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In my opinion, yes the metaverse has it's downsides but it is a way for us to let our... METAVERSE: DESTROY OR BUILD 13/5/23
What I would design in the metaverse is a kirby game where you could be any character you want... Expert challenge: The metaverse 13/5/23
I can make a difference about something i disagree about by 1. finding the problem and 2.... Expert challenge: Earth Day 02/5/23
Well, someone who inspires me to help the earth is Washington Carver. Dr. Carver established an... Who inspires you? 02/5/23
In the quiz, I scored 6 I think i could have done better but hey i did great for my first time Test your knowledge! 02/5/23
I have a good question for this topic that would make a great discussion the discussion would be... Suggest a discussion 25/4/23
I decided that the purpose of laws are to keep us in check and to make sure everything stays in... Classroom spy... 22/4/23