STEP ONE: do the lessons, pick a Standpoint topic


The last few weeks of the Festival are all about Standpoints!

You’ve discussed the Festival topics in your classrooms and on the Student Hub. Now it’s time to share your final opinions in a bit more detail in either written, audio or video format - we call these Standpoints.

Which topic do you want to create a Standpoint for?

There were eight Festival lessons, but you should only pick one to create a Standpoint for. You should one of the topics that you learnt about in class.

Reflect on the topics to help you decide which to choose.

Standpoints will automatically be entered into the Standpoint competition.

To be in with a chance of winning, submit your work before Wednesday 20th March.

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  • I so much enjoyed the eco-anxiety and women in media. Eco anxiety helped me to know that there is still hope that climate change could be reduced and encourages me to raise awareness in our community. women in media helps me know that the way women are treated around the world is very wrong.

  • Hi the topic I'm most interested about is the enhanced games because i was so excited to talk about one of the problems that are happening in my community this problem is only because some athletes take drugs that make them super energetic
    before participating which makes it unfair to the other participants.

    The topic that had the best discussion was the business and politics what could go wrong it really is also my favorite topic because I wanted to talk about how businesses had started getting involved in politics.

    I think the most complicated topic is :
    The prison emergency in ecuador because we hadn't treated this topic in class that's why it was a little challenge for me but I tried my best to over come that.

    The most relevant topic to me and my community is:
    Women in media because everyone thinks women are only meant to do house hold chores and not study this really makes me sad because many people think so but I really don't believe it and I think everyone has equal right to education.

    1. OMG I really love ❤️ your comment and i see you got a star.well done dedicated _strategy.

    2. The topic that I am also passionate about is enhanced sports. It has shown that sports can be taken to another level and athletes can learn about what their bodies are capable of. Enhanced sports have enlightened me about how athletes can achieve their full potentials.
      I also think that the topic that had the best discussion is business and politics because it shows how business owners and politicians can work together to develop their communities

      1. I dis agree with you because I do nor think that athletes using performance enhancing drugs shows their true potential rather, I think that it I'd the potential of the substance in which the athletes used. Moreover, the idea of athletes using peds is very dangerous because it could lead to addiction. An example is famous Argentinian midfielder Diego Naradona who suffered with a 20 year long cocaine addiction which lead to 3 suspensions and several failed drug tests throughout his career. In essence I feel that the use of drugs by any athletes is dangerous whether male or female

    3. I agree that the Enhanced Games is one of the most interesting topics because of how different it is to what the Olympics are like, for me it just seemed newer and unique. Even though from my perspective the Enhanced Games is just a big game of cheats, it is still very interesting to learn about how it can change the future and how it is different to the Olympics.

  • Hi, the topic I'm most interested about a woman in media. Because women are important than this world. Compared to man women are much less likely to be included in media global. Women at the backbone of communities they supporture dream. A woman must have this 3 qualities. She must be productive he productive and engage herself in community world.
    The topic that had the best discussion in my school was business and politics. What could go wrong I was Thinking how would politics be involved in business.
    The Most complicated topic is prison:emergency in Ecuador we Discussed about this topic in class but I still could not understand it till I saw other people to comment and read it
    than I understood more.
    The most relevant topic to me is woman in mediame and my classmate even argued because the boys said that women are supposed to be engaged in house hold chores. Instead of being educated and I think women have the right to be educated not engaged in hose hold chores. Woman and man have to be given equal rights to education. Thank you.

    1. I am also passionate about women in media because it talks about gender equality and emphasizes on treating both genders fairly. We learned about this topic in school and it is a concept that is widely practiced everywhere. Our teacher talked about many inspiring women who have made a positive impact in the world such as Dora akunyili from my country and Malala Yousafzai . This has inspired and motivated me to want to contribute more to the society.

      1. I'm also passionate about women in media because when people make comments, it can affect how female parents or teachers feel about gender equality. Seeing positive comments on this platform might encourage or motivate them. Additionally, others who are unaware of gender equality issues may learn from these comments.

    2. I agree with you, tranquil lighter that the most difficult topic for was the Prison: Emergency in Ecuador. I had problem trying to find it relevance to my life since prison break is something I have hardly come across in my sphere of life. Like you, I couldn't contribute to the discussion but more or less like a passenger in the whole discussion. Maybe the later part that had prison reforms that probably made some sense to me.

      I also agree with you on Women in media, I found a lot of encouragement in knowing that there are woman who are taking giant strides in the media world and this brought a lot of determination that I can do same even if live a male dominated world.

      1. Ohh I also had some problem when I first saw the topic but when I read other people comments ideas were just coming into my head so I understand the topic since when I read some comments.

  • The topic that is relevant to my community is equal anxiety because we face many climate related challenges and the government is seeking sustainable solutions to address this crisis. My community is experiencing floating in certain areas and deforestation is prevalent in rural areas. We are also experiencing rising temperatures making some people anxious about the future. However this issue has broadened my perspective and I remain hopeful that we can work together to find sustainable solutions to the problems we face in our community.
    In my opinion the topic that had the best discussion was AI and education as artificial intelligence is now widely used. Meaning of my classmate had a lot to say about AI from its benefits to how we can use it to assist us in learning. So how our teachers could use AI to help them with marking and recording and also teaching us in a more simpler way. We had a lot of things to discuss on AI and it was one of the best discussions we had in class.

    1. I agree with you because climate change has affected our country in many ways and this has lead to people getting eco-anxiety they feel that worried about what would happen if we don’t stop climate change now. But they should never forget that they are not alone they are other people who are willing to help.

      1. Yes, I completely agree with you. There are many people willing to help, even in small ways like conserving water. I think even the average person on the street is aware of climate change because there are constant reminders about how we can save the planet for a better life. Some people are so concerned about the environment that they actively work to clear waterways for aquatic animals, helping them keep their homes and easing their worries.

  • The festival topic I am most passionate about is eco-anxiety as it shed light on the current global situation and how people are responding to it. It shows us how we can work together to protect our environment and find solutions to preserve it.
    The topic that is relevant to me and my community is still eco-anxiety as we experience a lot of carbon emission from generators, cars and companies leading to an increase in temperature and air pollution. People are already worried about the future consequences of this carbon emissions. This topic has enlightened me and given me hope that there are solutions to the climate change challenges my community is facing

    1. The topic are most passionate about and is also related to my community is eco-anxiety. This is because eco-anxiety is a feeling of distress feeling as a result of environmental crisis. Many people are worried about the future consequences of climate change and the human activities that contribute to the increase in carbon footprint.
      The discussion in this hub has shed light on the challenges faced by other countries and their efforts to find sustainable solutions to prevent further damage to the environment

    2. I agree with you because eco-anxiety helps us to share our experience with climate change and find out innovative solutions to solve these problems. It also teaches us how we can make people who have eco-anxiety feel better.

      1. I agree with you because eco anxiety has different experiences for people in close or neighbouring countries as well as far countries and working together would definitely bring ways or help us to innovate ways on how to stop it.

      2. I agree because... Eco-anxiety is affecting our environment drastically and with our current knowledge about new ways to help reduce global warming and other climate crises. And it also teaches us new knowledge and skills needed to help the environment to become a better place.

  • The topic that is most related to my community is women in media. There is a lot of gender inequality in my area which affects women both at home and in the workplace. However true celebrations and awareness campaigns on gender equality things are starting to improve.
    The most challenging topic for us was prisons in Ecuador. As we were not familiar with Ecuador, our teacher had to relate it back to our own community and the prison challenges we face here. This made it a bit difficult to understand everything but we are grateful for the opportunity to learn about issues beyond our immediate surroundings

  • The festival topic I am most passionate about is AI: education and work because I love that AI was maid to assist us humans by making work more easier and also providing us with more time to spend with family and friends by reducing our workload and after making some research and some advice from our festival experts on the topic I am now passionate on making my own AI and becoming an AI engineer myself.

    The topic in my own opinion that had the best discussion was from news near you because it is a topic we’re everyone can share their experience on a news story that had affected the, and their community, also after observing the topic for a while I’ve noticed that most topical talkers are making comments on that topic up till know and people love replying and sharing their opinions on other topical talker comments on the topic and how they support the, with their idea about a news story.

    The topic that was most complicated to me was immigration because it was the first time I had ever heard that word and what it meant and I found out a lot about immigrants, asylum seekers and the uk an Rwanda policy . Also I found out that many people are becoming immigrants because of they are being forced out of their country and they have to face many dangerous challenges.

    The topic that was most relevant to I and my community was women in media because the women in my community are facing gender Inequality and discrimination from business and ,en in my community and this topic teaches people that women are as important as men and they should be respected as well.
    I look forward to making my standpoint on all o these wonderful topics.
    Thank you

    1. I agree with you because AI is a wonderful invention created to assist man by making his work more faster and easier, by giving people more time to spend with their family by doing their extra work and by reducing people’s workload by a landslide.
      Also I agree with you that the topic that had the best discussion was on news near you because people would be able to share news stories that has affected their life and people would be able to read and respond to each other stating their support with each other.

    2. The topic that are most passionate about is also AI because it has made a significant impact on me. I have learned that AI can be used to make learning fun and easy particularly in school. It can simplify difficult subjects like mathematics and improve the overall learning experience.
      Also the topic that had the best discussion is news near you because it is a platform that allows people to share their experiences and learn about local news and events. It is an excellent opportunity to stay informed about what is happening in our area and around the world and to find solutions to the problems

    3. I agree because AI has not only impacted me but also my family because before we used to be overwhelmed with work homework and chores and we use ta have little to no time to hang out with each other but with AI we found out that our activities are being done at an exceptional rate and now we have more to hangout with each other.

    4. I agree with you that AI has the most impact in this festival talk because I have learned that AI can be used to find treatments to illnesses that have not been discovered yet. It can also be used as a field for researchers to find solutions and treatments to certain diseases.

    5. I also agree with you that women and media is relevant to our community because in my country there is a belief that women are supposed to stay at home and take care of children. Additionally in rural areas girls are often not sent to school which leads to less education for girls. This this is a significant issue in the community with the help of the government, social media, and journalists we are trying to create awareness to help stop gender inequality

    6. I agree with you because AI is a very helpful innovation but it can be also a bad thing because in a future they will control us

      1. Interesting ideas. Can you explain in more detail what you mean by AI controlling us in the future?

  • The topic I am most passionate about is business and politics because it demonstrate how politicians and business owners can collaborate to develop their community and address climate change.
    In my opinion the topic that has the most interesting discussion is enhanced gaming. Although it is a new concept that has raised concerns regarding potential side effects of the drugs involved it has generated a lot of attention and discussion from different parts of the country during this festival

    1. How do you think business owners can best address climate change?

      1. I believe business owners can play a significant role in addressing climate change by investing in renewable sources of energy. By utilizing clean energy to power their businesses, they can help reduce air pollution and contribute to a healthier environment. If they also have the means they could choose to invest in additional renewable projects to further reduce carbon footprint

      2. Hi, I think business owners can best address climate change by making their products eco friendly and by putting thumbnails on their products to promote the stopping of climate change.

      3. By using energy efficient methods to save energy. They should also recycle more.

      4. In my opinion, I think business owners can best address climate change by incorporating more renewable and reusable materials into their brand, and less non-renewable substances.
        Thank you😊

  • The topic I am passionate about is on immigration because its demonstrates how a country can benefit from immigrants who bring their skills and expertise which can help the country to progress. Also It highlights how countries can collaborate to provide support for asylum seekers and find them suitable places to live which displays kindness and compassion towards people in need.
    In my opinion immigration is also related to my community because we also have immigrants in our country although some immigrants have had a negative impact many half also benefited us. The government is working towards finding a balanced solution to this issue

    1. I also believe that immigration is related to my country because we have a large number of immigrants and it has resulted in negative impacts like terrorism. However we also get some benefits from the immigrants. I hope we can find a better solution to balance our relationship with them so that our country will be safe and people will no longer be afraid to let them in.
      I am also passionate about immigration because I believe in being selfless and providing a helping hand to those in need an immigrants are often in need of our help.

  • Immigration was both a complicated topic but close to our community too.
    We have watched the last few years many sad occasions of refugees trying to leave their country in conflict to reach ours by leaving their belongings, almost everything.
    We totally understand the way we feel and we sympathize with them but we feel that still it isn't enough what we are doing as a country.
    Many discussions on European committees have been done but the right decisions haven't been made yet.

  • The topic which I am most passionate about is NEWS NEAR YOU. This was a medium for me to know about what is happening in particular environment or a country. I was able to get some news which I did not know. Did you know that this festival and festival topics are generally news near you. If it is not around me, It is around other people. We are able to know how people live in their environment either good or bad, are their any circumstances and challenges that affect the people there. This festival brought topic which news are near around other people and raised awareness through that process. Then maybe, also in that process, people can bring their opinion on solution to problems which people go through and face everyday. This is why I am so passionate about
    So, as I explained, definitely it is news near you. This can bring a significant change to the environment if these problems are solved. These are the kind of problems we neglect everyday, which is very important and bring positive change to the environment. It's new near you.

    1. I am also passionate about news near you because it gives me the opportunity to stay updated about recent events in my community and share the same with others. This helps to keep everyone informed about the happenings in the area.
      In my opinion news near you is still related to my community because it provides valuable insights on what is happening in the neighboring countries and its impact in my community. it helps me learn about important issues such as climate change, AI, immigration and others and how they affect my locality

  • I think the most engaging topic in this festival talk is women in media because gender inequality is a prevalent issue worldwide. This discussion shared lights on the amazing contributions of females across the world. Money student actively participated in this discussion sharing their ideas on how to achieve gender equality.
    I believe this topic is related to my country because my country celebrates women's international Day which creates awareness of educating girls in the rural areas and shares the benefits of doing so

  • Hi there!
    The topical talk festival is one of the most interesting programme I have experienced. In the fest every topic helps us to learn many things. For me the most complicated topic was "eco anxiety".
    The topic of "eco-anxiety" is complicated to explain because it involves a complex interplay of psychological, social, and environmental factors. Eco-anxiety refers to feelings of stress, fear, or unease related to the environmental crisis, including issues such as climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution, and habitat destruction.

    One reason why eco-anxiety is complex to explain is that it intersects with various aspects of human psychology and behavior. It involves understanding how individuals perceive and respond to environmental threats, as well as the psychological mechanisms underlying feelings of anxiety and distress. Additionally, eco-anxiety can manifest differently across different populations, influenced by factors such as age, socioeconomic status, cultural background, and personal experiences.

    Furthermore, eco-anxiety is intertwined with broader social and environmental issues, including political dynamics, economic systems, and technological developments. Explaining eco-anxiety requires considering how these factors interact to shape individuals' perceptions, behaviors, and coping mechanisms in the face of environmental challenges.

    Moreover, eco-anxiety is a relatively new and evolving concept, which adds another layer of complexity to its explanation. As awareness of environmental issues grows and scientific understanding advances, the discourse around eco-anxiety continues to evolve, with ongoing debates and discussions about its causes, impacts, and potential solutions.

    Overall, explaining eco-anxiety requires navigating a complex landscape of psychological, social, and environmental factors, making it a challenging topic to articulate comprehensively.

  • Hi,topical talkers.
    The Topical Talk Festival helped me learn a lot about the world environment and expand my knowledge base. Every topic in this festival was interesting and a source of knowledge. It also helps to change my perceptive to the world. The topic that had best discussion was Artificial Intelligence (AI) because the role of AI in every technological development in the world is noticeable. The role of AI is immeasurable in improving almost all fields such as education, medicine, business, agriculture, research, technology etc. AI is being used to make every task faster and easier in daily life. Also, AI makes a nation a developed and glorious day by day.
    For me, "Eco- anxiety" was the most complicated topic of the topical talk festival because climate change is currently affecting the world's environment, biodiversity and human society. Climate is changing due to man made and natural causes. Climate change is causing global warming, rising sea levels and changing ocean currents. Warming is causing drying of the soil and loss of soil fertility. As a result, there is a threat to food production. Besides, climate change is also affecting human health. Various types of infectious diseases are creating due to climate change. According to a recent research, if people do not take action now to combat climate change, the situation in the world will be very danger and the existence of humans will be threatened. In my opinion, therefore, from now on, every person in the world must take action to combat climate change.
    The topic that is relevant to me and my community is "women in media ".
    Women are one of the artisans of human civilization. Their contribution from the beginning of human civilization till today is undeniable. They have developed the world through their efforts and hard work. But, women are oppressed and deprived of opportunities in many countries of the changing world today. They are discriminated against in many societies. But no nation or country can progress without their contribution. I believe that discrimination against women must stop. Through the contribution of both men and women, a prosperous, developed and beautiful nation will be built.
    Thanks a lot.

  • I am passionate about the topic which is "Artificial intelligence" because it has helped me to increase my knowledge related to technology.. I have learnt alot and gave my opinions in the forms of comments ..
    secondly, the topic which had the best discussion was about the "perfomance-enhancing drugs" that athletes consumes before the Olympic. Some people believe that they should not consume in order to maintain fairness and integrity on the player field while some argues that they should consume because to promote the scientific experiment..
    The topic which was most complicated was a "prisons ".. because there are different rules in different countries about the prisoners therefore it was a bit complicated.
    I think the "women in media" topic was relevant not only to my family but also to my region and there are gender imbalance in the northern part of India . So in order to promote it we can raise awareness about the importance of women ...

  • The topic that I am really excited about is AI because I always wonder how it would transform or have an impact on the world.
    Well the topics that really had the best discussions were eco anxiety why don't people change because if we work together we might get some to change and save or plane.
    The most complicated topic to me or in my perspective was women in media inequality because I hadn't really thought women face discrimination to me I normally thought it is men who deal with it
    The most relevant topic towards my community is eco anxiety because climate change has or posses different experiences for everyone.

  • The festival topic which I am most passionate about is: Women in media because many thinks that women can do nothing but I think that Women are an independent human beings and of course, they can do whatever they want or like.

    The festival topic which had the best discussion is: AI ( artificial intelligence) I love that AI has made the things in our live more easier. It has many advantages but disadvantage when it is used for bad things. We use AI in our daily life.

    The festival topic which is complicated for me is : the enhanced games. Even though my teacher and friends have helped me to understand it but I can't get it clearly and by reading other topical talk users comments, I am starting to know more about it.

    The festival topic which is most relevant for my community and me is : Eco anxiety. From this topic I learned many things about climate change and how can we reduce it. It had encouraged me and my classmates to raise awareness about it. Nowadays, the people of my community have been reusing and recycling many waste materials.

    Thank you!

  • I am most passionate about women in media, because it talks about gender equality, and also it lays emphasis on treating both gender equally in the society and in the world at large.
    Our teacher taught us this topic in school, and I'm also get to notice that it is practiced in almost all part of the world, but what got me amazed is seeing what great women has achieved in the past and also what women that are politically engaged are achieveing now, and after all these I resolved within myself that I will try everything within my reach to make sure that women are not been maltreated in own community.
    This topic has so much inspired me that I promise myself that I will never look down on any woman whether rich or poor, dark or fair, no matter the tribe and I will also try my best in educating others around me.
    THANK YOU SO MUCH.........

  • I was very invested in the enhancement drug topic for many reasons. I believe it was impotant to discuss as sometimes we forget about the effects athletes who use the advantages might get in the long run. i think they could get addicted and become relient on it in the future and cause health issues like heart problems due to this which is bad. It also tells us to try to understand how hard work is sometimes hidden by those who use advantages to make young people get impossible goals and use the drugs making an endless cycle.

  • The topic I was passionate about was eco-anxiety as we focased on how some people were effected in diffrent countries by climate change which helped me learn about how much we need help those. i also was able to talk about diffrent ways we could help prevent climate change and help others learn how to by reusing stuff over and over by recycling to help others.

  • I think women in media is the best topic given by topical talk because it helped women and men a lot by making them understand that gender equality is very very important if these comments in topical talk are sent in the internet so we can end this stereotype in India there is a saying in a small city , jhansi that is' KHUB LADHI MARDANI VO TO JHANSI VALI RANI ' means a great woman warrior who fought like a man this saying in future supported a lot. savitribai phule ended gender equality. And a also by adding journalism for gender equality so this helped women alot in few schools boys laugh on the topic gender equality because from centuries society thinks that girls must not do any job or work they must handle their house works handle their babies and never do something for them also one thing that made me most uncomfortable that is few schools have made a rule that no skirts all will have 100% same uniform but the school applied girls to wear boys wear but why not boys can wear skirts?so this will also be 100% same but eventually result will be parents will be criticising the school even although every principal of the school goes for gender equality but cannot notice this.
    2nd thing that made me think a lot of things emergency in Ecuador why? Because if this will be shared to the whole world Ecuador will be a better place because many actions will be taken like UN may take extra care of Ecuadorian people so by this my only goal of the life is to make the humanity good to make world a better place so this topical talk benefited a lot made us know everything around the world so support gender equality and woman and make this world a better place to live.

    Thank you

  • I think that the topic I am most passionate about is AI because it makes us look into the future allows us to imagine the world that we are going to live in the future and allows us to learn new things in a lot more ways than we do now.

    And I think that the festival topic that had the best descoution is Eco-anciety because the environment matters a lot and a lot of people care about it and a lot of people learn new things like ways that people can take care of the environment so they don't make the same mistakes that people have done.

    And the topic that is the most complicated to me is news near you because everyone has their own opinion and it just confuses me on what I think on those specific topics.

    THe topic that is the most relevant in my country is gender inequality because a lot of men think women are supposed to stay home and take care of the house and children and stay in their house for a long time until the children are older and men are supposed to go out and get money for the family, but its not supposed to be like that because both the father and mother are have their own part to do and no one is treated unlike the other.

    1. I with you because yes gender inequality is a huge problem in our country from discrimination to harassment or unemployment to poverty these are all the problems that women ate facing in our community and this topic helps us to find solutions to stop this problem. I also agree with you that men think women are only house wives and this is not right because behaving like a stereotype can cause women to think they are useless to the society and we need to stop this now.

    2. I agree with you on the topic gender inequality. It is truly believed that a woman's world revolves around the home , I mean the kitchen in particular. It is believed since ancient times that women are not to go outside to work or provide for the family. But the world is fast changing . This is the 21st century. Now everyone is being treated equally. Women are becoming doctors, lawyers, judges, ambassadors, bankers and even ministers. Example of this is the first woman to occupy the position of minister of state in Nigeria: Mrs Imaan Sulaimon-Ibrahim and also Kamala Harris the vice president of the United States of America this is just to mention but a few.

  • Hello my best topic is AI and education it made me know that if we work hard we can make anything and that we cannot do everything by ourselves we need a machine.It made me learn that even small children can be successful and it had the best discussion because it had sub-topics that were simple.

    1. I agree because AI is evidence that anything is possible if we set our minds to achieving it, also I enjoy that AI was created to assist us because before I thought that AI was made to take over people's jobs and make them jobless, and now I know that AI wasn't made to take over jobs it was made to assist humans to make their jobs faster, easier and more efficient.
      I also agree that AI was the topic that had the best discussion because everyone had the chance to spread their imagination and creativity to share ideas on AI and how it affects education and work.

  • The topic that is more passionate to me is
    *Eco-anxiety;this is because the issues of eco-anxiety is affecting the world.
    The festival topic that had the best discussion to me is AI and the future of the world:this is because we're in a modern world, and with this discussion students share their view on how AI is revolutionizing in every field of life.
    The festival topic that's more complicated to me is the Immigration policy: because moving from one place to another is not an easy task, and people mos from one place to another due to many factors such as war.
    The topic that is most relevant to me and my community is Women in Media: this topic is relevant because it shows the relevance of women's in the world, it is more relevant to the extent that they celebrate a day called the International Women's Day which is coming up very soon.
    I would like to hear your opinions on this.
    Thank you.

  • The topic I am most passionate about is news near you this topic allowed me to have an insight on how things are in other countries and it also encouraged me to pay more attention to what happening around and I actually watched the news I had the opportunity to share my opinion with others. I learnt what the situation is like in other countries and I heard from others topical talkers like me how it feels to experience all these .
    The topic i feel that had the best discussion is the AI and the future this topic had interesting points and debates among topical talkers, it showcased the positive and negative effects of the AI on the future of the earth, some topical talkers thought the AI is a great and useful tool that will help in making things easier in all of aspects while some thought it will only make humans lazy, uncreative and reduce critical thinking and problem solving skills. I heard diverse perspectives and opinions about how others might think this way and I learnt to respect that.
    A topic I found complicating was business and politics, this two areas area something I didn’t seem to like or comprehend. But after the discussion I understood the relationship between business and politics and how government policies affect business owners and businesses I learnt that there are political decisions on issues such as taxes, trade agreements, and also how businesses can have an influence on politics by engaging in campaign contributions and lobbying. I understood the merits and demerits of this relationship, how an effective relationship between politics and business can promote the economy of a country and its wellbeing and if there is a misunderstanding how it can lead to conflicts of interests, corruption etc.
    The topic I think might be relevant to me and my community is eco-anxiety, this topic has made me understand that is okay to be concerned about the climate but it not the only answer what matters is how one can start a change and reduce effects in the earth climates. By reducing the emissions of carbon, recycling and making use of eco friendly technologies. From this topic I also learnt from a topical talker that my community has paid more attention to reduce the effect of emission on the climate. By attending the COP 28. Which was to ensure that countries around the world are ready to change for the better of the earth’s future.

  • The topic that I'm most passionate about is AI, This is because I'm still astonished each time I remember that there is actually something that can replace humans in almost every aspect of life.
    Also in Nigeria, many couples complain every day that there husband's and wives are been snatched from them by there house help, but with the help of AI, this is going to stop because there have been designed in a way that they can carry out all these house chores.
    And finally with the help of AI, now we can now have more time to hangout with each other because AI has been designed in a way that they will help us in a work that requires a rigorous process there by leaving humans with enough time, AI has not only impacted to my life but to my family at large because I could remember when my dad used to go to work before I could wake up and also return very late from work and this was making us not to be united but with the help of AI now, my dad now have time to spend with the rest of the family now making our family to be in peace.
    So that is the reason why I said that I'm Most passionate about AI and when grow up I will like to create my own AI.
    THANK YOU...

  • I think women in the media was a good topic to learn about because it spread awarness to the fact that still now there is still some gender equality issues in the media having only women who are appeasing to see. Women are still brought down in the reporting and comentater buisness we adressesed. We also did focas a bit on who would have more empathy presenting some topics in media whether it is men or women who do it better

  • A topic I was very intreged about was Ai as we could talk about how AI is starting to appear more and more in schools by students and how teachers may be replaced by ai. We already have AI bleeding into normal school life with work and how people learn and socialise which is good to talk about as we never know how many jobs we wont have due to AIs developments in the industry.

  • HELLO!

    The topic I am most passionate about is Women in media even though I am a boy it would be very good to have equality in the world. I loved how my fellow topical talkers gatheres to find gender equality.

    The topic that had the best discussion was AI and the sub topic that was the best to me is will schools exist in the future I loved how there was like a debate on will schools exist in the future.

    The most complicated topic was prisons I didn't understand the topic well that's why I limited the number of comments I would do.

    To me the topic that is more relevant to our community is news near you because we will know more on the news happening locally or globally around the world.


  • I am most passionate about AI and the future of the world. Actually I enjoyed this topic because when my teacher was talking about it, I created an imagination of how the future will be when AI will be assisting humans in their daily activities. There was a question my teacher asked us when he was teaching the topic that got me thinking, will AI take over the work of teachers in schools , for me I answered him that it will not be possible because if AI take over teachers it will not be interesting in the class were human students are, for instance when they students ask an AI question, the AI will go straight to point without explaining it more for the understanding of the students, but if we ask the teacher question he\she will answer it and explain it until we the students understand it.
    So am saying that instead of AI should replace the teachers, it should assist The teachers in setting question for the students and improve the knowledge of the students.
    Also the topic that I enjoyed more was women in Media, under it was was women represented well. I was worried that women are not represented well of all the things that women has done for the betterment of the society. I was also worried about a statement which says that women education only ends at the kitchen, it is not fair because because men don't give the women opportunity to do want the want to do like being a doctor, lawyer and engineer, the say that women can't do want the can do, but if we give them the opportunity they will do better than men in that careers. Also women are not represented well in Media in terms of football, the say women can't play football and they will not be displayed on media, but when men are playing everyone will like to watch it because they say that men plays far more better than women so it will be displayed on media.
    So am saying that we should give women the opportunity to do what the want to be in future and stop discriminate women all the time.

  • Hello,
    I am most passionate about AI and its impact on education and the future of work. AI has the potential to revolutionize how we learn and work, making education more accessible and personalized. It's a topic that is not only fascinating from a technological point of view but also beneficial for society. Ensuring that AI is integrated into education and work in a way that benefits everyone is crucial for a sustainable future. The discussions we had on AI was also really interesting. Different opinions on the capability of AI and possibilities of the future made it even more interesting

    I think the topics that had the best discussions were News near me. In the hub discussions regarding news, we got a variety of different news from people of different places which enhanced the discussions. We got an idea of things happening all around the world too and about the solutions that all were giving for it. Different perspectives made it even more interesting.

    I think the topic of Business and politics was most complicated because This topic delves into the complex relation between economic interests and political decision-making. The different scenarios of different conditions made it complicated but interesting too at the same time.

    The Festival topic most relevant to my community would the the topic Women in India. I liked this topic a lot too.

  • The Festival topic most relevant to my community would the the topic Women in India. I liked this topic a lot too. It is relevant to my community in many ways. Representation of women in media influences societal perceptions and norms, including those within my community .The discussion about gender equality and representation can have direct impact on the experiences and opportunities available to women in my community.
    Thank you.

  • The festival topic I am most passionate about is Women in media. I picked the topic because it interests me. I found it interesting that people in media cannot freely express their opinions about issues happening around them especially if they are representing a business or brand. If their opinion is different from the company they may end up making the company loose. I discovered from the lessons and post that women can speak better about issues that concerns women and men for men. I quite agree with that as I believe women may feel more comfortable speaking to their fellow women. The women reporters also go through a lot of challenges to get to where the news is happening and they are doing a great job. I now notice more women and women newscasters in the news after the topics

  • The topic that I am most passionate about is : Artificial Intiligence (AI) because AI plays an vital role in our daily life . We use AI in a daily basis in the form of mobile phone. AI has really helped me to understand many topics. It has no emotions or feelings.

    The topic which had the best disscusion is News near you because from this topic we can know what's happening on other country and places and try to solve that problem.

    The topic which I didn't understand is Eco anxiety. It was quite difficult for me. but after searching and asking my teachers about this topic I am understanding little better.

    The topic which I think is most relevant to my community and me is womens in media because in my community people think that women's are ment to do households things only but I think that women can take part in every field like politics etc. this topic has encouraged me to raise awareness about this in my community.

    Thank you!

  • Hello everyone ,
    Out of the festival topics, I'm most passionate about "Eco-anxiety".The discussions around this topic have been thought-provoking,exploring the psychological impactsof climate change and environmental degration . It's a complex issue, intertwining mental health and environmental concerns,but its relevance to both me and my community makes it a crucial topic to address.

  • Greetings Topical Talkers!

    The most interesting topic for me in which we had a hub discussion on was : Eco-anxiety. It means a lot because it gives a deep message that how the environmental problems caused by human activities can effect the humans themselves.. This gives a big moral to conserve and save nature. So , in my opinion , this is the most interesting topic to me.

    The topic in which we had the best discussion in my view is : AI and its uses in protecting nature , in education , etc. This is because it had many points that conclude that AI is both useful , as well as , dangerous for humans and nature. Besides , it also had many topics on AI which were very interesting. So , in my opinion , this is the topic in which we had the best discussion on.

    The topic which was the most complicated in my sights is : The prison emergency in Ecuador. This is because , it had many points. Like the emergency through which Ecuador was suffering through. But at the same time , the topic is telling about hostages , safety in and out of the prison , etc. This thing made a confusion and a question that : What was the main point in it ? So , in my opinion , this is the most complicated topic to me.

    The most relevant to me and my community is : Women in media. Because , there are now many actions taken for the poor conditions of women. And I agree with this! But , there are still many fields in which women are said not to work in... Especially in the places which are remote areas or have low literacy rates. So , in my opinion , this the most relevant topic in my community.


  • The topic I am most passionate about is Women in Media. I say this because this is not the first time that a topic like this is coming out on the Hub. For something like this to happen more than once, that means that the topic is a really big problem that needs to be solved.
    That is right because world wide, in every country, women are discriminated one way or the other. This is bad, but the sad truth is that it will take a long time to solve.
    That is why I think that it is the most passionate topic on the Hub, in my opinion.

  • This festival is full of different topics, each topic talk about a new thing. Thats why this festival cought my interest.
    The topic that I'm interested in is the Artificial intelligence (AI) because it provided me new information about technology which is somehow important. The topic that had the best discussion is women in media because this topic allowed people to express their feelings about their society and community thinking who oppresses women. The most complicated topic is prisons emergency in Ecuador because it is realy a hard topic also it carries a lot of informations. The most relevant topic in my community is business and politics because many people that have their own business link it with politics which leads to people's aversion to it, and this negatively affects their profit from their work or leads to their expulsion, and in both cases this actually harms them.

  • Hello,
    The topic that I was most passionate about is my favorite eco-anxiety, I love this topic mainly because it has helped me to understand more and more about the climate and how news affects it. It helped me to take care of my environment even more and helped me tackle my personal feelings to climate emergency.
    To me eco-anxiety also had one of the best discussions ranging from "Finding a Balance", up to "Climate anxiety is a failure of the systems of power" making me enjoy the discussions even more as they went on, helping me to get a good grip of the topic.
    My most complicated was Politics and business as I never really understood the topic that well, it was confusing but I eventually got the grasp of it, even though it is the most relevant for my community as we are now suffering of inflation and the topic really helped me to understand what I as an individual can do help my country to be more economically involved in business.
    I think that all topics are important because I have gotten to learn a lot about issues and things that are happening in the world.


    1. My favorite topic is also Eco Anxiety, I love this topic because it is both a topic that I listen to news mainly on and also because it is something that affects the whole world. It is also a topic that requires logical reasoning and ability to gather facts. I will like to make my standpoint on this topic because it is a topic that I have a good amount of knowledge on.
      THANK YOU.

  • Hi topical talkers,
    The topic that am most passionate about is eco-anxiety because climate change have affect the earth such as carbon footprint, destroying the ozone layer etc. We can sole this by planting more trees, reduce and reuse.
    The topic that had the best discussion is women in media because it talks about gender inequality and how to solve it. We can solve it by giving women the same opportunities as men.
    The topic that is most complicated in hub is business and politics because in my class some of us couldn't relate to the topic but this topic is good to some topical talkers.
    The topic that is most relevant to me and my community is women in media because in my community the men think that women should be in the kitchen and doing house work but that shouldn't be so women should have access to education, salary pay and the same jobs as men.
    Thank you!

  • I would definitely say that the enhanced games was where my most passionate comments lie. I noticed a large link off my comment ,which I haven't had time to read them all, but it proves how quickly the topic sparks a debate. In my personal opinion, it was also the most complicated because of how many viewpoint there were. This topic most certainly caused me to think about what way I wanted to answer to such an in depth question. However, there is one topic I believe is more relevant in my community instead of the enhanced games, despite it's complicated viewpoints. I believe women in media has the most relevance in the community simply because it is not only a local issue but a global issue in which women are treated very wrongly. In my opinion, this topic strikes me as the second best discussion I had and my second most passionate discussion.

  • The Topic in which I am interested is Woman in media. The reason of my interest is that this topic is very much related to the current situation of status of woman in my country as here there are not many opportunities for woman to study or to work as man. They are treated unequally. More opportunities for study are provided to male members . Women are kept behind in this field. The reason behind is the backward thinking of people. They think that women should take care of the household activities. They do not need to study as it is not necessary. But I think equal status is required for women as well like men. When woman are educated they can understand their rights. They can fight for their rights. They will not be suppressed in house as well as outside of the house. They can be more conscious. So through women in media women will understand their rights and then they can fight for it. And the topic that I do not understand more prison in ecuador

  • I am so excited to share that I like the topic about AI role in our life most. It was so interesting and during classroom we really enjoyed all sessions and activities. After the session on AI I really able to think that what will be my future job. Because before this information I was just think that doctor, engineer etc are the best jobs. But now I understand the future needs and will plan my future dream jobs.

  • Hello topical talkers!
    To begin, the topic and was passionate to talk about would be AI. AI has something to do with my future ambition. AI is an awesome thing in life even though it has so much disadvantages and makes people very lazy, AI is the topic that has the most discussion, AI makes work much easier and I think next year AI should be brought back again next year.
    the hardest topic for me is enhanced games and so far I had nothing to write about but when my school first met it everyone was curious about it, including me but when I logged in my brain went blank and under it I got zero or only one star with like two comments it was so boring that's why my it's my least loved.
    The most complicated one for me was immigration: divisive policies
    Cuz you need so much knowledge of immigration before you will be able to do it.
    The most relevant one for me and my community is Eco-anxiety cuz it applies to the whole wide world so it most be the most relevant one for all of our community

  • Most of the questions I answered with the topic on AI. I feel most passionate about AI and it is the most relevant to me and my community in this time of modern technology. Though the discussions themselves were not the best, some were AI generated actually which is quite ironic, but the discussions (in my opinion) were better than the other topics. The only question I did not answer AI to was "which festival topic is the most complicated?" which I said was Prisons: emergency in Ecuador since it involved stuff such as morality, justice, vice versa but same can be said with Eco-Anxiety.

  • The topic I am most passionate about is the prison system in Ecuador. Learning about how inmates are treated has increased my understanding, especially since I was surprised to discover that 44% of the prison population is comprised of women. Despite my belief in women's discipline, this statistic challenges my perception.

    Another engaging topic discussed is eco-anxiety, which teaches us how to manage our worries and turn them into positive action. The solutions proposed during the discussion offer hope for addressing and preventing future environmental challenges. Despite the daunting issues facing our planet, the festival highlights the potential for change through small steps and caring for our environment.

    One of the most complex issues addressed at the festival is doping in sports. It was shocking to learn that athletes resort to drugs to enhance their performance, despite the known risks and side effects. Celebrating victories achieved through doping feels unjust and undermines the integrity of sports.

    The most relevant topic for me at the festival is artificial intelligence (AI). Whether we like it or not, technology, especially AI, plays a crucial role in various fields. Researchers are continuously innovating to address global challenges, such as energy conservation and environmental sustainability. Embracing AI can lead to positive changes that benefit everyone.

  • Hello, at the beginning, I would like to clarify that I am very happy and proud to have joined this festival, I learned a lot of information that I did not know before, and when I was reading the comments and opinions of the students at this festival, I knew that every topic we cannot judge at all because every person has a believing point of view. It is the result of many things, including his view of topics through his environment, through the news that he is accustomed to hearing, or through personal experiences of him or one of his family members, and now I would like to say that one of the topics that I most enjoyed is business because it is related to most of the topics that were discussed, for example, business is related to politics. A politically stable country is mostly economically stable, and therefore this affects the labor market, which provides many people with opportunities for a correct and good investment and earning money , which is the most important goal of business and investment. Countries in which there are wars and political conflicts is found to be economically unstable, which affects negatively on the labor market, not only is there a relationship between business and politics, but there is also a relationship between business and artificial intelligence (AI), which many institutions and companies around the world have begun to benefit in many fields of work, whether research, educational, medical, or other fields, as well as other topics, for example, women in the media. All of this has a role in the field of business and influences it, and this made me learn to link topics together and learn many important topics.
    Thanks 😊

  • I agree because, picking a topic to talk about is very important, mostly because if you don't choose which one to talk about you will be stuck in a pond of many options and that can lead to stress, you won't know what one to choose as three are many options to pick from. Another thing is that when a person chooses a topic to talk about he | or she will surely choose the topic they know much about increasing the chance of them getting their standpoint accepted.
    Also as the saying goes "Life is a web of intersections and choices. Your 1st choice is to recognize an intersection. Your 2nd choice is to be grateful for it" So it's better to choose what you're better at.
    Thank you.

  • I think that the best discussion overall was Artificial Intelligence and that because it is a topic so close to our age and the next technological step in the future.
    Some of the questions made us wonder and express a dilemma whether robots can replace humans.
    A very bid discussion indeed but almost all of students agreed the importance of real human interaction .

  • The topic I am most passionate about is The Enhanced Games, I actually never knew something like that even existed, it opened my eyes to how the world is beginning to accept things that we don't even know the future or consequences of. The world just wants to know if it will greatly benefit our future or destroy it. This is a topic that I don't know if I should fight against or fight for.

    The most complicated topic was AI: education and the future of work. AI helps improve aspects of the world but also has its disadvantages, for each discussion I didn't know whether to talk about the advantages or disadvantages, which, in the end made me very confused.

    The most relevant topic to my community is Eco-anxiety. For the past few months, the heat in my country has been increase at a very uncomfortable rate. It is even harder to sleep at night now, but the people of my country always have someone to blame, we don't realise that the heat is the result of the things we do. My country is not the cleanest in the world, and we don't follow the protocols that we ourselves set in place to prevent climate change. I actually wish my whole country was taking part in discussing that topic.

  • In my opinion I think my most relevant topic in the topical talk festival is AI and the future of work. It helps me understand how our communities are developing and evolving for a better future. Artificial intelligence has also thought me how it could help our lives in different ways like in the case of climate change, AI has developed a seed drone which could help the world and have a good impact as we can plant more trees, this will help us reduce and maybe stop climate change. AI could also help in the case of safety during wars, AI has also created a robot that could go into collapsed building and search for bodies so that people can find bodies easily in collapsed buildings.

  • As a topical talker, I have chosen to discuss the issue of women in media. This topic is important because it sheds light on how women deal with their everyday lives. Unfortunately, girls in some countries such as Niger, South Sudan, China, and Mali are not allowed to attend school, as they are expected to work for their families instead.

    Moreover, women are often seen as inferior to men in society. Although over 50% of women are employed, which is a significant number, it pales in comparison to the 80% of men who work. This situation calls for action to be taken to address the inequality that exists between men and women.

    Thank you and have a great day!

  • Hi the topic which I am most passionate about is the enhanced games because it involves both sports and drugs which are two topics that I am really interested in and I know enough about for joining the discussions. I am really enjoying the topic about enhanced games.

    In my opinion the best discussion was the one of women in the media because it achieved to make aware some people about the situation and is a good way of learning for all of us.

    For me the most complicated topic is the one about prisons in Ecuador because it is not an easy topic to deal with and in my class was difficult to get into a conclusion because we never learned about this.

    The most relevant topic for me was women in the media because it has lot of information which is valuable and also for my community. We could get into a discussion about this topic but mostly in our class we agreed that men and women need to be treated equally and that there is not any chore designed for an specific gender.

    I really enjoyed this topics and I am really grateful.

  • The topic I am most passionate about is eco-anxiety. I am thrilled to learn more about how climate change affects eco-anxiety, what triggers it, and how it impacts mental health.
    The topic that sparked the best discussion was business and politics, showcasing how businesses can collaborate with politicians.
    I found the topic of prisons in Ecuador to be the most complicated, like a puzzle that I struggled to understand.
    The festival topic most relevant to me and my community is eco-anxiety. It would educate people about the effects of burning on our ozone layer and its consequences as I was continuously educated by the different views and perspectives I thought it high time to involve the people of my community in educational campaigns, and awareness raising efforts.

  • Hi the topic I'm most interested about is eco-anxiety. Global warming and climate change are issues that worry a lot of people around the world. But if you are someone who loses sleep over the fear of apocalypseor small changes in the climate or things like deforestation seem like the end of the world, you might be suffering from what is called eco anxiety. It is the type of anxiety triggered by drastic changes in the world around you.

    There is no clinical evidence established so far to cover the various implications of this condition. It is also not established as a medical condition as of now. But if you have eco anxiety,you might experience symptoms that are associated with clinical anxiety disorder. The triggers here could however be predominantly connected with nature and the planet. THANK YOU

  • I am most passionate about the topic of eco-anxiety. I believe that eco-anxiety also had the best discussions. I think the most complicated topic is A.I because it is already introduced into our society and many people use it daily. The topic that is most relevant to me and my community is " Immigration: divisive policies" I come from a immigrants because my grandparents and my parents were immigrants.

  • The topic that I'm most passionate about is "business politics: what could go wrong?" because through this topic we can clearly see that money could change everything upside down in good and as well as bad ways. From this lesson we can learn that how to use money and power to do good things to the society. And I feel that the complicated discussion was " immigration: divisive policies" because I found it difficult to find my opinion about it.

  • Hi, the topic I am most interested in is “AI: education and the future of work” because it was very exciting and I just felt that this is the most relevant topic to me and my interest. It is probably the most trending topic around the world and is best for debates on its advantages and disadvantages. It is also one of the developing things and these discussions can help to get better results multiple prospects have many more advantages and it would really help in future development.

    The topic which had the best discussion was Immigration: Divisive policies. It is so because it is a multinational topic and it was connected to thousands of people’s life. It helped us to think from many prospects and know about the situation of refugees and immigrants. It had the best discussion because, to give an opinion on this topic, you have to think from many prospects. To give an opinion you need to think and know, is your opinion biased, how would it affect the society, etc.

    The topic which was most complicated and controversial was Women in Media. It is such a controversial and complex topic because there are millions of opinions about gender equality and according to me this topic was too biased towards women, which is the possible reason for its complexity and being controversial.

    The topic which was most relevant to me and the society was Eco-anxiety. It is currently the most important topic/discussion worldwide. Our future depends on it, it we didn’t take any steps for it, this might result in the destruction of the humanity. Either, we take steps for it, or be ready to face the destruction.

  • I pick the topic eco-anxiety and i has learn many thing in it the news of eco-anxiety must be a little reduced , as countries like Germany has more than 50% people affected from it

  • The topic that I'm most passionate about is the Eco-anxiety. I liked how the topic Eco-Anxiety changed your point of view of the world by talking about pollution so you can change your ways of what you do. The topic that I believe had the best discussion is the AI topic. I enjoyed how the AI topic really explored the stuff that AI does and how it can change your life easily (it also talked about the risks of AI and how it is changing the world). A topic that was the most difficult for me is the Ecuador Prisons. I didn't understand this topic. A topic that was the most relevant to me and my community is the Women in Media. The Women in Media topic is the most relevant because it talks about the inequality of Women in Media.

  • Hi!
    I am most interested in AI. AI is very important and good topic for me. I am most passionate about AI and the future education.
    In my opinion I Think that AI and enhanced games had the best discussion. Business and politics are also good.
    I Think the most complicated topic was prison emergency in ecuador because we hadn't not much knowledge about it.
    The indian election is Most relevant to me and my whole community. We wanted to know more about election in India. That was good.
    Thank you.

  • For us, the topic that we felt the most passionate about was Eco-Anxiety and this was possibly the best discussed topic too. This is because it is so relevant to everyone all over the world and its effects and outcomes are obvious for all to see which leads to strong emotions over the inactivity of successive governments to act upon the requests of their people.
    talking about topics you my not fully understand are the most complicated to discuss as without knowledge, experience and understanding, it is not possible to have a rational and reasons discussion without people arguing over third party "facts" or "information"; in this case, "Prisons in Ecuador" was particularly complicated when factoring in justice, crime prevention and rehabilitation.
    For our community, "News near you" was easily the most relevant, but so is eco-anxiety if your locan news covers the effects of climate change!

  • I am most passionate about "news near topic" because there are various news that are constantly happening around us. Topical Talkers are from different parts of the world. So, there are different news that are happening around them. By engaging in "news near you" topic, we can know about what is happening at different parts of the world. For example : there is a hub discussion about animal rights. If we engage in the topic, we can know animal rights of different nations and can work to make our laws more fair.

    The topic that had the best discussion is "AI and the future of the world ". AI is a diverse topic that can vary from person to person. Everyone have different perspectives to see the world. AI has both positive and negative impact towards us. Some might think that AI is helpful for us and some moight

  • We think that the enhanced games was the most interesting to us because its such an unusual competition to take part in. We felt that opinions were very divided on the topic and felt that it provided a good platform for different points of view. We also felt that it was more relevant to younger people because it involves sport.

  • The Festival topic i am most passionate about is AI: education and the future of work because it interests me and makes me want to know more about AI technology (Artificial Intelligence technology).

    The Festival topic that has the best discussion for me is eco-anxiety because it tells us how this happens to people around us and how it impacts their lives. It was the best discussing topic for me in class.

    The Festival topic I have found more complicated is Business and politics : what could go wrong?
    because I only know a little information about this and i would find it complicated. Also, it was a little hard to understand as well.

    The festival topic that is most relevant to me and my community is Women in Media because everyone thinks that women had to do unpaid work and can't do things that mens can do, i think it is important for everyone to be equally treated so it will be fair.

  • The topic which I am most passionate about is 'Women In Media'. Having the opportunity to talk about such powerful topics is a great step to bring together many people with various views. Media has always been a wonderful tool to spread your ideas and influence poeple. It is one of th most important pillars of a nation. On the other hand, throughout the years, everybody haven't had the chance to share their opinions. Women finally have the platform to transform minds and write about themselves which people have been writing for them. Getting the chance to write comments and read comments has been exhilerating. I am extremely passionate about this topic because I was able to broaden my mindset as well as contribute by changing someone's perspective.

  • VR cameras are an amazing invention that no one talks about despite its progress and capabilities Which makes you feel as if you are in the game and entering an unreal reality You can do whatever you want, but it takes years and millions of dollars to make a movie in just five minutes but the meta verse His rights were not taken away It is more famous than him, but think about whether these glasses can replace phones in the near future

  • The topic I enjoyed the most was women in media and eco-anxiety. Eco-anxiety allowed me to know about climate change, and that we need to help the world to become a better place without: air pollution, toxic gases, rising temperatures and many more. Women in media spreads a message that everybody can be what they want to be, no matter about the race, gender and is important that we know we have to be kind to each other.

  • Good morning everyone my name is Crafty_lute from Micheal Faraday.
    In class we have been talking a lot about the enhanced games. We talked about the pros and cons and found that there is a lot more cons there, there is pros. Everyone was talking about how it might have side affects and because its drugs might even kill them. But I thought you guys need to look at the bigger picture. If you cheat your family will be disappointed in you and will just show that you cant win by being your true self. People love you because they see the real you they don't love you when you cover up your true self. Its like a beauty pageant they only love you because of all the make up but when you take it off you're a whole different person. So i guess that's why athletes do what they do. To be the model. Role model. So we do think it's bad but there's always a reason behind it. So don't judge before they take the make up off because its just fake. But either way its still bad i mean its drugs! I hope topical talkers are inspired by this. Thank you!

  • Since i live in the UK i think women in the media are not enough because as there are more male dominant sports like football and basketball to make this problem less of a problem we could mix sports so males and females play together on one big team after all we are all humans

  • Hi, the topic that I am interested about is the Ai because I was interesting to Know about Ai in the future and if there is a Robots teachers or not and which is better robots teacher or teachers and I made a standpoint about it and I saw that a lot of people what to know like me and in there opinion that teachers are better than Robots teacher but in my opinion if robots teacher with teachers is better.

    The Ai was the best decision to me because I took it in my class and it was easy to me to talk about it.

    The most complicated topic is women in media and I saw a lot of comments that says womens should do the home duties only and the most and blablabla.

    relevant topic to my community is the women in the also for the same reason for the most complicated topic.

  • Hello
    My opinion is that robots are not the best humans because robots do not understand. He just takes the order and executes it. Unlike a human, if you do something wrong, he will stop you. But robots will help you.

    Secondly, there are applications made using artificial intelligence that have a negative impact. Some of them require things such as theft, and this is a crime against society. Some children want to search, and some programs hack phones and violate privacy. This is not to distract students from their studies, and artificial intelligence is also subject to duties such as helping people.

    Thirdly He works a lot and helps in the buying and selling process and other duties, and this was my opinion

  • Hi
    Today me and my younger brother discussed about eco anxiety .Eco-anxiety refers to persistent worries about the future of Earth and the life it shelters. Related terms — “climate change distress,” “eco-trauma,” “eco-angst,” and “ecological grief,” to name a few — acknowledge that this concern often involves symptoms beyond those of anxiety alone. This disease can cause paralisys also

  • The topic that is most relevant to me and my community is " eco anxiety ". Eco anxiety is a feeling of climate change. It differs from person to person. The climate is changing all over the world. Every country is facing its impact especially countries like Bangladesh. Deforestation means cutting down trees at large numbers. Bangladesh is a small country with its large population. She doesn’t have enough land in proportion to her population. So, we have to cut down trees for accommodation. But there are some greedy people who cut trees to earn money. Deforestation is the main reason behind Bangladesh's climate change. Bangladesh is known to have six seasons in a year but nowadays it feels like 3 or 4 seasons. It is happening because of the rising temperature. Bangladesh is greatly affected by climate change. Temperature is increasing indiscriminately. Bangladesh's weather is becoming hotter than ever. Bangladesh is also known as the " land of rivers ". But rivers in Bangladesh are drying up. Also, the southern part of Bangladesh will sink under sea because of the rising temperature. If it keeps going like this one day some part of Bangladesh will turn into dessert and some part will sink under water. There will be not enough rain. Eventually, the economy will breakdown as Bangladesh's economy is dependent on agriculture. Without having enough land and water, we cannot produce food. As a result, there will be great chaos.

  • I think the most useful lesson we did as a class was eco-anxiety because it happens on a daily basis in my local area. In the summer months our land gets dry and parched and in winter our ground becomes wet and many houses are at risk of flooding. This lesson made me reflect deeper on the severity of this ongoing problem.

  • I enjoyed about the women in media . It made me realise how important are the roles of women in the society their rights and i also enjoyed the topic of business and politics like how people started involving their business in the political world and disrupted the human condition

  • I am the most passionate about the disussion 'AI and the education of work' because it really made me think abput what profession I should persue. Or what will be the demand in terms of occupation after 9-10 years. Because of this reason I really liked the way everyone on the team explained the topic and made us think.

    The topic 'The enhanced games' had the best discussion because there were so many different reasons to "if enhanced gamings was a right decision or not". I believe this topic was the most debatable of all.

    I think the most complicated topic for me is the politics one. Because due to some reasons many children in India are not well aware about the politics. And when this topic came into discussion it came out a little complicated for me.

    The topic most relevent to me might be the eco anxiety. Because i was quite tensed about the environment too. But with the help of all the discussions and debate I have came to know that there are many people who are working towards it and that made me feel amazing.

  • I really enjoyed The Enhanced Games most and I am most passionate about it. I also think that it brought up a big discussion because different people have lots of different points of view. People have expressed their feelings freely in the discussion, based on what they think. Lots of people have also opened up more ideas and suggested something interesting. Additionally, I think that sport is a popular event that lots of people are passionate about so it caught a lot of people's attention.

  • The topic that I'm most passionate about is the Enhanced Games as it interests me what other people think of it and whether they think it's fair or not. We have had many great discussions and opinions on what they think . It is evident that many feel strongly about this topic due to having a high interest in sport and competitions.

  • I most enjoyed The Enhanced Games topic as there is so much to discuss especially from different perspectives. A huge worry for the Enhanced Games is the drugs and health problems that might occur from them. What if while making these drugs they were not tested properly it could create massive problems. Another thing about the Enhanced Games is that richer countries will be able to access more drugs than others which could give them an advantage making the games unfair.

  • The topic that I'm most passionate about is Business and Politics. Today we live in a world where business and politics are connected with each other. The relation between this two realms helps us in shaping our society. I get know how business and politics can have a better understanding. When businesses give any statement about political matter what can happen to that brand or political party. What role does brand play in political matters.

    The topic that is most complicated is "prisons emergency in Ecuador ". It is a topic that is new to me. I didn’t know about the emergency of Ecuador before that. There was a hub discussion about what is most important in prison? Is it safety or security or rehabilitation or punishment? It is complex issue to answer because all of these are needed to make a prison better.

  • I am really passionate to talk about the topic of AI as this is the thing we people have to face ahead in our life . Its nothing that will harm us. But is going to change the world it is helpful to human beings because it will make their work easy and in less time but it will not emotions like human being.

  • I'm passionate about various Festival topics, but I particularly enjoy discussions about sustainability and environmental conservation. These topics often lead to innovative solutions and inspire positive action.

    It's challenging to determine which Festival topic had the best discussion since each topic brings its own unique insights and perspectives. However, discussions around mental health and well-being tend to resonate deeply with many people and generate valuable discourse.

    The most complicated Festival topic could vary depending on individual perspectives, but discussions on global economic inequality and systemic injustice often involve complex factors and require nuanced understanding to address effectively.

    The Festival topic most relevant to me and my community would likely be technology and its impact on society. This topic affects us all in numerous ways, from the way we communicate and work to how we access information and engage with the world around us.

  • I would to answer the questions 1-2 , these questions interest me the most.

    1.) Which festival topic are you most passionate about ?
    The festival topic that I was most passionate about was the Womens Day topic, I was most passionate about this topic because since I am a young woman . I would like to celebrate all the other woman who put their lives on the line just that I could vote or that I could have a voice . So this topic does make me passionate and i'm glad that Topical Talks made a discussion about women having a special day .

  • The topic that most interested me would have been AI: education and the future of work because I really do deeply care about our future and what's to come and If I were to put what would most likely be commonly seen in the next 10 more years it would probably be AI.

    The topic in which had the best discussion in my school would have probably been "The Enhanced Games: Is doping fair?" because many of my peers were fascinated in how drugs were allowed in an athletic environment and also many of the students were arguing whether or not it was fair and factual.

    That Festival Topic that I feel was the most complicated would have been Prisons: emergency in Ecuador because outside of this website we had to do a project on this and we had to connect the dots in solving the case and stuff so I feel like that was very difficult also considering how this is about a real prison system its really hard for me to understand.

    The Festival Topic that I feel is more relevant to my community would have been the AI media because everywhere I go in town some of the fast food restaurants have AI controlled drive through systems so instead of talking to a person you would be ordering through a robot.

  • The festival topic I am most passionate about is AI: education and work because Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing how we learn and work in exciting ways. I think talking about AI is very fun, AI makes our work doing easier and faster. AI's depiction, real-world impact, and the possibilities it holds for shaping our collective future. Because of AI we have done many progress in human civilization.