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  • The topic i'd really love to suggest is ''AGE AND MATURITY''. I chose this topic because a recent event really got me thinking about this. In past times i never saw my age as something that would deter me from achieving my goals and fulfilling my dreams but then something happened and my whole ideology was changed. I started school really early and so most of my classmates are older than me with a year or two but i never really cared and always put in my best into my education. Last year, i participated in '' The Kennedy Lugar Youth Exchange program'', the exam was quite easy and i passed the exams but i was disqualified because I wasn't old enough. This was my chance to go outside my country and explore find out about different cultures and get to adapt to a new environment but all my dreams were shattered just because I wasn't old enough and this got me thinking does age really matter and why should my age determine whether I can fulfil my dreams?.

    1. I agree with you but there are some dreams that you can't accomplish at your age. For example, you might want to be a lawyer and feel because you can do it at this age just because you are good at debating? But how will you feel when you go to court to fight for your right and a child boldly opposes you? Won't you feel a bit disrespected and embarassed?
      Or just because you are good at car games, you feel you are an expert at driving and have a right to drive at this age? What if you meet rough or drunk drivers and can't avoid them and get involved in a serious car accident?
      Let us have patience and take baby steps at this age towards our dreams. For example, if you want to be a lawyer, this global conversation is a good foundation for your public speaking skills.

    2. Thanks for sharing your topic - I can only imagine how disappointed you must've been after doing so well in the exam to finding out you weren't old enough to take part in the program.

      What do you think the program's reasonings were to only allow people of a certain age take part and do you think they were fair?

      1. Honestly I was really disappointed, but the program's reasons for disqualifying me was because I wasn't the proper age for my class. According to the American standard a child is meant to be 15-16 years old before they are permitted to be in grade 10 and I wasn't old enough. Although the program had their reasons, I still feel a child's class should not be determined by their age. What I feel should matter is the level of emotional and academic intelligence because being the right age doesn't make a child mature. Maturity is not a matter of age but it is how you choose to react to certain situations and it is based on your level of intelligence and by intelligence i do not just mean intellectual intelligence but also emotional intelligence. I really find it unfair that i'm restricted from fulfilling my dreams just because im not the proper age.

        1. I strongly agree with you where you said maturity isn't all about age because it really isn't. You can find a child of about 10 years behave more mature than a 14 year old and may probably wander why. But just as jubilant_accordion said, it is based on your mental and emotional intelligence and stability. So yeah, I feel maturity is not based on and shouldn't be judged by one's age.

    3. I so agree,many things I would love to do are denied because I'm too 'young'.Your comment got me thinking about how unfair this is,age shouldn't matter,it never should. I've always lived my life wishing I was older so I could do these things,but why wait! This new topic would very much grab my attention and I hope would do to many other children.

      1. Why might some things that you'd like to do require age restrictions? Are they always unfair?

        1. Hi,
          I do agree with you in a way because for example age restrictions for roller coasters,digital entertainment and food or drink do require age restrictions but I don't think you can be too young for education. As jubilant_accordion said,why should my learning dreams be shattered because I'm too young.

        2. They purport to “protect youth” from hazards until they're mature enough to handle them, and to “save lives.” They prevent supposedly reckless experimentation during teen years that can solidify as problems in older ages. They establish a clear delineation between childhood and adult rights. They are not always fair but they help to stop you from doing somethings that they feel it's not right until you reach a certain age.

          1. I do not agree with you fully because I feel that some age restrictions do not protect youth from hazards. For example, if you enter a mathematical competition and they say you are too young, is that hazardous? These kind of activities don't require age restrictions but rather I feel that it is underestimation which I feel that it should be prohibited in order to allow the youth to showcase their talent. In the beginning I said I didn't fully agree with you but I agree with you halfway because some age restrictions are made to protect us from illegal and hazardous activities. For example 37+ rated movies has an age restriction due to the content in that movie that people below this age must not see.

        3. Not really, because age restrictions are put in order to prevent a lot of things like drinking, some inappropriate sites on the social, adult cartoons and so on. It is said that a child's brain is just like tabula rasa and whatever is written on it is what will stick, so I guess parents and guardians are trying to prevent their children from getting the wrong impression.

          1. I strongly agree with you because if we as teenagers/youths are not restricted to certain things,we might do things that will endanger our lives, go to websites that are not age appropriate which might pollute our minds and we might also carry out illegal activities which will put us in trouble.

          2. I agree with you,age restrictions are put to stop young people from endangering their lives and protecting them from harm.Older people tend to have more knowledge and know what to do,so they won't get restricted and younger people.Scientifically, your brain develops completely in your late 20s.This helps you make better choices.Honestly, I would like to do a lot of things earlier but I have to wait and be patient because it is going to come eventually. Personally, my dream is to become an engineer but I have to wait till college to start pursuing my dream.Have a good day and bye!

          3. Yes, I agree that age restrictions are put for a purpose and that is to prevent the younger ones from harmful things, but it could also limit one's creativity by preventing access to certain resources, by also imposing stereotypes, and discouraging exploration and experimentation which could be very essential for creative expression. It could also make young people feel excluded in some certain functions.
            According to Kain Ramsay “Maturity isn’t decided by your age; it’s determined by how responsible you are for your attitude, actions, and outcomes as a result of your decision-making.”
            So, I personally, believe that maturity doesn't necessarily come with age or determined by age, but it is determined by how you decide to handle and react to all the circumstances and challenges that we experience in life.

        4. Hello!
          So I believe that as young children which most of us topical talkers are, I agree with the fact that age restrictions limit us in various ways but I feel to an extent these limits are justifiable, this is because at young ages children are vulnerable to various hazards which they may not be able to handle until they are older but on the other hand age restrictions limit a child's creativity as he or she cannot go beyond what is shown to him.
          So for me, I don't believe in age restrictions but sometimes I believe it has to be done to protect us children from sensitive information and situations

          1. I totally agree with you gregarious-bee, There are somethings people send online that are not meant to be seen by children, Most of us here are still young and are not meant to be seeing somethings online so I mostly agree that somethings online should be restricted for the help of young minds.

          2. I appreciate your perspective as a gregarious bee, but I have to ask you, do you ever question the rationale behind the age limitations that prevent many of us from pursuing our true passions? For example, why do we have to wait until we are 18 to vote, or 21 to drink alcohol, or 25 to rent a car? Are these arbitrary numbers based on some scientific evidence or just cultural norms?
            Besides shielding us from information and scenarios that might be emotionally and psychologically overwhelming for us, what other benefits do these restrictions offer? Do they help us develop our skills, our values, our identity? Or do they hinder our growth, our creativity, our freedom?

        5. Well, sometimes certain activities or experiences have age restrictions to ensure safety or suitability. Taking our government as an example, we can only get our citizenship after reaching certain age criteria. Age limits on some movies or amusement park rides is another representation of age restriction.

        6. I believe that age restrictions, when decided wisely, can be very useful and helpful. Some online sites nowadays do not have age restrictions, and this can cause a lot of terrible G-rated content to be released to children who aren't of age to see them or don't understand what they're seeing. It is quite necessary that age restrictions be put into place to avoid situations where a child is traumatized or even develops mental health issues from something they didn't know was "that bad." Even though I believe age restrictions are necessary most times, there are definitely cases where they are unnecessary and even somewhat useless. Splendid_fish is right, you can never be too young for education, and advantages like learning should not be restricted to anyone.

        7. Well, a lot's of activities and experiences have got age restriction for the safety and prevention of possibilities of complicated disorders to a child or a teenager. Just taking the example of the government, we are accessible for the licence of transport vehicles after reaching a certain age criteria and for citizenship we are needed to reach a certain age because it's for our safety, and it's accessible only at certain age because at that age, we become self concerning and have more capability to be responsible for the certain responsibilities as a driver or a citizen. Some amusement parks rides and the election are another activities showing the age restriction.

        8. For me I'd feel it's fair because there are some specific things that when its being viewed by kids ,it could affect them morally and psychologically .So it would be best advised that they should have some restrictions in them.

        9. Although the specific reasons why you can't do something until a certain age will depend on what the activity or service is, age restrictions are in place to protect you from harm, and in some cases to protect other people too.
          Twitter, Facebook, and other large social networks expose kids to important issues and people from all over the world. Kids realize they have a voice they didn't have before and will want to partake in everything.
          Age restrictions purport to “protect youth” from hazards until they're mature enough to handle them, and to “save lives.” Age restriction prevent supposedly reckless experimentation during teen years that can solidify as problems in older ages. They establish a clear delineation between childhood and adult rights.
          Besides, teenagers are not yet fully developed adults. They are still building up on life and trying to figure themselves out. Teenage years are one of the most confusing phases of life. Therefore, sometimes they need that guidance from a person who has been through it all to get them on the right track.

          1. You're right,
            Age restrictions are there to protect us and help us navigate through life. They ensure that we're ready for certain activities and experiences. It's all about keeping us safe and providing guidance during our teenage years. So, even though it might feel limiting at times, it's ultimately for our own benefit.

        10. It will depend on what you want to do or which service you want to use, but usually the restrictions are in place to protect you from harm. In some cases, activities may also be age restricted to protect other people too.There might be safety reasons that mean you can’t do something because of your height or your weight. You might have to be at least a certain height or weight to do something to keep you safe. There are some activities that might be designed for younger children that you won’t be able to do if you are too tall or too heavy.
          Most of the time age restriction are put in place to protect you and to ensure you are safe. In my opinion they are usually fair. Age restriction are usually for our good.

        11. Age restrictions are often in place for safety and legal reasons, aiming to protect individuals. However, perceptions of fairness vary, considering differences in maturity levels. Striking a balance between protection and individual circumstances is crucial. If someone, like a 14-year-old in grade 10, aspires to be a footballer, their priorities may include passing exams. Environment plays a significant role; supportive families can empower children to achieve extraordinary feats, as seen with young prodigies in various fields. The saying about a flower's growth applies—circumstances, support, and personal determination all influence one's journey. So, the fairness of age restrictions depends on individual perspectives and the surrounding environment.
          Thank you

        12. In India many open universities are opened for the purpose of providing education to everyone irrespective of age who have skipped school education in their young age but an new agreement has been passed that the certificates provided are not equivalent to certificates obtained by a person who did proper education at proper age so that here their is an age barrier this shows that we cannot get our education in this university when ever we like and enjoy the previledge of the certificate this stays as an wall for the ones who couldn't continue primary education in right age but would like to peruse it in this university.

      2. You are both correct in some aspects of jubilant_accordion and splendid_fish. But there are many things that require being old enough, but not all of them are right. There are also some aspects where age does not matter. Jubilant_accordion Your point of view is correct I think so too. I would like to draw everyones attention, aging is necessary in various areas of life. Imagine you are a child who cannot walk. But you want to walk, you know it can't. Because your body structure will not allow you to do that. That is just an example that being old enough to do things are necessary in many respects.
        In conclusion I just want to say that age is really necessary in many aspects of life, and in many aspects aging is not necessary, so age should not be considered in many aspects.
        Thank you everyone.

        1. I really want to agree with you on this...but you see,times are changing,the world is revolving with changes been made. You might be right about being older and having more life experiences to tackles the difficulties of life,but I would also like to tell you that,young minds are more of the critical thinkers and problem solvers,their brains still being fresh and programmed to grab ideas faster than that of the older ones.
          That's why you see lots of developing countries of today not moving forward,because the leaders don't want to give space to the ones who are willing and ever ready to help,the ones that can bring up and idea of how to tackle an issue,what five older men probably wouldn't have been able to come up with. It's like telling a 16 years old boy to appear in the midst of elders to give a suggestion on how an issue can be addressed to yield solutions,those older men might probably look down on him because of age differences. In this part of the world, the age and experience of a person is highly regarded than that of a young mind who can bring out more ideas

          1. I agree totally agree with you young minds can think and reason better than the old minds, young people minds are still fresh and can remember things easily. A wise man once said to my "time wants for no one " it is really true we need to teach the younger ones how to make new things and how to reason well before we know we will be walking with a stick so we should reason well and teach our younger one and children how to do things well and perfect.

      3. I agree with this topic,us kids should not be denied to do something if we are under aged.I believe that we can start achieving our goals even if were just a kid and we will or might accomplish many dreams of our own.I to wish to do many things through out my life but had to wait since I was to young.I wished to be older then and hoped I would be able to explore these wonders of life experiences and this is why I commented so I can talk about this topic and hope other kids in the future will be given opportunities when their young.

        1. Well said bustling engine.
          In my opinion I would say the age restrictions only restricted us from certain things like UTME which require a student that is 16 years of age. Even outside academic areas there are restrictions for we students like "watching a movie you will see PG 18, to open a bank account you must be 18 years of age, to register a Sim card you must also be 16 years of age". From my point of view I would say these restrictions is for our own safety. They believe we are not yet capable to assimilate the boldness of life. They believe we aren't matured enough to cope with what comes our way in life.
          Nevertheless, I think even with these restrictions there are many more skills and activities that we aren't restricted from.We aren't restricted from our own talent and skills. An example of a girl who made an automated waste bin in her secondary category. She went viral and was greatly appreciated and applauded by the Government and many more.
          So I think even with the way we are being restricted from certain things it is not hindering us from bringing out or showing our inner talent. Thank you

      4. I agree to age restrictions and at some point, I find it unfair because there are a lot of things that I wish to do but I'm not old enough so I can't. Sometimes, when people are restricted, it makes them feel as if they are not good enough. But what I think is that everyone should be given a chance to pursue whatever dream they want to pursue. It pays. As long as it is not something harmful.

        1. I totally agree with you because everyone feels because you're of a certain age you can't do some certain things while older people who aren't even out of their fantasies can do it because of their age. The world in general has to understand that maturity doesn't have to do with age but the mindset, behavior, how people act and express themselves. Someone might be old but their mindset, mentality and behavior is like that of a child throwing a ruckus because he didn't get what he wants. Whenever I see young people who are matured I feel quite inspired and envy that level of maturity. I wonder why in some situation when adult notice the maturity of a child is beyond the level of their age they tend to feel something's wrong in the child's life and they tend to associate it with exposure to certain things or maltreatment of some sort and they tend to separate them and make them feel strange about their natural self. Personally, I feel that age is just an indicator and not a criterion for maturity.

          1. I vehemently agree with you on the fact that maturity comes from wisdom and not the passing of years. When you are mature, you see things and understand things from a different level and just like Jane Austen said, "the first step to maturity is self-knowledge." Being mature is not answering to other people's immaturity.
            And also, Yes, I've seen scenarios where a child is illtreated because of the child's knowledge which is not right. If people claim to be the older ones, they should learn from their mistakes and not direct it to the child and instead, encourage the child to do more. If we do it this way, we would improve ourselves.

      5. I disagree because there are several reasons for adding the age restrictions. Some of these reasons include:
        1. Online fraud: One of the biggest reasons behind social media platforms setting age restrictions for their portals is the increasing rate of online frauds. Children or teenagers may purchase items over these social media platforms that might not be from legitimate sources; causing their parent’s financial information to be at continuous risk and danger.
        2. Personal Information at Risk: Most children may not know but as soon as they provide their personal information on an unsecured social media platform, their information as well as their parents are at stake and are therefore prone to hacking.
        3. Inappropriate Behaviors: Children who use social media platforms such as snapchat are more likely to have problematic digital behaviors like having online-only friends and visiting sites parents would disapprove of, as well as a greater chance of taking part in online harassment.
        Thank you.

        1. I strongly disagree with you because those age restrictions are put there's for a purpose and if they are not adhered to, there could be consequences. I also occasionally feel on a rush to grow up but I recently learned that childhood is the best part of life. I say this because children often don't have to worry about the things that adults have to such as work, paying bills and others. Children have the best time of their lives because their parents are often there to take care of them. Also, when an adult, a variety of new health issues might arise such as depression or anxiety and others. So in essence I feel that when age restrictions are put in place, it is important to adhere to them and childhood is the only time that you have to yourself.

      6. I strongly disagree because those restrictions are put there for a reason, it could be because one is not mentally prepared

    4. I agree with you because, maturity is not actually about age, its how you choose to respond the situations life decides to throw at us.

      1. I so agree with you..I believe that how you choose to respond to situation doesn't depends on anybodys age that depends just on level of understanding of the person.Understanding how to handel things is literally a charisma that not all humans can get at all.
        At very young age people have their own small business held up while mostly people above the age of 25 considered mentally mature because their brain is "fully developed" are staying home doing nothing.
        Just because someone is young doesn't mean they are immature.

      2. I strongly agree with you because maturity it's self is when one is fully developed which has nothing to do with age because our generation has let us to see and know alot more than our age.
        many under age youth has gotten to be more wiser and fast thinker, problem solver and many more.

        1. Hi,
          I agree with you, My mom always tells me" AGE don't wait for any one" age is just a number now a days in Nigeria and other countries we can see children of three years old operating the computer it is really crazy when my mom and dad told me they never even thought about AI but now we see children brining up new ideas for AI and their parents are proud so age does not determine the intelligence of a child. Children are born to be intelligent and creative and that is what is happening now.

      3. Hello!
        I strongly agree with you and think age is not the major determining factor in a level of one's maturity. Rather I think age is just an inefficient grade that we as humans use to judge one's maturity amongst others. This is not a bad thing as we need a gradient or a mark by which we use to judge if one is ready for certain situations and problems but I think in a sense it limits us as I believe maturity can not be judged by age, rather by one's actions and his ability to handle various situations at problems thrown at us.
        Thank You!!!!

    5. Thanks for sharing your opinios and thoughts and I go along with your opinions because the world have a inspiration like Albert Einstein.People believe that he was really good in Physics at a very young age and he enrolled in mathematics just at the age of 17..
      So to allow people of certain age to participate in certain things is not so much of a good idea.Imagine what if Einstein never got to learn physic at a young age the world would have lost a gem.
      No one is born a genius,so we have to work on ourselves to try to be an genius..where environment factors also play vital role such as upbringing,education and access to resources.
      So I believe that reasoning for not letting others to participate in programs shouldn't be age..
      "My age doesn't matter my maturity,understanding and thoughts does"

    6. I strongly agree with your stand point. Why should a person's age determine how smart or mature a they are? The saying ''AGE is nothing but a number'' is something I strongly believe in when it comes to capability. I know of schools that do not accept people just because of their age and a question that I always ask myself is, ''Why is the oldest be considered the wisest?'' Maturity and capability should be the main points in decisions like this. A person should not give up on their dreams just because AGE is said to come with MATURITY.

    7. I agree with you, age also stops me from getting what i want in some scenarios , but I also think it is a good thing because one of our problems especially in Nigeria is that most of our people get jobs and positions that we are not age appropriate or qualified for which is causing most of our problems.

    8. I agree because age is just a number and you passed.

      1. Yes, I do accord that age is just a number, but age has some restrictions and also with age has to come a lot of responsibility attached, but age doesn't necessarily come with maturity, they may be often associated but aren't factors which are dependent on one another.
        Age is a number that signifies the experience/time/duration one has spent throughout his lifetime/lifespan, while maturity is the ability to respond to certain situations in a proper, decent and respectable manner and it is associated with mental and emotional development not physical growth or aging.
        For instance, a young child could be faced with a life challenge but the way he or she reacts to that situation isn't determined by age but emotional development and also a person who is advanced in age could also be faced with a similar challenge, but he/she may act irresponsible to the situation.
        However, age could provide opportunities for maturity, but they cannot automatically result to maturity.
        THANK YOU!!!

    9. I do agree with you. Many people in the society associate age with maturity but it is far from the truth. A 12-year-old could be more mature than a 37-year-old. As I see it, society tends to link youth as in-mature and reckless so we are restricted from many things which is not fair because we are intelligent young minds who could change the world. We need be to encourage by allowing us to embrace themselves learn and explore to get us inquisitive at young so when we grow, we understand what to do and how to solve problems that the words face. We all start from somewhere!

    10. People often say age is just a number, But I feel like it varies a lot of thing within itself .Age causes various changes ., although in today's world we've got teens out there crushing it in business and tackling big problems. Age doesn't define success. But hey, sometimes age matters. Like, asking a 6-year-old about the periodic table? Not fair. They're still in the coloring and playing stage. Age restrictions, though they may seem unfair, are sometimes about letting folks grow at their own pace. Bottom line: age shouldn't limit you, but we've got to find a sweet spot between recognizing potential and letting people naturally grow.

      1. I agree that individuals should grow at their pace, but age restrictions can demoralize and limit one confidence and creativity.
        I want to use myself as an example started school at a very tender age, but it came as a great opportunity to broaden my horizon, spread my wings and by learning more at a younger age than my peers and mates if I hadn't gone beyond my sphere, I could have missed out on many things that life has for me. I can agree that I am not moving at my pace and that of my peers in my age group but, regardless it has helped me realize my potential and boost my confidence and creativity.
        THANK YOU!!!

        1. Hello wondrous_mode .
          I totally can understand where you are coming from because I myself have been in that place multiple time. For someone who has changed dozens of schools in my life, I can assure you that this is a huge problem, as I have faced age-limited self-confidence issues myself in some cases. But I firmly believe that age is an issue of mind over matter if you don't mind it doesn't matter. But yes sometimes age restrictions for different activities can also lead to self-confidence issues in people because this may make them feel limited or restricted in their abilities or opportunities. Age restrictions can sometimes create feelings of exclusion or discrimination, especially when someone thinks they are capable of taking part in an activity but is prevented from doing so simply because of their age. This can lead to feelings of frustration, inadequacy, or lack of confidence in yourself. But you have to understand that these age restrictions were created because of some reasoning’s and although you may feel like you are capable of doing it this may not be something right for you. but truly if you believe in yourself and you feel like you could do it go ahead do it ,As there are a lot of option in the current world where you can be whoever you are ,therefore I don't feel like this is a big matter in the present world because we have seen Businessman who are young as 15 we have seen Olympic medalist as young as 13 ,14 so therefore it's not about age anymore but yeah in certain cases age restriction is important and I think it should not be changed. But you have to agree with me on this point that While you may feel like you're more mature than your peers, maturity doesn't happen overnight. It is a gradual process of developing character and individual expression that takes time and growth to truly cultivate

    11. I know it hurts to get age restricted in great opportunities. But sometimes "maturity" that you mentioned matters. Because if you let a 5 year old do a job of 9 year old you will see a great difference in responsibility or care. Also need to think about experience because situation adaptation is also an matter. Will you put a kid or toddler in a unknown pace? But you will be comfortable enough to put an adult in an unknown place. Just because they can adapt the situation. Also a kid or teen will not know how to tackle scolding from your boss but an adult knows. Also maturity increases with age. That's why we have age restrictions.
      Thank You

    12. Absolutely I agree, maturity goes beyond age, it's about understanding and handling situations. Age doesn't determine maturity. Some may be mature at a young age, while some might take more time, that's okay. Learning is about maturity, not just age, as it influences how well we grasp and apply what we encounter. Thank you for highlighting this essential perspective jubilant_Accordion.
      Thank you.

      1. Hey creative personality,
        I'm really glad you've understood my point and I completely agree with you. Maturity is definitely not a matter of age. As said by Mark Twain in the adventures of Tom Sawyer, ''Maturity is not measured by age. Its an attitude built by experience''. So people should try to look beyond age when considering maturity because with age people can physically mature but not everyone matures mentally or emotionally with age.

    13. You are right @jubilant accordion! This age limiting has actually caused barriers to the youngsters who would have achieved lot of things at a given time. I must say I am sorry about your disqualification from "The Kennedy Lugar Youth Exchange program" I have been there before so I know how it hurts. However, I key in to the fact that there should be restrictions to things that certain age could participate in,this is because it helps to give moderation and discretion. You know that everything has become digital now and the learning ability of children is two times higher than what my elder sister had in their time, we have more enlightened and educated kids moving around, but the eye opener should be that most children might be smart but are not matured at heart to undertake and carryout some activities, that is why till a child turns 18 he/she still needs to walk under good counsel and guidance because it is at the early age that they might make or take decisions that could either make or break them for life. In my neighborhood, I have watched children who didn't get good supervision delve into social vices which is gradually ruining them and so, I promised myself to take my time to learn and follow good instructions.
      Am I saying the older ones are perfect? No they aren't, but the thing is that most of them learnt the hard way and wouldn't want us to thread their parts. As it is said, 'experience is the best teacher' why would I want to dip my hands into fire and get hurt, rather than learn from someone who has already got the sign to prove that they have been burnt before?
      There are many things I know now that when I was 7 years old I didn't and I am glad I am in the school of learning.

    14. I think that this is a really interesting topic, but don't you think that maturity comes with age and life experience. Quite often there are ages put on certain things like driving and voting due to the brain growth of a child at that specific age. A child at the age of 8 or 9 won't be able to grasp the concept and ability of driving the same way a 17 or 18 year old would.
      Safety is also an important aspect because at younger ages you may not have the same life experience to be able to make a rational decision. There will be some cases where a younger child will be more mature than someone older, but this is usually due to other contributing factors and not just their age.

      1. Hey accurate_outcome,
        Honestly speaking, I understand what your trying to say but that's not how I see it. I understand that age matters in certain situations like driving and voting and in these cases age matters because it is for our safety. In the aspect of maturity, I disagree with you when you say maturity comes with age because not everyone matures with age, some may mature physically with age but not everyone matures emotionally with age. Maturity is an ever-changing process formed or shaped by all the things life throws at us. Whether you believe it or not, life changing experiences help us become matured and more evolved people. These life changing experiences happen to people of different ages whether it is losing a loved one, being bullied or even a parents divorce, these kind of life changing experiences evolve and mature a person. What I'm simply trying to say is that most times people do not mature with age.

    15. I get what you're saying about "AGE AND MATURITY." Your personal story brings up a big issue—how age can suddenly stop us from chasing our dreams. It's tough to see your goals blocked just because you're not old enough, especially when you've proven yourself in things like the Kennedy Lugar Youth Exchange program.

      Your experience makes me wonder: Why does age have to decide if we can reach our dreams or not? Your question about whether age really matters and why it should get in the way of our dreams is something a lot of people can relate to. It's a cool topic to explore—how society sees age and how it affects our chances to grow and succeed. Thanks for sharing your story; it's something a bunch of us can think about and talk about.

    16. I strongly agree with you, this comment has changed my perspective and opened my mind as I've never really took this topic into consideration. This topic is relatable to people who are younger or older as multiple people go through this. Now a days, people that are considered "too old" or "too young" can't do anything without being judged. If you're under the age of 16 or over the age of 28 they say that your "too young" or "too old" to be a singer or performer. If your 9-12 years old, some people say your "too young" to be using skincare products, although there is no age limit for skincare as 9–12 years old can have skin problems to. if your considered "too old" you get judged for the type of clothes you wear or the way you look because you're trying to be or look "young". This goes both ways as people say your too young or too old to do anything. I don't understand why there is an age requirement for everything, voting is one thing but restricting everything for people who are "too young" or "too old" is wrong. In my perspective, maturity matters more than age; you could be 13 and emotionally more mature than people in their 20s. In my opinion, age doesn't matter as everyone should be allowed to achieve their dream without being judged.

    17. I agree with you that age must not determine whether we can fulfill our dreams. There are many who might be smarter or more intellectual than kids in their age group and can compete with their seniors. But age restriction is necessary because somethings require certain level of mental maturity that comes with an age. For example, a 12 year old might have same knowledge as a 15 year old. But they are not as mentally mature as the 15 year old one.

  • I heard that AI's made by Open AI and stability AI do not pass fair judgement in courts, in the US. I would love us the topical talkers to discuss on why AI's do not pass fair judgements. And how we can help to stop them from producing AI's that pass unfair judgement to innocent people.

    1. Well, Hi @Tenacious_robin your topic for discussion is quite interesting and I would like to try to give you some answers that I have come up with while researching on your post.
      Firstly, one of the reasons that AI doesn't pass fair judgement is that AI is seemingly just a replica of humans, meaning that those who develop AI don't really know the formula for emotions, so they just try to duplicate situations and instances that occur in humans' day to day lives and when doing this those who develop AI can't possibly copy every occasion that happens so they then miss in some aspects leading to some unfair court cases.
      Secondly, sadly but assuring some AI are trained in a bias way, just simply meaning that it isn't the fault of the AI rather those who code or program that AI, they program it in a way of discriminating based on different things.
      Then finally, AI can be hacked. From my recent research AI has a 59% chance of being hacked meaning that most out the court cases have been hacked in favor of the candidate the person wants to win.
      Well @tenacious_robin I hope you can see that as much as AI is safe it is very hackable and prone to mistake as it is a product of humans. Please if you disagree, I am open for a debate.

      Thank you.

    2. This is my first time knowing that there are robots who are in the court for judgement instead of humans but this caught my attention and had me curious as well, so did some digging and this is what I found.

      AI is not capable to apply small intricate details in a case as it lacks the human ability to apply law based on the context of the case, making an effect in the decision-making. It is trained on historical data, which might contain inherent biases. If these biases are not recognized and addressed, innocent people will suffer and this will lead to loss of hope on the laws. Legal decisions are made through intricate reasoning, interpretation, and ethical considerations but AI can't replicate the depth of human legal thinking, ethical judgment or even understand emotions. It only applies what was programed in it and nothing more. The decisions made by AI can be challenging to interpret due to their algorithmic nature. This may lead to chaos in the court.

      These are some problems that are very difficult to fix as everything cannot be replicated as they need to be.

      This is the conclusion I came to after some self education. Thank you for reading through this to the very end!

    3. That was an amazing piece of information. I believe not only myself but other students may not have been aware of this. I completely agree with you and I think we should have a discussion on this topic. It will surely turn out to be quite interesting.

    4. I strongly with you on bringing up the growing involvement of AI. As helpful as AI can be in by assisting the lawyers scrutinize evidences or collect arguments through their cognition skills , they still can not replace humans in a profession which requires emotional engagement. This matter is a double edged sword which only reflects how necessary it is for us to acknowledge it.

  • The topic I would be really happy to learn about is animal rights. Animals all over the world are endangered because of humans. I understand we need wood for supplies and food but humans are becoming greedier. Thousands of animals are on the verge of coming extinct due to habitats being destroyed, being hunted and the rubbish we throw away. There are so many wonderful species we can't lose due to careless acts. When I go to my local park, I just can't help noticing all the rubbish everywhere. I know we can all change our ways to make a HUGE difference!

    1. Thanks for sharing this topic. It sounds like you're really paying attention to how the issues of environment and animal rights are connected.

      What are some small things you think humans can do to make a difference?

      1. I think humans can make a huge difference by walking to school, making sure their rubbish is in the bin and brand owners should try to make their products more recyclable. Around 8 million pieces of rubbish are thrown into our oceans every day! We need to change that! We could also buy the things we need not want as the more items we buy, the more habitat wasted. Also, we can reduce the amount of Palm oil we use as that is one of the things that is in demand the most.

        1. I agree because... Doing small tasks can provide us with confidence and can be used as a way to measure ourselves. Also, these tasks help to make a difference in others around us and can make potential changes . One by one, they can bring results we want to see. Example of small things humans can do to make a difference You can make a big difference in helping the environment by reducing the amount of trash you produce: If you take your lunch to school, make it "garbage free." Take your sandwich and drink in a reusable container. Avoid using throw-away containers.

        2. Hi,enigmatic leopard,I strongly agree with your statements as us ,humans,throw millions of plastic into the ocean as if the ocean never even existed!We kill thousands of innocent sea animals every day because we are to lazy to throw a single little bit of plastic in the bin!Would we want to live like that?Do we even live like that?How would we feel if some random humans littered on our precious ocean?In a thousand years time every sea animal would have been extinct,and this is why we definitely need to change our behaviour to the ocean.As you said,"Also, we can reduce the amount of Palm oil we use as that is one of the things that is in demand the most." I also heavily agree.Because,not only that we are cutting palm trees for our personal resources ,we are demolishing animal habitats!

          1. I totally agree to this. I feel humans need to be educated again on how to dispose off waste. Millions of humans dispose of waste anywhere they want to on a daily basis and when rain falls those wastes are washed into both big and small water bodies causing the oceans to get polluted. Animals are dying day by day due to consuming plastic and some wonderful creatures are now getting extinct because of this. Another issue is deforestation. Humans feel cutting down trees to build factories and all sort is the right direction to go but their completely wrong. What would happen to wildlife if all the nature is gone? Won't they start turning to humans as source of food? I mean how would we breathe in oxygen if they continue chopping and chopping? Deforestation is an issue that needs to be seriously worked on by everyone, I know it won't take a day to stop it but if everyone collectively comes together our future would be totally bright.

        3. I agree with you enigmatic_ leopard. I also feel that all of us can make a difference for animals in our everyday lives, whether it's by adopting a pet, choosing products not tested on animals, eating a humane diet or engaging your society in animal protection issues. We should make people in our society aware of the issue and help them to understand that they can intercede in situations where animals are being spurned or even tormented. Animals have a right to live without fear or pain, and we have a responsibility to step in if their rights aren't being held in high esteem.

      2. Humans can do a lot of things to make a difference. We as humans can do the following to make a difference:
        - love, care and protect animals
        - giving them a sense of belonging
        -not killing them just because they look ugly or are homeless.
        - being doctors ( veterinary doctors ) and so on.

    2. Hi enigmatic leopard,
      I very much agree to your comment because,as you explained,there are some species that just can't become extinct.As well as that,what happens when we run out of meat such as a cow,as if we lose cows we won't just not have cow meat we'll not have milk,cheese,chocolate and everyone's favourite diary products .Pollution is very much hurting animals and destroying their homes,it needs to be stopped because time is running out and there is no planet B.

    3. Hi,
      I agree with you COMPLETELY. Animals should be able to have rights too, I think humans should make sure they throw away their rubbish, and they can make the world a better place, places consist of parks, beaches, woods, and many other places, Animals sometimes could become extinct from rubbish, They may eat it for example, or get stuck in it! These acts aren't accidental, people think animals do not have rights like us humans, but they DO! Habitats are being destroyed from rubbish! I think people should become aware of this, and this will make our earth a safer place, A lot of people litter too, This should stop! I think we can make a difference by throwing away our rubbish, and making sure most animals have a home, we need to make sure we don't destroy their habitats too, We should always throw our rubbish in the bin and this will stop hurting animals!

      Thanks for commenting this enigmatic_leopard!👍

    4. I agree! Often times this topic gets laughed at especially on the internet from what I have seen. Apparently helping those who we share the ecosystem with is funny to those who are very well capable of speaking up for them. I especially like the part where you mention human greed. I agree humans have been hunting ever since we first became hungry and it's a part of food chain and what not but the difference between the earlier times and now is that we used to only kill as much as we needed for survival. Just a couple days ago I was reading about the colonization of North America and the way of natives and if I remember correctly, what I mentioned before is exactly how they lived. Being away from the greed and corruption did no harm to the planet or its residents whatsover even if the gluton was satisfied at the cost of bisons. I know in the world we are right now it is quite difficult but just like what you said if we all bring small changes in our lifestyle, we can preserve the diverse life forms of Earth.

    5. Hello!
      I agree with you as a fellow animal lover. Our actions directly or indirectly, intentional or not intentional not only affect ourselves but also other living organisms. Habits such as bush burning and burning of refuse and fossil fuels, cutting down of forests, and poaching among others are affecting the biodiversity of our planet's ecosystems causing various extinctions of various animal species.
      We should be innovative and look for other ways of living that will suit us yet not harm the biodiversity of the earth and whether we like it or not we are not the only ones living on the earth as we were animals if we were in opposite roles were animals were humans and humans were animals we wouldn't like it if what we do to animals currently is done to us.
      THANK YOU!!!

    6. Hi enigmatic_ leopard,
      I really agree with you on this, there are a lot of human activities that are endangering different animal species and if care is not taken the animal population will be drastically reduced. Even though as children we can't really do much but there are still things we can do to save the animals. Some of these things are;
      1) Stop throwing trash into water bodies (sea, ocean, rivers) as this will endanger the organisms living under water.
      2) We should try our best to recycle and also create posters to inform people about the dangers of climate change and how they will affect both humans and animals.
      3) We should also try our best to keep our environment clean because if we continue to throw trash around we are not only destroying our habitat but we are also destroying the animal's habitat.
      4) Lastly, we should try to plant more trees in order to save our planet because believe it or not trees and greeneries play a very important role in the eco-system.

  • I suggest we talk about "career choices" because in this present time some teenagers find it hard to choose a path that will be suitable for them. Nowadays we see adult getting frustrated because of their jobs and some of them get frustrated. If we talk about this topic it will draw a line between a job and a career because in life we must have passion for what we do we shouldn't only be interested in a paycheck. This is one of the reasons why most adult fall into depression because at their early years they only wanted jobs not careers because if they did made the right choices they would have been happier with the life's choices today. This has led some adults to commiting suicide because when they had the opportunity they only thought about the paycheck. Talking about this topic would enlighten the students on the need to secure a suitable career choice;they have the ability to ensure that their decisions are well informed and thought about and rooted after a deep understanding of that path they have chosen. It's also helps you set goals and objectives in respect to their choices. Choosing the right path gives us a sense of direction and focus in our professional life.
    Since we are discussing on artificial intelligence it is mandatory to talk about jobs that are likely to become extinct because as we all know the world is growing at a dizzy pace. And it is important we also go with the flow because some jobs are likely to be at sake after a few years because artificial intelligence will take over some aspects of the world

    1. I appreciate your interest in discussing such a crucial topic – "Career Choices". Have you ever been unsure or faced challenges in deciding what you want to do in the future?

      1. I have faced numerous challenges while deciding my career, as I need to consider future development. Many jobs that are popular now may become obsolete in the coming years due to the increasing use of AI.

      2. actually, that is one of my major challenges and I felt this is a common problem facing teenagers so i felt we should talk about it

      3. Yes, I have. I actually wanted to become a pilot in the future but hearing about news of different plane crashes I kind of change my mind . But now I have decided to follow my dream of becoming a good and great Neurologist in the future.

      4. Yes, career choice is a topic that is very crucial and difficult to ascertain in most youths today and juveniles in our present generation are experiencing these issues and sometimes parents could be factors that influence decision making concerning career and some parents prefer to choose career choices for their children which in my opinion is very inappropriate and wrong because I do believe that a career/job should be an opportunity that should be determined by ones' skills and preferences and a career choice should be one that will be enjoyed while performing and not being dreadful and portraying a bad attitude to work.
        Also, another factor that can influence career choices is the indecisive nature of youths so I will personally suggest that children should have a mentor/guardian to guide them while surfing for a career choice.
        I have been troubled with the decision of choosing a career and at first, I really wanted to be a medical doctor; a neurosurgeon to be more precise and later on I changed my mind deciding to be an internet entrepreneur and presently I have finally made my mind judging based on my personal interests, preferences and skills I decided to be a software engineer; one who creates software, both system and application.
        So, I would like to advise and recommend those still seeking for a career choice that they should carefully evaluate their skills and personal interest with the help of a guardian to help them get a career opportunity.
        THANK YOU!!!

      5. Yes, I have faced many difficulties in choosing which career and field of study I should go into. Occupation is a huge responsibility to take on as it rather determines your stance in life. Our jobs are where we get the money to pay rent, feed our families and attend to other expenses like bills and clothing. So we have to make a good choice, and this will be very hard for us the younger generation because of AI that is said to take up most jobs. Now that I am in Year 8, I will soon be asked to make my decision on whether I will be a Science or Arts student. And this is even more challenging because I know this will be a big turn point in my life. In order to ensure my good family welfare in the future, I have to consider going for my first dream job, being a Lawyer and I feel this will be good because it pays enough and isn't a job AI can easily take over. Although "Career Choices" are challenging and more personal to make I think asking about different jobs from friends can help in making good and big decisions like this.

    2. Hi resourceful_leopard,
      I thoroughly agree with your comment as I have seen and experienced difficult career choices. I think it's important to get a job we really like otherwise in future years we will be depressed and frustrated. Choosing a career can be very difficult because there are so many choices, also I find it extremely annoying when some people,like family and family friends come up to me spamming jobs which I don't even know what half are! I think this topic would encourage children to think about what jobs they want now so they don't struggle in older years.