#26 A moment for music

24 March 2022

Winners Announced

Choosing the competition winner this week was very difficult - but we very much enjoyed listening to some of the songs you recommended. After a lot of discussions, we finally decided the winners should be...

diplomatic_ocean of Bomas Academy in Nigeria, who made a great comparison between ABBA’s song “I have a dream” and a famous speech by civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr.


smart_tree of Cowes Enterprise College B in the United Kingdom, who shared the “simple but effective” advice in the song “Favourite things” from the film The Sound of Music.

Great choices, well done!

Competition Rules

Welcome to the competition! There are three important rules:


If you don't follow the rules, you will not be able to win and your account may be deactivated.

This competition will close at 5pm (UK time) on Wednesday 23rd March for judging! We will announce two winners on Thursday 24th. Good luck!

The Competition

A picture of Meena Karimi

In 2021 Interlochen Arts Academy student Meena Karimi composed a piece of music called Dawn.

“I wrote Dawn to raise awareness of the challenges faced by girls and women in Afghanistan and to express that, through our struggles, we can stand up for our rights... Connecting our voices through music unites all of us around this important cause. ” said Ms Karimi.

Your challenge this week is take a moment to think about a piece of music that you think is important and explain why. For example, why is it special? Or how might it inspire other people?

Top Tips
  • Read the other competition entries first so that your idea is original
  • Make your entry personal to YOU
  • You could structure your entry like this: "The piece of music that I have chosen is called... by... . I think it's important because..."

Comments (94)

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  • The piece of music i have chosen is called Dream Away By DAY 7. I think it is important because it is an instrumental and soothing song to destress me and other people who like it. i think it will inspire people to relax and think positive about themselves.

  • The piece of music I have chosen is called "Scars To Your Beautiful" by Alessia Cara. I think it's important because she is passing a message across to everyone who has insecurities concerning physical appearances and how the society has set beauty standards... she has seen the need for people to start loving themselves more, appreciating how they were created and shutting negative remarks out.

  • The piece of music I have chosen is called unstoppable by Sia. I think it is important because anytime I listen to this song, the lyrics build an image of a lightning bolt in my mind space telling me that I really can do anything. This song is also totally free of any lyrics that have hints of gender bias meaning that it will have the same inspirational effect on the members of any gender and coupled with the fact that it has an encouraging effect on listeners, it could be a life-line and support to the many men and women around the world faced with disheartening examples of bias.

  • Hey all,
    The song I have chosen is "Hall of Fame" by The Script and I particularly love this song because the lyrics carry alot of deep meaning. It inspires me to push myself harder to do more and fight for what I believe in especially as a girl, not minding the criticisms from people around me. It inspires me to take those critiisms as stepping stones that will lead to my success.

  • The piece of music that i have chosen is called Unstoppable by Sia.
    I think it is important because it is an amazing song with a powerful and positive affirmation for anyone who feels discouraged, discriminated or bullied in anyway, it makes one realize who they really are and what they are made of so that will be able to bring their vulnerabilities to light again .
    And there is part where she says, "I put my armour on, show you how strong I am ", this alone simply means that those (WOMEN) who go through sorrow and work hard to prove them self worthy will surely come out as conquerors at the end.

  • I choose the independent woman by destiny's child, I chose this piece of music because the lyrics speak a lot about the gender inequality phenomenon called gender inequality part of the lyrics says"Question, tell me what you think about me?
    I buy my own diamonds and I buy my own rings
    Only ring your celly when I'm feelin' lonely
    When it's all over please get up and leave
    Question, tell me how you feel about this?
    Try to control me boy, you get dismissed
    Pay my own fun, oh and I pay my own bills
    Always 50/50 in relationships" this is just a summary but she is proving her independence as a female and not depending on men for every thing.

  • The piece of song that I have chosen is "Girl On Fire" by Alicia Keys. I think it's important because this song tells women that they should be fearless and they can overcome every obstacle that comes their way. In my opinion, what Alicia was saying is that women do not need men to reach their goals, they can do it all by themselves; the girl she referred to in the song is lonely but stays motivated, she leaves all her troubles behind and I am motivated to do same.

  • The piece of music that I have chosen is called" Underdogs" by Alicia keys. I think this song is very impactful to women all around the world because It referred to women depicted as underdogs which she tried her very best to remove such a mentality in women increasing their self-confidence and self-possession.

  • The piece of music that I have chosen is "Underdog" by Alicia Keys. From my opinion I really feel this song important because It passes a message concerning people with different dreams and goals Hustling and struggling everyday to achieve these dreams, make a living and prove to the world that they are important as everyone else is, I also believe that Alicia Keys in that song has made that song to show people that everyone is unique and great in their own way.

  • The piece of music I have chosen is called 'Rise Up' by Andra Day. I think this song is important because she talks about the challenges possibly faced by a woman and says she should not give up but every time she falls, she should rise up again and again. I chose this song because it personally gives me a reason to get back on my feet every time i feel dicouraged.

  • The piece of music I have chosen is by a Nigerian and it is titled “Fire on the mountain" by "Bukola Elemide", professionally known as 'Asa'. I think it is important and special because it captures the Nigerian situation. With a lot not working well in the country, she discusses problems that exist in different communities all over Nigeria and through her song she has inspired me, that rather than waiting for the government to help my community, a change should begin with me.

  • The piece of song i have have chosen is called "You Don't own me" by lesley gore. I feel it is important because, it encourages we women that we are not under anyone no, no one owns us and no one has the right to treat us like puppets. It tells us to be strong and still for we can stand for our rights and given the respect we deserve.

  • My favourite piece of music that I've chosen is a piece from Carnival of the Animals by Camille Saint-Saëns which is the march of the lion.
    I feel that this is important because it makes me feel like even though I sometimes feel like I am useless, in this waltz, I feel like I am free of all my worries and can relax and feel like I'm important like I am marching up and everyone sees me and who I am.

  • The song I choose is 'Here comes the sun' by The Beatles.
    I chose this song because it is motivating you to be happy and for you to know that it will not always be gloomy. Also, from what is happening in Ukraine and Afghanistan, it will tell them to be content and don't stop trying.

  • My favourite song is "This Is Me" by Keala Settle. This song is special because it helps me to be the best form of myself I can be no matter the challenges I face or what people think of me. whenever I feel sad, rejected or disappointed, I listen to this song to help me get the negative thoughts out. This song pulls me into the world of self-realization and I feel like this song will inspire all the women out there facing any form of discrimination to be themselves and not let anyone determine who they are.

  • The piece of music I have chosen today is "Bird set free by Sia". This song is special because Sia was clearly afraid to speak up her own mind for the fear of being rejected and she was held down by the opinions of other people. This song makes me understand that keeping opinions to myself will just give room for me to be pinned down by other peoples opinions and we might be broken and weak from speaking up but determination is the only key to breakthrough, self love and happiness.

  • I have many songs that inspire me but am going to pick just one from my favourite tv series, High School Musical the Series and the song is titled "Born to Be Brave" by (Olivia Rodrigo and Dara Renée). It just gives me instant courage that I can do anything and nothing stops me from achieving my dreams, there is a line that says 'Don't need a king I got my crown; don't need a hero to lift me off the ground' tells me that as a girl I don't need a man by my side or as a support system before I am recognised. As a female, we are always wanting praises and attention from the opposite gender but this song makes me realize that this belief does not stop me but rather should push me to achieving greater things.

  • The piece of music I have chosen is "Fight Song" by Racheal Platten because it inspires me, it gives me a sense of relief and happiness. "My power's turned on starting right now I'll be strong I'll play my fight song and I don't really care if nobody else believes it cause I've still got a lot of fight left in me know I've still got a lot of fight left in me", this stanza of the song reminds me to keep on pushing on when mean voices in my head keeps saying I'm not good enough and I can't do it, or it's too late but it reminds me to keep fighting for what I believe in and never give up.

  • My favourite song is "Reach for the stars" ( by S Club 7 ) as it is an idiom that means you can achieve your highest potential. It makes me feel more determined and powerful to maximise everything I have in me. Not only this, but also it says that you can count on your friends when you are feeling blue.

  • The song I’ve chosen is I’m still standing by Elton John because this song shows that you have to keep preserving no matter how hard the tough things are the try to get you down.

  • Hello, you have chosen my favorite instrumental or (song)...
    Except they are all purposeful songs. Because it means the arrival of specific and purposeful ideas to the listener, such as the following types
    Stimulation, relaxation, upliftment and strength
    It can also be called (motivating) because some songs have a positive effect on the listener
    Thank you ❤️❤️..

  • The piece of music i have chosen is "i will survive" by Gloria glaynor ,i think its very inspiring to believe that you will come along despite all bad things happening around , you just need to find that internal strength that makes you keep going no matter what , that Light that will take you through the dark times,and even when your whole world is falling apart you will still be sure deep inside that you will find your way, you will survive...

  • My favourite piece of music is Oh! My home. The song was written by Ibrahim Toqan in Arabic and was translated to English. Later, it was sung by a group of children in both languages. This song reinforce love and belonging to homeland and the longing to see it safely, comforted and victoriously honored. It fosters the rejecting of being slaved for enemies and reflects the resolute will of defending land in case of any attack.

  • " People you know " by Selena Gomez.
    Actually, I'm in love with this song, just by listening to it I get goosebumps it does touch my heart. When I feel alone, I'll just play it and listen to Selena's angelic voice and relax. The words of the song are so realistic it'll give you power in a weird way that you won't notice it.

  • The song you chose is ( Unstoppable) I chose this song because it encourages young people not to give in to anything, and that every problem has a solution, and after every stumbling we must stand up and be the strongest and achieve our dreams and not give up

  • The music track that I chose is called {together we can change the world} and it talks about that with each other we can change the world from corruption and bad habits with our hands and our hearts

  • The piece of music that I have chosen is called HEAL THE WORLD by Michael Jackson. I think it is important because it talked about the importance of peace, unity, love, hope and equality, it also talked about making our world a better place, promoting world peace and helping people who are living in agony. Russians and Ukrainians should listen to this as a wake up call and stop the war.

  • The piece of music you chose is called (Happiness Syndrome: “Be content with little and be beautiful from within” ..!) by (Ahmed Al-Qaq) I think it is very important because we must instill confidence in the soul of every person with Down syndrome and tell them not to feel inferior and must Tell them that they are nothing less than us, they are like us, beautiful and able to do what they want..!
    (Let's cultivate confidence in themselves..!)

  • The piece of music I chose is called "On the Ground" by Park Rosie. The singer wrote the song herself and talks about the hardships she faced in reaching her dream. The song gives me hope when I feel like I'm going to stop in the middle of the road The song makes me think about the circumstances we both are facing, she didn't give up on her dream despite the hard circumstances she faced and, but when I look at me I get frustrated just because of a small obstacle that makes me feel determined to achieve my dream

  • The piece of music I have chosen is called WE ARE THE WORLD written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie and performed by a group of stars called USA For Africa. I think it is important because it is call to humanity that we are all interconnected, so we need to love each other regardless of where we come from. Russians and the Ukrainians need to join the whole world to support and save the human race by creating a constructive change that will last generations to come.

  • The piece of music I have chosen is HEAL THE WORLD by Michael Jackson. It is important because it is preaching peace and love and it is teaching people the need to live together in harmony.

  • My favorite piece of music is "Life Goes on" . Because it gives me a positive energy , that life will continue despite all the obstacles . This song was revealed upon the discovery of "Covid 19" and gave everyone who heard it comfort and psychological resistance , that human beings will be able to overcome this virus .

  • I heard part of a piece of music that I searched for until I found it. I heard it several times because its meanings affected me greatly. It was talking about ruin and peace and that we should not give up when falling into dangers and we must also unite all of us until we eliminate the enemy by unity, strength, patience and courage is the only way to win And victory in the war
    Track name(song): helly luv revolution

  • I chose the song of the revolution. My choice was based on: 1- She talks about the fact that in front of unity among peoples, nothing is impossible. 2- It calls for an end to the war. 3- All peoples are brothers and are from one father. It demands security, peace, freedom and independence for all.
    name of song:- Revolution.
    By helly luv.

  • I pick the music unstoppable by Sia. Because it encourages me to achieve my goals and and it reminds me that no matter what happens we should be strong and confident. We should have no brakes when we are pursuing our long life dreams and goals.

  • I love to hear the song (O my home) because it inspires me to belong to the homeland and feel its value, as it is very beautiful, especially that I performed in this song, and my love for it increased. I suggest you listen to it ❤

  • The piece of music that I have chosen is called JUST LIKE FIRE BY P!NK I picked this because it tells me that people have so many things to say about me but i should just go a difference way when the come close to me and that no one can be just like me.

  • I chose the song wich modivated me when i'm upset ,"I can see clearly now " by "Johnny Nash".
    it gives me hope, confidence and optimism.
    Thats why i love this quite, cool and beautiful song.
    "it's gonna be abright , bright sun shiny day".

  • The piece of music that I have chosen is called "strongest" by Ina Wroldsen, because it tells a story of a mother's struggle and sacrifice for her kids after her husband left her. This song shows that the women have such a significant role in raising the new generation and they can replace the father in his absence. No one may deny, that this melody is more than words it is a letter to the community to inform them that if there's no women there's no progress.

  • My favorite anthem is the “national anthem” for any country or any language, whether for my country or others, because it does not differentiate between one of the sons of the country, white or black, rich or poor, men or women. They raise their heads for one goal, which is love of the homeland and belonging to the homeland, I feel that Equal and peaceful and everyone respects him.

  • The song that i chose is Rockabybaby by Anne Marie because its a song that depict the life struggle of a single mother. I find it very inspiring and motivating to overcome all the obstacles in our life. Besides it also represents the how strong women are though they are seen as the weaks i the society.

  • I chose the song that encourages me in most times of my defeat and sadness “Unbreakable, by faydee” It is really a beautiful and exciting song, I don’t know why but it always gives me a dose of hope and strength when I hear it, and I remembered the announcer who said the truth and was arrested. Strength and feel the hope and comfort that we are all with her. I advise everyone to listen to it carefully so that they understand its meaning.

  • The piece of music I have chosen is "TEARS in Heaven" by CLAPTON ERIC.I think it's important because it helps me forget the death of my grand father.

  • I chosed Try Everything by Shakira because, it encourages us not to give up no matter what happens we should keep trying till we succed

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbHQ-OS9_G0 is where I found the song. It is called "We are all amazing". What I like about the song, is that we are all equal no matter the color of our skin, no matter our eye color, and no matter the basic differences we all have. It also shows that we are all capable to do things( We are all amazing). This lovely song promoting gender equality among us was sung by London Rhymes. He sang this song because of the impact that gender inequality is taking in society and how the world would be if there is no gender inequality. We need to break the bias and love people the way they are, no matter our differences. Watch it to understand it more.

  • My favourite song is All That Matters by GUC because this song tells us that God is the only one who can help solve your problems, what will we be if He didn't hold our hands.
    Also it tells us that we cannot deny Him (GOD)because of something.

  • Being a musician I think is a great gift and is one of most things I like singing and it can help get some money to help the family members when ever I try to make my own songs my friends wanted to tell me that my voice is dead but they still they to hear me singing no matter what but to never give up in what we do

  • The piece of music that I have chosen is called "Last One Standing" by Skylar Grey. I think it's important because: Happiness and Success are the byproducts of sacrifices we made. People mostly appreciate the result, not the struggle. In spite of all the odds, we struggle, discover, solve, invent, create and hope- for a better tomorrow.

  • The piece of music you chose is "Tell me why?" By the artist (Declan Galbraith) I think it is important to explain the difference between dream and reality as he dreams of love, friendship and a beautiful life and that laughter is the language of the world, but at the same time he is shocked by the painful reality that many people around the world live with due to wars and crises of immigrants, displaced persons and the needy who need help For them, that piece reminds the world of the bitter truth that many live in, and alerts us to the danger experienced by others, such pieces have a humanitarian goal to direct the world’s attention to crises and conflicts and provide them with assistance....

  • The piece of music that I have chosen is called stronger by Kelly Clarkson. I think it's important because , it is an empowering song. It also means that in hard times, we need to have the courage to "stand a little taller" with a smile. Those experiences will help us to learn something . In conclusion , it is a good song to move you on. What doesn't kill you'll make you stronger. You are a special person. Believe me. Spread your love and don't look back in anger.

  • The piece of music is (Sia) Thank you for this beautiful invention I really loved him ❤️

  • The song I have chosen is WE ARE THE WORLD by Michael Jackson.Whenever I play this song on my computer its makes me cry alot and also makes me to remember the past. I love this song because its tells me never to give up and to move forward in life untill i achieve my goal in future.

    1. Good choice, splendid_argument! Is there a part of the song that you like the most? If so, why do you like it?

  • The piece of music that I have chosen is called "I will survive" by "Gloria Gaynor". I think it's important because the song shows how to keep strong after being broken. In this unfortunate world we live in, other people may try to bring us down and sometimes we give up on ourselves, but what's important is that we are able to keep our head high and realize that with determination and perseverance, we will survive...

  • The piece of music i have chossen is unstopable by sia this song tells you how unstopable you can be when you belive in yourself.This applys to all women and girls that you can be unstopable only if you belive in yourself

    1. Great pick, jubilant_snow. Can you give us an example of what believing in yourself looks like? When would it be particularly important for someone to believe in themselves?

  • The song I will choose is (Dreaming Is Possible) by (Delassie) because it talks about making my way through difficulties and overcoming all obstacles until I reach my dream and achieve it or not give it up no matter the difficulties. In front of me there is also another song that I choose, which is (Bad Child) written by (tones and I) because it talks about a family that abuses their children and that they say dirty words about them and that they are bad children and that they are crazy, but all they say is a lie and these children struggle and become strong until the end of their abuse

  • Hi all the music l chose is "mery mella kipenzi" it teaches many students on how to live in learning institution on self-esteem l love the song

  • The piece of music I have chosen is TREASURE by Alexandra Brad and Barbie in 2017. I think it is important because it has a nice melody, inspiring words that talks about how good and uplifting friendships are.

  • The piece of music that I have chosen is called I HAVE A DREAM by Abba in 1979. I think it is important because it reminds us of the speech by Martin Luther King about legal equality, economic equality and social equality. It encourages people that they should face whatever challenges they may go through knowing that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

  • I adore the piece “My favorite things” sung by Julie Andrews in the film “The Sound Of Music”. I find it astounding that even though this song is over fifty years old the audience can still enjoy the sentiment and the advice given of this timeless piece, that encourages you to be self reliant in your happiness and well being. The lyrics “when the dog bites , when the bee stings , when I’m feeling sad” are all the things that are going to be persistant in life ,however you must “simply remember your favorite things and then you don’t feel so bad”, the advice is so simple but effective.

  • The piece you chose (Do not give up, I wont give up) from the song (The Greatest) by Sia I think it is important because it gives hope and optimism and that nothing is difficult to achieve your dream, so do not give up

  • The piece of music that I have chosen is called RAISE by Katty Perry. I think it is important because it reminds ME that the obstacles and difficulties are part of success no matter how the way is painful ,keep your hope and fight for it and you will thrive and raise and the favorite part is " victory is in my veins"

  • I piece of music I have chosen is 'Let It Be' by the Beatles in 1970 because it has an eternal message of patience and that even if you are in hard times, there is always a chance that there is an answer someone will find which will change your life for the better. It features the lyrics 'And when the broken hearted people living in the world agree, There will be an answer, let it be, Though they may be parted there is still a chance that they will see, There will be an answer, let it be.' which is, for me, the most potent part of the whole song because it tells you that all struggles can be rectified even in the darkest of times and to always hold out hope. However, I don't agree with the lyric which is the main theme, 'let it be' because you do need to fight for a better world and if no one does anything there will be no change and nothing will get better.

    1. Please remember to only give three sentences in future, encouraging_elderberry!

  • My favorite piece of music is different colors one people which was sung by Lucky Dube. This song talks more about human life. The music talks about the tribes of people but we are all one people. And it tell people not to discriminate against people. It also talks about the ethnic groups of people but we are all image of God.

  • The song I chose is actually grateful. In fact, I always hear it when I fail or feel defeated and I want to stop what I am doing. I chose it because I do not find anyone who motivates me to continue and succeed. When I hear it, I feel that my mother is the one who says her words to me, and my activity returns to continuing and progressing. “The only thing I know is that I love what I do.” Always, my friends, keep repeating this sentence in your minds, because you will only innovate in what you do if you love it.

  • I choose the song 'Brave' by Ella Henderson because it's a wonderful message. It inspires people to go out there and be you because you are the best you. Last but not least, it tells people to be brave and stand for what you think is right for you to inspire or to help.

  • The song I have chose is the eye of the tiger. I think this is a good and motivating song because when ever I feel down or I just got defeated, It makes me go back up because the first words of the song is rising up. This song always make me to do something that I never thought I could of done.

  • The song i chosen is believer.Because its very motivational and gives you a boost of energy and also it makes me happy when i feel upset

  • the song that i pick is unstoppable by sia. It inspires loads of people to carry on and never give because loads of people should feel the confidence to keep on going .

  • The song I have chosen is called Eye of the Tiger by Katy Perry.This is because in the piece of music it describes how a person could go from a hesitant person to a very confident brave person.Another reason is because it teaches you to not let anyone tell you what to do and this piece of music wants to tell you that you do not need to let some one control you, just to get something you want

  • The song I have chosen is (Grace) this is the grace of God 🙏.I think is a good song and marvellous because this song make's you feel better because if l/you sin ,l will repent from the sin because of the God's grace and mercy if there is no God's grace and mercy we would not be alive today and this song make's me do what God's want me to achieve and l can do what I want to do in the Lord 🙏 Amen

  • Those who said that music is the language of peoples was right. It is the only means by which people of different colors and races can communicate and understand.Beethoven...the first movement

    He is a German composer and musician, who was the most prominent in the classical era preceding Romanticism; He is one of the greatest and most influential music geniuses of all times, and he had the greatest credit for the development of classical music, at the time of his most important piece, the wonderful "First Movement".

  • The piece of music I chose is called Monamore by the famous composer (Ludwig van Beethoven). I think it is important because it relaxes the nerves and is used in psychological treatments for insomnia and relaxation, and because it is called music of magic and beauty. It is enough that its author considered music a message and for it he was fighting society. He used to say, I play music for the generations after me, and despite his deafness, he continued to compose music until he died, trying to make people happy with his music.

  • "The piece of music that I have chosen is called “Broken & Beautiful” by Kelly Clarkson, I think it's an extremely inspiring song because it sends an empowering message of loving yourself, Regardless of all your imperfections, you Should be proud of the flaws and not allowing people to change them and you shouldn't hide what makes you broken, because it makes you unique & beautiful.

  • The piece of music I choose is "Underdog" by Alicia Keys. She was speaking to the underdogs (a person who has little status in society), she said in her lyrics, "They said I would never make it but I was built to break the mold the only dream that I've been chasing is my own...This goes out to the underdog keep on keeping at what you love you'll find that someday soon enough you will rise up, rise up, yeah". I think this music is important because it speaks to the people who are regarded less in the society; it could be men, women, fathers, mothers, etc; that they should RISE UP and KEEP DOING WHAT THEY LOVE!!!

  • The clip is from the song "Hall of Fame" and I enjoy listening to this song because it carries distinct and deep meanings. She inspires me with optimism and courage in order to strive and reach what I want as a sane adult girl who seeks her interests, and not to hear what hurts my hearing and frustrates me from the criticisms of the people around me. I must have a good opinion of myself and all women because we are able to overcome obstacles

  • The piece of music I choose is 'Black' by Dave. it speaks about how black people live harder lives than white people, and the hardships that they go through. It also speaks about their differences and how they have to work twice as hard just to stay on the same level.

  • The piece of music I have chosen is Firework by Katy Perry because when I was younger I used to absolutely love it and to this day it still has a very special place in my heart. The message is all about that even if you feel bad about yourself everything will be ok and you are amazing.

  • I have chosen 'this is me' from the movie the greatest showman. This is because it is really empowering and gives people the clear message of be yourself and don't let other people get you down.

  • The piece of music that I have chosen is called 'Chug Jug With You' by 'Leviathan'. I feel that it is special to me because it inspires me to do what I am doing as it has the jolly music and the lyrics of my favourite game along with the fact that the vocal cords are funny.

  • I will be picking the song "surface pressure " in the movie enchanto by Jessica Darrow I chose this song because I feel like it highlights how everyone expects girls to be perfect and the pressure is overwhelming the line that says "Pressure like a drip, drip, drip, that'll never stop" some how highlights how high the pressure is. Also the line that says "Under the surface hide my nerves and it worsens" really explains the average life of a 21st century girl.

  • The piece of music that I have chosen is called ‘You forgive me’ by GroupMusic. I think it's important because the words in the song tell us that we have to forgive anyone who did something wrong or if they have hurted you. This song inspires people to move on in life by forgiving others and to spot out the true friends they have.

  • The piece of music I have chosen in "Rise Up" by Andra Day. This is all about telling people that you will be there for them which i think really hits people in their heart and soul. It tells you whenever things are going wrong, whether in school, work or at home that someone will be there to stand up and be there for you. I feel that this can relate to everyone and really lift your spirits and emotions.

  • The song I like is " Dream it possible",by Delacey! The lyrics Delacey used gives me courage to strive hard in life, to accomplish my goals and aspirations! It makes me brave to stand firm in taking decisions in life.The song helps me think positive about peopleAbove all it soothes my soul.

  • The piece of music that I have selected is called 'This is me' by Justin Paul and Benj Pasek. I believe it's significant because it shows the qualities of all different people. If they have a different race or hair colour, it does not matter, we are all the same on the inside.

  • I do not know much about an important piece of music, but I think that music will be useful because it is the language of the world and will reach everyone and I am sure that it will make a change, even if it is small, but one day there will be a change.

  • The piece of music is Deserve it"like the white says we are black.But one day it will change

  • The song I liked is "Love Yourself" by Justin Bieber.I like this song because it encourages people about how they look and their behaviour.This song helps many people to trust themselves and be brave and active instead of being lonely.

  • I've chosen the song 'you don't own me' by Lesley Gore. This song shows that no woman is owned by anyone, man or woman. This song makes a powerful impact on me and most likely many people because no one is owned by anyone and no one should be told how to act and this does not just apply for women but for men too, as women are not the only ones that are called 'weak' sometimes. This is why I believe this song is very empowering and uplifting because of both the song and the hidden message that is: no one is owned by anyone.

  • I pick 'brown skin girl 'by beyonce because it shows that its okay to be a black girl and to stand for your colour

  • I am doing the song ''Fighter'' by Rachel Platten. I chose this song because whenever I listen to it it gives more power and makes me feel I can do whatever i want if I set my mind to it. A verse from the song that I love is '' And I don't really care if nobody else believes me. I still got alot of fight left in me.'' I believe that this song is very inspirational to anyone and even people that have been going through rough times

  • I picked "What else can I Do? by Diane Guerrero and Stephanie Beatriz"because this shows that girls don't have to be perfect for their family.

  • I have chosen the piece of music "A Change Is Gonna Come" by Sam Cooke. It is important because it shows that even though hard obstacles may come in and out of our lives and we have lots of problems, they can be fixed because every single problem has a solution. This song's message is that everybody and everything has the ability to change and improve, differences are always among us but with time and effort and you can overcome any problem.

  • This piece of music I have chosen is “Respect” by Aretha Franklin (1967) because it's about women being brave and standing up for themselves. The song encourages everyone to be treated the same.

  • The song that I chose was "Sit still look pretty" by Daya because this song is about a girl that rebels against the stereotype that girls have to get married; this song is really inspirational to women and empowering. My favourite verse is "That snow white she did right had seven men to do the chores cause that is not what a lady is for".