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Cop events can be more sustainable by doing the events online instead off flying to another... Are COP events sustainable? 28/11/22
I think climate change and world hunger crisis link because when you think of it, you imagine... Competition #4 Connecting topics 25/11/22
At the beginning of Covid-19, a lot of doctors has been needed to cover for the virus and... What causes doctor shortages? 21/11/22
Yes! There’s so many identical bags from expensive brands such as Chanel, LV, and more. Who is responsible? 21/11/22
I think phones are addictive because there are many games and videos like that that can be very... Mind your language! 15/11/22
For real, all teenagers today watch their phones all day, non stop. At breakfast, lunch, dinner... Mind your language! 14/11/22
Totally agree eloquent_nature, people all over the world are always looking for trending styles... Who is responsible? 14/11/22
Since the 19th century, factories has been producing a lot of clothes that are made from cheap... Who is responsible? 14/11/22
Yep, same for me lovely_heart👗👍 Sustainable style - be a designer! 11/11/22
Normally, people do not need like 1000 types of clothes and don’t really wear them because in... Sustainable style - be a designer! 11/11/22
If especially you are one of the Iranian women that are under the law, your leader won’t let you... Iran: Should people speak out? 10/11/22
My invention would be a small, round and mini like a pebble water bottle with its cover as a... Get creative, save the planet! 10/11/22
One of UK Current Issues is Poverty. In fall 2022, the World Bank will update the International... Competition #2 Questions for leaders 10/11/22
I think people outside Iran should speak out because the leader won’t let it’s own people speak... Iran: Should people speak out? 07/11/22
One of the reasons why we haven’t solved world hunger is because of the sudden pricing increase... Why haven't we solved the problem of world hunger yet? 03/11/22