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A key part of organising a new sporting event or games is coming up with rules that keep things safe, inclusive (everyone can join in) and fair.

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  • If I were to create an inclusive sporting competition, I would not include the use of performance enhancers, due to the inherent health risk associated. This can also make the competition unfair, as access to the aforementioned drugs is financially dependent, and those who don't have the means to access them are at an unfair disadvantage. It also increases reliance of sports on companies, such as pharmaceutical firms, making the games unfairly biased within the economic world, something which many sports people strive to avoid.
    However I would prioritise the inclusivity of national and cultural identity; this is in light of the recent banning of hijabs and other religious symbols by the French Minister of Sport (2023). I believe that this alienates those who wear visible religious items and for many would prevent them from being able to compete in the Olympics. This actively opposes the intention of neutrality, and thus I consider this rule to be unfair.
    However overall, I believe that safety should be the utmost important thing for sporting associations that host such events, involving access to medics on the field and dieticians and physicians in training. This is because if the safety of athletes is overlooked, then the physical and mental health effects can be detrimental long term

    1. Hi modest harp!!!!
      I strongly agree with you and I will make the same rule that performance enhancing drugs should not be allowed and not only about the fact that it can be detrimental to health but also the fact that it will not be fair to those who do not use these drugs because they might go through blood and sweat to produce their best work whiles someone can just decide to immediately take a medication that will enhance their performance without even training. I also feel that the most important thing needed for sports is fairness and safety because in sports, people will have to take certain risks like running so fast that you can slip easily so I feel that safety precautions must be taken for example: providing shoe grips for athletes so that it can try and prevent them from slipping. Another thing is fairness because if this skill is absent, an athlete might feel underestimated in a certain way when a decision is made to their disadvantage and can let them loose their self confidence for example, the time for women's training might be smaller than that of the time of male's training and it might make them feel bad because it might imply to them that they are not best at the particular sport they do so attention is not payed to them because everyone knows that they will not do well at the end but attention is payed to men because they will make everyone proud when they are being cheered on.
      Thank you for reading my opinion!!!
      Please do me a favour by leaving a reply!!!!

    2. Hello modest harp,

      I strongly agree with your point saying that using performance enhancing drugs is an unfair advantage to athletes. It is unfair because some athletes may not be so privileged to have the drug to boost their performance during sports. Also, some athletes take performance enhancing drugs to win a competition with ease or not to sustain an injury easily. However, taking performance enhancing drugs can also have negative and probably life risking effects on an athlete's body like;

      1. Health hazards like dehydration, cramps, weakness, fainting and many more.
      2. Lack of active participation in sport activities.
      3. The athlete may get addicted to taking it and that can lead to a bad reputation and identity in the society.

      In summary, I would like to say that athletes using performance enhancing drugs may cause life threatening health issues to the athlete, which may lead to early retirement of the athlete.

    3. I agree with you that implementing a role that prohibits the use of enhanced drugs in sports is the best approach. It would provide a fair playing field for everyone and also protect the athletes' health by preventing any potential health risk associated with taking the drugs.
      Furthermore, I also believe that everyone should be allowed to participate in sporting events regardless of their religion or attire. Preventing people from wearing what they feel comfortable in can hinder participation in the Olympics or other sporting activities. Therefore, creating rules that include everyone is essential to take the sporting games to a higher level. Thanks for your insights 😄

      1. I agree with this however in the olympics they can not keep their standers up with every new drug that gets passed into the system

    4. I agree because the uses of drugs can affect the contestant and can led to different effcets on others because the use of drugs doesn't only make one hyper but can also affect ones physical and mental health and cause a lot of damages in a humans immusystem and if one encourages the use of drugs in sports it would not be fair to the others who don't use drugs for example if an athlete uses drugs and the other athlete doesn't the one that doesn't use drugs might lose and that can make the one who lost feel like a failure and might give up on sports

    5. I strongly agree with everything you said. I feel that it is important for people to represent their culture and who they are. By banning hijabs and other religious symbols, people would not be able to express themselves. I also think that safety should be the #1 most important rule for sporting competitions. Athletes could potentially overwork themselves and may end up injuring themselves in the process.

    6. I totally agree with the part of not using drugs in your own games, Modest Harp. This does give a disadvantage for some people, as the drugs can work better for some people than others. Culture is important, and I agree when you say that visual religious items should not be banned. It makes it seem that us people do not have freedom of speech. The rules that you have in your "competition" should be implied in the Olympics. French ladies cannot wear their hijabs in Olympics 2024, which I find to be downright wrong. People need to express themselves, especially if it were their religion.

  • Well, if I am to create my own games, one rule that will keep my event fair is that I will not allow anyone that has taken drugs to be part of the sport or competion because, taking for instance that all the players are all druged, it will make the game so boring that their is neighter a winner nor a looser.which means that all the players pertaking in that competition will all be free from drugs in order to make the competition very lively and interesting.
    Secondly, it will be unfair if I should allow a particular team or group to be full of peopel that are druged while the opposite team is not and this can be done by taking medical cherck up right in front of the audience before going into the peach or field in accordance with the type of sport that is being played.

    1. Would it be fair if all athletes had the same access to performance enhancers?

      1. It would be fair would it be fair if all athletes had the same access to performance enhancers. But this would discourage people from actually put in their all drive/zeal since they know they could use enhancers to become better. It would also make sports somehow boring since everyone would good at the beginning, since the journey of improving as time goes on make sports more interesting.

      2. I think that it still won't be fair as first of all it raises a major safety concern.
        Secondly, even the same performance enhancing drug may work differently on all athletes depending on body. For fair results people should contest as themselves. It could also cause injuries and build a thought in people that taking drugs is alright, for we all know that many people copy celebrities and sports starts. It could lead to injuries and addiction which would be very harmful for players and people in the long run.

      3. I believe that if every athlete performance was enhanced it would be good but the only thing is that people think it wouldn't fit everybody but every body have a fixed mindset on drugs but they don't usually talk about technology and other alternatives.

      4. Hello Tiff,
        I think that it would be fair that all athletes had the same access to performance enhancers. Everyone would have the same rights to play in the sport. This would encourage people to see a fair and square game. If they had all the same access there wouldn't be people cheating and lying about things. I think that if everything was fair people would like it better because it's telling the truth.

      5. Yes it will be very fair because, they all have the access to performance enhancers so it's now left for them to decide whether to use them or not.

      6. The equal to events over whether or athlete should have equal access to performance enhancers is tricky. Some believe this enhancers simply reveal an athlete hidden potential, leveling the plane field.
        But I disagree.
        While equal access sound fair, it's could create new inequalities and under mind the Spirit of sports. Performance enhances can upset the bodies balance and may give an advantage to athlete from wealthier backgrounds.

        Instead of relying on enhancers, we should focus on fair rules and test to keep competitions balance and athlete safe. That way, we can enjoy sport without warding about who's using what.
        Thank you for listening 😃!

      7. Yes, it would be fair because all the competitivos would have the same chance to win according to the drugs they are takinng would depend in their natural physical conditions, the real talent they have for each sport and the física training they got before the competition. However, the eradication of some drugs would make enhanced games loose thir essence and just be the traditional Olympics.

    2. Well your comment was a nice one talented_cicada but what if all the players all took performance enhancers and by the end of the game or competition, One of the teams ermarged to be the winner. Is that still a fair one?

  • Hi, If I were to create my own sports game the rule that would keep everyone safe is that everyone should play safely which means that there should be no rough plays because one of the main causes of injuries in sports is people not playing safely and carefully and physicians said that more than 35% of injuries in sports are caused by rough or careless play. The rule that would keep my event inclusive is that anyone who is 8 or above can join because at the age of 8 children would start to follow rules and they would be strong enough to play even if it is children with disabilities they can play if they are 8 or above because it is a game were everyone can play. Lastly, the rule that would make the event fair is that whoever is seen cheating, bullying, discriminating, or using an enhancer is banned from playing for 3 months and they would be put on strict training to teach them the thing they did is bad. The most important rule in sports events is the safety rules because if the participants are injured mentally or physically they would be unable to participate in the game and they will feel left out because the game is an inclusive event.

  • Well, if I had the opportunity to create my own game, I would want for several rules to be followed for people's own safety. Initially, I would forbid for participant's fans to enter the stage as due to their preference to one participant, they could be prone to causing uprisings and fights which can even lead to detrimental consequences although it is a seldom phenomenon. Moreover, a rule that I think it would be essential for participants to follow for inclusiveness is making rules for the ability of disabled people to participate in the game. I think I would create sports which would suit people with disabilities and it will make it fair for them. Lastly, to keep my event fair I would categorise the games that each candidate can join in order to make it easier for disabled people and generally for people with other special needs. This would be fair as candidates will participate in the kinds of game they are suited. In my perspective, the most pivotal for the proper continueness of a game is safety. To illustrate my point, keeping unharmed during the competition is the most important thing and it outweighs the victory. Besides, we can't buy our health.

  • For an international sports competition- safety, inclusivity and fairness are all very important factors. Choosing between these options would be extremely unfair and disregard the entire concept of an international competition. All three factors ensure that one doesn't feel left out, yet showcase his/her traits in a sport.

    One rule to keep the competetion safe would be to ensure a compulsory background check on everybody present in the competition. Monitoring participant behaviour will also make others feel safe and prevent people from taking steps that might harm others. Many get violent during such tough competitions, therefore with enough security, safety can be ensured.

    One rule to keep the competition inclusive is to provide this platform to all. Everyone should be eligible to audition or participate in the competition regardless of their status. Events which not only support a few members of the community should be replaced with either an introduction of new events that welcome all or an addition of division in events where a particular group particpates.

    One rule to keep the event fair is equal treatment and judging criteria for all. Every participant should only be chosen on the basis of talent and skill. They should be given a fair chance but should be judged fairly too.

  • If i would of create my Sporting Competition i would not inlcude any political talk in my competition as it is may be offensive for the other people but i would stick to the rules as they are right now because they did not get any hate so far. Maybe the rules before 2022 were the best so i would choose them as my rules.

    1. Interesting ideas. Why do you think athletes use sporting events to express political opinions?

      1. Hi, I think athletes can use sporting events to express political opinions because sporting events generate a lot of fans and prospectors and these could help the athletes by sharing their opinions to millions of viewers and prospectors they would spread awareness of what the political opinions they are sharing their opinion on the political opinions and why they don't like it ,because of that plenty people and business would help support them and make sure the politics who made the political opinions meet justice.

  • Hi there!
    If I were creating my own games, one rule to keep the event safe would be to mandate the use of appropriate safety equipment and procedures at all times during competition. This would include regulations on protective gear, venue safety inspections, and emergency response protocols to minimize the risk of injuries.
    To ensure inclusivity, one rule would be to mandate equal opportunities for participation regardless of gender, age, ability, or background. This would involve providing accessible facilities, accommodating diverse needs, and promoting a culture of respect and acceptance among participants.
    To maintain fairness, one rule would be to enforce strict regulations against cheating, doping, or unfair advantages. This would include measures to prevent performance-enhancing substances, regulate equipment standards, and ensure impartial judging and officiating throughout the competition. In an international sports competition, while all three aspects – safety, inclusivity, and fairness – are crucial, safety would likely be the most important consideration from my perspective. Ensuring the safety of athletes, officials, and spectators is paramount to the success and integrity of the event. Without adequate safety measures in place, the risk of injuries or accidents could jeopardize the well-being of participants and undermine the credibility of the competition. Therefore, prioritizing safety would not only protect individuals but also uphold the reputation and legitimacy of the international sports competition.

    1. I agree because, firstly using safety equipment and procedures as well as implementing rules that guide the actions of participants can reduce the risk of getting injuries by more than 25% after doing my research. Also can help promote inclusive play by making several categories for the game for example we can make a game for people who have disabilities or we can make a category for ages such as under 5 and 12-15 age categories. Lastly to make the game more fair, thoroughly inspect participants to ensure that now one are using equipment that enhances their performance and make sure they don't take or eat anything that enhances their abilities to make it an even playing field for people to see who is the best without cheating. I also agree that safety is a game's number one priority because if there is no safety people's lives are at risk for example in Malaysia they renovated a stadium for a match to qualify for the World Cup but they didn't ensure the safety of the prospectors by not making sure the stadium was stable enough to support as many people as possible and during half time the stadium collapsed and up to 2 thousand lives were taken that day. So we need to ensure the safety of not only the players but the prospectors as well so that everyone would be safe.

  • In order to ensure the safety of all participants in my event, I would require that everyone has a complete understanding of the game, its rules and regulations. This is a top priority for me. To make the event enjoyable for everyone, I would enforce the rule of peaceful and progressive conduct during gameplay. Additionally, to ensure fairness, I would guarantee equal right in participation of games and access to sports facilities for both genders. Lastly, the most important aspect of any worldwide sports competition should always be the safety of the athletes. When athletes are safe, the event can be inclusive and fair for all.

  • Hello, everyone.
    I will create a social, nondiscriminatory and disciplined competition. To keep this competition safe, I will establish rules for the health and safety of each athlete and prohibiting entry of bad people. This will make competition much safer and more competitive.
    Also,to make the game inclusive, I will formulate rules so that both men and women can participate in this game. As a result this game will become much more popular and interesting. There will be no discrimination in the game.
    In order to keep the game fair, I will make a policy that people who take drugs cannot participate. Because the person taking drugs will destroy the playing environment and make other athletes addicted to drugs. Fairness and safety are paramount in an international sporting competition because if there is no fairness and safety in the competition then all athlete will not participate in that sport. As a result, the game will not be participatory and popular.

  • If I made my own game, to keep my event safe, I would make sure that all of the people that are participating take a drug test to make sure that they are not cheating in some way. I would also make sure that all of the players know the rules. To keep the event fair, I would make sure that the players are around the same size and that they are not cheating in any way. But when it comes to an event like this, I would always keep safety as my top priority because I wouldn't any players getting hurt and getting me in trouble.

  • Hello Topical Talkers, my event is Track. I picked track because I do track and I would just like to my input this this dicussion. One rule to keep track safe is to run, you NEED to have at least some running shoes or your spikes. As a first year track athlete, I used my cheer shoes for practice and for the first track meet. Bad idea, I could slip and fall at any second because they are flat shoes and I needed Spikes because they literally have spikes in them. They kinda sink into the ground, and that is a good thing.
    My second rule would be in the beginning of the outdoor season, I would like everybody to pay a specific amount if they made the team so that the coaches can just buy all the supplies and stuff that we need for the season. Warm ups, spikes, head bands, water bottles etc. My third rule to keep track fair is, if somebody falls in your lanes for hurdles they should let you redo but without the person who fell in your lane. Also in track if you start early before the horn, gun, whistle etc, your team is disqualified and that is fair to me because that's like cheating. Even if it was on accident, the coaches don't know that. That's already a rule, but I would just like to KEEP the rule if anybody would like to say otherwise.

  • Hi topical talkers if I have the opportunity to create my own game the number one rule that will govern the game is that through out the practice no junk food allowed, we have a specific time for training let's say two hours take a break for thirty minutes and continue for the finals no drugs allowed in order not to let someone feel down or think you are pampering that person, no cheating if any one is caught cheating that person will automatically be eliminated from the game and that person is going to be suspended for two weeks and the most important part of it is that I won't let any one feel down,feel cheated or think he is not important thanks.

  • One rule that I would use to keep my event safe is that you only get to use a certain amount of the drug so nobody would overdose and die.One rule I would use to keep my event inclusive is that they would have to fail a drug test so that nobody that is not on the drug can participate.One rule that I would use to keep my event fair is for how ever long you have been taking the drugs for you would be competing against the people who has been taking the drugs for the same amount of time.To me the most important thing at an international sports competition is the inclusivity and fairness.

  • If I were to make one rule in sports it would be each athlete has to be checked by the doctor before and after sports.
    That would ensure that no enhancement drug is taking before, after or even during the sport. It would also improve the health of the athlete, even if it is not enhancement drugs it would help the doctors know if the athlete is sick and needs to be treated or rest. If their health and safety is overlooked it might prove harmful to them, and it will affect their performance and the club they belong to. This is why I would make such a rule.

  • If I were to create my own game, I would establish clear rules before the games begin because stating rules promotes safety. During sports, tensions can rise between winning and losing teams. Without established rules, players might exploit loopholes, potentially leading to violence. Therefore, to ensure safety, it's essential to have well-defined rules.

    To make a sport inclusive, all participants should be valued regardless of their tribe, religion, or nationality. This way, everyone can showcase their talents.

    Fairness is crucial in our actions. Treating everyone fairly in a game fosters long-term progress, while unfair treatment can hinder a player's career or cause emotional distress.

  • Ensuring safety is crucial at any event. Implementing a rule such as "look out for one another" can help keep everyone safe. Inclusivity is another key aspect for a successful event. Having a rule like "include everyone and celebrate diversity" promotes inclusivity. Fairness is also essential for a positive experience. A rule like "play by the same rules and respect each other" can foster fairness. In an international sports competition, all three elements are important, but safety stands out as the top priority to ensure a successful and enjoyable event for everyone involved.

    No player is allowed to either touch or hit any opponent you matter the situation because it might attractive a foul card. You are to report to the referee if any fault is been found from any player.

    No player is allowed to take any atom of drug either to boost their systems or make them run without getting tired.


    All players must be at thesame age grade or classmate to avoid an unfair play when players from the other court begins to win the opponent.

    According to my own opinion, i will chose fairness and inclusive because games are always friendly so when you play a fair game without any atombof cheating, it becomes more interesting for althelets and the audience because they won't have anybody to blame when all players share equal rights.
    Thank you.

  • In my sporting event, a few regulations would be a limit on dosage, diversity, drug restrictions with the intentions of protection, inclusivity, and fairness.

    A limitation on dosage for approved drugs may decrease the risks for side effects. In class, we said that participants may mindlessly consume a hazardous amount of medicines in hopes of winning. Large amounts of certain drugs can cause an overdose, which puts the participant in danger. In addition, it may reduce the chances for lawsuits regarding health or death.

    To keep my event inclusive, I would embrace all races, genders, sports, and disabilities. Gender preferred and unisex games would be made throughout events. People with disabilities would play in the same games as other participants instead of a separate game to promote diversity in events. There would also be a wide-range of sports for everyone to participate in.

    Drug restrictions will be placed to keep the game fair. Limiting the variety of drugs and dosage diminishes advantages for players. Players are eligible of the same variety of drugs so they are unable to assert about the doping advantage.

    Safety should be the most important factor in international sports competitions to promote safe gameplay and lifestyle.

  • If I were able to create an inclusive sporting event, I'd have many safety gears/gadgets and also countless bottles/cups of water to keep everything safe.
    To keep everything inclusive I will allow any people of ethnicity backgrounds compete.Let people with disabilities compete if they would like.
    I will also allow different ages compete at separate times (e.g. 13-15 at 5:20pm then 20-25 at 8:30pm) to keep everything fair. Later, if it isn't too late or the next day I will let the other ages compete against each other and see who'd win. Or if I want to switch things up. First, each age group will compete until theres only 2 or 3 groups then, I'll let those people from the winning age group compete against each other, and let the last (1-3?) people compete with the other age group.
    In international sports competition the most important thing to me is fairness. Not everyone is cut out for every sport or, will people always NOT get hurt doing competitive things.
    Sadly, you can't always save people from safety because everything isn't predictable someone get hurt doing anything. On the other hand, back to when I said everyone can't do everything. It would be nice to see people try to be more inclusive, but all the time it can't be done. It is a thing that people should do but it shouldn't be the most prioritized. BUT fairness should definitely be took into accountability, people cheat all the time while others try their very best to do something. Sports have been multiple peoples dreams, and someone can do the very best they could to do something but then it gets taken away because someone was cheated or got a pass.

  • If I were to create inclusive Olympic games then my one rule for keeping the event safe is for the event to be in a safe stadium with security along with participants not being allowed to take any drugs and have to be tested this is because if athletes were to take to much of an enhancer and having an angry outburst it could result in death, especially in more intense sports like boxing and wrestling.

    My one rule to keep my event inclusive would be to have separate times for different types of people like having a women-only game for female athletes who don't feel comfortable being around men, and an option to be in the regular games with both men and women, lastly I would have a separate game for disabled people so that they can have their own fair advantage but still not being allowed to take any drugs and have to be physically able to participate in the disabled games.

    Lastly, my one rule to keep my event fair is no enhancement drugs every participant would have to take a drug test on the day of the event. Women, men, and disabled athletes would all have to take a test so that everyone would have a fair advantage to win their category of games.

    Therefore I believe the most important thing at an international sports competition is fairness, everybody worked equally as hard to get into these games and it could be extremely important for them to at least have a shot at winning so people who use enhancement drugs in games that do not allow them I believe that its so unfair to the people that actually have talent for sports and actually put hard work and effort into trying to win.

  • To keep my event safe I would always make sure that if everyone is to use drugs that they should be used in a legal amount, as many athletes over time have been victims of overdose, and I don't want any of my competitors to be permanently scarred because of my lack of caution.
    To keep it inclusive when I organize the event I will not base it on country, rather I would base it on those who didn't qualify for the Olympics I feel in such a situation, the event cannot be rigged.
    To me the most important thing is safety, because if someone ends up in a wheel chair because of the drugs, it doesn't matter if they are black or white , male or female, they have still been injured and if we don't focus on safety international sport competitions would be very much a blood bath.

    1. I agree because even if there is unfiarness, saefty is always more important, because there have been many victims overdose over time.

      1. Do you have evidence for your point about overdoses?

        1. What i mean by overdose is that when a sportsperson takes too much of performance enhancing drugs, it could lead to damage in old age, and according to the U.S doping agency it could even cause liver damage, Acne and even stunted growth.

    2. I disagree because... as you said you would only allow the athletes to take drugs if they would take a legal amount, why I disagree because if the athletes continue to take even legal amounts of drugs, it will still keep increasing, and it may be affecting their organs little by little. and also it can be lead to the athletes getting addicted to the drugs and they will start taking illegal amounts.

      1. I completely agree with you and I feel that's the reason why the Olympics would never encourage the use of drugs and that's why I think this event is wrong generally.

      2. In addition to what you said when this athletes retire they might continue to use this drugs unknown to the fact that they are getting addicted to these drugs.There should be a doctor to monitor the effects of these drugs on people ,when this effects are negative there should be a law that says that they should stop the use of these drugs.

      3. I agree because... In addition to what you said the athletes should be restricted on when to take these drugs how to these drugs and the amount of time needed to make the drug settle, this way there would be proper safety in the enhanced games.

      4. I completely understand your point. Of course even if these athletes were to be checked on the usage, those dangerous side effects will still come because their body system is as well getting use to these drugs thereby leading them to start the intake of over dose just like they can't live without it. It could also bring about some health disorders and making some people not be able to carry or lift their own body parts which could also lead to using wheel chair and making our athletes fewer.

      5. I strongly agree with you trusting_interaction. Because every little thing can get to a large amount. It will just keep adding on till it gets to a limit. When it comes to drugs, you will not notice it until it has destroyed almost everything. Organs are very delicate and when a drug is overdosed it destroys mainly the organs. What am trying to say is that athletes can overdose it or it will keep growing and later destroy their body.

    3. I feel you added very important details that should be added to many other sports competitions, and that you include everybody in your rule selection of rules, it's important to make sure your rules are equal and fair and safety is even more important than that.

  • If I were to create rules for an inclusive, safe and fair competition then , instead of having separate leagues for women and specially abled I would instead include them in the competition and encourage them to participate with the feeling of sportsmanship, rather than making them feel like an outsider for having a total different league . No discrimination would be allowed and the team would be consisting of different people , the team members should not tease , bully or body shame each other . If this is found then the team will be disqualified and dissolved. For having a fair play , no match fixing would be allowed if a player is found doing so then he/she will be disqualified and will be banned from playing further . I will allow enhancement drugs, if they are distributed evenly to all the players and will disqualify a player or coach for consuming or giving excess drug to themselves or a player . As for being safe , I will provide equipment to the players according to their body type and ensure that they are getting proper training and a balanced diet . I will disqualify any player who tries to hurt a player emotionally and physically . Sports are not just meant to play but to participate .

  • If I were to organize a sports competition, I would establish the following rules for a safe, inclusive, and fair event:

    1. Safety: There will be security personnel stationed throughout the event to ensure the safety of all participants and attendees.

    2. Inclusivity: There will be no discrimination based on religious beliefs. Everyone will be welcome to participate, regardless of their faith.

    3. Fairness: Doping is strictly prohibited. However, to prevent any potential cheating, all athletes will undergo a thorough medical examination before participating in any sport.
    However, safety is the most important factor because inclusivity and fairness cannot be considered without ensuring safety first.

  • Rules can make sports the same for everyone.
    So for the safety I would keep my event safe by installing CV cameras and security guards in case of any illegal action such as a violent act as these events tend to be family friendly.
    Secondly I would include different people of alla ages, from teenagers until an age that could support the sport they arr taking part and thirdly in order to keep it fair they would compete according to their age group.

  • I believe that to create a sports event that can rival the Olympics, you first need an expert team that will help you decide on rules, regulations, and stipulations.

    Once you have an expert team ready to give you advice, you can begin. The first rule that any sports event needs to be a safe event is the rule that athletes have athletic spirits and that they don't express political or sociopolitical ideas. If players express either of these things, it means that they might not be chosen simply for how they act. This shouldn't be how an event is managed. This means that objectively worse athletes get accepted simply because they have more agreed-upon beliefs.

    Another rule that makes sure everyone can participate is that you separate every sport into different categories. For weightlifting, you could say there will be two sections: one is the "Enhanced" section, where people who take anabolic steroids participate. The other one is the "natural" section, where people who don't take anabolic steroids participate. This was just an example; if you make different sports have different sections, it will make it so that everyone can participate.

    Last but certainly not least, all athletes will be required to have the same gear. This includes people in the LGBTQ+ community, but they will have their very own sectors that can accommodate them; this is extended to all other communities. Making everyone have the same gear makes sure that only skill judges an athlete, not gear. (This will extend to steroids.)

    And most importantly, safety is maintained through the games. This makes sure that all parties that participate are happy. Fairness is only as good as how you enforce it, and without safety, it is useless. Then, after making sure you have the basics, you can begin extending the games to other communities.

  • Well, if i was given the opportunity to create my own game I would ensuring the safety, inclusivity, and fairness of the competition is very important for the enjoyment of the game. Safety for me should have the most concern, so therefore, the main rule for safety would be the proper use of appropriate protective gear for all contestants, keeping them safe against possible injuries during the physical activity as normal in sports. Meanwhile, inclusivity surrounds providing a welcoming and varied environment, so therefore, a rule ensuring that athletes of all abilities and talents are openly welcome to compete without any discrimination like racism would be important, promoting a feeling unity. Establishing this rule increases participation and also acknowledging the special talents and skills each participant contributes to the event. Lastly, to balance fairness and integrity in the competition, a strict policy against doping would be creates, highlighting the benefit of fairness and making sure that all athletes compete on the same level, without any man-made enhancements like steroids. So in my game by using these regulations through the above rules, my game would not only produce a stage for athletic success but as a standard for sportsmanship, unity, safety and indiscrimination.

  • It is rather difficult to choose which own is more important at an international sport competition. When you are organizing such a big event you have to carefully take into consideration every aspect , safety inclusivety and fairness. All of them are of equal important when the contestants are so many from different cultures.
    First of all every piece of equipment and material for the sport event should be double checked fit the safety of the athletes.
    Different groups of people should be put in the right event according to their age, strength, training. We should not forget that disabled people are part of our world ,so and for this event according to the right rules for them.

  • If I had to create my own game, a rule which I would imply to all the people taking part is respect. In my opinion respect and a healthy relationship is fundamental for any kind of sport and for teaching people which is going to see my game.
    Also a rule I would keep for giving all people opportunities and not leaving anyone out is to give recognization to all participants in the game so nobody is going to feel apart from the game. In my opinion not only the winner or the best ones need to be recognized but also all the players in this case in my game.
    For an international sports competition the fairness I think that is the most important because the people from all the world may be different in many aspects but they should not be different in what they deserve and justice in an equal way.

  • If I create my own game I would help ensures a safe and inclusive environment for every one practicing in the event .one rule would keep my event fair ensuring that all participants follow the same set of standards and have equal succeed . Balancing safety , inclusivity , and fairness is important ,but safety takes priority in order to protect participants and attendent .without a safe environment , neither inclusivity nor fairness can be effectively maintained .

    1. I strongly agree with your point of view balanced elephant I believe a good environment matters a lot. Most fields consist of rough grounds which mostly costs servicer injuries that can leave very bad scares and some could even be paralyzed and would not be able to participate in any sports at all. This is caused mostly when the drug can't handle the current situation, this also cause dehydration, diarrhea and cramps.

      1. I agree with you because athletes also need good environment to play. If the fields are rough it wouldn't be good for playing and if any thing occurs, thereby leaving a lot of scars on the body and in this situation, the enhanced drugs can't be of any help which could cause sicknesses like dehydration. I believe that even if these athletes were running and they fall and hit their heads, it can cause mental disorder leading to serious issues as the enhanced drugs can't be of help making the players feel worse and making athletes fewer.

      2. I agree with you because, a sporting environment that has uneven surfaces, slippery conditions, and unsafe equipment is not good for a player to play on a field that does not have a good field.
        Not just that, but if the environment is unhealthy, then the athletes can get sick. This can make the team lose more because there is a capability that the athletes relation can sue the team and then the team will lose.
        So, athletes need to have preventive measures to keep safe, especially the athletes.
        THANK YOU.

  • I believe we need to have more rules over different competitions with Trans people. I have nothing against them as I feel they are amazing people but in compettions it is very bad for many. For example women are doing a swimming competition and a trans woman came into compete, the women would be demolashed by the trans woman as she has the biology of a male and much more power. So I would say we should have-
    Trans people are to compete against eachover in their own competitions
    As a rule to make it fair and inclusive to all preventing online arguements over the competitions with trans people as they have put in effert too.

  • If I was to create an /a sporting event the key rule that would make my sport safe is that appropriate gear and uniform must be worn to ensure safety preventing serious injury and wounds.
    Oviously the one rule that would make my game inclusive is that all participants must be treated fairly and respected regardless of their background, abbilites, and beliefs no discrimination is or would be allowed.
    One rule that would make my game fair is that no one would be able to disobey the rules and cheating or doping would not be allowed.
    All are Important but what needs to be their upmost priority is safety to help ensure the well being of all participants.

    1. I agree with educated_fox because in my opinion I think safety is the most important to focus on and this is beneficial for every game. This is important because the Olympians and the spectators need to be protected and also to feel safe. Safety is very key in ensuring that all participants perform well and also enjoy the best of the game.

  • When designing your own games, one vital rule to ensure safety is to always provide proper equipment and enforce the use of safety gear to keep people safe when they are doing there sport. To maintain inclusivity, it is crucial to promote teamwork and encourage everyone to participate regardless of skill level. To ensure fairness, establish clear rules that apply to all participants equally and have unbiased referees or judges overseeing the event. At an international sports competition, prioritizing safety is the most important, as it ensures the well-being of all athletes and spectators, allowing everyone to enjoy the event without any concerns.

  • I believe that SAFETY should take a precedence over rewards that athletes may get, so they have to take care of themselves and understand that its not mainly a competition but a demonstration of sport integrity.
    I doubt that it not fair to use drugs, they have to keep their health, body power and remember the hard effort they have made to reach this olympics NOT BY USING DRUGS.
    In my point of view the rules have to be strict .
    Here are my rules:
    1- We have to give every athlete something like a smart band to monitor his heart rate and in case it reaches dangerous level that may even endanger their health the band will emet a sound to alert the athlete and the event referee
    2- if the event is a little bit dangerous on your body you should wear helmets, paddings and even footwear
    3- in random times in the event we should implement random drug tests through the event to make sure the athletes aren't using any performance enhancements at any time at the event
    4- allow all segments of society even people with special needs to participate in our event.

  • I think that the rule which will help in making the event safe is that if anyone felt that he could't complete and he is so tired he can just leave the match. Because if anyone completes a match with tiredness they might get injured so for the safety of the players they should just leave. For instance: there is a player in Egypt national football team called Mustafa. this player was so tired but he couldn't leave the match so after a while he fell down and he fainted.

    I believe that the rule which will help in making the event inclusive is to enforce a policy against that everybody should treated the same and there is no discrimination. So if we make this policy and everyone
    follow it, then the event will be inclusive.

    in my view point i think that the rule that will make the event fair is that no one can't take doping. Since doping is something unfair and also it will harm there health so it's for both fairness and safeness. An example: is Lance Armstrong the american cyclist was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles and other awards after admitting to using performance-enhancing drugs throughout his career.

    At the end, i want to say that all of these thing is sooo important and everyone should follow it but i think that safeness is the most important thing as if there is no safeness so the event will be a disaster.

  • If I were to create a sport competition, one of the rules I would make is ''No use of drugs''. I say this because If people take to many drugs, and since drugs can effect our body system, if the people using them are participating in the game, a strange effect due to health risk may strike them and they would not be able to play any sport game again. Another reason I say this rule is an unfair advantage. The use of drugs in sports gives an unfair advantage to those who use them over those who do not. This undermines the principles of fair competition and can lead to a lack of integrity within sports.
    Another rule might be, people should go for a checkup with the doctor before participating in the game. why I say this because, in some sports games I have seen, when the athletes are competing some of them have some health issues and may not have learned about it, in the middle of the game the athlete may just collapse or even faint and by the end of the day, people be blaming the people that hosted the game. Some of them may say thing like '' They must have ate or drank something from the stadium that had expired and that is why they clasped'', or maybe they may say that that the opposing team are the cause of it, they may say that they did not want the other team to win so they must have applied a substance that caused it. And it may cause tensions between the two teams.
    So in conclusion, those are the main rules I would apply for my own games.

  • ** One rule that would keep my event safe is that all participants have to go through a medical examination and obtain clarence from a health care professional before participating. This would help identify any injuries that may pose a risk during the games. For this, I can give them equipments and medical staffs when they need.

    ** One rule that would keep my event inclusive is that all individuals can participate in the game. It doesn’t matter from which religion, race or nationalities they are, the only thing that will matter is that all of them are human beings. This event wil provide equal opportunities to everyone. Efforts would be made to create an accessible environment offering reasonable accommodations.

    ** One rule that would keep my event fair is that all participants must adhere to a strict code of conduct and fair play. They can't do any cheating or doping. For making the event fair, we will use video reviews, referees, judges etc. I will give equal facilities including training, latest equipments to all participants.

    *** All three aspects - Safety, inclusivity and fairness is important at an international sports. Among these three, fairness is most important at an international sports. At an international sports competition different nations people participate. Fairness ensures that all participants have an equal chance to succeed based on their skills and training. It maintains the integrity of the competition.

  • We feel that a rule that would keep us safe would be all the present rules. We think they've pretty much got it right at the moment.
    No drugs would keep the event inclusive LHH

  • I will invent a game where players excel in challenges within a maze filled with terrifying effects as they pass through these challenges of climbing, jumping, and running, etc.

    First the role will keep my event safe: It's not allowed for people under18 years old, as well as for older non-athletic adults and individuals with heart conditions.

    Second role would keep my event inclusive : Subscription to the game is open to all nationalities and individuals with disabilities.

    Third : The rule would keep your event fair It is prohibited to use energy drinks or drugs that enhance physical activity or reduce external fatigue.

    Finally I believe that the three elements are very important in creating the rules of any sports game, as individuals' safety is a humanitarian and legal responsibility. Additionally, inclusivity is crucial to avoid discouraging others and making them feel inferior. Lastly, fair is important for similar reasons to inclusivity, as unfair evaluation can lead to frustration for individuals.

  • The most important thing in any competition is safety because if the player those not come out alive it can cause severe damages like;closing of that organisation and the death will be on they owners of that organisation.If we can keep people safe we can continue playing sports without any problem.If I were to make a sport club my one rule will be not to use enhancing drugs. Enhancing drugs can make a player more athletic but can cause severe damages to the body.

    1. Absolutly, because priotitizing safety in any competion is essential. Neglecting safety protocol not only jeopardizes lives but also carries legal abd ethnical ramifications for organizers. Additionally, banning performance enhances drugs is crucial for preservin the integrity of sports and protecting atheletes from the harmful effects of such substances.
      Thabk you 😆.

  • I think that if I hosted my own sports tournament, I would allow drugs and other performance-enhancing pills because it could help people who are disabled or who has a really bad injury so it could be numbed or heal quicker.

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. How could this approach still be problematic?

    2. Hi engaging_chicken I disagree with you. If disabled people take drugs or pills that enhance their performance can do more harm to them than good because some people have disabilities that can not be cured by taking enhanced drugs for example autism and maybe if they take the drugs it can make them faint or have some brain malfunctions because most enhancing drugs or pills have warning labels that people who have disabilities related to their brain or heart functions should not consume them. Also, enhancement drugs have side effects after consumption for example you could get insomnia or diarrhea or get fatigued easily if a person overtakes or misuses the drug and this can be dangerous to a person's health physically or mentally. Sorry if I sound a bit judgemental I am trying to explain how dangerous enchantment drugs are if not consumed properly.

  • Many things came to my mind concerning the rules but to keep my event safe I would only let people who are responsible and ready to participate in this event.
    I would include happiness and joy to the game , exclude negativeness so as the athletes won't feel nervous.
    To keep my event safe I would make rules that would be followed by everyone but people with disabilities or special characteristics will also have the chance to participate.

  • One rule that would keep my event safe would be no aggressive collisions against one another because constantly being hit or collided against can cause a lot of trauma across your whole body, one rule that would keep my event inclusie is, you have to be 20 year old to play, and you can retire when you turn 60, one rule that would keep the event fair would be giving everyone a chance to show who they are. Fairness is most important at an international sports competition because, everyone deserves to have the same opportunities as others.

  • I think having my own game would be really cool.
    To keep all the contestants safe I would have a medical team nearby in order to protect the athletes.
    To continue with, I would have a lot of "parts" in this competition. One for the young ages one for the middle ages and one for the grown up people .
    To keep my event fair I would have a tem that could regularly tests athletes for dropping or a any illegal drugs to make sure that nobody cheats.

    1. That is a very good idea shining_aspect that way everything is fair and safe but would also ban legal drug enhancers such as caffeine. Having a medical team on stand by shows how much of a concern for the safety players of your sport. What would you do with the people who cheat? Would you ban them form your sport or not let them play for the round and give them a second chance? I would love to see your answers to the questions I have asked to see how you carry safety into that aspect to.

  • Good Day Everyone
    If I would create a game a rule that would keep the event safe would be that no rough playing would be allowed. Anybody causing great harm to any participants physically or playing very roughly would be disqualified.
    To make my event a little different I would organize a special game for children to play and get a chance to win. I would also not have any age limits to the game as to allow anybody who thinks they are capable to participate. I would also keep a different game for the disables people to show their skills too.
    With regards to fairness, No performing-enhancing drugs, equipments etc will be allowed. I would try my best to keep up fairness and that no player is cheated.
    I would also not allow bullying or any such emotional, physical or mental tortures to another participant and anyone doing so would be disqualified immediately.

    I believe That most important in an international sports would be safety and fairness because for a game, no one should be harmed in any way and a game is not really a game if there is no fairness among participants and the deserving participants don't win.
    Thank You.

  • If I was the one to make this rules, I would not include the use of drugs, because the drug are harmful to the body. This rule can't be fair because it will not be on the advantage to those who do not use these drugs. However, it will definitely be a on the interest of those who use them. And so, The importance of the international sports competition is fairness and safety.

    1. I agree you because drugs are harmful to the body that is why athletes can't use enhanced drugs. This rule you stated is not fair to people because those people who use this drugs will not be able to use it in sports that why is illegal to use . Also, there are other importance of the international sports competition which are fairness, safety, inclusivity, promotion of unity and friendship.

    2. I entirely agree with you because the competition will not be fair when an athlete, who has trained his or her whole life, be beaten by someone who took drugs to be able to compete in the Olympics events.

  • If I were making a sport then I would use performing enhancers drugs but I would test before and give everyone the same amount, this way everything is fair. I want to use enhancer drugs so people could see how drugs can change the human body.

    1. I'm not sure about this because I think the use of drugs is different in different bodies. The drugs maybe more helpful to one person and problematic to another. People have different tolerances for different things. So, if one person performs better but the other doesn't perform to that level, then that would not be fair. There is a reason why drugs are banned. Such enhancers may cause side effects during the performance. Long-term health issues can also be caused, so I don't think drugs should be used.

  • Hii ,
    If I were creating a game, the rule that would keep my event safe would be not taking drugs.
    The rule to keep my event inclusive would be ensuring affordability and accessibility for participants from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. This involves offering scholarships, financial assistance programs, and affordable registration fees to make it possible for athletes from less privileged backgrounds to participate and compete on equal footing with their peers.
    The one rule to keep my event fair would be to follow the rules and regulations with complete fairness.
    From my point of view, at an international sports competition, all three aspects - safety, inclusivity, and fairness - are crucial. Safety is very important because without it, no one would want to play the game, and inclusivity and fairness are also essential because they ensure that everyone has the opportunity to participate and compete on equal terms, regardless of their background or circumstances.

    Thank you .

  • If I were to make a rule, I would prohibit players from using drugs. This is because the first-class countries may have access to various types of performance enhancers that may not be available to players from other countries. This could give an unfair advantage to players from those countries. To keep the event fair, I would impose an age limit. Some may find this unfair, but I believe it's essential because older players may have more experience than younger ones. I'm not saying that younger players are not well-experienced and cannot compete, but that's simply my perspective. Lastly, I believe that safety is the most crucial aspect of international sports.

  • In my ooinion if i organize any competition i will never put political changes on it i will make the preparation of the health and i always try to reduce the risk . I will make the rule veey safe . The physician said that 35%percent of injuries are cause by games so i will try to reduce the injuries which cause physically and mentally in my gane or the organization

  • I'm order games to progress well rules need to be established.
    Fist of all, concerning safety I would have established guidelines for safe play in order to reduce the risk of any injuries. For instance how to interact with each other and which protective equipment to use.
    As for fair play team spirit and integrity would be implemented by respecting the referee's decision, shake hands and do not distract an opponent.
    Lastly I would organise sport activities so that everyone could participate in order to feel welcome.
    All backgrounds pages and abilities would be respected under the umbrella of one rule.

  • If i was making the rules than
    One rule for safety : Mandatory medical checkups for participants.
    One rule for inclusivity: providing all necessary equipment to participant .
    One rule for fairness: conducting random drug testing .
    Most important at an international sports competition : safety .
    In my view i will make these rules .

  • If i would create a game the one rule which i would have kept would be that there will be no discrimination on the bases of caste, religion, gender, etc. And there would be a rule that if any player teases other player on these things then that player would be removed from game.
    The one rule which can keep my sports inclusive can be that the things should suit to the individuals. If the person is disabled then also he/she can come on the basis of sports skills. This can also make the game fair. The rule which can keep the game fair would be that the players will not be allowed to take performance - enhancing drugs. This is the main rule. Because in my game I want all the players to be strong from inside. There is no need of players to be strong for only that period of time. Just to win the game.
    I think safety and fairness is very important in an international sports. Because so many players take doping but are not caught amd other players are not taking so it is not fair for them. And safety of every player is must.It's the duty of the manager of the game to keep the player safe.

  • What one rule would keep your event safe?
    The fact that there would be no doping and medical assistance would always be ready.

    What one rule would keep your event inclusive?
    The use of the best equipment and usage of robotic parts.

    What one rule would keep your event fair?
    the rule that allows every country not to bring a rigged robot part.

    And what's most important at an international sports competition: safety, inclusivity or fairness?
    All, we need all of them to have the best international competitions.

  • For my hypothetical sporting event, let's call it the Unity Games. Here are the rules that would ensure safety, inclusivity, and fairness: For the safety of the event, before getting into the action, everyone needs to have a thorough medical check to make sure they're fit to compete. And when it's time to go, safety gear is a must for everyone, and there have got to be experts around to help out if anyone gets hurt.

    To make my event inclusive, I will warmly invite people, so there's no room for discrimination here, whether it's about race, ethnicity, religion, who you love, or how much money you have.

    In making my event fair, every person involved will play by the exact rules and conditions, ensuring nobody has an unfair edge. Strict consequences await anyone caught cheating, doping, or acting unsportsmanlike. Plus, unbiased judges or referees will supervise to guarantee everyone plays fair and square.

    In my opinion, at an international sports competition, ensuring safety takes precedence. Without proper safety measures in place, the competition's integrity suffers, and the well-being of the athletes is put at risk. Plus, if you think about it, who will like to compete in an event that can get you injured? So, without a secure environment, the competition can't proceed properly or morally.

  • One rule that would keep my event safe would be no sabotaging. I say that because some people are very selfish and like to push,tackle and harm other people just to be the spotlight. One rule how I would keep my event inclusive is that you can be any skin color, speak any language and wear any thing of your culture. I say that because some people that are different skin colors, speak different languages get judged and gets pushed aside or people just say no to them. I would keep my event fair by giving everyone the same amount of respect,the same training on their level and make sure that all of the participants are ready for the competition. The most important thing at the international sports competition is all of the above. I say that because all human beings that would like to be included they should and they can be included. Lastly everyone should be aware of what they are doing so nobody gets hurt.

  • The one rule that would keep my game safe is no drugs. Because some people that run track take drugs, and that is a bad thing. Drugs can sometimes kill you or can even give you a heart attack and die. To keep my game inclusive I will make sure that I don't leave any contestant out of the game on accident. If i do it will not be fair for that person. To make my game safe I will have 3 main rules: 1. Do not push one another. Because if you push somebody they can get hurt very badly while running at full speed. 2. Do not threaten anybody.Because if you threaten somebody they will tell the judge and you can get banned.3. Don't try to fight anybody if you try to fight somebody you will get imediantly banned for a few years.In my opinion I think that for an international competition safety is most important because if there aren't any safety rules people can get injured or wounded they can even die.In conclusion you always have to be fair,kind, and safe to people.

  • If I were to create a sporting competition game, I would obviously not allow performance enhancers due to the amount of unfairness that it provides athletes and health risk. Drugs can harm you making you get a crucial disease for example, any form of cancer, COVID, and all other types of harmful diseases. Performance enhancers such as drugs, enhance your physical abilities by making you able to run faster, stronger and more which is a really huge cheat code or advantage. Athletes who actually work and train hard for their goals might seem useless due to athletes who use performance enhancers. This rule should answer the question if it would be fair or not (the answer is yes).
    Another rule is that there would be no violence allowed. That would answer the question if it will be safe. Lastly I would make a rule where all appropriate ages and all races would be able to compete. That should answer the question if it would be inclusive. In my opinion, fairness is the most important.
    I think this because all the hard workers would look useless. If it is safe and inclusive then it won't matter if there is an athlete who is better than everyone due to performance enhancers.

  • If I were to create my own international sports games, one rule that I would put in place to ensure safety of the athletes as well as the spectators, is ensure that I have multiple water stations around the stadiums. I believe that this is vital for any kind of sporting tournament as athletes are quite consistently working their bodies and naturally they will need more water than they usually do. Therefore, if I provide many free water stations around the stadiums, they will always have access to this. As well as this, it's important that spectators have access to free water stations for me as they too will become thirsty or hot so it's crucial that they have access to a basic human need as well as having access to anything that may aid them whilst watching the games.

    One rule that I would put in place to ensure that it is inclusive is that there will be multiple sports for those physically able as well as those who aren't so physically capable. This is vital to ensure that everybody feels included and it also brings together a sense of community, which could really benefit the sporting world.

    One rule that I would put in place to ensure that the games are fair is that there will be one referee on a pitch/multiple judges (depending on the sport) but there will also be one or two referees/judges somewhere else who are watching the game and are kept in sync with the referee/judges who are at the event. This is quite similar to the VAR system which is quite commonly used in football now. This will benefit the referee's decisions as they will be coming from more than one person, allowing the game to be viewed as more fair.

    Finally, I believe that the safety of the spectators and athletes is the most vital part of these rules. This is because if athletes aren't safe enough to compete then they shouldn't be allowed to compete, leading to not even mentioning inclusiveness or fairness. Therefore, it is the primary factor and should always be the primary factor of any sporting event.

  • To ensure inclusivity at your event, a vital rule would be to treat everyone with respect regardless of their differences. To maintain fairness, a crucial rule would be to apply the same standards and rules to all participants. At an international sports competition, safety should be the top priority as it ensures the well-being of all individuals involved. However, without inclusivity and fairness, the competition may not truly represent the spirit of sportsmanship.

  • I believe that fairness is most important at an international competition. It guarantees that nobody faces any discrimination, so it kind of covers inclusivity too, since there would be no discrimination against race, religion or gender. Also, if something happens to someone, being fair means that they get justice in the end. It may not make it completely safe, but I think that people would be more afraid to put others in danger, as long as they know that they won't get away with it. From my experience, people tend to go as far as they are permitted and cross the line even if just a little bit. When they know that they shall be punished for any misbehaving, they are more likely to be more careful with their actions. At that point, they would probably try to stay within the lines. After all, the point of participating in the contest, or watching it is to have fun.
    I think that justice plays a vital role in this, because I don't think that people would still come if the game lacked fairness. As the years passed by, there have been quite some unfortunate events, caused by injustice. For example, what does skin color have anything to do with people's intellect? We are currently living in modern times and I think that being open minded matters a lot. We definitely don't want to repeat the same mistakes that others had already made before us.