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extraordinary_octopus We must take action now, we need to look after our planet and the future generation that could... Global action! 10/3/24
modest_snow Childrens voices matter; They are strong; Children need to be aware of their surroundings. Their... How to make a change 08/3/24
marvellous_jabuticaba Without a doubt, our planet is warming up. 2023, was the hottest year since records began. Since... Show what you know 07/3/24
inventive_currency In class we have been writing persuasive peices of writing. Here is what I have done so... Report back 06/3/24
marvellous_jabuticaba It’s not too late to save our world. Do we want to let our world fry, and get so warm and... Why don’t people change? 06/3/24
extraordinary_octopus Leave the world in a better form than you found it in. Eco-anxiety, the future 06/3/24
modest_snow We have been writing persuasive texts about different things. I wrote it about why children... Report back 06/3/24
unique_jackfruit Focus on what you can control Do you really want to leave this tragic topic alone? The air... What is eco-anxiety? 06/3/24
inventive_currency I believe there should be a a disscussion about "are peoples changes enough" because lots of... Suggest a discussion 05/3/24
extraordinary_octopus Take action now, Even though some say that our little changes dont matter but, i am sure that... Global action! 05/3/24
modest_snow I believe that there should be a discussion called ' should children take action.' This is... Suggest a discussion 05/3/24
marvellous_jabuticaba I think everyone is responsible for Climate Change as most people are drivin cars, and using... Climate change and inequality 05/3/24
rhetorical_studio 'Balance is an action, not a state.' I believe in order to take actions we must be aware of what... Show what you know 05/3/24
terrific_tambourine I believe that the fact that the percentage of people typing the words, " Eco anxiety "... Show what you know 05/3/24
involved_bat Each and everyone has a role to play in climate action. It's like a play; everyone plays a part... How to make a change 05/3/24
unbiased_argument I belive that everyone is responsible to help stop climate change. Everyone is entitled to help... Climate change and inequality 05/3/24
lucky_tornado Honestly, do you want to spend your time mourning about carbon footprints that arn't even yours.... Too much negative news? 05/3/24
extraordinary_octopus We must take action now, if we do not tke action then we never will be able to, the sea levels... Global action! 05/3/24
unique_jackfruit We must take action now! if not there will be no time to fix it. We still have a chance. 40% of... Global action! 05/3/24
rhetorical_studio Eco-anxiety opens your eyes to climate change and motivates and encourages you to take action.... "Climate anxiety is a failure of the systems of power." 23/2/24