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To me how the Nigerian royal families embody our values is by the way that they still adhere to... Are royals relevant? 28/4/23
I'm not sure about this because opinion C says that the royals are more special than normal... Royal responses 27/4/23
I agree because of the effect it has had on me, because of staying on screens for long periods... Teenagers and social media 27/4/23
In my opinion the royals have the absolute right to decide what is shown about them on the media... Royal responses 27/4/23
About the relevancy of royalty they are not that relevant as they used to be . I know that... Are royals relevant? 26/4/23
I disagree because I think that no matter what there has to be unjust kings that do not regard... Royalty poll results! 25/4/23
In the test i scored 8. Actually I am not that disappointed because I myself was shocked with... Test your knowledge 25/4/23
In my country we do have kings and queens but they do not hold that much power as that of our... The role of royals 25/4/23
In my country Nigeria we practice a democratic system of government but some tribes still... Suggest a discussion! 24/4/23
What some people are yet to understand is that the power that royalty holds is not recognized... Suggest a discussion! 24/4/23
In my opinion having a royal family or royalty is an autocratic system of government because... Suggest a discussion! 24/4/23
To be honest I know the workers have endured a lot and they sometimes feel like they have had... Suggest a discussion! 21/4/23
Strikes have really affected the people of the world like when teachers of public schools go on... Suggest a discussion! 21/4/23
Well my reason is richer populations do not suffer from the effects of climate change as poorer... Classroom spy... 13/4/23
Climate policies are not really given the importance it deserves to get and this is wrong,... Classroom spy... 13/4/23
I do not really have much knowledge on climate change,but doing my research helped me know the... Classroom spy... 11/4/23
In the quiz I scored 5, I also learnt what causes our planet to heat up which speeds up climate... Test your knowledge! 10/4/23