Festival snapshots!

We love to see you getting involved with the Festival discussions on the Hub – and we like it even more when you send us photos of your classroom discussions too!

Take a look at these snapshots of other Topical Talkers enjoying their lessons. How similar or different did the lessons look in your classrooms?

Click on the first image, then look through the Festival 2024 gallery!

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  • Wow! Nice photos! We had interesting lessons with so many discussions on topical topics. I never thought we can focus and deepen on such important issues that are apparent worldwide.
    Our group discussions and role plays got us engaged so much in the lessons!
    Let's all keep this perfect interaction!

    1. We are so pleased you're enjoying the Festival, thankful_brain! And thank you for the photographs from your school - we are always happy to receive more.

  • This pictures are very nice and show us that the kids in the Topical are very intresed about it

  • These are very nice photos which can teach a lot of values that are helpful in this competition such as team work and creative thinking. So I will encourage The Economist to continue the good work they have started and keep on using this program to allow children's voices to be heard and seen globally.

  • These photos are so amazing you guys should take more. These photos can teach the values of life.

  • These photos are great.These photos show that you don’t need electronic devices to have fun in life.This also shows that life is fun when u work with people

  • It was my first time attending this live event and it was truly one of the best interactional experiences i have ever been to. Thanks to the way that it is structured, it made us discuss and express our ideas to the class. And quickly come up with an answer. Also those pictures impresed me because of the differences regarding the way the classes are structured. ;)

    Good evening

    1. Glad to hear you enjoyed the live event! Can you tell me some of the things you discussed in class?

  • Really cool photos from those lessons looking at different ways of discussing the matters at hand in many ways. I can't wait to see more photos on social media. Good luck to everyone in these discussions.

  • nice photos we had an amazing lesson of looking at reviews

  • nice photos,thay look like thay are having fun

  • wow really nice photos thay look like thay are having a great time

  • That picture is so nice because it shows how happy children are in the Topical

  • Ohh that's so nice to see these photos but I want to send photos too of our activities and session but how I can send you please guide.

    1. Hi confident_tiger! Your teachers can email photos to us -- they have the information they need to do this. We look forward to seeing your class soon!

  • I like how in the pictures everybody is working together and showing teamwork. These photos are really nice, and i'm kind of jealous our class could not take any.

  • Wow these pictures are nice I really like how educated they and it look like they are really smart

  • Wow!!!
    I saw mine on social media it's pretty awful. I really liked them!!!
    Thanks for sharing our photos and videos!!!
    I liked to discuss the lessons about a certain topic and learn more about the problems on Earth and how to fix them!!
    I didn't know that the festival will be that much good and the experts and students are too smart!!
    Thanks for everything, we all love you!!!

    1. I must say that it does me good to be part of this festival because i have always been interested on global issues and i was wowed the moment i saw some of our pictures and video's posted on the platform. however, i mist also say that i am happy that we have been exposed to topics and educative issues that are debatable with various ways that it could be tackle in the society. as much as this is exciting , i wish that this festival could be adopted in my school as a subject.
      Thanks for the enlightenment

  • These are beautiful because pictures are an encapsulation of moments, a narration of stories, and an expression of perspectives.
    So, these pictures show a way forward in Topical Talk globally🌏🌎🌎so KEEP IT 🧒👩

  • Hello, Topical talk I want really to thank you about this amazing photos!!!!

    I thought about social media, it's so terrible. I really love them!
    Thanks for sharing our photos and videos!!!
    A discussion session on a specific topic and learn more about Earth’s problems and how to solve them!!
    I did not feel that this event was important and that it was of high quality and the students were smart!!
    Thanks for everything, we teach you!!! Beautiful pictures! We had exciting glass lessons with many discussions on topical topics. I don't think at all that it is limited to these important matters all over the world.
    Our discussions with group members get very involved in whiskers!
    Let's all keep these interactions perfect!

    Thanks a bunch!!!! 🥰❤❤️‍🔥🇪🇬