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I would like to ask him what was one failure he expierenced. Aron D’Souza 29/2/24
Why do you do this, do you find it fun , is it nice to have a job like this? Aron D’Souza 29/2/24
They might bring rules from their country here and they might end up cheating on accident or not... Which sports “matter”? 27/2/24
It gives other people from other people a chance to show what their made of.It also give them a... Which sports “matter”? 27/2/24
These photos are so amazing you guys should take more. These photos can teach the values of life. Festival snapshots! 16/2/24
These photos are great.These photos show that you don’t need electronic devices to have fun in... Festival snapshots! 16/2/24
I feel like the first one aka the one that has to do with banks is needed because that can... Fair or unfair? 16/2/24
Businesses could make things for children. Which would mean that it would get more popularity... How could businesses make positive change? 07/2/24
One person that i know made a water cycle type machine made from all plastics which keeps water... How to make a change 07/2/24
AI could possibly help with the future.The reason i think that is because look at this... AI and the planet 07/2/24
The top priority should be making sure no one can leave. Another top priority is that everyone... What’s the purpose of prisons? 07/2/24