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29 January 2024

Welcome to the first competition of Festival 2024! Every Monday we’ll open a new competition and every Friday we'll announce the winners. If you win, you’ll get three stars and your entries will be pinned to the top of the discussion.

Topical Talk Festivals bring together students from around the world for discussions about the news. All of you have your own interests and passions – so for this competition, we’d like to hear about the news stories that have interested you most in your lifetime.

  1. Step one: tell us about one news story from within your lifetime that has stood out to you.
  2. Step two: explain why it is important to you. For example, because it made you feel something (good or bad), because it was a strange story, or because it was about an issue that you care about.

You could phrase your entry like this:

“The news story that caught my attention most was... It stood out to me because…”

  • victorious_meaning | Mary N. Raptou School | Greece 22 Jan 2024

    The story that caught my attention most was the increadible story of the Tree Girl of Africa. Ellyanne Wanjiku Chlystun is an 13-year-old girl who lives in Kenya. When Ellyanne was four years old she realized that our planet faced very environmental problems. One of them was the destruction of forests. It is a common fact that deforestation in which excess amount of trees are being cut down in a specific area. This has many detrimental concequences in the biodiversity. Animals are losing their homes as their habitant exticts and their lives too. Moreover, this affects negatively globlal warming and surely people 's health. This is why a great proportion of oxygen which is produced by trees eliminates. One day Ellyanne did something crazy! She went outside, she dug a hole, and she planted one tree. More spesificaly a macadamia tree which is fairly good for eating and nutrition, as she says. Afterwards, she planted ten more, a hundred more, thousand more. For the next nine years, she was planting trees until there were over a million. Her community and her friends all over across Kenya and other countries helped her plant 1,3 million macadamia trees. Soon she became well-known, she received quite awards, she met with presidents and she gave some speaches. Today, she is running her own non-profit company callds children of Nature as she reports in an interview. This was a really small percent of saving the world and this made her happy. This story is compelling it can teach us how to save the world. That is why I loved it.

  • loved_thought | Choithram School | India 25 Jan 2024

    The news story that caught my attention the most was about Stanford and Yale students creating the Transcribe glasses. These glasses are capable of providing real-time subtitles for speech; they take up what people are saying and turn that into text, which gets displayed on the lens of the glass. Helping millions of hearing-impaired people across the globe communicate better and feel equal. They are also affordable, even cheaper than most hearing aids! While designing these glasses, they had to face some financial challenges and needed support, but a school from India, after being intrigued by their unique innovation, decided to fund them. This news story stood out to me because this invention amazed me and was an effective tool that could help create a better society. It inspired me a lot and reminded me about the transformative potential of today's youth in creating a more inclusive world.

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  • The news story that caught my attention the most was about the Paris climate talks. This event was significant because, for the first time in history, almost 200 countries agreed to take collective action on climate change. In 2015, leaders from 196 nations came together in Paris and signed the first-ever global agreement to combat the climate crisis. I chose this news story because I believe that it is everyone's responsibility to address climate change, and I wanted to spread this message to the people. This news made me feel amazing as I was quite surprised looking at how the entire world has stood up to this global problem.

    1. Wow, this is an amazing news story

    2. Without wanting to be pessimistic, for so many years we have been hearing more and more problems related to the environment. The thing is, sometimes nobody takes it seriously. What I mean is that something like this should start from us and not wait for others to follow. In our school a few weeks ago we were taught about the goals of the United Nations until 2030. I personally believe that they will never be fulfilled and the reason is that not everyone starts alone but we all wait for others to follow. There will certainly be some improvements but not to a satisfactory extent.

      1. I am in complete agreeance with you. Humans have the tendency to follow the lead of others, but what is there to do when nobody wants to take serious initiative? Our local and global communities need to learn to bond for change with more urgency than ever.

  • I think the news that caught my attention the most was the one about how 4 kids, including a 1 year old survived 40 days in the Amazon Jungle.On May 1st,Their plane crashed and took the lives of the pilot,mother and the 3rd adult,which left the eldest sister who was 13 years old the job to ensure her siblings including the baby were safe.They were lost in the jungle and were scared.The news reported that they survived by eating a little flour that was on board the plane and also eating some roots and seeds of plants that they knew were not poisonous .It was all over the news that it took a massive search operation involving around 160 soldiers to search for them.They found clues such as footprints, a diaper, and half-eaten fruit which helped them in tracking the children and finally found them.I was honestly very shocked to know how a 13 year old could have such courage and a warrior spirit to survive in the dangerous forest,protecting and caring for her siblings not just for a day but for a whole 40 days!!! I can't even imagine what she must have felt or endured.This was the most inspiring and miraculous story I ever heard and I can't wait to see everyone's news story...

    1. this is such an amazing story this was very nice to hear about thank you for providing this information!!

    2. after reading this i know tat it doesent matter the age you can be courageous

  • The news story that caught my attention most was about the Metro rail timings arroud the world. After much anticipation, Dhaka's metro rail finally started daylong operations on the Uttara-Motijheel road from january.
    And the metro at night is just looking like a wow.

    1. What a great explanation you broke down about the rail timings in Metro areas and how the times are different.

  • The news story that cought my attention the most was honey never gets expired. I heard this news when Archaeologists have found pots of honey in ancient Egyptian tombs that are over 3,000 years old and still perfectly edible. This news made me feel amazing!!

    1. that is actually amazing and I never noticed this property of honey even though I regularly use it in my daily life....thank you for bringing it to my notice.

  • One notable event is the development and deployment of the COVID-19 vaccines. This is important because it represents a global scientific effort to combat a pandemic, showcasing the collaboration of researchers and the speed at which vaccines were developed to safeguard public health. The significance lies in the potential to save lives and bring societies closer to overcoming a major global challenge.

  • This story just caught my attention most was over four years ago two major earthquake devastated many people lives in nepal. Along with partners we´re helping thousand of women and men rebuild their homes and livelihood for a chance of brighter and more secure future. It stood out of me because the event of the event of those fateful had a devastaing human impact affecting over 5.6 million women, men and children and leaving 2.8 million people displaced.

  • Robots with AI are expected to excel in tasks that involve repetitive and precise actions, such as manufacturing and assembly line operations. Their ability to work consistently without fatigue makes them well-suited for tasks that require high precision and repetition over extended periods.

  • I think the news that caught my attention most was the one about a caring,lovely 13 year old teenager who beat Tetris all because of the dreadful,depressing death of his marvellous,magnificent father.On December 21st,13 year old Willis Gilbson,live streamed the unbreakable,unwavering,extraordinary effort of beating the iconic 1988 Tetris game on the original Nintendo.As you see this significant story shows a crucial lesson to learn and remember,never give up on your dreams,goals and desires no matter what happens.And it also shows that hard work pays off.This was the most inspiring,spectacular story I have ever heard of in my life.And I hope you learn this moral and understand it.

    1. I also got to know it and u bringing that up and motivating people to never give up is really great. I totally relate and agree that this is the most inspiring and motivational news I have ever heard. THANK YOU :)

  • The news that was most interesting was about Nepal Entering In Asia Cup because Nepal hasn't been able to live to the expectation of the cricket community but on that day everyone was shocked, The Entire World! . The Nepali Team played against India and Pakistan Two of the biggest Team in the world It was an honor for Nepal and Nepalese. Yes, It may sound like I am over exaggerating but nothing's better than you country being represented to the world That's Why I think this news was my favorite news of all time

  • The news story that caught my attention was the breaking of the longest singing marathon ever . This event was significant because, for the first time in about 12 years, someone was attempting to break the record set by Sunil Waghmare(who sang for 105 hours) in 2012 . What made it more intriguing was it was being by a Ghanaian media personality called Afua Asantewaa. She later went on to break the world record in 2023 with 126 hours, which proved to many underprivileged girls in Africa that they can always follow their dreams, no matter the boundaries . It also showcased that what men can do, women can match that and sometimes even do better.

    1. Hi rational_sealion, thanks for your comment! Can you explain what you mean a little bit more? Also my apologies, the star was given in error. Competition entries don't have stars applied to them.

  • The news story that caught my attention was Tokyo Olympics of 2021 because it was the first time in the history that the Olympics was postponed. The mega sports event was supposed to be held in Tokyo in the year 2020 but because of the covid 19 ,it was rescheduled from 23 July to 8th August 2021 . Although the edition was delayed by the year , it was still labelled as 'Olympic games of Tokyo 2020 ' for branding and marketing purpose.

  • The news story that caught my attention was the Russian-Ukrainian war. I found out about this war in 2022 but turns out it has been ongoing since February 2014. In February 2022, Russia launched a full scale invasion of Ukraine and began occupying more of the country . I remember watching about the war on tiktok and people thought it was going to lead to world war 3 . I was so scared that was actually going to happen, that made me so invested in the news. I remember many international students returning back to their countries for safety reasons. Many Nigerian families were scared for their relatives who were in Ukraine. Many people died and many people lost everything they had worked and invested in. It stood it to me because I’ve probably never been that scared or invested in any news like that.

  • The news story that really grabbed me is how people worldwide are teaming up to address the climate change. It was given to me as it's not pretty much saving the planet; it's about people caring and coming together. Seeing everybody work hand in hand to deal with environmental challenges becomes like a ray of hope, reminding us that we are able to make a difference. It made me feel like i was related to a worldwide community striving for a sustainable future, like we are all on this collectively. It's now not only a tale about policies; it is a story approximately people, and that is what makes it so effective.

  • The news story that caught my attention was the one that happened in my city. It was September when a flooding happened and some people were drown, a lot of homes were destroyed and many jobs were lost. Fortunately nothing happened to my house but to another neighbourhood the scenery was totally different. Some people were trapped at their own homes hoping the rescue team to come. A lot of people blamed the mayor and the governement because they believed the right construction of the dam could have helped. But later we started to understand that climate change was the main cause. A heavy rainfall lasting for 3 days non stop was a unique experience. It was a moment that I will never forger and until now many charities help people who losy their entire homes

    1. This story caught my eye beacuse it was very interesting for me and this story was very knowledgeable.

  • The news story that caught my attention the most was the wonders of the human brain. To imagine that we humans have an approximated amount of 86 billions neurons in our brain entwined by an estimated amount of 100 trillion synapses. It is certainly a very big task to understand how the cells of the brain come together to make up our sensory cells,our behaviours and how they work. And I keep wondering how the brain compute,how the neurons talk to each other and what the brain is made of.

  • The news that caught my attention the most was about a woman named Cecilia Dapah storing 90 million Ghana cedis in her home, She was a politician making it obvious
    many famous and influential people stood up for her because she bribed most of them
    The news stood out to me because even though the country's people are suffering from sickness unemployment, etc. some people have enough money to live luxuriously and come out to the people telling them there is no money to help fix the country. It made me feel bad because the same people we vote for to help make the country a better place end up destroying it due to the lack of compassion and the recent increase of illegal mining scandals in which politicians and influential people are involved.

    It also stood out for me because I want to help change the country and make it a better place but our current leaders keep making decisions which affect the country in a negative way

    I cannot wait to hear your news.

  • A news story that caught my eye in my lifetime was a headline on a minister who lost about 1.3million dollars and the reason I felt so hooked by it was because it shows that most of the money the country is making is going to the ministers and other political figures instead of it going where it should be, which is the people who deserve it the most and the amount of money alone she lost is just in her house. The amount she could be keeping in her bank is on the brink of being impossible to imagine. The money that should be used to be developing the country and strengthening its economy and reducing inflation is rather going into the pockets of the ministers which just displays a fraction of the corruption going on.

  • The news that caught my attention the most was the amount of people who passed away due to Covid-19 pandemic in it's first few weeks . It was on 30th of March,2020. I remember clearly when all schools were forced to close and we were sent home for two weeks. I was scared to be very honest cause of the panic that was around. I was filled with so much emotions when the accounts of people who died would roll in everyday on the news. I would always try and imagine what went on in the deceased families and I am glad that such event is a thing of the past.

  • I think AI can improve learning system because it aids in technological advancement and learning but after giving it a good thought, AI can make students lazy in which they won't go back to use their textbooks for learning they just type in their questions and it gives them their answers immediately since it's always active 24/7
    Also I don't think AI can replace human intelligence because AI is programmed with the help of human intelligence and it requires update regularly because it does not know what the latest updates in the world except if it has been updated.

  • The story that caught my attention most was the increadible story of the Tree Girl of Africa. Ellyanne Wanjiku Chlystun is an 13-year-old girl who lives in Kenya. When Ellyanne was four years old she realized that our planet faced very environmental problems. One of them was the destruction of forests. It is a common fact that deforestation in which excess amount of trees are being cut down in a specific area. This has many detrimental concequences in the biodiversity. Animals are losing their homes as their habitant exticts and their lives too. Moreover, this affects negatively globlal warming and surely people 's health. This is why a great proportion of oxygen which is produced by trees eliminates. One day Ellyanne did something crazy! She went outside, she dug a hole, and she planted one tree. More spesificaly a macadamia tree which is fairly good for eating and nutrition, as she says. Afterwards, she planted ten more, a hundred more, thousand more. For the next nine years, she was planting trees until there were over a million. Her community and her friends all over across Kenya and other countries helped her plant 1,3 million macadamia trees. Soon she became well-known, she received quite awards, she met with presidents and she gave some speaches. Today, she is running her own non-profit company callds children of Nature as she reports in an interview. This was a really small percent of saving the world and this made her happy. This story is compelling it can teach us how to save the world. That is why I loved it.

    1. It's great to read an example of such a positive news story!

  • There has been so many things that had happened in my life, but one of the only stories that caught my attention so far is the End sars protest, and it made a serious economical effect on the nation Nigeria.
    The protest started on the 8th of October 2020 and ended on the 20th October 2020.This protest caused the damage and destruction of a lot of commercial and residential buildings in Lagos and in other parts of the country.
    A lot of evil people broke into banks stole money and burnt down buildings, Children were being kidnapped and demanded millions of Naira from their parents and that is if their parents are even able to find them,Lifes were being lost, buildings destroyed and it had a lot economical damage.It is such a point never to be forgotten in the history of Nigeria.

  • The news story that caught my attention was the issue of cashless in Nigeria in the year 2023.

    Before the presidential election in Nigeria last year, there was an issue of cashless in my country in the sense that bank was not able to give you above 10 thousand naira a day.
    In my own understanding, I think why government did that was because to ensure that we carry out fair election and not having people who have collected bribery to vote for a particular party. Yes, I myself know that the government did a wonderful job but how it affected me was that they enhanced cashless issue into going for strike for a period of time and then people don't have money to purchase goods and then we kept on doing transfers in other to avoid prolong standing on a queue in bank waiting for your turn to withdraw only but 10 thousand naira the officers in charge of point of sales switch ( POS) founded that issue as an opportunity to make money by inflating the prices of charges for withdrawing money. For example, you want to withdraw 10 thousand for them with your ATM and then after that, you have to give them a out 4 thousand naira from the 10 thousand you've withdrawn and you don't have any other option than to give them the money. Don't you think that's a very big problem in Nigeria?
    The one that affected me most was the day I went to purchase a cloth in the market and I got I wasn't with money and I called my sister to send me some money and she sent exactly the amount of the cloth and the seller said that I need to give her about extra 2 thousand for withdrawing that she is going to pay when withdrawing after I have finish paying for the cloth and that situation drove me crazy and I begin to wonder how will I make Nigeria better in this type of situation.
    At that time, my country started producing another currency and stoped collecting the old ones and majority of people in the country have old currency than the new ones
    Currently, my country has already started producing another currency but in a different colour but their values still remains the same.
    I think what my country needs to do is to keep collecting the old currencies and continue to produce the new currencies in other to limit the use of the old currencies than to just bind using the old currencies of they want to continue with the new currencies.

  • The news story that caught my attention was the war between countries as of recent. A good example of that is the war between Russia and Ukraine, before I heard about this war I don't usually listen to the news hour on television, I just see some of the happenings on social media until I heard about the war. I'm not in support of any country in this situation because if both sides of the conflict state what they feel, you'd see that the war didn't start from a particular event but from accumulated grudges. It stood out to me because I love peace among people because we all need each other to survive, the war going on recently have led to the loss of a lot of lives and innocent people are affected, children lives are ruined just because of a dispute they know nothing of, that's pretty unfair. I think every grudge should be settled amicably between the countries and all conflicts should be resolved, if not for the sake of the perpetrators but for the sake of the children and families.

  • before starting i just wanna say this, " we do not when we will expire, we do not even know if we will see the next day, so let's enjoy this life before we expire". A news that made me think these things is the news of an unexpected death, the death of Lynja. Lynja was a cooking influencer past the age of 60. She was an amazing internet grandma with a lot of fans. She always seemed so happy and healthy so no one expected her to pass away. The news of her death made sad but also made me realise that no one knows when they will pass away. I don't even know if i will see the next day, it also made me realise that i don't wanna leave with any regrets. So lets live while enjoying and admiring every single moment of our life because we don't know when death will be chasing us.

  • The news story that actually caught my attention is the rising cost of air trips particularly in my country Nigeria. This is because, during the invention of aircraft by the Wright brothers, I want to believe that they had the thoughts of the common man at heart, but suddenly it is a no go area for the lower and middle class. In my heart I wish the whole aim will not be defeated so it could make movement easier for all especially low the income earners.
    I remember December 2023 was a great experience for me. I boarded a flight to the Nigerian capital city, Abuja. Though a short flight, I had the opportunity to observe the processes around the airport. The takeoff and landing made sounds that scared me a bit but I had my dad beside me who smiled when he noticed my discomfort. He taught me how to buckle myself for safety even before the air hostess did while on air, I saw the buildings so tiny like ants I could pick. I was thrilled that the idea and resilience of two brothers (the Wright brothers) could transform the whole world. What would have happened if they trashed their ideas or even give up the first time they tried? Being in the plane gave me a better picture of making our ideas a great reality if we remain resilient and don’t give up in challenges. My holiday trip opened my eyes and thoughts to the power of a simple idea. My only worry is the fact that not everyone will ever get to enjoy this experience because of the unavailability of resources. I wish the government could subsidize the amount of flights so everyone can experience and enjoy it!

  • One of the coolest and most exciting things I remember hearing in the news was about the landing of a robot named Perseverance on Mars in 2021. This news caught my attention because it felt like a major achievement for everyone here on Earth. What made this story stand out was the idea that really smart people worked together to create a robot, put it on a spaceship, and send it millions of miles away to another planet. It wasn't like something from a movie; it was happening in real life! This made me feel really proud and amazed at what humans can accomplish when they work together and use their brains. Learning about Perseverance and its journey got me thinking a lot about space. I started wondering about what's out there beyond our own planet. The robot's job is super interesting - it's there to check if there's any life on Mars and to study the rocks and dirt. This is important because it helps us understand more about space and where we all come from. So, this news story not only made me excited about space exploration but also made me appreciate how clever and creative scientists and engineers are. It's like we're all part of this big adventure to explore the mysteries of the universe, and that's something I find really awesome and fascinating!

  • The news story that caught my attention most was ❝The war between Israel and Palestine. ❞
    I felt so sad and bad because of that war between this two countries. The war started in October 7,2023. Still the war is running. This war is one of the saddest moment for world. The Israel soldiers are killing innocent peoples in Palestine. This war is not only a problem Between two countries but also a problem for the world. The war should be stoped as soon as possible.

  • According to a news report by CNBC, there are plans to prevent the sale of more advanced AI chips to China by The U.S Department of Commerce due to the fear of their military power. Its saddening to see how people out of suspicion and distrust will refuse the ability of others to make new innovations, and this has been an issue for many years, especially between these two countries and many others. This form of bias has a lot of backlash to both sides, such as the increase of distrust which led to many misconceptions and cold wars. I feel there is a need of a way forward to reach a certain understanding of peace between nations to prevent wars, misunderstandings, disputes, and hate among all people for a brighter, better, and more peaceful future.

  • The news story that caught my eye was that of the global transition away from fossil fuels that is happening in the heavens as well as on Earth. The Paris Olympics this July will showcase Volo copter, the world's first fully functioning electric air taxi service. Five "Vertiports" are under construction for the drone-like two-seater vehicles. It's not just an Olympic summer trend; some 1,900 flights are expected by years' end. Meanwhile, another European electric plane maker, Lilium, plans to challenge Volo copter's rotor-based system with a battery-powered jet design This might be able to solve the issue of climate change.

  • The most attention drawing news I have heard is one which doesn't give me joy but saddens my heart. The news that drew my attention is the Israel-Hamas war. It saddened my heart to see the countless innocent lives who died in course of the war. This led to about 2600+ people loosing their lives. This news captivated me because of the high deaths that occurred but it pains me to see my fellow humans slaughter themselves.

  • The story from within my life time that has stood out is the global COVID-19 pandemic, which began in late 2019 and had profound impacts throughout the following years. This pandemic led to unprecedented public health crises, economic disruptions, and changes in daily life across the globe. It was a defining event of the early 21st century, influencing numerous aspects of society, economy, and politics worldwide.

  • The news story that caught my attention was about the world-wide causing issue 'Global Warming' which is causing significant effects on Earth's atmosphere and living creatures. Ever since, the production of Green House gases have been rising throughout the world, it has been the one of the world-wide issue. To address the situation, the UN agencies and many concerned authorities have been holding various meetings and been vocal for generating better and productive solutions. Because the average temperature of earth is rising each year, most of the Himalayas parts are affected. Because of which the melting of glaciers is taking place which has resulted in the rise of sea level and in occurrence of landslides and drought causing huge loss of human lives and properties. Due to sudden changes in the pattern of weather, adverse effects is being caused directly and indirectly on humans, plants and animal and also extinction of the endangered species. Due to the rising production and emission of carbon-monoxide and chlorofluorocarbon the depletion of ozone-layer is happening.
    Global Warming is one of the prevalent issue which needs to be addressed with more prominence. Let’s protect our “Mother Earth” and focus on renewable energies and wise usage of the resources, as we all know that there won’t be another Earth which we can call 'Home'.

  • The news article that drew my attention was about a Japanese scientific team's amazing discovery—they were able to record live film of plants talking to one another. Plants employ the tiny mist of airborne substances that surrounds them for communication, according to Science Alert. These substances alert adjacent plants to danger in a manner similar to scents. Plants' reactions to these airborne alarms are seen in the Japanese scientists' camera footage. The noteworthy accomplishment, spearheaded by Saitama University's Masatsugu Toyota, a molecular biologist, was released in the journal Nature Communications.

    According to @HoneyGirlGrows, "If #plants could talk, they'd do so thru chemical signals about predators (aphids, caterpillars, gardeners with shears/pesticides...). Plants CAN talk (which we've known), but molecular biologists at Saitama University in Japan caught it 1st on film." This story kept me amazed.

    1. This is a really cool news story! What do you think the future looks like with this discovery?

  • The news story that caught my attention most was about the BangaBandhu Tunnel.Bangabandhu tunnel is a great sign for Bangladesh.This is the first tunnel of Bangladesh. The Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Tunnel, also known as the Karnaphuli Tunnel.The Bangabandhu Tunnel will have a positive impact on the communication sector by improving connectivity between the districts of Chattogram and Cox's Bazar. This enhanced transportation link will lead to faster and more efficient movement of people and goods, stimulating economic growth. When this tunnel is opened, very much people going to see this tunnel. It looking like a wow.I proud for the prime minister of Bangladesh.

  • The news that caught my attention most was a recent yet intriguing the new gadget rabbit r1 which will use perplexity AI technology to answer human queries. It stood out to me because of AI, an unfeeling device with a high lack of emotional intelligence has been developed to acquire one and it is becoming a critical part of its functionality. As per science daily, this new gadget will use perplexity AI technology to provide users with personalized answers to their queries. Perplexity AI is different from traditional search engines, as it has a chatbot interface that lets users ask questions in natural language and get personalized and conversational answers. The rabbit r1 is not just a device, but a new standard for AI-assisted user experience. I chose this story because it remains a shock that this system can display emotions like a human. It is astonishing how an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot can understand and express feelings, something that is usually associated with natural intelligence. It stood out to me because it offered me a more focused and less intrusive digital experience than a regular smartphone.

  • A news story that caught my attention that is Google Deepmind. Google deepmind is a new artificial intelligence system that made a major
    breakthrough in one of the most difficult tests for (a.i). They are mission is to advance science. To make this possible thy bring together scientists,engineers, ethicists and designers.The company says that it has created a new a.i system that can solve geometry problems at the level of the very top high school students. And the fact is deepmind uses raw pixel data as input and learns from experience. According to google, In 2022 deepmind was responsible for 12% of the most-cited AI research papers published globally, putting it ahead of Microsoft and UC Berkeley,with only Meta and google creating more research impact. Google has stated that deepmind algorithms have greatly increase a efficiency of cooling its data centers by automatically balancing the cost of hardware failures against the cost of cooling. Deepmind is started at 23 September 2010. Its a old company many of us don’t know about it but, recently it works a lot for (a.i). Its Google's one of the interesting artificial intelligence (A.I) company.

  • The news story that caught my attention the most was about the United Nations Climate Change Conference. in Dubai was mainly focused on the heated debate between countries about the future of fossil fuels, a delegation from the US state of California, headed by Governor Gavin Newsom, was hard at work advancing climate action.
    In addition to launching a coalition of subnational governments committed to reducing methane, California was one of 14 governments representing regions with a Mediterranean climate to establish a partnership aimed at strengthening resilience against extreme heat, droughts, and fires. The state also joined an alliance whose members are committed to building 380 gigawatts of combined offshore wind capacity by 2030.

  • The news story that caught my attention the most was about the Mining giant Glencore has been extracting copper in the Peruvian province of Espinar for more than a decade. During that time, the presence of toxic metals in the local environment and people has been well documented. But only recently has the Peruvian government acknowledged what was obvious to many on the ground: a causal link between Glencore’s Antapaccay operations and pollution in Espinar. The company has yet to make amends with the affected indigenous communities.
    Demand for copper – and other critical minerals used in green tech – has increased substantially. But so far, only a handful of countries are responsible for mining and refining these resources. China, for example, accounts for more than 70% of rare-earth mining and 50% of the world’s (natural) graphite, cobalt, lithium, and manganese processing. In the wake of the Ukraine war, many in Europe are wary of depending on a single country.

  • One outstanding news story that drew my attention is from 2018, which was the Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal. It involved the unauthorized collection of personal data from millions of Facebook users for political purposes. The scandal raised concerns about privacy, data security, and the ethical use of technology, prompting increased scrutiny of social media platforms and their handling of user information. The incident sparked discussions about data protection regulations and led to a reevaluation of digital privacy practices across various industries.

  • The news that caught my attention was about people having to pay to have chance to play in Ghana's national football team. I was perplexed when I heard this news. Back in the day, the Ghana national football team was the highlight of Africa, everybody supported us and had faith in us, we used to be winning a lot of matches, and even qualified for the quarter finals of the world cup in 2006; but now Ghana Blackstars have taken a blow to the chest, we barely even win our matches anymore. Anytime we go for tournaments it's either we leave at group stages or round of 16. I know you might think how is this possible?
    This is possible because instead of the heads of Ghana Blackstars going to local Ghanaian clubs and fish out the good players, they rather have players paying to be in the national team. Due to many of them lacking money, the heads of Ghana Blackstars go outside the country borders and go and look for players willing to pay to play for the national team.
    I felt really bad upon hearing this news because I really love football, and I don't want to see my country always flopping when we have a match.

  • Niger's military overthrows President Mohamed Bazoum, appointing General Abdourahamane Tiani as new strongman. ECOWAS plans regional force deployment to restore constitutional order, with military proposing a three-year transition period.

  • The news story that really caught my attention was the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan. The Taliban took over Afghanistan in August 2021, following the withdrawal of U.S. and allied forces. This led to a rapid collapse of the Western-backed government and the return of the Taliban to power, which they had lost in 2001. Since then, Afghanistan has faced a horrible economic situation, with mass unemployment, increased malnutrition, and a crumbling healthcare system. The Taliban's rule has also led to a significant decline in women's rights, with most women banned from working and studying. The group's close ties with al-Qaeda have raised concerns about the potential for Afghanistan to once again become a safe haven for international terrorist groups. The international community has not recognized the Taliban government, leading to isolation and economic upheaval in the country. Despite a decrease in fighting, serious security challenges remain, and the Taliban's governance continues to be a cause for concern both within Afghanistan and internationally. Seeing women and girls my age loose the rights women fought for long ago made me feel understand their plight.

  • The news article that drew my attention was the death of Martin Luther King's son Dexter scott king . This interested me because Dr. Martin Luther king's children had no kids. He has no grandchildren. He had no one to spread his legacy and kindness no one to take his throne . Dexter scott was so nice he dedicated his life shepherding the civil rights legacy of his parents. This is why i chose this article because Dr king has no grandchildren. And one of his sons who dedicated so much to spread his parents legacy Died.

  • The news that caught my attention was how mining would be in America in the year of 2050. At this year which is 2050, the future in mining in America would have Artificial Intelligence (AI) such as the other alternative (AI) in which, as of this year, the development of AI has grown and yet. As of this time technology has grown such as cars, and other improvements than this year now which is 2024. From this, AI had deployed in many jobs and that now with AI, our world will change much much and much more in 2025. Thank you for reading of what caught my attention :).

  • The news that caught my attention was the fuel subsidy of 2023 in Nigeria. This is a problem that affected many individuals and stopped them from going to works which helps them to earn money for their living. It resulted to people trekking on foot and suffering under the harsh sun of Africa. This problem was bad to the point that it was not everyone than could afford the price of the fuel and people with the higher authority couldn't do anything about it. It was indeed great challenge to me and my parents.

  • The sad news story that caught my attention the most was about a 22-year-old man who vaped required a double lung transplant after parainfluenza infection. This event was sad and informative because this tells you that you shouldn't vape because of the effects. He had stayed in the hospital for 70 days because he had vaped. This happened on November 14,2023. Parainfluenza infection is a virus that can cause respiratory infections, which spiraled into pneumonia, then acute respiratory distress syndrome — a life-threatening injury caused by fluid build-up in the lungs.This taught me to not vape. Vaping can cause asthma,chronic bronchitis, and nicotine. Please stay safe.

  • Sure! Artificial intelligence, or AI for short, is a field of computer science that focuses on creating intelligent machines. These machines are designed to perform tasks that would typically require human intelligence, like problem-solving, learning, and decision-making. AI can be found in various applications, such as virtual assistants, self-driving cars, and even in social media algorithmsOh, I absolutely love artificial intelligence! It's mind-blowing how machines can learn and make decisions just like humans. AI has the potential to revolutionize so many industries and make our lives easier. Plus, it's always exciting to see new advancements and applications of AI popping up everywhere.

  • The news story that caught my attention most was Covid-19. It was such a tragic event that impacted lives around the world, from late 2019 to throughout 2020. It was one of the most terrible pandemics that the world has faced. Even now some countries are still struggling to recover. It affected the order of the day in so many ways; One of such was schooling, as the pandemic grew into something so much worse, people from various parts of the world had to go into quarantine, which meant no movement, no leaving of homes which also meant no school, it took a while of months before many schools realized that learning could not only be done in a classroom but also online alike, unfortunately before a lot of schools will realize this delight, it will take a month or more. Another sad effect was on that of small businesses and firms even big industries were gravely affected also due to the quarantine because people did not leave their homes, and no one went to the shops down the road or the one that was just a few blocks away, at first it would be a passing phase as people still needed necessities such as food or water but soon business had to close up one after the other either because of low income from low sales or the fact there was no more money to pay their employees and their thriving businesses began to fall. There were only a few minds that could think of a new way to make their businesses thrive again by turning them into online stores and many more, Although only maybe 2/4 out of 5 still thought of this, the rest with no choice left had to close down. There might have been another opportunity a year or so after COVID-19 but they did not know that yet, all they saw then was no hope. One other thing was the health departments in every single country from pharmacies to Hospitals were flooded with uncountable patients every day many on their deathbeds after reaching the final stages of the disease with no sign of symptoms, while some just discovered they had this disease . Whether they didn't like it or not there were a lot of people to treat and not many hands on deck, so for many months they suffered till the number of cases reduced and the patients to treat dwindled.
    Even so, with all these adverse effects, it made man realize that there are so many ways for your voice to be heard or your feelings expressed without necessarily being there, There are so many apps like Zoom, GoogleMeet, Facetime, Skype and so many more made a whole lot of many from the daily meetings, calls, and so on from millions of people every day. It also launched the infamous app known by all today as "Tiktok" It is a worldwide sensation for various dances, information and so much more, also all video editing, graphic designing, and so many more industries thrived in this time. COVID-19 may have been one of the worst pandemics in history, but if the world could overcome it, you can too.

  • The news story that caught my attention was the Ghanaian chef Faila Abdul Razak who broke the world record for cooking for the longest time. It stood out to me because she cooked for nine days and 11 hours which broke Alan Fisher's record on 23rd November 2023. Finally, someone has tried to break 119 hours which seemed impossible. One amazing thing is that she is from my honourable country Ghana!!! Ghana's name will finally end up in the Guiness book of record. Ghanaians were able to support her no matter what. People were even riding bikes for long distances just to support her. The famous saying " Each time a woman stands up for herself, she stands up for all women" is obviously true. Woman power!!!! ... so as Ghana, we forge ahead. We will progress but we will never retrogress!!!

  • The news story that caught my attention was the the train crash we had in our country. It was a fatal accident with a lot of deaths and many injuries. What was striking, however was that one train was going to the wrong direction and as a result they collided with each other. And all this happened because the railway station controller just pressed the wromg button! Imagine that! The train was full of university students that were going back to their studies. What an unfortunate event. It has passed almost a year but there is a university student that still reminds us what happened. This person is still in coma and everytime a newsmedia commends something on it we go back to those sad memories.

  • The news story that caught my attention the most was how scientists develop breakthrough AI technology for cancer diagnosis , I found out that They can use machines to analyze medical data and patients records, which can also be used for detecting cancerous cells in the body. This news story is important to me because I’ve always being concerned about how cancer is deadly and has no known cure and that the risk of loosing loved ones with this condition will be higher.

  • The news that caught my attention the most was the start of Chittagong-Cox's bazar rail project.The objective of this project is to facilitate travel in the tourist city of Cox's Bazar. Besides connecting Bangladesh with Trans-Asian Railway including Myanmar. However, the work of 28 km from Cox's Bazar to Myanmar is not being done for now. In Maheshkhali of Cox's Bazar, various projects for economic development including deep sea port, thermal power plant, industrial zone are going on. The construction of the tunnel under the Karnaphuli river is going on to make the communication system of Cox's Bazar easier and faster with Chittagong. Once the railway line is built, it will connect with the Trans Asian Railway and connect the tourist town of Cox's Bazar with the railway network. Bazar line is a railway of Bangladesh Railway. This line is managed and maintained by the Eastern Railway. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated this railway line on November 11, 23 at 12.59 pm. Commercial Dhaka-Cox's Bazar train service started from 1 December 23.

  • The news story that caught my attention most was about World's biggest iceberg "A23a"breaks off. It stood out to me because this iceberg is nearly 1500 square miles, about 3 times as bigger as New York City. It is now moving from it is place. All this happening just because of Global Warming. Also In 2023, 15 lakhs Square kilometres of ice had been melted. If it is keep going like that many small island and country will sink under the sea level.

  • The news story that caught my attention most was about a breakthrough in renewable energy technology. It stood out to me because it holds the potential to address environmental challenges and reshape our approach to energy sustainability.

  • For me, the news that really caught my attention was about three secondary girls that made a generator that provides electricity by using stool and urine and the machine actually worked. What they made was not just like any generator, it also did not release dangerous fumes into the atmosphere like the industrial ones do. That machine was really marvellous.

  • The news that caught my attention is the 'new curriculum'. In our country the honorable minister dr. Dipu Moni stated it. In this curriculum, we are have been observed every day by our teachers. This is quite interesting. We have to learn from our environment, friends, family or neighbourhood.
    Though some people are saying that this curriculum has nothing but it plays a important role in a person's life to make it easy. We learning everything by ourselves.
    This is why I like this . In my opinion this curriculum should go ahead and play a vital role in developing the nation.
    Thank you.

  • Hello everyone,
    The news that really got me thinking and also got me stupefied was the news of Michel Lotito born 1950 and at the age of, he entered the records because of his compulsion and anomalous ability to process and digest things that weren't food. X-rays on his stomach obtained by a gastroenterologists revealed that he could maintain a diet of just metals. He ate two pounds of metal a day. He once upon a time ate vehicles, 18 bikes,15 grocery carts, 7 TV sets, a bed, an entire coffin, a small cessna plane, etc. Approximately 9 tons of metal
    . I was totally set aback.
    And just like Zacheree said, "being unique in every way is beauty in its own respect".
    this is really amazing.

  • The news item that I found most fascinating was about the significant impact the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has had on the world economy, as seen in the rise in petroleum prices within the European Union and other powerful unions. This underscores the critical relationship between international politics and economic stability. The complex nature of international trade and its consequential economic repercussions have highlighted the mutual dependence of the global economy.
    Local governments in my nation illustrated the complex nature of global relationships and the sophisticated way governments react to external pressures by capitalising on the crisis to shield their faltering economies. Basically, this news story not only showed how unstable international economic systems are, but it also gave useful information about how countries plan their responses to emergencies. It made me think about how complicated the relationships are between national concerns and working together with others around the world.

  • Choosing a news story that stood out in my lifetime is quite a difficult task, as I read and watch new titles every single day, and I must say there are a multitude of subjects that catch my eye. However, I will choose one that doesn’t necessarily make me have a particular feeling about the situation. The reason why I’m presenting this has far less to do with me as an individual teenager and more to do with our generation as a whole. The topic I chose is the Congressional Hearing of Mr. Shou Zi Chew, the CEO of TikTok in March of 2023.
    I will now briefly go over the events that happened during Mr. Chou’s testimony to give a background for my opinion and future arguments. On March 23rd, 2023 Mr. Shou, while being questioned by US legislators gave a 5-hour testimony about the company’s consumer policy and security practices concerning the safety of personal information as well as its relationship with Chinese governmental surveillance. Besides concerns regarding the Chinese government’s involvement in this fiasco, legislators raised reasonable grounds for accusations regarding safety on the platform and social media, that Mr. Shou could not completely justify. Some representatives even brought forward compelling evidence of TikTok’s inability to filter sensitive content, as well as false information. With no further questions for Mr. Shou, the hearing ended with people all over the world stunned to see the commitment that the deputies had to hold TikTok accountable for its malpractices. Almost immediately the question of regulating and even banning the social media platform was now the topic of discussion, and some were very much convinced that the US had taken the first important step in discovering what TikTok does with its citizen’s data. This also gave way for rumors or fake news to start appearing, even TikTok users started posting about the end of the platform and how they hated the situation at the congressional hearing. In Romania, some of my peers expressed concerns about the platform getting restricted in the EU and Romania, as every state would soon follow in the footsteps of the US.
    While not much action was taken after this event, investigations have begun and now people are generally more aware of what is going on behind the scenes. But that is not what I’m trying to address. What really struck me is how teens and young people have grown to rely on TikTok for entertainment, news, and other types of content. If all that were to be stripped away, could we truly see how this platform has managed to captivate our attention for almost four years now? I see this as only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what can be found out about this platform, and especially how teenagers are affected by it. If TikTok suddenly disappears, will another platform gain popularity? Or perhaps, would different content similar to short clips be present on it? These questions interest me because they fuel my curiosity about what will affect my generation in the future.

    1. Wow! This is such an amazing story, a lot was learned from it and I do agree that Tiktok is a big deal.

  • The news that has stood out to me the most is the news of the Nigerian chef and restauranteur, Hilda Baci who holds the record for the longest cooking marathon. This news stood out to me in a myriad of ways. Hilda Baci is a Nigerian, not a lot of Nigerians have world records. Hilda had to stand and cook continuously for basically 100 hours. That's pretty hard core if you ask me. She wasn't allowed to take coffee, energy drinks or anything that could give her a boost. Nevertheless, she broke the record! Hilda Baci showed me that no matter who you are, no matter where you are or where you are from, your only limit is your mindset. Not a lot of people took her seriously when she decided to take on that challenge but she didn't mind. Her determination is something that stood out to me. She is a Nigerian woman, she was bound to have some odds against her. Yet her perseverance and passion for what she does gave her that determination. I consider her as one of my heroes. She serves as an inspiration to everyone who thinks that they can't accomplish much in life. The news of her accomplishment gave me a new insight on the things we can accomplish if we just put our minds to it.

  • When we had to be shut down because of COVID. It stood out to me because the life that I was living before then, I couldn't do anymore for example, football and playing outside safely with my friends.

  • news story that caught my attention most was when the train strikes happened it stood out to me the most because it made me not to be able to get to London and other places that you need to get to for parties ,school trips and shopping for birthdays.

  • The news story that caught my attention most was the discovery of the "Gates to the Underworld" in the an ancient city of Mitla, Mexico back in July 2023, which was believed to be the Zapotec Underworld also known as Lyobaa which translates to "house of the dead". This network of tunnels found under a catholic church seems to be a bridge for history and science to connect to faith, folklore and mythology. Our curiosity and drive to unveil the unknown is one of the key factors that differentiates us from other species. To imagine that the very ground we walk on has a past that can be traced back to ages ago and that past which is yet to be shed light on, which perhaps goes beyond our comprehension and whatever we thought of the world we live in, intrigues me every single day. News related to archeology has always fascinated me. It never fails to make me feel closer to my lineage as a human thinking about what was there before and what could there possibly be later as we try to our best, every century, to survive. This particular news story was no exception. It has been on my mind ever since I first read about in the summer of '23. Discoveries like this one is nothing but a win for humanity as a whole. The one there is now and the one that used to be.

  • The news story that caught my attention the most was Chandrayaan - 3's Vikram lander is now a landmark on the moon! This story stood out to me over the past few days because this was a very big win for ISRO. Not just ISRO, this was a very big win for each and every Indian citizen. I felt extremely proud and happy of my country's achievements . Hence this news caught my attention and stood out to me .

  • The news that has caught my attention is the news of Attacks on US forces in Iraq and Syria by the Iran-backed armed groups. These attacks started on October 17,2023 and have increased since.
    Going into details, more than 151 attacks have taken place since date, leaving the US forces and other people in traumatic conditions with injuries ranging from mild to severe. The recent news update stated how a missile barrage on the US base has caused traumatic brain injuries to some US personnel, who are currently under evaluation.
    All the updates on social media too are really disturbing, as the videos clearly showcase how children including those who haven’t even been a year old have faced the challenges just after being born. How they have been physically impacted by the bomb attacks and everything else.
    Seeing all these news updates on regular basis have really made me upset and my heart wrenches seeing all those who have suffered.

  • The news story that caught my attention the most was “rise in cryptocurrency”. It stood out to me because their value soared and many people were talking about them. It's always fascinating for me to see how the stock market can be influenced by new trends and technologies and also i analysed how it would impact on the economy and the investors. it also caused a lot of uncertainty and effect the financial well-being of individuals. I saw my father being stuck in problem of sudden rise and downfall in the cryptocurrency and therefore seeing my father it caught my attention as well.

  • The news story that caught my attention was "World Book of Records Recognizes Mayor Harka Sampang's Extraordinary Efforts in Dharan's Development". It caught my interest due to many factors that mostly connects with the current state of Nepal's government.

    Before I dive into this let me give you a little context of the current state of Nepal's government to make it clear for all those who might find this confusing.

    At present the Nepal's government is on a ride of a roller coaster, and all of this started after the election of New Mayors that was held around 2 years ago. Before this election, there was not even a single sign of development in Nepal due to the corruption in the government, which lead to a lot of protest from the Nepali citizens. After a long wait to change the corrupt path Nepal was walking through, the election day finally arrived and this time the citizens voted for the once they knew could do something for the development of Nepal. And this was the start of some seriously intense war in the government that the newly elected position holder were fighting without even realising it. The people who were doing good to the country were being cancelled here and there without a stop but they fought all of them and are still standing steadily with the support of the citizens. One of the good people being Harka Sampang.

    He was the newly elected mayor of the sub-metroplitan city, Dharan. He was elected as the new mayor of Dharan due to the fact that he was there as a competitor who had the will and knowledge to change the Dharan city into an example of developed city. The people of Dharan were so tired of political parties robbing them that they decided to give him a chance. The decision they made that day has proven to be the excellent one today. Harka Sampang has done the most important job of solving the water shortage problem in Dharan. He managed to bring water from the Kokaha River from a distance of about 42 kms through a voluntary labor contribution campaign. In recognition of his remarkable achievement, he was presented with a letter of appreciation from the World Book of Records at a ceremony held in the assembly hall of Dharan.

    He completed this work eventhough many political parties and people who support these political parties criticised him. He showed the truthfulness in his words through this project, marking himself the man of his words.

    This is the reason why the news was interesting to me. Thank you! For reading through this to the very end.

  • The news story that caught my attention and stood out to me the most was the earthquake of 2015 earthquake of Nepal.
    In 2015, there was a massive earthquake in Nepal which affected everything. Imagine a day that always becomes chaotic. The ground shook and buildings collapsed like sand castles. The 7.8 magnitude earthquake, which started in the Gorkha region, caused great damage throughout the country.

    Consider Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world. Even there, avalanches were falling from the slopes. Buildings and temples that have stood for centuries in the city have been turned into stone. As people's homes, schools and important places were destroyed, many people were left with nowhere to go.

    The impact was painful; More than 8,000 people lost their lives and many more were injured and frightened. But something incredible happened. People from all over the world joined forces to help. Governments, groups, and individuals sent aid, rescue, and medical aid to Nepal. It shows the kindness of the world in difficult times.

    After the crisis, Nepal faced a difficult task of reconstruction. With the support of friends around the world, the government began restoring everything to its original state. But it won't be easy. The country's geography and economic challenges make it a long and difficult journey.

    This earthquake taught us important lessons. We learned how important it is to be prepared for disasters and have a strong home. It makes us think about how we can respond better when nature goes wrong. As Nepal continues to recover, the courage of its people and the support from around the world remind us that even after the worst storm, people are still hopeful for tomorrow.

  • The news story that caught my attention was the FDA approving a cure for sickle cell disease it stood out to me because it is the first ever sickle cell treatment! It is said to be 2.2 million dollars for each person.The Food and Drug Administration approved the sickle cell treatment. 20 million people worldwide are affected by sickle cell disease. A regular red blood cell is shaped like a donut and is flexible but, a sickle cell is a banana shaped cell that is very sticky,they don't bend like a regular blood cell,and stick to each other and when they make a pile they block the blood,making you lose lots of blood.That is why people with sickle cell go to hospital very often.I picked this topic because I originally did a project on sickle cell disease and at the time there were no treatments for the disease,that made me very sad.So now there is a treatment I wanted it to be my topic,because of how bad I wanted a treatment for it.

  • The news that caught my attention was the 2023 earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria.The magnitude of the earthquakes was 7.8 which is one of the biggest earthquakes in the past decade.It stood out to me because it was one of the more devastating earthquakes in 2023.This affected me because Turkey is close to Saudi Arabia which is a Islamic country,and my religion is Islam.About 50,000 died and 100,000 people were injured and that is only Turkey not even considering Syria.Rescue teams were helping out in the catastrophe.The earthquakes lasted 9 hours.The earthquakes were strong enough to send shockwaves across the country.This news made me sad, because more than 140 billion dollars in property damage.

  • The news that caught my attention the most was the Hanoi Apartment Block Fire. One late Tuesday night at 11:30 p.m a fire broke out in an apartment building and killed at least 56 people, injured 37, and more then a 100 people are being rescued in one night, making it one of the deadliest fires in 20 years in the country of Vietnam, but what cause the fire? We don't know yet but agents are still researching. I chose this topic because this was in my home country and it was one of the deadliest fires I had heard of in Vietnam. This stood out to me because it made me feel some type of way like sad and surprised.

  • The story that caught my attention is about how in 2022 North Korean Teens were sentenced to 12 years of hard labor because the Teens were North Korean watching South Korean Television and according to the conflict happening between the two parts of Korea watching South Korean television is illegal . And this is a big problem with the World many Countries treat their citizens wrong and this story just made me feel so sad that there are still places that force labor upon citizens for small thing such as this . So in conclusion this story caught my attention because it shows there are still places in the world that don't treat their inhabitants right.

  • The news story that caught my attention most was The George Floyd case. George Floyd is an African-American man who was murdered by a white police officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on May 25, 2020. This case stood out to me because the store clerk "suspected" he may have used a counterfeit twenty dollar bill. After his death, protests against police brutality towards black people quickly spread across the United States and globally. This case means something to me because this case caused public discourse and activity around racial justice. This made me feel sad and mad because I am also a person of color.

  • The news story that caught my attention most was the Nuclear Disarmament Treaty that was adopted in July 7th 2017 when the United Nations (UN) made this treaty for people's safety who worry of nuclear fallout. Though major nuclear powers have yet to sign this treaty such as countries like the US, Russia, China, and the UK, the treaty still helps just with safety just a bit more. This news story stood out to me because I myself am scared of nuclear fallout.

  • The news story that caught my attention the most was about "Education and future of work".In today's fast-paced world, the future of work is constantly evolving. With advancements in technology and automation, certain jobs may become obsolete while new opportunities emerge. This creates a need for individuals to continuously upskill and adapt to changing demands. Education plays a vital role in equipping people with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in this dynamic environment. It's important for educational institutions to focus on fostering creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills, as these are becoming increasingly valuable in the workplace. By embracing lifelong learning and staying adaptable, individuals can navigate the ever-changing landscape of work with confidence. I choose this news story because I believe that education can change our beautiful life like if we need any help in future about the computer or in anything we can solve the problem in any second but if we don't know about the education we just make our earth worst. However, In coming generation there will be all about the education and if we have knowledge about the education we can do better and make our world pretty good.

  • The news story that caught my attention most was foreign employment.It stood out to me because the number of Nepalis people going abroad for employment has increased dramatically over the years . Only in the year 2023, a total of 808,415 Nepalis left the country for foreign employment where 723,788 of them were men and 84,604 of them were women. Including foreign employment and other purpose of visit total of 1.6 million Nepalis left the country in 2023. This news article stood out to me because this year's record for foreign employment was the highest till now.

  • The news story that stood out the most to me was the development of COVID-19 vaccines. This caught my attention the most as the typical timeline for a vaccine development is 5-10 years and someonetimes even longer as they have to assess wether the vaccine is safe and efficacious in clinical trials, complete the regulatory approval process and manufacture sufficient quantity of vaccine doses for widespread distribution.
    The first COVID vaccines were created, evaluated and authorised for emergency use in UNDER A YEAR. Rest assured that no steps were skipped in ensuring their safety and effectiveness. They went through the same layers of review and testing as the other vaccines.
    This stuck out to me because they were developed in record time.

  • The news that caught my attention - Bangladesh's longest double-layer Padma Bridge built with self-financing by the Bangladesh government. The construction of Padma Bridge is considered as the most challenging construction project in the history of Bangladesh. Honorable Prime minister Sheikh Hasina opening the construction work on December 12,2015. Thr bridge has a four-lane carriageway on the upper level and a single carriageway on the lower level. The total length of the bridge is 6.15 km. The bridge was officially opening by Bangladesh Prime minister Sheikh Hasina on 25 june 2022 and it was opened for public use from the next day. Bangladesh's GDP is expected to increase by 1.2 percent after the bridge is operational. Bangladesh's development journey started through this double-layer bridge.

  • The news story that caught my attention the most was, the field of artificial intelligence witnessed a significant transformation — generative AI emerged as the most prominent and impactful story of the year. Driven by remarkable progress in large language models, the technology showcased impressive abilities in domains ranging from healthcare and education to creative arts and political discourse. The year saw models match or surpass human performance in some intricate tasks, such as answering complex medical exam questions, generating persuasive political messages, and even choreographing human dance animations to match diverse pieces of music.
    However, with this power came concerns about transparency, bias, and the ethical implications of deploying such sophisticated models in real-world applications. As generative AI became woven into the fabric of daily life, policymakers, researchers, and the public grappled with the need for robust regulations and ethical guidelines to navigate the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, ensuring responsible and accountable use in the years to come.

  • The news story that caught my attention most was the Challenger. It stood out to me because it was about a historic event that happened in space. On January 28, 1986, the space shuttle Challenger exploded just 73 seconds after its launch, resulting in the tragic loss of all seven crew members on board. This incident shocked the nation and had a profound impact on the space exploration program. The Challenger disaster served as a reminder of the risks associated with space travel and the importance of safety measures in any endeavor.

  • Learn what artificial intelligence actually is, how it's used today, and what it may do in the future. Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to computer systems capable of performing complex tasks that historically only a human could do, such as reasoning, making decisions, or solving problems

  • I am very shocked to show that my second comment was rejected by Topical Talk. But why? This programme ensure me that my comment was copied from other student. But I ensure that i can not do a wrong side of this festival. Because it is true that i copied text but it is a strong proved that i copied text from my first comment. But my narrate subject event were same so i copy it only same part. But my second comment was rejected. I request the managment of this festival can ensure this problem solved. I want to gain point from my second comment.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Please reply to comments that you agree with to expand on the discussion rather than copying and pasting the comment as this can lead to rejection.

  • The news that has significantly impacted me throughout my life revolves around the former CBN governor. Initially, he was entrusted with overseen all financial assets in our country and expectations were high for him to Excel in his role. Unfortunately, he betrayed that trust by embezzling over 1 trillion naira from innocent individuals.
    This act has led to severe repercussions, including the bankruptcy of our country. As a result ,I find it challenging to trust the government with our assets and financial matters fearing a repeat betrayal. Many businesses, organizations and their subsidiaries have collapsed due to this incident. To date, some individuals remain under investigation adding to the ongoing repercussions of this situation.

  • I can't shake the memory of that fateful day, August 4, 2020, when Beirut's port erupted in flames. The heart-wrenching incident shook the city to its core as fire mercilessly consumed everything, leaving behind unfathomable devastation. In the face of personal loss, the unity that enveloped Beirut was a testament to their incredible strength, a bittersweet symphony of shared sorrow. Every effort to quell the inferno and aid the affected resonated deeply, underscoring the city's unyielding unity and unwavering determination. Amidst adversity, I felt the collective pulse as they tirelessly toiled to rebuild their cherished port, a poignant journey of resilience.

  • The news that caught my attention was the Sudanese military coup due to its profound impact on both Sudan and my home country.
    Many students from my country travel to Sudan to further their education, bought the unfortunate incidence forced them to return home. They faced challenges in securing admission into alternative universities. Till date some are still struggling to secure admission to further their education. Recalling this news saddens me as it hindered many from continuing their education.

  • The news story that caught my attention most was technology. It stood out to me because it's helping us a lot with making work easier to do. Technology is the study of science and knowledge in order to create tools and processes that may be used to change the world by increasing effectively in nearly every aspect of our lives. Technology has made our lives easier, and all human beings have become entirely dependent on technology.

    1. Technology is an interesting topic in the news. Have any news stories stood out to you in particular about technology?

  • The recent news story that caught my attention was a recent one about the COVID-19 pandemic. This event was important because the effect it had was tragic such as the passing away of people. Furthermore, it shut down many shops, airports, etc which led to many countries and states going into lockdown. I chose this story because of its effect not only globally but personally it affected me because I was affected with it and hearing other stories surprised me and sparked my interest. Im excited to hear your stories!

  • "The news story that caught my attention most was the successful landing of NASA's Perseverance rover on Mars. It stood out to me because witnessing humanity achieve such an incredible feat in space exploration filled me with a sense of awe and pride. The technological advancements and collaborative effort involved in this mission showcased the boundless potential of human ingenuity, sparking a renewed interest in space exploration and our place in the universe."

  • The news story that has caught my attention is the impact of Ai into the existence of humans. Artificial intelligence began in the year 1950 and is already having a significant impact in the lives of humans. It has already provided us with most of life's solutions and steps to take when at nding to them.

  • The news story that caught my attention is what is currently happening in the Gaza Strip in the Middle East. This has caught my attention the most because I realized that children around my age or even younger are in between the conflict and has affected their daily life by a ton. They must worry about being hit in the crossfire and their life's may have changed forever because of it. I am saddened with this because of how much this could damage everyone located in the strip.

  • The news story that caught my attention most was the creation of a humanoid robot in the year 2016. I was shocked at the height which AI had reached. A human in another form had been brought into our world. I was amazed when I found out about Sophia, the world's first AI humanoid robot. Sophia is a product of advanced artificial intelligence and an ability to mimic human facial expressions and movements. Sophia is powered by a proprietary AI platform that allows it to recognize faces, make eye contact, and carry on basic conversations. This news was a big progress on AI. When I saw the picture of Sophia it was unbelievable, she looked so human like that you might not even be able to tell she's a robot. Also in October 2017, Sophia was granted Saudi Arabian citizenship, becoming the first robot to receive legal personhood in any country. This news stood out to me and made me feel good because it showed how much human intelligence had grown and become more efficient that we now have the ability to create a replica of human form. I'm sure most people never imagined that there would ever be something like a humanoid. This news showcased that what seems impossible on the surface can actually be made possible.

  • The news story that really grabbed my attention was the recent breakthrough in solar energy technology. It's pretty mind-blowing because scientists developed these super-efficient solar panels that can generate more power from sunlight ....This solar panels were made in Columbia as they are increasing renewable energy generation and sustainability of their affordable rental housing by adding solar panels. This improves energy efficiency while creating sustainable, comfortable and affordable housing for members. The projects are receiving support from Columbia Basin Trust and the New Relationship Trust.What makes it even cooler is that they found a way to make these panels using affordable materials, which means more people could have access to clean energy. It stood out to me because this could be a game-changer for tackling climate change and making clean energy accessible to communities around the world.

  • The news story caught my attention the most was the RMS Titanic, a passenger ship that sank on its maiden voyage.This was significant to me because the largest modern and luxury passenger ship of the 20th century was the Titanic. The ship's builder was Hardland & Wolff Shipyard, Belfast. On April 2, 1912, Titanic set sail from Belfast on her trial voyage. The British passenger liner set sail from South Handpaton on April 15, 1912, bound for New York City.
    This ship collided with an iceberg en route and sank in the North Atlantic Ocean.In 1985, Robert Ballard found the wreckage of the ship. About 1,500 people died on the spot and about 705 people survived the shipwreck. As much as this news came as a surprise to me, it was also very sad.

  • The news story that caught my attention most was . That is Covid- 19 coming on 2019. It was so dangerous for the world. When everyone was in the hard study at the main time Covid-19 attack on our world. Our school was closed for it . Many people losed their jobs and work . It was most badest moment for me . But, I think that in the future we can never loos hope for our digital technology . Then we will be continue our job and study on online .

  • hi, the news story that interested me was:
    A lonely giraffe has begun a 40-hour road trip to a new home
    leaveing a zoo in the Mexican state of Sinaloa last year, and he was relocated to a park near the US border with temperatures as low as 9C (48F). Campaigners have been calling for the four-year-old to move to sunnier climes - and now, a specially designed container will transport him to a safari park about 90 miles (145km) away.

  • The news that caught my attention was the Russia-Ukraine war. It has come to my attention because people say that this war has raised gas prices. Here's some info about the Russia-Ukraine war. The Russia-Ukraine war has caused a global crisis with far-reaching consequences. The conflict, which began with Russia's attack on Ukraine in February 2022, has led to a massive humanitarian crisis, with millions of Ukrainians fleeing their homes and seeking refuge in other countries. The war has also disrupted global supply chains, caused food shortages, and increased tensions between Russia and the West. It is imperative that this war is brought to an end through diplomatic negotiations to prevent further loss of life and damage.

  • The news story that caught my attention the most was about the Australian Bushfires in the years 2019-20. Where over 24.3 million hectares of land was destroyed along with over 10000 buildings. More than 600 lives were lost, numbers exceeding 1 Billion wildlife were killed in the fire and resultant smoke along with an additional 3 Billion wildlife affected and so many more endangered species driven to extinction. Not only that, it also affected more than 80% of the population of the continent of Australia along with an adverse impact on the weather conditions on a global stage. In totality, it cost more than 90 Billion Australian Dollars in damages. This news story is important to me because it shows us the true power of nature and how we humans are completely insignificant against it. This occurrence also brought people together on a global level with donations, to help those displaced, pouring in from every corner of the world. Showing us that even in the darkest of times, humanity finds a way to shine through and teaches us how truly important it is for us to look out for one another.

  • The news story that caught my attention the most was about Stanford and Yale students creating the Transcribe glasses. These glasses are capable of providing real-time subtitles for speech; they take up what people are saying and turn that into text, which gets displayed on the lens of the glass. Helping millions of hearing-impaired people across the globe communicate better and feel equal. They are also affordable, even cheaper than most hearing aids! While designing these glasses, they had to face some financial challenges and needed support, but a school from India, after being intrigued by their unique innovation, decided to fund them. This news story stood out to me because this invention amazed me and was an effective tool that could help create a better society. It inspired me a lot and reminded me about the transformative potential of today's youth in creating a more inclusive world.

  • The news story that caught my attention most was the war in palestine It stood out to me because the war wasn't a normal war, israel is committing genocide.innocent people in palestine are dying because of this unfair war.i usually don't care about wars but this has gone too far,people are being found under rubble because israel is sending bombs over,people in palestine can't do anything to help themselves around the world because israel cut their power lines,this isn't war anymore, its gone too far.

  • The news story that caught my attention most was when Donald Trump says the other contestants were cheating in the 2020 election . It stood out to me because he says a ridiculous thing i think was just mad because the other contestants had more than he. Now he is in six different trials and he won't be a part of the 2024 election .

  • “The news story that caught my attention most was the Earthquake in Japan on March 11 , 2.011 It stood out to me because of how high the magnitude was. The magnitude was 9.0 and the state I live in only reaches about 5.5. The effect that it had on the people of Japan( 16,000 deaths) and how it led to a meltdown at the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

  • The news story that caught my attention the most was of 65-year-old Jadav Payeng and his journey to the title of ‘The Forest Man’.
    It stood out to me because he turned a barren land of 550 hectares, over 1300 acres into a lush green forest all by himself. The process of transforming this land into a forest took almost 30 years, and he is committed to protecting it with great dedication. He started planting in 1979 and continues to do this act of kindness even today.

  • “The news story that caught my attention most was... Coral reefs are home to more than 25% of marine life —yet, they are under threat. If average global temperatures increased by 2°C, coral reefs would almost completely disappear, which would be catastrophic for people & planet.”

  • On news round we watched today at school there was two little girls who lived at Ukraine and forced to go live at another contrary so they went to the UK and straight away they started doing dancing and they won lodges of competition's

  • The news story that caught my attention most was the Earthquake that hit Japan it stood out to me becouse some nuclear power plants were damaged by the earthquake and caused nuclear waste to spill so japan government decided to spill the nuclear waste in the water surrounding Japan but removing the most dangerous chemicals first but still leaving some chemicals in some though. The people in Japan did not agree with this decision because it could kill the fish in the waters of Japan. I agreed with the people of Japan that this might kill all the fish in Japan this was probably a bad choice. Since dead fish started appearing in Japan after this incident.

  • The news story that caught my attention the most is the Palestine and Israel war which is the must terrifying and heartbreaking news of my life. so many innocent lives were lost, there was no food supply, no electricity, no water to drink or to bath with, they also got attacked every second. I can remember that the Palestine students took pat in this competition last year, and they were very passionate and competitive, but now where are? either they were killed, or they died of hunger. this is such a sad story and am still praying for this trouble to end as fast as possible.

  • The news story that caught my attention most was... It stood out to me because…Artificial intelligence is based on the principle that human intelligence can be defined in a way that a machine can easily mimic it and execute tasks, from the most simple to those that are even more complex . AI has so many project ideas ,example, by using AI people can change voices to whatever they want . Also, Artificial intelligence is a method of making a computer controlled robot , or a software think intelligently like the human mind . AI is accomplished by studying the patterns of the human brain and by analyzing the cognitive process. The out come of the studies done develops intelligent software and system . Add to that, it can also automate complex processes and minimize downtime by predicting maintenance needs . It also improves accuracy human intelligence with rich analytics and pattern prediction capabilities to improve the quality, effectiveness, and creativity of employee decisions . People who are using AI around the world are approximately 8.4 billion devises powered by AI assistants

  • The news story that caught my attention was Donald Trump being the first President (former president) going through a penal institution. It stood out to me because, there has not been a president that's ever been jailed before. Former President Trump was arrested late last month at Georgia's notorious Fulton County Jail on charges that he attempted to steal the 2020 election in the Peach State. Even though former President Trump caused many troubles for people in the whole world, it caught me off guard because I wouldn't expect him to be arrested for attempting to steal the 2020 election in Peach State. But what surprised me even more is that he was released. I wish he could've stayed in prison longer but he has his ways (which probably includes money.) To sum up, this is why former President Trump's case stood out to me.

  • Something that caught my attention on the news was when a church caught on fire because of electricity and many people died. It made me feel bad because their were children and adults and at a church that's very surprising and intense.

  • The news story that caught my attention most was of the Rescue of Liberian flagged LV Norfolk carrier by the Indian Navy. It stood out to me because it showed the efficiency and immediate response capabilities of the Indian Navy. 21 crew members were freed from hijackers on the vessel 460 miles off coast of Africa as INS Chennai took control over the threat.
    Referring to what I have read about geopolitics, ability to guard the seas are the signs of a great power. Volume of goods are traded internationally. India with it’s beautiful geography having three seas at hand was always connected to the world via sea routes. The navy was the strongest pillar of Colonial India with it's vast reach in the subcontinent.
    Seeing how the naval force still possesses that greatness just blows my mind. Also they showed the cultural values of the nation, that is protecting the weaker which shines with the ideals of compassion and oneness.

  • Argentina's strike: Unions protest Milei's austerity measures. BUENOS AIRES, Jan 24 (Reuters) - Argentina's largest union started a 12-hour strike on Wednesday with tens of thousands of workers demonstrating in the heart of Buenos Aires against tough economic austerity measures and reforms by new libertarian President Javier Milei.

  • A new story captured my imagination was The covid 19. This was one of the most heartbreaking news. I could not go anywhere the pandemic. and One of the rarest times I would go out would be while having to wear a mask.That is hard to breathe.

  • The news story that caught my attention most was that covid-19 was in the U.S.. This stood out to me because I never had to deal with something like this before, and because of covid-19, my school was strictly virtual for a few years.

  • I once read an article in my french class about a boy who loved basketball. He was very talented and he was determined to make a career out of it. However, at the age of 19, he had an accident that left him paralysed. He was devastated. After he's done some recovery, he decided to take the matter into his own hands. His passion for sport led him into training again, in a wheelchair this time. Slowly but surely, he started playing again. He started joining competitions. A bit later on, he organized a club where he taught other disabled children how to play and even took part in competitions. When they are not training for competitions, he is trying to normalize the idea of kids playing with those in wheelchairs.
    His story impressed me. He didn't let the fact that he couldn't walk stand in his way. We so often allow tiny little things to stop us from doing what we love, what can I say about being paralysed? What this man has done is extraordinary. It made me feel incredibly empowered. He proved to us that nothing is really impossible. Something that I noticed is the way we always wish to do the exact thing that we can't do. It is sometimes an amazing motivation, like in this story, but it sometimes has a negative impact on ourselves. I find it quite interesting how we tend to succeed in exactly what the world tells us that we can't do. It is like an act of rebellion, manifested in a positive way. It is true that there's a need for support too, but sometimes just a little is enough. This article made me feel so overwhelmed with hope and cheerfulness. The simple fact that this man has done his best to send this simple message, that children are still children, no matter their physical condition, delights me. Most of the time it is the simplicity of the message that matters and amazes me. People will still be able to continue living their life, even after some dramatic change appears in their life.

  • Greetings to everyone out there around the world. I have read through all of these extraordinary comments and it is fascinating seeing what people have done and how they have presented bravery, kindness and incredible talent.

    Now I have a very serious topic to talk about. This could cause chaos, havoc and possibly the end of the human population. Over all the news sources on the web, I have come to the conclusion that this is a situation lots of us don't take seriously. Today I would like to share the news story that caught my attention most. The AI revolution.

    It all started when I was looking through the BBC news and this paragraph caught my eye. 'Artificial intelligence is going to change all our lives. There are seemingly limitless opportunities. But as computers get ever more powerful how cautious do we need to be?' Looking deeper into this, 'how cautious do we need to be' suggests that AI could actually pose as a threat to humans and we need to be 'cautious' about them. There are endless uses for artificial intelligence as it can generate scripts, code, and complete complex calculations in seconds that could take us days to figure out. However, if AI really does have the intelligence to do that, it should know how badly humans are treating the Earth - deforestation, global warming, affecting the carbon cycle and so on. Surely this should mean that AI could work out that our planet would be better without humans. Their solution could be eliminating our entire population.

    Who knows how long it will take for AI to dominate planet Earth.

  • The news that stood out to me was the conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians that has been going on for a long time. This conflict is always in the news because it has a lot of historical, political, and humanitarian implications. What stands out is how deep-rooted the conflict is, and how it creates ongoing tensions and violence in the region. It's not just a local issue, it attracts attention from all over the world because of its global implications. I found out in my research that the region itself has a rich history with religious and cultural significance for different groups, which makes it even more complex. Lots of countries and organizations are involved in trying to find a peaceful resolution. It's a topic that sparks debates and discussions everywhere, with different opinions on how to address the issue. It's important to approach it with empathy and understanding for all sides involved, because it affects people's lives in various ways. On a final not it is unfortunate that the schools that participated in the previous topical talk competition from the region are not able to participate this year due to the conflict.

  • The news that caught my attention the most was when renowned author , educator and philanthropist Sudha Murty was awarded the Padma Bhushan in the year 2023 . The Padma Bhushan is the third highest civilian award in India . The President of India , Draupadi Murmu presented Mrs Murty this award for her immense contribution in the field of social work .
    This news stood out to me because Mrs Sudha Murty has inspired me the most . After reading her book "Here , There and Everywhere : Best - Loved Stories from Sudha Murty " I got inspired to be an author just like her , to be as humble as her and to be a great human like her . Watching her receive the Padma Bhushan Award was one of the best moments of the year 2023.

  • The news that caught my eye was about the Uttarakhand Tunnel Collapse and rescue mission where 41 Indian workers were trapped inside a tunnel for about 3 weeks. This news story stood out to me as I was in awe hearing about the difficulties, hardships and toughest moments when each soul in that mine fought against the mighty nature and showed their true determination to survive such a horrible accident.

  • The news story that caught my attention the most was the inauguration of Surat Diamond Bourse (Gujarat, India). It is the world's largest office complex which was inaugurated by PM of India, Narendra Modi on December 17, 2023. The diamond industry was passing through one of it's worst phases, and amid this, the inauguration of the world's largest and one of the most modern centers for international diamond ad jewellery businesses took place. The building consists of offices that range from 300 sq. feet to 75,000 sq. feet. This particular news caught my attention as even after toppling of diamond industries in India, the country has come up with prominent bourse to raise the trading for diamonds and jewellery. This will be a global centre for trading of both rough and polished diamonds.

  • The news story that caught my attention the most was the Uttarakhand tunnel rescue operation of 41 workers who were trapped in a tunnel for 17 days. Multiple ministries and departments worked together to rescue these men with the collaboration of more than 1000 people, including scientists from various countries. It stood out to me because when I heard the audio of those men who were stuck inside the tunnel, they didn't lose hope to live while they were stuck in the tunnel for more than 15 days, whereas we lose hope after a small drawback. It gave me the motivation and a lesson to never lose hope and be strong in every condition.

  • My topic is about Black Cats. Black cat awareness month is October. The reason why we celebrate this is because people assume Black Cats are bad luck. They have a low chance of getting adopted and being loved by others. Although some know this, a lot of people don’t. Whenever people make these assumptions they scare them away, hurt them, or worse. In October, many cats have been tortured and injured because of superstitions. The truth about Black Cats is they are like any other cats except they resist diseases, (although this is still under scientific investigation). They do not bring bad or good luck, instead they give affection. Black Cats should be treated equally amongst other cats. In conclusion, Black Cats are as good as any other cats and they are NOT witches in disguise.

  • The news that caught my attention most was about the Bhopal gas tragedy, that occured on 2 December

  • The news story that caught my attention most was, “The Impossible Statue.” It stood out to me because it was the first 3D sculpture made by AI and I think AI is really interesting. Knowing they made a sculpture really catches my eye and makes me think of all the challenges faced. Also it took 500 years to make I wonder how long they can go till they power off? I also wonder what else AI could do. One day it might even affect our future and fix the housing and economic crisis? Will AI lead to the future cure for cancer? How could AI affect climate change?

  • I want to talk about one of my personal interests, k-pop. K-pop has been here for very long but has just become a trend. One of the biggest kpop groups is BTS, most people listen to them not knowing they are kpop songs. I just want to bring awareness to k-pop to have more people listening. It has helped South Korea a lot, k-pop has had an all time sale of 9.4 trillion South Korean won in 2021 which is 775.3 million USD. Kpop has also helped people be aware of Korean culture worldwide. Kpop has had an impact on the attitudes and habits of k-pop fans, also they have learned to be more selective in spending money that they have.

  • A recent news story that has really caught my attention is the Afcon 2024, this news is specifically about Ghana, hoe is it possible that a whole Ghanaian team lost in the group stage. Me personally I blame the coach, he was always playing players at position that they were not supposed to play, how was Samenyo playing strike while he has the stats of a winger.
    In conclusion I am happy the Ghanaian coach got sacked, because if he were to coach us once more, we would lose once more.

  • The news story that caught my attention most was that India could emerge as a $13 trillion low-carbon economy by 2050.

    As per a report published by The Economic Times on January 19, 2024, it has been predicted that the current economy of India will show an immense rise and will reach $13 trillion by 2050. At the same time, this feat will be accomplished by reducing India’s carbon emissions to zero.

    All of India’s industries will strive to run on unconventional sources of energy rather than conventional fossil fuels, which will be a great help in reducing carbon emissions. This news particularly stood out to me because of its positive impact on me as well as on my countrymen. This news highlights how my country will very soon become one of the largest economies in the world and how it is continuously rising and developing, while at the same time making a profound impact on our planet by reducing carbon emissions and, hence, striving towards a better future. Coming across this information has filled me with immense pride for my country, and I am greatly intrigued to know more about the schemes and ways that India will adopt in order to accomplish its objective.


  • The news story that caught my attention was about the lithium exploration agreement signed between India and Argentina. This project is significant because lithium is a key component in the production of batteries for electric vehicles and major electronic devices. It is an agreement between Khanij Bidesh India Limited (KABIL) and the state-owned enterprise of the Catamarca province of Argentina, CATAMARCA MINERA Y ENERGETICA SOCIEDAD DEL ESTADO (CAMYEN SE), in Catamarca, Argentina, on January 15, 2024. This treaty gives KABIL the right to explore and evaluate five lithium brine blocks in Argentina. This news stood out to me because India has invested 200 crore rupees in this project, and this project aims to mine lithium for 2 years, the amount of which would be equivalent to the total extraction of lithium in China in 6 years. This treaty intrigued me as it creates an immense impact on the environment in India as lithium is a clean and renewable energy source, which will lower greenhouse gas emissions and also extend the lifespan of electronics.


    The news story that caught my attention most was that when the world renews its fascination with exploring the Moon, India achieves what no other nation has done before: successfully landing on the lunar south pole.

    It has inspired me because it's a leap forward in India’s quest for space, which marks a crucial turning point for India’s economic growth, technological prowess, and contribution to humanity’s ongoing exploration of the cosmos.

    It stood out to me because this mission will analyze the quality and quantity of lunar water, which is vital for life support and turning into rocket fuel.

    Recording the first seismic readings on the celestial object, confirming the presence of sulfur, oxygen, and other elements and temperature variations that will enhance mankind’s understanding of the Moon and pave the way for future missions. It will help India develop its own space capabilities and reduce its dependence on foreign countries. It will give rise to innovative technologies that can be further utilized to address societal challenges and enhance everyday life. We should participate and put positive efforts into the growth and development of our nation.

  • The news story that caught my attention the most was about the Manipur violence in May 2023. Ethnic violence erupted in India's north-eastern state of Manipur between the Meitei people, a majority that lives in the Imphal Valley, and the Kuki-Zo tribal community from the surrounding hills. Over 180 people have been killed in the violent clashes between two communities. It created a sense of fear among the people. People take up arms only when their interests or sentiments are hampered. This shows how governments fail to maintain harmony and unity among the people.

    It stood out to me because such situations, if not taken care of, can result in nationwide protests and violence, which is harmful for a diverse democracy. The event could have ignited a feeling of hatred among other communities as well. This can be avoided if the government takes steps that are beneficial to all and follows the principles of the Constitution.

  • 1- The story that caught my attention most was the one about the Pradhanmantri Suryoday Yojna, where the government has planned to install solar panels in at least 1 crore households across the nation. The main motive for this campaign is to provide cheap electricity for the middle class and poor people, since using normal electricity provided by the municipal council costs them large amounts of money, which they sometimes cannot afford to pay.

    2-Not only this, but the campaign will also make India self-reliant in the energy sector.
    In a post on social media platform X, PM Modi said, ‘’Today, on the auspicious day of consecration in Ayodhya, I have decided to launch a campaign to install solar panels in households all over the country to provide cheap and eco-friendly electricity for the citizens, especially poor people”. PM Modi has also urged the officials to start a massive national campaign to mobilize residential segment consumers to adopt rooftop solar in large numbers. Rooftop solar panels are photovoltaic panels installed on the roof of a building that are connected to the main power supply unit. Thus, it reduces the consumption of grid-connected electricity and saves electricity costs for the consumer.

    3-It stood out to me because this news concerns India’s energy sector, and it will assist our country in moving towards renewable sources of energy. It will also reduce carbon emissions and reduce global warming and the greenhouse effect. India being one of the leading countries in the world in the solar energy sector, this program is a welcome step in this field.

  • The news that caught my attention the most was about space junk. Since the dawn of the space age, we have launched many rockets and satellites into Earth's orbit. This was initially astounding but gradually became a huge problem. Here's why:

    Every country has innumerable satellites in outer space, which is great for space exploration. However, in the future, we may have trouble accessing space, which is a vital resource. I have heard many predictions about how Earth may develop 'man-made rings'. This idea is outrageous because if it were to happen, it wouldn't be a natural beauty but rather an epitome of mankind's unruliness. Just a while ago, I read news about how the International Space Station (ISS), launched by NASA, had to fire thrusters to dodge space junk. This news specifically stood out to me because it's something we often don't pay attention to, but once it starts affecting us, the consequences may be fatal, much like the depletion of the ozone layer.

    In conclusion, I would like to emphasize that we must invest in saving our planet, for it is she who provides everything we need to survive. Have a great day!

  • Hello everyone,

    The news that caught my attention was the sentencing of a man to death by a Japanese court for murder, alongside other crimes, including a shocking arson attack on an anime studio in Kyoto, Japan, resulting in the deaths of 36 people. The Kyoto District Court declared the defendant, Shinji Aoba, mentally capable of facing punishment for these crimes and announced his capital punishment after a recess during a two-part session on Thursday. Aoba stormed into Kyoto Animation's No. 1 studio on July 18th, resulting in numerous casualties.

    It stood out to me because it's perplexing why Aoba resorted to murder due to his dissatisfaction with an apartment. Instead of taking such extreme actions, he could have simply ignored it. Everyone should abide by their country's constitution and strive to become responsible citizens who contribute to their country's pride.

  • The news story that caught my attention the most was the powerful speech of New Zealand's youngest MP in 170 years. Hana-Rawhiti Maipi-Clarke is a New Zealand politician who represented the indigenous people in her first speech by performing the traditional 'haka' also known as the ‘war cry’ in honour of her tribe. She has been fighting for the rights of native communities and her strength was evident in her speech. During the speech, she said “I will die for you, but I will also live for you” to showcase sincerity towards her community. It stood out to me because, during the time this news came out, I was studying the history of indigenous people and learning about the struggles they've faced over the years. While researching more about this topic I learned about Aotearoa or what is today known as New Zealand and being a person who is heavily interested in learning about different cultures across the globe grabbed this opportunity to dig deeper into the story, luckily this news came out around that similar time which helped me connect to the emotions of the community and know about them better helping me with my research.

  • One of the news stories that most caught my attention were those to do with the recent teacher strikes. This was because they were put in such a negative light by the media. With teachers being such a vital part in our younger generations education, I simply found it appalling how the news made them seem. Articles made it look like these few days of education that were at home were detrimental to our learning, where they actually gave most students a time for a break amongst their busy school schedules.

  • The news story that has caught my attention, is one of high relevance to the entirety of the United Kingdom at this moment in time. My chosen article, written by Kieran Kelly, states the fact that the British public may be expected to sign up to fight for the nation, if war breaks out. This is because the military is "too small for a war". The reason this news story stood out to me, is because of how damaging calling citizens to fight is, for the publics mental well being. For example, in World War Two, "fears were high about the nations mental resilience" - Alexandra Topping. Another piece of writing about World War Two, brings evidence that unprepared citizens going to war can be so damaging to mental health; with some soldiers having to deal with "post traumatic stress" and "nightmares and flashbacks that cause soldiers to relive their pasts" - the national ww2 museum, New Orleans. The thing that truly fascinates me, is how the horrible events of the past, and all the mental effects war has on the general public, can be completely disregarded by the government. Personally, I believe Uk citizens shouldn't have to fight in war, because of how damaging it can be, but I would love to hear about other peoples views on this matter.

  • The news that caught my attention is the isreal-palastine war. If you notice, our palastanian brothers and sisters who participated with us last year are not with us this year. We should at least show that we love and care for them. We don't know the situation they are in. We don't know whether they are still going to school. They are also humans like us.

  • Hello guys!
    The news story that grabbed my attention was about the Guinness world record that was set by Afua Asantewaa. In a very long time no one was able to set a record in Ghana. Now because of her everyone in Ghana is trying to break the Guinness world record.
    From what I just I learnt trying new things are good even if it goes wrong you can keep on trying and trying .Also don't let people tell you things that will make feel bad about yourself if you want to sing and someone tells you you voice is terrible don't let get in your head. Keep on trying and trying till you get it right.

  • A story that caught my attention was the 2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami. It's crazy how even 13 years later, that was the worst earthquake Japan had ever experienced. That statement alone is crazy since on average, Japan has 2,000 earthquakes a year! Basically, the earthquake had a magnitude of 9.1 out of their 10 point system, and had a death toll of nearly 20,000. The money that went into repairs, when you put it in USD, is a number so large that it couldn't match Elon Musk's net worth! (Its 180 billion if you were wondering!)

    In my opinion, I wouldn't live in Japan for a number of reasons, but mainly because of that one. It makes me wonder how many earthquakes they have in a month!

  • The news story that caught my attention most was Deepwater Horizon in 2010. It stood out to me because it impacts the global oceans. It was a platform that exploded in the in the Gulf of Mexico. About 11 workers had gotten killed and multiple seriously injured. The oil leak is five times more worse than the initial claim. Till this day, the Deepwater Horizon is still underwater. This isn't talked about very much but it really stood out to me. :)

  • A news story in my lifetime that caught my attention was the Elisa Lam case. Typically, I would stray away from stories like these, but it's likely the mystery that made me think of it so often. The Elisa Lam case is about this woman (Elisa Lam) who was acting weird one day in an elevator before disappearing for a few days. In the end, her body was found in the water tanks after people staying in the Cecil Hotel reported that the water had tasted funny. It makes me feel concerned, and curious, especially now since the case has not been solved (after almost 12 years).

  • The news story from within my lifetime that has stood out most to me was the protests of Hong Kong. The events that took place were very important and sensational to me. The citizens were fighting for freedom and democracy because of the oppression from mainland China. The protests started from a murder case and resulted in a law citizens found unfair. Hong Kong has witnessed the colonization of Britain but has faced more uprisings and rage from the Chinese government, which is pathetic. Activists and book sellers have been arrested because they are seen to have violated the law in some way. Additionally, students, politicians, lawyers, and ordinary people came to protest, which shows how educated citizens of prestigious statues have an issue with the situation. I relate to the situation because I have heard of South Vietnam all my life and how depressing the fall of Saigon was. Additionally, I have seen people of Uighur, Tibetan, Native American, and Indigenous Australian identity mistreated and sadly forgotten. This has made me angry and disproved of the sufferings they face. This relates to the Hong Kong protests because if Hong Kong officially does not have a democratic system anymore it may be a danger to international security, economic trade, survival of ethnic groups, and nearby countries' stability and safety. I fear the assimilation of the ethnic groups of Hong Kong and other nearby provinces if the sovereignty of Hong Kong falls. For years, Chinese Dynasties have tried to sinicize the tribes of southern China and we do not know for sure where their descendants are now. I want to preserve the culture of the existing tribes that are claimed to have this native blood so that history does not repeat itself. The protests are exciting because it may cause the domino effect for liberation of other ethnic groups' land and people. The threat of China's control of the ports may cause international powers such as the US and the UK to worry about trade barriers and limit what these nations are able to protect and preserve of democracy. If their economies fall there may not be enough military power that the constitutional countries may use to defend threatened countries. The happiness of the citizens may go down which is a demise to our rights from birth. Even though the protests may be violent I still support the wanting of freedom and the future of our children.

  • The news story that stood out to me the most was about Tren Maya(or Mayan Train). Mexico's president Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced in september, 2018 that he was starting a project called Tren Maya. Construction started until 2020. Up till today it is still being tested by some citizens.(It is estimated that the train will be fully operational by the end February 2024)This stood out to me the most because not only because the people were very happy and cheering, but it was an advance for Mexico, the design is also very beautiful and has many features such as restaurants. The thought of thinking that he finished the project for the people makes me happy, and makes me think that he is a very good president despite the other things he does for his people.

  • The news story that caught my attention was the inflation rate in Ghana. In 2020, the inflation rate in Ghana was 9.89% which was a 2.74% increase from 2019 due to Covid-19. However, inflation rates had risen to 42.19% by the end of 2023! To some people, this may seem like bearable but currently, about 15 pounds are needed just to get 1 cedi!
    According to, Ghana's current inflation rates are partly a result of global oil price increases causing domestic increases at gas stations, as well as generally in transportation costs, with a knock on to other factors such as food supply chains.
    I think a to reduce inflation rates Ghana can invest in production technology to improve agricultural production and control the inflation of food prices. Ghana can reduce imports to stabilise the exchange rate and control increases in the prices of imported goods.

  • The news story that caught my attention recently was about work conditions of animator’s in Japan
    the poor work conditions and no paid leaves and harsh contracts. Such is the case of MAPPA studio which is one of the most renowned studio not only in Japan but all across the world treats it’s animators like machines with work inhuman conditions including delayed pay negotiations, unreasonable deadlines and overtime expectations, among one of the few. It certainly tells a story that how any kind of artists today in the world are treated even if they work for themselves or such distinguished studios it shows how little artists are valued as they are deprived of basic facilities in such a industry . Work regulations are the one being questioned and the ethics of such enormous industry giants like MAPPA .exploitation within these industries has become evident to the public eye.

  • Browsing through the daily news, we find a variety of articles that have a significant impact on our lives. One story in particular caught my attention and really surprised me, and that was the news that NASA fell victim to a hack orchestrated by a 15-year-old boy. NASA is known for its strong security measures and highly secure databases, and its breach by a teenage hacker shocked not only the nation, but also the world. Back in 1999, 15-year-old Jonathan Joseph James infiltrated NASA's systems and performed his most daring hack . He managed to compromise their database and steal highly sensitive material, including source code and proprietary software worth millions of dollars. Although NASA's security systems were subsequently improved and James was arrested, the incident remains a sobering reminder. As technology changes at a rapid pace, it is critical to recognize the potential risks that come with our increasing reliance on it. When we consider that anyone with malicious intent can access personal data, it becomes alarming when we realize that our daily activities rely on various technologies. While NASA has beefed up security measures following the hack, the incident is a stark reminder that no system is completely bulletproof. The evolution of technology is inevitable, but caution should be exercised not to rely too much on it. Putting too much trust in technology may leave us more vulnerable than we think. A balance must be struck between embracing technological advancements and remaining vigilant about potential risks to protect our personal information and privacy.

  • The news story that caught my attention most was when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi commissioned INS Vikrant on 2 September 2022. It stood out to me because the INS Vikrant is a gigantic floating base that India built all by itself. It's like a really high-tech ship that helps India be strong and safe in the ocean. By having this awesome ship, India is showing everyone that it can protect itself and can also help the nearby countries during natural calamities.
    This recent news in the Indian Defence sector have not only marked a significant milestone for the nation but have also grabbed global attention, moreover this achievement showcases India’s goodwill for fostering collaborations and partnerships on the world stage.
    Thank You

  • The news story that caught my attention most was inauguration of Ram mandir . It stood out to me because of various factors . First of all after the wait of 500 years the world witnessed the site of reconstruction of ram mandir in the birthplace of lord Rama , Ayodhya ,U.P , India. This historic event not only build trust in India's judiciary but also made every Indian proud of it's past . It also guarantees equality for every religion . The speciality about this temple is it built up for free - the donations received were invested in the banks and the interest from the investment was used for construction.
    AYODHYA , is now being developed from a town to a city where celebs buy houses . The dynamics of Ayodhya changed quickly after the verdict of supreme court in 2019 . From airports to springing infrastructures are now being developed.

  • The news which caught my eye is NASA's Artemis III mission. NASA is returning humans to the moon after decades! If I recall correctly, the last time a human landed on the moon was in the 1970s! I am a person who is extremely passionate about space flight and physics so this news made me extremely delighted. I look forward to seeing how the mission plays out. according to NASA's website, it's scheduled for 2026, so we still have to wait 2 years but the mission will surely be a spectacle to witness.

  • The news story that grabbed my attention was related to the a program called AlphaGo which defeated one of the world's best Go player "Lee Sedol". Go is a strategy based board game played by two people to decide the victor by capturing more territory and "AlphaGo" the a program developed by deep mind was a self learning program made to play Go , it was a major breakthrough in the field of Artificial Intelligence .Though not all the people were very excited about Alpha Go winning as some considered it "Artificial Intelligence's win against Human Intelligence" but it was this news that made me realize the importance of artificial intelligence in our future as well as how important it to determine how we use a technology this powerful.