What do you think about the Enhanced Games?

The Enhanced Games is a competition similar to the Olympics – but athletes will not be checked for performance-enhancing drugs, which are usually banned.

Performance-enhancing drugs are taken by some athletes to help them to run faster, jump higher or be stronger – and therefore, they can affect who wins the medals. When people use these drugs it is sometimes called "doping".

Some people think the Enhanced Games – and using science and technology to improve athletes’ performances – is a good idea. But others are worried it could be harmful to the athletes and have a negative impact on sport.

Look at the following opinions about the Enhanced Games

I think the Enhanced Games will be awesome! It will be like seeing superheroes in real life. Athletes can use science to push the limits of what humans can do.

Sports are about training hard, teamwork and the spirit of competition. If athletes use performance-enhancing drugs to get better, it doesn't seem fair to those who want to compete without them.

I'm worried about the risks. What if an athlete gets hurt because of a new performance-enhancing drug? We need to make sure everyone is safe.

The Enhanced Games might encourage scientific developments that could help everyone in the future. Maybe we could use what we learn from these games to help people in everyday life?

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  • I think C is correct because the risk outweighs the positives .

    1. I agree with C but I also believe that D should be considered. Opinion C is a very interesting point, wanting to keep everyone safe, I believe that this can link to Opinion D in a different way to B or A. Starting with Opinion D, a good point is made here and it is true that the enhanced games could encourage scientific development. These games could provoke ideas on medicines in everyday life that could even save lives for people with physical problems. The problem falls into the interesting point of opinion C in which the safety of the athletes must be analysed first. I do believe that in the current time it would not be a good idea to run events such as the enhanced games despite the enhancement in scientific research primarily because we do not know how the athletes bodies would react to the performance enhancing drugs, they could have any effect on the athletes ranging from physical problems to mental health issues or even addictions to these drugs. However, if there is more work put into these drugs so that we know what is safe for the athletes then I would most certainly support the idea of the enhanced games.

      1. What if all athletes were monitored by doctors throughout the games to make sure they were safe?

        1. If athletes were monitored by doctors throughout a game that will serve a lot of advantage to the athletes. In the sense that there would be early detection of health Issues by continuous monitoring of athletes by doctors can help in the early detection of any health issues or injuries that athletes may encounter during their performances. This early detection can help prevent minor problems from escalating into major ones.
          Safety assurance is also another means to make sure athletes are safe during a game. Continuous monitoring can reassure athletes and spectators alike that safety is a top priority during the games.
          Optimization of performance by doctors can also help optimize athletes' performance by providing personalized medical advice and interventions. They can monitor athletes' vital signs, nutrition, hydration, and overall health to ensure they are performing at their best.
          Lastly Immediate medical attention should be given by medical professionals on hand, athletes can receive immediate medical attention if they sustain any injuries or experience health problems during the games. This can prevent delays in treatment and potentially reduce the severity of injuries.
          Continuous monitoring by doctors could offer many benefits, careful planning and consideration would be necessary to implement such a system effectively and ensure safety throughout a game.

          1. I disagree because... If athletes were monitored by doctors throughout the game then also sometimes a situation comes where even doctors don't know what to do the next so I think it is dengerous for the athletes to relay on doctor as well and I think there should be no use of steroid in Olympics because we the people want to see the real and hard working winner not that steroid taken one.
            Thank you so much this is my opinion and perspective no hate !!

            1. I understand your perspective but the thing is that I did not mean that doctors would be able to solve every problem , I just meant that it would be safer. I agree that there are some things that doctors would not be able to solve but it will be a lot safer. Doctors can even be the ones to administer the drugs themselves this way, the risk of effects because of high dosage will be reduced.
              Though there is a simple solution to everything, if doping is going to be allowed, scientists need to create drugs which do not affect the condition of athletes. This will make everything easier since it is not illegal anymore, the drugs should also be friendly. Drugs for doping should be specially made in order to allow athletes to be safe when doping. If doping is also going to be allowed, there should be morals and laws like the type of drug to us and also the quantity to use. This will make things fair considering the fact that some drugs are more effective than others and a higher dosage can also be more effective. It will also make it safer since an overdose of everything is bad.

          2. I disagree because... Even If athletes were monitored by the doctor throughout the game, drugs might show its effects later too. Its not necessary the athlete will start facing health issues immediately. Infact, Intake of drugs usually have a long-term impact and cannot be treated by the doctors always. Allowing drug use could lead to serious health issues for athletes down the line, which is a concern not just for their athletic performance but for their overall well-being. To remain healthy overall and not only during the game, drugs shouldn't be allowed.

            1. I completely agree with you because even if these athletes are to be monitored on their intake of the drugs, it wouldn't still make a difference because the drugs will be piling together in the body and will have latter side effects on the body causing failure to some organs. In addition to this, I seriously don't think there should be a need for the enhanced drugs in order to be healthy and to save lives.

            2. I agree with you, selfassured_bat. Drugs are not just a short term ideal and can have long term effects. This can be very risky and also can encourage health problems. These doctors could help, although they cannot stop drug effects immediately.

        2. It may be good if they were monitored by doctors. Yes, but that still could not stop the effects of the drugs. The side effects it could do to individuals bodies are unknown and could be dangerous. I'm sure we wouldn't want to see an Olympian pass out or even have a heart attack while doing the sport they love.

          1. Yes, I agree with you that it would have been better if the athletes were to be monitored because these drugs have a lot of negative effects on the body and of course if the athletes were to be monitored, it would not still make a difference because these drugs would already have effects on them. I think that totally, there shouldn't be these enhanced drugs because they all have future negative effects on the body. I also feel that if they continue to use these drugs, we might not have much athletes because these athletes will be deformed and so if there is a competition that lies a head of them to be representatives of their country, their country will therefore fail at that point because there will be no representatives and even if they were to be replacements from the country ,they will not be able to catch up quickly to the due date of the competition.

            1. I agree fully with your statements, as you are correct in my opinion. Health issues can be monitored, although they cannot be prevented fully. This could result in ideas that these drugs can turn into a habit and risk their total well-being.

            2. Hello eloquent_pie,
              I agree with you because monitoring drug intake might not stop long-term harm, and using enhanced drugs for health isn't needed. These drugs have lasting negative effects and could lead to a shortage of athletes for competitions. Without alternatives, countries could struggle to have enough athletes. It's important to focus on athletes' well-being and fair competition without using performance-enhancing drugs.

          2. Hi
            I agree with you free_armadillo. Yes it may be good if they were monitored by doctors. and as you said it can not stop the effect of drugs because taking drugs can cause drug abuse and drug abuse can harm a person's life. For example high blood pressure, and academic failure.

          3. I agree with free armadillo because doctors need to be monitored or supervised to ensure that no one is harmed by the new performance-enhancing drugs. Most times Olympians get hurt by the drugs because it makes the Olympians feel uncomfortable because everybody has different body-types and different body types respond differently when they have taken the drugs so it affects them when they are running/playing the sport. There are so many athletes that have turned into vegetables because of the effect of drugs on their system. The effects of drugs are dangerous, some of the drugs may also be addictive to the people and harming.

          4. I agree! Doctors can monitor the early symptoms of any chronic disease. However, they cannot reverse the damage already done to the athelete's body.
            It is common knowledge that any artificial alteration made to the human body has its own side effects. Including the beneficial medications. Then these are artificially enhancing drugs in question. They would directly stimulate the cells of the human body- not just a single part, but even the neuro-system. The effects would be DRASTIC! Hence, I think despite having a doctor monitor the situation, when the early symptoms start rising it would already be too late to restore the athelete's health back to normal...

          5. I'm not sure about this because I in my perspective not only doctors should check athletes if the use drug enhancing ?
            I also think people can ask the athletes questions if the use these drugs. because most drugs can make you forget most of your past. So people can ask relatives or loved ones because they might say the truth.
            Because most athletes might put some hair conditionals to hide it and most hair conditionals of these days can do a lot of things. Also doctors and machines are not that accurate so the might make a mistake.

            1. I have a few questions about your comment. If doctors aren't checking and most machines are mostly inaccurate then who will see if the athlete is doping? Also, do those drugs really make you forget your past? Is it like dementia or like just a memory loss side affect. Do you know what causes that? Also, have you thought of other ways to tell if the athlete is doping? Like maybe you can just tell by how they act or something.

              1. i like your questions free_armadillo
                In response to your question i think doctors and machines can be inaccurate. For instance in a case where by an athlete have a cold and his doctor administer drugs to help the athletes get better, unfortunately some of this drugs contain enhanced properties and only for the machines to test the athletes and find a trace of narcotic properties. Originally the drug is to help the athlete get better. that is why I said that the families of the athlete should be asked if they have taken any drug prior to an illness
                Sometimes athletes bribe the doctors to get a pass because they want to be in the game.

                1. I agree with you active_coconut. Machines and doctors are not always correct so they might make a mistake and do not know how to heal the body. Moreover, the doctor's prescriptions might not work on the athletic that is sick because of the enhanced drugs.

            2. I strongly agree with active coconut because doctors are to check athletes before the Olympic games and other games. I also feel that even their opponents should know if they are competing against those who takes enhanced drugs because I feel it will be only fair.
              and this drugs should always be properly tested like two or three times before being administered to people.

              1. I agree because there are still some people who are competing in the Olympics that are getting away with taking drugs and nothing coming up in all of the tests. If this is happening then the doctors or whoever is testing the athletes for drugs are not doing their job properly. I do not think that this is acceptable and that the testing needs to be better and more strict. By not doing their job correctly, they could affect everyone in the race: athletes who train and work hard may lose the event just because another athlete (who could have won the event) took drugs to improve their performance. In this aspect, then the enhanced games could make it fairer for the athletes who are not taking drugs in the actual Olympics, but I do disagree with the enhanced games overall. We do also have to consider health and safety in the enhanced games.

          6. I agree with free_armadillo, even if they were to be monitored by doctors, we cannot take away the place of training which helps the athletes gain stamina, and endurance and also considering that exercise is good for our overall health. Training hard with teamwork will lead to good performance. If athletes use performance enhanced drugs to get better it won't seem fair to those who want to compete without them. Sport are about training hard and training hard comes with discipline, commitment and dedication which in turn build character that will not only last for the game but can also impact them in other areas of their life.

          7. I agree with you because of the information that you gathered as your opinion because it is similar to that of mine. Taking perfomance-enhancing drugs might be harmful to the body because if athletes are used to these drugs, their body's might get addicted to them and there may be side effects with these drugs.If these drugs are not tested well,the consequences will be very serious and the athletes will be the ones to suffer it. I think proper nutrition and regular training enhances an athletes skills and there will be no need for taking the performance-enhancing drugs.

          8. hi,
            I agree with free Armadillo because it may be good to have doctors that will monitor and supervise those athlete on how they take those enhancing drugs and the side effect on their bodies, most times this side effect could cause a dangerous harm to their immune system. Some Olympians must have taken the enhancing drugs that would make them move faster and jump higher. when people use this drugs sometimes it can be called doping. I feel doctors should not only supervise athletes but supervise the quality plus the quantity of the drugs they want to take although I feel the use of drugs is dangerous and should not be encouraged because the dangers in taking it far surpass the benefits at the long run. Some become addicts, get health related problems, mess up their immune system, run mad or even die.

          9. I agree because it will be very good for the athletes to be monitored by doctors throughout just to keep them safe. I also agree with the fact you said ''But it could not stop the effects of drugs''. This is because even if the players are monitored by doctors, the doctors may not be able to stop the effects of the drugs on the athlete's body. And I would also not want to see an Olympian pass out in the middle of the sport that they love doing because it may discourage them from playing the sport they love.

            THANK YOU.

          10. I totally agree with free_armadillo. In as much as monitoring the intake of drugs by the doctors is a great thing to do and though it might not stop the effects of them, it will go a long way in regulating and minimising the abuse of these drugs. In a situation where there are about a hundred athletes, if about 50 of them are supervised, checked or monitored, it may save some of them and reduce the damage that would have resulted from the 100 of them taking it unsupervised.
            So I still think that monitoring the drugs will be more efficient and reduce the abuse of drugs

          11. I strongly agree with what free_armadillo has said, surely even if the enhanced drugs are monitored by doctors that will not stop all side effects that are the attached to the use of performance enhanced drugs. The effect varies for individuals, men and women all react differently to the use of PED(performance enhancing drugs) as these drugs have the ability to drastically alter the human body its biological functions, including improving athletic performance in certain instances. The use of these drugs pose a great danger to the health of the individual consuming it and in certain situations the drugs can be deadly even in minute quantities.
            Some effects of Performance Enhancing Drugs could be
            1. Physiological effects such as Tremors(seizures), weigh loss, High blood pressure, strokes etc.
            2. Psychological effects such as explosive aggressive behavior, delusions, mood swings etc.
            3. Gender specific for both men and women such as Coarse voice in women, breast tissue development in men, impotence, growth of beards and Adam's apples in women.
            After reading about the harmful effects of Performance Enhancing Drugs on athletes I sincerely hope we have been able to change the perspective of those who support that athletes should make use of Performance Enhancing Drugs to boost their athletic skills.

          12. I agree with your comment because as much as doctors may monitor these Olympians, they can't fully stop the side effects of the drugs. For example, what if an emergency happened due to these drugs in the middle of a track race? The doctors will be able to attempt to help but they cannot stop the harmful drugs from harming them.

          13. I agree with your comment, having medical teams in competitions can help athletes with medical issues ,and if any thing happen like an athlete has asthma or heart attacks the medical team can support them. I disagree to the fact athletes use illegal drugs to boost their strengths with paying mind to the consequences or side effects. I also blame the coaches of the these atheltes because some force them to these drugs neglecting the side effects. Some athletes are immune to the drugs others are not, even though some athletes are are immune to the drugs, that doesnt means they must cheat , it is unfair. Competitions is all about enjoyment and expressing you abilities, whether you win or not loyalty is key. As athlete your daily routine should be eating healthy, resting more, meditating 🧘‍♂️ and exercising, these routine are better and healthy than taking illegal drugs,and if coaches are forcing athletes to take illegal drugs , I think these athletes should stand up against these coaches and be loyal after all"Loyalty Is The Best Policy".

          14. I agree because some of these people don't know the side effects of all the drugs that they take. It can also make them to lose their lives and others will have an unfair advantage to others which may make people feel like they don't need to be in the games.

          15. i strongly agree because if an Olympian wasn't monitored,then they could be exposed to dangerous side effects and can get badly sick or worse,making them unable to complete in most/all physical sports and even if they were monitored then the doctor couldn't know what to do in every scenario

        3. I disagree because... even if the person is monitored by the doctor they is still a chance of the person breaking down while playing the game and the doctor monitoring may not be able to save the persons life based on the condition the person may be in.

        4. That'll be nice, and much better, But to this, it has more disadvantages than advantages. This idea it's actually nice.But needs a lot of doctors on the field to make sure that each player is okay, and if a player isn't, they have to attend to the player(s) immediately. Which will affect the other players. I'm not saying that this idea about the enhanced drugs or this idea that you gave is all wrong! But it has more disadvantages to advantages! What do you think?

      2. You made a wonderful point successful environment. But please what do you really mean when you say that the enhanced games could provoke ideas on medicines in our everyday life?

      3. I agree because.... we don't know all the side effects of drugs on athletes!

        1. I agree with active twilight because we do not know what might happen to these athletes in future or when they are playing the game. When these side effects start to come, we might be shocked to see some athletes reaction due to the new performance - enhancing drugs like their body structure or they could even faint in the middle of the games. In conclusion, I think we should keep the enhancing drugs away from athletes to prevent these side effects and help them in future.

        2. hi active twilight,
          I agree with you because in addition to not knowing all the side effects of these drugs, we do know they have harmful side effect in the long run. We have seen athletes whose mental, physical and emotional well being have adversely affected by these drugs.
          Part of my concern for not having full knowledge of their side effect is the question of post generational effect leading to questions of if they have the capacity to modify the gene of athletes. This posts a serious threat to generation yet unborn.

        3. I agree with active twilight because there could be some dangerous, life threatening side effects to the intake of these drugs but we must also keep in mind that we are not sure of the side effects whether good or bad so we should not just jump to conclusions about what the side effects could be.

      4. I think even if I dont agree that humans should take enhanced drugs,I'm going with option A because the enhanced game will be awesome and will be exactly like seeing superheroes in action and will bring humans over our limit and will be something that would be written in the history book.

        1. Thank you for that wonderful comment, but at the same time I think we should not over look it’s effects on the athletes, just as we all know that everything that has advantages also have some disadvantages.
          So I think that athletes taking enhancing performance drugs should not be encouraged at all because of the effects it will bring to athletes, and also this will discourage athletes from practicing and engaging into training as all there mindset will be centered on the enhancing performance drugs, which will make athletes to be lazy and also at the same time discourage those that have refused to take this drugs, as they will feel that the fruit of there honesty is now failure.
          So in conclusion, what I’m trying to say is that it should not be encouraged if not for any thing, we should consider it’s effects, even though we don’t know it’s effects yet but we believe and I strongly believe that any thing that has advantage Also have disadvantage and we should always have it in mind that there is no shortcut to success and the only way to success is hard work.
          THANK YOU SO MUCH……

        2. I agree because... the fact you said that the enhanced games will be like seeing superheroes in real life because it may make them faster, jump higher, and also be stronger. These are just like the actual powers of superheroes. And if the athlete can use science to push them to the limit of what they cannot do, it will be a very legendary event that can be written in the history books. But there is a reason that I also disagree because if the athletes take drugs to make them jump higher, run faster, and be stronger, yes it may look like it seems like seeing a super to you, but it may have a career ending side effect on the athletes that they may have to stop the sport they love. This side effects may be like, the athlete passing out, or the athlete even getting a heart attack. And to be honest I wouldn't want to see an athlete pass out or have a heart attack in the game they love and then have to stop participating in that game forever.

          1. How do you think the use of performance-enhancing drugs could impact the fairness of competition in the Enhanced Games?

            1. Hello Divya, I believe the use of performance-enhancing drugs (ped's) could impact the people in the sport that are not taking them. I believe this because the people who aren't taking peds will probably lose their sport because of that and get demotivated, or if a previous winner seen this they would probably not approve because they had to work so hard and somebody gets a shortcut to the path there. Though a solution to this is to make a separate category for games that allow peds and don't. For example they could make track games with peds and one without them instead so that it will be fair for everyone, and to motivate people to not use peds they should make the reward less than the actual one without peds because they have to work harder there than the people using peds.
              Thank you

            2. I think that the use of performance enhancing drugs will not allow fairness in the Enhanced games because some may not want to take these drugs for maybe health conditions or even personal or religious beliefs or maybe their passion of the game won't allow them to take these drugs. So it won't be fair if someone takes drugs to win a game while the others don't take such drugs because of the reasons I have mentioned, and they will lose. This might cause discouragement or disrespect to the art and beauty of Games
              Thanks 😊 👍

              1. Well said industrious_shark.
                I believe that the use of performance-enhancing drugs in sports undermines the principle of fairness. Individuals may choose not to take these drugs due to health concerns, personal beliefs, or a strong ethical stance. As a result, using these substances to gain a competitive edge creates an uneven playing field, especially if some athletes are willing to violate the rules while others remain committed to fair play. In such instances, the essence and integrity of sports can be compromised, leading to issues of discouragement and a diminished appreciation for the true skill and beauty of athletic competition.

            3. Hi Divya @ Topical Talk,
              According to my own understanding, not gat I totally disagreed with you but I don't think the performance enhancing drugs will impact fairness in Sports In the sense that everybody's body systems are not the same.
              You might take and it won't affect you but when I takes it then it becomes a problem. It might damage most of my systems like the lung. Kidney and heart. There is a saying that another man's food might be another man's poison. And when I don't take the drugs because of health issues and you do then it becomes cheating and unfairness in games.
              I think the best thing to do is banning the enhancing drugs totally do we will judge the athletes performance based on how they practiced for sports.

              1. I totally agree with you nice eagle. Yes of course everybody's body systems are not the same. For example, the hard drug that someone took which ruined him mad might also be the same drug I took to cure my sicknesses. There is also a saying that I know that says ' another man's food might be another man's poison'. If I don't take the drugs I will not be able to perform well in the games and then the other athletes will be cheating because they already had these drug in their body before coming out to performance in the game. I Think the inventor of the performance enhancing drugs did a wonderful job by producing the performance enhancing drugs but simultaneously, it brought damage to our system.

            4. I think that the use of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) in the Enhanced Games poses a serious threat to fair competition. These substances give athletes an unfair advantage, making it harder for others to compete on a level playing field. Recent data from the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) shows an increase in doping violations across various sports, highlighting the growing problem.

              Think about sprinter Ben Johnson's case in the 1988 Olympics. He lost his gold medal after testing positive for steroids, showing how PEDs can damage the integrity of sports. Similarly, the Lance Armstrong scandal in cycling raised concerns about doping's prevalence in elite competitions.

              In the Enhanced Games, where athletes already use technology to enhance their performance, PEDs could worsen fairness issues. Athletes who dope undermine the spirit of competition and cheat clean athletes out of their accomplishments.

              To keep the Enhanced Games fair, we need strict anti-doping measures. This means regular testing, tough penalties for cheaters, and educating athletes about the risks and ethics of doping. We also need to promote a culture of clean sport, where athletes value integrity and sportsmanship above all else.

        3. I disagree with wise_painting because if they take enhanced drugs it will affect them in a very bad way and if it doesn't affect them now it might affect them in the future by making them sick and if a coach finds out you are using enhanced drugs he or she will remove you from the game or sport

      5. I agree with you. Option C is is a very solid/valid point, enhancing drugs can be very risky because some may be given without being tested out. Also enhancing drugs i.e steriod drugs affect the mental state of an athlete due to chemicals that are put in much quantities and at the end, they end up risking their lives, putting theirselves in danger and even give their country a bad name or reputation.But in cases where people take enhancing drugs for health situation, that is understandable because they will be in a bad state if they do not take this drugs. For example, asthma patients who partake in race may get attacks many times so they have to take this drugs if not they would be in a very bad state or even loose their lives if they are not attended to immediately.

    2. Don't you think taking risks has been crucial for our species' evolution and survival? For example, would we have survived if early humans had feared fire and never learned how it could benefit us? Similarly, if we avoid testing cancer medications due to their risks, how can we ever hope to find a cure? I believe that enhanced games can help us discover further potential of human beings. Moreover, such games could make competitions similar to the Olympics but, more inclusive. As mentioned by Aron Da’souza in the interview, 25% of regular drugstore medicines contain substances or salts that are not allowed in the Olympics. So, people with certain health conditions might be barred from participating due to the medications they need to take, such as those who use steroidal inhalers for asthma. With doctor supervision, enhanced games could promote physical exercise among a wider group of people.

      1. Interesting ideas. Do think there are any risks in allowing enhanced games?

        1. Hey Chloe @ Topical Talk,
          There are definitely risks in allowing enhanced games. One such risk is overdosing. While on the Enhanced Games website, they claim to check every participants health before the games, to determine how much of a performance enhancing drug would be safe, but some participants might still find ways to take more than necessary. And when you take too much of a drug, it's known as an overdose, and your body can't handle the overload of drugs, because just a little might have a negative effect, but taking way more than you're supposed to would turn out even worse. So that's always a risk when you're dealing with drugs and the topic of doping.

        2. Of course, there are risks associated with enhanced games, including potential long-term health risks, societal impacts such as the normalization of drug use, and psychological impacts. These could develop a pressure to excel, which might negatively affect the mental health of athletes. Moreover, athletes might base their self-worth on these achievements. However, if conducted with careful regulation and ethical oversight, enhanced games could offer several positive outcomes as mentioned beforehand.

        3. Yes, these can be attested by an video of the world body builder champion in person of Ronnie Colman flying all over social media, such as TikTok and face book. During his heydays he was as big as an elephant. But when the enhancing drugs affected his health he became as low as crawling child.
          Thank you!!!!

        4. Hey there, Chloe @ Topical Talk!

          Are you aware of the dangers of using enhancement drugs? Let me tell you, it can make it difficult to focus in school, which could mean struggling with tests and exams. Plus, it might make you do risky things, like running into the street when you're feeling dizzy. Even though drugs might make you feel good at first, they can end up making you feel really bad later on. And, to top it off, using drugs without permission is against the rules and can get you into serious trouble.

          So, let's remember to make smart choices and stay safe and healthy!

        5. Hey Chloe @ Topical Talk!
          yes, the enhanced games use enhancing drugs which can cause the following:
          - academic failure: people can have trouble learning because they might feel dizzy.
          - high blood pressure: people might not need drugs and they might take them which can make their blood have more nutrients than it's meant to have.
          - risk of accidents: Drugs can affect your judgment, coordination, and reaction time, increasing the risk of accidents.

    3. I agree fully with your opinion, on the one hand that could be interesting for each country technology and can make interesting advances,but on the other hand Im also worried about that people that is taking drugs for winning.

    4. I agree because using drugs can vary health risks and we should seek help. No joke, this is very dangerous.

  • I agree with Bravo and Charlie but not Alpha and Delta. I can see what Alpha is saying as how it would look cool but it's dangerous for humans. While Delta may increase scientific research, not many people will use it in day to day life. I agree with Bravo because it defeats the purpose of training for years. I agree with Charlie because the performance boosting drugs can lead to serious health problems.

    1. I agree with you nice armadillo because alpha and delta only talk about how cool and beneficial enhanced games can be without knowing they side effects it can cause In the body. I also agree with Charlie of how they performance boosting drugs can lead to serious health problems, taking too much of energetic pills can lead to making the heart to stop and if stop at any time even when you are in class you can stay there and slumber, and you can be addicted to the pills and it will be very hard to stop it. And I agree with bravo because it defeats the purpose of training for years.
      Thanks 👍.

    2. I agree with you a hundred percent. Most athletes join whichever sport usually for the fun of it or the pleasure of the experience. The people with determination in the sport would go through the sport whole-heartedly but if there are people using drugs to enhance their abilities it wouldn't be fair to the people that genuinely enjoy the sport. There are also serious health risks in the consumption of ability enhancing drugs such as stroke and mental health issues, this doesn't only have to happen as they are doing the sport.

    3. I agree with your point nice armadillo sports is about testing your skills and strengths but there is no use if athletes rely on enhancement drugs and enhancing items, I feel that it is wrong risking your health to try and prove a point that we already know.

    4. I agree with your point because we do not fully know the side effects of the enhancing drugs which could cause many health issues in the future for what looking cool once? I believe that if they want to do the enhancing games they can but they need to wait until scientists know the full effects and catalysts that these drugs could cause in the future. Do not endanger these athletes for the sake of coolness in the first place its very risky.

    5. I agree because... what you said shows my thoughts almost exactly. Bravo says that it is unfair, which is true. The thought of seeing these people do these things may affect how a true and hardworking athlete may think about their hard work. They may think, "Was my hard work useless?" or "Did those years really matter?". It may make them feel greatly disappointed to know that now these drugs are popular among athletes and that their hard work is not necessary or "useless" anymore. Charlie also has a good point because Charlie focuses on one of the most important factors or all; health. It is important to make sure people still have a healthy life because if they don't, death will become more of an obvious threat towards their lives. Not only that, we never know the side effects. What if they create emotional issues such as exaggerated behavior? What if it creates a disease in people's bodies? So yes, Bravo and Charlie prove great points while Alpha and Delta have decent points.

  • I agree with opinion "B" and "C".
    Opinion ' B ' raises concern about fairness and integrity in sports. Sports should be played fairly without any drug that help an athletes. It argues that using performance-enhancing drugs undermines the principles of hard work, teamwork and fair competition. I believe that athletes should rely on natural abilities rather than artificial enhancements. All the athletes who works hard to achieve their dream has trained for many years. So,they deserves win, not those who uses drugs to get better without hard work.

    Opinion 'C' emphasizes the risks associated with performance-enhancing drugs. We all know drugs are harmful for health. If athletes uses drugs and something happened with them then the sports association will be on trouble. Associations holding this viewpoint prioritize athlete safety and argue for rigorous testing and regulations to avoid potential health hazards.

    1. I like how you think about both opinions and combine and explain your thinking. I was also thinking this so its good to see other people with the same thinking as me but it's different from mine.

  • in my opinion i think its defeats the purpose of the hole olyimpic sports and brings no accomplishment when winning as its an unfair advantage to other contestants and although it will bring entertainment as its a huge risk of negative impacts to the person .

    1. I agree because putting people in danger for fun isn't necessary because you are just watching people destroy their lives by taking drugs and trying to break records of how quick you can run. Also, causing people be rich just because you want to get more money and be rich.

      hope you can challenge me or build on my point.

      1. I'm not sure about this because, peopel dont necessarly take druges because they want to get more money or that they want to be rich but in my own opinion, I think peopel teke drugs simply because they want to be high or something. So now, do you really think that peopel play sports simply because of money or maybe to be rich?

        I am not always correct, you can challenge me ro even correct me.


    2. I agree because... for how long the Olympics have existed, the Enhanced Games suddenly appear. The athletes in the Olympics may see this and then feel as if the time of hard work they have used, is now worthless. It's unfair to the people who worked harder than the people who just took some drugs to become more advanced in the athletic field. This is what option B represents. I feel as if athletics is for people who are willing to work hard and put some real effort into it. Now true athletes may feel as if they are in a lower rank.

  • I believe C is correct as the risks are more likely to happen than positives because as the continue with the drugs the athletes will become addicted to the drugs and choose to no longer use exercise and let the drugs do all the work for them. Also it could effect there mental health by constantly having the drugs and they would believe that they can't do anything without the drug. Therefore I believe that drugs are dangerous because it could effect an athletes life.

    1. Are all medications addictive?

  • I agree with B because you need to work hard to win games and you should train instead of taking drugs.
    I also think that people should get checked out before they start because it might be unfair for tall or small people.

    Hope you can understand and be free to challenge me or build on my point.

  • I agree with opinion b as the whole concept of sports competition is to test a persons strength within their sport as well as their resilience within it so by introducing performance enhancing drugs you are stripping that entire aspect away from sports. Which raises the question are you testing the person or the drugs. moreover using performance enhancers poses a great risk to the athletes health as they could get addicted to these drugs which could potentially lead to an overdose moreover it can create long term risks for the athlete as some drugs could lead to increased irritability liver damage and even enlargement of the heart if they are taking muscle enhancers .