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I have been looking at everyone’s discussion and the metaverse is a broad discussion and world, and many people are really confused about it, so the main question here is the metaverse DESTROYING the world or BUILDING it.

For example, efficient_camel said

I agree with you, the Internet is known to be a cruel place, and strangers tend to be cruel and unacceptable to people's differences. Malicious behavior towards others can be found all over the internet, be it on social media or in games.

Despite numerous campaigns to prevent or reduce these behaviors. Using the internet in a 3D setting and allowing users to feel completely immersed in the metaverse will give these bad guys more power. This leads to greater chances of attacking others and may make victims more vulnerable and less protected. Where there is no longer a screen to look away from.

Bullying, harassment and personal attacks on anyone will inevitably be one of the downsides of the metaverse. Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done to combat it.

and from the above comment he is saying that the metaverse may destroy the world seeing the negative side

But here another person wise shrimp said

The meta virus is really strange, and like anything new and strange, it has many positives and many negatives, and we cannot judge it if it is useful or not, except after comparing it. We start with the positives:

1- Facilitating social communication and communication with relatives and friends who live far away.

2- Those who were born with congenital deformities will be able to overcome the matter, as he will not be subjected to bullying, as well as people with disabilities, as they will be able to carry out normal tasks within the metaverse.

3- Facilitating the transfer and development of information and knowledge.

4- Facilitating scientific and chemical experiments. There are many more, but I have summarized the most important ones for me.

This comment above is agreeing to the fact that the metaverse can build the world and everyone have different opinion so I would like to hear yours.

So, my question is can the metaverse DESTROY the world that it making it BAD or BUILD the world making it better???

I would like to hear your response and know whether the metaverse helps or not

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  • Personally I feel, that yes they are downsides of the metaverse but still I feel the metaverse works hand in hand with the real world helping it to grow , They both support each other, for example through the metaverse so many problems can be solved in the real world, and the metaverse can be grown or expand based on the real world. This is good. though the same the the metaverse can be a disadvantage to the real world same the real world can be a disadvantage to the metaverse though no one really looks at that aspect ,You see hackers from the real work can distabilize the arrrangement/ co ordination of the metaverse. Ceeating glitches and even stealing from it.

    1. This is a very interesting topic, the metaverse in my point of view the metaverse can do both depending on how you use it. One thing i know you can not escape the downsides of some certain things. I also feel that most of the downsides that we have know is kind of our fault because some people carry the bad things they do in the real world to the metaverse example stealing.
      Another thing that can make the metaverse destroy the world is that people become addicted the the metaverse and stop paying attention to the real world so they leave it without taking care of it.

  • So your question is whether the metaverse will destroy or build the actual world and my answer is yes the metaverse is a vast and wide world with so much potential and we all know the type of advanced technology that was put in to build and construct the metaverse this has been a project that almost everyone who is computer literate has been waiting for and the innovative and advanced software that was used or is still being used to construct the technological milestone; the metaverse and the metaverse was developed based on helping the users to discover, learn and do thins which were not possible to do in the real world and we all know that the metaverse uses augmented or virtual reality so that means it allows the users to be immersed in the digital world and feel like they are actually in it and because of this technology various fields of work can apply its technological capacity to their work and develop ways and procedures that will make it easier and more efficient in the real world and thus promoting development and technological growth in the real world. The metaverse is fascinating but it is not our real world even though it has potential we should apply and channel this potential to the real world to make it a better place for everyone.

  • Well, you have a very marvelous standpoint and the thing that makes it standout is the idea of leaving a question at the end. I like that because you create room for a conversation to start, I really give you kudos for that. Secondly, though the metaverse and the AI has it's disadvantages and bad sides it's advantages double it's disadvantages and so therefore it is of great contribution to the rapid growth and development happening in that is taking place in the world today. They aid accuracy and efficiency in the accounting department, they save time, energy and resources in the manufacturing aspect, they prevent the jeopardy of life in journalism through the use of drones to capture catching occurrences in diverse dangerous sceneries, they also help in the medical field in carrying out operations and diagnosing illnesses and, they also help in easing communication by providing speedy and instant communication between individuals in very distant locations, you just can't name all the benefit that the metaverse and AI add to the development of our world. So, my answer is, the metaverse build's the world; it makes it better.

  • The metaverse can do both, depending on how it is used. The metaverse is a platform where people can converse and perform other activities, whether everyday activities or once -in-a-lifetime ones, from chatting with your friends to climbing Mount Everest in virtual reality.
    The metaverse has many advantages, but it also has its disadvantages. It all lies in the character of the people using it. If a person has hostile or not nice intentions, he or she could use the anonymity provided online to do a lot of harm. But if a person has a positive purpose, there is so much he or she could achieve on the metaverse. He or she could build our society with innovative problem-solving skills! So, you see, it all lies in the hands of the user. The metaverse would and can be a huge positive contribution to society, if everyone on it thinks and acts POSITIVELY.

  • Well, as storytelling_dog stated '' the metaverse works hand in hand with the real world helping it to grow''. The metaverse has its highs and lows. I will support either ways.
    In a positive way the metaverse can build up the world by making things more accessible than before. In entertainment, for instance, an unlimited number of fans will be able to partake events in the metaverse rather than a selecting few who can get tickets. In Education, the metaverse will be able to improve the access in which students are able to find solutions to problems. The metaverse can be able to expose children to other cultures and values from a tender age as the student are brought together from different homes and nations.
    Meanwhile, in a negative way the metaverse can destroy the world. For example : Let's say 15 to 20 years from now, a thirteen year old girl started having access to the metaverse. If she does not discipline her self on how to use it she might get addicted. She will spend almost 9 to 11 hours in the metaverse which can strongly affect her. She will not like to be with her friends in the real world. She might not want to go to school because ,she will be attending to online classes there. She will spend her entire day at home, having so much fun in the metaverse, visiting places in the metaverse or even attending concerts in the metaverse. She might get much more limited motivational molecule by doing things in the metaverse than she might probably get in the real world. Just imagine the mentality of how a child will turn out to be as an adult if exposed to the metaverse. I am not trying to say the child will become a bad person , but he will look at the real world from a very different approach. She will keep on wearing the headset over and over again. This will become a domino effect. This does not only happen to her or to a child or a grown up, but to millions of metaverse users. When she grows up she might not be able to have a reasonable idea about the society in which she lives in. Is that logical ?
    I assume the metaverse can build up the world to be a better place, but if measures are not taken it could destroy the world and this time the consequences are going to be much more adverse , irreversible, and extremely hard to combat.
    This is just my opinion and nothing else.

  • The metaverse can help to build the world because in the topic the metaverse we found out what the metaverse is capable of doing although the metaverse has its down sides it is still really useful. For example you can us the metaverse to enter a sick human body and see what is causing it or you can use a simulation in the metaverse to see how aircrafts fly or to see the engineering of a spaceship. Also the metaverse can hep to cure illnesses there was a comment by harmonious_river He/she said that they will use the metaverse to find a permanent cure to cancer and I agree with it because scientists are already using the metaverse to cure illnesses and other things as well like how to create anti-matter without using much energy and saving costs etc. These are some of the reasons why the metaverse is making the world a better place.

  • In my opinion, yes the metaverse has it's downsides but it is a way for us to let our imagination run wild. To find creativity For example, The metaverse has the potential to foster creativity in several ways. this is stating that this can make the viewer have and give creativity by making worlds, characters, house, etc. but, it also can destroy For Example, The metaverse has the same cybersecurity risks as modern organizations, like malware, but there are also new vulnerabilities for hackers to exploit. this is saying that hackers might or may be able to get in but it's a possibility if we have the right people to protect and control the metaverse.

  • In my opinion, I can see why people think if they are building the world or destroying this world.It could be both like with the bulling and the harmful remarks they might be.If the metaverse is building the world they might can make flying cars or just phones that are like holograms.The future is going to see about the new technology in the future.The showing of people that make or just describe the future of the new new world.

  • Well, the metaverse has many pros and cons, so it'll be hard to answer this question. Some good things could get out of hand, meaning that good thing might turn bad. On the other hand, Some bad things could get better, making that bad thing turn good. The metaverse can lower the amount of pollution going to the environment, since many people won't be traveling. However, if people don't go out or travel, people won't get the feel of a real-life experience. The metaverse can also teach people important fields, that they probably never learned before. In some simulations, people can learn about careers, the human body, medications, and even high-tech AI. Since, The metaverse is AI. If the metaverse teaches us these important and interesting things,. how can it be so bad? Since the metaverse is so realistic, people believe it'll take over the world. they think it might replace us and the entire world. which is very unlikely, but if it keeps improving, it might happen. Also, the metaverse will be able to enhance the ability for students to be able to find solutions to problems they probably won't find on their own. At the same time, people could get addicted to the metaverse. Knowing how interesting and new the metaverse is, it is easy to get addicted and obsessed over it. So, honestly, it's hard to decide if the metaverse really is bad or good. so, i guess this question will stay "unanswered".

  • Yes, the metaverse has some disadvantages but I still think that the metaverse would be a great technological advancement in the world.
    For example:
    In the metaverse if more electric cars were to be built it could influence mechanical engineers to create more electric cars in the real world and that can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide around the world. So in a way the metaverse is helping us to solve global problems all around the world.

  • I believe the metaverse can both build and destroy the future of humanity. The metaverse can equal access to life -like experiences for the masses, Interaction using more accurate virtual representations of physical objects. Metaverse can allow shared virtual experiences in real -time with family and friends as if in the same room these experiences can be done with colleagues through work collaborations, trainings and co-creation . The metaverse can help new bussiness opportunities to connect , engage and interact with customers.
    The metaverse also has it disadvantages such as, Increased costs for individuals buying technologies just to enter the metaverse. Likelihood of bad behavior and privacy violations such as cyberbullying, online harassment and other negative posts online. Losing connection to physical world and its wonder and nature. Increase in addictiveness for those looking to escape reality. Some users who struggle with fully immersed experiences. Large amount of energy and electricity. More bussiness investment required to reach the metaverse objectives . The metaverse also has privacy issues, increased risked of security concerns and potential point compromised.

  • I think the metaverse can both destroy and build the world. If we were to go too deep into this it could rebel and destroy us but there is some good. We could use this for good like doing tests or study from home but I don't think we should go deep into the metaverse it could trick us to think the metaverse is actual reality.

  • I'm not sure about this because... A Metaverse has both positive and negative impacts on our lives. It's really hard to decide whether the metaverse builds or destroys the world, however the metaverse destroys the lives of young people, some forget about their studies and some get addicted.
    A metaverse could have many disadvantages, example:

    1)Limited participation for some. Simulator sickness is a form of motion sickness that users can suffer during immersive experiences. ...

    2)Higher equipment costs. ...

    3)Potential for bullying, harassments and assaults. ...

    4)Additional privacy concerns and security issues. ...

    5)More reasons for addictive behavior.
    Although a metaverse can be the home of technology.