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I agree because... Of course, women have a hand in everything, so I agree with you. Who inspires you? 01/5/23
Yes, I definitely agree with you. The planet and the Earth must always be preserved. We don't... Is one day enough? 28/4/23
I agree with you.. strongly This is the case of countries that have kings. This is why I do... Are royals relevant? 28/4/23
Because the president conducts elections on the basis of the people's opinions, and in any law... Are royals relevant? 28/4/23
To be honest, I agree with all the stats! Why? Social media has had a lot of our good days. ... Teenagers and social media 27/4/23
Yes, of course, I celebrated Earth Day in my school. It was a very wonderful day! We... Is one day enough? 27/4/23
I think not because the monarchy is hereditary. As for the republican rule, elections are in... Are royals relevant? 26/4/23
I agree with you, there are no more, but in Jordan, I think that the regime is wonderful there,... Are royals relevant? 26/4/23
Are you interested in telling the kings? Well I'll be honest I don't care much about kings... Are royals relevant? 26/4/23
There's no royal system in my country, therefore we don't have either a king or a queen. Now... The role of royals 26/4/23
Two days ago, I saw a post on instagram talking about a royal princess, I think she's the... Suggest a discussion! 26/4/23
In the first law, it can be implemented because it will reduce the use of oil that pollutes the... The law in your hands? 17/4/23
I liked the rules because they guarantee our safety because nowadays there is no security. For... How to stay safe on the Student Hub 14/4/23
Dear Joe, You've posed a very interesting and sensitive topic which I think most countries... …Joe Burton! 14/4/23
As for us in Palestine, we need more climate laws to be imposed on the people in order to... Earth Day poll results! 14/4/23
The news story that affects my region is the problem of unemployment. For example, in my country... Competition #1 News near you 13/4/23