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My final score is 8, and I am happy with that. Artificial Intelligence has been used for years... Test your knowledge 10/5/23
I think there should be a hub discussion post about " Space Technology : Boon or Curse " because... Suggest a discussion 28/4/23
I agree because the monarchy form of government has become oligarchic in character. Every... Suggest a discussion! 28/4/23
If Monarchy was banned all over the world, the people of a country will have a more fair and... Suggest a discussion! 26/4/23
In this quiz I had scored 10 points. In this quiz I learnt about the rule and power of... Test your knowledge 25/4/23
I think that we should strike to meet the needs of the workers by some other methods such as... Strikes poll results! 24/4/23
The Government, the business organisations and the workers should cooperate to ensure a work... Working conditions 21/4/23
Now a days the employees are very well informed about their rights and obligations while getting... Can everyone strike? 21/4/23
In this quiz I had scored 9 points, but I learnt some information about this new technology. I... Test your knowledge 17/4/23
In this quiz I have got only 6 points, but I learnt a lot of things from this quiz. The United... Test your knowledge! 14/4/23
I think there should be a Hub discussion post about " Cyber security and Climate change "... Suggest a discussion 14/4/23
Climate change is the most affected issue of the world, and it has become worse in the last few... Climate change in your country 11/4/23