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  • I think there should be a hub discussion post about AI because it is something the world needs to worry about, AI is spreading all the world and might be the future if not stopped.
    In my opinion I think that AI should be stopped because In the future people would be lazy and always ask AI to do something for them and by that humans will not get to do things, instead AI will do it and by that how do you expect us humans to be working in the near future. So all I'm saying is that AI should be stopped to have a great future. Thank you

    1. Thanks for your comment diligent_world!

      We agree that AI is a hot topic in the news. That's why we have some discussion posts already up around this topic. You can share your opinions on the discussions in the AI: education and the future of work area.

      When suggesting a NEW discussion for this topic, have a look at the discussions we already have first. If you think there is a whole discussion question missing, then you can suggest it here.

    2. Although AI has its disadvantages , in my opinion i don't think that it should be completely stopped because there were certain things that humans were not able to achieve before the development of these AI systems so we as humans have become dependent on these systems to an extent, so to say that stopping these AI systems will take its toll on humanity

      1. Thanks for your comment coherent_perspective!

        We agree that AI is a hot topic in the news. That's why we have some discussion posts already up around this topic. You can share your opinions on the discussions in the AI: education and the future of work area.

        When suggesting a NEW discussion for this topic, have a look at the discussions we already have first. If you think there is a whole discussion question missing, then you can suggest it here.

      2. I disagree because AI was created to assist humans. But instead of assisting us, they are stealing our jobs and rendering us completely in our society and proving us utterly useless in our various places of work and occupation. In my opinion, AI has been more dangerous towards humans than it has been helpful towards us.
        Thank you.

        1. I agree because AI is suppose to aid us and not make us lazy. AI makes us humans not to be creative. AI is also a powerful tool that can easily be misused. In general, AI and learning algorithms can predict the outcome from the data they are given. If the designers do not provide representative data, the resulting AI systems become biased and unfair.

          1. I disagree with this comment because I believe that rather than making us lazy and lack creativity, AI actually saves us time and effort and provides room and opportunities to be creative. From a personal perspective, there are so many things I would love to do but I am too preoccupied with other things. To put it simply, I am too preoccupied with time consuming responsibilities and tasks to let my mind wander into a world of new possibilities and ideas. This is a burden that AI can swiftly get rid of.

            1. Can you challenge yourself to think of three ways that AI might help people to become more creative instead of less creative like you said?

              1. AI can make a person feel confident in himself. For example, sometimes, none of the ideas ChatGPT comes up with are superior to the ones in your head. That in and of itself tells you something about your ideas: you actually think they’re pretty good. In that case, wish the AI well and go forward with your own human creativity.
                AI encourages lateral thinking. Lateral thinking is a manner of solving problems using an indirect and creative approach via reasoning that is not immediately obvious. A great example of lateral thinking in the creative field is the work of one of my most favourite musician and producer Brian Eno. Eno's inventive approach to composition led him to create the Oblique Strategies card deck where each card has a cryptic instruction or constraint intended to break creative deadlock and encourage innovative thinking. The actual deck is pretty extensive, but with AI, you can tailor the idea to your specific project or problem.

                1. I agree because these points are valid for a lot of peolple, AI can be compared to human in some things: creativity, language; searching. But maybe sometimes AI may be seen a bit scared as well, because you are talking not to a real person which could do a lot of human things.

                2. I disagree to this because... AI actually make we humans loose confidence in ourselves in the sense that, after the chatGPT was introduced to us to use, lots of students lost focus and are still losing focus in their studies, they don't want to stress themselves about reading they now feel if given an assignment at school and they do it by themselves they are going to fail to they sought the aid of chatGPT, which is a big problem.
                  AI has also increased the rate of examination malpractices, all of these because of AI. AI might make thing easier and faster but are we going to turn a blind eye on the damages being made?

                  1. I agree and i think the solution to this is that age restrictions should be put in place to curb the negative impact of AI on students. If that does not work then the AI user should specify their age and then according to their respective ages, some information should be restricted. If this is put in place, then the rate at which students depend on AI will reduce.

          2. You raise valid points. Striking a balance between AI assistance and human creativity is crucial. Misuse and biases in AI highlight the importance of ethical considerations and careful design to ensure fair and unbiased outcomes. It's a shared responsibility to harness the benefits of AI responsibly.

          3. I agree with this content and brilliant idea of yours.
            Just like you said AI is a powerful tool that can be misused,now this where the doom comes in, just like a pet to be more precised a dog, we all know dogs are faithful but that also doesn't mean it can't attack the owner if been paranoid and the attack can actually cause damages.
            Same goes to AI no matter how the programmer has programmed it,if force to do otherwise it can turn back on humans and for sure can cause destruction.

          4. I disagree because AI can assist us in building our creativity. When we run out of ideas for example, we can make use of AI to give us a new idea or change our perspective towards the way we see things. Here in school, our programming instructor tells us that programmers are demi-gods who can create great things with syntax and semantics. With combined knowledge from different sources in history and all over the world, we can learn new things through AI. Even communication has been made easier by AI using social media platforms as an example. For me, AI is just another step in the evolution of man.

        2. I disagree because due to technological advancements, new jobs have been created that never existed. In most occupations machines do not completely replace humans but just assist in production. If humans were to be completely replaced, then who would operate the machines, maintain them and even build them. I personally believe that the creation cannot be better than the creator. Instead of focusing on the flaws that AI has developed, we should see how we can work to improving it as there is always room for improvement.
          Thank you.

          1. I agree with chatty_fact that although it seems like our jobs are being slowly taken away by AI, it has actually done more good than harm. For example AI has helped to make different jobs that were time consuming and labour intensive to be faster and require less human labour such as customer services, large scale production of goods and the likes of them.

            1. I disagree because although there has been a major development in industrialization, there has been a partial or complete replacement of humans in these industries. This leaves the humans without jobs. Even in robot producing companies, other robots are used instead of humas. On the bright side, hard labor has been reduced and easier jobs that require mainly brains are being left for the humans. This is as a result of the inability of machines to think for themselves.

          2. It's true AI has created new jobs, but how about the people whose jobs were displaced due to AI? They probably weren't compensated in any way and were just abandoned. How would it feel to be replaced by a non living thing? And they'll say it's meant to help humans, but does it always? From the point of view of an entrepreneur of a big company, working with AI instead of people may be more beneficial because, there would be no need to release salaries, but what about the people that have no choice but to be an employee instead of an employer? The sad truth is that not all people can just do what they want, some people work to survive and provide for their families, so for poorer people like these AI probably has not as much benefit to them. I agree that AI is great, but would it really benefit people of all class? Inequality is an inevitable issue all round the world, would AI make this issue worse or better?

          3. I agree with the phrase "the creation cannot be better than the creator". I personally feel humans are getting insecure and do not believe in their level of intelligence which is giving them the mindset that AI will completely replace them as we have forgotten that we are way more smarter and better than AI. AI should be seen as just "something" because I believe with our natural intelligence we would be able to make something even better and higher than the level AI is now. Humans need to be regularly reminded that AI exists because of us and if we never felt like producing it, right now it would be nonexistent. We as humans are giving AI the power to rule our lives and push us out of the picture when instead we should only give AI the chance to help us out, reduce our stress level and make us more efficient because that is originally what their meant for.

            1. I fully agree with you and in fact I think the best comment I have read today is yours even I agree that "the creation cannot be better than the creator". AI can never replace us coz we human beings are the creator of them. If we have the ability to create them then we have the ability to destroy them but instead we should work together to make our life's better!!

              1. Well done for responding to another comment!

            2. Yes, i agree with you. Humans have started to think that AI is really the smart one. This could lead to dependence on the thing that we created ourselves! We should not forget that AI was created by us. All the resources, facts and creativity that they have was put there by us. We should not forget that AI is just meant to be an aid which we can use to achieve greater things than we already have. We are superior to AI but if we start to depend too much on machines, we will become lazy and passive. We won't be able to reach our full potential if we let our creations take over. If we work with AI then AI itself will be our starting point.

        3. I agree because... AI was meant to assist humans in their random Jobs and it makes humans lazy it is meant to help humans in what the are doing but the are living everything to AI , but humans left the hole jobs for AI and that is why AI is taking over most of the jobs humans have created example graphic designer, data analysis, courtes, writers, software engineer, security guard. Student don't even write essays the give it to AI to write it for us the students. Thank you.

          1. Why do you think AI is able to do the jobs you have listed here? Things such as graphic design and data analysis. Are there any jobs you think AI could not do that only a human can?

        4. I strongly angry with you because know unfortunately we are giving Ai (artificial intelligence) too much power and with that people have unfortunately started loosing their jobs because now adays ai does almost everything to us they help do our home works, efficiency through task automation, data analysis and also assistance in medical diagnosis and unfortunately if this doesn't stop then humans will have just few jobs available and in conclusion we should remember they are somethings that ai can't do because it doesn't have emotional feelings

        5. I'm not sure about this because we only limited AI to assisting us to assist us in our work, but let us not forget the fact that there are dangerous tasks such as mining, which are very dangerous to human lives, with the development of AI, there are now robots that can now perform this task, this has helped we humans to be able to preserve different lives, so. Don't get me wrong by thinking I am against you, but let us see that there are some jobs that AI are meant to take over because they are destroying human lives.
          So in conclusion, there are jobs that AI taking over is the only way forward, because AI was made to help us in some of our work. So there are jobs that AI can take over, but there are some that AI are not meant to take over.
          THANK YOU.

        6. I respect your point of view but you are only focusing on the disadvantages of AI and ignoring about its advantages. Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. As cycle of inventions of technologies like AIs continues, there will be end of some jobs but there will also be the arise of other jobs. About the assisting of AIs, it is helping in different invention of technology , research and in some areas of our daily life. It was indeedmade for our benefits; I agree with you in this point that we should not make AI more overpower and with feelings as it can be dangerous to us. At the end of the day, it is all about how we use it and for what purpose we use AI for.
          -Just My Opinion

        7. I completely agree with you because...It seems like we are getting to a point where AI is getting to confiscate the world, dominate humans who created them. With the way this AI of a thing is going about, it seems it's mostly the owners of these companies who make use of AI that tend to benefit more from it because AI doesn't need man power to function and doesn't need a salary after its work and this make the owners of the companies benefiting more and still try to invest more in the development of the AI world leaving an average man that depends solely on the salaries being paid to him after work, jobless and not being able to put food on his table simply because of one AI of a thing.
          AI is simply an artificial intelligence, we human are meant to be the real deal. Let's not put the world in crisis just because we want to make life easy and beneficial to us.
          Thank you.

        8. I completely agree because... AI is causing a whole lots of damages with people not even see it. They only get to see the little advantages it brings but turn a blind eye on the bad aspect of it.AI is making generation to come more lazier . We should know that online class and physically class we attend at school would never give us the same feeling. At school we get to meet other humans and mingle with them giving us a feeling of acceptance.
          AI is slowly dominating the world and if not cautioned it's going to cause a tragedy

        9. Hello,
          I agree to disagree with you coherent perspective owing to the fact that, the more AI is improved, the more jobs are made available.
          Alright, if we say that AI renders us humans as useless, who will program the AI bots, who will build the AI, who will give the particular syntax to follow etc.
          Yes, AI has its disadvantages and advantages, but I think it is at equilibrium.
          Because the more AI, the more ventures available.

        10. I agree with you because if AI mange to take over the world then people will lose there jobs and humans will no longer have a use in the world.

        11. I disagree because .. A company has a Founder chair and lots of workers because the workers are working more than the founder that does not mean the workers can have the founders seat . This is because there is a gap or limit that is maintained between them, if the same gap or limit can be maintained between humans and AI . AI wouldn't be as dangerous as we think . "The solution's key is always in our hand we just need to use it."
          Thankyou .

        12. I disagree because... they work based on their programmers. They can't replace us unless we let them do so. It is our own laziness and overreliance on AI that makes it more dangerous than it is useful.
          Thank you.

        13. I totally get where you're coming from! It feels like AI was supposed to be our helpful sidekick, but instead, it seems like it's taking over and making us feel useless in our jobs. Honestly, it's frustrating to see technology stealing our gigs rather than giving us a hand.

          In my opinion, AI has been more of a headache than a helper. It's like we're being replaced by machines, and it's messing things up for us in the workplace. I mean, we were hoping for support, not for our jobs to vanish.

          I get that technology evolves, but it feels like AI is causing more harm than good. It's time we figure out a way to make it work for us instead of against us. Maybe we need more control over how it's used or some serious retraining programs to keep us in the game. AI shouldn't be making us feel useless; it should be lifting us up, right?thank you

        14. In a way , I disagree with you. I think that AI have not stealen our jobs. They are here to help us in many different types of work in order to process it faster.
          Yes, it is part of our daily life but we knew how to handle it and when.
          Let's not forget how AI has helped Healthcare and especially surgeries or disabled people. They are after all made from us humans.

          1. Could you outline two examples of how AI will help us in our jobs?

            1. Of course, one example is robotic surgery that needs accurate handling and precise movements inparts of our body. This is very helpful because doctors can use it to even see any minor or small infection that a human eye could not
              Also in farming AI machines can hel us on producing faster products or farming our land.

        15. I agree because AI is supposed to help us, to assist us with things that are complicated or difficult. They were not meant to replace humans. Machines are replacing humans where there is more labor work. People believe that AI machines machines are more accurate, can perform same task number of times. Many companies tend to have machines to do work rather than humans. This is increasing unemployment rate. People are losing their source of income. Poverty increases and people suffer.
          Just by favoring AI generated machines over humans can create a big global impact where the machines are aiming towards ruling the world and we humans will be "assisting" them.

        16. Hi
          Respectfully saying,I kind of disagree with your comment. Although everyone has their own opinions in the way they think, I personally think that ai is equally helpful as well as disadvantageous. As you said ,ai is stealing our jobs but it is also creating a lot of jobs that never existed. It is also helping us do the work more easily and accurately. But I agree with the point that it is making people lazier and less creative.
          Thank you

        17. I totally agree with you because ai have benefits similarly ai also have many negative impacts on various fields such as it can snatch the basic jobs from humans and the employment rate could be down and there could be increased in unemployment rate,There could be the concern of privacy because all the data has been stored in ai but thee could be the privacy concern too , there would be decreased in face face related interaction and lack of creativity. AI can not attach people emotionally as humans can.

      3. I strongly agree with you because... Artificial Intelligence was created to aid us in our daily lives, but I am not trying to say that we should just become lazy because of the advent of AI. But, that we should use the benefits AI has to offer to our advantage. So I personally think that if we stop the use of AI some things and factors dependent on the system could be destroyed, such as; employment opportunities that AI has to offer, efficiency in carrying out tasks and so on...
        Thank you!!!

        1. I disagree because... You say AI has job opportunities to offer? If I may ask what actually are the job opportunities?
          AI only help in making work easier and faster for humans, to produce efficienciently and create more output.
          Let's take for instance you are a website designer and you started growing and expanding in business, if you get to know that AI can actually get you more result at a nick of time, would you still be able to employ more workers?

      4. I disagree because AI also known as Artificial Intelligence was created to aid humans but instead they are taking all over our jobs and changing our society, In my opinion Artificial Intelligence has been more dangerous and costly to humans than helping us, thus if it is been stopped, it will not take a toll on humanity, but it will help us in becoming more independent.

      5. I agree because some apps have AI that shows you step by step on how to do things. Like I have seen an app tell me how to solve math problems. Also, some people are using self-driving cars and cars that do not use gas. Lastly, people can use it for security like with motion detectors and cameras it does not need to take over but it can help.

      6. I agree with you @coherent_perspective on this your point because AI was made to help us humans to perform tasks that are dangerous to human lives and gets the job done faster. AI has been able to create jobs and process data faster. To me AI hasn't yet reached it's full potential because technology is constantly evolving. AI can possibly even do more work than it has done in the nearest future because if it has been able to help us tackle climate change by their ability to give weather forecasts and predict happenings and effects of climate change currently, what more of the future?
        THANK YOU.

      7. I strongly disagree with you coherent_perspective because Artificial Intelligence was created to aid humans, However instead of AI helping us, they are stealing our jobs and making us lazy in many of our places of work ,occupation and school. In my opinion I think, Artificial Intelligence has been more alarming towards us humans than it has been helpful to us .

        1. I duely respect your comment and I understand the angle you are coming from but i think you need to view this with a wider perspective, try to think of this out side the box. AI is here to help, it eases our work and takes off stress so that we will be able to have enough and adequate time to be able to develop new advancements, be innovative and think out side the box and not to make us lazy because it aids our work. The famous Marvel Star Tony Stark had an AI called J.A.R.V.I.S to aid and ease his work but it never made him lazy rather he continued being innovative, creative and even added advancements to his AI. The fact is, AI has come and it is here to stay so the sooner we let go of our lazy mindset and learn to use it effectively for proper advancements and developments, the better for us.

      8. I disagree with you coherent_perspective because the purpose of AI is to help humankind to relieve stress and make work easier. However, rather than it helping us, they are taking our jobs and making us absolutely irrelevant in our community, thus making us completely worthless in all of our different occupations and areas of employment leading to unemployment for some people. Artificial Intelligence in my opinion, has been of more of a danger to people than it has provided benefits even though it has helped us in some sectors like lifting cranes and helping with construction sites.

    3. I disagree because...
      The world becomes more advanced with AI and without it the world will be uncivilized.
      It is true that people would be lazy but like just imagine the world without AI,our smartphones and other devices would become less intuitive and responsive, which isn't nice and we would need to rely more heavily on manual processes.
      Now, imagine a sick teacher, unable to come to school and teach, the easiest thing to do is just to use a telepresence AI and teach far away at home than to come to school.
      Now, many devices are created for easy life uses and it reduces so much work and stress.
      So you see, AI has so much advantages and on the other hand disadvantages. So on my opinion I don't really believe that the use of AI must be stopped.

    4. I agree because ai provide a computer program it is the ability to think and learn on it own. It is a simulation of human artificial intelligence in to machines to do things that we normally rely on human

    5. I agree because AI is slowly replacing people in various jobs. In the near future, I think humans would rely on AI to do their work ultimately making us lazy and relying on them even though they were created to assist us.

    6. I partially agree with you dilligent_world, the reason being is that it is true that AI can make people lazy,, however, it also helps people in their jobs and daily life activities. Thus I think that we should not entirely stop AI, but we should manage how we use it AI can assist people, but they should not over-use it, because if they do, it can make them lazy.

    7. I agree with this statement for, if pople believe that AI can do everything they will have no motivation to do anything this will lead to unhealthy lifestyles.

    8. I get your point about AI, but it's not all bad. AI can help us do things faster, so we can spend time on more interesting stuff. It does not mean we will be lazy and it might make our lives better. We just need to use it wisely for a good future where people and AI work together.

    9. Hello diligent_worker! I agree with some of the points you presented. However, I strongly disagree that stopping AI is exactly the way to a great future.
      AI just another creation of mankind to assist them and improve their lives . There are profession, like those of surgeons and psychologists that can never be replaced by AI because it lacks what we human's have; emotions. However learned or well programmed the machine is, it can never provide us with the affection or the touch which is our basic human need. As for it making people lazy... we as human need to understand that AI was never intended to live our lives or take over our responsibilities. It is us who introduced it in every field because we demand precision and efficiency. And now we need to understand and accept its limitations before its too late. We should not stop it, rather we should harness it in the best way we can for the betterment of the coming generations.

    10. I agree because AI is trying to rule the world.And i think is wrong because AI is making people lazy.Also AI is making people lose their jobs and people will no longer have money and people will not have food and water also people can't pay the bill.

    11. I agree because AI is trying to take over the world and if AI does all the work for everyone they will all be lazy and also AI is dangerous because like Siri if you talk about how much money you have or talk about something private Siri can hear everything you say so thats why I aggre with you 👍

    12. I agree with you dilligent_world, the reason being so is that, it is true Artificial Intelligence can make people lazy, although, it helps humans in our jobs , activities,and improving decision making. However I think that we should not completely stop the development of Artificial Intelligence, but we should control how we use it in assisting people, nonetheless we should learn how to not over-use it, because if we do so, it can make us lazy and too relaxed.

    13. I agree because. Every coin has two sides, positive and negative.. Similarly, AI also have some positive and negative impacts on human life .. coming out from the postive effects .. we should have to focus on negative impacts too .. in my point of view, if AI will do everything there will be increase in obesity and people will have to face too much side effects technology ..

    14. I agree with you because AI cant do every thing for us couse will be lazzy

    15. I kind of agree some ai features if not stopped people would be lazy and not care and that is not healthy so it might make humans die quicker or even get endangered and I'm not saying it should be stopped entirely and even if it doesn't stop there are still some jobs it can't do like space studying humans can go to space and describe it and see it artificial intelligence cannot do that and it doesn't know what it will do to our earth but if we use it instead of something to help us have a better place and it helps us get rid of things like pollution then it is for the best if it is for safety reasons then it would be perfect
      thank you

      1. This comment is a bit hard to read - try using shorter sentences!

    16. I completely agree with you. AI is the fastest growing thing in the world which has now become an obstacle we have to face. This also brings us to the biggest problem caused by AI, that is, social media. Social media is a drug, once you start using it, you can't stop. According to me. it is even more harmful than physical drugs because it takes one of your biggest and most valuable resources, which is time. It makes careers for hundreds and thousands of people but destroys the lives of millions. According to me, AI should only be used to solve problems related to global concern

    17. Hi diligent world
      In your opinion , should AI be put an end to because it taking charge of your every day life , considering your point did you think our future is encouraging with out AI?

  • Hello guys! I decided to start a conversation with the topic "Will AI help humans or take over the world?"
    for me AI is meant to assist the world and not to take over the world,AI was made by humans and the knowledge they have is from the same humans, so in my own opinion AI is only regulated to helping humans to perform their tasks more easier and faster. A very good example are the self driving cars made by Tesla which makes travelling for long distances easier.

    1. I agree with you brave reindeer because AI can change jobs but it's also create many new opportunities.
      Prioritizing education and acquiring new skills , but it doesn't mean that jobs will disappear rather it makes us sometimes more creative by finding abundance between technology and work is hectic for harmonious coexistence

    2. Hello, I would like to join the discussion with a simple answer: AI will not take over the world. Instead, it will help humanity become a more advanced civilization.

      AI is just an extension of computers; machines that help people with their tasks. The only difference between AI and other computers is that AI is more advanced and will (if not already) possess the ability to think on its own, which will help provide guidance to humans on tasks. Since AI is made with a string of code, we can alter the code to destroy any malicious intent harboring within them.

      Moreover, AI is not physical. So, if we limit its control over the physical world, it will not be able to endanger us. In my perspective, the only way AI can destroy humanity is if humans become totally dependent upon it, it suggests us to do harmful and dangerous acts and we do it without question, bringing forth our own doom.

      Thank you

      1. I disagree because though AI is meant to assist us the main advantage of AI over other systems is the fact that is is able to act independently. Due to this they can access knowledge from the web, making it easy for them to alter the programming. And also AI is now being given realistic robot forms which makes it have a physical form.

        1. Yes, although everything you said is true, we can just limit their impact on the physical world. Robots are physical entities but there are very few robots compared to humans. They also have major disadvantages such as water, which can cause short-circuit in their wiring, as well as their need to charge themselves or change batteries, which are similar to a human’s hunger and need to sleep.

          If you have anything else to tell me, please let me know.

    3. I agree because AI can create many openings in the world rather than destroy because we coded it ourselves and it doesn't have its own will its only will will be to do what its been programmed to do. In addition people have already started gaining new types of jobs and job enhancments such as Content creators many people use A website called vidIQ which has an AI tool which gives them ideas and topics to make videos on and it gives statistics on what to do and what not to do to improve their views and likes.

    4. I completely agree with your opinion that AI should serve humans instead of overpowering them. Moreover, even if robots cause certain problems for humans, I believe we won't be alive to witness such a scenario, as it may take another century to develop AI with that level of comprehension.

      1. Interesting point - do you think others will also agree with you that it may take another century to develop comprehensive AI?

      2. I disagree because right now there is AI in production which is capable of self awareness. A name for this is Super AI. It evokes emotions, needs, beliefs, and desires of its own. An example of a company designing this is IBM in partnership with MIT.

        1. Thank you so much for the information. I was seriously not aware about it.

    5. I agree with you. AI is here to help, not take over. Humans create AI, and it learns from us. Like those cool self driving cars from Tesla, they make long trips easier. AI can do tasks faster, but we decide how to use it. It is like having a smart assistant to make life better. Let's make sure we use AI for good things and keep control.

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion post about "Ethical considerations: How should AI be used responsibly and ethically in different areas of society?" As it is really an important topic everyone should be aware of by discussing it, we can harness the power of AI while ensuring that it serves the best interests of society as a whole. As AI should be used responsibly and ethically in all areas of society. It's important to ensure that AI systems are designed and implemented in a way that respects privacy, fairness, and human values.

    1. Talking about how we use AI is really important. We want AI to be like a helpful friend, doing good things for everyone. So, we need rules to make sure it is fair and nice. It is like making a promise that AI will always be good. Let's talk about this to make sure AI is always friendly and follows the right rules. Thanks for bringing it up! What do you think we can do to make sure AI stays nice?

      1. I'm interested to hear your thoughts on what we can do to make sure AI follows the right rules, cheerful_tiger

  • So, Guys we are talking about AI then, we should also talk about how we can prevent or solve some problems of it like biased information, too much dependence on AI etc. So we can also understand what is the best action to take against the problems. The title should be "Prevention and solve of problems with AI."

    1. Hi, and here are some points on how to prevent and solve problems with AI. One of the problems created by AI is unemployment. With the the creation of AI,some people have been replaced by AI robots in their places of work, but we can solve this problem by working together with AI robots. For example in the field of teaching teachers can teach the students and aid students with their difficulties while the AI robots make notes for the students.

    2. I agree because if we don't touch on this topic then humanity would eventually start to rely on AI alot meaning that they will become lazy and eventually wont be able to do anything and this could lead to many things such as not taking care of themselves properly which could lead to a disease so we should have a discussion on too much dependence and biased information.

  • i feel there should be a hub decision post about the future of humanity if A.I continues to thrive. What imean is that will humanity have a place on earth if A.I continues to rplace us , we have all watched the terminator and how skyknight virtually enslaved the whole of humanity so the discusion I want to raise is,will there be a future for humanity if A.I continues replacing us

  • I think there should be a hub discussion about how AI might be improved for emotional use in the areas of teaching, medicine and customer services because for these jobs and services to be properly rendered, a certain level of emotional understanding is required. AI in itself being a machine lacks any human characteristics and cannot provide an emotional connection with its customers, and I believe that emotional connection between a customer and employee is a necessity for business. In the case of education, teachers always need to provide a connection between themselves and their students to provide a proper teaching-learning. Even in the medicinal sector, to be a doctor one needs enough compassion and empathy in order to relate with patients to save lives.

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion post about" AI: A New Technology Made To Help". I can't help notice that most of the topics discussed are mostly on how AI are better than humans at some jobs, people vs robots and so on. But I have thought deeply and found out that instead of talking on things AI are better at, more than we are we should point out those things they actually help us at and how we can work side by side in peaceful coexistence to achieve results because I think the sole purpose for the creation of AI is for technological advancements and to ease us humans of those stressful things we have to undergo in some workplaces.

  • Hey guys!,
    I think like there should be a hub discussion post about whether we need to use AI to address Global Challenges like Global warming,Climate Change etc because we know that they are a continuous and enormous threat to our planet and we have not found a complete solution to it.There are still many questions to be answered like wouldn't relying on AI to solve global problems take away from our responsibility and actions as humans that we need to do?Isn't AI very expensive?How can it be accessible to all countries and communities even the developing ones?Won't there be like wrong predictions and how can we trust it? etc...These are some of the questions I could think of,But I honestly think there are a lot more questions that need answers...Thank You!!!

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion post about how AI can affect our health, because we are already spending so much time on our ipads. Most probably, we all know how badly it can damage our eyes. But is that it? Studies have shown that it can also have a huge impact on our mental health. What can we do about it? What are some ways of protecting ourselves from it? There is already some advice on what we can do about it, but how practical is it? And how could we bring more people to use it? Those are all important questions with important answers. Surely, there is more than just one solution. Maybe each person will need some personal and unique methods of dealing with it. Boundaries will play a crucial role in this. I believe that people will also need some guidance when discovering them. Such an important matter demands a delicate, but firm way of managing it.

    1. I totally agree because... AI could have a major impact on our mental health. Example cyberbullying. It being on the internet makes it even worse. Little children could keep it to themselves thinking it's not a big deal, but it comes gradually. By the time you realize they are having appointments. Also, people commenting on a specific category of the viewer could have a negative impact on them. Eg their personality type or tribes. And horror movies to is having a lot of impact on children. They are scared of petty things.