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I think that AI is a helpful tool that extends the reach of what humans can do and accomplish AI and Robots!! 14/3/24
AI can help in the future with improved notetaking however there are many things that it can't... AI: Education and the Future of Work 11/3/24
I think that if these performance-enhancing drugs are used in the normal Olympics however the... Unfair advantage? 29/2/24
I agree because AI is a relatively new tool and may not completely understand the world and the... AI accident: who is responsible? 27/2/24
I completely agree with you because your idea is completely true and has true logic behind it. AI and the planet 09/2/24
AI will be an amazing solution to the planet's problems since it could do dangerous jobs that... AI and the planet 09/2/24
I think that the job that humans will still be able to do in the future is an artist because an... People v robots 08/2/24
A VR school trip in my opinion would not be as good as it is not a real school trip as you would... Will schools exist in future? 08/2/24
AI will be an extremely useful tool in the future since AI can produce a very useful amount of... AI and the future of education 08/2/24
in my opinion, ai could be very useful in the near future as it can help people understand... AI and the future of education 06/2/24