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A new topic means a new chance to test your knowledge of the news!

This short quiz is a good chance to recap what you learnt in class if you did the King’s Coronation lesson. Don’t worry if you didn’t – you can also use this quiz as an opportunity to learn.

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  • hi
    I get 9 in the test
    I enjoyed learning and knowing new expressions related to our new topic which is different from government affairs based on elections here in Palestine .

  • I got 10, but I got a treasure trove of amazing information that I loved, such as that not all kings are evil, when the Queen of Denmark deprived her grandson of the royal family so that he could enjoy his life, and when Prince Harry resigned from power for the sake of the kingdom and the family, and that 43 countries are still under the rule of the royal family and Kings is a person who is a member of the royal family, such as the king and queen, and that every individual in the palace has tasks, duties, and other information that is invaluable.

    1. I think that that was a very good thing for the Queen of Denmark to do, very mature. Sometimes I do feel bad for celebrities or well-known people because they privacy is invaded a lot. This was definitly the right thing for her to do.

  • Hi ,
    I'm a little sad because we got eight and I didn't get a perfect score, but I'm really very happy because I got very important values and information in my life.

    1. Indeed, we have obtained a large amount of tremendous information, and this is our pride, but we will strive more to obtain more degrees and excellence🙂

  • I got 8 points, but new information of this extent can make me a person who knows a lot about kings and queens. I got to know a queen through this information. I knew about the Queen of Denmark, and I knew the original reason for the escape of Prince Harry and Megan Markle from the family. I think that Prince Harry returned and became a prince Once again, if the future king, after King Charles, will be a prince beloved by all Britons

  • I scored 9 in the quiz above and I learned alot

    1. I got a 6 well done for knowing things about england

  • I got an 8. I am happy, not sad, but I was hoping to get a 10. I want to know what I did wrong so I can go back and read. It was a very nice experience. It taught me a lot about our subject. I did not care about the subject of kings, but this test changed everything. This test made it clear to me that the royal family is not Tolerant, but very strong, even over family members, and making a decision may change your life if you are one of them. I think we must repeat this test, but there is a question: Can the royal family make any decision without consulting the people?

  • In this quiz I had scored 10 points.
    In this quiz I learnt about the rule and power of Monarchy. The Queen of Denmark had removed his grandson from power so that he could enjoy his life. This shows that we should give others the freedom to decide what to become in their life. I heard a fact about British Monarch that two royal heirs are not allowed to travel in the same plane,because they need anyone of them to restore their rule and power.

  • We have learned through the electronic lesson that monarchy is a political system and a form of government in which the person is the head of the state, and it is considered the most widespread form of government.
    We can call kings many titles such as. King, Queen, Emperor, Khan, Sultan, Shah...
    About 45 countries in the world have kings, but they exercise political power that unites them or does not exist according to the constitution.
    The monarchy emerged as a system of government in the year 2020. This was due to the efficiency in managing a large number of the population..

  • I have got 8 points.
    The most thing that astonished me is the number of the countries which lead royalty system. I thought that the number is less than that. I knew that most of the Kingdoms got rid of royalty system

  • I scored a 10 in the quiz.
    Not all royals are royalties. It is surprising that some royals are not interested in being royalties. They prefer their freedom instead on living under monarchy.
    The queen of Denmark officially stripped some of her grandchildren of their tittles of prince and princesses to give them more freedom to live their lives away from monarchy.
    Also in January 2020, Prince Harry and his wife Megan decided to step back from the British royal family because they felt there was racism and they wanted to be free from hostile media.

  • Hello :)
    I got 9/10 in the quiz.
    and I picked up new information.

  • With my knowledge I got 9 score in the typeform. And this quiz gave my some knowledge about the monarchy of some countries. Like Charles, Elizabeth, about them I have not at all studied in my book but I only got informations with this quiz. Thank you for giving us the quiz and giving knowledge about the unknown.

  • I sored a 10 in the quiz.

    I was surprised to know that King Charles III is now the head of common wealth because i taught he was only a Monarch to Britain. After our discussion in class, i made a little research and got more information about the common wealth.

    With a few exceptions (such as Myanmar, formerly known as Burma), the newly independent countries joined the Commonwealth and recognized King George VI and, following his death, Queen Elizabeth II, as Head of the Commonwealth. King Charles III is now Head of the Commonwealth.

    The 14 realms are Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, The Bahamas, Belize, Canada, Grenada, Jamaica, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Solomon Islands, and Tuvalu.14 Sept 2022

    Charles has now become head of the Commonwealth, an association of 56 independent countries and 2.5 billion people. For 14 of these countries, as well as the UK, the King is head of state.

  • I got nine degrees, and I am really proud of myself because I believe that the more I read and go deeper, the more I benefit and the more I want more information. I learned this week about the truth about monarchy, as it can be beautiful if the ruler is just and able to run the state

  • I got 7, but I'm not sad, but I always have a feeling. Why 7? Not 10, but this is not the end, and I will be better 😀 next time, and as we know that failure or getting the thing you do not want is not failure, but rather failure when you continue in it, and I will read about this topic and I think if I add, but the next time the leaders how we see our mistakes will be better because I want to change Wrong to right, and take this advice from me, comrades. Failure is the best starting point to achieve a better result, not to be discouraged, and here I do not mean failure in all its meanings, but I mean support. Thank you.

  • In the test i scored 8. Actually I am not that disappointed because I myself was shocked with what i could achieve just on being attentive with what is going on in all the discussions in this programme and also not depending only on that but also doing my own personal research and allowing my mind to broaden on this topic , and taking the test I learnt so much about this particular topic which increased my knowledge and allowed me to know further of the system of monarchy beyond my knowledge.

  • I scored 7 points, through which I learned that the ruling family bears a great responsibility she is great, and sometimes from the pressure she faces, she withdraws from the ruling family and I learned that ownership means a family in which a group of individuals belong to the king and that the coronation takes place by placing the crown on the head of the king and celebrating it  the king's role in governance is greater than that of the rest of the royal family

  • I scored 10 and one of the information that surprised me the most is that there are laws that are imposed on the Monarchy family , and they are compulsory laws that the Monarchy family must abide by.But why was I surprised by this information, because I thought that the royal family enjoyed luxury and freedom in everything.

  • I got 10 points and I am really happy with the huge amount of information that I got and I am very grateful to yo

  • I sored a 10 in the quiz.

    Charles has now become head of the Commonwealth, an association of 56 independent countries and 2.5 billion people. For 14 of these countries, as well as the UK, the King is head of state.

    With a few exceptions (such as Myanmar, formerly known as Burma), the newly independent countries joined the Commonwealth and recognized King George VI and, following his death, Queen Elizabeth II, as Head of the Commonwealth. King Charles III is now Head of the Commonwealth.

  • Hi guys
    I got 8 and I think royals are doing a good job.
    They always keep their responsibilities in mind.

    The King
    The King has to keep his people safe and his kingdom peaceful.
    He has to provide happiness and welfare for the people.
    He has to administer justice.
    He has to act with integrity, kindness and self-sacrifice himself for the sake of his people.

    The Queen
    To mix political ceremonial and symbolic functions.

    The prince
    To ensure the sovereignty of his state and the welfare of his people.

    The princess
    To represent the royal family.

  • I scored a 10, I also learned about the royal family, including the fact that 14 additional commonwealth states will be ruled by King Charles iii after the passing of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II on September 8, 2022. also that 43 countries are still being ruled monarchies.
    The late Queen Elizabeth ii declared that declared that Prince Harry and his wife Meghan will not be able rejoining the royal Family since they decided to earn their independence after their experience with the media caused them to withdraw from the royal Family.

  • I got a 9 in the test.
    I really enjoyed refreshing the knowledge that i have of royalty and gaining new infornmation.
    I learnt new things, even on the topics that I knew! For example, how there are 43 countries that still have kings and queens.

  • After my initial attempt, I received a 9, and after fixing my mistake, I received a 10. I learnt so much about the royal family including:
    *King Charles III is the King of 14 commonwealth countries.
    *On 30th November 2021, the government in Barbados decided to remove Queen Elizabeth II as their head of state.
    *The Queen of Denmark officially stripped her grandchildren of their titles in order to let them live freely in the future.
    The information I learnt that and found most surprising is the fact that King Charles III is the King of 14 commonwealth countries because I didn't think it was possible to rule over all those countries at once.

  • I got a 9 on the quiz. I learned from the lesson three things:
    Some states still use monarchies, despite most of the world being democratic.
    A commonwealth is a collection of countries tied together by their colonization by one major world power.
    Some royals can be stripped of their power by themselves or by other royals.

  • I scored a 10, and learned that sometimes, a royal can be stripped off their power by another.

  • got 8. It is not bad. It is a good result for someone who does not follow the news of kings much, but I learned a lot about kings through our topic and the comments of my colleagues from different countries on this topic. Their ideas are very wonderful. I thank them for that anyway. I got to know the events of royal life in some countries and I knew The role of the king towards his people, and I knew what are the important key words that should be in the royal family or the king, and I knew their definition, and I believe that the most important in these words are justice, equality, fairness, state, and history. Thank you.

  • Although royal powers are wide-ranging and parliamentary approval is not formally required to exercise them, they are limited. “The king cannot invent new privileges.” For example, the king cannot impose and collect new taxes; Such action requires authorization by an Act of Parliament. According to a parliamentary report, parliament can override any privileged power by passing legislation.

  • Hi
    I got 6 in the test
    I really enjoyed the test
    I discovered new things

  • In this test I scored a "10" I enjoyed this test, It was worth the time. I realized not all royals are bad and even royals want the chance to live a normal life. Away from the drama, news, and restricting rules of the royal life. like prince Harry and Meghan Markle who left the royal family in 2020. This proves that being a royal can be stressful and associated with a lot of criticism not being able to meet up with the expectation of people who look up to you most times we don't get to view things from the side of the royals how they feel or how they view the world being ordained with the responsibility/ challenge of ruling someday since birth. This test really opened my eyes to a new view a new understanding of liberty and some choices/ sacrifice people make for peace and freedom. While some people may see it as mistakes or foolishness, they see it as new life away from all the criteria of being perfect or role models to their people.

  • I scored 7 in the quiz I just learnt that King Charles III was the ruler of 14 common wealth countries ,The Queen of Denmark striped the position of the prince to live a free life and enjoy it.

  • I got 10.
    i enjoyed all the time i spent on it, it also improved my intelligence on the royals and i also think the queen of denmark made a great decision by depriving her grandchildren from their titles because of all the opposition they were going face in the future and also prevent them from the pressures of public life.

  • What amazed me is that despite the status of great kings, their freedom is restricted, they move by orders and instructions, and they do not live in absolute freedom like the rest of the people, and that they do not wish for the life of kings, and they wish to live a life like the rest of the people, so that they move freely and are not bound by the rules and laws of ownership

  • I got 9 marks in this test and that is good for me because I am not good at politics
    Whatever it is, according to the question "Which piece of information is the most surprising? And why?"
    I think that the most surprising piece of information I searched for was the truth about why Harry, Megan, and other members of the royal family rejected the media, and I discovered after that that the reason is that they want to live a normal life or have some privacy.
    In my opinion, the media should provide some privacy for them so that they can live in safety, and that publishing everything about their lives in detail may endanger them, and that every family in the world, whether famous, wealthy, ordinary or of high status, has things and family matters that want to keep them private.

  • Hello
    I got 11 out of 11
    Learning about the King is amazing I hope we can do more activities like this more often

  • I scored a 9 on the quiz. I learned about the good and bad about royalty, and what it symbolises. I also learned about King Charles' coronation, and how it will start a new era for the royal family, the UK and its Commonwealth.

  • I got a 9 and I learnt that monarchies are different in every country. For instance talking about the royal family in Thailand can lead to 28 years in prison. The one with the most popularity seems to be the British monarchy that has colonialism ties to many countries. It is stated that many see the monarchy today as something we do not need. Overall monarchies can be described using a number of different words from their history to their idea of equality.

  • My final score was a 9, what i found most interesting was that Barbados got rid of the monarchy as a political figure.

  • I had got a score of 7, and the thing I learnt is that the Queen of Denmark had stop her kids or grandkids from being queen or king to let them have a normal life.

  • I loved this test because it taught me new things about the king that I never learnt before.
    And I got 8 on the test.

  • I got 7 its nice to learn new things!

  • Hi
    I got 10 on the test.

  • I got a nine in the test and that surprised me since i didn't think i knew that much about the royal family

  • Hi
    I got 6 on the quiz.
    I enjoyed learning about the royal family and testing my current knowledge on it.

  • I got an 8 in the quiz.It's not a bad score but I could of get a bit higher so I will try again to get a higher score.

  • Hello i got 8 on this test and didn't find it as hard as i expected it to be :)

  • I Got 8
    This was a very fun quiz to take and test my knowledge.

  • i bought 7
    I don't know how to print the questions but I congratulate myself

  • I got 8,
    I realized not all royals are bad and even royals want the chance to live a normal life.
    It is because, like anyone else, they may desire to live a normal life and have personal freedoms and opportunities outside of their royal duties and responsibilities. However, the question of whether a country should have a royal family is not just about the personal desires and circumstances of individual royals.
    The role of a royal family goes beyond the personal interests and preferences of its members. A royal family represents a particular system of governance, and its continued existence can have broader implications for society as a whole. As such, the decision about whether to maintain a royal family should be made based on a consideration of the benefits and drawbacks of the system, rather than the individual desires of the royals themselves.

    Moreover, while it is true that some royals may wish to live a more "normal" life, it is also important to recognize that they have been born into a position of privilege and power that is not accessible to the majority of people. The existence of a royal family perpetuates a system that is based on inherited wealth and status, which can be seen as contrary to the principles of equality and meritocracy that are important in a democratic society.
    So basically in conclusion the test was very helpful because it made me to understand that not all royals are bad and at the same time royals want to live in privacy.

  • I scored 9 in this test, I am happy with my results because I like the royal family and I think that they are very respectful people and they do a lot for their country. They also are very good to other countries. They colonised 15 Commonwealth realms which they have power over

  • In the test I scored 8, I learned that the queen on Denmark took away her grandchildren’s name as “prince and princess” as to have more freedom.

  • It's a great test, because I didn't know that 46 countries live in a monarchy, what a fun mother
    Well, I watched the coronation ceremony of King Charles III on TV, how was the ceremony, in the presence of important people, heads and kings of countries, bachelors, singers, adornments, and putting the crown on the king's head? Is this interesting?
    I learned from the test how Wau erased some kings who tried to hide the names of their children from the royal family so that this would not negatively affect their future.
    And the royal family has great popularity in connection with the royal tree

  • I received a ten. I believe that royalty should remain in our society. Royalty should continue to play a role in the modern world. The coronation of King Charles on Saturday was truly spectacular. It was lovely and beautiful in every way. I like how different people and religious leaders from various walks of life were invited and given roles in the coronation. Despite the debate over whether royalty should be retained in the modern world, it was clear that a large majority of people still love and respect the royal family, as evidenced by the large crowds that gathered and the people who watched online not only in Britain but around the world.

  • My score in the comment below was six.

  • I got a 7, because royalty and all that it entails demonstrate the beauty of any land and people. Learning about royalty provides us with a glimpse into the past and the origins of great monarchies. I know some people don't want royalty anymore because they see some elements of discord and disagreement in royal families and conclude that we should put a stop to it. For me, royalty is good for business, especially when they support a brand or a cause. For example, Princess Catherine has been said to like and wear Zara outfits frequently because she likes to be able to relate to her subjects.

  • I received a 9 and believe that royalty has both advantages and disadvantages. One interesting fact is that the Queen of Denmark officially stripped her grandchildren of their titles because she wanted them to be free of social pressure so they could move freely. Remember what the paparazzi did to the late Princess Diana? The paparazzi simply will not allow royals to enjoy their family's free time.

  • I got a score of 9. One piece of information that is most surprising is "On 30th November 2021, the government in Barbados decided to remove Queen Elizabeth II as their head of state. The decision was made to gain full independence and to symbolise cutting ties with being a colonised and enslaved country in the past." I'm wondering why it took them this long to realise that they had to do this, but again we can't but acknowledge what the British must have done for them based on the history and development of the country.

    1. You say that it took them a long time to realise they had to cut ties with their colonial past. Can you think of reasons why this process might take a long time or be difficult?

  • I got a 10. It is great learning about coronation and royalty. I believe it is important for young people to learn about the news because news teaches and helps people get informed on what is going on worldwide. It gives current and historical information to school children and adults. Since history is used as a subject of study in most schools, this can increase people's knowledge and education. According to George Washington, "Education is the key to the golden door of freedom"
    The last coronation before that of Prince Charles the 3rd was that of Queen Elizabeth in 1953, unlike this one where the queen consort was crowned, I noticed that the husband of the queen was not crowned. The crowning of King Charles the 3rd and the queen consort was really beautiful to behold and also a good time for us to reflect on the late Queen Elizabeth and her legacy and hope the reign of King Charles will bring more development and peace. Learning about royalty is to me is fantastic and I have greatly benefited from it.

  • Got a 10. What are the benefits and drawbacks of modern royalty? There are always two sides to every situation. A lovely side and most frequently than not a terrible side. Because they are hereditary and reduce political division, monarchies are frequently regarded as the most stable form of government. Leaders are trained from birth to become leaders so they have a certain outlook on life and know how to react to situations. Some minus, monarchies can expect minors to act as their nation's head of state, there is no assurance of ability coming from the administration lastly, monarchies make class based social orders.