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Daniel Hulme expert challenge

One of the Topical Talk experts on AI, Daniel Hulme, has set you a challenge.

Daniel is a global authority on AI and is the CEO at Satalia – a company that develops AI to solve real-world problems.

Watch his challenge video, then respond in the comments.

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  • In my opinion AI bots might be very useful in the coming future because of the fields they can cover in education, for instance here in Nigeria we usually write notes for every topic we learn in school and the stress of typing thousands of words may be too much of a workload on the teacher and I think an AI bot can help a teacher develop a certain note on a particular topic in minutes saving the teacher the stress of typing.

    1. Yes I strongly agree with you, charming_artist, because there is a lot of stress in the process of creating notes and then taking them down. It also takes good time which could have been used for other productive learning processes, but with the help of Artificial intelligence we can be able to achieve a lot in a minimal time span.
      And we all know that we growing individuals need a required amount of time to rest to carry out functions efficiently, and some times some various processes could be herculean without the aid of AI, and everyone needs help in some aspects of life, that was actually the reason for the creation of AI; to aid humans. But not saying that we should become lazy because of the advent of AI.

      1. I agree schools and other aspects of learning, AI is being used. For instance, when doing assignments or projects, we use the internet to get the answers. It has become way easier for teachers and the students to be able to gain recent information about what is going on in the society and the world at large. in conclusion, AI helps the learning process easier and faster for both teachers and students.

        1. I agree with you because ,as we all know over time humans have developed in different aspects but one thing that has never changed ,is that humans need rest and AI can with that for example if you have a parent/guardian who constantly has to work night shifts and is always busy with household responsibilities and never gets enough rest AI can help with that. How you say easy robots don’t get tired although if it ran on fuel it would have to be refilled once in a while and most of you may think that the robot has replaced the person but that’s not the case. When AI is used more frequently in the world there will be great benefits,New jobs will be created and so much more

          1. I agree with your point and it could really help busy parents who do night shift or work long hours.
            AI can be used to help write lesson plans or do marking to help with the work, I think Al and teachers could work together so you can still get emotional support from teachers and technical help from AI.

      2. According to Alvin Toffler, "The great growling engine of change is technology".
        I tally with you because as we move forward in these coming years, once we have technology and channel it in the right direction, we will make progress. In schools today, when we introduce technology it makes learning a lot easier. We will not just see the teacher speaking, but we will also see examples. For example, we have the :
        1. Smartboard
        2. Jam board
        3. ThinkLink etc.
        with these, types of gadgets, I feel there would be a change in education. When I say change, I mean a positive change. Students will not only be willing to learn but they will also be exuberant about learning.
        This is my view and I sincerely hope this for schools world wide.
        thank you.

        1. I would also like to side with you wondrous mode, the technological advancements that A.I has made throughout have made learning pretty interesting with the development of new facilities have advanced learning making it more interesting less stressful and even more innovative, it is a good sign, and it shows evidence of human progression THANK YOU!!!>

      3. I also agree with you charming artist, because because the way we are being stressed is the Western Africa in the name of copying and making notes also have physical effects on our health ; Stress causes illness . So you I recommend the use of AI for Note generation and storage, class work, virtual interactions and examinations.

        1. I strongly agree with you because copying long notes is very tedious and too much writing can cause focal dystonia.

      4. I agree because... AI bot beneficial for everyone as it can significantly enhance the speed, ease and accuracy of our work. For instance a teacher equipped with AI can efficiently research topics for classroom instruction and perform complex calculations easily. This underscores the importance of incorporating AI bots into various aspects of our lives

      5. The "advent" of AI, as you put it, would not make humans lazy. Human beings are always looking for ways to simplify our lives, not to produce laziness but to expand our technology and thinking ability. The invention of AI is put in place to automate tasks that are time consuming meaning AI saves time but it is efficient and reliable.
        You might know that AI would create opportunities for unemployed to get jobs because its introduction needs to be maintained with training and assistance. AI was put in place not to dominate world class, but it can increase a persons living standards and encourage the betterment of our lives

        1. Yes, I agree that AI will automate tasks but at the same time make some individuals lazy. You may be asking why? and my reason is that AI has the potential to make us lazy by automating everyday work and optimizing routine processes and tasks, which can lead to a decrease in physical activity and mental effort.
          It is important to note that AI is not inherently good or bad. It is a tool that can be used to augment human capabilities and improve our quality of life. The impact of AI on our lives depends on how we choose to use it and the policies and regulations that govern its development and deployment.
          In conclusion, AI has the potential to make us lazy, but it can also help us to learn more and achieve our goals. It is up to us to use AI in a responsible and ethical manner to ensure that it benefits society as a whole.
          Thank you!!!

        2. I strongly agree with your take on this.
          AI was created by humans as a tool to amplify the work of human beings.
          Artificial Intelligence is used to perform specific tasks and problems.
          It is used to save time and reduce the workload of people.
          Rather than making us lazy I believe that AI makes us more efficient and and productive. Artificial Intelligence enhances the speed, precision and effectiveness of human efforts.
          With the help of AI and with the right mindset all of us as a generation can achieve so much more.

      6. I concur with your viewpoint, I see that the most significant contribution of AI to our world is its speed. Our daily lives have become inundated with numerous responsibilities, and the current world is experiencing numerous advancements and innovations that demand considerable time. beside this, there are daily tasks that are time-consuming, and we cannot relinquish them. Therefore, we can utilize that time to engage in other endeavors that yield greater benefits and offer new advantages to our world. AI can handle all the mundane paper and chores that require no creativity or human thought, freeing up human brains to focus on developing businesses, training this artificial intelligence, and determining how to maximize its potential.

      7. Yes I agree that we shouldn’t be lazy when the ai arrives.

    2. I agree our today's society as charming_artist had earlier stated the copying of notes we should also know that if there is AI in the society, it can be taught as a subject in schools which can offer job opportunities to the unemployed. A very good example is Nigeria where many first class graduates in universities are unemployed. But if they are taught about AI they can even start AI producing ideas for the growth of AI

    3. I agree because... AI is helpful for the students but also at the same time it helps to figure out the online scams, spam emails,etc. Science and technology will be more advance and it also helps in the field of agriculture. AI teach the farmers to use the insecticides and pesticides in a proper manner or in a proper quantity. So that the farmers can grow large amount of crops and there will be no shortage of food in a particular country.

      1. Yea i agree to you "capable pie" but for the field of agriculture in this era beside machines ai bots have not done many thing for agriculture besides machines and for the ai bots to help in the field of agriculture then the ai bots need to be strongly build and in their software the knowledge about crops and medicines should be well fitted so this would take some time but after the creation of this software ai bots will start helping agriculture grow fast.

    4. Yes I also strongly agree to your point of view "charming artist" but this AI bots cant only help teachers in their work but it cant do school tasks also like cleaning maintaining routines etc I also think that instead of helping the teachers they can replace the teachers after being well programmed and having a good software for them to understand the students and give solution for their problems.

      1. Interesting point! How can AI help students in education as well as teachers?

        1. The 'advent' of AI was designed to help not only students but teachers as well. This system can help teachers in automating tasks that take a lot of time such as grading, lesson planning and paperwork. This can help free teachers focus and divert their focus to interacting with their students and giving useful feedback. This amazing system can help to optimize the learning environment by creating a more engaging and interactive. AI can be a powerful toll to transform education for both students and teachers, but however cannot replace the human touch.

          1. Hi
            Happy_squid I strongly agree with you. AI (artificial intelligence) will have a strong part with being a teacher. I just have one thing to add on to your comment will AI be able to do all that printing. How will AI be able to do all the PE lessons if you have football the AI can have parts fall of when it is trying demonstrate how to kick a football.

        2. How can AI help students in education as well as teachers?Personalized learning: Educators can provide tailored learning experiences based on AI-driven analytics that provide valuable insights into student performance and learning trends. Using this data, AI can instantly adapt student learning materials.Teachers play a crucial role in helping students interpret and evaluate the content generated by these AI tools, ensuring that the information is accurate, relevant, and meaningful. As AI technologies continue to evolve, the need for guidance on how to effectively use these tools in educational settings is evident.

        3. Sorry for not replying because i had reached the limit for comments and about the help of ai for students and teachers ai can help teachers by becoming a assistant of teacher that can do tasks such as helping teacher in giving notes and collecting copies etc and in the case of students it can help them for taking notes with voice assistant feature and by finding mistakes of students etc. Thank You

          1. Hello, fellow topical talkers.
            I agree because... teachers become stressed and sometimes it is an effect of some of the students' behaviors and one of the causes of that is the excess work being put on the students.
            So, in conclusion, I suggest that AI should be used to serve as a helping hand to both and students and the teachers because they both need it to aid their tasks.

        4. AI can greatly benefit both students and teachers in education . For students, AI can provide personalized learning experiences smart to their specific needs and learning styles . AI can facilitate the creation of interactive and engaging learning materials such as educational games, which can make learning more enjoyable and effective for students. For teachers, AI can help in grading and assessment, saving teachers time and allowing them to focus on providing more detailed and personalized feedback to students.

        5. Well, AI can help students in understanding the weakness and strength of every single student. It can analyze the pace of learning and the skills of students that will help teachers, parents to guide students in productive learning. AI also adapts to the individual learning related requirements of students and teachers. That will reduce the meaningless and unproductive work of teachers and will help the institution to increase the efficiency of education.
          As AI can understand students and their capability, it is going to help teachers to work accordingly. AI can also help the teachers to guide them in knowing the right time for assessments, what type of assessment is required for a particular topic, which topic is beneficial for students which are superfluous, it would also help teachers in knowing new ways that teaching can be more interesting etc. Teachers can use AI for better understanding of topics and its level of difficulties towards students. This would help to develop good relationship between teachers and students. That will increase the quality of education and level of students. With the use of Artificial Intelligence, AI would help teachers to achieve desired results from each students.

        6. The invention of AI was programmed to aid humans ,AI has done tremendously well in helping students in education as well as teachers also.
          AI helps teachers to teach more efficiently ,especially students assignment which is a momentous aspect of teaching,Ai enables new form of interaction ,students and teachers can speak and gesture as well as using other natural human mode of communication.
          Besides,Ai also helps in providing tools for learning like chatGPT,smartboard and many more,which makes learning and teaching more convenient and progressive.
          Ai also reduces the burden of teachers in marking notes and assignments,let's take for instance a class with about 95 students and a teacher takes them like 2 or 3 subjects how will she go about it?
          But all thanks to AI,it has helped reduced the burdens of teachers.
          Also,Ai allows teachers to give more insights and deeper discussions on subjects mastery and mentoring students growth. Teachers can also play videos relating to a topic treated in class for more and better understanding.


          1. I agree because... I think ,Teachers will need to learn how AI works, its strengths and weaknesses, and how it can be used in education. They can learn about AI tools and how to integrate them into lessons. AI might handle some tasks, but teachers will still be needed for things like guiding discussions, fostering creativity, and building relationships with students. Teachers can focus on honing these social and emotional skills. As AI develops, teachers will need to be flexible and learn new things along the way. Keeping an open mind and willingness to learn will be key.
            AI can analyze student data and create personalized learning paths for each student, adapting to their needs and pace. Imagine lessons that adjust difficulty based on how well you understand! AI-powered games and simulations can make learning more engaging and interactive. Like a virtual field trip or practicing math with a friendly robot! AI can provide immediate feedback on assignments and quizzes, helping students learn from their mistakes. Students can get detailed explanations for wrong answers, making learning more effective.
            An AI helper that can answer my questions, explain concepts, and offer hints when I'm stuck. Like a super-smart study buddy! That's amazing exercises that get harder or easier based on how well I do, keeping me challenged and learning at the right pace. No more boredom or frustration! AI can translate languages, read text aloud, and offer other tools to help students with disabilities learn and participate. Everyone gets a chance to shine!
            We should remember, AI is here to help teachers and students, not replace them. It's like having a new tool in the classroom, one that can make learning more personalized, engaging, and effective. Just like any tool, it's up to us to use it wisely and creatively.

            Thank you.

            1. Interesting comment! Do you think a virtual field trip will be as enriching of an experience as a real life field trip?

              1. Well I think even though virtual field trip provide accessibility to anyone with an internet connection, save money and time yet it cannot be as enriching as real life field trip. Real life field trip helps us to be engaged leading to deeper understanding and memory formation. They provide opportunities for communication and social learning, with real world experience which can be more impactful. Moreover, we must depend on the specific situation before taking any decision.

                Thank you.

              2. With some of the advances in virtual reality goggles, it might mean that people can go on a field trip to places that are in ruins and see them in their former glory. For example: Pompeii

                1. I would like to visit the Acropolis in athens

              3. Alicia @ Topical Talk
                Do you think a virtual field trip will be as enriching of an experience as a real-life field trip?
                Hmmm interesting question........
                I think both real life virtual field trip is both good because.......
                The real life gives you natural experince about the place whilst virtual can can you feel like you are at the place, and it helps parent save money.......

                Take this scenario......:(let's say the parents have 4 children there in the same class so the price is equal!
                so, one child $ 40 000 so in total 160000 so instead of this they can use the virtual field to have the same experience and help the parents save money for something else)
                Thank you!!!!!

        7. AI can help students, by helping the kids because most of the AI that is being built is programmed to be smart and do some jobs. I think AI will help children learn because they have the support of what some teachers do not have.

        8. Hey Alicia @ Topical Talk .
          From my perspective I think that AI can help students in education as well as teacher because with the rapidly accelerating of artificial intelligence-AI in our work, life, and classrooms. Educators all over the world are re-evaluating the purpose of education with the help of AI. At Teach For All and the LEGO Foundation, we see the potential of AI to move more fast overdue transformation of education systems towards inclusive learning that will prepare young people to thrive and shape a better future.

          At the same time, we see huge opportunities for teachers to use these technologies to enhance their own teaching practice and professional experience while teaching the students.

    5. Hello,
      I strongly agree with you charming_artist that AI(Artificial Intelligence) can cover a lot of fields in education. AI is not only effective in writing of notes but AI(Artificial Intelligence) is also effective when it comes to students personal learning and helping the student based on his/her previous performances, learning of languages of foreigners away from you with voice assistants is also efficient, assistance to students in programming and other problem solving activities, and many other advantages.

    6. I confidently agree with your comment charming _artist, even though everything has its advantage and disadvantage, but AI is going to help the future education.
      The advantage of AI are.
      1. It helps many companies to save time.
      2. It reduces stress for teachers in the school. helps many companies to make their work easy and fast.
      I am looking forward to corrections.
      Thank you.

      1. Interesting take, and AI has great benefits but what would you say are the disadvantages?

        1. Hello Saba,
          You may be wondering the disadvantages of AI, and they are as follows:
          -AI as we all know would destroy a lot of employment opportunities because automation will be used to perform tasks that one will usually spend a lot of time doing in just a blink of an eye.
          -It would also make one legarthic and encourage inertia; because of the automation people will become lazy because almost everything will be done without them implementing effort/labor.
          -Difficulty with software is one of the disadvantages because when one can't be able to afford the system because it will be too expensive to afford, maintain, rebuild or repair, they won't be able to have access to it and use it to aid their tasks.
          -They are few experienced programmers who know how to handle the software/system.
          -Many countries haven't gotten many practical products as a result of their slow development with technology.
          THANK YOU!!!

          1. I agree with what you just listed, good thinking :)

        2. While AI offers numerous benefits, such as automation, efficiency, and innovation, it also presents several disadvantages. These include concerns about job displacement due to automation, potential biases in AI algorithms, privacy breaches, ethical dilemmas regarding AI decision-making, and the widening gap between those who have access to AI technology and those who do not. Additionally, there are worries about the misuse of AI for malicious purposes, such as deepfake technology for spreading misinformation or AI-powered surveillance systems infringing on civil liberties. Balancing the advantages of AI with these potential drawbacks requires careful consideration and ethical oversight to ensure that AI is deployed responsibly and equitably.

          1. Absolutely agree with you, AI can be a very dangerous weapon if not controlled under strict regulations.

    7. Hi charming_artist AI is actually going to reduce the stress of students especially in the aspect of copying note . It would also reduce the workload of both teachers and students; the endless marking and administration of test and examinations. This is one of the reason teachers resign from teaching. It also eases the stress of students and it enables them to have peace and good health .It also saves time, AI makes learning a lot easier for everyone.

    8. I strongly agree with you, teacher always have to go through the stress of making notes for us the student to copy in such a short period of time which sometimes make so tired and frustrated so I do think this can be the way forward.

    9. I agree because... AI could streamline administrative tasks, allowing teachers to focus more on interactive and creative aspects of education. schools curriculum to incorporate digital literacy and critical thinking skills, preparing students to navigate a world where AI is prevalent. With AI supporting personalized learning paths, students may take new roles as facilitators of technology-enhanced learning experiences.
      Looking forward to the corrections
      Thank you

    10. I agree there are several ways in which AI can be beneficial to the education system and the example you listed was a great example of this. AI has simplified the system in a way and since it has provided teachers with tools to make their lessons simpler for them to teach, this may help us advance in a way.

    11. I agree because... Is true that in schools, teachers invest valuable time in creating notes for us. AI can efficiently provide concise and suitable notes for us, free up time for teachers. This is not only streamlines the process but also allows educators to have extra time for themselves. It's a win-win for both teachers and students.
      Thank you.

      1. I agree because... When it comes to providing notes, artificial intelligence (AI) can assist teachers effectively. For instance, if a history teacher wishes to gather facts about a specific topic, AI can AID in researching past events , enabling the teacher to decide on relevant notes or assignments to give the students. Thank you, creative_personality, for sharing this insightful perspective. 😊

    12. charming_artist, your perspective on the potential of AI bots to assist in education is insightful. The idea of AI helping teachers generate comprehensive notes efficiently is a practical application that could alleviate their workload. It's interesting to consider how AI can enhance educational processes globally.

    13. I strongly agree with you because copying of notes is very tedious, so with the help of AI, students will not have to go through the stress of copying notes.So AI can make learning easier for students.

      1. I agree you straightforward king, AI helps to reduce the stress students go through while copying notes, it helps students with their assignments and also makes learning easier but we should not fully rely on it because it might make us lazy and can sometimes be unreliable as it might malfunction.
        Thanks 👍

    14. In my opinion, typing can serve as a form of productivity. There are a lot of words that an individual might be capable of learning through typing. On the other hand using AI bots can make one lazy and that person would not want to do any form of work will depend on robots to work for him/her.

    15. WOW!, I agree and also disagree, AIs are undoubtedly helpful tools, they are very efficient, they can easily be programmed to specialize in various concepts such as Sciences, Math, English etc. Instead of teachers typing hectic number of notes for several hours AIs can ease the stress and can perform this in mere minutes with speed and efficiency without any errors. But it can have some disadvantages which includes overdependency which can make many teachers become lackadaisical on the note that it make life easy so they take short cuts and begin to over use the technology of AIs.

      1. Hi, I also disagree amicably. In the sense that, yes AI helps us a lot and its very reliable owing to the fact that they are almost perfect. But we really need to recognize the fact that we are cheating ourselves. Yes, I know work can be stressful but still just because we face challenges, we just give up and let AI do it for us. Because the more challenges we face the more we increase our capacity to do things. I said AI is almost perfect because there are a lot of things that we can do that AI can't. For example, singing, dancing, showing sympathy, etc.
        So just because we are not really efficient in somethings does not mean we will never be good. Constant practice and challenging ourselves will help us improve.
        We should not see AI as an hinderance to do things just because it is faster and hardly makes mistakes.
        Thank you.

    16. Hello charming artist, many thanks, this indeed a very good point. I understand that AI bots would be used to save time, especially in tasks which are more standardised. When producing notes on a particular topic, teachers may want to stress particularly on one point whereas others may only be mentioned shortly with reference to a more detailed one. How would you see AI being able to do that, e.g. by asking the teacher to provide information beforehand on points of imporance, or would you view AI simply as providing a first draft of the note, which can then be amended afterwards?

    17. I strongly agree with charming artist because AI can be very useful in the coming future but it can't last long . In London , AI is very popular - like phones , laptops and many more . AI are very smart and when you don't understand something very hard they can easily help you.

      1. Well done for responding to another comment. Can you think of any jobs where AI won't be helpful in the future?

        1. Well, it's hard to predict the future with certainty, but there are a few areas where AI might not be as helpful:

          1. Creative Fields: Jobs that require a high level of creativity and originality, such as art, music, and writing, might be less suited for AI. While AI can assist in generating ideas and providing inspiration, it may struggle to replicate the unique human touch and emotional depth that these fields often require.

          2. Personalized Care: Certain roles that involve providing personalized care and emotional support, like therapists or counselors, might be challenging for AI to fully replace. Human connection and empathy are crucial in these professions, and while AI can offer some support, it may not fully replace the human touch.

          3. Complex Decision-Making: Jobs that involve complex decision-making based on unpredictable and rapidly changing circumstances, such as crisis management or strategic planning, may still heavily rely on human judgment and intuition. AI can provide data and analysis, but the final decisions may require human expertise.

          4. Highly Skilled Trades: Professions that require a high level of craftsmanship and skill, such as fine woodworking or artisanal craftsmanship, may be less likely to be replaced by AI. These jobs often involve intricate details and a deep understanding of materials that can be challenging for AI to replicate.

          5. Social and Emotional Intelligence: Jobs that require strong social and emotional intelligence, like social workers or customer service representatives, may be better suited for humans. These roles often involve understanding and empathizing with complex human emotions, which can be challenging for AI to replicate.

          6. Physical Labor and Manual Work: Jobs that involve physical labor and manual work, such as construction workers or gardeners, may still heavily rely on human capabilities. AI may assist in certain aspects, but the physical nature of these jobs may make them less suitable for full automation.

          7. Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Jobs that involve entrepreneurship and innovation, like starting a new business or developing groundbreaking ideas, often require a unique blend of creativity, risk-taking, and strategic thinking. While AI can provide insights and support, the human element is crucial in driving innovation and taking calculated risks.

          8. Personal Relationships and Intimacy: Jobs that involve personal relationships and intimacy, like romantic partners or close friendships, are deeply rooted in human connection. AI may be able to simulate some aspects, but the emotional depth and genuine human connection are difficult to replicate.

          Remember, these are just some examples, and the future is always evolving. AI continues to advance, so it's possible that its capabilities may expand into areas we can't fully anticipate. What are your thoughts on this?

          1. Nice one caring spring,but I don't agree to the fact that Ai can not be of great use to personalized care.

            AI can enhance personalized care in various ways:

            1. Data Analysis: AI can analyze vast amounts of patient data to identify patterns and correlations, aiding in personalized treatment plans based on individual health histories.

            2. Predictive Analytics: AI algorithms can predict potential health issues based on a person's genetic, lifestyle, and medical data, allowing for proactive interventions.

            3. Remote Monitoring: AI-powered devices can monitor patients remotely, collecting real-time data on vital signs or health metrics, providing timely alerts and enabling early intervention.

            4. Personalized Treatment Plans: AI can assist in developing tailored treatment plans by considering a person's unique genetic makeup, responses to medications, and lifestyle factors.

            5. Virtual Health Assistants: AI-driven virtual assistants can provide personalized health information, reminders for medication, and guidance on lifestyle choices, contributing to ongoing self-care.

            6. Precision Medicine: AI aids in identifying optimal treatments by analyzing genetic and molecular information, leading to more precise and effective healthcare interventions.

            7 . Patient Engagement: AI interfaces can facilitate better communication between healthcare providers and patients, ensuring individuals are actively involved in their care plans.

            While AI offers these benefits, it's crucial to address ethical considerations, data privacy, and maintain a balance with human involvement for empathetic care.

    18. I agree because... here in Africa Nigeria to be specific we are usually given lots of note and bulky class exercises, but with the help of AI we will have less work and more time to rest our brains which will give us the ability to think well in class, read well and most importantly understand what we are reading.
      Thank You!

    19. Yes,.I agree with you. We mostly write on our notebooks at school and teachers are overloaded with typing. However in language lessons using interactive whiteboards help us and the teachers too. In my opinion we all need a type of training because AI I think has many useful functions that we may not have discovered yet as someone needs to show us.

    20. I can agree with you as well because AI has programmed knowledge that can be useful to the education field. AI can establish many aspects with students as far as learning. In the modern school era, teachers don't really have the ability to pay attention to all students at one time. WIth AI, it can be a in class tutor with students providing them with the things they need that day. Also AI can also assist the teacher in making different powerpoints and notes of the class instead of putting more work on their hands. As well as the AI helping the teachers grade different assignments with programmed knowledge.

    21. I agree it would reduce stress for the students and it would also help students to develop typing skills which the can use when the are writing test. It would also reduce the workload of teachers the would not have to start printing notes for students the can just send the notes to each student through a flash on their various devices. AI saves a lot of time for teachers and it makes them more efficient and accurate in their work. Ai aids teachers and makes them more competent.

    22. I strongly agree with you charming_artist because...with the help of AI we can have less stress and more enthusiasm to do work and focus on what we have ahead of us, than copy note all the time we can just use digital devices like tablets, and personal computers to make work easier and faster. Many people feel that AI makes us lazy, but I personally think that it is not, it just makes life less stressful for students.
      Thank You!!!

  • Everything has a good side and bad side. Ignoring something only because of its bad sides will not lead to development. I believe AI can be useful in education sector. Using AI we can take lessons to next level, like instead of showing pictures for students to understand, we can use 3d holograms. In Bangladesh, the education sector has developed a lot! just 3 or 4 years ago we only used a chalk and blackboard, but now we are using smartboards in many institutions. So for me...AI surely is useful!

    1. Your perspective highlights the dual nature of technology, acknowledging both its positive and negative aspects. Embracing AI in the education sector can indeed bring about transformative changes. The use of AI in presenting lessons, such as employing 3D holograms instead of traditional methods, can enhance the learning experience. The example of Bangladesh adopting smartboards in a short span demonstrates the potential positive impact of integrating AI into education. However, it's essential to carefully consider ethical and privacy concerns associated with AI and ensure that its implementation aligns with educational goals and values. Balancing the benefits and challenges of AI in education is crucial for its successful integration.

    2. Hi beloved_octopus
      I like the way you started by saying everything has that a good side has a bad side. AI can be bad or good depending on the way you use it. AI was made to aid us not to destroy us. In the educational sector, AI has made learning a lot easier and fun because students can now watch videos on topics they do not understand and also they can also be involved in E-learning for wider knowledge.

  • AI will of course be a very useful tool in future educational system, Especially in the field of personal tutorials. With the help of AI, We now have access to personal tutors that would help you in your personal educational issues, We could be taught by our personal AI teacher or tutor and this will save our teachers the stress of revisiting topics over and over again.
    Secondly, We can be self examined with the help of AI by taking E-examinations, test drillers, and CBT examinations. This way, We can know how far we've gone in our learning practice, and know what to work on or research on.

    1. Very interesting prodigious_globe, how would you feel about having an AI tutor as opposed to a human one?

      1. I'll feel great because, giving attention to a class as a whole, Is quite stressful than giving attention to one student or individual, and one will feel more relaxed learning with your own personal teacher than learning with all your classmates and one teacher.
        Mean while with Ai research goes more deeper and we learn better.

        1. I'm not sure about this because yes having a personal teacher seems nice and more effective but I feel that being in a class with one teacher and other students seems kind of better because everyone could learn from each other even the teachers can learn from the students. Being in a class with other students with different perspectives and opinions on things helps you to have a broader knowledge on things ,yes, AI will have deeper knowledge because it can consult the internet but it won't make up for the humor of a teacher when he tries to make the class lively with a joke or a practical example, laughing with your classmates over funny mistakes and also serving general punishment with them over something that they did , having an AI tutor only to myself may not serve as the best learning method for me and I am sure many other people are like me to. On a personal basis knowing the new opinions of my classmates everyday during every class refreshes my mind to see things in a different way and, honestly this helps me with making my comments because I won't only be speaking on what I know or think but also on what I have heard others who have a different mindset from me think to.
          Thank you!

          1. You capture the human element of teaching very well!

          2. Dear giving snail, you said that learning with our class mates feels more interesting and that must be physical meeting. I disagree with you because learning with Ai also gives room for virtual interaction with your classmates .
            In my school we do virtual interaction with a school in the US, and that makes their presence felt right here, even though we arent there, We can still crack jokes and interact with them even though we arent there.

            1. As much as I understand your point of view about online interaction with other student online, there are certain factor that aid a child's development one of which includes social interaction. When a child sees and interacts with other children like his/ herself, it will boost the child's emotional support and self confidence and security even to some extent and all of which cannot be achieved through online interaction.

            2. I disagree because a person doesn't feel the joy of having interaction with everyone right there. There will be waves of mixed feeling over a particular topic and there will be different suggestions on how to tackle a problem. On the issue of virtual interaction, it's good to meet with others across the globe, but what if there was a good debate going on and all of a sudden the connection is lost. There will be no motivation to continue the debate. There will also be lack of discipline. A student can say whatever he or she wants without getting scolded online. Whereas, if there is physical interaction the person can get corrected easily. A student will not take their studies seriously, because there are many distractions and there is no proper supervision of their school work. That is why it is better to have physical interaction.

            3. I think humans are better in my opinion as AI only believes one answer but humans are able to think outside of the box and make other methods to do the work and they will always be superior to any AI in the future.But AI can’t help students with work

          3. Beautiful words giving_snail, the whole atmosphere a class gives is what makes learning fun. If teachers should be replaced with AI, the fun students get from a class will be removed and the AI won't be able to connect to the students as good as the teacher.
            Honestly speaking, losing interest in a very strict class is one of the easiest things to do, the sensation when fellow students learn with you and add humor to the class, that's what an AI can't do.
            Psychologically and emotionally, it goes a long way to better a child and it makes them have a sense of companionship with development in teamwork.

            1. I agree because... If teacher is being replaced by AI we they students and the teacher will not have fun in the class. When AI is replaced by teacher they will not be interaction unlike the teacher and the AI. But if we ask a question to AI it will go straight to the point or answer but if we ask the teacher question he/she will make sure we answer it by our self or if we don't get it the answer the teacher will correct us immediately. When an AI is teaching an human being students especially in the secondary school we will not withstanding the AI teaching or understand it because it will be talking very fast and we will not capture anything the AI is teaching.We may not notice but most teachers really sacrifice alot for their students;for example,their time and energy which I really admire and appreciate.
              With the way my classroom teacher makes learning fun and interactive such that the classroom feels like home, I couldn't possibly imagine her being replaced by an AI.
              Thank you.

    2. I do understand your opinion on this but at the same time, AI won't be able to give attention to the dull students in a class or the ones who learn differently.
      For example, a classroom teacher who is attentive and cares for their students will observe better than an AI that maybe possibly, a student is not understanding the way he or she seems to teach. Therefore, the teacher comes up with a better way or idea of teaching the student in a way the student will apprehend and follow up in class.
      I just feel that a teacher would observe better than an AI would. And also aid the student academically. We may not notice but most teachers really sacrifice alot for their students;for example,their time and energy which I really admire and appreciate.
      With the way my classroom teacher makes learning fun and interactive such that the classroom feels like home, I couldn't possibly imagine her being replaced by an AI.
      Thank you.

      1. I agree with you; yes, AI can help us understand how our memories and decision-making processes function, but it is unable to feel emotions. A teacher must be able to communicate effectively, keep the classroom engaging and exciting so that students can learn in a relaxed setting, be patient, work with others, and listen. Students will learn more effectively in a stable environment created in this way. A free house for them to study, like you mentioned.

      2. In Bangladesh, some classes have about 60 students. Everytime 1 teacher has to look after these 60 students. If 1 student fails then teachers have to take the blame completely. If we look at it realistically, it is really hard for 1 teacher to look after 60 students and make sure that no one fails. A teacher cannot really observe all these students by themselves so I believe, they could use the help of AI. They might keep a robot as an assistant who will follow the teacher's orders. While robot can give the lecture prepared by teacher, the teacher will monitor and assess the students.
        This way teachers won't have to sacrifice too much yet still will be able to interact with them, which will also help students gain some extra knowledge and understand everything a bit better besides aiding the students academically.
        This way, teachers won't have to be replaced by AI, instead they can use AI to their aid.

        1. At this point beloved_octopus, I agree because teachers aren't, but they also our mentors, and role models.... Imaginine a robot is your role model! Very weird right? You'll just learn Zero's and Ones from it...
          A Child could come to school in bitterness of heart, this could be a critical issue and he or she could carry a smiling face. A humanoid will obviously conclude that this child is okay, but a human will automatically dictate that something is wrong. This way the presence of the AI is needed, but the presence of human is essential and compulsory.

    3. Personally, I agree that AI will effectively help in the educational system, but at the same time as it is an advantage, it could also serve as a distraction when students begin to use their devices for other purposes during classes such as playing games or chatting with friends.