#17 Hey big spender!

20 January 2022

Winners Announced!

Well done to everyone who gave the competition a try this week! You all made $1 million go a very long way. It was very hard to make a decision about winner - but the two students who stood out are…

openhearted_heart of School of Excellence Sector-23 Rohini in India, as they described how they would support homeless people to learn the skills they need to find work


optimistic_contribution of Lake Bank Pioneer Preparatory in Tunisia, who would use $1 million to improve schools so that fewer students drop out of education.

These are fantastic ideas. Well done!

Competition Rules

Welcome to the competition! There are three important rules:


If you don't follow the rules, you will not be able to win and your account may be deactivated.

This competition will close at 5pm (UK time) on Wednesday 19th January for judging! We will announce two winners on Thursday 20th. Good luck!

The Competition

Skill Description Competition Problem Solving

Our Project on the Hub at the moment is all about big corporations - and a lot of the discussions are about money!

This week, we would like you to imagine that you have been given $1 million. The only catch is that you MUST spend it on things that will HELP OTHER PEOPLE. What would you do? Why?

Explain how you would spend the money in no more than THREE SENTENCES.

Top Tips
  • Read the other competition entries first so that your idea is original
  • Talk about your idea with a friend first
  • Make your entry personal to YOU
  • See how much $1 million is in your own currency first using this currency converter

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  • If I get a million dollars.

    (1) I will build a special hospital for people infected with the corona virus so that infection can be transmitted between hospitals and it will be a hospital equipment with respirators .

    ( 2)I will build a charities that help refugees around world.

    (3) Finally investing money in a huge project eliminate Corona virus.

  • Well if I have a million dollars I will build a hospital for cancer and heart disease because in my country when people get cancer or heart disease they travel abroad and some die because they are unable to treat and I will also take care of the problem of climate change by making a project for the optimal use of renewable energy such as ( Water, wind, sun) and finally I will take care of supporting hospitals with respirators (due to the spread of the Corona virus).

  • .If I win one million dollars, equivalent to 3 million shekels, I will build a huge restaurant along with a chalet with a low fees and employ the needy people in that project to make their living and I will held a tourism exhibition that reflects the culture and heritage of our country by the profits that I earned from the project.

  • Well, a million dollars is not a small amount that can be imagined..!
    In my opinion, there are many things I can do, including:
    1_ (I will buy a sophisticated sea submarine) The idea may be strange, but I will buy a sophisticated submarine and go with a team of ocean specialists and discover what is in the depths..!
    2_ (I will order a million orders from a restaurant) That is not for me, of course, I would like to distribute good food to the poor, or perhaps to street workers...!
    3_ (Renovation of public property) I would like my spending of money to be positive on society, so I will appoint workers to restore public property to become a beautiful place that attracts attention...!

  • When I get a million dollars, I will divide it into 3 sections The first section will provide assistance to meet the needs of poor countries to ensure that they obtain the necessary sterilization materials and the necessary vaccinations And the second section I will present to the Research Department to help develop this section and get rid of the epidemic As for the third section, it will be to solve the problem of water and food around the world and prevent environmental pollution.

  • I will spend the money to spend it for the sake of God, support charitable institutions, travel for learning and tourism, and learn about the customs and traditions of the country. I think that it will have a positive impact on me. It will gain me experience, knowledge, culture and useful information and open a place in the city and call it the wayfarer for people who travel

  • If I had a million dollars, I would spend them on the following
    * Small loans for young people to contribute to the development of the country's economy.
    * Scientific research to discover treatments for difficult diseases such as AIDS, cancer...
    * Contribution to projects beneficial to the environment such as increasing the number of solar cells and manufacturing cars that run on clean energy to obtain a clean environment.

  • I will do with this amount to employ people in areas that may succeed in our country, but there is no fan or anyone who can provide this field because there are many people who have studied and worked hard, but the conditions of the country and the lack of capabilities in this field in our country, and I will also make an idea, which is to bring people Those who want to work, but they do not have the financial means to work, and I see if they deserve it and I give them the money and if it develops, they employ other people and thus the economy grows in our country.

  • If I had a million dollars I want to build (a laboratory to provide scientific research), in the Arab world there is no like it, and many Arab minds leave outside the country by investing research in it, so that we can produce inventions and innovations

  • I can help those in need by:
    Responding to support the needy with the best care and finding an appropriate job opportunity that provides him with an adequate income to secure himself and his family.

  • If I get a million dollars, I will spend it well. I will build several shops and employ those who cannot find work, because now we see many young people migrating from their countries to countries where job opportunities are available.

  • I will spend it like this and I will build a big company that specializes in supporting green companies with money and bringing in customers for them, motivating the rest of the companies to go green and I will make my dreams come true because I want to be an environmental activist and to realize some of the solutions that I invented, I will build free schools to bring students to present their ideas and do experiments within this school to come up with Unique solutions for the environment and revive the economy Green companies in the global economy make the entire global economy greener

  • If I have got 1 million dollars which equals 3,110,000NIS, I will donate unrwa with the half of this amount as unrwa is providing free services to refugees who are living under hardship circumstances such as food, education and health services and me and my family have benefited from it ,we appreciate its efforts. With the other half of this amount I will buy 5 big buses which are used in transportation and the paid fees from passengers will be used to provide poor families with food, educational and medical assistance, also through this project I will provide job opportunities for 10 persons and I will receive monthly income to cover my expenses and needs.

  • If I get a million dollars, I can spend it well that benefits people, especially today. I will give scholarships to students who cannot learn, because now we see many girls who do not learn, which led to their early marriage.

  • A million dollars is equivalent to 3.11 million Israeli shekels. I will dream about this and donate prosthetic limbs to victims of wars and accidents because many are looking for help and few get it. “Second, I will donate winter clothes to the poor and needy in the harsh winter, and thirdly, I support tree planting and planting parks to give a beautiful view and reduce pollution..

  • If I had a million dollars, I would spend it to fund an orphanage, and I would build a charitable foundation, I could build a home for the elderly as well.

  • If I get a million shekels, I will buy a company that employs unemployed youth to reduce unemployment, build special centers for special needs, and donate to hospitals, especially heart and cancer hospitals.

  • I will spend one million dollars on rebuilding the country in terms of places, because this works to attract tourists and the country may become a global tourist place, and this increases the state's income and improves the situation of citizens

  • Well, if I have a million dollars, I will build houses for people who have been affected by the war, and I will make a big campaign to marry young people who are unable to marry, and I will pay university fees for outstanding students who cannot continue their education because of their difficult financial situation.

  • A million dollars is equal to 3,112,025.00 shekels. If I get it, I will spend it on something good that will benefit me. No bad will enter my house. I will invest it in a project or hospital that has advanced technological equipment, because many patients travel for treatment or build a mosque so that the worshipers pray in it and take God’s pleasure or buy it Investments, real estate and sale.

  • If I get one million dollars, which is equivalent to 3 million shekels. I will establish a school to teach children with special needs, such as deaf and dumb children and children with disabilities, to help them move, think and get up again, and my principle will be not to despair but try to be or not to be, and I will strengthen the children's souls.

  • OK, if I have this amount, I will build schools, because this will help to achieve the goals of a third of the people who study in schools and because they will learn new languages, and this will help them in the future, such as English and others, and also benefits the school to modify the individual or social behavior of the student and the student It also serves to spread awareness among male or female students

  • If I have a million dollars, I have many things to do and arrange them according to their priority. First, build a school to fight ignorance in poor countries and help them rise. I will also build a water well in hot, poor desert areas. Employ youth to fight unemployment. Fight environmental problems by using devices that help in this.
    The issue and the use of renewable energies, and finally a huge hospital to fight hepatitis, because it is a serious and chronic disease. All this is done with an investment of one million dollars

  • If I get a million dollars, I will create projects that help the poor and needy to be self-sufficient and help them become able to support themselves and work to reduce poverty, such as employing the labor force. 2 Build schools to educate the poor and help them acquire skills, because we know the famous saying, "Don't give me a fish, but teach me how to fish." Three: Ensuring that people living with cancer can obtain safe and effective cancer treatment, including reducing their pain, without incurring personal hardship or exorbitant costs.

  • If I would receive 1 million dollars I would spend it on a restaurant where people can enjoy their food and relax after a long day.I would also spend it on Helping others including family .

  • if i get a million dollars, I would donate 250k to people in need and build a hospital for disabled people all ages. Also i would build shelter for homeless people. The last thing is to start a charity for people in need

  • If I had a million dollars, I would split it into 3 parts First: I would donate some to the poor in my city in particular to help in getting rid of poverty. Second: I would build a scientific research center to study climate change around us so that I can help in overcoming the future problems and hinder the crisis . Third: I would build a mosque that is a base for spreading Islam to gain good deeds and gain the approval of our God Almighty.

  • If I got a million dollars, the first thing I would think about is spending it on three important fields .Firstly , to build an orphanage, because my country suffers from wars, so orphans are needed. Secondly, to eliminate unemployment by providing young people with job opportunities by doing development projects. Thirdly , to facilitate marriage for young people who can't afford marriage costs as they suffer from this important issue in life by financially subsidizing young people, granting financial aid or loans for marriage away from usurious interests .

  • Well, if I have a million dollars, I will support talented people who do not have the opportunity to show their talent, such as a painter who cannot buy drawing tools, he does not care about his talent, I will work to support and develop it, some families cannot provide masks and sterilizers to protect their children from the Corona virus, So I will provide a large amount of sanitary ware and distribute it to poor families.

  • What will I do when I get a million dollars???

    I will continue this money in my interest and the interest of my country. And I will use the money well because it is not a small amount. I will continue my educational dream to the end. Small projects have been set up to benefit unemployed graduates. And the establishment of free institutions to teach English, because it is an important language in our time under the supervision of UNRWA.

  • If I had 1 million dollars I would provide shelter to homeless people due to the current situation we are in as well as in the future.
    I would also help the people by building hospitals that will provide free treatment in order to save lives. I would provide training programmes to unemployed people to help them move into employment.

  • If I had a million dollars, I would build a factory for electronic waste because in our country they burn it and this harms our health and increases global warming, and I will also work on educating poor people in the villages so that they help develop the future.

  • If I had $1,000,000 I would buy homes for the homeless poeple. However, because they still not be able to buy food becuase they had no money, I would also use some of the money to set up a business, then i would employ them, so they could earn money.

  • I spend it to ensure the education of those who are in difficult financial circumstances and whose families cannot afford their university education so that after graduation they can work and improve their financial situation themselves, because if I give them a sum of money for food, drink and clothes without permanent support for them, the money will expire after a while, but With education and work, they will spend on themselves for life

  • If you get a million dollars

    I will do many projects to employ young people, because the problem of unemployment in my country occupies a large part of the state's problems
    I will sponsor some orphanages and spend on them and help them make these orphans live a better life

  • If I get a million dollars , I can spend it well , I will build many shops and employ those who cannot find work , because now we watch many young people migrating from their countries to countries where job which led to their early marriage.

  • I will build a factory to create job opportunities for the unemployed and thus benefit the community and benefit from it to bring in money

  • If I win a million dollars, equivalent to about 3 million shekels, I will build a hotel from it for tourism and from it to help the poor, who do not have suitable homes, and I will build a café and employ young people to reduce unemployment, and this thing will increase the wealth of our country (help is a good thing)..

  • Well, if I have this amount, I must act wisely, I do not know much about who needs, but, I can send the money to a charitable organization, which in turn will distribute the amount to those who need it.

  • If I had one million dollars I will build an educational school to educate students who find it difficult to get an education

  • Well, if I have a million dollars, I will build a large game city for children, because in my city there are not many places of entertainment for children, so they have to play on the phone for long periods of time to lose the boredom I will also run a campaign to distribute toys and school supplies for children, and a campaign to distribute winter clothes to poor families.

  • Can you imagine that everything you pay it for good can remove misfortune from you ! It's wonderful !
    If I have a million dollar , I will pay them in good , I think that there are many companies give the needy food and drinks , but I think the basic thing for a safe life is the shelter , so I will build a suitable places for them , it will protect them from animals , winter cold and summer heat, so it will make their winter warmer speacially these days . that is good also if just I build for 50 families or less in my money but it will mean to me the world .

  • Well, if I have a million dollars, I will renovate the schools by painting them in beautiful colors that attract children and make them love to go to school and provide them with chairs, because in the time of break we sit on the ground because there are no places to sit, and I will provide them with notebooks, pens and school items to distribute to poor students, and I will provide them with a large amount of Prizes, to be distributed to outstanding students, and I will provide them with masks and sterilizers to protect school students from the Corona virus, and I will offer the most outstanding students in the school a scholarship to an American country.

  • If I get a million dollars, I will build a shelter for homeless children, and I will donate the rest of the money to children with cancer.

  • If you get a million dollars
    First, I will contribute to building some schools in places where there are no schools, because education is a right for every human being, and these rights must be provided
    Tania One of the most beloved things to my heart is visiting orphanages, so I try to secure a suitable place for them in the cold and heat, and provide them with food, toys for children, and beautiful clothes. This is something that comforts me.

  • If I win a million dollars I will .
    1- Distributing 300,000 dollars to 2000, so that each family takes 150 dollars to help them meet their needs.

    2- I will establish a company worth $ 500,000 to invest the energies of young people in useful things and reduce the unemployment rate (note that I will consult with some specialists about the type of company that I will establish).

    3- I will use $200,000 to help the state with the necessary purposes for the Corona virus, such as sterilizers, masks, and other things.

  • I have a million dollars, I have many things to do and arrange them according to their priority. First, build a school to fight ignorance in poor countries and help them rise. I will also build a water well in hot, poor desert areas. Employ youth to fight unemployment. Fight environmental problems by using devices that help in this.
    The issue and the use of renewable energies, and finally a huge hospital to fight hepatitis, because it is a serious and chronic disease. All this is done with an investment of one million dollars

  • Well if I had a million dollars I would campaign to adopt child beggars because in my country when I go out on the street I see a lot of children who are withdrawn and stop learning in schools because of their situation, I will also take care of them. I will develop small projects, because in my country there are many projects that need money for their survival, so I will support them.

  • If I get a million dollars, I will rebuild homes since a lot of destroyed buildings and streets filled with rubble. During the attack, people fled their homes ,people in leaving their belongings behind as they sought shelter elsewhere. Two: Provide medical supplies because The health system in Gaza is overstretched .
    Three: Give cash grants since the economic impact of coronavirus, many impoverished families have lost their income this year and are struggling to make ends meet.

  • What i want to do really if I have this mount of money is to Plant olive trees since
    The Prophet (saw) said, ‘Nobody has ever eaten a better meal than (a meal) which he earned from the work of his own hands. The Prophet of Allah, Dawud (as), used to eat from the work of his own hands .
    and really I like to sponsoring a family in Gaza is good way as zakat.

  • If I get a million dollars, I will transfer the amount to a company that helps me start a strong donation campaign, and I will be the first to implement such a donation campaign, and I will also be the first donor to this campaign, and I will donate 800,000 dollars, as the company needs 200 thousand dollars to cover the costs of the donation project, and it will be All donations will go to the children in the camps in a campaign to warm 200,000 families, raising $20 million

  • If I get one million dollars ,equivalent to 300,000 shekels ,I will work to establish a factory to operate the largest number of worker to reduce unemployment as well as to encourage national industries and revive the economy .
    With the profits of the factory ,I will work to help needy and poor students to complete their educational journey so that poverty will not be an obstacle to their progress and reaching their dreams .

  • When I get a million dollars I will
    1) I will build a big charity to help people who do not have homes to save them from the cold

    2) I build schools for children who left school to work due to poverty, and there is a monthly stipend for the outstanding students in this school. As a result, we will give all the children who have left school the opportunity to work in learning and excel and lead to the prosperity and growth of the country

    3) I build factories that depend on many workers and employ all vagrants and beggars, so the rate of homelessness and beggary in the country decreases by relying on the human element more than the robots and machines in this factory.

  • If I had one million dollars, which is equivalent to 3 million shekels for my national currency
    First, I think I will invest in some projects that I think will work if I invest in them, such as projects related to combating global warming, which is a time bomb that can destroy the world.
    The reason for this idea
    Help save the world and increase my fortune ( 1$ million), and I will donate to make advanced medical equipment to fight common diseases such as cancer, diabetes, AIDS... and other diseases.

    I think this is the most practical way to spend such a large amount of money

  • If I get a million dollars, I work on 1. Supporting schools and providing them with laboratories and libraries to educate young people between the ages of 15 to 22 years, because young people can be a positive force to advance the wheel of development when providing them with knowledge. 2. Encouraging investment because it helps to improve the economy in general and works to achieve self-sufficiency for the state in all the various commercial, industrial, agricultural and other fields. By encouraging investment, unemployment levels are reduced and the workforce ratio is raised. 3. Financial guarantee for poor families and orphans.

  • If I had a million dollars
    First: I will buy agricultural land in which those interested in soil and the development of agriculture can conduct their experiments on it
    Second: Partnership with Omar Itani to build another branch of his institution in Palestine
    Third: I will buy waste recycling machines and put them in residential communities

  • If I had $1 million ( which equilises 7,41,25,550.00 in Indian rupee) I would start a skill developing centre for people who beg. Only giving them money is not the solution , because money lasts for only a few days . Hence I will inculcate skills(like handcraft) in them that will help them finding jobs and leading a better life.

  • First, I will divide the amount into three parts: The first part I will put in the bank until I finish my basic education and make it for university education because it requires high costs, and I want to learn abroad in order to become a doctor to treat patients in my country for free. The second part I will give to my father so that he can work on a project that we can benefit from to raise the level of the family and help other families because of unemployment. The third section will be distributed to charities that care for people with disabilities and the elderly because they need our help, as well as the Gifted Children Association because they need support to develop talents.

  • The amount is not small, so it must be invested correctly. I suggest dividing the amount into three, three, one-third in the exploitation of abandoned lands, such as establishing agricultural projects, employing unemployed youth, raising the economy, reducing unemployment, and a third for building sports stadiums under the auspices of the International Federation FIFA, attracting players of all nationalities and holding matches International and one third to establish free kindergartens under the auspices of UNICEF.

  • If I get a million dollars, I will not spend it on the poor directly because I do not want them to depend on this method and get the money directly, but I will do projects that contribute to providing job opportunities for these poor and needy people. I will also build a hospital and buy all the equipment they need for cancer and other diseases. In my country, people are suffering to get treatment and travel from one country to another, and many of them die while they are suffering and trying to get treatment. Finally, I will build homes for the homeless poor in the camps.

  • Well, if I have a million dollars I will campaign in the streets to serve drinks to people because when people go to the markets they may feel thirsty, I will give them water, and also I will create an association that cares for mentally ill children, playing them and improving their psyche, and also I will take care of fulfilling the imaginations of innovative youth like a young man who imagines that Create a robot I will support to implement it realistically.

  • If I have been given 1 million dollars, I will try to meet my country’s needs as the following:
    1. As the patients here desperately suffer from traveling abroad to get the proper medical treatment, I will completely furnish a hospital with all required medical equipment that will reduce this suffering.
    2. I will ensure that everyone at my country has a decent life by provide education access for all, train youth and then creat job opportunities for them.

  • If I were to have a million dollars, I would spend it on the following:
    I will establish schools to get rid of the shift system and reduce the number of students in classes to improve their academic level. I will also provide free transportation for students who live in remote areas, and I will also establish an electrical station to contribute to increasing the number of hours of electricity operation, thus alleviating the suffering of our people .

  • If I win a million dollars I will put it in a fundraiser to end world hunger because that's what really deserves to be eradicated. Giving each person with limited income $25 to develop a private and successful project with a return for me and him. I am creating an association for women working in women's crafts so that I can benefit from it and they will benefit too. And of course, I thank God first of all

  • If I had £1,000,000 dollars
    1. I would give money to charity for example: charity's to homeless people, black lives matter, and cancer research. These are all important as every one needs a home(mostly for homeless people and thye need houses that have a reasonable price), cancer research as lots of people are dying and finally Black Lives Matter as lots of people discriminated because of it.

  • Well, if I have a million dollars, I will build a pharmacy that will be filled with medicine and the needs of patients, and I will make it free without paying money, because in my country many patients cannot buy medicine for them, and I will make campaigns to fill poor houses with things that give them warmth, and to make children and young people happy, I will build a playground A wide athlete because in my country children play in the street, which led to accidents.

  • Well, if I have a million dollars, I will distribute a sum of money to some poor houses, so that they are free to buy their needs and supplies for their children, and I will build a mosque because in my city people have difficulty accessing the mosque because it is far from their homes, and I will also build a library that contains many Books and make them free because many like to read books but cannot buy the book or the school library is closed.

  • Well, if I have a million dollars, I will provide a large number of poor outstanding students with phones because we do not know whether we will stay in school or study at home, so we will use the phone a lot in studying and I do not want them to deprive the poor outstanding students of studying because of their difficult financial situation, and also I will work for a meeting for teachers in all my towns and I will give them a large sum of money as a reward for their efforts to teach us.

  • Well if I have a million dollars I will make a big orchard containing beautiful trees and flowers, because I am one of the people who are very interested in the problem of climate change, trees are important to get rid of carbon dioxide and also give beauty, and also I will build a specialized place to develop talents such as (acting, singing and drawing Then we choose the most talented people and make them famous, thus we have developed their talent and made their dreams come true.

  • If I get a million dollars, I will donate to the needy and build a school for students, and I will build mosques and hospitals to help patients recover, help and support people with special needs, and I will fulfill my dreams and the dreams of my family💗🦋

  • If I won 1 million dollars the three main things I would try to do is create a hospital for disabled people and people with cancer as cancer is one of the most horrible diseases in the world right now .The second thing I would like to do is create a food bank for people who have not t got much food or hardly any food at all because without food us as people we can’t survive without a good healthy diet.The final thing I would do is create homes for the homeless because again this is one of the problems in the world because sleeping on the streets is terrible as these people are cold and try too find help but have nothing to help them without money to buy homes food and a safe place to sleep.

  • If I have a million dollars, I will build a power plant and related projects to provide electricity to all people because we in Palestine suffer from lack of electricity and the electricity is on only half a day. Also, I will employ those graduates who couldn't find jobs to operate the power plant and so reduce the level of unemployment

  • If I get a million dollars, I will spend it on the needy and I can retire from everything at the age of forty, and rely on one of the trusted people in my life to continue managing my projects, and start my journey around the world, beginning with Egypt and India and ending with Syria "after a long life❤️.

  • If I had a million dollars I would use it to build a huge hotel that has a hospital inside and a big food bank with all types of food. The hotel will have rooms for everyone in poverty, and I will use airplanes to bring people in poverty from different countrys to live in the hotel, the hotel will have a big food bank with unlimited food and everyone will be welcome to it. The hospital will have unlimited beds and will be able to treat anyone no matter what disease they have.

  • If I get a million dollars, I will spend it as follows: I will build an educational school for people with special needs, and I will build a factory from it that will employ manpower, and from it that will employ manpower, and from it I will be able to spend on orphans on a monthly basis.

  • If I have a million dollars, I will divide it into two parts:
    First, I will set up a factory that will manufacture technological products that reduce climate change.
    Second: I will buy large agricultural lands in which I will employ the displaced in my area, and thus will improve their standard of living, and I will produce many foodstuffs and vegetables and donate part of them to the poor and needy.

  • If I get one million dollars, equivalent to 3 million shekels, I will build a project in which we will sort waste and recycle it. With this project, we will reduce environmental pollution, and I will hire some people and get a salary so that they can meet their own needs.

  • Well, if I have a million dollars, of course, I will spend it on my family, I will fulfill their wishes. Instead of spending it for foreign people, I spend it on my family to gain their approval. For example, my sister dreams of traveling to Turkey and I will support her to travel. My brother wants a car, so I will give him a car. Owner of a restaurant and I will build a restaurant for him, my mother wants a land full of flowers and trees, I will buy it for her, so I spent the money wisely and earned the satisfaction of my family and made my family happy and this is an honor for me.

  • If I had one million dollars so first I would build a hospital for diagnostics ,cancer and hearth . Because in my country these are main problems they are many patients in my country who are involved in this .
    And also for crona patients .
    Second I build a cash and carry for the poor people in my country they can't afford the price of their requirements.
    I can built this cash and carry and every thing is free of cost for poor people

  • If I had a million dollars, I would spend it on animal shelters since I really love animals. I would also give it to charities and hospitals so that they can spend it on more machines or equipment for the patients. This way less patients will die.

  • If I got $ 1000,000, which equals more than 3000,000 NIS , I will try to find a radical solution to the problem of electricity shortage in the Gaza Strip which started in 2006 and now it exceeds 10 hours a day , by building a power plant that generates electricity from the sea waves or the gas which was detected in the seashore . That would provide business for workers , specialists and competencies from unemployed graduates to work in this station.By doing so ,I will save millions of sheqels which are paid for other alternatives people use like candles , generators , batteries or even the expensive solar cells .

  • If I had one million dollars which equals more than 3 million NIS ,I would build a power station by the seashore in order to solve the old problem of the electricity shortage in my country .I would let the needy worker and other unemployed graduates work in the station .That would minimize the number of the unemployed people which is increasing more and more . This power station would save the great amount of money that is spent on other alternatives people used since the start of this problem 17 years ago.

  • If I had a million dollars, I would give it to poor families to buy clothes and supplies to shelter them from the cold of winter..♡°

  • Well, if I have a million dollars, I would buy books and stationary for poor schools such as my school as we struggle with money and sometimes run out of resources like glue and whiteboard pens.

  • If I had a million dollars, I would use it to help others Such as building a house for orphans and building a water path for passersby because we suffer from a water problem and donating part of it to a charitable organization to distribute it to the poor.

  • If I had a million dollars, I would do three main things, firstly I would provide money to build homeless/rehabilitation shelters all over the world because everyone deserves a second chance. I would also donate money to schools for children with disabilities or special needs learning because everyone deserves equal chances. and lastly, I would donate money to research for climate change so we can find the best way to solve the issues and harm we have done to our planet.

  • Well if I have a million dollars I will provide schools with big buses that gather a large number of students and we will drive them from an area near their house, because in the winter we have difficulty going to school and returning home because the streets are full of water, also I will help build an airport, because In my town, travelers face difficulty in traveling because there is no airport, so they have to travel to Egypt and then to the country they want to travel to.

  • Well, if I had a million dollars, I would build a huge supermarket and provide it with all the people's needs, and I would provide inside it a small toy city so that the children could come and play, but I would make it free for the poor to come to the supermarket and buy freely than I would give them food and limited items, secondly I will do alms for the souls of the dead by Building a well in an area where people find it difficult to find water because they travel long distances to reach water.

  • If I had a million dollars, I would make all my family's wishes come true, I'd donate some money to poor families, I'd build a homeless street animal shelter, and I'd go to Harvard to study.

  • If I have a million dollars, I will use it well. I will divide it into two parts. The first part: I will build an institution that teaches people who are unable to educate their children. Education is one of the most important rights of the child. As for the second part, it is the right of children to live in safety. I will help people who do not own homes, or not. They can repair their homes. I think I used the million dollars well, do you agree??

  • If I have a million dollars I will do all of the following:
    First I will use the first half of it to distribute to the poor so that no one sleeps hungry
    And secondly, I will use the second half of it to establish schools that teach students cultural materials that make them educated to build an intelligent and livable society.

  • If I had a million dollars, I would invest that amount in something that would benefit the people and benefit my country. I was going to build a big university and learning would be free to students without paying fees. The reason for this is that students in the Gaza Strip suffer greatly from the financial deficit in education, and the consequences of this are dire for the low rate of education in the Strip, such as the spread of ignorance and illiteracy among individuals.
    Science will be the most powerful weapon with which we will fight our intrusive enemies.

  • If i make a million dollars, I would straight away give half to my family because they have done alot for me and it only makes sense to pay them back. 2nd thing is that I would donate several amounts to different charities (such as children in need, cancer research, team seas etc.) that would help different things that we desperately need to fix in the world. Lastly, I would use all the remaining money to give to the homeless down the street because they are in need of it and it will make me feel happy and good about myself and the homeless happier.

  • If I was give £1million, I would help disabled people in our community by buying them wheelchairs, or helping them pay for treatment. Furthermore, I would use the £1million to stop poverty by giving the poor a house, food and security. Finally, with the remaining amount, I would pay everybody an equal amount of money to keep so that they always had this amount in case they were ever evicted/house burnt etc.

  • If you win a million dollars!?
    I will work as a school, rent the school land and the teachers’ expenses will be from the student’s premiums, and the buses will be contracted with a bus company, so there is no need to buy buses.

    No one dispenses with school, for the school provides education, and relieves the parents from taking care of the children for hours during the day, and in the school the student has relationships of friends.

    The school that presents the real science will have that money and a name among the schools.

  • If I had a million dollars what would I do?

    First of all, I am happy to spend part of it on charity, such as building a hospital in my country or setting up a shelter for orphans or the elderly.

    Second, I also want to buy a house, a car and many other things I want to own

    In addition, I would like to travel to many countries and enjoy seeing and knowing the culture of many countries, money will help me to do that

    Finally, in my view, I expect everyone to do this thing so that the poor can live a dignified and happy life without discrimination

  • If I get a million dollars, I will
    1/ plan a trip every month for people with disabilities, in addition to trying to find good education and suitable jobs for them
    2/ do monthly visits for orphans to meet their needs and build homes for homeless
    3/ Make a project focusing on running factories using the solar power instead of fuel to protect the environment from an imminent danger

  • I will put up an advertisement on the Internet, and ask people to come up with ideas for a new business project that can include a group of people to work on, and then I will choose the most effective proposed idea, and announce the registration of those wishing to work on the project, and then I will create the project with a specific capital and keep some money for employee expenses in the project.

  • If I have a million dollars, I will donate it to YouTubers Abu Falla because he is trying to raise 10 million dollars to warm 100,000 families from the cold of winter, or I will build my own store and employ unemployed workers (unemployment) to provide them with job opportunities and provide for their needs.

  • Well, if I have a million dollars, I will restore the streets and rebuild the infrastructure of the streets, because today there have been accidents for students when they go to school because of the heavy rain and the flooding of the streets with water. I will also run a campaign to save the students in case the streets are filled with water, in order to avoid accidents.

  • If I got a million dollars what would I do?
    First, I will divide the money into 4 sections. The first section: I will study in it, travel, and build my life there. The second section: I will establish a surgical hospital, and I will be a doctor in it, and I will provide job opportunities for all doctors so that the largest possible number of patients can be treated.
    The third section: This section will be for the construction of religious places
    The fourth section: It will be to revitalize the scientific movement, i.e., I will establish educational schools and universities, and I will donate the rest to orphans and the nursing home.......etc

  • If I get a million dollars, my idea will be different and useful. First, I will make a school and rent the school land. The teachers’ expenses and the students’ premiums will be prepaid. The buses will be available to transport students with ease of movement. There is no need to buy buses. Today and at school, the student has relationships with friends, and the school is what prepares us for the future and progress in science. Real science is a science that presents practical chemistry as well as the mathematics that exist within that school.

  • If I get a million dollars, surely the first project that comes to my mind is
    1_ creating job opportunities for the unemployed to reduce their lack of travel abroad.
    2_ I buy equipment for hospitals in our country and contribute to their development.
    3_ I will build more schools to reduce the illiteracy rate.

  • If I had a million dollars to build homes for people who do not have a home and the homeless, and also helped them in a campaign to warm them in the winter, I would do an organization that gives a grant to those who have high equivalencies and cannot study because of poverty
    I will also build orphanages because there are orphans and people on the street

  • If I get a million dollars, I will make sure to use this money wisely and for sustainable things, first I will build a company for people who dream big and different dreams and find it difficult to achieve in their community and country,I will prove to them that we can change together, this company will include different environmental issues, also take care of space, and start solving problems one by one because as we know that environmental issues are closely interconnected Secondly, I will support and finance scientific research and new ideas for the benefit of the country, and I will be keen to provide support from specialized and experienced parties. Third, I will be the supportive hand to stop racism and promote the rights of individuals, and I will not forget to provide the country with offices and free books to satiate those with high imaginations and to get out of the circle of darkness of ignorance to the light of science.

  • if i win 1 milion dolars i would invest some for university,also for charitys such as make a wish. i will then give some to my family and build a hospital for those with illnesses that are contagous. the rest i will spend on some cool electronics for myself

  • If I had 1 million dollars then I would give half of it to big families that are struggling to pay of depth and then I would donate the rest to cancer research because I believe that it is important to find a cure to every disease there is.😊

  • If I had a million dollars, I would save it for a big project that helps the environment in creating organic gardens. This project will be environmentally friendly.

    #Think about the future to protect our environment

  • If I had a million dollars, I would use the money to try and vaccinate not just the whole population of the UK, but for the whole world. There are currently many people in the world who are either suffering from Covid-19, grieving for their loved ones who died from the disease and even people are dying from it! So, with this 1,000,00 dollars, I could use it to finally end the global pandemic using a few doses of the vaccine.

  • If I owned $1 million I would donate most of the cash to charities and shelters to support those in need (Humans/children and animals). I could also provide some of the million dollars on medicine to citizens who cannot afford to purchase their medications. Another way I may spend the money to help those in need is by offering money to build more houses for those who don't own one, for example, soldiers or homeless individuals.

  • If I get a million dollars,
    In the beginning, I will make centers for people with special needs like talents to develops their skills that are worthwhile. Also, I will make free centers for the blind to help them read and write, and try to find jobs that are compatible with their special case.
    There will be some money left. I will creat an association that provide poor families with the clothes they need.

  • If I had 1 million dollars, I will promimently invest in food supplies as India ranks 101 of 116 in global hunger index. I will strengthen the education sector and invest In sustainable resources. The natural reserves of Indian states are depleting and contaminating rapidly, I.e pollution in the Ganga River, lack of pure water and electricity.

  • Exactly, if I had a million dollars, I would build a hospital for people with special needs in them, and it would be at a very low cost so that all people could go to my hospital, and I would buy buses that would transport people for free to wherever they wanted, and I would open a charitable organization for orphaned and needy children to help them and provide all their needs to them.

  • If I had 1,000,000 dollars, I would spend it on a remote place in a poor country so they have technology so they find it easier to work and earn more money.

  • If I had one million dollars, I would definitely give a percentage of it to a local charity. In addition, I would donate money to the homeless and the ones living in destitute.

  • If I had a million dollars:

    I would make my own company where I would hire the homeless. This would help them get a job. Additionally, they will be able to earn money and buy life resources.

  • 1.) If I had 1 million dollars first I would spend it on Cancer Research UK to help people with cancer.
    2.) I would give some to my family because they have looked after me and made my dreams come true.
    3.) Last of all I would donate it for WWF and more charities because I feel that making someone happy is better than being rich.

  • I would spend it on helping homeless people and building homes where they can apply for jobs and have medical attention if they are ill and be supported all the way until they could buy their own houses and pay there own tax and have a better living condition.

  • The project is to build a hospital, given that many suffer from widespread diseases and pests, and also due to the lack of hospitals in my area, I will build a hospital to help a large number of patients and treat the people most in need of treatment

  • I would like to prepare with this amount the refugees by building houses on the occasion of the cold winter season, paving mud roads to facilitate the movement of citizens, and donating several respiratory devices to reduce the effects of the Corona virus to avoid what may happen from health crises

  • If I get 1 million first i would give money to my family so they can improve their health . I will also donate to the schools in newham so they can improve there education so they can after that i will donate to children in need and i will help out the homeless

  • If I had $1 million I would give it to charities so they can help others . I will also give some of the money to families in Bangladesh to help them fight Covid.

  • If I have a large amount of money, I will work to provide for the needs of the state, so I spend it on establishing a practical project that works to earn money, and then I work to give the poor a sum of money per month to provide for their needs from the money that results from the project

  • If I had $1,000,000,
    I would donate some of the money to this amazing website,Topical Talk,as we children don't have many people to talk about how we feel for children not being heard,and although we can't see eachother face to face.We make the best of being creative and skillful.The rest of the money,I would give to would be the Afghanistan people and Africa,as things are really hard for them,especially Afghanistan from the Talibans Trouble .Finally I would give the last of the money to the NHS,for helping us,and giving us their all.

  • If I had a million dollars

    1 I would give some Boutcher

    2 I would give some to the homeless

    3 I would buy some small houses for the homeless

  • If I had 1 million dollars i.e. 10 lakhs rupees then...
    1) I would have open a social servicing center though which peoples would get better services and security.
    2) I would provide masks and sensitizers to the poors so that they would be prevented from coronavirus (omicron).
    3) I would have donated the remaining money to the victims of floods, landslide and also to COVID-19's victims so that they can buy healthy food and remain healthy and prevented from all the diseases.

  • If I have $1 million I will buy some shares in the stock exchange so the $1 million will become millions and this will help me benefit a larger number as I intend to invest this in helping small countries with the poorest economies in the world help their citizens have a more decent life and find sources of incomes for their families.

  • If I have $1 million I will choose a school somewhere in a rural area where there are lots of drop outs and spend my money to help improve the school because students in similar places need to have the same chances as ours and who knows maybe they will succeed and help their country and change their destinies for the best. And probably this will be an example for them to be followed once they grow up and start earning their own fortunes.

  • If I have a million dollars, I will build several projects that work on recycling household waste such as tools, papers, etc. and reusing it again instead of wasting it wrongly or burning it, and here we have taken care of the problem of climate change and also got rid of the problem of unemployment by providing work for young people.

  • If I had 1 million dollars,I would spend it in speedy development of infrastructure as it is an important measure to generate employment opportunities for the poor and to raise their productivity is the speedy development of infrastructure,and also I would spend it in agricultural growth as it has been recognized as an important factor that contributes to marked reduction in poverty.

  • If I get a million dollars, I will spend it in helping poor families by opening small projects to serve as income for them, instead of them becoming begging and homeless without anyone feeling them. As the Arab proverb says, "Teach me to fish and don't give me a fish."

  • If I had £733,355.00 I would donate it to the British Heart Foundation.

  • I would use my $1 million on helping the current pandemic and send care packages to people who have covid-19 and not able to shop.This would help the pandemic as people who have Covid-19 would be able to keep healthy and have the nutrition to live. It would also stop the rise of deaths because of covid-19 as people would have food so they can sustain the disease.

  • If I was given 1 million dollars I would,
    1. Give to my local charities to improve the standard of living in London.
    2. Invest money in several impoverished countries to assist them when trying to produce a good lifestyle for ordinary people.
    3. Donate to as many climate and environment saving organisations as possible to reduce the amount of unprotected wildlife.

  • if I was given one million dollars the first thing I would use it to bring people out of homelessness. I would do this by building a block of flats to put people in a home. It would be free for enough time for them to get a job a bank account so they could start their lives and move out so another person could be helped!

  • if i had $1m i would
    1) invest part of my money in shares so i would be able to invest into many businesses in the future
    2) fund charities and organisations that support war-torn and second/third world countries
    3) invest in covid research and vaccine labs

  • If I was given a million dollars I would donate 1/4 of it to cancer and covid research. Secondly, I would donate 1/4 of it to schools around the world who do not have enough money for proper facilities or equipment. Then, I would donate 1/4 of it to stop animal cruelty and save endangered species. Lastly, I would donate the remaining quarter to build homes for homeless people around the world.

  • If I got 1 million dollars, I would donate as much of the money to covid supplies, Then i would give some to schools to get more resources. The last thing would be for families across the world who struggle to pay for things

  • If I had been given $1 million I would split my money into quarters. I would spend the first quarter on schools and helping children with disabilities , my second on the military forces, research towards global warming and deforestation, the third on refugee camps and charities and the last on hospitals and emergency services. I would do this because I feel that all of these need to be looked more closely at and improved as well as helped.

  • If I had one million dollars I would invest in small businesses To help them develop and start a charitable organization where homeless people can find a shelter and the charity also provides illiterate people with good education

  • If i had 1 million dollars i would give the priority to children in need by building a boarding school so that pupils can study and be in a good society.With the rest,I would pay hospitals' fees and medication for the people who really need it.My goal is to develop the two most important things in a humans life,health and education.