AI: Education and the Future of Work

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In the future, AI can totally change how we learn and work. It's not just about making things easier; it's about making them better too. But we have to be smart about it.

First off, let's talk about how AI can help us learn. Imagine if your school lessons were tailored just for you. AI can do that. It can figure out what you're good at and what you need help with, so you can learn at your own pace. That's pretty cool, right?

Now, let's think about the future of work. AI can make us more productive by doing repetitive tasks for us. That means we can spend more time on things that need human creativity and judgement. It's like having a smart assistant to help you out.

But here's the thing: AI also brings up some big questions. Like, what about privacy? When AI learns about us, who gets to see that information? And what about jobs? If AI can do a lot of tasks, will there still be enough work for people?

That's why we need to be careful. We have to use AI in the right way. We need rules to protect our privacy and make sure AI is fair for everyone. And we need to make sure people have the skills they need to work with AI.

In the end, AI can do some amazing things for education and work. But we must be smart about how we use it. Let's make sure AI helps everyone, not just some people.

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  • AI devices can help us learn in various ways like:
    1) They can help summarize notes in the easiest way

    2)Educational data mining techniques can track the behaviors of students, e.g. collecting the data on class attendance or assignment submission in order to identify the students who are at risk of leaving school.

    3)Predictive analytics can be used to predict student performance and identify students who need extra help.

    4)AI can recommend resources to students based on their learning needs.

    5)Automated grading can save time for teachers and provide instant feedback to students.

    6)AI tutors can provide personalized learning experiences to students.

    Like you said even though AI devices can help in various ways but when using it we need to be really careful.
    When using AI we need to ensure that the usage is less.

    AI devices lack these things which makes it very unsafe to use like......

    1) Lack of AI transparency and explainability
    2) Job losses due to AI automation
    3) Social manipulation through AI algorithms
    4) Social surveillance with AI technology
    5) Lack of data privacy using AI tools

    Thank you !!!

    1. Well conducted comment joyous_fact.
      The use of AI has positively and negatively affected the world today. But the arrival of AI has greatly helped people to:
      1) Understand more suppressing issues.
      2) Helps in the growth of business.
      3)Helped students understand and be able to understand hard topics at school.
      4) AI has also helped disabled students who aren't able to go to school be able to acquire knowledge.
      But people have now started misusing AI. Here are some examples:
      1) People use it for cyber bullying.
      2) Some students has now become so attached to it that they can't even answer or solve anything without the use of AI.
      3) People has started using AI for scamming people.
      I'm not trying to say that AI isn't good for the community but we should use it wisely and prevent those negative uses.

      Thank you.

      1. What a nice comment from you active_beetle, I solemnly agree with you in a higher scale of preseptive.

        Why because, yes when it comes down to Cyber bullying it is very true because of the knowledge and the understanding they have gotten on how to operate the AI Machines to their own detriment which might either be helpful or suppressing to others which is might also be called (Cyber bullying ) in the terms of usage the internet web which might be done by a bully anyone who is not well taught, may be the person doesn't have enough knowledge in the world of AI powdered mechanism which of not taught to them to make their web page protected it might cause harm to the person. Thanks.

      2. You are absolutely right in what you explained, but I see that people who misuse artificial intelligence in any field are themselves inherently dishonest. Whether artificial intelligence exists or not, they will find opportunities to engage in deceit, manipulation, or other negative actions. They are capable of being creative in doing harm in any way using the means available to them. Ultimately, the responsibility lies with the individuals themselves, not the tools they use.

    2. I exceedingly agree with you, you couldn't have said it better. AI can monitor the student's behavior during lessons to be able to create a personalized way of teaching them in a way they will understand and it can even go as far as being able to translate words into sign language for deaf students to understand. But there are also demerits, because an AI storing personal information about people can't be so good as it seems since tech companies are notable for selling the personal information about people to advertisers

      1. I agree with you because AI would be able to do amazing things that humans are not able and if they are to be teacher they would be able to understand their student's just as you have said. But on the odder hand AI in the future of work would be a very big problem to the world and this is because if AI take over jobs then the people would not have anything that they can do that can provide money and food for them and it might bring problem to the country.
        THANK YOU.

  • AI can be our best friend but sometimes it can be our enemy too so we have to careful while searching

    Benifits of AI

    1. AI help us with so many things

    2 . We can save our time

    3 . Learn and explore many things like space, galaxy, solar system plants and many more things

    4 . We the students nowadays are doing our homework with the help of AI

    5 . Japan is famous for its technology and AI there because many of the shops are running with the help of AI

  • Hi everyone!!
    I strongly believe that if AI is used for it's rightful purpose, it will obviously give us a positive outcome. For example, studypug (AI homework helper) can be used to solve homework questions and it does not only provide answers but provides solutions and methods to solve the homework so that when
    it appears in an exam, it will be easy to solve for the student and the student will pass. However, if AI is used for unnecessary purposes, it will bring more negative and unwanted outcomes. For example, if students watch TikTok shorts or YouTube shorts instead of learning, how will they pay attention to studies and pass their exam? To conclude, enthusiastic _ buffalo, I really enjoyed reading your standpoint. Keep it up!!
    Also, all of you are so appreciated for replying to the standpoint and giving your ideas.

    Thank you so much for reading my comment!!!

    1. I agree because... i think if we know how to use it properly then it can result positively. Although if we use its incorrectly it can affect the world in a bad way. AI can be used to assist people in their learning but that can lead to not genuinely knowing things as they help you know to answer not how to get to it. This might lead to failing GCSE'S and not being able to get into a good job because it helped you for a short amount of time when its needed for a long amount of time.

    2. I disagree because... without a teacher AI is very difficult to use. I think if AI could actually help students pass examinations on their own parents would not hire teachers for extra tuition. And secondly, you saying watching TikTok shorts and YouTube shorts are destructive is not clear. You do know that instead of reading, the video and audio graphic students can decide to watch on YouTube, right?

      1. Hi helpful_idea, your opinion fits perfectly and it fives me a second thought however, I disagree with you because AI is very easy to use without teachers because what the bot knows, the teacher might not know. When we ask teachers a question and sometimes if they do not have the answer, they tell us to research mainly because they have no idea and they want us to find out for ourselves. Where are you going to get the information from? Is it not a website that can is generated by AI? So why not go to the source of the information which is the AI and besides, even teachers learn using AI before coming to teach. In addition most parents prefer for their children to use AI for example: watching videos like maybe children rhymes if they are babies to learn under QUALITY SUPERVISION than to spend money on paying extra tuition fees. Also, although YouTube can be used to learn, full concentration will not be on studies if there is no supervision (which is highly popular ) because the student might end up clicking on a link due to distractions that leads to videos that are not even involved or related to studies. Even if there is supervision, the parent of the student can not stay with the student 24/7 because obviously they also have things to do and there can be an emergency they have to attend to. To conclude, I do not think that YouTube can be used to learn efficiently and please correct me if I am wrong.
        Thank you so much!!!

      2. Hello helpful_idea While I see your point, that isn’t quite what I am going for…
        I disagree with you because.....

        TikTok and YouTube Shorts: These platforms offer short, engaging videos. While they can be informative, they also pose risks:
        Distraction: Excessive time spent on these platforms can distract students from studying.

        Quality Control: Not all content is accurate or educational.

        Passive Consumption: Watching videos is passive; active reading and critical thinking are essential for deep understanding.

        I AI can enhance education, but it should complement rather than replace human teachers. As for TikTok and YouTube, moderation and discernment are key. 📚🤖🎥

      3. Hi there, helpful_idea,
        I agree with you. Solely because, just as you mentioned, some students learn using videos; they understand better when they watch videos, which means that they are visual learners. So, you can't see it as a disadvantage of AI. People have different personalities, so not all students use YouTube for unnecessary things.

  • There will become AI robots in the future because we are starting to understand more about AI technology so we are making more things with it and soon we will be almost all be super lazy but we can do exercise but robots will do everything, and we will like it because it will be easier for everything.

  • Absolutely, you've highlighted some crucial points.AI indeed has the potential to revolutionize learning and work, offering personalized education and increasing productivity. However, it's essential to address cincerns such as privacy and job displacement. Implementing rules to safeguard privacy and ensuring equitable access to AI-driven opportunities are imperative steps to harness its benefits for everyone. We must approach AI implementation thoightfully to ensure it serves the collective good.

  • AI, is one of humanity's more complex inventions and can help us, but it also has harsh downsid

    but here are some ways that Artificial Intelligence can help us

    1. AI Can make often make things that take a long time to finish, a lot faster.

    2 AI will probably, soon be used to help out in medical situations.

    3 AI can be used for delivery services And Commercial transportation

    4 . another way AI can help is through space exploration, as seen with the rovers, and could even be included in telescopes
    5 . AI can be used to help solve immensely difficult equations and even calculate probabilities that no one could usually do.
    6 When it comes to AI it can even be used to delicately Reference multiple pieces of art at one.

  • I agree with you privacy is a big issue but I must confess that is and a way to tackle criminality and improper behavior.
    With Ai we can easily find who talks gor example inappropriately on the internet, even talking with a child.
    Furthermore AI maybe in the future will find easily missing persons or make it easier to solve a criminal act like a murder.
    All these need to be considered even if it is sometimes for the sake of privacy.
    However I think that rules as you said can determine and protect our own privacy.

    1. A.I as we know it can already do so much. How do you think we can protect ourselves from A.I in bad situations?
      Do you think A.I could find out more than just a criminal act?

    2. I agree with you. I also think AI can find people faster and solve cases but in some way it already does that but I also think that we should be careful with our personal informationes because we don't know who can get to it and what they are using it for.

  • I love the way you did your standpoint :D. But to address the issue of privacy I'm not too sure. There is always going to need to be someone to update and manufacture the AI as well. But, I can talk about jobs. Yes, many jobs are being lost to AI for example factory jobs. AI also does have the possibility of replacing teachers, bookkeeping, and customer service jobs. Yes, I do think there will be enough jobs for people though in in a tech-based society. Jobs throughout the years are always changing. There are jobs like leech collecting, alchemists, the human computer, and phrenologists that have been lost throughout time, and yet we still have jobs. Jobs will always be changing and I believe that we will not run out of jobs.

    1. Using examples in your argument really helped to strengthen your point! Well done!

  • hi, i my opinion i think that AI is bad for the world and for our future. This is because when teaching some children they might be more engaged as they have someone Infront of them and it might be better for them. Whereas if we are taught by AI we might not be engaged and it might be boring so the children might not listen or go to sleep. If children stay at home and do work on their computer then its not good for them. They cans socialise and they cant get fresh air or get exercise which is bad for them. Its also bad for our environment as making AI bots reduce energy and it can cause global warning. Its also not great as we would be so into AI and not education that when we grow up we would not know a thing. AI will also take over jobs so that when we are not that clever we cant do anything be jobless and cant work

  • In my opinion I believe has its advantages and disadvantages in both Education and Work. In education AI can help fulfill the teachers when it comes to giving productive tasks that help improve a student's learning abilities. AI can provide students with learning platforms like Adapted Mind, Education City etc. AI can also help students with essays but in my opinion, I strongly think student should create their own essays then use AI to add more grammar and add powerful verbs rather than using Chat GTP, Bing and other AI to write students essays. AI can also help improve studying for disabled students, for instants, teachers can translate their voices in words so deaf students can understand, or mute students can use AI to write their opinions in words so other students can understand. AI can create opportunities for many students but can also be a huge for students, students will rely on AI so much that they will start to neglect their books and the outside world. AI can also give inaccurate answers allowing students to be confused about not know who's right, the teacher or the AI. AI can also help in jobs like agriculture and healthcare. In agriculture AI can provide high security not allowing any pests and thieves to enter, AI can also use machines like drones to water crops in large farms revealing stress for farmers. AI can analyze the soils to known whether it fertile. In healthcare AI can help produce medicine that help cure illness and diseases. AI can also help surgeons in difficult surgeries.

  • I personally think that you brought up some wonderful points for your standpoint, and I absolutely agree with you that AI can be beneficial to us in the future, and it could even create chances for many people to worked in jobs like programmers, developers, and many more that are related to technology.

  • AI can have a significant impact on schools! It can enhance the learning experience by providing personalized education, adaptive learning, and instant feedback. AI-powered tools can assist teachers in administrative tasks, grading, and even creating customized lesson plans.

  • You made mention of some nice fact. People of nowadays, are becoming very lazy, because of the technologies we have now. People do not want to stress in doing their work. All they want to do is to relax and do thing the easier way. This way, we do not want to put hard work in doing thing. The same hard work that brought AI to do world was very essential, then we do not have to be lazy. As result, this can decrease people's intelligence needed in the society. So, this means excess use of AI is very bad. The task humans do before, AI now do this work. Now, there will be a decrease in job opportunities. So, in order to decrease such problems, we need to be careful when using AI. Using AI in the right way will determine the future of work and education.

  • AI can help us with many different tasks, and especially with work and education. I think the only problem is that the more popular AI gets, and the smarter it gets, people with start using it for more things, and people will eventually start to forget about using skill and creativity. If AI starts doing everything for everybody, less people will use their knowledge, and less people will want to work hard to earn things. Laziness will be a big aftermath of AI and technology, so we do have to make sure we are smart using it, while still having the ability to learn new things, because AI is not perfect. It is a robot, it could be inaccurate, it could malfunction, and it could have many different defects that come with it. So, let's make sure we do not get attached to AI doing everything for us.

  • I think if we use AI it can help us to create the lessons more individual for every student, so everyone can learn at their own speed, because currently students are often overwhelmed and cannot keep up with the lessons. With AI we could design lessons in which everyone can keep up with the current topic. You could also create an individual study-plan for each different learning type so that everyone can learn the topic in their own way by using AI.

  • i have a couple of question about the future of AI and thought it be interesting to hear some answers and opinions on the topic:
    The first question is: How likely is it that AI will take more important roles in the world such as prime ministers or leaders / generals of armies? and if it does happen should we be worried?
    The second is If AI does become sentient / “alive” what safety features would we have in place if they did turn against us and what would they be?
    The third and final question is: 100 years ago technology was like this; Refrigerators for home use had just been invented; telephones were luxuries for the rich; televisions haven't been invented yet; radios were expensive; cars were still exotic playthings for the rich; only big cities had street lights, there were no passenger aeroplanes. But now we have so much more technology, that back then was fantasy. so in another 100 years what should we expect?
    i'd be interested to see what people think

  • AI can help in the future with improved notetaking however there are many things that it can't do such as creating personalised bond between student and teacher.

  • In my opinion I think AI can help change the our planet and give humans endless opportunities. Over the past few years AI has changed many jobs, such as agriculture, education, construction, Healthcare etc. allow humans to reveal stress and have the opportunity to do things they could never do. In agriculture, AI drones has help farmers water crops at large farms, and analyzing the Fertility and richness of soils ,so planting crops will be easy for farmers. Providing security allowing no pests and thieves to intrude. AI has allow analyzed the weather allowing farmers to whether it is the right season to plant or harvest. In education AI has helped teachers in designing presentations and schedules. AI has also helped students find learning platforms that help enrich the learning skills. AI can provide students with easy explanations and questions to help crack their brains. AI can also improve students in their writing skills. In healthcare AI has help doctors perform difficult sugeries successfully. AI can help doctors find the problem of most patients allowing doctors to preform surgeries quickly. In construction AI can help humans lift up heavy objects and materials revealing stress for humans. AI can survey for any faults allowing workers to fix their mistakes, and also alter workers of any danger. In my opinion I seen how the world is evolving, and how AI has changed the face of the earth ,and I have a feeling the world is going to be a better place for humans with the support of AI.

    1. I agree with you because I've observed how the world is evolving and the impact AI has had on reshaping our planet. With the support of AI, I believe the world has the potential to become a better place for humanity. Just as you mentioned, AI has opened doors to endless possibilities, pushing the boundaries of what we thought was achievable. It's fascinating to see how technology can seamlessly integrate into our daily lives, making tasks more efficient and accessible.

  • I am agree with you your points highlight the transformative potential of AI in education and work. Tailoring lessons to individual needs, automating repetitive tasks, and freeing up time for creative endeavours are just skme of the benefits AI can offer. Howerer, it's crucial to address ethical concerns such as privacy and equity in access to opportunities. Establishing guidelines and ensuring everyone has the necessary skills to leverage AI responsiby is key to maxinizing its benefits for all.

  • AI is excellent for education, for both teachers and students. It can provide models, can recap information and help us to retain what we have learnt. However, it doesn't understand mark schemes or success criteria so students need to be aware that, although the facts might be correct, they will need to use their knowledge of the lesson's success criteria to ensure they are writing in the right way.

  • Hi everyone,
    You all made great points. You can definitely agree that AI can be a powerful tool for personalised learning. Imagine AI tutors that can adjust their difficulty and teaching style to each student's🧑‍🎓needs!
    Addressing AI's ability to break down language barriers through translation tools is another great point. However, relying solely on AI could lead to students not developing critical thinking skills. AI is a great assistant, but it shouldn't replace teachers, who can guide discussions and anwer open-ended questions. It's important to find a balance. AI can automate tasks like grading essays, freeing up teachers' time to focus on one-on-one interaction with students. This could help students who have difficulties with certain topics. In conclusion, AI is a powerful tool, but like any tool, it needs to be used responsibly.