Topical Talk and YOU

There isn’t much Festival time left so we’d like you to take part in a quick skills quiz to tell us a bit more about Topical Talk and you!

All the information you share helps us to improve Festivals so that even more learning can be done and even more fun can be had. The more detail you can provide in your answers, the better.

Do you think you can help? Ready… go!

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  • Wow this is an amazing experience I felt so relevant when I was asked this question about how I felt about topical talk.
    But it would have been a lot better if more questions were asked more often.

  • My being here was so beneficial for me as I learned so much from students here, their opinions, even their different ways in discussions in different topics, I noticed that my vocabulary had improved, and by practicing language, normally you will be improved in it, and this what happened with me here, that doesn't mean that i wasn't talking english before but Really it was enough for me to talk with out bonds to write and share without being afraid from bullying or some bad or negative comments.

  • To be professional in any language as English for example we should focus at the four main skills (Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking) and that doesn't mean that we don't have to focus at Grammar and Vocabulary,
    They are very important, and without Vocabulary we can't describe anything, and also we can't talk with out vocabulary,
    Also we have to adjust our words by grammar.
    So they're very important.
    But here I mean that we will not communicate with others with this language if we can't talk so we must practice speaking,
    Also we can't write if we didn't practice writing and didn't read more about everything.
    So we must listen a lot from people who practice this language and speak like them to be able to speak with others with that language,
    And we must listen, read and write a lot to be able to speak like a professional person, and to be capable of writing like a professional people
    From that all we concluded that If you want to be professional at any language you must practice (Reading, Writing, Listening, and speaking) and learn Vocabs and grammatics

  • One of the most important skill that I learnt on this wonderful open platform was social interaction..before this I have not got such an opportunity where I can share my thoughts and reviews infront of all this platform I was not having fear to be judged by anyone on my thoughts,also I learnt about various topics like AI,eco-anxiety,climate change etc which made me realise our current situation and enhanced my imagination for future..topics like elections helped me become aware of the worldwide issues and contribute by giving my opinion..

    1. As any person I wasn't speaking English or any language perfectly so I tried to improve my languages and I take courses and study a lot of
      vocabulary and Grammar but I still can't speak professionally or perfectly so I started to speak with people and write a lot and listen from a
      professional peoples as a teacher or some one leaved in the country what I want to speak its language and I achieved my goal and I improved my
      languages and speak professionally and remember Failure is a stepping stone to success, offering valuable lessons and opportunities for growth.

  • I have achieved a lot from the Topical talk, is it the skills I want to discuss or the immense knowledge I have gained from this. On this hub, I’ve learnt how to understand other people’s opinions and I learnt to respect it, I have learnt important topics that are relevant to young people like me. I’ve developed my writing and creativity skills I’ve learnt to put my ideas together and express in a way that others will understand and also learn from it, understood why someone might think differently from me. This hub has educated, enlightened me about different crucial issues that are important to me and my community.

  • Hi the topical talk has been an amazing experience no doubt, I have learnt conversation skills that have really helped me in my personal life and has made me see the world through other eyes.

  • To learn a new language you should follow some steps. For example English it have a lot of vocabulary and Grammar so you should study them, you should listen to people were they speaking English to improve your language, write many topics to develop your writing, speak English a lot to practices The language, you also should at least speak for two hours every day.
    And when I applied these steps I learn a lot of language such as German and English... etc.

  • Hello, there.
    Topical Talk Festival is one of the most interesting, experiential and important programs of my life. I have learned a lot by participating in this program. This festival has changed my perception and perspective on various issues in the world. The topical talk festival created an opportunity to discuss what we are learning around the world. Also, every lesson of this festival was very interesting and meaningful for young people like me. This festival has experts to make every topic easy and lively. Also, Topical Talk Festival creates an opportunity to learn new topics and get insights from peers and subject matter experts. Its activities, online events, standpoint contests, thoughtful ideas and conversations, giving stars etc. influenced me. Also this festival has helped to learn a new language like English. For example - English conversation and expression etc.

    Above all, personally I think that Topical Talk Festival is a program which highlights various topics and gives opportunity to students to express their views on that topic. It has helped us to understand the various problems of the present world in an easy way. A big thank you to Topical Top Festival for creating opportunities to educate, express and expose myself to the world.

  • ok... Topical talk improved in me the searching skill , that may be a lit different and strange but that what happened,
    I learnt how to search, be accurate in my information, to be clear in my explanation, and how to describe my point of view in a clear way with out use complicated vocabs and in a simply way with out being afraid, also when you see different options, opinions and ways in explanation, you will get much benefits definately, and in the same time you are practicing the language, and that what exactly happened to me, really i'm so thankful to be here withyou all.

  • Hi there! In my point of view, I was very satisfied that I entered the Tropical Talks Festival because I learned how to use vocabulary that I take in my English language, I improved my language very much, I I'm now able to use phrases and vocabularies in my language, and all of this influence it me so much in the English language in talking.
    Thank you and goodbye!

  • I think this might be the best experience I have ever had at school!
    There might be two things that might make it even better. I think it would be even better if we have more topics to engage on. I learnt most of the stuff here at the hub because it was a really good and I get to put in my views about what is happening whereas I cannot if I was watching the television at home.
    The second thing that would make Topical Talk better is that it should take place longer because I enjoyed it really much as we can have debates at school and we do not do that really often.
    The thing I enjoyed most about having a chance doing Topical Talk is that I can talk to all of the Topical Talkers. They come from all over the world and I had a really good time reading and replying their comments. Some of them even changed my mind on what I think about a topic.

  • Did you know that bilingual people have lower chance of developing Alzheimer's disease, when i knew that, i started improve my english language as i could, and i don't deny that Topical Talk Festival helped me describing my opinions about many different topics, learning different and new vocabs, expressing my self more, write in a simple language, and also explain in a simple way.
    I gained many different informations, and different ways to describe my point of view at many different topics, And certainly when you see different opinions you will get many ideas and that what exactly happened.
    Also from the ways helped me practice english more is Shadowing it is like a magic, it helps you talk as advanced people, getting more informations, and it is so exciting,
    from that all, we concluded that the most important thing to be professional, advanced in english and also many language, is to Practice and Discipline and that what happened to me and also many people here and i'm sure of that.

  • Hello,
    I enjoyed this festival a lot and has been very beneficial for me. I have learnt a lot about the news and things on all around the world which I wouldn't have normally taken interest in. By daily commenting, I also improved My vocabulary and language. My english has improved a lot. I have learnt so many new words and phrases by interacting with other topical talkers.
    Also getting views of different types of people from different parts of the world changed my perspective a lot and broadened my understanding of things. This was one of the best opportunities I have ever had to interact with so many people from all over the world.
    I would have regretted not joining in and have enjoyed this experience a lot.
    Thank you

  • I genuinely want to express my gratitude to the creators of the topical discussion since it has been quite helpful to me in many ways. I participated last year and did so again this year. It's really great; it helps me improve my speaking, vocabulary, focus, creativity, listening, and other skills. It's always so fantastic! The only issue I had this year was that they disregarded around four or five comments, claiming that although I had utilised AI at first, only about two of them were used. I used AI, but I stopped using it and all other websites after seeing a post saying that you should stop using AI or any other website or else your account will be blocked.However, it turned out that they disapproved of my remarks, claiming that I had used artificial intelligence when in fact I had not.
    Aside from that, though, I still adore it.
    I appreciate all you did.
    Thank You!❣️🤗

  • I Really love this festival since it has encouraged me to get out of my safe zone and chat with other students all around the world and this festival aslo helped me improve my grammatical skills and also my vocabulary, i love giving comments and chatting with other students on here and i love giving you my opinion so I would love to thank everyone on this festival for making me have a great time! I Hope this festival goes on and on and never ends so i can talk to everyone and give my opinon so thanks to all of you ❤️!!

  • This was really educational because according to topical talk, quizzes mean a new chance to test your knowledge of the news!
    So, this was really good to learn about and I am glad to be a topical talker because it makes me more print to good and understandable information. Also, it helps me to know what is better than the other because topical talk has made me a problem solver.
    Thank you

  • Hello everybody !
    I'm sympathetic _ clarinet.
    Like anyone in the world, loves to learn languages, and therefore he or
    she loves to improve their language and work on it, and since the English language is the most famous language and the first language and it considered as the only language in which all peoples can understand each other, so I chose this language in order to improve it and through it I know how to deal with many people and be honest. the festival topical took helped me. I would like to thank you very much because when I entered this platform, I learned a lot of nice things, I also learned a lot of words, and I started practicing the language a lot.
    Thank you for reading my comment.

  • Hi everyone! I wanna tell you what i feel about this amazing festival.
    Everyday i get more attached and currious about the Topical Talk Festival because i am truly loving this experience where i can interact with students all around the world, so i hope this Festival continues on for a long time so i can have more fun on it.
    Thats it and thank you everyone!

  • It was a totally new experience to me! First of all I learnt so many new things, vocabulary and expressions about topics I didn't know existed .
    Even if some of them were difficult with the help of my teacher and discussions with my classmates we got into deeper understanding and I must say I was amazed to see that I could support my views so well.
    Thank you for this opportunity

  • It's actually my first time participating in the topical Talk festival and it has being great the topical Talk festival has helped me in critical thinking, listening skills, understanding questions better, and typing skills. It's actually the best experience which involves education, topical Talk has been of great help to me.

  • Hello,
    I loved the festival. It was very beneficial for me because I learnt how to speak more confidently, listen more carefully and lots of new words were added to my vocabulary. This was my first time entering the competition and I am so proud of myself because I tried hard and got better results than I expected. I learned lots of new things and to think more carefully and clearly. It was an amazing experience and I recommend it to any student that wants to improve his/her skills in the English language( reading,writing,listening and speaking).
    Thank you Topical Talk Festival for improving my skills.
    Congratulations to all the Topical Talkers from around the world.
    I want to thank all the amazing "teachers".
    And a big "thank you" to the Economist group for uploading the topics and by them I learnt many things.

  • This festival is very beneficial for me as my English got improved the grammar the listening and the speaking and I got to know about many things that I even didn't knew enhanced games not only I got to know about women harrasment done online and AI being harmful and useful in future and now this journey of topical talk was very useful to me I wish I could time travel back to January and compete start this festival now I can proudly say that when I participated in an international festival around the world I hope I will see you all economists again next year , before this festival I think I was worse in writing essays and comments but while I came at this journey of topical talk I saw changes inside me a lot now I know much more better vocabulary and words I request you to please extend this festival☺️.
    Thank you a ton
    Warm regards
    Dazzling ladder......

  • To be honest, this festival changed me completely, it's as if I am a new person altogether. A person with increased self confidence and a person who is now more self aware about his surrounding. I am really grateful for the festival to bring such a positive change in me and to provide the young minds with such an amazing platform to discuss about the global issues. Throughout my journey on this hub I have seen myself gain valuable insights and knowledge about various fields and getting exposed to different perspectives which not only helped me reform my own morals but as well as help me understand more about human nature.

  • Hi, there.
    First of all, a big thank you from me and my school to the Topical Talk Festival. Topical Talk Festival is a very important and interesting festival for students like me. By participating in this festival, I got to know about the various interesting, surprising and worrying topics of the world. My views on these things have changed. The most interesting aspects of this festival were the stand point competition, quiz competition, polling etc. These things helped me to know each specialty well. Besides, experts based on each subject helped to understand the matter more easily. By commenting on various issues of the festival and awarding stars accordingly, organizing various competitions every week, etc. my information retention capacity, quick decision making and analytical skills have improved. It also helped me to increase the ability to retain information in the brain and to answer questions quickly. It also helped me to respond quickly to various comments. Basically, this festival has created an opportunity for me to express my opinion in the world court. Also, this festival has played a great role in improving my language skills. Above all, many thanks to the Topical Talk Festival for giving me the opportunity to improve my knowledge base and present myself to the world.

  • The topical top has improved my speaking and communication skills. Previously I used to feel shy when talking to people I didn't know. But now I'm participating in the tropical top festival has made it easier for me to understand and respond to people's comment. This has not only improved my communications skills but also helped me to relate better with my friends at school. I now actively participate in class discussions and feel more comfortable communicating with my peers

  • I have learned to solve problems by car and understand things easier. Engaging in this topical talk has taught me to handle multiple tasks and find solutions. During this time I have acquired more skills that are useful to me in various ways search a solving math problem and answering case study questions in class without difficulty.
    Thank you for this amazing opportunity.

  • Hello Tropical talkers and the topical talk management team
    I am really grateful for the opportunity that I got to discuss these important issues with some people from all over the world. This festival opened my eyes to a lot of important issues that I didn't know about and how people from different places suffer and experience the same issues in different ways. Either way I am really grateful for the opportunity and it was really amazing getting to know everybody's opinion. Perhaps of the most important expertise I've acquired from this magnificent open stage is social communication. Preceding this, I hadn't experienced an open door where I could unhesitatingly impart my considerations and insights with such a different crowd. Here, I felt liberated from the apprehension about judgment, permitting me to straightforwardly communicate my thoughts. Furthermore, diving into different points like simulated intelligence, eco-nervousness, environmental change, and more has furnished me with a more profound comprehension of our ongoing circumstance and ignited my creative mind for what's in store. Examining subjects, for example, decisions has additionally assisted me with turning out to be more mindful of worldwide issues and engaged me to contribute by voicing my perspectives. By and large, this stage has upgraded my relational abilities as well as widened my viewpoint on significant issues confronting our present reality. I 'm profoundly keen to the choice by the stage's power to keep up with our secrecy. This decision has given a huge open door to me to offer my viewpoints with certainty. Without the heaviness of judgment in light of personality, I've felt engaged to transparently share my considerations. Frankly, assuming our personalities were uncovered, I could have held onto some weakness about imparting my insights. The namelessness has established a protected climate where I can unreservedly voice my considerations without the feeling of dread toward being decided by others. This feeling of opportunity has been significant, and I'm appreciative for the stage's obligation to encouraging open and comprehensive discourse.