience, I encountered a dog being beaten up by my neighbours, and after the beatings were over, I went over to the dog and gave it tummy rubs- since dogs love it. Ever since that day, anytime the dog sees me she always place herself in a position for me to give her tummy rubs.

      1. I'm sorry to hear that you've seen animals treated in this way, that doesn't sound nice or fair. But I like the caring approach you've taken to looking after the dog. You mention that pet owners should be educated before being allowed to own a pet. What things do you think people need to know?

        1. In my opinion, I think that the things people should know before owning pets are:
          1.They should be financially stable:
          At the end of the day, you have to take the pet to the vet for grooming, health care checkups, etc. All these need money to be done, thus people should be able to financially stable to provide their pets with the best care.
          2. You should be time efficient:
          You should be able to have time and train pets in order to create a bond. When they are given proper training, they do not become a threat to the society.
          3. Safe environment:
          Where you live, there shouldn't be easy access of the pet going out. The environment must be safe and conducive; it shouldn’t contain venomous animals that can threaten the life of the pet.

    10. I really love your point grateful_brain. Animals are abused in Nigeria and world wide. The production of silk promotes animal cruelty because thousands of silk worms are killed to produce this fabric. In my opinion, animals should be slaughtered properly in legal places like abattoirs, this will keep the environment healthy and also promote the rights of animals. Every living thing has its rights including animals, there are several cases of "Dogs" suffering from mental fear due to abuse by owners and breeders. It would really make a difference if each country had its own governmental organization of "Animal Rights" this will educate breeders and pet owners on the rights of animals, prevent illegal slaughtering of animals for meat, illegal hunting and maltreatment of animals.
      Thank you!

    11. I completely agree with you, grate_brain! It's really sad to hear about the mistreatment and poaching of animals in Nigeria. But I believe that we can make a difference by taking some positive steps. For instance, increasing the military presence around wildlife reserves and forests could help in combating poaching activities. Moreover, we could also implement stricter regulations and enforcement measures for pet ownership, similar to the ones in other countries, to encourage responsible care for domestic animals. By raising awareness about the importance of animals and how their extinction can be detrimental, we can create a culture of respect and protection towards them. I think that advocating for animal rights and educating the public about them can go a long way in bringing about positive change in attitudes and behaviors towards animals in Nigeria.

    12. I completely agree with you Nigerians tend to push aside the topic of animal rights but at this point in time if we do not do anything about the high rate of animal poaching these animals will soon become extinct, we need to raise awareness about the fact that these animals are important and we need them to survive because they play an important role in the eco system, we both need each other to survive so if we keep on killing them who exactly is going to play their role in the eco system?

  • You didn't give me any stars 'This discussion was inspired by enigmatic_leopard of Cheam Fields Primary Academy in the United Kingdom, who wanted to start a discussion about animal rights. They have won five stars for having their idea published!'

    1. That should have now been resolved. Sorry for the mistake!

  • Here in the US, there have been a few traditions in the USA that have been in the news because they involve animals. According to my research, one such example is the annual event known as the "Running of the Bulls" in some cities, particularly in the town of Cave Creek, Arizona. During this event, participants run alongside or in front of the bulls that are released into the streets.

    While this tradition may attract media attention, it is important to note that it is not widely practiced or culturally significant in the USA as it is in countries like Spain. Additionally, animal welfare concerns have been raised regarding the treatment and safety of the animals involved in such events.

    MY personal opinions or how I feel about this is about how much this is worth considering the ethical implications of such practices. Many people argue that these traditions can cause stress, harm, or even endanger to the animals.

    1. I agree on how you feel about this because getting hit by a bull is no joke and can possibly kill the person if not at least break a bone or two. nevertheless it should not be a type of tradition.

    2. I also get why you feel that because traditions should be safe and important to learn. Not just a pure danger to people or animals that do not expect anything less than an experience and fun.

  • Animals rights here in Egypt have been an important topic, with challenges that faced Egypt to improve although the country has strict laws addressing animal welfare . Here in Egypt animals like dogs and cats face a lot issues such abuse the overpopulation , and the lack of food to be fed. A lot of organizations try to raise the awareness . To improve animal rights,they improve education programs ,making fines for who treat animals wrong and sterilization campaigns,inspire

  • More narrowly, "animal rights" refers to the idea that many animals have fundamental rights to be treated with respect as individuals—rights to life, liberty, and freedom from torture that may not be overridden by considerations of aggregate welfare. The fundamental principle of the modern animal rights movement is that many nonhuman animals have basic interests that deserve recognition, consideration, and protection. In the view of animal rights advocates, these basic interests give the animals that have them both moral and legal rights. Under most state and federal laws, animals primarily are regarded as property and have little or no legal rights of their own. Because of this status, generally there is a presumption—provided no law is violated—in favor of the owner's control and use over the best interests of the animal. Does America have animal rights?
    Animal Welfare Act | National Agricultural Library
    The Animal Welfare Act (AWA) was signed into law on August 24, 1966. It is the only Federal law in the United States that regulates the treatment of animals in research, teaching, testing, exhibition, transport, and by dealers.

    1. I agree because animals also need to have their rights rights protected. There are some ways animals are treated that I dont like such as whipping horses to make them run and the bit in their mouths I feel its not comfortable. The with sharks, they only cut off their fins and they throw away the rest which is wasteful and some animals are killed for their fur and skin and the rest of their body is thrown away like crocodiles Some of those homeless animals are just being ignored. I've seen documentaries about animals being experimented on Like rats and bears that obviously hurt them

  • It is very sorrowful to hear that in United kingdom even royal guards and royal families, who should in fact set an example to their commonalty, crowds out animals' safety in order to satisfy nonsense traditions. Making animal furs violates animals rights and as this very wise and compiant person said: " Tradition is never an excuse for animal cruelty". However, it is not to late to solve this problem. In order for this to be accomplish, I think that plethora of measures has to be taken. Initially, movements and actions should be organised in hope of people and especially royal families to abide and realize the harm they bring to animals. Moreover, animals raid should be confiscated by the state. This way, people won't be able to be supplied with furs made from animals.
    Well, in my country, Greece, animal rights are very important and there are many teams that offers help and privision to stray animals. However, there are times when people seem to act with indifference and individualism without carrying that much about animals fate and without putting themselves in their position. In the future, as a extreme lover of animals myself, I would like to establish a foundation where I will protect and save animals in need.

    1. I agree because... I think animal cruelty is such a big issue. Royals, famous people should set good examples nowadays and remind us that we stand equally aside animals.
      I think that my country the last few years have taken action in many ways. There have been made many improvements through organisations about stray animals and they try to offer them anything in need.

      1. Exactly, the royals play a big role in this matter. Not just the royals but people in power generally, they play a big role in maintaining the management of pets. As a person of authority, to lead by example is key, because of the influence they possess, a lot of people will want to be part of the "trend" of having pets, they can even create laws that guide the way people treat their pets. Therefore, I believe the royals should be informed about the treatment of pets, to help them spread it to their subordinates.

  • The question of animal right may seem paradoxical at first glance, but it actually has a simple answer. The premise of the question is that you can only get a pet if you have had the same kind of animal before, which implies that there is some kind of restriction or regulation on pet ownership. However, this is not the case in most countries, where people are free to choose any pet they want, as long as they can provide adequate care and welfare for them. Therefore, pet ownership will not die out, because there will always be new people who want to adopt or buy animals for companionship, entertainment, or other reasons.

    Even if we assume that there is such a rule that limits pet ownership to previous owners of the same species, there are still ways to avoid the extinction of pets. For example, people could breed their own animals and keep some of the offspring as pets, or they could exchange or share their pets with other owners who have different kinds of animals. Alternatively, people could adopt or rescue animals from shelters or sanctuaries, where there are often many unwanted or abandoned pets that need new homes. These methods would ensure that there is a continuous supply of pets for people who want them.

    In conclusion, pet ownership will not die out, even if there is a hypothetical rule that requires previous experience with the same animal. There are many factors that motivate people to have pets, and there are many benefits for both humans and animals. Some of these benefits include:

    - Pets can reduce stress and anxiety, and improve mental health and well-being.
    - Pets can provide social support and companionship, and reduce loneliness and isolation.
    - Pets can encourage physical activity and exercise, and improve cardiovascular health and fitness.
    - Pets can teach responsibility and empathy and foster positive relationships with other living beings.
    - Pets can enhance self-esteem and confidence and provide a sense of purpose and meaning.

    Pets are an important part of human society and culture, and they provide many benefits for both humans and animals. Therefore, it is unlikely that pet ownership will ever disappear completely.

    1. You're absolutely right! The idea of restricting pet ownership based on previous experience might seem complicated, but in reality, people are free to choose the pets they want as long as they can take care of them properly. And even if there were such a rule, there are still ways to ensure that pets don't go extinct. People can breed their own animals, share pets with others, or adopt from shelters. There will always be a continuous supply of pets for those who want them. Pets bring so many benefits to our lives, like reducing stress, providing companionship, and teaching responsibility. They're an important part of our society!

  • In Nigeria, animal rights is also an important topic. People are becoming more aware of the need to treat animals with kindness and respect. There are laws in place to protect animals from cruelty, but there is still work to be done to ensure their well-being.

    Some organizations in Nigeria are actively working towards animal rights. They rescue and rehabilitate animals, raise awareness about animal welfare, and advocate for stronger laws to protect animals. These organizations also provide education and resources to promote responsible pet ownership and humane treatment of animals.

    It's great to see the growing concern for animal rights in Nigeria. By supporting these organizations and spreading awareness about the importance of animal welfare, we can all contribute to creating a more compassionate society for animals in Nigeria and beyond.Absolutely! I'm thrilled to share more about animal rights in Nigeria. One significant aspect is the protection of wildlife and endangered species. Nigeria is home to diverse wildlife, including elephants, lions, and chimpanzees. Efforts are being made to combat illegal wildlife trade and protect their habitats.

    Additionally, there is a growing movement towards promoting animal welfare and responsible pet ownership. Many Nigerians are embracing the idea of adopting pets from shelters and providing them with loving homes. This helps reduce the number of stray animals on the streets and ensures they receive proper care.

    Education plays a crucial role in promoting animal rights in Nigeria. Schools and organizations are incorporating animal welfare into their curriculum and hosting awareness campaigns. By teaching young people about the importance of treating animals with kindness and respect, we can create a more compassionate future.

    It's inspiring to see the progress being made in Nigeria regarding animal rights. Together, we can continue to raise awareness, support organizations working towards animal welfare, and advocate for stronger laws to protect animals in our country.