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In my opinion, AI Artificial intelligence is not better than humans in some tasks as teaching... AI VS HUMANS 22/3/24
Hi everyone As any thing have good side and bad side so you talk about the good side and you... AI and The Future: Beneficial or Detrimental 21/3/24
Hi topical talk I agree with you in Chat GPT can damege the next generation of students... Chat gpt 21/3/24
in my opinion to know what's new in the future, we can stay updated by following trends, reading... Competition #9 winners 20/3/24
on my opinion boycotts are very important in these days let's talk about the war between israel... Are boycotts helpful? 19/3/24
Hi topical talk There is another environmental pollution in the Earth for example: Firstly,... Rescue The Earth 🌍 19/3/24
Hi topical talk in my opinion if we stop cutting the trees that take the carbon dioxide that... Rescue The Earth 🌍 19/3/24
I agree with philosophical skill and I have some others pros and cons. pros like it saves time... My Opinion on AI 18/3/24
Hi, Topical talk the standpoint is nice but I have some other things about Chat GPT you said... Chat gpt 17/3/24
I think that students should use Artificial Intelligence(AI) but in useful things as, Research... How Should students use AI. 17/3/24
There is a lot of types of symptoms as popular misconceptions, men are reckless drivers, women... Stereotypes 17/3/24
Hi, the topic that I am interested about is the Ai because I was interesting to Know about Ai in... STEP ONE: do the lessons, pick a Standpoint topic 17/3/24
As any person I wasn't speaking English or any language perfectly so I tried to improve my... Topical Talk and YOU 14/3/24
To learn a new language you should follow some steps. For example English it have a lot of... Topical Talk and YOU 14/3/24
AI has made our life better and easier in many things we see now robots are playing important... AI is it good or is it bad ? 13/3/24