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In my opinion its bad to replace the real adults on hub to Ai bots, As the real adults are more... AI bots on the Hub? 02/2/24
I am very exited to see how Ai will be used in the future. In my opinion Ai can really be... An interview with Raman Rai 29/1/24
I agree, I too voted to let people know only bad news as I think that it us better for people to... Too much negative news? 26/1/24
I also feel the very same. We are not ment to take Ai as threat, Ai are created by us humans and... People v robots 26/1/24
I totally agree with you as Ai has been a really great invention. Did you know? It has even... Jobs of the future 26/1/24
I agree, now a days Ai has been a great help and it is exiting to think about what might come... An interview with Raman Rai 25/1/24
I also got to know it and u bringing that up and motivating people to never give up is really... Competition #1 winners 24/1/24
I agree to your opinion, I also think the very same way. AI lacking the ability to offer emotion... Will schools exist in future? 24/1/24
I completely agree with option C “School is not just about learning information. It’s important... Will schools exist in future? 24/1/24
So the AI- Artificial intelligence that we know today is getting more popular and smarter... Jobs of the future 24/1/24
I completely agree to your opinion, Every thing that you said is great. The part about self... Will schools exist in future? 23/1/24