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A stereotype is a set idea that people have about what something or someone is like. Stereotypes can be related to a lot of things, like different cultures, genders, etcetera. Some stereotypes are common to hear in our daily life, and they are accepted by our society, although they are not true. Some examples of these common stereotypes can be that women are better at taking care of children and family than men, and that men are better at mechanics than women, and there are hundreds of examples more.

These ideas that society has about different topics, can interfere in the life of the groups affected by them. In gender stereotypes, most times women are affected negatively, as they are diminished, or separated from men because they can’t do the same things. Using the example that I mentioned before, when women are told that they are better at taking care of the children, they assume that they can’t work because they just need to stay at home, when that’s not true, but they have grown up with that idea and they have validated it, so they create themselves imaginary boundaries that can affect their life, as although they can be interested in a job, they are not going to make an effort to work in it, because they are supposed to be at home taking care of family and children.

Stereotypes should be removed from people minds so any life is limited anymore, and people can live freely. To do so, it is important to make young generations conscious of this, as they are the future of countries, and they have the option to change things. And for younger generations to see, it is important that parents behave in a way that children see that stereotypes are not true, and I come back to the same example, if children are told that only women can do the house chores, they are going to learn that, but if they see that also their father helps, they are going to copy it and they are not going to affect stereotypes.

From my point of view, stereotypes have really improved along the years, but they still must improve more until they finally disappear, and everybody is treated equally without the influence of any stereotype.

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  • I agree with this. On the news I've constantly seen women get mistreated constantly since women are perceived as weak, and lesser than men in many categories. I also believe with your claim that you made when you mentioned how stereotypes should be removed completely, especially about gender. I believe they should be removed because there are so many things that you can learn about people and there are so many things that a person can do. I believe that you shouldn't just judge someone based on their gender but by their abilities to do the certain task and not being stereotypical and not letting them try because they are a woman.

    1. I agree with you because women are being mistreated just like you have said and they compare women with men because men are stronger and better in different ways . It is amazing that people think that women are natural with providing childcare and t the same time think they can not take of the nation. I think that is a wrong analogy. Women have proven to have the capacity to multitask and this a skillset that is very much needed in our world today.
      People should be treated as humans primarily regardless of their gander.

    2. Yes I agree!! Not everything is about their gender. They get so disrespected, what have we done? People set expectations on women and think they have limited abilities. They should get more opportunities at life and let them be. Women have many qualities and should not be perceived as "weak" just because of their gender.

  • Stereotypes are just a bunch of people who are biased towards a certain topic. This can relate to women because we are regularly outcasted or biasly overpowered by people or mainly men who think because we are women, that we can't do half of the things they do. They are wrong for judging a book by it's cover. They can maybe do way more than they can, we could even be their role models for when they need something to look up to and try to get on our level. There are so many women in our history that have made names for themselves without letting the despicable acts of men lead them to downfall. Stereotypes are just people who base other or things based on their look and from where they originate from.

    1. HELLO joyous dragonfly,
      I agree with you because many or bunch of people heat to certain topic about woman, they women are not confident to stand up to do what they want to do. mother are their children's warriors but men go out to much
      and don't have enough time to spend with their children. to me a country that fail woman is a condemned country. some men discourage women that is why women are in this case right now.
      THANK YOU!!!

  • I 100% agree with this. Throughout the years, women have always been perceived as lower than men and inferior. Still, even though women have been fighting for their rights and equality, we are still not there. I, myself, have faced many people stereotyping me just because I'm a woman. I can recall multiple incidents where people have said: "Why need dishwashers when there are 4 billion women on earth?" , "Men are 10x better than women", and multiple others.

    However, I think that is EXTREMELY sexist as well as stereotypical, considering not every woman cleans, or cooks, or is a stay at home mom. When you meet someone, you can't just assume that they are anything by just looking at their gender, race, or anything. Everyone is different and not every person of the same race or gender is the same. I think that these absolutely diminishing stereotypes should stop. I think it's absolutely wrong and unkind to say such rude things about women, considering that NO ONE would be able to survive a single day on earth without women, in multiple ways.

  • I absolutely agree with this. Stereotypes are specific ideas that a person has for someone or a specific topic. Constantly on the news we see women get a bad treatment leading them to be seem as a weak person or not corresponded for that job. I also believe that stereotypes should not be a thing around the world. This could lead women to follow strict ideas about these stereotypes to be fit in. For example, one stereotype I have always been hearing is that women belong to the kitchen, this stereotype lead women to leave their goals and career since they grow with that mindset. This is why I believe stereotypes should not be a thing.

  • Stereotypes have unfortunately been going on throughout history. Also in history you’ve seen people rise above expectations and assumptions to achieve great things. Women have broken the stereotypes and done things men of that time couldn’t. Without women we wouldn’t survive. But you can’t force someone to change their view on something but you can prove that you’re not defined by what people assume you are. No one, no one should be judged by gender, race or sexuality.

  • I do agree, the way to solve stereotypes is Education, Awareness, and Diversity. This can be done through discussions that addresses and encourages empathy and respect for genders, and different cultures. By supporting and showcasing different and diverse perspectives, promoting positive portrayals and challenging harmful stereotypes can make an impact. Furthermore, creating a positive environment where everyone feels comfortable and valued. This promotes open dialogue to educate people about these and creating awareness.
    Generally, awareness and education is the way to deal with stereotypes.

  • Hi everyone,

    I want to address how our actions can inadvertently perpetuate stereotypes. Consider a scenario where a boy excels academically while a girl struggles—a situation that might reinforce the stereotype that boys are inherently better at math. However, it's crucial to recognize that such assumptions are unfounded and can have a significant impact.

    Rather than allowing stereotypes to dictate our beliefs, I believe in actively challenging them. For instance, when encountering the misconception that boys are superior in math, I advocate for demonstrating that dedication, not gender, determines success in the subject.

    Unfortunately, stereotypes can manifest unfairly, even within educational settings. Some teachers may favor boys in sports, providing them with more training opportunities, which can deeply affect girls who are passionate about athletics.

    Beyond school environments, societal beliefs also perpetuate stereotypes, with a significant percentage assuming boys excel in sports. Such attitudes can be disheartening for girls who enjoy participating in sports.

    Moreover, comments reinforcing gender stereotypes can be hurtful. As someone who grew up surrounded by boys, I've learned to manage my emotions effectively, challenging the notion that girls are inherently more emotional.

    I wholeheartedly agree with Highspirited Mulberry—our generation is actively combating stereotypes. It's inspiring to witness collective efforts toward creating a more inclusive and equitable world, where individuals are not judged based on outdated notions but are recognized for their unique strengths and abilities.

    Thank you for listening!

  • This disrespect against women is ridiculous. People in general interfere with the life of women. They are underlooked and deserve more respect. Women are thought to be weak and just not seen as big as they are meant to be. Women can be leaders too. Not all women are what the standards/expectations are. People have expectations for women so when it is not to their expectations, they get criticized. Women are not just "housewives", they can have jobs too. We need to stop letting people have standards about women because we are our own person.

  • I totally agreed with you. History shows that women are affected greatly due to stereotypes created by the society. Now it's the proper time to break all the stereotypes from the society. When the society creates stereotypes, it's basically like putting a limitation over the freedom of the women and set a boundary which becomes hard for the women to break and come out from it. Now the question come how can we fight against all those stereotypes? Well, it requires combine effort. We have to make people understand that by born man and women are different but that doesn't mean they are unable to do certain works. The best way to break those stereotypes is to prove it wrong. We all the women have to work together hard and have to prove that the stereotypes of the society are wrong. Women are capable of doing many more things. Additionally, we need to raise consciousness among the young generation about those stereotypes and have to make sure that those stereotypes don't stop a girl from pursuing her dreams. We all need to believe in the fact that those stereotypes are all wrong and there are no such limitations for women.

  • In society today there are still very many unconscious biases towards women. There are still very many professions where women are in the minority. When you think of a soldier for example you think automatically of a man, when you think of a airline pilot you think of a man. However these jobs could be done by a woman equally as well. I am pleased to write that these stereotypes are being addressed in many professions with increased awareness of this problem, and encouragement of applications from both genders.

  • i do agree that some stereotypes should not be thinked or discussed at all, but you can't just remove something from people's minds easily, i guess if we want to improve our new generation some stereotypes should not be told at all to them as it can cause thinking bad about something/someone. I still think that talking about some stereotypes can be interesting, it's a big wide open freedoom of talking nd adding something new, but we have to remeber that sometimes we can offend someone so we have to be careful.

  • I agree with this statement because women always get stereo typed because they may can't do the same things men do like football,baseball,cricket and many more.But some women are stronger than men and can way more than them like being in the army,famous Tik toker, footballer or even an play the Olympics.

  • Where I'm from, stereotypes are essentialy the foundation of our society: Women are often looked down upon because "they're way too emotional and temperamental", while men are the ones who are calm and collected in all situations. If you were to stay anywhere in our country for at least two days, you would see that it's the complete opposite. But still - what we like to call - the "Balkan mentality" will very hardly change for the better, and even though the world progresses, our societies remain the way they were. The majority of people are old fundamentalists who will never change their views on anything, and they often support any, if not all stereotypes, while the young people who leave the country leave mostly because of those stereotypes. In my opinion, stereotypes are the main issue of the modern world, and are harmful to the people they describe. Even though many people dream of a steretype-free world, I believe it would never be possible to achieve. People are given the right to choose their opinions freely, and there will always be people whose opinions are prejudiced.

  • I agree with this... This paragraph adeptly discusses the prevalence and negative impacts of gender stereotypes, particularly those concerning women. It effectively illustrates how these stereotypes shape societal expectations and limit opportunities for women. The example provided about women being perceived as better caregivers, thereby limiting their participation in the workforce, is particularly compelling. Overall, this paragraph effectively addresses the issue of women's stereotypes and provides valuable insights into the steps needed to overcome them and achieve true gender equality.

  • There is a lot of types of symptoms as popular misconceptions, men are reckless drivers, women are talkative, Generalized Something.... etc.
    And all of them people say them to a lot of men and women and we can't stop them so we should don't care about them and make what we want and remember Never judge a book by its cover.

  • I think stereotyping is something that happens a lot for instance women and men having certain roles or even other inequalities like races do different things so figures in the media from your gender or race or country can help to inspire you and impact the negatives it can also help to make you recognise the situation

  • It's important not to judge someone based on their gender, race, or any other external factors. Stereotypes are harmful and unfair, as every individual is unique. Making rude comments about women is not only unkind, but also inaccurate. Women play a crucial role in society and deserve all the respect.

  • It is crucial to eliminate stereotypes from people's minds so that no one's life is limited anymore, allowing everyone to live freely. A key step towards achieving this is to raise awareness among the younger generations, as they hold the power to shape the future of our nations and bring about change. To ensure that the younger generations understand this, it is essential for parents to set an example by behaving in a way that challenges stereotypes. For instance, if children witness their father helping with household chores alongside their mother, they will learn that stereotypes are not true and will be less likely to perpetuate them.

  • I agree with this topic specifically because of the fact that stereotypes are very mistaken nowadays. Multiple people do it and they'll go off the first opinions. Images of girls and women in the media are filled with stereotypes about who women are and what their roles should be in society. Given media's stereotypical portrayals of women and men, we shouldn't be surprised to find that relationships between women and men are similarly depicted.

  • I agree with this statement, women and men should have equal rights to do whatever they desire. Stereotypes bring down others who want to find out new sports and jobs. It's a 50/50 chance that everyone will be treated the same or stay this problem with us until future generations. If we try to do something to stop these types of human beings, we might have a chance to fight back.

  • I definitely agree with this statement. Gender stereotypes will never be equal but we can try as hard as we can to make it fair for our future generation. Otherwise they will eventually get used to either taking care of the kids, doing the laundry or making the food but they need to learn that they can have their own career as well as men.

  • I agree with you because women have been treated badly over the years and people still treat them bad now. Many people take advantage of women because society has labeled them as weak and unworthy. Many people make stereotypes about women which started out as something men started many years ago but people still carry to this day. Women have tried to show that they were just as good as men by outgoing themselves and making good accomplishments but people still never see them as good as men. Women get disrespected day to day because of gender when in reality it doesn't matter what gender you are.

  • It is unfortunate that women are often unfairly judged as being too emotional and temperamental, while men are seen as calm and composed. However, if you were to spend just two days in our country, you would quickly realize that this perception is completely opposite to reality. The majority of people here are conservative and resistant to change, holding onto outdated views and supporting stereotypes. Sadly, these stereotypes are one of the main issues in our modern world, as they harm the individuals they are applied to. Despite many people yearning for a world without stereotypes, I personally believe that achieving such a goal is highly unlikely. Everyone has the right to their own opinions, and unfortunately, there will always be individuals whose opinions are biased.

  • I agree with your statement, men and women shouldn't be placed into a "box" by what people believe they should be. I believe that people who use stereotypes don't know the actual significance behind them and are biased because of their preconceived ideas.

  • I agree women like me shouldn't be mistreated or down played because of our gender. It isn't even logical because women are very smart. We create and start everything from trends to things that people use in everyday life.

  • I strongly agree with this.
    Yes, There are specific roles which men and women play in a society sometimes when it comes down to a person's culture or tradition. However, women should not be restricted based on such gender stereotypes.
    It is the 21st century, and yet some indivisible still carry the mindset that women belong in the kitchen and should only engage in household cleaning. Although there is nothing wrong with women who are household wives, the problem lies with the people in the society who decide to judge and restricted women's freedom of enterprise and choice.
    Women should be allowed the chance to make their own decisions not to be restricted by certain stereotypes.