Gender inequality: have your say!

Gender equality will take well over 100 years to achieve if we continue making progress at the current rate. Look at the global statistics about how men and women are treated unequally at work.

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    On average, women are paid less than men. For every dollar that men earn, women earn 77 cents. This is called the gender pay gap.

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    Since 2006, the regions that have made the most progress in closing their gender pay gap are North America, the Middle East and North Africa.

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    In the past, one of the biggest reasons for the gender pay gap was because fewer women had access to education. This situation is improving but the inequality still exists.

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    Unpaid work

    Women are more likely to do unpaid work at home. For example, looking after family members or household chores. Women may be doing as much as 30% more unpaid work than men.

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  • The information that surprises me the most is the one about the gender pay gap. I believe that this is not fair especially if the man and woman have the same job and do the same tasks. If the woman is performing the same task as the man, she doesn't deserve to be paid less. That is not fair at all. I believe that the fact that they can perform the same task means they should be treated the same way.
    I think that every business should be properly scrutinized to make sure that the gender pay gap is eradicated. There should be laws in countries that fight for the right of women in the workplace. Business owners should pay women the same way they pay men if they perform the same duties or else be sanctioned.
    Other challenges that women face include lack of access to standard education, lack of representation and inability to have access to facilities and opportunities that men are offered. This is a very big problem in our society but i believe that if we continue to work towards it, eventually gender discrimination will be eradicated.

    1. Rightly said intelligent_orchard.
      I also find the information about the gender pay gap particularly surprising. It's unfair, especially when women perform the same tasks as men for less pay. If they are doing the same job, they deserve equal pay. It's crucial to scrutinize every business to eliminate the gender pay gap. Countries should have laws that advocate for women's rights in the workplace. Business owners should be required to pay women the same as men for the same duties, with sanctions for non-compliance. Additionally, women face challenges such as lack of access to education and opportunities, as well as limited representation. These issues need to be addressed, and I believe that by continuing to work towards it, we can eventually eradicate gender discrimination.

      1. You actually read my mind active_beetle,because women are not treated equally and well, for some reasons men are more involved and accorded respect but women are left behind. I am glad that the journalists are trying to profer solutions to the problem and also make the women's voice heard . In addition to this, women and men should should be shown equal respect,because if women keep getting discriminated, they will feel irrelevant and wouldn't want to contribute their quota to the work front, and even if they do,they wouldnt be passionate about it but rather do it for just the money.
        The woman's place is not just at the home alone, there are so many potentials that can be harnessed if women are availed the opportunity to showcase themselves.

    2. I totally agree with you Intelligent_orchard because why should women earn less than men when they perform the same job it is just dishearting to witness this in action I believe that everyone should be given their right regardless of their gender because their are even some jobs that women perform and they aren't paid like washing dishes e.t.c and the is even more gender inequality that women usually experience like Lack of representation in leadership positions,Stereotyping and gender norms e.t.c

      1. Another thing that i saw that got me thinking was the information about unpaid work.
        It is a common stereotype that men are the breadwinners and they get paid more than women. Just because they get paid more doesn't mean they work harder. In the olden days, women stayed at home and did all the work. Some of them include washing the dishes and laundry, prepare meals, keep the house clean and so on. This might seem alright but in addition to all these chores, they still take care of the entire family including the man. Even though they have so much work, they still do it and they do it well. They take their responsibility very seriously. I can agree that a woman shouldn't be paid for taking care of her own family but this is proof that women are capable of performing tasks very well. When a woman gets a job that is similar to that of a man, she should not be paid less. What makes matters worse is that sometimes a woman goes to her workplace in the morning and comes back in the evening to her house where she has a lot of chores to finish. This means they are performing both paid work and unpaid work.
        Women should not be undermined. Just because of the stereotypes that say that men should be held in a higher regard, women are not treated well. This could lead to inferiority complex even though a woman i capable of whatever task she may be given. This is not fair. A woman performs more work in a day than a man and they don't even get the weekends off.
        They should be treated fairly. They should be rewarded for their efforts.

      2. I agree because.Even though over the past few decades millions more women have entered the workforce and achieved significant advancements in their educational attainment, women are still paid 79 cents for every dollar earned by males. All too frequently, the assumption is made that the pay gap is a statistical artefact resulting from the failure to account for variables that could account for variations in salaries between men and women rather than proof of discrimination. Nevertheless, these women only receive 79 cents for every dollar earned by men—this is true even though millions more women have entered the workforce and achieved significant advancements in their educational backgrounds over the past few decades. to account for variables that might influence the disparity in wages between men and women.

      3. GoodDay,
        I agree with you that yes the pay gap between women and men is unfair but you said that women have "Lack of representation in leadership positions". I believe that although the leadership representation of women is less than that of men, I think that women are still actively in leadership. From what I saw on google women have 35% of the active high positions in leadership while men have 65%. This may seem like a bad thing but it is actually good because it means that women are slowly coming into leadership positions until all is equal. Also women are encouraged in leadership positions at small levels too, for example in my school as we have a senior prefect male, but we also have a senior prefect female which is a way of showing equality between males and females thereby closing the gap of gender inequality.
        Also educated_fox you said that women perform jobs that they are not paid for like washing dishes. Do you think that a woman will decide to wash dishes in a house where she is not married into, living under or being paid for? I believe that if a woman is married into a family I do not think she is meant to be paid for work but the man and other family members may help her in doing the work. Also when a woman lives in a house with others where they have morning chores to do don't you think it is not out of place if she is not paid for her agreed chore? I am not saying that there are not situations where a woman is unjust fully not paid for her labor but I am just pointing out situations in which a woman not being paid for labor is not wrong.
        Thank You.

        1. Thank you jazzed tamarillo. Mothers or fathers are indeed not paid for caring for the home and doing chores. I wonder whether the question about unpaid work is not also about the fact that traditionally women have been seen as housewives (work which does not provide money for the family) whereas men were the one ensuring financial stability? How would you see it?

          1. I believe that this question shouldn't be asked because a lot of people help and don't get paid. When I do chores , I don't get paid because it's what I'm supposed to do. If someone were to have a kid, it would be their responsibility to take care of them not get paid for it since they made the decision to have a kid.

        2. Well said jazzed_tamarillo.
          The gender gap between women and men is considered unfair, particularly due to the lack of representation of women in leadership positions. However, I have a differing viewpoint and believe that women are actively pursuing leadership opportunities, even though there is still a discrepancy compared to men. This ongoing shift towards gender equality in leadership is a positive development, indicating progress towards a more balanced representation. An example from my school illustrates this point, with both male and female senior prefects appointed to demonstrate equality and bridge the gap of gender inequality at a smaller scale.

          Thank you.

      4. I agree because... women work in a place where men work with them, the men get more salary than the other gender. Some of them put more effort than the males but most brand don't think about that . I believe in the saying that says what a man can do, women can do better.

        1. You have underlined a very significant point optimistic meteor, take the example of Jessica Combs who set a women's land speed record of 548.4 mph in 2019.Women are very capable and can achieve a lot all we have to do is stop underestimating them and believe that they can do more, all we have to do is give them a chance to prove themselves.

          1. Thank you charming_artist. Apart from the fact that we keep on undermining women, women keep on undermining themselves. When they would always want to try something new, they'd think that women aren't meant to be doing this eg, white collar jobs, software developers, construction workers etc. Thank you for also saying that all we need is a chance but then there are many times we had good chances but never made use of them. I just feel it is because we are afraid of failure or maybe they feel that if they fall, people would laugh, but that's the thing. We have to take a lot of chances that involve even bigger risks, though one might fall but that's why we have people to pick us right up, people who we know and rust, people who we know will not let us down.

            1. Thank for sharing this comment, reflective_cymbals. I think you make some generalisations about women undermining themselves. If you think this is the case, what changes would you suggest to make women feel more supported to take chance on an opportunity?

              1. I feel we should always encourage her whenever she feels down casted or low. We can also listen to their opinions and tuning in to what they have to say. Then you can always remind her that she isn't alone and you are always there to encourage her and pull her back up when she falls. Lastly we invest our time in them and get to understand them little by little. This is just a tip of the ice berg of how we can support women. Thank you and have a lovely day.

        2. I agree with you because, in a typical african home the males are raised like kings and the females as maids to serve the male child.The males are given high authority over the females which is not to be so.This also extends to the work place. In my opinion, both males and females should be given equal chances wherever they are. When discrimination starts from the home, it will be hard for the female child to know that she has as many rights as the male child.I think that when more books are published on gender inequality and how to stop it, the female child will get to know that she is not inferior to the male gender.

        3. I agree with you optimistic meteor because in this modern world some jobs are there that women get paid less like that of footballers the difference of the men football and the female football payment gap is huge and its unfair according to my research female footballers are paid up to 20,ooo euros per year and male footballers are paid up to 400,000 per year this is just ridiculous

      5. I agree with you and I was surprised that women are paid less than men although they are doing the same job which is also called as gender pay gap. I think this should not happen and we need to raise awareness for this matter and to make this situation fair we should express our thoughts to the people who are responsible for the gender pay gap . Women should get equal pay as men . We should organise workshop and if needs then, take out the processions for this matter. The other challenges that women faces are the girl child is being killed in the womb before the birth which we can also call as they do not have reproductive rights . Also sometimes women ate not safe at her workplace .. I think there should be reformation for this matter ...

    3. Hello everyone,
      Coming from a different perspective, intelligent orchard laid so much emphasis of the man and the woman doing the same job.
      I disagree because he/she refuse to understand why the women may be paid less in some cases, let's look at the aspect of job efficiency, in the construction industry, this is one job that research has proven that it requires a lot of time and energy and then it has also been identified that some of the women that are given positions in construction companies do not strive for higher ones while the men work harder to grow meaning that the men ahead of them would definitely be paid more, in such cases would anyone have the right to say that the female gender is being discriminated in terms of payment? well for me, No is the answer, if you have a contrary opinion feel free to let us know. I feel that sometimes women look down on themselves because other women in society look down on them anytime they spring to action, the day that gender inequality would be eradicated is the day that women start believing in themselves and supporting themselves to occupy positions that men have occupied for long. And this cannot be achieved if women do not support themselves.

      Thank you.

      1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts - what other factors could affect women being paid less / reaching higher positions in their careers?

        1. Hi Aimee @ Topical Talk!
          Several factors contributes to women being paid less or encountering barriers to reaching higher positions in their careers:

          1. Unfair Treatment: Women sometimes get paid less or miss out on better jobs just because they're women.

          2. Jobs Divide: Women often end up in jobs that pay less than men's jobs.

          3. Motherhood : When women become moms, they might not get paid as much or get promoted as often.

          4. Less Help: Women don't always get the support they need to move up in their careers.

          5. Hidden Beliefs: Some people don't realize they treat men and women differently, which can hold women back at work.

          6. Tough Balance: It's hard for women to juggle work and taking care of their families, which can slow down their careers.

          7. .Quiet Bargaining: Women often don't ask for higher pay or promotions as much as men do.

          8. Company Rules: Some company policies make it harder for women to move up or get paid fairly.

          9. Learning Gap:Sometimes women don't have the same chances to learn new things as men, which can keep them from getting better jobs.

          To fix these problems, we need to:
          - Make sure hiring and promotions are fair for everyone.
          - Offer mentoring and sponsorship to help women move up.
          - Support work-life balance with policies like flexible schedules.
          - Create inclusive workplaces where everyone feels respected and valued.

          Thank you!

        2. There are a myriad of factors that can hinder women from being paid less or reaching greater heights. Here are a few examples:
          1. Stereotypes: A lot of people have already made it a tradition that women are not meant to have some particular jobs. Though we are working hard to eradicate it, some people still hold on to this belief and this may cause them to harass women when they see them taking a stand.
          2. Lack of support: Lack of support can come from family members, the government, the society or even other women themselves. A woman might have a dream but without any resources it will remain a dream. If we want to eradicate gender inequality then we should work on giving the women necessary support.
          3. Discouragement: When a woman decides to do something, people around her may discourage her and tell her it is a waste of time. This is really not good. We should encourage and not discourage.
          4. Lack of cooperation: Some people actually try to help women but some women do not even cooperate. They have already been made to believe that they are limited in their abilities. WE need to encourage women to believe in themselves and urge them to cooperate.
          5. Inferiority complex: I believe this is as result of of all of the problems listed below. A woman might start up believing in herself but with the presence of stereotypes, lack of support and discouragement, they will start to look down on themselves. This is not good at all. We need to help them however we can.

          1. I agree, women should never be paid less because of their gender but on how good their abilities are to the company or towards the people working there. Women also shouldn't be put short on what they want to do because it's a manly task or if it's not meant for a woman.

        3. In football the men are only paid more than the woman footballers because in men’s football more people go to watch the men so they get a bigger wage, but in woman football they do not get a bigger crowd than what the size of men’s is. In my opinion because I am a boy I watch men’s premier league all the time and I do not watch as many woman super league games as all the other people do.

        4. There are different ways women can be deprived of them. For example, women are believed to be less capable of doing some certain jobs like that of a doctor. But today, thanks to more enlightenment from the recent news about gender crisis, women are now allowed to occupy a wide range of jobs. And as we have recently seen,women are proving themselves worthy of this role. Gender inequality is a thing we've been fighting against for long and I say it's time we put an end to this.

          1. Yes I fully agree with you on the fact that people think that women are less capable. Like we women manage a lot of activities around the home and that should prove to some people that we are very capable. Women are capable of a lot like we have the ability to read facial and body clues, we women als have a lot of endurance, we are kind hearted, caring etc. I also love being a woman because, I am able to be strong and fearless, while also kind and nurturing which are great advantages of a wife too. This is something I think all humans are capable of doing, but we women hold a special instinct that guides us to help and nurture life.

            1. I also think an effect of gender inequality can be found in English! In English instead of saying him/her they say he, or instead of saying actor/actress they say actor. All these are done to reduce repetition, but I think it shouldn't be so.

              1. I don't actually understand the concept of trying to reduce repetition, which kind of repetition please. I feel its just an excuse for gender inequality, like what's so hard in putting a slash beside the he or the actor. I also realized that you hardly find she stated in most of these things. We are also very significant people, we care for the home and we are tender, we have courtesy and we are respectful but, before you all will say I am generalizing, most of the women or some of the women ae like that.

    4. you are truly correct intelligent orchard women's have gone through many struggles and challenges since many decades but are still fighting for their rights

    5. I am also surprised about the gender pay gap. Equality is the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, or opportunities. I believe that everyone should be treated equally irrespective of their gender. Women should not be paid less because of their gender. The rate of improvement has proven slow and needs to be sped up. Men should not be treated as if they are more important than women. Equality should be a priority in the modern day world. I FEEL THAT WOMEN VOICES ARE NOT BEING HEARD ENOUGH TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

    6. I agree with everything you are saying, however I don't find this statistic surprising. The fact of women being paid less for the same job that men do has been a topic of discussion for decades, so it isn't shocking to just have a number that proves what we have known for the longest time anyway.

      What we should be thinking about when seeing this fact is that we are improving and we are slowly closing this unfair pay gap. For instance some countries have already closed this gap, for example Luxembourg; other countries are also getting closer to fixing this pay problem like Romania whose lowest pay gap is only 3.6%.

      However, when you look at the median pay for women in the United Kingdom it is significantly lower than the men (14.3% less), but this is more believed to be from the fact that more women are in part time jobs rather than full time.

      The fact that these statistics are not surprising shows that there is something wrong with society as they are beginning to see this as normal rather than unfair.

      Sources :
      - European Parliament
      - House of Commons Library

      1. Yes, people have started to see the gender pay gap as a normal part of society. It has slowly been inculcated into the system of power. Though not everyone has accepted it and are trying to eradicate it, it has slowly seeped into the system of power of some parts of the world. They see it as completely normal and choose not to do anything about it. One of the countries with the largest gender pay gap is South Korea at 31.5%. This is due to the fact that their workplaces run on a seniority system. This is a system that is based on the length of service. As the years of service increase, the employment benefits and rights will also increase. Most women decide to pause their careers due to childbirth or care. This means their years of service are less than that of a man. This is part of their system of power.
        On the other hand Luxembourg has a smaller pay gap of 0.7% because women surprisingly have higher levels of education than men. This is part of their system of power.
        Moreover, we can see from this examples some of the potential causes of the gender pay gap such as the level of education and years of service as stated above. If these problems can be addressed the the gender pay gap will slowly but surely cease to exist. If solutions are developed and inculcated into their systems of power then the gender pay gap will be closed.

    7. I agree with you because gender discrimination is a widespread issue that exists not only in my country but also in the world of sports. A prominent example of this is the World Cup, where men receive ten times more pay than women. This discriminatory practice must come to an end. Women deserve equal access to information and should be part of decision-making processes. It is time for us to recognize that women are not only an essential part of society but also make significant contributions to the economy. We must treat women with the respect and dignity they deserve.. It is high time we treat women with the respect and dignity they deserve.

    8. I agree because... ''The information I also feel so shocking and disappointing to hear is also the pay gap. I had no idea the gender pay gap was still so significant. It's truly disheartening to know that despite progress in many areas, women are still facing such inequality in the workplace. This statistic highlights the urgent need for concrete actions to address and close this gap once and for all. Equal pay for equal work should be a fundamental principle in any fair and just society. It's high time for meaningful changes to ensure that women are paid fairly and equitably for their contributions."

    9. I agree because, I also believe that the gender pay gap is unfair and surprising. I believe that if someone is doing the same job that they should earn the same wages. We are all human doing a job and gender shouldn't define how much money you make overall.

    10. I agree with you intelligent_orchard. This is one of the highest type of gender inequality I have heard for a while. You are right when saying that every business should be removed. Also one thing that surprises me everyday is that some of the organizations that women are unfairly treated is owned by a woman. I would say that maybe she is not aware but she should at least give in a lot of concentration. Even to the men too, why would you allow a lady be treated like that, its just all messed up. Women also face problems like poor medical care, child marriage, violence against them and a lot more. We really have to put all this into consideration.

    11. I concur with you yet i disagree because women do not always perform the same tasks as men as there are some jobs men do better than women such as being mechanics which is one of the reasons for the gender pay gap. The gender pay gap is also caused by the amount of jobs that men do better than women. So i think that if more jobs were to be created, the gender pay gap would be reduced. The advent of AI could greatly help to bridge the gender pay gap as so many more jobs would be created and i believe that most of these jobs would be done better than women because of their grater intelligence, patience and multitasking abilities.

      1. You make some assumptions here - like the point that men are better mechanics. Is there evidence for this? Or have you assumed this, based on the fact that male mechanics are a lot more common?

        1. I have assumed this because more men are mechanics than women but your question has opened my eyes to see that there are a lot more female mechanics than I thought there were and this statement could change in the near future as women can multitask more than men because of their blood vessel structure and women are also generally more careful than men which is a quality that is in high demand as most new cars are very delicate

    12. I agree what u said.. and I was surprised that there are some inequality with women in education. There are some women are lacking behind the education.. they are allowed to do so .. if the society would let women to gain education ultimately women would be more successful and left the men behind them . For this matter , we should raise awareness in the society, we should organise workshop and tell everyone the importance of women in education...

    13. I concur with you intelligent_orchard, because it is unfair to pay a man more than a woman for performing the same tasks simply because of their gender. We also shouldn't forget that men and women should be treated equally, especially when performing the same tasks and there is a gender bias. Finally, we shouldn't forget the important fact that women are generally better at anything men are capable of doing.
      In conclusion, I think that all people, regardless of gender, should be allowed to exercise their rights.

      1. You say, "women are generally better at anything". Can you make this claim for certain? What's your evidence?

        1. Olivia, that's a great question. "women are generally better at anything" . I believe that women are generally better at everything because they have to go through difficult situations that make them stronger at everything. Even though I'm a guy, I can appreciate the struggles that mothers and other women face that men never have to.

      2. Hi!
        I disagree with you on the fact that women are better at anything. I am a woman myself but I belive that gender equality is not about establishing the fact that women are better, it is about establishing women are equal to men. From a long period, men are viewed as better. However, what we aim to bring now is that both of them are equal and not that one is better than the other. I think if we truly want to ensure equality then we will have to accept both as equal. I agree that there are some tasks that women can do better but there are also a few tasks that men can do better. We shouldn't generalise women or men being better. I think it depends on the person and not on the gender. Hence, I do not agree with you about women being better at everything.

    14. I firmly concur with you and I was also astounded by this quote. Although a woman has to face with multitasks daily in the context of family and the household. However, on top of all that they are called to be professionally- active and occupy in the workplace. So, not paying them the same amount as men is completely unfair, it is a sight of nonchalacy and indifference for their effort to cope with daily demands and it also generates financial problems which can lead to the inability of the woman to support economically her family. Besides, what a men can do in the workplace, a woman can also achieve it too and why not ten times better.

    15. Hello intelligent orchard

      I agree with what you are saying because the roles that women play in the society is just as important as the roles that men play in the society. I am trying to say that we are never expected to discriminate any female because they are seen as the weaker gender. Instead, we should treat women as we equally treat males

    16. Hello scholar,
      I share the same opinions as you. The gender pay gap is the most shocking as it is very unfair, and impacts a lot of women's lives. It is unreasonable to pay someone less just because of their gender when they have the same capabilities as workers of any gender. Women are being targeted in this, and being a woman I find it infuriating. I can't believe that once I have a job, I might be paid less than the men at my job. That makes me feel inferior and vulnerable.

    17. I 100% agree with you intelligent orchad, I've seen some people agree with the gender pay gap and when asked why their reasoning is usually something along the lines of 'Men perform better in certain jobs than women', all of the jobs that I've seen people say that men are better at, are male-dominated industries. For example, motorsports is a male-dominated industry and I've seen a lot of people comment on the fact that men are better, but there is no evidence that this is true and is always just an assumption since it is mostly men working in this sport. Another job that I've frequently seen people say men are better at is mechanical work. In most cases, women mechanics perform at the exact same level as man, and put the same level of effort in too. The gender pay gap is something that should be completely eradicated from all industries, and there is no reason that the gender pay gap should be kept. Superiors should be legally required to pay women the same amount as men when doing the same job and task for the same amount of time. Women already face many obstacles in life due to their gender such as lack of education, or lack of opputunites in the work place/ in general life. The gender pay gap is a massive issue, and needs to be taken care of.

    18. I agree because... Women and men are humans we all make mistakes and it is not fair for men to get more money then women even if women have to take breaks and leaves for health related it is still unjust

    19. You are verry correct and right intelligent orchard.
      In the Olding days, women were not allowed to rule, also they were not allowed to play in the Olympics.
      Some of the women who fought for the gender inequality were:
      1.Élisabeth Borne.
      2.Dina Baluarte
      3.Justice Ayesha Malik
      4.Sojourner Truth
      5.Susan B. Anthony
      6. Ida B. Wells
      7. Frida Kahlo
      8. Simone de Beauvoir
      9. Yuri Kochiyama
      10. Dolores Huerta
      11.Ruth Bader Ginsburg
      12. Gloria Steinem
      13.Audre Lorde
      14.Marsha P. Johnson
      15.Sylvia Rivera
      16. Sally Ride
      17.Roxane Gay
      18.Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
      19. Malala Yousafzai

    20. i would agree with you intelligent_orchard because women were not treated the same way as men were treated. Also i think everyone should be treated equally so life can be fair for everyone and make their life easier, i'm glad that the journalists told their stories of how did this happen and how it changes overtime. This would change better for the world to be in its best place.

    21. Hello intelligent_orchard
      I agree with you that the one that surprises me is about the gender pay gap. I also think that is really unfair about it. If a man and a woman have the same job or the same tasks. Why do men have a higher pay? If they are doing the same, I am confused that they are getting paid less. I feel that it's unfair that men get paid more than women.

      1. Why do you think it happens if it is unfair? What do you think the solution is?

        1. Hello Steff
          I think that it happens because many of the females do their work at home. So let's say they clean, take care, cook, etc. So I guess that the government pays less money to women because they don't do the job as well as men. But I still think it's unfair because they are literally doing the same job. I know that women may not be doing as well as men, but they should still get paid the same amount since they are doing the same job. For me, I think that the best solution is to protest. We women have to come together to stop this. Women are doing the same, so it's fair. Also, I think the best solution is to switch so the government can pay the same to everyone.

          1. Interesting points. Can you explain further why women may not be doing as well as men?

    22. I agree with you all the way, Intelligent Orchard. Gender pay gap is an outrageous thing. A man and a woman doing a task and the man gets paid more is very sad because you never know what someone is going through. The woman could be a single parent raising 3 kids and probably have 2 jobs just to keep the lights on. Businesses find a sneaky way to do this, and it is just not fair. In businesses that do use a gender pay gap, there should be boycotts to change their ways. Thank you for reading my comment.

  • Hello everyone.
    Alright what really stupefies me the most is about education. Why will girls and women be deprived of their education. When I asked this question a few years ago, some one told me that it was because they were the weaker sex. Which does not serve as a reasonable answer. We are all born that is 1 because I've never seen babies fall from the sky so why should one be adored and the other loathed, we are all humans both boys and girls. that is 2, so why should girls be deprived of education?. Everyone deserves a right to everything that pertains to life and to the fullest. Oh well it is good news I hear that its improving. Because its like building one part of a city and suppressing another. Which does not make sense. The world wont move forward that way. We all deserve a say. We should be treated equally due to the fact that no one was born to be looked down on and no one was born to be praised. We are all humans and we should not be deprived just because of our gender.

    1. I agree because hindering half of a population is doomed to result in the entire population suffering! While it could be argued that men often express some attributes more than women, and vice versa (such as women being perceived as typically more maternal and empathetic, while men are considered more decisive and assertive), neither should be boxed into these stereotyped categories, especially in the formative years of a person's life, receiving schooling! Critically, this can cause a butterfly effect whereby these individuals limit themselves to these boxes that they have been told are the only ways to be accepted, ultimately stopping people from reaching their full potential. I'd also like to express that while this debate is primarily aimed at addressing the limitations placed on women, it is undeniable that these unfair expectations also impact the academic outcomes of men too. This just highlights how important it is to tackle this issue and move toward a more equal future!

    2. I agree because... Compared to working males, women get paid less. A substantial amount of research explains, characterizes, and explores this "gender pay gap." However, because pay discrepancies are political issues, the literature frequently gets confusing for lay readers, and discussions are frequently influenced by ideological objectives.

      The evidence for the gender wage gap is examined in this introduction using both our own data studies and the literature. Using hourly wages for our analyses—which we culled from large national and regional surveys of wages, educational attainment, and occupational employment—we will first discuss the many ways the difference is quantified before delving deeper into the data.

      In short, women in the workforce receive lower wages than men. A substantial amount of study explains, characterizes, and explores this "gender pay

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      125 Words

    3. Hey! I 100% agree with you! Everyone deserves a right to everything! No one should be deprived of ANYTHING when it comes to any action to be partaken in! If the traces of the Stone Age show that women were hunters just like men, then why does a developed civilisation, technologically sound at that, prevent it's women from achieving equality to men?! Why does it prohibit them from claiming their equal rights?
      At this point can we say that society has really evolved, when human rights have just diminished in margin, from that time when we were nothing but savages?
      We ALL are equals, cuz we are all creations of Gods to the theists, Universe to the monotheists and Biology to the Atheists.. No matter what you believe in, there is no way to dispute that women are any less than men! Then WHY the less pay?! Why the less respect?! Why the less honour?
      It's time we recognise that men and women are different, but not unequal. That men and women each have their own strengths and weaknesses, but no one is supremely stronger!
      It's time we identify the world as it is - A co-existence of species, of different mentalities, of diversities. And that applies to Gender.

    4. Well thankful_olive it still is an issue. Why? I don't know but what I do know that in the past this was a bigger issue. Tudor girls weren't allowed to go to school! People should not be treated unfairly in such a modern society!

    5. I agree with your points that females have the right to acquire education. However some traditions and families do not allow females to attend school. This is why we need to celebrate women's international day and create more awareness about this issue.
      Education is important for everyone but it is unfortunate some families and traditions believes that female should remain in the kitchen instead of getting an education. Fortunately things are changing for the better with the creation of awareness. As a result more women are now going to school.
      We should work together to raise more awareness about the importance of girl child education.

      1. I solely agree with your points precious_swan that females have the right to acquire education and this should not be overlooked.
        But do you think awareness is the best solution to solve this problem because most rural areas around the globe will be a threat to solve this global problem due to their mind has already been fixed that girls should remain in the kitchen instead of acquiring education and other barriers that will hinder this solution such as: different languages and undiscovered rural areas?

  • The statement that surprised me most is that in a country where gender inequality is being practiced, it takes 132 years for gender equality to be practiced and it is hard for people to take that seriously because it is a long period of time

    1. Interesting. Would you think that people care little as they know change would not happen in their lifetime?

      1. Mrs Boika, your question is tricky but with my little knowledge, even if change would not happen people should try their best to make sure they maintain their position. They should not downgrade but keep trying to upgrade. THANK YOU.

  • In my opinion I think that women are treated unfairly by society which is shown in this information we are provided above. Why do I believe this? You may ask well there is many reasons. My first point is the pay we are shown in front of us today. For every pound a man makes, women get 77p. how is that fair? Women are paid less then men for the exact same job but I do understand that people may think that mean are 'stronger' and have the skills required which in some cases i would agree but what if women have the exact same skills. For example, 2 people go to work as cashiers they are a male and a female. They both have the same skills and work effeciently but that male gets more money and seen as more valuable then the female. Is that fair? Do you think it isnt? Whats your opinion?

  • In my own opinion, I think that the option "Unpaid work", because it said that women don't get paid. One of the women's work is taking care of the household, so doing this would benefit not only here but the house entirely, meaning this isn't a job for payment. Also, since the year 2023, the rate of gender inequality has increased by 0.3% making it 68.4% in total.
    Thank you

    1. @creative-personality you raise an interesting point about women's work in taking care of the household having wider benefit. Would you also see this role as one that a man could do?

      1. Hello!
        I do see this as a role that a man can do because he is also a member of the household and in each household, every member should and must contribute to its welfare. It is his home. He can't push the responsibilities on someone else. This doesn't mean that I'm saying either men do it or women do it. It means that each family member should play their own part in performing these unpaid duties.
        However, speaking as an African, in the typical African home setting, these roles are not meant for men. Domestic duties like cleaning the house and looking after children are seen as a woman's job. Please don't misunderstand. Africans respect women. It is just that in traditional African society, those are women's responsibilities. Different jobs that all contribute to societal development are shared out among different members of the society. Let me put it like this; In those days, men go to work and provide for their families, women take care of their household and children assist their parents. Although some still abide by these norms, they are being replaced by views and practices that don't relegate women to the position of caretakers only. I am glad for this opportunity to share my culture with all of you and hope to learn about others' cultures too.

        1. A well-explained and insightful comment that tells us about what it's like where you live. Thank you.

      2. Well, housework can indeed feel like a never-ending cycle of cleaning, tidying, and arranging. Simone de Beauvoir once aptly compared it to the eternal torment of Sisyphus. The truth is that housework can be incredibly frustrating. You wash dishes, only for them to get dirty again; you sweep the floor, and it's soon covered in dust once more. But it's not just about cleaning—it's about the division of labor.

        Even in an era where men have been working outside the home since 1949, women still bear a disproportionate burden when it comes to household chores. Vacuuming, laundry, cooking—the list goes on. While some progress has been made, there's still much work to be done to achieve true equality. It's time to recognize that housework isn't solely a woman's responsibility; it's a shared duty that should be divided more fairly. Highlighting the need for change in household dynamics is crucial for creating a more balanced and equitable environment.

        1. I agree with the need for a change in household dynamics, as if a task is automatically assigned to one gender, there is litte room for freedom. Is it mainly men's responsibility to get more involved?

          1. Well, I feel that people think that men have evolved over the years to be excellent at certain tasks but not household chores. They can be seen as the masters of "manly" chores, like keeping the car in good condition or doing yardwork or engineering like the stuff that involves tools, grease, and a dash of testosterone.

            But when it comes to folding laundry or cleaning the house, it's like they've stumbled into an alternate dimension. Suddenly, they're lost in a maze of mismatched socks and dust bunnies. It's as if their brains short-circuit, and they're left standing there, bewildered, wondering why the vacuum cleaner won't start.

            Now, don't get me wrong. Men are willing to help. They really are! But there are obstacles—like societal norms and financial constraints—that stand in their way. Plus, let's face it: Unpaid work doesn't come with a paycheck or a shiny trophy. It's like trying to win a race where the finish line keeps moving.

            And then there's trust. Women have been conditioned to handle household chores for generations.

      3. In the family, dads usually work hard to make money so we can live comfortably. They're also there to take care of us, like when we're sick or need advice. Dads are often the ones who make big decisions, like where to live and how to save for the future. They teach us important stuff too, like how to read or do math. Even though they're not only doing these things, it's cool that they step up and do their part. Dads are also part of moms, helping out with chores and making sure everyone gets along. They're like a role model, showing us how to be good people. And they're good at talking to each other, which helps keep the family peaceful.

        1. Hi,creative_personality.
          Your comment is correct but incomplete. It is true that father is the main driver of a family. He works hard to keep his family members alive. But, I think if father is the driver of the family then mother is the wheel of the car called family. Without whom you or I are nothing. The first teacher in our life is our mother. Both parents are the biggest inspiration in your and my life. They are really great. But in any case, in the end I want to say that both parents are necessary for a family. But, like everyone else, you only give importance to men or fathers. Hope you understand the importance of men and women in society and family.

  • The thing that I find incredulous about this debate is that almost all points made can be refuted with basic research. for one, did you know that there has been no proven link between sexism in the modern workplace and the gender pay gap. The pay gap is an incredibly complex topic that can be influenced by skills such as social skills and negotiating skills which modern society actually primes men for with the common stigmatisation of men as abusers and rapists meaning that they have to become good at talking. the point about education makes no sense to me either. According to the National Student Clearinghouse Research Centre, women outnumber men in college enrolment and outpace them in graduation with an estimate ratio of two women for every one man. this shows that when feminists kick and scream about how there aren't enough women in high skill level jobs such as stem jobs, it's because of a lack of interest rather than a lack of opportunity.

  • in my opinion I believe that women are treated unfairly in the line of work because as more women are working you find that the way they get payed compared to men is completely unfair. As an example say a woman and a man are going for the same job with the same skill set a man will be payed 23 cents more than a woman. On the other hand genetically men are stronger then women meaning that they might be better for some jobs. Overall I believe that women should be treated and payed the same as a man.

    1. Gender inequality is the social phenomenon in which people are not treated equally on the basis of gender. This inequality can be caused by gender discrimination or sexism. It is a universal issue. Women everywhere in the world want equal pay. More and more number of women are getting a quality education. But the true meaning of women empowerment will only be achieved when gender inequality will be eliminated. We need to give equal opportunities to women for equal pay, equal respect as equal to men. Also, Gender inequality can harm women's health and well-being. They may experience higher stress levels due to unequal treatment, discrimination, and limited career opportunities. Chronic stress negatively impacts their mental health, increasing their anxiety, depression, and other psychological problems. “It is time that men and boys recognize the part they must play in gender equality and join with the voices and actions of the women and girls who are trying to re-shape society in the interests of us all.” “Equality is the soul of liberty; there is, in fact, no liberty without it.”

    2. Thank you for your comment. You say men may be better suited for some jobs, do you think it might also be the case that women are better suited for some jobs?

      1. I'm not sure about this because... I don't think that jobs should be done based on gender. Some people says that jobs like house chores, house tidying,etc are meant to be done by the female gender, I don't think it's right because we seen women do awesome jobs not just taking care of the home but jobs like doctors, lawyers, accountants,bankers, teachers, journalist etc.
        Focusing on the job of account, recently the CEO of the Access Bank Plc died recently whom was is a male and the shocking part is that a female is know the new CEO of the industry,and people still say that women are entitled to some particular jobs,Even when it comes to teaching females are mostly found there taking my school for example 80% of the teachers in my school are females while the rest are males, people still say that women are not entitled to some jobs.
        As for the males I don't think that they're particular jobs that are to be done by them, this is because of the saying that the male is the head of the house so he should carry out all the financial needs of the family,this is not right, what if the male looses his job how will the family get to satisy their needs.
        So I don't think that there's a job that needs to be done by particular gender, although some people that jobs like counseling females are more better in that field of profession, it's not like that because a male can also be trained for it.
        I'm looking forward to seeing other students opinion about this.

        1. I'm not sure about this because...
          There are some jobs that some females can't do, jobs like labouring etc.
          They might not be able to cope with hard and difficult jobs unlike men who are strong and agile to do any work.
          But in this generation with the use of Al any job can be done with ease.

    3. I also don't support this gender inequality in getting paid for the same work. We all know that a woman has to do the household work and after completing all the works she went to do works outside. Are they working outside only to face inequalities? It's true that a woman has to tackle a lot of hazards in doing their jobs, but they have shown efficiency that they can handle both household works and outside work at the same time. While men are just doing their jobs only and women at the same time are maintaining their family and their jobs, then who do you think is doing more work? This shows how capable a woman is. Because of their hard works I guess they should get more paid. But the reality is they are not even getting equal pay as man after taking so many hazards. If we think it in a different view, we will be able to understand the depth of this issue. It literally demotivated women when they are seeing that after handling so much obstacle, they are still getting less paid than man. This is one of the reasons gender inequalities is still persisted in the society. If we want to remove gender inequality from the society, then the foremost step will be to ensure the equal pay of both man and women and to give recognition of the hard work of women in handlining both inside and outside work with proficiency. We also have to respect the choice of the women who are working to build a career alongside maintaining the family.

  • in my opinion I think that women are not treated equally to men because when men get 1 pound women only earn 77 cents so the pay is not equal they can start by paying women and men equally . in the world journalists are more dominate to men because in the world there is only 46% of women are journalists . what could be done to make this fair is 50% could be men and 50% could be women and they get an equal pay every year . the challenges that women face in every day life is women are seen as less stronger and are known for cleaning , cooking and looking after kids . so my point today is targeted at women who get less pay .

    1. The downside to this approach however is that in order to meet your 50/50 quota you would inevitably need to deny more qualified people the job roles that they deserve as it would disrupt your system or you would need to fire someone else based solely on their gender which would cause jobs to become unstable. furthermore, in order to enforce equal pay, you would need to disregard factors such as the fact that on average men work more hours, work more overtime and take less time off than women. These factors would need to be disregarded and you would either have to give more money to people that didn't earn it or take money away from people that did.

  • I have many opinions on gender equality, all supportive. I have a large grudge against the gender gap in pay, where in most occasions, men get payed more than women in the same job. I really do not see what people are trying to imply when men get more and it causes me to go crazy. If both men and women do a job in the exact same way and work the exact same hours then why does unequal pay exist?

    Some people have a lot of stereotypes towards men and women (Men having to be strong and hard working; Women being more maternal and motherly) and my personal opinion on this: completely pathetic. Not all people fit into these stereotypes, if anything, there are more people who go against these stereotypes, I've seen this myself. It is so aggravating when women are pressured into these stereotypes and feel they must follow other peoples opinions just to fit in. Men also deal with stereotypes, being told to "Man up". Why does this phrase exist? There is nothing called "Woman up", again showing the gap between genders.

    1. I agree because... The fact that women who do the same job as men and are often paid less just doesn't sit right with me. I cannot believe that for every dollar men earn, women earn 77 cents. Gender pay gap is not good. The gender pay gap limits the progression of women in their career and it also causes a lot of financial disadvantages for women. The gender pay gap does not only affect women who are working, but those who are also retired suffer. There is a very big pension gap between men and women, this leaves retired women more vulnerable than men. After retirement, men would have saved about 30% more than women. According to, "women employed in the United States lose a combined total of nearly $1.6 trillion every year due to the wage gap". This amount of money reduces the amount of money which families use to support themselves, help the community, save for future use and also invest (especially families where the breadwinners are single moms). I think this should be stopped, meaning that the wage gap, should be closed. Wage gaps reduce the pay transparency of and organisation. This will also cause a disadvantage to the company by creating a bad reputation for the company. If wage gaps are closed, companies would gain a very good image which will increase customers. and also employees.

    2. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts. Do you think anything can be done to counteract these stereotypes that exist within society and the workplace?