Nepotism poll results!


The news is full of stories about nepotism – when those who have power show special and unfair favour to family or friends, giving them an unfair advantage over others.

This gave us an idea for this week’s poll!

For this poll we asked you to share how you felt about the following statement:

If you had the power to, would you help your family and friends…more than others? The same as others? Or less than others?

The results are in and here's what you thought:


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  • equally both my friends/family, sure I have a positive relationship with them but giving them an unfair advantage could chandge them/how they see me so I thnk it is better to give everyone an equal chance or you might make your friend/relative stuck up and have an attiude of "I don't have to work for oppotunities" but on the flipside if the person is good at what is needed then you could recomend them, all in all the most important part is that the right people get the right opportunity

    1. I agree because... if I had the power, I would help my family and friends the same as others because if we treat them above or less than others it would be considered and bias. when friend and family are treated above others the others would consider it as favoritism and when the others are treated above family and friends they would we are trying to degrade them because the are close to us. So the best thing to do is to treat them both equally so no one would be considered above the other.

      1. I 💯 agree with you .Nepotisn should not be practiced as it snatches away the right of people from our societies. Many deserving peoples donot get what they deserve. Nepotism also shows the double standards of a society..It is even narrower form of favouritism..Giving Jobs to family member isn't bad but giving them more than their merit is unfair and injustice to those who compete the merit and works extremely hard ..I shall never practice such acts in my future , and favour my relatives upon a deserving person ...I will equally treat my relatives as well as others people .....In my opinion Nepotism should be stopped now

      2. I agree with you ... Equality is the last way to quit and overcome nepotism ...But I'm not sure about this because in our society nepotism is very common.
        In Soni Razdan satisfying words:
        "Nepotism is a natural thing
        that happens in every field."If owner of a company is favouring his friends and family and they are deserving that and they are not killing the merit of society ,but sometimes in that situation it is felt by the society that owner is doing nepotism...They offen challenges and criticize that candidates too.They challenges the guts and capabilities of the candidate.Moreever, we should try to treat everyone equal,because according to my relegion and country as well as others too.Everyone is equal.No one is less or more than other.Everyone is unique , important, priceless and rare in his own way .. Everyone have some talents but most of them don't get the opportunity to demonstrate it.So we should try to adopt equality and I'll be the best solution to quit the race of Nepotism.

    2. I disagree because... helping my family and friend the same way with others will lead them to expect more from me and they might decide not to work hard. so if i show them that i don't care much about them, they will feel there will be no one to help them as such they might tighten up their belt, work hard and be independent

      1. I agree because most people nowadays have become very lazy as soon as the get any help from someone they no longer make any effort to work hard they start depending on the person that is helping them and when this help is gone they come back to where they used to be before. This would also make them to put more effort into anything that they do knowing that there is really no one that they can depend, but this does not mean that you shouldn't help them it just means that there should be a limit to what you can be able to help them with. and they should not depend on you fully.

      2. I agree because... to prove that they are my family and I have a special love for them so they must be treated specially in order for them to feel special around me.
        Another reason I agree with you is that my family and friends will always be there for me at all times (whether good or bad).Do you remember the saying that blood is thicker than water 💧? This is exactly what's playing around here
        My family 👪 will always feel my pain s because I am part of them.So favouring over others, for me is an investment

      3. whilst that might be the case you can ensure that they understand that they have to work

      4. Yes, I agree with you in this world of ours. If you help a person once or twice, he may get used to you and you will help him and take advantage of that opportunity. We should not be complacent with them. I am not saying that we do not help them, but rather we help them once or twice, or you get used to ignoring them

      5. I agree with you grateful_conversation, to push people to be independent is solving a billion dollar problem. To help your family and friends to climb up to high position has its disadvantages. The struggle of a person to plainly climb up to a high position is something I feel everyone to pass theough because it has its lesson it teaches them, not just about business strategies but also about your personal life and how to balance work and pleasure, a nepo baby would definitely lack some of this qualities and wouldn't function as good as someone who went through the whole process of life.
        Indirectly, this can also affect the growth of the business because might not be as qualified as other people are and would end up leading the company/industry to failure, they'll only play the role of a half baked bread and would neither be an asset nor a liability to the company.

      6. I agree because... When I help my friends and family members to meet their needs us just there's away other people will not feel good with because a person might have a certificate of doing something but you instead denied the person the chance to do it. Take for example when people are suffering you instead help your own family members and friends instead of the poorer. So we need to join our ✋ to fight against this non viral disease.

    3. I agree because...people do become lazy when they are just having things given to them.

  • I would treat everyone equally to prevent nepotism in the community ,The people I am employing might have qualified for the position, which helps in bringing new ideas in expanding and improving the business or work place into a better place .employing relatives and friends also has disadvantages and advantages which is not easy

  • I think that if I had the power I would treat my family and friends the same as others because I think that everybody no matter who it is should be treated equally but some have been using the power that they to make people suffer sometimes they would even make their family members suffer. For example:
    Reduced productivity, morale, and engagement. ...

    Special treatment. ...

    Reduced employee development. ...

    Increased turnover. ...

    Poor corporate culture. ...

    Reduced diversity. ...

    Worse personal relationships. ...

    Potential lawsuits.

  • Hello, I liked your question. In my opinion, I will help both parties, but I prefer to help the parents because they are from my blood and so on. Ok, to tell you that I have the ability to help, of course I will help all people. I help her, or if she needs food, I can buy her food and give it to her, or, for example, I was in a hurry and I cannot buy her anything. I give her money to bring food, or I call my sister, my daughter, my wife to bring her food. This is called help in the end if I can help. I will help everyone I see in need, especially the elderly .
    Thanks 💘

  • Nepotism is the unfair use of power in other to get jobs or other benefits,for your family or friends. It can also be called favouritism.
    These act is practiced not only by celebrities,but other professional jobs and the government. Some of these people who get these job,are not even qualified. Why should the qualified be set aside. Having a family in the high position does not mean it should be abused.
    Most of them do use these to kill the dream of their children, relative, with this thing called nepotism.
    Am very sure that,in my country with this act called nepotism, many are unemployed, especially the youth,and it has increase the rate of poverty in our country.

    These had made some youth ,go into antisocial vices, and it has discourage the mind of the young,on gaining proper education.which are student. In my country 80percent of the student engage themselves in cyber fraud, prostitution. This are student who are suppose to be getting a better education,but they are discourage by the unemployment issue.

    The government are also practicing this act,they are not stepping out for the youth to come in , mostly in my country.
    There should be a stop to these biased system. So therefore nepotism is not acceptable.

    1. Can you explain what you mean by 'kill the dream of their children'?

      1. "They kill their dreams "by putting their children where they are not suppose to be,what if that child does not like that career,and through nepotism they put their children life and career at risk.

      2. I like your question.. She means that the professionals, when his profession produces an income of money that is enough for him to practice on saying we are a rich family and with a high and high position, and this is correct, but he uses it in the wrong way (I mean about money) because that causes the dream of their children to be killed Because he spends money on something that is not worth it, so the money will go away from him, and thus there are no dreams for their children.

      3. I believe that killing the dream of their children belongs to the rich, for example, this rich man has a child, for example, whose dream is to be a doctor or a policeman in the future, and so on, but the father does not like these professions, so he forces him to work with him in the father's company, and thus kills the dream of his child... For his son to work with his father, this is not good. I think this is what he means, but rich parents should not interfere in the work or dreams of their children because they are talented in something else, so the father comes and destroys all their dreams and all their talents...

      4. I believe that they are killing their children by giving them professions or ranks that do not suit their age at all through nepotism, and I think that the children of the velvet class do not live their childhood appropriately... But the children in the middle class who are like me live a beautiful childish life. They will be held accountable for their actions, but I believe that the children in the velvet class should apply the laws patiently and silently and not make mistakes... This is what is meant in "They kill their children's dreams."

      5. Hello tiff,
        Well, what I understand by kill the dream of their children is that most of them want their children to be "successful" in quote even I do not like to classify that as success because they did not use the key to success which is hard work even though I believe this is the main key to success many may have separate opinions which I respect,

        Some of those children (nepo-babies) their own dreams and want to do many other things than doing something similar to what their parents want them to do, but because the parents want to use nepotism to open an unfair door for them to start earning and becoming famous, they will not let them do what they want. As we all know many parents feel their opinions are superior to that of their children they do not even try to see how it affects the children's futures. Now if decisions are taken this way, it is killing peoples future of greatness and also killing dreams of aspiring leaders.

      6. I agree because...Killing their children's dream. I like your question. It depends on the parents' income level
        ☆1 Parents are poor or the financial situation is difficult. They will put their children in a profession that is not acceptable for their age, a market that will force them to leave their schools, and that will make them lose hope of achieving their dreams.
        ☆2 But if the parents are rich and famous, the child will become like his parents, so the child will believe that his successes are because of his parents, even when he grows up, he will depend on his parents, and his parents will remain believing that when parents prefer relatives and children over others, he will make them successful in the opposite, and he will make their dreams kill

      7. I liked your question and I want to answer it with pleasure. They kill the dreams of their children when they wish to become something like a doctor, but because of nepotism, he becomes an actor. When they make their children do difficult tasks so that he does not lose favoritism, someone else comes and takes his place.

      8. "Kill the dream of their children" means that nepotism can prevent talented and qualified individuals from achieving their goals or pursuing their desired careers. When people in positions of power use their influence to secure jobs or benefits for their family members or friends who may not be qualified, it can deny opportunities to deserving candidates. As a result, individuals who have worked hard and are qualified may be overlooked or marginalized, hindering their chances of success and preventing them from realizing their aspirations.

  • hey, This is really a sensitive topic for me as it is something that happens daily in my country tribes, groups and regions are favored more than others and are discriminated which is unfair as they are depriving us of our right to equality and fairness. Nepotism is not bad it is the extent to which it is exploited. For example In my area, relation and friendship is often stronger than ones certificate. It is bad such that someone who is un fit for a job/ task is given the the task because he/she has relation or link to the authorities in charge while someone who is very deserving and fit for the job meeting all the criteria necessary does no get the job. This is very bad as it results in unqualified leaders and less standards results all in the name of "we are related". Nepotism is good in the case as it gives leverage over some people or extra guidance and assistance than an average person. For example someone who is more than capable for a task can have direct access to get it through a family member making it easier and less stressful and is given the job only if he can do the work well and right. Another case scenario is when a wealthy family with business firms train their children with firsthand and quality exposure/ training for the business this creates better leaders and even maintain the legacy of a good business in the future. Though everyone should be treated right and fairly, Everyone wants the best for whom they cherish if they get the chance to help them they would but not at the detriment of hiring or helping unqualified citizens or supporting wrong ideas and motives this is when nepotism is very wrong and gets out of harm it is now longer only nepotism but also discrimination.

  • Hiya,
    If I had the chance to be in a seat of power, I would not give special favor to friends and family. Although their my friends or family it still does not give me the right to put them in positions that they didn't rightfully earn. Honestly speaking I am not a supporter of nepotism or favoritism. Imagine your in a situation where your looking for a job. You've found a company your interested in and you apply for a job, you have all the right qualifications and degrees suitable for the job, you excelled in the interview then later on you find out that the job was given to a friend or relative of the company owner, who doesn't even have up to half of the qualifications or the degrees that you have but just because he had the privilege to be a relative of the company owner he got the job. In a situation like that I'm sure you would be quite infuriated?
    Forgetting about the inequality that nepotism causes, nepotism can cause incompetency in workers.
    If people keep on supporting nepotism and favoritism, some people might not have the right qualifications for the job and they might not even have any knowledge about the job but just because they are friends or relatives to a managing member in the company they get the jobs. This causes incompetency in workers and other companies who have more competent workers with the right qualifications tend to take over the spotlight and leave the other company in the dark.

  • I loved your question( had the power, would you help your family and friends...more than others? The same as the others? Or less than others,)
    I will answer it because this habit must be spread in our society on this day
    It depends on the context and situation that I am facing. However, as a general speaker, showing favoritism towards family and friends at the expense of others is not a fair or ethical practice. Therefore, individuals should strive for equality and justice in their positions and in the institutions in which they participate.

  • Welcome.
    I will be frank and answer this question. What if I have power, will I help my relatives more than others or less than others? Honestly, if one of my relatives applied to me, I will do as I do with others. I will not refuse or agree before I interview him. I will ask him some questions, and I will know if he is suitable or not. If he answers my questions in a very beautiful and attractive way, I will hire him, but not because he is my relative, but rather because he passed the job test. If not, I will certainly refuse. Because how can I accept someone who did not pass the employment test? I will refuse because it is a natural right. In order for every hardworking graduate to obtain the right to work. I am really frank and serious about this matter. and As for the support I will give to others if I am successful or famous, it is when I know or see a successful graduate who has worked hard and tired himself, I will give him a job offer and I will give him a job interview. And I will do this with every successful graduate because we cannot forget that there are hardworking graduates who did not get a job.

    1. I agree because.. it is not right for any person to reach the job, whether he is close to you or someone else, as this harms the job as long as he is not suitable for it. Going to a place he does not deserve will harm the work and will be a reason for its failure, and also the fact that this person has hired his relative will be published Hatred and hatred towards that person or towards that institution., 👍

      1. I agree becaI agree with you because when I hire a person from my relatives in my company, I will rely on that if the person has competencies because this will lead to the success of my company. first in favor)use...

    2. I agree with this comment. Instead of being unfair and simply giving relatives what they want, interviewing them and assessing their skills is a better way of giving them opportunities.

  • Hi,
    I chose the option helping my family and friends the same as others peradventure I had the power, this is because my family is important to me more than anything and also my friends and yes I will help them as much I can if I withheld that power but for example if a family member of mine or even a friend comes looking for a job and perhaps another person comes too looking for that same job and is more qualified than that relative of mine I will give the job to that person who was more qualified because what if that relative of mine was not even serious about getting a job and just needed the income and knowing who I was wanted to use it as an advantage to get what other people worked so hard for easily, that wouldn't be fair not even a little bit. You see nepotism is really a problem especially in workplaces or productive industries; in instances of a being a boss my employees who feel they are being passed over for opportunities because of nepotism may become disgruntled and disengaged, leading to decreased productivity and morale which has really being taking place all over the world . Like in my country Nigeria you can really say that nepotism is practiced a lot, not only nepotism but also things like tribalism and indirect discrimination religion wise and it has been hard trying to tackle a problem like this and that is why despite the qualification of many unemployed Nigerians there are still insufficient means of getting jobs, to get a job you either have to have money or connection and unfortunately we the normal people are victims of it . So in conclusion if I ever had the opportunity I will treat close acquaintances and other people equally not only for my peace of mind but also to set an example for many other people to follow.

  • Nepotism is the act of granting an advantage, privilege, or position to relatives or close friends in an occupation or field especially in the politics and business world. I feel like nepotism should not and should never be allowed because it gives people an unfair advantage over others and when it hurts the most is when the job or position is given to a person who doesn't qualify or deserve the job or position. To me, nepotism is a form of corruption and so therefore it should not be allowed and anyone that practices it should be punished by the law.

  • Favoritism spreads injustice in society, and our mission lies in ridding our societies of injustice, as it is one of the biggest forms of corruption. Frankly, everyone likes to see his relatives and family in a high rank, but not at the expense of society. Because the manager of the company has hired his son or one of his relatives, this manager believes that this will lead to the emergence of bad reputations for his company, which will lead to a decrease in profits and the company’s falling into many debts. In the end, this will hinder the progress of society. Whatever the method, the results of corruption are always negative for society.

  • I will treat my family as I treat others, because for me, equality or justice is the most important thing. Work and employ others. If I hire one of my relatives and he is not qualified enough, harm will occur to the company. This case will be in my interest because it will increase the level of my company and will help me in managing the company

  • My answer is B which is to treat both family and friends equally with others because it is good to put credible people in positions other than selecting a few incompetent people in such positions.

  • I would definitely try to help my family members and friends in every way possible. Having said that, if I get an opportunity to help someone else the same way, given that he/she too has the same potential, I shall give my best the same way to someone with potential, like how I will give to my family members and friends! I shall not go out of the way to help someone else just because they are my family members and friends, though helping them would also be in my priority list.

  • I'd help my family and friends the same as others, this is because I will love to treat everyone equally as long as you are worth it. We are all created equal regardless of nationality, tribe, family background etc. I feel that it is essential that we don't look at people's location, wealth or ethnicity before putting a title or mark on them. If this is done in a school environment for example, a lot of pupils will feel sad if not given a chance because they are not well to do as the others, and this might result in the existence of bitterness in the school environment.

  • If I have the power through which I can make another work, it will be according to the competence of the person. If there is a person applying for a job and my brother is also applying, but the other person is more qualified than my brother, of course I will hire him, because work does not come like this. There are laws that I must follow and I must To work out and if my family is part of the others.
    We must be fair among everyone, whether they are from our relatives, our group, or other strangers, because surely the stranger will come to the work manager because he is confident that this manager will choose the best, whether it is him or someone else, but if he is one of his acquaintances, he will be greedy that he will receive this work Certainly, and in this case the manager must take the most qualified person and conduct a recruitment test in order to be able to choose the most suitable one without preference.

  • If I had the power, I would help my family and friends same as others, that is equally. I will do that because it would be like discrimination. Nepotism will make people feel sad, make them think that they are not wanted or make them feel like you don't like them. It can hurt people's feelings.
    It's different in my opinion if it's a family business I will help my family more than others to make sure the business continues. But I have a question if my mother owns a business and hires my sister would it be nepotism? Is my sister a Nepo baby?

  • I'd help my family and friends the same way as others because I would love to help everyone who merits it. I have seen families who pass on their businesses to their daughters and sons who did not merit it, they end up running the business down. It is very important that we help people based on merit and not because they are acquaintances, or because they come from wealthy homes and families.

  • I'd help my family and friends the same as others reason being that it won't be fair to others that I only pick my children, friends or family because everyone deserves to be heard and given opportunities.

    1. I agree because we must treat everyone equally and give opportunities to everyone to go through their experiences in life. By giving us opportunities for them, we will be able to discover more talents that exist in others and develop them and she be more qualified for this work thus, this will lead to the prosperity of society because you giving you opportuities to talented and creative people in their work is better than giving opportunities to your family and friends who do not have the experience and talent for this work.

  • I'd help my family and friend the same way as others because it is only fair for people to be given equal opportunities. Having an equal measure of standards for everyone is very important in today's world and businesses. When we create equal opportunities for people be it gender, ethnicity, religion etc, we tell people that they matter.

  • If i am famous, i will treat people equally and give them the same opportunity as my family members to grow. Any time i have a job offer, i will make it open to all so that everyone will have a fair try. Whoever has the best performance will get the job even if i am not related to them.
    There are some kind of help that are acceptable. For example if the person you want to help is qualified for the position you can help the person to get the job but if the person is not qualified for the job then it is not acceptable to help.

    1. I agree because... other people deserve to be treated equally as family and friends. This will make them feel as important as others too.
      I will also like to open other industries that will give fair opportunity to all and provide more job opportunities as well as supporting small scale business owners irrespective of their relationship with me which will reduce the act of nepotism.

      1. I agree because... when you create your industry this will allow people to get employment without discrimination and people will feel more appreciated and valued at work.

    2. I agree with you because if i had the power , i would help both my families and others equally. I think people should not be shown inequality ,helping my family more than others would make them feel less important and doing that is an act of nepotism which will lead to an organisation loosing a qualified person that will help develop the place .For example if a person is qualified for a particular job and my family member is not ,i would rather give that person the job than my family member because it will develop the progress of the organisation and give them a chance to showcase their talent.

    3. We are trying to reduce or stop nepotism. For some one to stop nepotism, we should give everyone a fair chance. If it is necessary I will treat everyone equally even if I am famous or not. My family will always be important to me but giving people a fair chance is more important. We should continue to be change agents towards nepotism.
      Rendering help to everyone is important as long as they have the qualifications irrespective of their status.

    4. I wholeheartedly agree with the notion that it is justifiable to extend assistance to individuals who possess the qualifications and potential for a specific job. It is crucial to uphold principles of fairness and equal opportunities in order to create a level playing field for everyone. Imagine a famous sports player who becomes a coach for a team that competes against other teams. When the coach needs to choose the players for their team, they can hold tryouts that are open to anyone who wants to participate. During these tryouts, every person gets a chance to show their skills and abilities. The coach will then look at how well each person performs and consider how they can contribute to the team. The coach's goal is to pick the best players based on their talents, not because they have personal connections to them. This way, the coach treats everyone fairly and gives them an equal opportunity to succeed. By doing this, the coach creates an environment where everyone has a fair chance to be a part of the team and do well. By providing assistance in this way, we can ensure fairness and equality in the society.It allows individuals to grow and contribute to their fullest extent, ultimately benefiting society as a whole.

  • I'd help my family and friends more than others because I believe my family and friends deserve better and since am in that position to help then my impact should be felt.

  • As for me, I will try my best if I have the strength to help my friends and family like others because I do not want to be a cause of favoritism, but rather I want to be a fair person, And even if I make mistakes sometimes Or exaggerated the care of family and friends to the point that it turns into nepotism, I believe that we are human and we can make mistakes, But the most important thing is to fix our mistakes and regret them when we discover them،We must also apologize to the people we have wronged , because all of us without exception we or one of our family have gone through situations in which we lost something that we had the right to because of a person who used nepotism,Therefore, I feel an apology will relieve us of our anger and sadness towards him. I have previously gone through the situation of losing My position is as class president Because of nepotism and at that time I was very angry and felt like I was going to explode, But after the girl who used favoritism came and apologized to me and she tried to return the position of class president to me ، I felt better؛Therefore I hope that no one will use nepotism, because that will oppress many؛ and if he did and wanted to atone for his sin, then he must apologize and show remorse.

  • Nepotism is the practice of showing favoritism towards one's family members, particularly in the context of employment or business opportunities. While it may not be illegal in all circumstances, it is generally considered unethical and can have negative effects on equality and fairness.
    In my society that values equality, nepotism can be seen as unacceptable as it often leads to the exclusion of qualified individuals who may not have a personal connection to those in power. This can result in missed opportunities for talented individuals who are not related to those in positions of authority.

  • In general, it's natural for humans to feel a stronger connection to their family and friends than to strangers, so it's common for people to prioritize helping their loved ones. However, in situations where everyone has an equal need for help, it's important to treat everyone fairly and impartially. Ultimately, the decision of who to help and how much to help should be based on a careful consideration of the specific circumstances and needs of each individual involved.

  • While there may be some cases where nepotism is justifiable, such as in family-owned businesses or when the family member is clearly the most qualified candidate for the job, in general, it is important to promote a fair and level playing field for all individuals.

  • I would sincerely treat my family and friends equally with others without any form of nepotism because I won't like it to be done to me so I won't do it to others just like this saying don't do unto others what you don't want them to do to you. So I will treat my family ,friends and other people equally with love and equality. Not looking at their race, gender, color, tribe or religion.
    For example I'm the principal of a school and some students committed a very bad offence and they were going to get expelled and my friend or relative is part of them I will expel all of them not with standing that fact that my friend or relative is part. And having equality will actually help in our country because in my country Nigeria there is nepotism people no longer have equality and is really affecting the country in a bad way because if the president is a muslim and a lot of people are applying for jobs both Christians and muslims he will give the muslims and that's nepotism without having equality and not caring about other people.
    Please nepotism should be avoided.

  • I would help my family the same as others. Yes they are family but helping them more will just be partial. I was always taught to see everyone around me as family so helping someone who isn't family is just like helping a brother. Nepotism has many disadvantages. It makes those who are not your relatives to feel neglected by you. It can hamper the growth or progress of a society due to people in the society feeling neglected. I would not like to be one of the reasons nepotism is promoted. I would like to be equal towards everyone. This way no one feels neglected and workers will also work better knowing they were hired because of their skills and not just because they are family.

    1. I agree because., everyone should be treated equally, after all nobody fell from the sky, or was made in supernatural form, we all come out from a womb so I really don't see why anybody should be treated in exceptionally favored.
      Personally, I feel once someone is qualified for a job or position the person should be given a chance to show what they are made of, this will g a long way in increasing level productivity in such a company or private business enterprise, instead of giving that position to someone who is not qualified for the job in any way all in the name of he/she is my relative , who might just drain the level of productivity, why because the person does not know the main/basic things he/she can do to further the organization or even produced accountable results.
      Another thing is that Companies who practice and favor nepotism could be at risk of getting sued by employees or other people. Nepotism can cost a company a lawsuit if a potential employee has proof against such unfair hiring of people. There could be a great risk to the company if they show favoritism in matter of salary, hiring, promotions and benefits towards any of their friends and family members and ignoring and neglecting the potential of other people.

  • Startups: Nepotism can help speed up the creation and operation of a startup business because working with familiar people can promote efficiency.
    Hiring and Retention: Time and cost of hiring relatives are lesser. Furthermore, in properly managed organizations, absenteeism and turnover rates are low.
    Knowledge Management: Knowledge can be transferred and secured efficiently when passed down on familiar people such as family members
    This are some of the reasons why I will help my family more than others.

  • I will help my family members the same as others because I feel that there should be equality when helping others and giving aid to people I know that people have various talents and I feel like I can make a change in the society if I allow other people to get help and the problem is not that we lack people that have talents and great minds it is just that there are no people to help sponsor and give aid but now that I realise the essence of helping people it will build a positive society where everyone

  • Equality is a human right and it is the most important thing in life because because of it we can live in an environment free from problems and full of peace where there is no discrimination between one person and the other and due to the importance of equality the world has placed it in important international laws and to clarify the meaning for you I am an Arab girl and my friend is Arab but her mother is of foreign origin in the place where we live, we do not distinguish between her and my mother, so I hope that everyone will apply equality 🥺🥺

  • I personally think it's natural for us people to support our family, friends especially when they have the potential capacity , talent to succeed in their fields. But supporting our beloved ones should not come at the expense 0f others. Instead if we want to support them ,we can actually provide or create them opportunities to improve themselves in their own interested field. Like we can provide resources, we can guide, mentor to help them develop their skills and pursue their goals. For instance if we have a relative who is interested in doing business, we can assists them and connect with industrial people or entrepreneurs so that he/ she will be benefited. They can learn tactics from them and create their own business. This can really help them to develop their knowledge about business instead we should not directly give it in the hand itself, like giving one of our business to them. We can give feedback on their work or we can financially support for training or education. We should encourage them to work hard and earn success on their own merits. While it may be tempting to help our loved ones with every aspect of their lives, it's important to remember that sometimes the best thing we can do is to allow them to experience challenges and setbacks on their own. This can help them to develop the skills and resilience they need to succeed in the future. If we keep on stepping into their problems to solve it for them , definitely at some point of time, it can create a sense of entitlement or a lack of confidence in their own abilities.This can be especially harmful in the long run, as they may struggle to develop the skills and independence they need to navigate the world on their own. Instead of stepping in to help, we can help them with guidance , help them to set their goals.

    1. I agree because we always try to help the people we are close to but we should not support them in every aspect of their lives. I like the examples you use of how we can help without supporting them more than other people or support their whole lives.

    2. I completely agree with you flowing_chocolate. It is vital for a person to face hardships in real life, because mistakes and obstacles help you learn, grow and come out on the other side even stronger than before. One exampe, I have where the parent steps in at every single turning point thus preventing their child from maximising their full potential is a girl from Romania's got talent. Her mum provided her with everything she wanted, acquiring a drama, dance and singing studio, however, she did not have a musical voice nor ear. So, she performed poorly at the show which resulted in a drastic decrease in confidence. However, there could be worse case scenarios here than the one's you have stated which is the exact opposite: parentification. Parentification is ' when a child is regularly expected to provide emotional or pracitical support for a parent, instead of receiving that support themselves.' The role reversal of parentification can have detrimental impacts on the child such as not being able to develop a clear sense of their own needs and feelings. So, which do you think has a more positive or negative effect: having too much support or too little?

    3. I highly agree with your perspective as I also believe that we should support our family members, because love is natural and we should as much as we can. though we should also moderate how much we give as, it could lead to personal problems that could also affect the receiver in ways that will lead to their downfall.Tragedy and failure is just a part of life.

  • Of course, I help my family as I help others and work with justice among them, not discriminating and using the law of justice and equality, because preferring relatives over others may see me as unruly and unfair and this may reflect a negative image on me, and every ruler must put the right person in the right place, and this does not It means that we do not care about relatives, but love justice and equality, and just as we treat every stranger, we treat relatives like them, so that our society remains safe and interdependent, and there are no illegal laws such as: nepotism and nepotism. It will reflect positively on the community and will spread the spirit full of happiness, a safe, equal life, and a society free from risks that may cause its dispersal.❤🥰

  • In fact, I will treat everyone with equality and justice. By doing so, I will not have wronged anyone or prevented him from his right. Perhaps by using equality with them, I have influenced them so that they are fair with others and do not take away the right of anyone.

    1. May be you are right but I don't think that will happen specially if the family had it's own work. I think it is human nature to support family members, but in my opinion that must have limits . For example, not to give them a job on a plate of gold, without any effort on their part.. but we can support them by giving them an opportunity to train in the family company in return for pocket money, and thus We provided them with an opportunity to gain experience, and also if this person proves his worth during his training period, he will deserve the job with merit. Also, we can provide the necessary advice to work to develop their skills and achieve their goals, as Ema's mother did with her daughter. It is important for us as a family to provide support to the children, but we have to allow them to face the challenges themselves, to find ways to succeed on their own. If we solve any problem they face, they will become dependent and will not be able to face the difficulties of life on their own except by relying on the family, and this will lead to failure in the event of losing the parents. An example of good family support is a young man Walid migdad who is currently famous in photography and production. He started his life in his father’s company from a young age by participating in singing and acting, and he learned many skills, but he developed his talent in photography and production, then opened his own channel.
      Conclusion: family support must be with limits because it is as weapon with two edges.

      1. I agree with what you say, but there may be someone who is more qualified for this work, so I would have wronged him. I know very well that the family must be placed before our eyes in what may be something good for them, but... I do not know. The matter is confusing because if I accept them, I may have wronged one of them Yes, this matter has two different sides.!

  • 1.If I were in a position of success and fame, I would strive to use my platform and resources to make a positive impact on the world and help others in need.

    Some ways in which I might do this could include donating to charitable causes, advocating for social justice issues, using my influence to raise awareness about important causes, volunteering my time and expertise to help those in need, and supporting initiatives that promote education, healthcare, and environmental sustainability. Ultimately, my goal would be to leverage my success and fame to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others and contribute to a more equitable and just society.

  • I would help my family and friends the same as others because everyone deserves to be treated equally, whether they are colse to me or not. A situation could arise where a person more qualified than my family or friend comes and we could end up losing a lot of good people if nepotism is allowed.

  • In general, it is natural for people to feel a stronger sense of obligation or responsibility towards their family and friends, as these individuals are likely to have a closer emotional connection and a history of shared experiences. Therefore, it is not unusual for people to prioritize helping their loved ones over others.

    That being said, it is important to treat everyone fairly and equally. Helping someone based on personal relationships rather than need or merit may not always be the most ethical or just approach. Ideally, one should strive to help those who are most in need, regardless of their relationship to oneself.

    Ultimately, the decision of how much to help one's family and friends versus others is a personal one, and it may depend on individual circumstances and values.

  • If have the power, I will help my family and friends the same as others. That means I will give everyone a fair opportunity. Because if you only consider your family you might miss the greatest talent.

  • I voted that if I had the power I'd help my family and friends more than others because everyone has a closer bond to family or friends. Of course when the opportunity arrives you would want to help them in any way you could. Although I still believe that people should all be treated fairly and be able to have the same opportunities but I may use my power to help my family and friends to give them a start but not carry them throughout their career. In the end everyone should put effort into their career and work hard even with help or no help at all.

  • If i had the power or not, i will treat everyone as my own frds and family so there will be a brotherhood and sisterhood among the people in the country. So there won't be any nepotism in the country and there won't be any inequality in the country. Inequality also refers to caste, religion,etc. So inequality will affect the country's development and inequality will lead to strikes that harms other people. So inequality or nepotism will not be there when i am in power.


  • Favoritism is a preference for a person from relatives or friends due to competence, and this thing is very bad because it works to lower the degree of morale and discipline on the part of the employees, as stated in the American Forbes magazine article. , "There is no ladder to climb when the highest rung is reserved for persons of a certain name." Favoritism causes damage and corruption in society, and this phenomenon spreads to all countries of the world, for example in my country, aid comes from many countries and is given to a country, but those responsible for distributing it to the needy and the poor are distributing it to their relatives, but the right person must be chosen in The right placeAnd in the future, when I am an employee, I will not be like those people who have forgotten their humanity and duty about their work, and I will help my family and friends like others, and it is possible that when I give them more than they deserve, they will change on me and they will depend on me and will not depend on themselves.We must ask ourselves when will we see a world free of nepotism? When will people raise a sign that our world is devoid of nepotism?

  • Hello, of course I will not help my family more than others. For example, if I am a school principal and my daughter is a teacher, I will not treat her in the best way and hire her because she is only my daughter

    I see with an eye of responsibility that if she has the competence to educate generations and is able to bear the responsibility, I employ her, but this does not mean that I differentiate between her and the rest of the teachers, of course.

    I also have another example going on in my community, and this refers to the inequality that is going on, which is the discrimination between able-bodied people and people with disabilities. The person with disability has better abilities and experience than the healthy person, but they do not accept him due to his appearance, and this is a lack of equality

    And if this person was from my family, I would not hire him. I would hire the disabled person with the best capabilities and apply equality

  • If I become successful and famous I will help others by giving them food and helping them to get homes. I think that it is important to help family but I don't want to take away something that should rightfully belong to someone else just because I can. If I do that the person I help will not work hard and may waste the opportunity. So it's better to be fair.

  • Rightly, one should not be biased towards anyone other than family or friends. If there is someone who is the first or the most skilled, and if I have strength over a profession or a job, I will conduct interviews and exams for all applicants, whether a job opportunity or a scholarship, and then the highest result is chosen, but if Two results were equal, and one of them was from my relatives, and we need one individual, so I will conduct another interview. If they are equal again, I will choose my relative or friend who is one of my acquaintances, because this is a societal interest and strengthening the bonds between members of society. This is my opinion

  • Well let's say that I am a director of a company and I want an accountant for my company and my best friend has finished studying computing and there were a lot of applicants to work for me. I do not prevent others from trying, and as for I want good for him, will I hate him for good because I am against nepotism and I do not want to break the law?? The solution here is to treat my friend like the rest of the applicants so that I will not have wronged him or others, and then I will take the most qualified for this work and in this way I will not have wronged anyone.

  • You should help everyone equal but some times you might need to help someone more than others, like someone that is homeless. They will need extra help.

  • If I possessed the power to assist my family or friends more than others, Yes I will give them all what I can do . Whether it's lending a hand with a sticky financial situation or providing emotional support during a crisis, being able to do more for those we love is a total game-changer.
    Money can't buy happiness, but it sure can alleviate a lot of stress and worries. So if my success has afforded me the opportunity to ease someone else's burden, then Why not ! And let's not forget about the power of fame - whether it's using my platform to raise awareness for important causes or simply sharing motivational words of wisdom with my followers, I'm ready and willing to use my celebrity status for good. Because let's face it, lifting up our fellow humans is what it's all about - we're all in this life together !

    1. I duly respect your comment and I see where you are coming from and your point of view and I also admire the way you love and care for your family and friends. But lets face the facts, if someone was actually better than your family or friend, relating to the qualities required for employment or the job, will you choose your family member over the person? I mean you have a conscience, and you would not like it if someone was chosen over you just because he or she is a family member to the person. I know you love and support your family member or child but allowing him to access everything in life without having him work for it and know his worth in the society is wrong. And you are making that wrong practice continue like a chain because you did it to your child and so he will see it as a good thing and also do it to his. Mind you, do you no the consequences of your actions towards you and your child, and how it might affect the person you are depriving of the opportunity just because of your family member. Well, you can put a wrong perspective into the mind of the person you are depriving the opportunity, he or she might think that country are just full of those that practice nepotism. You can also be reducing the self-esteem of the person. In your own case, you can lose face amongst your peers and everybody who see you as a model. In your child's case, you can be spoiling him and causing him not to be hardworking and fend for himself. Remember, love and support is different from doing what is right. You can love and support your family but also having in mind that for him to become a strong and hardworking person in life he has to go through lives processes and not have it handed to him on a platter of gold.

  • If I had the power I would treat my family and friends equal to others... Because i do not know other peoples current challenges and their background . Even though helping family and friends is good and it also strengthens your relationship with them, it does not leave the fact that others deserve to show their ability, it also allows you to create a new bond and relationship with new people. Doing this also allows you reduce unemployed people in any little way in the community and it will give people a chance to gain something positive. Helping people who are not your relation in any way gives them the inspiration not to do bad things .Doing this also promotes empathy and if people copy this emphatic behaviour it will make the world a better place and promotes equality among people.

  • If I had the power to, I would help others the same way as I would help my family and friends, Because if I will treat people equally using my power/position, I will offer jobs to the unemployed both from my family and those i do not know.

  • I liked your question and it is a topic of interest and discussion ❤
    If I had the strength, I would help my family and friends like people
    First, my family and friends are not above all. For example, if I am the director of a company and my relative applies for a job, I will definitely not hire him in a huge hurry, I will test my relative's experience and creativity. If he is suitable for the job, I will hire him, but if he is not suitable, I will hire someone else who deserves this job.
    And this is justice.

  • I choose that i will help my family and friends the same as others, because i see that all have equal access to my help, and if i am a maneger of a company and i want someone to have anssistant manegar position i will give this position to someone who deserves it , not to someone from my family who doesn't have the required specifications, because if i am a maneger that doesn't mean that i have the freedom to choose who serves the citizens .

  • In my opinion, it is better not to link any relationship between work and relationships, because of the many problems it causes, and this is a very bad phenomenon, because it involves injustice to others, inequality and justice, so everyone must be given his right and opportunity to prove himself And often the person who was not given a chance is the most creative and experienced person in the field of this work and may change the course of the whole work and work to develop it because of his creativity and wonderful ideas and be much better than the person who exists He has a relationship with the owner This is harmful to the business owner himself, because he chose his person whom he knows of bribery and nepotism, and this is a great corruption because this person is unable to bear the responsibility of work or is not diligent in his work and nothing will benefit from him And he will not give his work exactly what is required of him because he is not in this position, but it is sometimes possible for the person who entered the work by being really deserving of this, here we do not call it bribery

  • The question that might/may be in our minds may be how does nepotism really affect our society?
    The thing is that, nepotism in organizations leads to monopolization of power because when members involved in institutional decision-making are related, decisions made within institutions risk favoring a group of closely connected people. Nepotism can also occur within organizations, when a person is employed due to their familial ties which as we can see, is bein g done in many known organizations.
    Favoritism can create an environment where people feel like they have to compete for a favor, rather than being judged on their various merits. And nepotism eventually leads to resentment and division, as people who are not related to the person in charge feel like they will never get a fair chance.

  • If I have the power, I would treat my family equally with others. WHY? Because I will not know the persons background and depriving him of such opportunity will only add to his problems. I will also do so, because depriving such competent people of such opportunities, will only be making me a bad person in the sight of those who take me as a role model and that will speak bad of me. And I have a human conscience,and will not like it if someone is chosen over me just because they are family members. It will also make my family members to be independent and hardworking. I will also do so, because I wouldn't like a chain of a bad practice to be continued just because I failed to do what is right.

  • If I have the authority, I will deal with integrity with everyone, even if it is one of my relatives, because the selection process is based on competence, and whoever finds himself with competence and distinct from others is the one who deserves this profession. Competition according to the conditions, so every person will get his chance to compete fairly and win this job when he is distinguished from others because of his competence, and here we see the saying “the right man in the right place.”

    1. ....or indeed the right woman in the right place.

  • If I had power and I am residing in a good position in a particular section of work, I would always show equality to everyone. This basic sense of equality is something our parents have taught us from our childhood and would they expect us to show unfair advantage towards them? No. Also nepotism strictly reduces the skill of the people being admitted to a particular work. For eg: a footballer's son, who whatsoever has no interest in football, is made a world class footballer by the influence of his father. Will that benefit anyone. No it won't. Not only will the child be forced to do something he doesn't prefer to a but also it will be great disadvantage for the team he is representing. Nepotism has spread too much in our society and people continue using their influence to get their known persons into a particular work or company. Mostly however this is done for money and a immediate reformation is needed so that equality is delivered

  • Helping anyone is an honor for me, so what do you think if this person is from my family and friends, I will help him, of course, but I will not reach the stage of nepotism. I will fulfill his need for him and I will do with them like others. I will make him take the exam and the interview like others, because I see that here is nepotism, and then I will hire him if he succeeds in the test and interview.
    Also, I will treat others like my friends. I make everyone who wants help from me, and I have the power. I make him like my friend, and I do the duty with him and more, and I will employ him. I do this only to see the smile on people’s faces, whether they are my relatives or friends or not

  • Of course, I will help my friends and family like people, because we are equal and there is no difference between us, and by this we prevent the spread of nepotism, spread love, kindness, good values ​​and good group relations, and eliminate arrogance

  • If you were the boss of a company and your friend is being interviewed to determine whether they are hired or not, there should be no favoritism incorporated in your decision. In fact, their should be an even playing field regardless of strong relationships. The friend expects you to hire them thus making you feel peer pressure to do therefore you should not be used as a tool to get what they want. In fact, I believe a meaningful discussion should take place beforehand to address these issues that may come into play. You should not be a mere instrument one can play at their will, especially to those you know well hence everyone is supposed to be a fresh beginning when interviewed. And by doing so, you can grant opportunities to those who have the aptitude, determination and collaboration with others.

  • I believe that if I have enough strength to help others, I will never be stingy or delay in helping them. Rather, I will be the first person to help them. I think about not distinguishing between my good friends and my family, although the family is much more important. But I will not distinguish between them and help them justly. I will do my best to help them so that He comes back to me in the end and helps me in my time of need....

    I will not treat anyone more than another, but I will be equal between them because I love justice and I do not like to make the person in front of me feel that I discriminate between him and another person, so I help everyone if they are my friends or even my family until they return him to me because it is said (as you judge, you will be judged) I think so. ... Share your views with me.

  • In some other cases, the kind of help you need may require more specific skills or resources. As long as you make your request Specific, Meaningful, Action-oriented, Realistic, and Time-bound (also known as the SMART criteria ), people will likely be happy to help and feel good after helping. Of course, not all requests have to be specific.

  • If I had the power to give my family members and friends more privileges to what do what they want, I will not fair, I will not help my family members or friend to do what they want. Indirectly I am being biased to others, other people also have

  • Nepotism is an act or series of acts that can be classified under corruption. This causes serious unrest among those under such a person. Though helping your family could make them look up to you or respect you, it could also lead them to develop the care-free or laid back mindset of no having to work for their needs.

  • Unequal treatment could also add to the problems for others which could cause people to retaliate at the one in power.

  • Nepotism decreases the job satisfaction and morale of all employees -- with the exception of the individuals directly benefiting from the relationship. In a study of nepotism in the hotel industry published in the International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, nepotism had a significant detrimental impact on employees' overall job satisfaction, intention to quit the job and likelihood of talking negatively about the job -- for example, to other co-workers or potential customers. A successful nepotism policy therefore has the potential to make a significant improvement to the overall morale of the organization.

  • If I had the power to, the will have the privilage to do what they want, I will not be fair. I will not help my family or friends, indirectly I am being biased to others, other people also have the chance to show how they are good, maybe others can have a very beautiful perspectives than your family members and friends. They need opportunities. Then I will treat my family members the same way, they also human being, they also have feelings. The same opportunity I was also able to be successful or famous, they should have the same opportunity and I will give them a say fair. Yes, Nepotism should not be allowed in my opinion, especially in the area of jobs.

  • Nepotism can be seen as having both pros and cons. On one hand, it may be advantageous for a business owner who is retiring to hand over the reins to their offspring who is qualified and capable. However, on the other hand, it can become a disadvantage if the business owner disregards other candidates who may be more suitable for a position and instead favors their own family members. For instance, if a school owner appoints their son as a teacher while ignoring other qualified candidates, it is a clear case of nepotism.

  • If I had a power or a position I will treat my family less than others because if i treat them equal they will be thinking they have the right to talk to my family members any how and if i treat my family members higher they will think that they are my family so they can do anything they want .Why i said this is because my country has experience this before

  • If I had the power, I most likely would help them, but not as in put them into their position, but simply give them enough so that they can get to their desired place, without needing me to use my influence or social standing to get them there. I think would improve the relationship between me and my family. This would show to them what I value, showing how I value honest work and actual effort, as opposed to shady practices and cheating to get what I want.

  • Giving your family or friends a job chance before others isn't usually a bad thing, but it becomes an issue if they are unqualified for the position. When a member of your family or a close friend asks for assistance because they have tried so hard to obtain employment in a particular field but have been unsuccessful, you should probably offer to help since they have put in so much effort and are skilled in that subject. However, if you just give them the job even if they're not very competent at it, the likelihood that the company will succeed will be reduced.

    In summary, nepotism isn't always negative as long as the person is good at that area of the job and may have a beneficial impact on the workplace, but if the person isn't good, they don't deserve a place in that field of employment. Nepotism therefore is only permissible when the recipient deserves it and has previously put forth a lot of effort but failed.

  • I believe that I will help both parties, but I will not help them much and at all times, because my assistance at any weakness will make them depend on me a lot (and I want them to depend on themselves) and that my assistance will lead them to expect more and more from me, and they may decide not to work hard and leave all the responsibility on me, so I do not think that I show them a lot of interest so that they depend on themselves and succeed and become rich from their work not from mine but if I treat them less important then they will feel that there will be no one to help them in this way they may strive in their work and be completely independent nothing burdens them and as you know we are in a present in which everyone has become He waits for any help from the other in order to rely on him completely in any upcoming mistake, because they are lazy and do not like to work hard. They want someone to work for them and they are the ones who take the money. But when this help ends, they will return to what they were before, diligent in their work and not being lazy, but rather relying on themselves. My point of view.

  • I can say that I will treat my family better than others, but not in all areas, as I will treat them in the areas of work and employment like others, to stop nepotism at its limit, and to give each person his right to his position according to his competence, but in the rest of the life fields to treat them better as helpers From me to them because it remains my family and a part of me, but I cannot do that in the professional fields, because I will feel remorse for doing that, because I would have wronged and robbed the rights of others for the sake of my family and this is unfair, therefore we must be good people to maintain the safety of society Of the bad phenomena such as the phenomenon of corruption and nepotism.

  • Hello!
    In the polls I choose to help and treat my family in a similar way and grant them similar opportunities as strangers or other possible employees. I choose this because if I am in power and authority my family members will also feel empowered and privileged while those who don't have support from family or relationship will feel less privileged than my family and friends.
    In my opinion I think there is a level of support that one can offer their family members and friends that could b acceptable, for instance if my family member and friend have the necessary requirements for the job they seek I would definitely choose them over people who are equally qualified as they are but if they don't meet the necessary requirements, I won't choose them over other more qualified employees.
    All in all, nepotism in my opinion is a double-edged sword that can have many advantages to the beneficiaries but feels like cheating in the eyes of those who are not fortunate to have support from relatives and friends.

  • For me I will treat my family the same way as I treat others because I believe in people having the same amount of opportunities and chances to prove themselves and the thing is that when you begin to treat others better than others they begin to rely on you to provide help and aid whenever they call on it and that is not good for that person I have a younger brother who is 6 years old I love but I also want the best for him if I know start being partial because he is my brother then he now begins to think that his sibling will protect him and bend the normal process of life for him and that is no good because he will not learn that to work for himself and build his self and his own life, achievements and his own status and reputation as a person and that is not what I from I want the exact opposite of that for him. I know the reason why the people that chose option A chose it is good that one will want to maintain and sustain a positive relationship with their family but giving them aid or help in excess will not make get or unlock the true potential that they possess it is vital that we should give our family support that is when necessary or due but when we just do it even though we know that person is capable of doing himself or herself then we begin to see the person become lazy and have a negative attitude to any thing relating to work and won't be hardworking enough to achieve their purpose and calling in life but when they show potential then we can offer to help them to hone and utilize it to their advantage. It is of utmost importance that we give everyone equal and fair opportunities to everyone regardless of their status in life in order for them to discover their purpose and maintain equality, fairness, justice and impartiality in society to make it a better place for all.

  • If I had the power, both friends and family would not be treated specially just because I have power, by treating them specially I would be performing nepotism and that would be unfair to other people and that could lead to them practicing nepotism.
    For example:
    If a persons brother is the chief of police and a person did 1 little thing that angered him, he now goes to his brother ( the chief of police ) and tells him that he wants to arrest that person, if the chief of police is to agree to arrest the person he would be performing nepotism.

  • Having to give opportunity to my family members or friends is not a wrong idea but doing it wrong would make it 'WRONG'.
    First, I would know the qualification of the family member and that of the other person that the post is meant, then compare and see the person with higher qualification and the person is picked.
    I would make sure that the opportunity given to both are equal so that each person's right is not trampled upon.

  • I believe in treating everyone with kindness and respect. However, my family and friends hold a special place in my heart. If they needed my help, I would prioritize them over others. That being said, I would still do my best to help anyone who needed it, regardless of their relationship to me. Ultimately, my goal is to make the world a better place for everyone.

  • I would help my family and friends the same as others. Having an even playing field is essential in business. Getting a headstart in anything is unfair to others, but giving everyone the same amount of assistance is also needed. If you ask a professional for acting tips that is way better than actually just being given a role. Also if you go to acting or culinary school you are putting in the work for you to be given a role, rather than given a handout.

    1. Can you see why some parents might prioritise the success of their children?

      1. In my opinion, we cannot see or know people whose heart is kind and gentle, like fathers. They sacrifice for the sake of their children, support them, and talk to them. This is really a wonderful feeling.. I think parents had the joy of success and experienced it, and it is a beautiful feeling. This summit is something we are proud of, or because they love their children very much, they give them priority to make them feel their love for them, and we also find these parents pushing their children in their school work without taking into account their abilities and tendencies, and of course they feel upset and sad when children get discouraging grades in subjects and through In this method, parents express their repressed desires and aspirations, as they achieve in their children what they did not achieve for themselves, meaning that these parents project their unfulfilled ambition on their parents.

      2. Parents would probably prioritize the success for their children. This is because parents would want to carry on their family's name and legacy. Also they could just want the best for their children ,because they grew up with struggles of their own. Many parents think that they must help their children succeed in life. Also children do not want the fame of their parents to help them. They could also want to build a name for themselves . Instead of an actor they could pursue their dreams of becoming a publishing author. Those who were born into a privileged family will have a headstart in life, while those who come from an underprivileged family will not have access to things of that nature. They could not get into writing classes or drama school. Having parents help their children more than everyone else is considered a problem in our world, because everyone does not have the same amount of opportunities given to them.

      3. In my opinion, Children cannot achieve their full potential without their parent's support. Parents involvement increases achievement, reduces bad behavior, etc.. Parents may not be good to others but when it comes to their child they will go with the best ones. Parents love will plant trust in our hearts. They know what is right for us. From my own experience, I know my parents are hardworking and when they are back home if I want their help, though they are tired they will not say no and they will help me this makes me to have more trust on them. My parents only talks about success and what and all the difficulties they faced and how they have reached it. They prioritise success, education, skills,etc..When it comes to success, they might have faced many failures and they think that that shouldn't take place with their children. They want their children to be more successful than them. They want to see them in the highest level. The simple thing why parents prioritise success is they don't want their children to be in a tight time i.e, lack of money for their needs and they always wanted their children to be in a place to help others.

      4. It is because they deeply love and care for us.They want to equip us with the necessary skills, education, and resources to have a prosperous future.Parents understand the importance of financial security and stability. They want to ensure that their children have the means to support their own needs and their families in future. As I had witnessed Indian parents often make significant sacrifices for the sake of their children's success. They may work long hours, save money diligently, or forgo personal needs to provide better educational opportunities and resources for their children. These sacrifices are driven by the belief that their children's success reflects positively on the parents themselves. And It is common for parents to want their children to have a better life than they did and to wish to shield them from the difficulties they themselves faced.Parents believe that by minimizing difficulties, their children will have a happier and more positive outlook on life. But it's important to note that facing challenges and obstacles make us children to develop our personal growth and character. So it's important to balance between providing support and allowing children to face and learn from challenges as it is essential for their overall development.

        1. I agree because... Amidst boundless love and care, parents selflessly embark on a journey of sacrifice and resilience to nurture their children's success. Driven by the profound desire to provide a prosperous future, they invest unwaveringly in our education, skills, and resources. Indian parents, in particular, exhibit extraordinary dedication, toiling tirelessly, saving diligently, and relinquishing personal desires, all for the sake of enriching their children's opportunities. Their sacrifices stem from the belief that their children's accomplishments reflect their own worth, and from an innate aspiration to shield them from the hardships they once endured. While it is crucial to strike a balance between support and allowing children to face and learn from challenges, the immense sacrifices made by parents cannot be understated. They navigate the delicate path of providing unwavering support while fostering personal growth and character development. Such unwavering dedication and profound love make their actions truly award-worthy and touch the very core of our hearts.
          Their tireless efforts not only demonstrate their deep love and care for us, but also their understanding of the importance of financial security and stability. They envision a future where their children are equipped with the means to support themselves and their own families. Witnessing the sacrifices made by Indian parents, who work long hours, diligently save money, and forgo personal needs, is a testament to their unwavering commitment.

          These sacrifices go beyond material provisions; they represent a profound belief that their children's success reflects positively on the parents themselves. It is a selfless act driven by the purest form of love—a love that desires nothing more than to witness their children flourish and surpass the limitations they faced.

          Moreover, parents yearn for their children to have a better life, and to experience fewer obstacles and hardships than they did. They strive to shield their children from the difficulties they once endured, believing that by minimizing obstacles, their children will develop a happier and more positive outlook on life.

          However, it is essential to acknowledge the value of challenges and obstacles in shaping our personal growth and character. While parents provide unwavering support, it is crucial to strike a delicate balance that allows children to face and learn from challenges. It is through these challenges that we develop resilience, tenacity, and the ability to overcome adversity.

          The dedication, sacrifices, and delicate balance that parents maintain in nurturing their children's success are awe-inspiring. Their actions embody the purest form of love and devotion, deserving recognition and admiration. The profound impact they have on our lives, shaping us into the individuals we become, is truly award-worthy and touches the very depths of our hearts.

      5. Yes, I can understand why some parents might prioritize the success of their children. As parents, it's natural to want the best for our children and to support them in achieving their goals. However, it's important to strike a balance between supporting our children and ensuring fairness in opportunities.

        While it is understandable to provide guidance, mentorship, and resources to help our children succeed, it becomes problematic when this support crosses the line into unfair advantages or preferential treatment. It's important to recognize that an equal playing field allows individuals to develop their skills, learn from experiences, and grow in a way that is fair to everyone.

        By promoting fairness and equal opportunities, we create a system that rewards hard work, talent, and dedication rather than simply relying on connections or privileges. This not only fosters a sense of meritocracy but also encourages individuals to develop their abilities and strive for excellence on their own merit.

  • honestly..
    If I have the opportunity one day, I will help my relatives more than others, unless it is related to work or practical qualifications, then I will be fair among my relatives and other people.

    Especially since a person is naturally encouraged. If you give him once, he will ask again and again, and this is a bad thing
    I see that relatives are the first, and if everyone has money to help his relatives and take care of them, this thing will be good in several respects, and the most important thing is that we will be able to eradicate poverty.
    In addition, you will be more acquainted with your relative, and you can understand his behavior and rely on him at work, especially since relatives care about you more than strangers, and it is better to help them before the stranger.

    Answer honestly, if you need help, who will help you first, the relative or the stranger?
    Of course, the relatives will help first, so we also have to help them and take care of them if necessary.

  • In fact, to be fair, I make equality between the two parties and strangers, so here I apply the law of equality and help others fairly and justly. Whether it is close to my heart or it is strange (the first time I see it), but sometimes I will prefer my family over the rest of the people. But of course, after my mother recovers, I will help my friends, because I can help them, but they cannot take the place of my mother's heart, of course, and that is a natural thing for us. So I think that is called fairness and with sacrifice, but if I see an old woman while I am on a date, it is natural that I will leave the appointment and go to help the woman because it is rare when she finds someone who helps her and makes her happy, and why not? She is a really big woman who needs help, but there are no good hearts in this time to help. They have become more prefer friends and love than doing good. This really bothers me. In my opinion, helping a stranger is better than going out with my friends, because friendship does not last, but when you see a stranger and I helped, even if it was a loaf of bread, earning an invitation and love towards him. For me, this is really a great thing when someone cares about me .. Thanks for reading 💕

  • I vote that I'd help my family and friends more than others because they were the one who provided me care and support and I know my familymembers and friends more than the outsider's so if I had the power to select one person then I will give preference to my friends but if they didn't have the qualification for that particular post I will not select that person.

  • If I become an entrepreneur and own a company,I will employ people who have the education and ability to do the work.I will help those deserve the work,if you are my family member and you are not qualified for the work I will not employ it is not everyone you help,no matter who the person isbecause it might be at the detriment of your community.

  • For me, helping my family and friends is something that I would naturally want to do because they are important to me. However, I also understand that showing favoritism can be unfair to others and create conflicts of interest. Therefore, I believe in treating everyone fairly and impartially, regardless of their relationship to me.

    If I were to help my family and friends more than others, I would feel that I am not being fair to those who do not have the same connection to me. Conversely, if I were to help them less than others, I would feel like I am not doing enough for those who are closest to me.

    In my opinion, it is crucial to set clear boundaries and expectations with your family and friends, letting them know that while you love and support them, you also have a responsibility to treat everyone fairly. I also think it's essential to consider the long-term consequences of your actions and how they may affect your relationships and reputation.

    Overall, while it's important to support your loved ones, it's equally important to treat everyone fairly and impartially. By doing so, you can maintain strong relationships with your family and friends while avoiding the pitfalls of nepotism and favoritism.

  • Consolation is something we all seek in times of distress or difficulty, but what about when consolation comes in the form of nepotism? Nepotism, the act of showing favoritism to family members or close friends, is a complicated issue that has long been debated. From my personal point of view, I believe that nepotism is never acceptable in a professional setting. It undermines the meritocracy that should be the foundation of any organization and can lead to an environment of resentment and mistrust among colleagues.

    However, there may be certain cases where nepotism is more acceptable. For example, in a small family-owned business where family members have the necessary skills and qualifications for the job, it may make sense to prioritize them over outside hires. Similarly, in certain cultural or traditional contexts, nepotism may be seen as a way to honor and support one's family and community.

    Ultimately, the acceptability of nepotism depends on the specific circumstances and cultural norms. However, it is important to remember that nepotism can be harmful and unfair when it is used to exclude qualified candidates or create an atmosphere of favoritism. We should strive to create fair and equitable systems that prioritize merit and ensure equal opportunities for all.

  • If I had the power to help people I will help whomever is in need of support and capable to assist them, I feel like it does not matter whether they are friends or family even if they are not I will try my best to make sure I help them through this I will be fair and equal offer the same help to both family and outsiders treat everyone equally and make them know they are important also.

  • If I am famous and able to help, I will do it for all persons without partiality and give them the opportunity of presenting themselves which my family enjoys. If the person is qualified to work and has experience, I will help him, and if the person is not qualified, he should not be helped in order not to affect the community Not like many people help their relatives when they are not qualified to work, so the right person should be put in the right place and I can help him develop his skills and experience.

  • I would help my family and friends in the same way that I would help others because we should not believe that we are greater or better than others. For example, if my family owns a business, we should not believe that other people who do not share a family tie or blood relations with us are incapable of running the family business. When we help others outside our circle of family and friends, we are invariably helping ourselves and building our outlook and attitude.

  • Actually, I would help my family the same as I would to others,
    And of course I would have a positive feeling when I treat them unfairly. But it doesn't always mean that you should give more to your relatives, I would give the ones that are qualified for it.
    Although I know that your family are part of you but that doesn't mean you should help them more, people should also get up and and get ready for any incoming jobs because nowadays some people are very lazy.
    But at the same time i think you should help your family more even though I know it is nepotism, because don't you think it's better to help your family before helping others?
    Although I know they will be expecting another help from you, and i say some should tighten their belts up and work for themselves.

  • Personally, I would help family and friends equally because I too believe they should be made to earn what they deserve, instead of their goal just being handed to them. It depends on the effort and dedication they put in whether they succeed or not. I would still show support to encourage them to keep striving towards their goals.

  • If you had the power to, would you help your family and friends…more than others? The same as others? Or less than others? Honestly my answer will always be "No". That power are you've gotten,you didn't only get it because of ur family but because of the helps you've been getting from the the people around you and sometimes even strangers.At that particular time of them helping you, they are your family, and you can't help them by choosing your "undeserved" family members over them. But as long as that your relative is the outstanding person amongst the others , you ha ve every right to choose him over the others, Also that power that u gave might be temporary and one you might not have any relative that will be willing to help you only those people that you've cheated.

  • Equality to both my friends and family makes it fair to the other families and friends in the world so neither would have higher advantages than the rest. Plus when people are given more power they take advantage of that so it is possible your family or friends will drop you so they could earn more power and that will lead them to greed. This action can affect a lot of people in the world so it is best if everyone is given equal rights and powers all around the world.

  • If I had the power to, I would help my family and friends the same as others. I say this because, In my country, nepotism is rampant because people believe that family and people close to someone should be empowered and put first rather than considering the qualification for a job. I would help everyone equally although, in the current state of the country, this decision may change how they think of me as they will think I am being unfair and if I give them an advantage, it will unbalance the economy although having people you trust can provide a benefit. In the instance where the family member is qualified.

  • Hello, I will be frank in my answer in the future. I hope to have a private company whose way will be to achieve equality and avoid nepotism, so when it is through equality, it will remove hatred. It has negative effects
    ☆1 Spreading hate
    ☆2 People do not prefer equality
    ☆ 3 Failure to work or company.

  • Of course I will help them.
    Because my family will depend on me.
    And to be honest.
    I will help my family more because it is my family.
    And also I will help others Of course there will be many people that need help.
    When you asked me if you had the "strength" you would help others.?
    Of course we are all brothers.
    We are all brothers in the Islamic nation.
    we help each other.

  • Sure, if I were a celebrity, I would help my family get their dream jobs, but not with nepotism and connections.
    If I see that they have the ability to take responsibility, I will definitely help them.
    I don't like connections and I don't like to deal with them and I will never deal with them.
    Because if it continues, it will destroy what was built for admiration.

  • Having power doesn't necessarily mean you will help your family and friends more than others. It depends on the relationship you have with different people in your life and the need for their help. Other factors such as environment, society, and personal responsibilities can also influence your decision in determining who to help more.

    Anyway, you can show humanity, empathy, and mercy towards everyone, including your family, friends, and others who need your help. You must be fair and just in helping people without any discrimination.

    Generally, there is no specific type of help that is more acceptable than others. The types of help you offer may vary depending on the situation, the person you are helping, and the surrounding circumstances. Help can include material, emotional, social, vocational, or psychological support, all of which may be important to the person you are helping.

    The help you offer must be based on a sincere willingness to help, not on the need for recognition or attention. When you offer help with a sincere intention, people greatly appreciate it, whether they are your family, friends, or others.

  • The term nepotism or favoritism must be rejected in part and in toto. One of the main pillars of our religion Islam is equality and justice as Allah says in the Noble Qur'an: "O ye who believe! stand out firmly for Allah, as witnesses to fair dealing, and let not the hatred of others to you make you swerve to wrong and depart from justice. Be just: that is next to piety: and fear Allah. For Allah is well-acquainted with all that ye do." so, we must follow this approach in all aspects of life and when dealing with all people regardless their blood relation to us. Hence, if I was someone who has power, I will give everybody equal opportunities even my relative, because, among the applicants, there might be some people who worked hard and who have been looking for such a chance for so long. Others might be married and have kids with so many responsibilities and they can't afford them and at the same time, they have the required qualifications more than anyone else. We also should follow this principal: "To have a successful firm, you have to put the right person in the right place in spite of their color, race, age, religion,..etc.".

  • I would help my friends and family more or less depending on their situation. Many may disagree or agree with me, but the reason I would help my friends and family more is because I have no emotional attachments to strangers. I don't know if I would be giving help to a rich or poor person by simply offering to help people on the streets. I know the struggles of my family and friends, so I know whether they need my help or not. If I knew that my family and friends were well off financially and mentally then I would probably help strangers more. I still may not know their struggles, but I would be more inclined to help them if I knew that my family and friends were secure.

  • I would help my friends and family more than others because I know they might pay me back someday however if I help out someone else they might not pay me back someday.

  • If I had the power to, I would help my family and friends more than others. The reason why I would help my family more than others is because they did a lot for me, and want to give back to them. The other reason why I would is because I think they would do the same for me. Lastly, is because they probably the reason how got this far. That is the reason why if I had the power to, I would help my family and friends more than others.

  • I love both my friends and family so either if i was a nepo-baby or not i would still try to do more for them. But even though I try to help their view on me could change and they could see me as a different person than I want them to see me.

  • I would help my family more than others and my friends the same as others. If I was famous, I would help my family more than others because I know my family has been there since I was born and they love me for myself. If I was the only famous person in my family I know my parents would support me and not use me. I cannot say the same for my friends. Some of my friends would use my fame for their benefits. They may ask me to buy them expensive stuff, and get them to where I am. As I do want to help them, I would help them the same way as I would help other people

  • From my point of view, if one of my acquaintances and relatives meets the required conditions and has the competencies and deserves and was subject to the conditions and the interview, then he has the right to be employed, and this does not prevent his acceptance, and his acceptance is obligatory, and this is not related to nepotism in any way. In this case, there is no favoritism, and the talented and skilled are not deprived of their right, and he gets the job because he deserves it.

  • It can be said that it is natural for humans to seek to help their family and friends if they have the ability to do so, and this does not mean that they will decrease their willingness to help others.

    Humans typically have stronger relationships with their family and friends, and a person may find themselves prioritizing helping them first due to the strong bond they share. However, a person's range of assistance can expand to include the community as a whole and even strangers if they have the ability and desire to do so.

    It is important for a person to strive for a balance between helping others and taking care of themselves, as they should not forget their responsibilities to themselves and their personal and professional lives.

  • I agree...
    I myself imagine I need a favour from relatives . Really l will feel so upset if they don't help . So , if l have my own company ,for example, l will be a good supporter for my family and friends . Treatment among us will be more flexible . I think they will do their best to prove that they deserve the job . I think no one can blame me because this is private . On the other hand, if I am a principal in a governmental organization , I won't agree to help relatives or friends unless they pass an exam to prove if they deserve the job or not .

  • If I was the one with power, I will treat everyone equally, because if I consider my relation over another I will be adding to the persons problems instead of reducing it. I may not there background and depriving them of such opportunity to help in elevating there standards of living or to care for thier family will be wrong. Besides, putting someone who does not know anything about the importance of the job will be of great detriment to me and my organization. If I put my child or relation in that position, he has tendencies of slacking and becoming lasy, because he or she does not no the worth or responsibilty he is controlling or supervising because he did not work hard to get it. In my opinion, some kinds helps are not acceptable to others. WHY? If I decide to render special help to others and leave some I will definetely be seen as partial and that can temper with my integrity and those who take me as a role model can start having doubts about me. And also if dont render special help those who expect me to improve their lives once I am in that kind of position example my relation or children, it will make them to wor