Meet our Skills volunteers!

The Topical Talk Festival has a whole team of people working behind the scenes, including some amazing volunteers.

Topical Talk volunteers are professionals who specialise in things like law, finance and business. They have to use critical-thinking and communication skills in their work and will help you to work on your skills during the Festival!

Over the next few weeks they’ll help you to develop your ideas, by responding to your comments, giving you feedback and asking you questions.

Here’s a little bit of information about the companies that our volunteers work for.


PA Consulting:

PA Consulting is a global team of strategists, innovators, designers, consultants, scientists, engineers, digital experts and technologists. They believe in the power of ingenuity to build a positive human future.

They are experts on news stories about science, engineering, technology and mathematics.


Clifford Chance:

Clifford Chance is one of the world's leading law firms, with more than 30 offices in 24 countries, and over 6,500 employees globally.

They are experts in the law.



KPMG in the UK is part of a global network that offers legal, financial and technology services. They bring creativity, insight and experience to solve their clients’ and communities’ biggest problems.

They are experts at unpicking and understanding the numbers in the news.


The Economist Group:

The Economist Group is a global media and information-services company. The Economist newspaper is known around the world for reliable information and forward-thinking journalists.

Economist experts will help you to understand the most important news stories of our time.

Comments (18)

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  • The economists do a good job in distribution of reliable newspapers red by everyone and also trusted by everyone around the world and this is what excites me much about them. When people are buying newspapers , they are sure of not receiving fake news and are liable to having facts and true stories about things you want to hear happening. I would like to work there because I like the job and I want to create trust in the mind of readers about something . Thank you.

    1. I agree because the Economist's newspaper is trustworthy. They provide accurate information by researching their news stories. Even when reporting on negative events, they highlight the positive aspects. This makes the news more balanced and reliable. It's important to have sources we can trust, and the Economists to be one of them. They should keep up the good work on making us staying informed with true news stories.

  • Artificial intelligence is the science of making machines that can think like humans. It can do things that are considered "smart." AI technology can process large amounts of data in ways, unlike humans. The goal for AI is to be able to do things such as recognize patterns, make decisions, and judge like humans

    1. I agree with you . AS my opinion A.I is a machines that don't have emotion and feelings . It can do things that are considered "smart." AI technology can process large amounts of data in ways, unlike humans . A.I is invented by Alan Turing . AND john McCarthy named it A.I . these technologies not only save time, but also potentially save lives by minimizing human error and ensuring a safer working environment. AI is being used in a wide variety of industries today, including: Healthcare: It is being used to develop new drugs and treatments, diagnose diseases, and provide personalized care. I think A.I is so useful .

      1. I disagree because AI’s lack of emotions and feelings should be considered , as they may not have feelings or forgiveness for a child who is injured.Humans were the one’s who created AI’s.

  • All the volunteers of topical talk excites me and their work they are doing a very great job.
    Among them, KPMG turns out for me due to its involvement in legal services. I have always wanted to become a lawyer, I believe that working with KPMG will bring out the best in me. The experience promises exposure to diverse aspect of the field guiding me towards becoming a more proficient lawyer.

  • Hello to all the skills volunteers,
    What I have to say is that your work is exceptional, you have created a platform where people not only interact but also learn and get encouraged by the rewards (stars and standpoints) which you give those who have a point to say. You take your time to judge whether or not a comment is worthy of approval. You have also created a way for people from all over the world to communicate with each other and share their opinions and views about different topics of choice.
    If I had a choice, I would choose to work at the Economist Group because I love solving problems and informing those around me news happening all over the place.
    Topical talking has been a very nice experience for me because I have been able to get different answers from different people. Professional topical talking is a very exciting job and I think it is mainly for those who possess problem solving skills.

    -At PA consulting you need to be informed about news stories about science, engineering, technology and mathematics.
    -At Clifford Chance you need to be a law maker.
    -At KPMG UK you need to be a huge problem solver.
    -At The Economist Group you need to understand what is happening around you.

    I really admire the work and effort put in by these skill volunteers and wish to be there one day.
    Thank you.

    1. I agree because, I have also seen and noticed all their efforts of bringing people from different parts of the world together with a single discussion which, I feel it will lead to peace between us. It has given room for many individuals to be able to be creative in their thoughts and imaginations. This platform helps train children to be problem solvers in the nearest future, and they have helped me a lot in development in terms of intellectual and confidence.

    2. Thank you for your thoughtful appreciation! It's great to hear that you value the diverse skills and contributions of volunteers on this platform. Pursuing a career aligned with your interests, such as at The Economist Group, sounds like a fantastic goal. Keep exploring and learning—wishing you success in your endeavors!

  • Hello, the scale volunteer that intrigues me the most is at pa consulting, as I aspire to become a software engineer dedicated to creating AI and applications that benefit both humans and animals. PA consulting shares this interest, making it an ideal fit for my goals. I believe that problem solving is a crucial skill for employees at PA consulting, giving their commitment to addressing global challenges and shaping a positive human future. Enhancing my problem solving abilities will contribute to their mission of tackling the diverse problems humanity face.

    1. I agree because... I to have the same future ambition as you, so of course I also want to use the skills I will gain to help people and solve humanity problems in the world as the PA consulting also have as their goal
      Thanks 👍

  • Personally, I would love to work with PA consulting, I’ve always been curious about how engineers, designers and technologists work their magic into producing new ideas and technologies, innovations using unique strategies to provide solutions to problems. I’ll be the luckiest to explore more about science and technology and having the chance to explore new ideas and collaborate with brilliant minds to contribute to the development of technologies and innovations I admire how they make use of initiatives, creativity and problem solving skills to connect ideas and create solutions to problems.

  • I would like to thank volunteers for their efforts and I would also like to tell them that their work benefits the students. Personally, I would like to work in field of law to combat corruption, which is increasing day by day. And this is something that makes me happy just while thinking that I might help many people .

  • All the volunteers are doing very good. Among them are PA consulting : a global team of strategists, consultants and more. They pick my interest because of their believe in the power of ingenuity to build a positive human future. I am interested in science as a subject because it helps me to know more about the mystery behind human creation. And I also believe in a positive human future.

    1. I agree with your comment mindblowing_library, because I find that the volunteers are very active and give good feedback and continue the conversation further extending the topic. Also I am interested in topics such as you mentioned munan creation and the study of humans for a positive outcome.

  • Excited about the volunteers in Clifford Chance. They are all over the world with professionals working with them. What really grabs my attention is how they are all about solving problems. In law, solving problems means understanding what is going on, thinking about different interests, figuring out why things happen, and coming up with solutions. I think problem solving is what I law you like Clifford Chance is all about.

  • I would like to work at the Economics Group , so that I will be able to give reliable information to many people who require such . I will start by saying that speaking is a necessary skill required to pass out information . It is simply conveying one's feelings through speech . Listening is the ability to take note of an act on what someone has to say . Creativity will also be required as a skill to enhance how interesting a particular topic may be . All these skills stated will be required of anyone who hopes to be in the economics group . I hope to be in the Economist Group soon !


  • Hey there! While I was reading the above information about each company, KMPG caught my attention. So, I'd mostly like to work at KMPG in the UK as there are several reasons why it could be a great choice according to me. First, they are part of a global network, which means you'll have access to a wide range of resources, expertise, and opportunities for growth. Second, KPMG is known for their creativity, insight, and experience in solving complex problems, so you'll have the chance to work on challenging projects that can make a real impact. Additionally, KPMG offers a variety of services like legal, financial, and technology solutions, so you can explore different areas and find your passion. Overall, working at KPMG can provide you with a dynamic and rewarding career with the opportunity to contribute to the success of clients and communities.

    As we all know our respected topical talkers use speaking, listening, creativity and problem-solving in their work. These are the most important skills for employees at each company. From what I understand, Topical Talk experts likely use speaking to effectively communicate their insights and ideas to their audience. Listening is important for understanding the needs and interests of their listeners. Creativity is likely utilized to come up with engaging and innovative ways to present information. Problem-solving skills might be valuable for addressing challenges that arise during their work.As for the most important skill for employees at each company mentioned above, it can vary depending on the nature of their work. At The Economist Group, strong speaking and writing skills would likely be crucial for effectively conveying complex information. At KPMG in the UK, problem-solving skills might be highly valued for finding solutions to clients' challenges. Pa Consulting might prioritize creativity for developing innovative strategies and solutions. Clifford Chance, being a law firm, might emphasize strong speaking and listening skills for effective communication with clients and colleagues.
    Thanks for your time!

  • The volunteers, specializing in finance and business, are highly engaging and critical thinkers. They offer new ideas, ask questions, respond to comments, and we make researches to learn from the opinions of others. Their involvement can significantly impact the stundents and contribute to the overall learning process.
    My dream job would be in PA consulting. I want to make new things, which is why I want to become an inventor. My goal is to come up with fresh answers to environmental issues. Thus, our subject talk specialists use speaking to respond to our remarks by making a statement or posing a question. When we leave a remark, they read it because they are listening. Additionally, by reading our remarks, they can also be creative and solve problems.

  • It's exciting to see volunteers contributing their time and skills to make a positive impact. When considering companies, it depends on your field of interest, but factors like a positive work culture and alignment with personal values are crucial. Topical Talk experts likely rely on strong communication skills, active listening, creative thinking, and problem-solving. The importance of each skill may vary between companies, but a well-rounded set of these abilities is generally valuable in any workplace.

  • I am most excited about the group PA Consulting. My favorite subject is Science, specifically Chemistry. When I grow up, I want to become an Engineer, and I have high hopes for the future. Therefore, I would love to work at PA Consulting. These are the skills that are crucial for each group: PA Consulting - Math and Science, Clifford Chance - Law, KPMG UK - Economy and a little Engineering, The Economist Group - Reading Comprehension and Writing. I would like to give a shoutout to all of these groups for their support towards the community. Have a good day!

  • I believe that all the topical talk festival's volunteers from PA Consulting, Clifford Chance, KPMG UK, and The Economist are great because they have many groups that offer diverse expertise in science, law, finance, and media. Choosing a company to work at depends on individual interests. Skills like effective communication, legal acumen, analytical abilities, and a global perspective are crucial across these sectors are good skills to learn and I find them interesting and useful. Overall the volunteers in the topical talk festival are very useful.

  • I am really thankful for taking part for the first time in the Topical Festival and their volunteers. A big applause also for the Economist Group for suggesting so many different discussion topics, some of them made me think deeply.
    I think that all the skills are equally needed for experts at their work. Each of them helps them to think, analyze, respect and be polite.
    They are very important skills and I hope someday to improve all of them.

    1. I concur; the expert in this hub has undoubtedly done a fantastic job for this competition. Do you know how I feel? They make us feel like we are their students, asking questions and awarding stars according to our contributions. Because they are our professors, we must show them respect and gratitude in various ways

  • Hello topical talkers .I am here to talk about the work of the economist group. The economist Group specialists in international business and world affairs information. The economist also create content and products in digital and prin formats.some research about the economic issues related to education. The labour force. International trade and other topics.

  • The volunteers that excite me the most is "The Clifford Chance". The Clifford Chance is a British law firm and also a member of the ''Magic Circle''. They are one of the world's largest law firms and I really love this because they have to deal with major problems faced by people in their everyday lives so they know the problems in society. This is a firm I would love to work at because I've always loved fighting for the rights of people being maltreated and also seeking for their justice and working in one of the world's largest law firms would really be a great arena to fight for justice.