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I agree with you on the topic gender inequality. It is truly believed that a woman's world... STEP ONE: do the lessons, pick a Standpoint topic 05/3/24
I agree that education should not be based on gender. But I would like to answer this " how to... Gender inequality: have your say! 20/2/24
I'm not sure about this because... There are some jobs that some females can't do, jobs like... Gender inequality: have your say! 20/2/24
I think boycotts are ways of bringing about changes that government of a country can't bring... Are boycotts helpful? 17/2/24
We can best ensure that we are not controlled by AI through the following ways: - limitation... Jobs of the future 03/2/24
I agree with you fiery_hyena. Recycling has become a major solution and a source of income for a... Suggest a discussion 03/2/24
I got 9/10 in the eco-anxiety test. I learnt something new from the test. I learnt that people... Show what you know 03/2/24
Yes, I have. I actually wanted to become a pilot in the future but hearing about news of... Suggest a discussion 30/1/24
I agree with B which says a bad prison can make crime worse instead of better. Why? You may... What if prisons aren’t working? 30/1/24
Humans can do a lot of things to make a difference. We as humans can do the following to make a... Suggest a discussion 28/1/24
Yes, there are jobs humans can do better than AI. Humans can pass judgement better than AI. The... Jobs of the future 27/1/24
All the volunteers are doing very good. Among them are PA consulting : a global team of... Meet our Skills volunteers! 27/1/24