Businesses v the environment


In another discussion, enthusiastic_buffalo wondered whether businesses have a duty to address environmental issues.

What do you think?

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    Option A

    = Yes because protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility, including businesses.

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    Option B

    = No because businesses should prioritise making profits over environmental concerns.

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    Option C

    = Sometimes, depending on the business.

This discussion was inspired by enthusiastic_buffalo of IB Arthur School in Ghana. Well done, enthusiastic_buffalo, you have won five stars for having your idea published!

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  • I pick A. You may be wondering why. I really want to ask a question. Do businesses run on this planet? or aren't business also a cause of environmental degradation and climate change? The answer is Yes, businesses are run on this very planet, earth and they are also a cause of climate change. So I believe they most definitely have a duty and role to play in protecting the environment. Another reason why I picked A is because the environment affects everyone including businesses. Even if maybe a business does not cause environmental issues(which is impossible), they still live and run on this planet and if they are to continue successfully, the environment must be helped. People need to understand that environmental issues is not just a personal problem, it is a global problem. This means that wherever you are, whatever you do, as long as it is on this planet, you are affected and thereby it is your responsibility to prevent and stop it.

    1. I totally agree with you " the environmental issues is not just a personal problem, it's a global problem." Because we are human beings and we live in earth. So, without earth there is no planet for us to live. If we want to stay alive, then we should take care of the earth and our environment. We are the creatures who are responsible to reduce environmental issues, not increasing it.
      Thank you!

    2. I totally agree with you articulate moment but have you ever asked yourself whether environment can lead to the rise or fall of every business as well as the reasons which could cause this?

      1. Yes, I actually have asked myself if the environment can lead to either rise or fall of businesses. The truth is it can lead to both, depending on how you take care of it. If a business is one which always tries to save the environment, it will develop a good reputation which can increase customers and thereby increasing profit. Nowadays, there are some people who seek environment friendly goods and helping the environment is a pretty cool way attracting new customers, don't you think? On the other hand, when a business does not take care of the environment it can have pretty bad effects on them. One way to look at it is the fact that products the use of non eco friendly resources will most likely be more expensive and also harder to manufacture. The honest truth is that if a business can not adapt to an eco friendly environment, it will go extinct because it does not have the necessary resources to produce.

        1. I agree with option A and disagree with option B and C. Why?
          Businesses are also humans, right? The only difference is that they're a group. If they are humans, it means they live on this planet and their actions, whether individually or not affect this planet positively or negatively. How? Human activities such as industrial activities cause climate change and yet, we can make effort to reduce its effects on life on earth. Businesses especially cause climate change through their industrial activities which cause air, land and sometimes water pollution [waste].
          Businesses can encourage activities to reduce the effects of climate change. How? Like I've suggested in other conversations, Businesses can make free or cheap products with motivating messages on climate change. For example, clothing lines can make shirts, face caps or hoodies with the caption, 'Keep Earth Green!' Making them free or cheaper than other products encourage customers to buy them and spread the against-climate-change spirit. Restaurants and other food-producing businesses can also put such captions, its advantages and how they can carry them out; by placing them on their labels and flyers, e.g. encouraging recycling. Businesses can also organize programs to enlighten their staff on climate change and the businesses' role in it.
          No matter your business type or purpose, it is everyone's responsibility to take care of Earth because we all live in it.
          Thank you.

          1. Hi, I totally agree with you and option A since nowadays it is a well-known fact that environment is being menaced by a lot of factors such as the air pollution of the factories that emit carbon dioxide.Thus it is essential for today’s businesses to be able to preserve the environment. For example it could be a great idea for businesses to adopt an ecological behaviour to their production such as limiting and replacing machines that emit gas or using environmentally friendly materials and biodegradable packaging for their products

            1. Hi,independent_reflection you are right. But, If the amount of black smoke producing machines in factories and companies is reduced then the output will decrease. It will cause loss to the company as well as people will not be able to buy their necessary goods. What is your opinion independent_reflection about this ?

            2. I agree because... Since it is a common knowledge these days that a variety of variables, including air pollution from factories that release carbon dioxide, pose a threat to the environment.Because of this, it is imperative that businesses today can be able to protect their environment by investing into projects that stop the production of bad pollutants from factories and exetra.

              1. I agree with you gentle_dragonfruit because,

                Air pollution from factories is a big problem for our planet. It's not just about carbon dioxide; factories also release other harmful stuff into the air like smoke and chemicals. This pollution can make the air dirty and hard to breathe. But there's hope! Some factories are starting to make changes and produce things in a more eco-friendly way.

                For example, instead of using machines that create a lot of pollution, some factories are using cleaner energy sources like wind or solar power. They're also finding ways to reuse materials and reduce waste. This not only helps the environment but also makes the air cleaner for everyone to breathe.

                By making these changes, factories are doing their part to protect our planet and make it a healthier place for everyone. So, while air pollution is still a problem, it's good to know that there are people working to make things better.

                1. I agree with your comment strongly, many factories are responsible for many pollutions,here in Ghana timer factories are responsible for many deforestations in different region's, in 2022 Ghana lost about approximately 118,00 hectares of natural forests increasing CO2 emmisions in the county, this has caused intense heat 🔥 in the country causing droughts and saracity of food. Mining factories also cause severe water pollution in the country, dangerous chemicals such as mercury and DDT are used in mining, these chemicals are then carried into waterbodies' , polluting them people rely on these water bodies to survive and at end these same people die or get illness because of the negligence of these factories. Oil drillling factories also cause water pollution,by dumping crude oil into water bodies endangering many lives. Factoires in Ghana that burn plastics and trash produce large amounts od smokes causing air pollution, which could cause respiratory dieases , produce carbon emissions and endangeer the ozone layer at helps protects the world from intense heat. In my opinion I think these factories should fix the problems they have created ,for intance timbre factories can plant little seedilings to replace the trees they have cut after all there is a saying" after death comes life". Mining factories should ensure that every chemical used should not affect other waterbodies and find effective solutions to cleanse these waterbodies. Oil factories should used the leftover oil to restore roads to avoid furthur accidents. Instead of burn plastic and trash , reusing and recylcing these plastics is an effective ways to help the environment.
                  Thank You ☺!

                  1. I truly agree with your words of wisdom. Firstly, your mention of the significant deforestation caused by timber factories in Ghana, resulting in the loss of approximately 118,000 hectares of natural forests in 2022, is solely true. This deforestation not only worsens climate change by increasing CO2 emissions but also intensifies heatwaves, droughts, and food insecurity within the country. Moreover, just as you stated, the impacts of mining activities (also known as Galamsey), particularly the contamination of water bodies with hazardous chemicals like mercury and DDT, are endangering. When the waterbodies are polluted with these dangerous chemicals, like in most villages or small areas, people drink from them and get deadly diseases such as cholera and diarrhoea. Most animals also drink from polluted waterbodies and die. And if the animals keep on dying from this and we do not do something about it, where will we get most of our food from?

            3. I side with you independent reflection, businesses need to utilize the machinery which they use to work like instead of using fuel powered machines, we can use electric machines instead, industries that dump sludge into oceans or seas should be handled and a new style of disposing industrial waste should be adopted to. And I tell you we will be fixing and preserving the environment for newer generations to enjoy and also for our own good.

        2. Hi articulate moment,
          I solidly agree with you that the environment can either lead to the rise or fall of business if not taken care of.
          But here's a question for you, do you think customers can also lead to the rise or fall of business if not properly taken care of by the owner or company?

          1. Hi
            I agree with you intelligent_nectarine. The environment can either lead to the rise or fall of business and customers can even make a business fall by giving bad reviews on the seller's products if it is bad and hurts the environment and a business can fall by polluting the environment with some industrial wast like plastics etc and industrial waste makes people sick because it is harmful to us and that is why the environment should be taken care of

            1. I totally agree with you inspiring sealion because customers can make a business fall by giving bad reviews on the seller's products.
              But here's a question for you here, do you think bad reviews could cause lots of damages to a company or brand if the company has a good reputation round the globe?

      2. Hello Intelligent_nectarine
        Yes, the business environment can impact the success and failure of a business. It includes factors like economic conditions, market trends, competition, government regulations, and changes in any of these factors can create opportunities or threats for businesses.

        1. Hi approachable_wolverine,
          I totally agree with you that business environment can impact the success and failure of a business. But do you think competition could greatly affect or lead to the downfall of a well known brand.

          1. Hello intelligent nectarine
            Competition can significantly affect a well-known brand. Strong competition can result in a loss of market share, reduced profits, and a decline in brand reputation. If a brand does not adjust to changing market conditions, it may find it difficult to sustain its competitive advantage and could face potential failure. Brands must consistently analyze the competitive environment, comprehend consumer preferences, and adapt their strategies to remain pertinent and robust in the market.

            1. I solemnly agree with you, but do you think competition helps to grow a brand?

      3. I agree because i think that an environment can lead to either a rise or a downfall of a business. If a business tries to save it community it would increase more consumer which would be a profit to the environment do you think one should make their environment a better place for consumer? An environment should learn to develop it encolpia for a better environment thank you.

    3. i agree but its a problem for everyone including animals,plants and more.there's many human beings living on this earth so if we want this to be a healthy enviroment for everyone we must care for the earth and keep it good.

    4. I agree that when it comes to the planet, it is everybody's responsibility. I am well aware of the fact that businesses' main aim is to make money, but the use of greener appliances and energy will go a long way. Environmental concerns could lead to both the rise and fall of a business because people may support the company if it moves to more eco-friendly solutions. I also believe that when a company shows no concern for the environment, it might receive a lot of backlash.

      1. I disagree because while environmental considerations are important, they may not always be the primary factor that determines the success and failure of a business. Other factors such as quality, pricing, marketing strategies, and customer service can also significantly impact a company's performance in the market. Moreover , some businesses may prioritize other aspects of their operations of their operations over environmental sustainability due to various reasons such as cost constraints, resource limitations e.t.c. While environmental concerns can persuade consumer awareness and the brands reputation, they may not be the main factor of a business' success or failure.

      2. I agree with you reliable_lobster, because everyone is responsible for our planet from anything small to big with bigger company though some things may have a bigger effect such as company's but all of the things we do has a effect on the planet and we should try to help assist it.

    5. I agree with you. Every business has it's duty towards the environment, because, the more power one has - socially as well as financially, the more that entity becomes obliged to contribute towards the environment. A business has a lot of compacted wealth, that can be channelled into various social prospects, environmental concern being a primary one.
      If a business decides to, it can turn the tide of environmental progress. Hence, it is morally obliged to do it. A businessman consumes nature's resources just as equally as the common folk. Hence, it is his duty as well to return to the environment everything he can in the form of his business!

    6. I completely agree with you! The environment is something that we should all take care of because we only have one planet 🌍. It's great to see that you share the same thoughts as me.

      I understand that businesses need to make money 💰, but it's important for them to prioritize environmentally-friendly practices. By using greener appliances and reducing electricity usage, they can help contribute towards sustainable development 🌿.

      Isn't it amazing to see how small efforts can make a huge difference? Like in Ghana, where shop owners encourage customers to return glass bottles for recycling ♻️🍾. It's these little things that can help protect our planet and create a better future for everyone.

      You know what? I've also thought about how the environment can impact businesses. It can either lead to success or failure 📈📉. If a business focuses on implementing eco-friendly practices, it can develop a great reputation that can attract more customers and increase profits 💰. On the other hand, if a business neglects the environment, it could result in a negative image and a decline in sales 🙁. So, it's always better to take care of our planet! 🌿🌎

    7. HELLO
      I also agree with option A because it's everyone's duty to protect and to think of brilliant ideas to make our environment better to live in. Also I think that if everyone could give more attention to our community it can raise more awareness about global warming and I believe it can contribute a lot to our society.
      Business communities must lead this charge as they are ones directly imparting the environment.

  • Hi, I agree with option C because how your business reacts to environmental problems depends on your consumers. You always want to make your company look good in the eyes of your consumers, so you have to make sure that a big part of your consumers agree with your opinions. If I have a vegan-friendly restaurant, my consumers are more likely to want to help with environmental issues. If I don't speak up about climate change or agree with something going against it, most of my consumers will probably boycott me. On the other hand, if I run a company that already does harmful things to the environment, my consumers are probably ignorant when it comes to the environment. So, voicing my honest opinion about climate change wouldn't be the best choice. Although you shouldn't be prejudiced against anyone, it's important to think about how your consumers will react to what you put out.

    1. I totally and solely disagree with you on the point where you said, that cleaning the environment depends on the consumers of a business which is totally wrong from my own prepectly of reasoning why you might ask is because in the business wasn't built by the consumers but are sold to the consumers whereby the cleanliness of the environment where the business is located most especially should be neat and clean to attract more customers for the company can be made possible.
      So in conclusion what I am trying to say is that the cleanliness of the environment doesn't depend on the consumers but rather depends on the all the individuals including the business. Thanks.

    2. I'm not sure about this, I want ask you question about what you have just said, should businesses give higher importance to something over other things, aligning with consumer opinions on environmental issues, even if it means adjusting their stance?"

    3. Hi Charismatic Squid.
      You stated some great points, but I would like to disagree with you because businesses consist of people and even though their main aim is to make money, climate change is a global problem and if climate change hits us with full force will we say that businesses should be left out of it?
      So, in my opinion, every business is involved in the climate emergency.
      Even research states that by reducing their environmental impact and improving resource efficiency, businesses can lower operating costs and improve profitability.

    4. yes i totally agree with you. Nowadays most business forget to check the safety of the environment in the run to make profits.Big companies must have a sector to check to the environmental damages caused by their company and should take up the responsibilty to minimise them.Cause this world is not only for our use.If our ancestors had not looked after the environment and only thought of their profits we way not be able to see the beauty of our earth which is gradually getting destroyed.The polluted rivers which were once a source of fresh water,the polluted atmosphere,etc are the aftermath of our current action.So I suggest that not only the businesses also each individuals should also take up the responsibility to clean up the environment.The environment is not for our greed but for the survial for our future generations and it is our responsibilty to ensure that our future generations also gets to enjoy the beauty of our natural environment.Thank you

  • I choose option A. Businesses should try to do their best to address environmental issues, but that doesn't necessarily mean businesses are obligated to. If a business can afford ways to make their products "greener", then go for it! But if a business cannot afford to do that, they could still try their best to be "greener". Some examples for this could be, reusing leftover materials, recycling and reuse, donate materials that will not be used, water conservation, and even just choosing "green" suppliers!

    1. I totally agree with you and hope that all business in the world will live up to the standers to solve more environmental problems in the world whereby making the world to become a GREEN CLEAN WORLD. Thanks .

    2. I agree because I also believe that businesses should do their best to address environmental issues. I believe businesses should always lean towards the more eco-friendly option when making corporate decisions. Of course, if businesses have financial problems or they try their best to help but it really isn't much then they should be allowed some slack, but if a business is purposely leaning towards environmental hurting products then it would be problem. A few examples of ways that businesses could help to reduce climate change is by reducing its factory production or using less plastic items with their products. I disagree with option B because if a business has enough money they shouldn't continue harming the planet when they could easily switch or change their habits, as I said before. I also disagree with option C because no matter the business, you should always work to help the planet even if you may feel you don't have the time. Nothing should get in your way to working for a better planet.

    3. I also chose option A. Businesses should try their best to address environmental issues. Some companies have taken it upon themselves to do just that, one such company is NIKE. NIKE has redesigned its boxes to reduce packaging, they are also helping designers to compare to footprint of different fabrics. I also believe that now that the prices of fuel are on the increase businesses can help promote a green environment. Businesses can encourage people to take walks rather than drive their cars, board public transportation and leave their cars at home, fewer cars on the roads keep the roads saner, and less honking will indicate a reduction in noise pollution. We all owe a duty to be responsible for our environment not just the business owner.

      1. I agree with your comment strongly, businesses such as Lays , Ramen ,Starbucks, Adidas, Nestlé etc. use plastics in their products and this is not the enviroment. In my opinion I think these bussiness should
        create waterproof paper bags because it can easily be reused and can not be affected by water. This can help stop water 💦 pollution and land pollution. Businesses can also help the environment by donating these waterproof paper bags 🛍 to small stores in communities. Bussinesses can help by funding money into regrowign forests this can help reduce carbon in the environment. Businesses can help the environment by using eco-friendly equipments, using solar panels to charge employees gadgets , using solar energy for electricity and post posters in offices reminding employees to save water. Businesses are responsible for the environment so using eco-friendly equipment and product can help save the environment.

    4. I firmly agree with your very compelling and convincing perspective which is being illustrated by valid and persuading points. Everyone without a single exception is obliged and entitled to mobilize against environmental problems in order to ensure a better and greener future. Businesses have to be good standards for the society by organizing movements and steps like converting materials to reusable ones, superseding plastic products and using renewable energy in order to urge people to adopt this way of living too.
      Even a small step can make an enormous difference although now we can't see it. All the procedure takes time and if all of us try collectively and individually, then undeniably our effort will pay off.

      1. Flagging for AI use.

    5. What about businesses of which their sole purpose in driven by non-renewable energies like fossil fuel, petroleum, etc. What would happen to them? Without them we wouldn’t have a means to power our vehicles, cook, or power some houses even. An it’s not like we can just stop using these things.
      What about plastic producers, we use plastic everyday, bottles, chairs, stationeries, the list is endless, so we just can’t stop producing them immediately. How do you suggest these companies care for the environnement when what they do is in opposition with it? That’s why I kinda go with option C

    6. .Hello discreet_harmonica
      I also chose option A. Businesses should try their best to address environmental issues. I hope that every business will be able to have high knowledge to solve more environmental issues and as you stated in this planet green is better. So let's keep the planet CLEAN and GREEN!! We can do more than what we can imagine.

      1. I solidly concur and agree with you engaging twilight on Option A that says protecting the environment is everyone's responsibilities including businesses. Yes I agree with that because, when we work together to keep our nation clean, it gives room for a high level of productivity in our country or nation rather. I think business companies should provide a very good enhanced packaging items so that people will not get to continue dropping trashes everywhere which will lead to keeping our environment unclean.
        Also, when we keep our environment, we minimize the level or sickness and diseases we have now in the sense people won't be contacting diseases as they do before.
        Furthermore, taking care of our environment is not only for some particular group of people rather, it is a global and general duties of everybody in the world so in that case, I think business tech companies and owners can be eco-friendly to creat an awareness to people and also provide some materials use in keeping the environment clean.
        Thank you!

    7. I exceedingly agree with you discret_harmonica. The reason being is that I love that you stated that business should do their best to address environmental issues.
      Every business have actions that affects the world. For example: due to the excessive use of technology in a tech company, it can increase climate change. If business can try their best to address environmental issues, it will contribute to the well being of the earth.
      These business can even do this by educating their consumers about the environmental problems happening in the world and motivate them to help reduce it.
      Business don't necessarily have to hold a meeting with their consumers, but they can include catchy slogans to their products that persuade the consumer to help with environmental issues.

    8. It's great to hear you agree on the importance of taking action on environmental issues. Businesses can make a significant impact by limiting plastic use and adopting sustainable practices. Many are already doing so by phasing out single-use plastics, investing in renewable energy, and reducing their carbon footprint. Although progress in my country may be slow, some businesses have started using paper instead of plastic. Let's work together to create a more sustainable world for all.

    9. I agree with your comment , bussiness should try and find ways to help protect and evolved the environment, after all if businesses neglect the environment it will affect them. I believe busniesses should use eco-friendly devices, like using solar panels often and using wind mills to power systems in businesses. Businesses that plastic to package their item can start using paperbags. Here in Ghana KFC has started using paperbags to package their food , this is eco-friendly for the environment , and it can reused and recycled. Businesses that deal with metal can use recycle old metal and use the old metal to fix lose pipes and broken drans on the streets and factories, instead of dumping them on the street's. Businesses that deal with agriculture can use leftover fruits and vegetables to fertilize the soil and use organic fertilzers instead of using dangerous chemical. Chemical businesses should should use leftover chemicals to clean local parks, public restrooms/ washrooms, and clean streets instead of dumping them in waterbodies. Employees should stop carrying plastic bottles instead carrying bottles like Thermo Flasks, Akaline bottles can be effective to the environment and benefits them in their healthy. Businesses can donate money to fundraiser that are help ing to regrow forest and stop deforestation. Businesses should ensure that employees are using water in moderation and ensuring that water doesn't run abundantly. In my opinion I think bussinesses should ensure the safety and protecting of the environment at all times.

    10. I agree because... some businesses are able to make their products Greener, but if they don't have the funds for it, they can simply practice activities that help the planet, like what has been listed in "Dicreet harmonica's" comment, these actions can make the world a fresher and healthier place to live on.

  • I think Option A is the best choice. It's important because taking care of the environment is something everyone should do, including businesses. Big companies have a lot of power and can really help with saving nature and being sustainable in what they do. So, it's super important for businesses to focus on being eco-friendly and doing things that help the Earth and the future.

    1. Hey @enthusiastic_buffalo - how do you think businesses can focus on being eco -friendly?

      1. . I think can become more eco friendly by switching to renewable energy sources using materials which are better for the society because these things are better for the environment and cheaper which could size better example for other companies

      2. In my opinion, I think that buisnesses can be more eco-friendly if they rely solely on solar energy and also reduce their use of non-eco friendly materials like:
        -polyesther etc.
        so I think if the company take all these measures I think the company will be more eco-friendly.
        Thank you.

        1. I agree because if businesses use eco-friendly materials in running their company, they will indirectly protect the environment. Moreover, after using the eco-friendly materials for work, the company can also produce more eco-friendly materials based on their production needs. If the company cannot produce eco-friendly materials, they can focus on how they use them, which will still protect the environment.

      3. Hey Eva,
        I think businesses can prioritise eco-friendliness by sourcing from sustainable suppliers, adopting energy-efficientt practices, minimising waste, opting for green packaging, and engaging in corporate social responsibility initiatives.

      4. Business can also review their supply chain to include sourcing their materials from recycled materials and reducing single use materials, especially plastics for example instead of plastic spoons, we can use metal stainless spoons, and natural fibre cloth can replace plastic bags. These natural fibre cloths can also be used in making toys for children.
        I also believe that companies can focus on upholding the highest human standard possible and also initiate a wide range of social activities that centre around change. This can be done when companies provide a healthy workplace for their staff knowing that staff in most establishments spend about one third or more of their time in the workplace, they can also implement health and fitness programs for their staff.

      5. Minimize Your Footprint: Increase energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and move toward zero waste. Set commitments for small goals or large-scale transformations.
        - Long-Term Investments: A sustainability strategy allows companies to make long-term investments. Ignoring sustainability can lead to bigger losses in the future.
        - Circular Economy: Many corporate leaders are moving toward the circular economy, which is a significant area for growth. The renewable energy market is expected to reach $2.15 trillion by 2025.

      6. Hey!
        I think innovation would be an important part of this. Businesses are quite actively involved in Research and Development due to the heavy availability of funds. If each business decides to invest in researching upon Eco-Friendly solutions for not just manufacturing, but daily activities and waste disposal, they can be a heavy contributor to environmental sustainability.
        To take for example, the development of electrical vehicles, HYV seeds etc....

      7. Hello Eva@ Topical Talk,
        In my opinion I think using solar energy to power businesses can effective to environment, little businesses can use scrap to make wind mills to power their systems. Planting trees around bussinesses can help increase oxygen and provide a perfect place for employees to be close to nature Construction bussinesses can be eco-friendly by creating street lights that can be poered by solar energy and at night powered my wind energy. Oil businesses can eco-friendly by using leftover oils to fix roads. Businesses can donate moveable recycle bins to parks. Car businesses should create more electric cars and giving the word that riding bicycles and walking to work can eco-friendly and can benefit humans health.
        Thank you.

      8. I strongly think businesses can focus on being eco-friendly by, planting trees in a specific area or country, and making sure that there less trees being cut, because the saying " The last tree dies, the last man dies" means that trees are what keeps some living organisms alive. This is possible because, a majority of living things exhale carbon dioxide and inhale oxygen, but trees exhale oxygen and inhale carbon dioxide.
        Businesses can also partner with other organizations that can help collect a lot of waste products and recycle them, to help decrease air pollution and increase in clean environments.

    2. I agree and I would also like to add how these same businesses could be of help, for example a transport company they could resort to using more electric vehicles allowing for lower costs and less green-house gas production.

    3. I agree with you. I went with option A because I believe that everyone has a responsibility to protect their environment including businesses. By working together, we can lower the crime rate by increasing employment. I say this because, when everyone participates in environmental conservation, nobody will be perceived as being lazy or unemployed. Instead, more people will be inspired to take up environmental issues, which will lead to increased innovation and the production of products that will aid in environmental protection.

    4. I agree because, big companies do have a chance to help save the planet, since they can provide for the necessary equipment, and they also have link ups with other big companies, so I'm sure helping the planet would be a good idea if two or more big companies work together with other organizations willing to help too, this teamwork or collaboration can make the world cleaner and Greener within a short period of time.

  • I agree with opinion a because environment is for everyone, and everyone is responsible to protect it. Well, the main purpose of business it to make profit but they cannot expect making profit without thinking about the environment. If the environment is damage, life of people will also come to threat along with the profit and production of the business. We are now seeing that people are becoming eco-conscious and are willing to buy eco-friendly products. But your business makes products hampering the environment and is harmful for the environment, then the people will not normally want to buy your products which will result you to make a loss in your business. Again, your business is also in many ways depend on the environment. Suppose your business make winter clothes but due to global warming we are facing excess summer instead of winter, then definitely you will do loss in the business. In this way, business is related to environment in many ways. So, the business also needs to be worried about environment, they should not do anything to harm the environment and need to protect it. Everyone needs to be work together to protect the environment from danger and also protect our own existents.

    1. Hello joyous piano

      I personally feel that businesses have a vital role to play in protecting the environment in many ways, they can do such by:

      1.) Making environmental friendly products to reduce the earth being smother by some environmental harmful product. some of these environmental products are: Reusable bread bags, Cotton shopping bags etc. (reference to the Wikipedia). I feel most entrepreneurs should have the skill of being creative to help the environment.

      2.) Businesses can protect the environment by making awareness to the public by making advertisements on how people should care and keep their environment clean.

      Instead of only making only profit I feel that businesses can save the planet in many ways so in essence what I am trying to say is that businesses are not just designed for making money they are also used to protect the earth by creating awareness and making environmental friendly products.

      Thank you!!!

    2. Yes I accede to what you are saying for the reason that what ever we do affects our surroundings. If we are bad, our environment will be bad. And if the businesses are bad it will affect our environment in a negative way.We are a community and its our duty to protect our abode. We make up our environment. What ever we do will either make us move forward or backward. We can t move forward when our environment is bad. Like when there is conflict and etc.

    3. I strongly believe that businesses are responsible for the care of the environment. Lots of bussineses cause pollutions around the world. Deforestation, Water pollution, Porducing large amounts of plastics causing harm to ecosystems and habitats, Producing fumes and carbon etc. Bussinesses should ensure that employees and customers work effectively to protect the environment afterall it will affect them at them at the end. Businesses should donate money to research facilities to ensure that new kinds of trees and seeds 🌱 are created to take in the carbon we produce,also funding money to project to stop the use of plastics rather using paper bags and regrow trees to help ecosystems. Bussinesses should ensure that the left over resources are used to create effecient inventions for communtions, solar panels, mills,waterpumps and drain can be created to allow some communities to have acess to electricity and water for farms. Bussiness should that projects created should not produce a large amount of cabon each year. Bussinesses ensure customers and employees should try an reduce the way they use water 💦 and try not to waste food , this farmers can have the support to plant crops 🌾 without using chemicals that can effect the environment. Bussinesses can make a huge change in saving planet 🌏 by being consistent and spreading awareness to save the environmet afterall "Consistency Leads To Success".

  • Actually from my own point of view I sincerely think that the right opinion is option A, my reasons are because in business and sourceing for raw materials to build an industry where like perhaps a pencil industry making factory, while we all know that in making a pencil we need a tree so as to get wood to make or rather create a pencil for use.
    In conclusion we all know that the owners and workers in an industry are mostly humans apart from some AI powdered industry that manufactures . As we are the humans we all have a duty to take care of our environment where businesses and industries are being done that is why most governmental states have environment agencies to ensure that the business environment is safe and suitable for any business operation. So with this few points of my I hope I have been able to convince you that yes protecting the environment is everyone's responsibility including the business. Thanks.

  • I agree with Option A: "Yes because protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility, including businesses." This option recognises the cooperation between businesses and environmental caretaking. Protecting the environment is assured a collective responsibility, and businesses have a significant hand in this endeavour/action. Companies have a duty and commitment not only to their shareholders but also to society and the planet. Prioritizing environmental sustainability can result to long-term benefits, such as cost savings, improved brand reputation, and a healthier planet for future generations. Moreover, businesses have the ability to activate innovation and develop sustainable practices that benefit both the environment and the business.
    Option B, "No because businesses should prioritize making profits over environmental concerns," is not agreeable because it showcases a short-sighted and not well thought approach that disregards the long-term consequences of environmental degradation. While profits are beneficial for businesses, they should not come at the cost of environmental well-being.
    Option C, "Sometimes, depending on the business," is less desirable because it suggests a conditional approach to environmental responsibility, which may lead to inconsistency, procastination and uncertainty in facing environmental challenges. Consistent commitment to environmental responsibility, as mentioned in Option A, is significant for creating meaningful and lasting change.

  • Hi everyone!
    I pick option A because even though one of the main reasons businesses were created was to make money climate change is everyone's responsibility because we all live on the same earth.
    Businesses have the power to influence people which can help motivate and make people do something to deal with climate change.
    Businesses also have the choice to use more eco-friendly materials.
    I think that Charismatic Squid gave some good points. Still, I do not completely agree with you because climate change is everyone's responsibility regardless of your business or work. After all, we all have one planet and need to take care of it.

  • HI,
    I agree with opinion A because if businesses don't help to protect the environment, people may wonder why they're not helping. Especially the big companies, instead of being corrupt with greed and profits as the #1 priority, they could allocate some of their resources, even just to start an environmental department.

    Instead of using synthetics like nylon and polyester, clothes can go back to being 100% cotton. Nylon and Polyester are not biodegradable, so they contribute to pollution.

    If all of that is too much trouble, how hard is it to simply recycle? Just send your trash to a recycling center! All these actions can easily help to prevent further pollution.

    Thank you for reading.

  • I agree with options since it is absolutely not just normal citizens responsibility to contribute in environmental concerns. This world needs safety immediately, we are all concerned about this situation in all aspects . This world does not belong to us only, people who care about the environment, community and society should always have the urge to help make a change before it's to late. Essentially, businesses are 100% as in charge of this problem as we are. In my opinion, businesses should definitely donate a percentage of their profit to people who are capable of replanting, recycling ♻️ and other. Also, another way for businesses to support environmental development is to provide more of their products that can help in potential problems related with environmental change. In conclusion, we should all begin today, for a better tomorrow.

  • I have chosen option A because it is crucial for everyone, including businesses, to play a role in keeping our environment clean and healthy. So when businesses don't take responsibilities for protecting the environment, it can have a bad impact on nature and people's health. This is a big deal because isunesses do things that affect people, and if they don't care about our environment, it might make other think it's not a big deal too.
    So really it's important to step up and do their parts in environmental efforts. When they take action, it sets a positive example for everyone else. It's like showing everyone the right way to do things, and that can inspire others to join in and make a difference. This way, we all work together to create a cleaner healthier world for everyone.

  • I choose option A because everyone is responsible for their environment we all need to minimize burning of refuge because it causes air pollution which makes the air unsafe to breath.
    And can also affect the ozone layer which is very harmful to the human body, companies and businesses could help in recycling their waste product instead of dumping it in the rivers or roads. We all need to try to manage our environment well.

    1. "I completely agree with your points. It's true that some people don't think about the environment when they litter it. Besides, polluting the air, disposable food containers can also clog drainage channels. The companies that make these items should always remind their customers how to properly dispose of them to protect the environment."

    2. Hi.
      I agree with with you that I choose option A , people are responsible for the climate change because we are the ones dumping wastes into the river, burning of product that can pollute the air that can affect our health.the people and business should really take care of the climate of the country for example planting of trees, properly take care of wastes.that why people and business are responsible for climate change.

  • I choose A reasons because;
    1.Everybody has a role to play in protecting the environment including business organizations.
    2.Some businesses such as pulp and paper producing companies cause environmental pollution so I believe they have a bigger role to play in protecting the environment because they are the cause of it. In my opinion, I also believe that they should devise means that they can make products without causing any harm to the environment.

    1. I agree because some companies play major roles in polluting the environment and this makes them part of the fight against polluting the environment. By adopting safe ways of properly disposing their waste, businesses could play major roles in the fight against pollution. Instead of carelessly dumping their waste in ways that are harmful to the environment and its habitants, companies can safely dispose of whatever harmful waste product. Companies could also adopt the use of recyclable materials as packaging for their products.

    2. Hi straight forward King
      I agree with that I choose option A that people and business, everyone as a role in climate changes around the world, people should really be planting trees while businesses should be careful about their products. Sometimes, companies that makes toys with irons and plastic when not in use,then thrown into the river that can kill aquatic life. The people and businesses should really know how their throwing away stuff around the world.

  • I pick A because, when you are producing a product in a dirty environment and dirt mistakenly enters the product you are making and a consumer sees it, there is high possibility that the product made can be condemned or when you are selling and item in a particular environment there can be this feeling you have about that item not being sold there. So, what I am simple trying to say is that an environment matters in a business. Thank you!

    1. Yes, most companies tend to produce in an unhealthy environment which can be life threatening.they are cases where dangerous substances are found in consumable products due to negligence of the environmental sanitation.
      And also some business do pollute the environment themselves by releasing toxic substances to the air, emissions of gas, improper disposal of leftovers products.this alone can pollute the environment and it can cause less productivity and loss of costumer.
      Workers can even loss their job,if the company get reported to the government of their unhealthy production of goods and services.
      In Nigeria we have environmental officers that comes to inspect all business in the local area ,to see if their environment is clean.if it is not clean such business will be locked.

      1. I'm not sure about this because...
        Why would a company sell their products in an unhealthy environment?
        Of course which they know that selling their products in an unhealthy environment would bring a huge loss and bad name to their company.

  • Yes because protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility, including businesses. If the business exempt themselves from taking care of the environment, they will be no more conducive environment for the business to even operate. If the business can go even an extra mile to make provisions for recycling of items, that will be a good way to show that they also care.
    If you actually think about this, You will discover that the environment is more polluted by business and less by individuals so exempting them from this role will not totally make sense.

  • I think option c is the best choice for me. Yes it is true that everyone should care for the environment and make sure that it is safe but how can the people care for the environment if there's no people for it. Things like hospitals and police stations should be excused from this to some degree because without them who would make sure its the right people caring for the environment or it's enough people for the environment.For example a hospital will take care of people and make sure they get better.The better they get the more they can go out and help contribute to the world.That is why I think it should be sometimes depending on the business.

  • I chose A because the safety of the environment because it is not only people as individuals that make a change everyone is included as well as businesses and organisations. For all we know those businesses can make the greater change. Popular businesses would have a larger impact on the environment because the business is known by a lot of people.

    1. Hi. Thank you for sharing your views. So do you think that if renowned businesses take the initiative to protect the environment, this will incentivise smaller businesses and individuals to also act in a similar manner?

      1. They probably would because, maybe they think they would become more popular or would be praised for their care for the environment. I know that when businesses are doing something they would look at how more popular businesses go about it and try to do it in the same way but in a way that seems completely original or changed to seem like their idea entirely.

  • I agree with option A because even if the company or business is donating a lot of money to protect the environment and the citizens are not interested in helping, I am afraid it is a waste of time because if the company keeps fixing an issue and it occurs again due to the citizen's behaviour, then what is the point. So, I feel that everyone has a say to helping the environment. No contribution is little because what you think is little, can do a lot for the environment. For example: if you burn rubbish everyday, and you recycle it now, people will now follow your steps because they feel it will be much effective because they who even burn the trash go through a lot of challenges. EVERYONE HAS A VOICE IN CONTRIBUTING TO HELP THE ENVIRONMENT.

  • I think that it depends. If a business is a big company like for example, McDonalds, they should try to protect the environment since they are a multi-million dollar company. But a small business should just try and do simple things like recycling and using sustainable materials.

    1. I believe that the size of a business, whether large or small, is irrelevant when it comes to environmental responsibility. What truly matters is their genuine commitment to sustaining the planet, prioritizing ecological well-being over selfish desires. Whether it's a global corporation like McDonald's or a local café, the imperative remains the same: to act in the planet's best interest.

  • I chose option A that protecting the environment is everyone's responsibility including businesses because we are the main reason behind environmental pollution. We pollute our environment for many reason. So, it is our responsibility to protect the environment including businesses. Many businesses pollute environment because of their profit. Businesses heavily rely on nature resources and ecosystems for their operations. By taking responsibility of protecting the environment, they can contribute to sustainability, mitigate environmental damage and economic stability.
    Also, studies have shown that a major portion of consumers prefer products which are environment friendly. By addressing environmental issues, they can increase their brand value. They can build customer loyality. They will have a good reputation. Their brand market will grow. Thus, people will buy products of them and they can make profit from this. Also, they can protect the environment. For example : Your business is dependent on tourism. If the environment is polluted like this then there will be many tourists place which will become tourists less. Then, Your business will lose money and will suffer because of it . That's why I think it is everyone's responsibility to protect the environment including businesses.

  • I disagree with option B because if businesses do not consider the safety of the environment and only prioritize only profit, it can lead to the loss of other businesses. For example, rivers are habitats for marine animals, and fishermen rely on fishing for their livelihood. If the fishes lose their habitat, life will become difficult for them, and fishermen may struggle to find other jobs.

  • I confidently agree to option C.

    "Indeed! Not all businesses harm the environment. Take disposal agencies, for example. They play a crucial role in keeping the environment clean, and that's their business. Additionally, there are industries dedicated to recycling waste materials such as plastic and drink cans. When these efforts clean up our drainage systems and surroundings, it can help reduce illnesses like malaria. Stagnant water can attract mosquitoes, but by clearing water channels, we can promote better health for everyone."

  • HELLO!
    I agree with opinion A, taking care of the environment is something that everyone, even businesses, should totally do. It's like, our planet is super important, and we all need to do our part and keep it clean and healthy. Businesses can, like, use eco-friendly materials, recycle, and reduce waste to help protect the environment. We can all work together to make our world a better place for everyone, including plants, animals, and future generations. Let's do it!🌍💚

  • I pick option A. The businesses are located on the earth, aren't they? They have a responsibility to take care of the environment as much as all of us. They might even have a bigger responsibility depending on the business. Some businesses emit waste or fumes that are toxic so they need to clean up their mess when they are done. The fact that the main purpose of a business is to prioritize profit does not mean they should do it at the expense of the planet. I don't even think it depends on the business. Whether an oil and gas company, fashion business or even a chain of restaurants, everyone has a role to play. It will benefit us at the end of the day after all. I don't think businesses should be exempted at all. There are simple ways to take care of the environment while making profit. Since the businesses are situated on earth, if the earth is destroyed where are they going to go? Just like a factory owner maintains his factory, we should also maintain the earth.

  • I choose Option C "Sometimes, depending on the business.":
    Let's take a look at this. I have chosen this option because firstly we need to see the financial position of a business. They say the main purpose of a business is to make profit and if they contribute and go at a loss the business could be at a risk. If these businesses have enough money, they can help to sponsor projects which help the planet but the businesses which are just starting out should prioritize profit first. Secondly, some businesses are solely channeled to helping the environment e.g. Patagonia can cover up for other businesses which lack the capability to do such.

    Option B "No because businesses should prioritize making profits over environmental concerns.":
    Analysis: If the businesses don't prioritize making profit it could be at risk to itself. What I suggest is that businesses should become more financially stable before they begin to help the environment more.

    Option A " Yes because protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility, including businesses."
    Analysis: Yes, protecting the environment is everyone's duty but, if a business focuses its aim on environmental issues rather than making profit in due time the business could die out. I rather suggest that the businesses could encourage individuals working there to promote eco-friendly activities.

    All in all, the businesses can do little things to help the environment such as Composting and Planting trees.


  • I choose option a because it's not only people that run businesses that should be taking care of the environment, businesses should also take care of the environment too because there are some things that the businesses can do for the environment like: the businesses can contribute large amount if money to those that are helping make the environment a better place. They can give to the stopping of pollution, erosion, contamination of water etc. In some cases human beings can not do it alone because some do them can not contribute money that can be needed to stop this habits that are hating our world.That's why say that businesses should also be helping the environment n ot only people should be helping it thank you

    1. I agree with you because in my country Nigeria, there is a certain climate activist that is trying to stop the current climate problem in Nigeria and Africa. Young climate activists like 22-year old Azeez Abubakar is leading climate action locally in Nigeria and across Africa to challenge the status quo. Abubakar is a Global Citizen x BeyGOOD Fellow, UN Environment Programme (UNEP) roundtable member, and Youth for Climate Action Nigeria representative. This young man is trying his best to stop climate change from happening in both his country and in the whole of Africa also.
      I just think that we humans should contribute to the society so that the environment will be a better place and we will do this not individually but together as one just like Azeez Abubakar.

  • In my opinion i think that Option A is the best choice. It's important because taking care of the environment is something everyone should do even businesses. Most companies have a lot of power and i think coming up with solutions to preserve our environment shouldn't impact these businesses at all as most businesses have enough revenue to spare for the greater good. Also if a company supports the environment a lot of people will support it which in return will net them more customers and less pollution which is a win win for everyone.

  • I agree with option A. Protecting environment is everyone's responsibility whether it is businesses or normal people. Protecting the environment is everyone's duty living on earth. If we keep our surrounding clean then only we will have fresh air and we can save ourselves from diseases. Keeping your environment and surrounding clean will save you from many diseases. Trees should be grown as trees give us oxygen so every person living on earth needs oxygen to survive we should not cut trees so its everyone's responsibility to protect the environment.

  • I strongly agree with option b because even if it is important for businesses to gain profits and be successful it is also important for businesses to consider their impact on the environment because neglecting this issue can lead to long-term consequences such as damaged to the ecosystem, as well as depletion of natural resources many consumers and stakeholders are increasingly concerned about environmental issues, and businesses that prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility can gain a competitive advantage and build a positive reputation. Ultimately, businesses should strive to balance profitability with environmental stewardship in order to ensure long-term success and sustainability.

  • I strongly agree with option B because businesses will care about what they do to the environment