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The world cup and the events accompanying it is preoccupying the world and is preoccupaying me... STEP ONE: pick a standpoint topic 05/12/22
I agree because his words have a deep message. Fifa made a courageous decision by choosing... A speech that got people talking 28/11/22
The internet is an important thing for us , and it is also consedered a part of hour daily life... Should the internet be a human right? 17/11/22
Money is very very impirtant source and for me , money is an essential thing beacuse it meets... Money, money, money! 15/11/22
It is very important to see diversity in films , wheather it is in the diversity of... Why is it important to see diversity in films? 15/11/22
Yes of course , Ican be the leader of a particular country because I keep things fair and... Would you be a leader? 15/11/22
There are many smart people around the world and they can change a part of the world , but they... Who could change the world? 14/11/22
Space is one of the most attractive and picturesque natural features in the sky . It in cludes... Space innovations: what do you think? 02/11/22
Some countries of the world suffer from a health food crisis so healthy food is not a ... Competition #1 Interpreting statistics 01/11/22