Aron D’Souza


Aron D’Souza is the president of the Enhanced Games and leads a global movement of athletes who believe in science. He aims to end "exploitative practices" during international sports events.

Aron is a Festival topic expert on the Enhanced Games.

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  • I want to ask him why do you this, who works with you ,what do you work do you think that you will achieve your goals.

    You may ask me why all of these questions ,my reply is , because not many know about him even me , and I think he is an impressive and creative man.

  • I would ask him why would you believe in science when there is s million things to believe in. Why would you pick to choose to end exploitative practices when you can end so much more.

  • Hello Aaron.
    I would love to know if you have ever taken enhancement drugs. If yes how did it feel was it something good or was there a negative consequence attached to it?

    1. I would like to ask him also if he has ever taken these drugs himself and knows the effects of them. I also wonder if it works in the long term or if you want to stop and can't because you're addicted..?

  • In his interview, Aron D'Souza might share his personal journey and the experiences that led him to create the Enhanced Games. He could discuss his perspective on the role of science in sports, the importance of fair competition, and his vision for the future of international sports events. Understanding his motivations and beliefs would provide valuable insight into his approach to addressing exploitative practices and promoting fairness in sports.

    If I had the opportunity to meet Aron, I would ask him about his strategies for ensuring that the Enhanced Games maintain integrity and fairness while embracing scientific advancements. Additionally, I would inquire about the specific measures he plans to implement to address exploitative practices and support athletes who believe in science. Understanding his plans for fostering a positive and inclusive environment for athletes from diverse backgrounds would also be of interest.

    Thank you.

  • Good morning Aaron.
    I would like to know if there is any backup plan for athletes who use performance enhancement drugs and get injured in the process during the competition. Will they receive any compensation or will they be left to fend for themselves when accidents occur?

  • AronD'Souza , president of Enhanced Games , aims to end exploitative practices in international sports events.He leads a global movement of science-believing athletes . To learn more, let's explore his interview to understand his inspiration for creating the games . If I could meet Aron, I'd ask him"What specific instances or experiences motivated you to create the Enhanced Games?"

  • I think Aron D'Souza has a great idea of bringing enhanced games. Olympic games and world cup are only played every 4 years sport I know. If enhanced games will be taken place also after four years, athletes will improve their skills on a condition that there is no doping.thank you.☺️

  • If I met Aron, I would ask him the next questions:
    1. Why do you think the Enhanced Games will be the new version of the Olympic Games if they are not the same? Do you think they could co-exist?
    2. Why are they called Games and not in another way, if to play a game you have to follow the rules and doping is breaking a rule?
    3. What is the aim of the Enhanced Games: to make a scientific research to know what are the human limits or to create a globar competition to see who can apply now-a-days drugs better and take more advantage of them?
    4. In which countries do you think this could be less criticised? Why it is almost impossible to have a global support for this proyect?

  • Hello.

    It was a wonderful experience for me to have the opportunity to meet Aron D'Souza, a festival topic expert on the enhanced games. If I had the opportunity to meet him, I would ask him what initiatives he has taken to stop the "exploitative practice". I would also ask how the use of drugs destroys the mental and physical balance of an athlete. Also, what kind of adverse effects will an athlete taking drugs have on his family and social life? Finally, I would ask him whose role is most important in making drug avoidance a fair and safe game and what role science can play in this regard.
    Thanks a lot.

  • Hello friends,
    If k got the chance to meet him then I would ask him why just why would you pick science when there is art, maths, history and lots more.

  • If I could meet Aron, I would ask him what inspired him to make enhanced games. Was it a long journey? How long did it take you?

  • If I could meet Aaron, I would ask him why he created the enhanced games, and how he came up with it.

  • I would definitely ask him what motivated him to start this project.Another question I would ask him is whith what people does he cooperate. Last but not least, I would certainly ask him what advice can he give to people that want to become as successful and helpful for the world like him.

  • Whoa, there are a lot of duties associated with being the president of enhanced games. Is it enjoyable, or though? I would like to know who created WADA and who discovered who is using drugs that enhance their ability to play games. I also want to know if you are proud of your ability to make decisions and apply critical thinking for the whole world, which is undoubtedly a big responsibility. Are there people who can assist you in making decisions when it comes to enhancements of games?

  • Aron , ever since you ventured into this profession have you ever come across people who enhanced drugs have led to the icu because during the cause of this week people have said that these drugs can cause serious problems so I just want make enquires so as to establish a better say when making an argument
    Thank you

  • If I could meet Aron, I would ask him what makes enhanced games and athletic games similar. And how science can impact technology in solving problems.

  • If am been given the opportunity to meet with Aron D' Souza, I would ask the reasons why he believe in science and I will ask him the limitations or guidelines on how the performance enhanced drugs are to be taken. I will aso ask him the side effects of the drugs because I believe all drugs for sports has side effects. Furthermore, I will also him to teach how to be helpful like him so that I can help end exploitive practices during sports games like him.

  • Why do you do this, do you find it fun , is it nice to have a job like this?

  • I would like to ask him what was one failure he expierenced.

  • Artificial intelligence is a blessing of science. This benevolent invention has brought change in the world. Various tasks can be done by AI or robot. But before the invention of AI, these robotic tasks were performed by humans . And in return they were given their labor. But if the work is to be done by robots, there is no manual labour. Robots are capable of doing the same work in a very short time as it takes a human to do a task . A person can make mistakes when doning something as sincerely as he wants to do it carefully. That same feeling does not exist in any robot or AI . So I think that even if a robot can do everything, it can never do it emotionally, emotionally and sincerely like a human. A robot or AI is dependent on a person for everything.

  • If I could meet Aron, I would like to ask about how your goals should be achieved?And do you trust that you can do this in presence of many other things more than science. Also, what is the attractive thing in it ?

  • I have read that most of the comments tend to be opposed to the idea of enchanted games. As I am from a country that Olympic games first held , I am in the same position. We have been taught that exercising body and mind is a simple way to nourish your soul.
    So I would like to ask Aron D' Souza:
    Do you think that Olympics games and enchanted games have the same.e purpose in sport life?
    Can you give so e specific examples how enchanted games can lead to discovery innovation?
    How will ensure that everyone is safe both physically and mentally?
    Thank you

  • If I could meet Aron D'Souza. I would ask him several questions :
    1.How do the Enhanced Games address "exploitative practices" during international sports events?
    2. As sports should be played fairly, how do you ensure fairness and integrity in the Enhanced Games with scientific advancements?
    3.What challenges have you faced in establishing the Enhanced Games, and how have you overcome them?
    4.What are your plans for the future growth and development of the Enhanced Games?

  • In a meeting with Aron, I would ask him about the purpose behind bringing enhanced drugs to . This involves exploring his perspective on the necessity of using these drugs, considering their benefits, risks.

  • Some of the possible questions I would ask are What specific "exploitative practices" are you aiming to end in international sports events?
    - How do you believe science can help improve the fairness and integrity of sports competitions?
    - What challenges have you faced in promoting the Enhanced Games and gaining support from athletes and organizations?
    - How do you envision the future of sports competitions evolving with the implementation of science-based enhancements?
    - What advice do you have for individuals who are interested in getting involved in promoting fair and ethical practices in sports?

  • If I could meet Aron I would ask him from his own perspective how does he see sports, games and event being the presidents of enhanced games, how are you planning to end explosive practice and making games fair as possible, and from your experience how can you describe this explosive practice.

  • If I could meet Aron D' Souza I would ask him if they are advantages to enchantment drugs since what has its disadvantages has its advantages and how will deal with a person who is addicted to the drugs.

  • Hi if I could meet Aron D' Souza I would ask him what rules would he implement in a competition that has a lot of people who are addicted to enhancement drugs.

  • If I were to meet Mr. Aron, I would first ask him on how his idea about the enhanced games came about. I would ask him on how he got his inspiration to want to create the enhanced games and why he thinks that a game like this would bring about happiness, joy, and entertainment because everybody already knows the possible winners of the game and that will be those that took the enhancement drugs to perform well and better.
    I would ask him these questions because I want to know why his interest is in drugs and sports specifically merging the two to create the enhanced games!
    THANK YOU!!!

  • Hello everyone
    If I could meet Aron D’Souza, I would ask him that how can he ensure us fairness in such enhanced games?
    I would also ask is the scientific impact on an athlete more important than his lifetime health?
    And finally I would ask him that why would he want to use athletes for science and risk their lives when there are several other options available?