AI and The Future: Beneficial or Detrimental

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AI is becoming better as the years go by. As of now, an AI website called ‘Chat GPT’ helps students get ideas of what they would like to write. There are also AI videos that people can create. In addition, people can also create art with AI. AI is changing our world in many ways. Young people are also growing up in this ever changing world. AI may create some jobs, but some will also be lost. Some people may think that AI will hurt the world and affect our future while others may think that it will improve our world and make it better. My stance is that AI will improve our world and will assist us in many different ways.

I believe that AI will improve our world and assist us partly because I see the benefits to AI. People say that AI will create many new jobs for the people of the future and the younger generation such as maintenance, for example. There are other benefits to AI. One other benefit is that AI will likely reduce human error. There will be no more mistakes made if AI is doing the job. It will also be cost saving if AI does the job. AI does not need to be paid for its work. These are all great benefits, in my opinion. AI might even make some jobs easier.

AI is a tool that can help us complete harder jobs like health care better. AI helps by answering patients' questions. Some AIs are outstanding! They can assist a surgeon with surgery. Even though there are many good things that AI is doing, many people may say that AI could possibly be a bad thing. Some may argue that AI is taking many jobs and putting people out of work. For example, AI is taking jobs working in agriculture. AI is also taking jobs that involve art. Many young artists will eventually grow up and try to find a job. Since AI is making art, they will most likely not be hired. Even if they wanted to attend an art college they will not be accepted because the college may call the art they submitted “AI art”. AI could also replace teachers in the future. AI in the future will be so smart that it could teach students. AI shouldn’t be feared, it should be celebrated for its benefits.

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  • In my opinion I think that A.I won't improve our world because for example would you rather have an A.I teach you or a real person teach and you can express your feelings to. Also most kids will become unhealthy if more A.I continues to grow . As of now kids don't go outside so what makes you think that more A.I will help them, it will most likely decrease the activity of children.

    1. Hi joyous_climate;
      I personally disagree with you. Al strives to improve all work. All tasks can be done more accurately and quickly with Al. So keeping this in mind, I think that Al will not reduce children's activity but will help children develop more mentally. Currently, there are not all places in the world to play. As a result, children cannot go out and play. I think that Al will be able to solve this problem in the future as well. Hope I have made my point clear to you. Do you agree with my opinion? Please let me know soon.

      1. Interesting ideas. Can you think of any downsides to relying totally on AI?

        1. Hi Chloe @ Topical Talk;
          I think that Al is quite an important and intelligent technology. Al tries to improve an action. But Al can make mistakes. But that's only in the first working. If we can make Al efficient in all tasks then we can completely trust Al in the future. I don't mean to say that Al doesn't have bad sides. Al also has some downsides. For example; Making the wrong decision. But in my opinion if Al is made correctly it might avoid the problem. So with this in mind I would like to say that there are aspects of relying entirely on Al but there are also solutions. Hope I was able to answer your question.

  • Hi everyone
    As any thing have good side and bad side so you talk about the good side and you see that artificial intelligence (AI) is benefit to us but in my opinion that it isn't very good, It has a lot of disadvantages, for example Job displacement: AI automation can lead to job loss for people in certain industries, Privacy issues: AI might collect a lot of personal information about people without them knowing, which can be a problem, Mistakes: Sometimes, AI can make big mistakes if it's not trained well or taken care of and Hurting the planet: Creating and using AI can harm the Earth because it needs so much energy..... etc
    And remember "Enjoy moments with real people around you, for human interaction gives life invaluable richness"

    1. I agree with you that AI will bring negative affect on humans life more than positive.
      AI leads to job displacement in many sectors. The people earn their livinghood working on many jobs but AI is taking humans place on these jobs. So, those people will suffer in their life. Again If it goes in the hand of a fraud, he/ she can make people fool using AI. Because AI can mimic ones voice and make a video like a human. Even, there are some bad student who will heavily rely on AI rather than taking little help. They will do their all their work by AI. Even, if the student don't use, the teacher might say that they used it because. AI got the news that we know. So, there can be a coincidence that human and AI writing become same. A person writes a recent news about pollution but some people might say that it is used by AI where it is not used. It will make that people think that nobody judge a real talent. So, AI makes our life difficult too to choose real talent.
      There are also privacy issue using AI. We can't believe AI blindly. We don't have any knowledge whether AI will keep our data safe or not. For example : Recently Universal Music
      Group's artists songs are being removed from Tiktok for AI issue. Tiktok has lack of protection for artists against AI - generated tracks.
      It will affect the business of the music industry as AI can mimic an artists voice too.

  • Yes AI can be beneficial if used properly. It can help students in many ways by researching about topics, using technological devices to assist them in projects and graphics.
    AI can influence positively in many sectors like in surgeries using robotics skills.
    However if AI is in the hands of wrong persons it may result in many negative effects. If it is used only to create weapons and for any military purposes i really don’t know if it will help humanity.

    1. I agree with ur take on this.
      Artificial Intelligence is very useful to human beings and is a powerful tool which offers so many different benefits including;
      1. Increases efficiency in work.
      2. It helps to save time.
      3. It reduces stress level.
      4. It can be used to provide genuine and accurate answers.
      5. It helps to check and prevent human errors,etc.
      On the contrary, AI regardless of it's many benefits can end up causing more harm than good to the human race if it is not used properly including over dependence on technology,laziness,unemployment,etc.
      Therefore,AI is neither a friend nor a foe.

  • I definitely agree that A.I will improve our future! A.I can help to complete tasks that require precision, and accuracy. This will give less room for humans to make errors in these fields. While A.I improves calculatory fields of work, it can also ruin fields of work that require more human involvement. Jobs that deal with more physical and emotional labor should stay reserved for humans. Even though A.I can be very helpful it cannot do all the work that humans do, and that should be accepted.

  • I do think ai should be celebrated for its benefits as it can provide learning experiences for people, calculate equations faster, and even assist in some surgeries. However, I don't think ai will be able to take jobs in the near future. In my opinion the best music is the music that's relatable. Ai can and will not replicate this feeling, the same thing with art. I also don't think they would be able to replace the teachers, but instead help them. I learn better when there's a teacher I like, and I'm pretty sure that goes for everybody else too.

    1. AI is the best it has helped us so much by giving gps life support cards i mean i just makes life so much easier

  • I think we should consider both effects, negative and positive. People usually examine one side and conclude, but I feel we should understand advantages along with disadvantages of AI and then make a conclusion regarding whether AI is beneficial or not.
    Secondly, I believe, if AI usage is in limit, we can face minimal amount of negative effects. If AI is used wisely, it is a great invention and can really help us in future, but we also require to appraise the other side of the coin and work upon it.

  • I agree with you! Some people think otherwise but you and I see eye to eye! Especially in paragraph #2 when you stated, " believe that AI will improve our world and assist us partly because I see the benefits to AI. People say that AI will create many new jobs for the people of the future and the younger generation such as maintenance".

  • AI can definitely help better jobs though would some of the answers be false? AIs (like Chat GPT) typically get their information from online sources like Google and Google sometimes can be an unreliable source of information, especially if you are self diagnosing yourself.

  • I agree with you on the fact that A.I can be used in efficiency to work, but there are many factors that contradict whether A.I is actually beneficial for the future. Excessively using A.I to your advantage for work instead of actually putting effort in will result in a lazier lifestyle overall, especially since A.I is very easy to access by many people (e.g, Chat GPT). Although A.I is very useful for more intricate tasks, I believe that it should not be used for everyday tasks such as homework (especially since it is getting harder to detect A.I) otherwise it could be detrimental to the brain activity of children and/or others and therefore should not be used so frequently.

  • Hi,
    i solidly agree with you because i think AI teaches accorsjng to what or informations that are been program to them but humans go deeper in explanation in the sense that they explain something most of the time with their life expirence where AI robots dont have life expirence.
    I dont think you will even find in intresting seeing AI robots teaching you as a teachers int your class where as they dont even have emotions to determine whether a student is payong attention or confuse in class.
    So now as AI continue to grow, children has been becoming more lazy and addicted to thay which ia very bad.
    In conclusion, what i mean didnt side AI but i think AI machines will only enhance the level of productivity in learning.

  • I agree with you. As you say, AI is a tool, and it depends on us how we will use it. Ai has both negative and positive effects. Amidst all, we are more likely to hear the negatives effect of AI such as job loss and others. Ai can be a great tool to cheat and fraud people. At the same time, we cannot deny the benefits of AI. We must have to admit that AI has changed our lives and make our daily works easier. So, it's our duty to protect such a good tool and use it properly. But how can we ensure the safe use of AI? The answer is by increasing monitoring system and rising awareness among the people. We have to make arrangement so that we the people have the ultimate authority to control the AI to avoid further problems. We have to remember that we the human have created this tool, so we also know how to manage and use it properly. If all the people are well aware of AI, there is less chance of getting fool by people using AI. We have to make a pledge to use AI only in good works not in bad works. Let's take the utmost benefits by using AI, while remain aware of its negative sides.

  • I agree with you! I especially agree in paragraph #2 when you stated, "One other benefit is that AI will likely reduce human error. There will be no more mistakes made if AI is doing the job. It will also be cost saving if AI does the job." I agree with the fact that everything will be completed to perfection if AI are completing most jobs. I also agree with paragraph #1 when you stated, "My stance is that AI will improve our world and will assist us in many different ways."

  • In my opinion, AI and technology in general is a double-edged sword. It can benefit our world, make jobs easier and make it easy for us to educate new information. I think that Chat GPT is an amazing program that can make lives easy for us. It can answer for you any questions that you have.

  • The impact of AI on the future is a topic of intense debate. While I don’t have personal opinions, it’s widely acknowledged that AI holds the potential to drive innovation and efficiency across various sectors. However, it also raises valid concerns about privacy, job displacement, and ethical decision-making. The consensus among experts is that the benefits of AI can be maximized and its risks minimized through thoughtful regulation and ethical AI design practices. Ultimately, the trajectory of AI will be shaped by the choices and policies of human society.

  • I my opinion I think AI would improve our world with jobs that humans cannot do very well. However I think that some jobs should still be done by humans even in the future.

    1. Can you give a few examples of jobs which you think cannot be replaced by AI?