Global action!


Environmental challenges are experienced worldwide. Therefore, representatives from around the world gather to talk about how to take care of our planet and enforce global action.

These are known as "Conference of the Parties" events but you might have seen them called "COP".

The most recent COP event was COP28 held in Dubai, where 154 international representatives attended.

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  • Global events such as COP28 plays a crucial role in tackling environmental challenges.
    In my opinion, COP21 impact was the most in tackling environmental challenges. It was held in Paris in 2015. This event brought together 196 countries representatives and resulted in the adoption of the Paris Agreement. It's primary goal was to limit global warming to well below 2 degree Celsius. The adoption of the Paris Agreement marked a turning point in global climate action. It demonstrated unprecedented consensus among nations on the urgent need to combat climate change and set a clear direction for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Many countries are increasing investments on renewable energy and sustainable practices. Because of the event, Rich countries are providing financial and technological support to develop nations. COP21 highlighted the importance of international collaboration and collective action to address the urgent environmental challenges that we face.

    1. I agree with you, COP21 was the most effective conference for tackling the environment challenges. COP21 has focused on tackling the global warming and reduce the temperature up to 2 degree Celsius. This has been
      the most effective COP because there were 196 countries taking part in this conference. Many countries across the taking part in this conference which is very good because the teamwork is very to tackle the environment challenges. Only the effort of 1 country is not enough for tackling this environment challenges, only collective effort can help to tackle these environment challenges.

      1. Can you give more examples of how COP21 was the most effective?

        1. Tamara@ The Economist a warm greetings. I knew about COP21's works so here is my information to you.
          COP21, astands for the 21th Conference which is a gathering where countries come together to discuss and negotiate actions to address climate change. One of the most effective outcomes of COP21 was that it brought together nearly 200 countries together to commit to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This agreement set the countries to work together to limit global warming. Plus, the Paris Agreement advanced to further efforts in combating climate change and promoting sustainability and encouraging countries to stop global warming. These actions are addressing environmental challenges and making a equitable society to live in.

    2. Absolutely, COP21, with the adoption of the Paris Agreement, was indeed a monumental moment in global efforts to combat climate change. Its impact reverberates through increased investments in renewable energy, the fostering of international collaboration, and the commitment to limit global warming. The agreement set a clear pathway for nations to work together toward a sustainable future, emphasizing the crucial role of collective action in tackling environmental challenges.

    3. I strongly agree with you because it helps different people to know the issues happening around the world because everyone in this group will share their issues so that others will be well informed. It can also make people feel sad for them that they can even make donations to tackle that issue. This will be very essential for even enhancing confidence skills for those who are still learning how to speak infrobt of a crowd

    4. Absolutely, COP21 was indeed a landmark event in the global effort to combat climate change. The Paris Agreement set a crucial framework for international cooperation in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to the impacts of climate change. Its impact has been significant in raising awareness, mobilizing resources, and spurring action at both national and international levels. The ongoing momentum from COP21 continues to drive progress towards a more sustainable and resilient future for all.

    5. I feel that the cop28 was the most effective because during this meeting the 198 parties actually addressed the need to end the use of fossil fuels ,meaning they realized that fossil fuels have impacted greatly to the condition of our climate . Because when we burn coal there are emissions of green house gas which affects the ozone layer causing a rise in temperature this meeting served as an enlightenment to some of countries who depend mostly on fossil fuels as their main energy source . So this meeting has actually suggested other sources of energy in which countries can adopt in other sources of energy to stop the use of carbon energy sources

    6. I agree because the Cop21 was a very initiative meeting it brought people together to come up with a solution and this shows that a key skill needed in lif3 which is collaboration is being put to w9rk and helping us listen to others and make a common goal for us to achieve.

  • The COP28 is sn interesting event for me where different perspectives can be presented concerning the environment. This year it was the first time our country took part and that is very hopeful as it seems that the government is seriously examining the problems around this theme. I believe is a good beginning because leaders can cooperate for the best of our planet and they will fund more environmental projects.

    1. I agree that our country taking part in the COP for the first time was a great achievement. However we need to ensure that these events are going to take a step further and take action in a serious way. All the countries can cooperate to fund projects that will help countries to promote sustainability.
      Additionally I think that in these events except prime ministers and politicians big businesses can play an important on getting informed how to behave more environmentally friendly.

      1. I agree because... My country also attended the last COP28 meeting together with other presidents where they pledged to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels.
        Our government is now working together with some foreign investors to find ways to decrease the usage of fossil fuels as a result of the COP28 meeting.
        Also businesses and politicians are working together to invest in renewable energy sources to combat climate change in my country. We are also learning about environmental issues in school on topics like Bush burning, deforestation ,global warming and the greenhouse effect. We are thought about their effects and how we can prevent them.
        The last meeting had a positive impact in my country and we hope for more progress to make the world better.

        1. Hey precious_swan,
          I completely agree with you, The COP28 has really made a great contribution in combatting the adverse effects of climate change and the COP28 has really gotten Nigeria actively involved in contributing to the fight against the adverse effects of climate change.
          Due to Nigeria's participation in the COP28, they will be able to benefit from the Loss and Damage fund and It also established a platform for investment and partnership opportunities for the various sectors affected by climate change. All this could Also help raise awareness about the adverse effects of climate change and with this all the uniformed people will be brought to the realization that we all need to work towards saving our planet and they might even put in a conscious effort to work towards saving our planet.

      2. You are absolutely right. I also believe that this event will have a major impact on our environmental beliefs in our country. It is so positive that some islands are part of this ecological project, which for me will benefit and our tourism .
        It will provide sustainable development using green energy , facing sea waste and so on.
        What better for a tourist to attract than a green island , clean with clear air and seas.

  • I think these events are very effective because lots of people who represent different countries collaborate and make decisions collectively about their plans of action. Based upon my research each country involved pledged to reduce their methane emissions by 30% by 2030. These events are also good as they are voluntary so do not seem like they are implemented or a requirement which may make countries more inclined to join them. Once countries have accepted and stated what they are going to do it makes them more inclined to make change and stick with plans as they can face damage to their reputation as they have failed to follow their agreement. The COP events were a huge success for the improvement of the environment and healing the damage we have done to our earth and its environment.

  • Conference Of Parties(COP) is like a gathering of representatives all over the world for the purpose of addresing issues such as climate crisis,mitigation and other global issues. The last COP was held in Dubai and one of the topics that was discussed is transition from fossil fuels.Here in Nigeria,we burn a lot of fossil fuels and we can reduce the burning of fossil fuels by using renewable energy such as solar energy.

    1. Hi @straighforward_king,
      From your comment I can now see how the COP28 helped in climate change, but I would like to add onto what you have said and state a topic that struck me when I saw all the previous topics of the COP. COP27 which was on mitigation, adaptation, finance and collaboration. I chose this to share with us because... it has made a very positive impact on the climate emergency loss of some nations such as Chad and Nigeria which do not have the funds to help themselves by providing these funds for them.
      What also stood out about the COP27 was the revival of the Santiago network which was not strictly adhered to. I feel like this COP was one the conferences with the most impact because... of the problems it covered.
      -MITIGATION: It helped to reduce severity and problems of climate change.
      -ADAPTATION: It helped nations to realize that we can as well adapt to things that can help the planet.
      -FINANCE: It provided for nations going through climate emergency.
      -COLLABORATION: It built even more trust between nations and helped them to put their heads together to cushion the rising effect of climate change.
      I love this conference most because... of its notable feats on climate change and emergency and I hope to be there one day.


    2. Nigeria actively took part in the COP28, 2023 and it benefitted us a lot. For example:
      - Nigeria actively participates in the goal to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius.
      - Nigeria raised money to support communities very vulnerable to the negative effects of climate change.
      - Nigeria is using the Presidential Power Initiative to effectively supply energy in the country.
      - The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation commercializes the country's liquefied natural gas to generate more revenue.
      Therefore, COP28 has motivated Nigeria to contribute towards a better and cleaner Earth.
      Thank you.

    3. I agree because during that same COP our president promised to make sure to reduce the amount of fossil fuels we use and I find this really innovative because the amount we use is so tremendous, that putting a stop to it would be an amazing feat that would overshadow the past COP events, let alone using more renewable sources of energy that would allow for a stable flow of electricity.

  • My thoughts on it;
    We are the greatest animal in the planet . We know that the nature of our planet is changing day by day. The temperature of the earth is constantly increasing. Soil, water, air, are being polluted every day because of us. In such a situation, I think that the importance of conference like COP (Conference of the Parties)is very high. 154 countries of the world are discussed in this conference. This is truly a remarkable thing. Because, through this all countries express their valuable opinion. As a result, it can solve many problems in a short time. Through this conference, we can prevent the change in the nature of our planet. For example, through Cop28 we can take some of the necessary steps to tackle global warming. Currently we have managed to reduce the global temperature by 1.5 . So, I think that COP is so important for climate changing.

    Don't forget that 'our planet responsibility.'

    1. I agree because... COP28 negotiations resulted in many agreements. One of which was an agreement to implement a Loss and Damage Fund. I think this was really awesome. This agreement was made to directly fund countries which are vulnerable to the effects of climate change like droughts, flooding, rising seas, etc. According to Medium · Shamba Network, "Eighteen countries were committed to the fund, with $792 million pledged". I think this agreement was a real help to countries who are facing the adverse effects of climate change. This fund, was used as a way to support and secure justice over the crisis which was climate change that countries are now facing. They were helping and responding to the needs of countries which could not help themselves. Nigeria also participated in COP28. COP28 also tried to end the era of fossil fuels which is something I really think was great. COP28 is not the only thing that can help countries facing the effects of climate change, businesses and individual countries can also give out income to countries who are facing the effects of climate change.

  • Hello,
    After my research I found out about the cop28 which was held in dubai and was surrounded around the topic of climate change and ways of solving climate change. Climate change can be said to be long term-shifts in temperatures and weather patterns. This shifts can be as a result of human activities such as release of toxic gases such as carbon monoxides into the atmosphere, polluting the land by dumping of waste on land, etc. In my country Nigeria we are guilty of some of this activities that pollute our environment and cause climate change which some of which are that instead of recycling our recyclable waste we end up just dumping them on land fills which leads to release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Also instead of the use of renewable energy such as solar power for our vehicles we make use of fossil fuels which release carbon monoxides which are dangerous to the atmosphere. I believe that if we here in Nigeria and countries all over the world adhere to the rules set in the Conference Of Parties against climate change and other environmental challenges we will be able to slow down if not stop the rapid climate change.

    Thank You.

  • Conference of the parties(cop) plays a crucial part in our environment. They disciss the issues and try to find a good sulotion to solve our problems. In cop28, the participants discussed trying to reduce fossil fuels like green house gasses. Here in the UK we use a lot of petrol and cars and that causes it to be polluted. We use a lot of fossil fuels but, we are working on getting to use more eco-friendly things. Cop 28 are giving us even more of a boost to help the environment. We want a good environment and cop28 is one of the ways to help us.

  • COP28 stands for the 28th Conference of the Parties (an annual gathering where representatives from various countries discuss and address worlds environmental issues ). Its motto is to tackle the challenges of climate. COP28 play an imp role in tackling environmental challenges. It brings everyone to discuss about the solutions. After surfing about COP28 I knew that Previous COP events have led to the agreements like the Paris Agreement in 2015. This target aims for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and global action to climate change. This events depends upon the effort we give. These events are crucial steps towards a right direction for the environmental concerns.

  • I must say that I didn't know so many things for the COP 28 so I talked about it with my teacher and at the same time I searched the Internet. For me, it seems like a movement that generates a new era. We all know that our planet is in danger and we are trying to find solutions. I have read that the deal in the COP is to move away from fossil fuels gradually. Additionally the government of Greece stated that some islands are planned to be transformed into green islands, such as that of Poros. It all seems so promising but I have some concerns. In order all these goals to be achieved they need to take immediate action and that could lead to extreme costs. Are they ready to risk it.

    1. Yes, it is a rather promising movement but according to what I have read there are some disappointment because they all agreed to using renewable energy but the gradual decrease of fossil fuels was not such a big action against climate change. We have a long road in front of us because according to environmental organisations the time passes quickly and there is an urgent need to take bigger measures. I think that if profit from worlwide businesses is put aside, then life will be evaluated better.

  • In my perspective, I didn't know a lot about the COP( Conference Of Parties) but from doing research I found out that COP is basically gathering representatives across the globe to rally up the world to step up efforts to stopping the climate crisis across the globe. The previous COP which was held in Dubai was aiming at climate finance, focusing on people, nature, lives and livelihoods, and fostering inclusivity, which provided "a new path to make a difference. In the U.S., we are focusing on nature to save the environment, but I can say that COP28 had impacted Dubai gracefully.

  • Global events such as COP28 are very effective in tackling environmental challenges.
    When representatives from other countries come together to discuss about tackling environmental challenges, they can help each other with their problems. For example, country A suffers from air pollution, country B can give a solution: that they use too much fossil fuel so they should invest in renewable energy. And country A will also give country B a solution for their problem and at the end they helped each other to resolve their environmental challenges.

    1. I agree with you. COP28 is a group that helps not only their countries but the whole planet. If your country is suffering than we all help. COP28 is a gathering where we help each other and discuss everyones problems not only us. It is a gathering where we discuss our problems as a family. After all we are one big world and we solve our problems together.

  • Global events like COP28 are very important in addressing environmental challenges by bringing together countries to discuss and implement solutions. These events provide a platform for sharing knowledge, setting targets, and negotiating agreements aimed at mitigating (reducing) climate change and protecting the our beloved planet.
    One example of the impact of COP events is the Paris Agreement, which was adopted during COP21 in 2015. This agreement represents a landmark global effort which can be replicated by us to fight against climate change by focusing to limit global warming. The agreement has prompted countries to submit their nationally determined contributions (NDCs) outlining their plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
    Lastly, COP events often encouraging initiatives from both governments and non-governmental organizations to address specific environmental issues. For instance, COP26, held in Glasgow in 2021, took many procedures to reduce deforestation, accelerate the transition to renewable energy, and enhance climate solutions in some affected regions.

  • In my thought COPevents bring countries together to tackel environmental problems. While each one is different, they've achived big things like the paris Agreement and the Glasgow climate pact . COP28in Dubai shiwed that many countries are still commited to solving evironmental issues. These events help countries to talk ,learn,and move closet to a stustainable future even if they don't always make huge agreements.

    1. Can you give any examples of agreements made at COP28?

  • Global events like COP28 are important to awaken the masses. They make a significant impact by raising awareness among people , fostering collaboration and setting international agendas. They inspire and inculcate a sense of challenge and task in the minds of individuals which they have to fulfil.
    These have the capacity to translate vision into reality and thus, they should be organised more often. The COP28 was a huge success and its outcomes include forsaking the use of fossil fuels, and nearly 200 countries for the very first time have planned a ‘transition away from fossil fuels’.
    This basically shows how people across the world are trying to make a difference by taking efforts to battle the climate crisis.
    Another significant example is of COP21 which was an agreement between 195 countries to limit global warming below 2 degree celsius. These made a huge impact in reducing the green house gas emissions and alerting the masses.

  • Yes, global action is crucial when it comes to addressing important issues. Whether it's tackling climate change, promoting equality, or ensuring access to education and healthcare, working together on a global scale is essential. By collaborating and taking collective action, we can make a positive impact and create a better world for everyone. Let's join hands and make a difference! 🌍🤝

  • COP is a negative and positive thing.
    The reasons are:
    •They are trying to improve their countries
    •They are helping each other other with new laws -or not.
    •Creative way to gather
    •Finally doing something
    •Aim is to limit climate
    And some more- hopefully many more.
    •You are flying in private jets or planes
    •You are trying to save the world but you are using private jets and that stuff
    •You are flying across the entire world meaning you are kind of risking your life
    And many more-hopefully it becomes no more negative points.

    I thought that it would be better if they did their meetings on Zoom, meaning they are already reducing climate change by a bit just by not using private jets and others.

    1. A great suggestion. Do you think countries will take the event as seriously online compared to in person?

      1. Alicia, you are correct.
        They probably won't take it as seriously but I hope they realise how dangerous Climate Change is and will actually be serious about because we need to do something to change the world because we don't have planet B to save us.

      2. Hello @ Alicia,
        I think countries will not take the event as seriously online compared to offline because country leaders procrastinate a lot until the negatives start affecting them greatly. A typical example is my country, where we took the recent COVID-19 precautions seriously when the population and business started declining drastically. Also, I think when it comes to events, there's something special about being there in person. You know, the energy, the connections you make, the vibe—it's hard to replicate online. In-person events just have this way of making things feel more real and urgent, you know? Can you relate? Like, when you're there, you're really there, and you're more invested in what's happening. But online, it's a different story. There are so many distractions and technical glitches, and it's just not the same as being face-to-face. Plus, without that physical presence, it's easy to feel less connected and less committed to what's going on. Thank you.

    2. Hi magical_tennis. Nice points for all the negative points you mentioned. You are right . You can't talk about the environment when you are using not only planes but also luxury planes with all the luxurious comforts they have. Zoom would be a good idea and even if you are not in person for me is the same. This event is a discussion event and if they want to sign something they can use AI to do it quickly and without using planes!

  • I believe that global events focusing on climate challenges can make a real difference. Take COP24, for instance. At this event, people came together to discuss how to reduce plastic in the ocean. They shared ideas and came up with a solution on making shoes out of plastic bottles. This simple idea helped reduce over 35% of plastic in the ocean. It shows that when we work together, we can achieve great things for our planet.

  • Events like the Conference Of Parties impact environmental challenges by providing a platform for collaboration and climate action. For instance, in Paris the event COP21, led to crucial agreements like the Paris Agreement, with commitments to limit global temperature increases which would help climate change. COP26 in Glasgow further reinforced climate goals and prompted new pledges from countries. While COP28 in Dubai has shown us climate finance its specific impact requires detailed information. The effectiveness of these events lies in the commitments by nations, ongoing follow-up, and public awareness to hold governments accountable.
    Thank you.

  • Cop 28 has played a major role in improving the environment in India. As the UAE discussed, fossil fuels are a major cause of global warming. In India, more than 40% of energy is produced from renewable sources such as water and windmills, which is great progress. Like India, all countries are making efforts to preserve the environment, both big and small. It's exciting to imagine what the world will look like in 10-15 years if all countries continue to make similar efforts.

    1. What do you think the world will look like in 10-15 years if countries continue to make these important steps? And remember to always cite your sources, comtemplative_fly.

  • My country benefited a lot from the recent COP28 meeting. Foreign investors promise to come and help us fight climate change by investing in renewable energy. This made everyone in the country hopeful because It means more job opportunities and less climate crisis for the country. We hope for more meetings like this where countries can find solutions together. It is important for countries all over the world to work together to solve big problems like climate change.

  • Hi topical talkers!
    Global meetings like COP are important for dealing with environmental problems because they bring countries together to talk about solutions. For example, at COP21 held in Paris in 2015,many countries agreed to limit global warming. These meetings can lead to agreements on reducing pollution, providing money for projects to fight climate change, and sharing technology. However, while these meetings are helpful, it can be hard to make sure countries actually do what they promised. So, while COP meetings are a step in the right direction, it's important to keep working on environmental issues even after they're over.

    Thank you!

  • Global events like COP28 plays a vital role in tackling environmental challenges.
    One of the most important global event is the Montreal Protocol. It was held in 1987. It is recognized as one of the most successful global environmental agreements. This agreements primary goal was to protect the Earth's ozone layer. The protocol has had a significant impact on the reduction of ozone-depleting substances (ODS) and the subsequent recovery of the ozone layer.
    Many countries agreed to reduce the use of halons, carbon tetrachloride and methyl chloroform which are widely used in industries. Montreal Protocol was a great success. It had contributed to the healing of the ozone hole and the restoration of the ozone layer's protective properties. Montreal protocol created a framework for collaboration, international corporation and scientists to work towards a common goal. The recovery of the ozone layer stands as a remarkable achievement in addressing global environmental challenges.

  • Cop28 is a promising event worldwide and hopefully all these ideas about protecting the planet will be implemented. Greece was the first time that took part in this event in Dubai and I feel proud of it as it seems our country is moving into more greener ideas.
    According to my teacher presentation and search in the internet it was ambitious that the government proposed two eco friendly ideas, the Gr-eco islands project and to the contribution of the Ocean Conference which will be held in Greece. These are major steps and I hope it will raise awareness to our people of my country.

    1. Very true, COP28 brings ideas that will forever change the world, kudos to Greece for taking part in this world changing event. If the world can have many more events like this one, we can have a greener earth, I feel that everyone should contribute their ideas to make the eco-system friendlier and better for everyone, at the end of it all, the eco-system benefits us all, the soil will be more fertile which leads to better harvests of crops, photosynthesis will be more efficient because we don't cut down plants in large numbers, also extinction of life forms will be reduced drastically because of the fact that the food that the food that the animals eat will be enough, overgrazing will be reduced, there will be less pollution because of the role of recycling and many more advantages, again I think that every country should take part in the COP28 to make a better earth for everyone.
      Thank you for seeing my views.

      1. COP events have been taking place for many years and targets for climate change are not met. Does this affect how successful you think event like these are?

        1. I'm not sure about this because... I think it somehow doesn't affect and also does because there have been and are repeated failure to meet climate change targets at COP events, which is discouraging. It doesn't necessarily mean that future events will be unsuccessful Instead, I think it's essential to learn from past mistakes and adapt strategies to address the challenges more effectively. Each COP event presents an opportunity for countries to come together, share knowledge, and negotiate agreements that can lead to meaningful progress in combating climate change. To add on, despite the hurdles we've faced in meeting climate targets during COP events, these gatherings are crucial for bringing countries together to tackle climate change. Take the Paris Agreement, for example, which came out of COP21. It brought nearly 200 countries together to commit to cutting greenhouse gas emissions. Though progress has been slow, it shows how important it is for countries to work together on climate issues, and COP events often start important conversations and initiatives at different levels, from local to global. After COP26 in Glasgow, many countries announced new climate commitments and initiatives to speed up the shift to clean energy and reduce emissions. Which is one effect on a country toward development, but the other effect is the process and the people's response to it. Thank you very much.

  • In my opinion, all hands should be on deck, from the smallest sacrifice to the biggest help in making a change. Actions like these:
    Less Fossil Fuels: For the first time, they officially talked about reducing fossil fuels. Imagine it as saying, “Hey, let’s move away from coal and oil!” That’s a big deal.
    Global Checkup: They checked how well countries are doing in fighting climate change. It’s like a health check for our planet. The verdict? We need to switch to clean energy faster.
    Methane Matters: They agreed to tackle methane emissions. Methane is like a sneaky greenhouse gas—it warms the planet a lot. So, they’re trying to control it.
    Help for the Vulnerable: They set up a fund to help countries hit hard by climate impacts—like rising seas or extreme weather. It’s like giving aid to those in need.
    Teacher vs. Robot: In education, AI might replace some teacher tasks. Imagine AI grading your homework. Cool, but also a bit weird, right?
    Privacy and Fairness: They talked about data privacy. Imagine your school keeping your information safe. Plus, they want to be fair—no bias in grading!
    Banana-Sized Challenges: Like fitting a giant banana into a tiny backpack, they’re figuring out how to balance AI and human teaching. It’s tricky.
    Let's all brainstorm together and come up with ideas to help restore the earth to its once-normal state.

  • I believe world powers are the only one who can make an actual impact on Climate Change. Normal people and population can do their little. They can plant trees, prevent wastage and follow the required norms and guidelines. But what will bring a real change will be Global Action, on a mass level.
    Like the 1991 conference of UNEP that banned the use of CFCs in Air Conditioners. Global Powers - both political and financial need to decide upon stricter norms and guidelines.
    So the COP is a wonderful initiative. All countries can sit together and decide once again, how to prevent that which is truly harmful! All financial powers can join hands and decide what more they can do, how much should they innovate? What innovations should they purchase or patent and how exactly can they bring about a change?
    COP will create a platform that will compel world powers to discuss and important issue, and in the end, find out a solution.

  • Prior to late last year COP28 held I never heard of it but what draw my attention to it was the media outcry in country that we had 1411 delegates, largest African delegates. The outcry was that celebrities were part of the delegate and half that number had no business in Dubai. This led to people asking questions about the useful of COP28. Base on my little my mind at that time I concluded there was nothing good about it.

    Fast forward TTF, I had the opportunities of reading other people's write up and did a bit of reading myself. My opinion changed. A world without COP would be worse than what we have in term of environmental changes.

    In conclusion, COP is a good vision. The facilitator just needs to go further in holding affiliate members responsible for their commitments after the conference.

  • Hi,
    I really liked this topic, I took my time to research about this conference and the significant impact of the event, and the points that were made were very wonderful, for example the decline in the use of fossil fuels I found out that they agreed that by 2030 they want to eradicate the use of fossil fuels and also increase renewable energy capacity by three times, And by the looks of it that is just 6 years from now, that means that if things go according to plan and there are no major issues a better world could be coming sooner than you think. They also talked about the need for increase in climate finance, they tried their best to encourage people to contribute their resources more to support countries that are vulnerable to more negative climate impacts rather that using does resources for unproductive things. Another major discussion that took place was the need for the reduction of methane emissions as they are major contributors to global warming.
    There were many other topics that were discussed that is meant to be for the improvement of our earth and the complete eradication or reduction of climate change, I really love this conference made just for this matter and I hope that instead of just words actions will be taken too to back up these promises, commitments and plans.
    Thank you!

  • Everyone must take action, it is not just one person who does it all we can not just rely on one person one invention to save us. It is us that need to take action not just people in the UK but in the whole world. Many years of looking forward has proven that we should not rely on tech and an new invention to save us we need a human brain we need you.

  • COP28 is effective in tackling environmental challenges, I say this because, COP28 produced important things that help with our environment and climate, such as promising us climate justice, energy, and food security. I love how they take the time to challenge themselves towards tough challenges and years of hard work to keep us safe. They took the time to help vulnerable countries pay for climate-related blemishes.

  • COP28 is a promising event where leaders and businesses can work collaboratively in order to face the most important issue in our planet, the climate change. I think these are the first steps to encounter what we are experiencing nowadays and in the near future. In my view it was so helpful that our government took place for the first time along with some businesses and promised that they will start environmental projects such as that of the renewable resources.
    It is hopeful because our country and I think almost every country nowadays can clearly experience the effects of climate change through heatwaves, floods and fires.

  • It is generally accepted, in my view, that every event or action can definitely affect positively our behavior towards the environment.
    COP28 can hold many future promising events that will tackle our climate change. All countries every year can evaluate the effects of climate change and reconsider any possible solutions.
    People taking part in this event are people with power that can motivate the general public being eco friendly by providing the suitable products or energy .

  • I think COP28 is good because it helps people know about climate change and we need to make a change. So everyone should know about it and stop cutting trees down.

  • The COP28 event has made not many impacts on people and very few than the previous event COP21 as more action was taken: the agreement on trying to degrees the temperature by 2 degrees Celsius; recommendations of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change; 5-year review mechanism and all countries to use less CO2.
    Where as, for COP28 hasn't impacted much as, well 8500 people attended the event but not much people have taken part yet. Also, the goal for COP28 was to transition away from fossil fuels and protecting nature and planting new plants and trees. However, it seems that people aren't doing enough or more people have to help.

  • Yes along with COP there is many groups /services helping to improve the planets health.There is a recycling scheme in Ireland called Re-Turn and its were you pay more money for the bottle/can and bring it back to the shop in good condition and put it in the machine and get your money back

  • In my view it is such a great achievement to schedule a COP event. Its purpose is so significant as our planet needs our help.
    However as I didn't know so much about it and I searched on the internet, I think the media should show it more on their news. This way all people and younger will be aware that people with people care about our planet and we are be motivated.

  • In my opinion COP28 played an immense role to tackle environmental challenges.
    It is the 28th annual conference where they discussed matters about reducing the use of coal and gas.
    There were over 197 countries participating.
    It helped raise awareness about climate change and the gas levels reduced.
    As well as more people noticing the urgency about global warming.

  • Global action is infinitely affecting the world because you today may see an endangered and next month it extinct , because this animal didn't adapt to the surprising change of whether then the creatures which eat it disappears and so on until all creatures die .

    This is what will happen if we stood watching our world getting destroyed slowly .

    I think that someone might reply to me and say that it doesn't matter we are going to Mars . My reply is this might happen after a really long time and it also may not happen at all, so let's stop the global action from now, let's stop throwing plastic in the ocean , stop burning coal , producing steam ,stop cutting trees and hunting animals for us and next generations .

  • COP28 is useful because they discuss how to prepare and stop climate change. They are very effective because of the fact that they have multiple plans in stopping climate change they have many different materials and strategies to do it. COP28 always makes sure to be prepared in case something takes place and everyday they try their hardest to reduce the amount of climate change. COP21 also helped with environmental challenges. It originated in Paris in the year of 2015. But COP28 has had a larger impact on society.

  • Global events like COP28 play a crucial role in addressing environmental challenges worldwide. These events bring together countries to discuss and set goals for reducing carbon emissions, protecting biodiversity, and promoting sustainable practices. For instance, at COP21 in 2015, the historic Paris Agreement was adopted, aiming to limit global warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius. This agreement has since encouraged countries to ramp up their efforts towards a more sustainable future to make our planet a better place. By examining different perspectives from students and experts, one can gain a better understanding of the complexities involved in environmental decision-making and the importance of international cooperation in combating climate change

    1. I agree because... The cop 28 meeting has brought together numerous world leaders to discuss pricing issues affecting the planet. Biodiversity is currently have a negative impact across the planet so the leaders can work together to find sustainable solutions to prevent biodiversity loss in each country. These meeting can create an avenue for the leaders to work together to form NGOs that can work across different countries to educate people about biodiversity and find solutions to protect the biodiverse environment

  • Today we have came to such a extent that now we are running with time to ensure a safe future.. earlier we neglected about taking positive steps towards environment and postponed it to tommorow until conditions became worse like today and that tommorow never came...but now the world is putting efforts to have a sustainable future so we should support them and give our best to our responsibility towards our planet...this cannot be done by a single mind therefore various minds are struggling together to ignite a safe and secure future tommorow..

  • Around the world get-togethers like COP28 play an imperative portion in tending to normal issues. These social occasions bring together specialists from a combination of countries, organizations, and accomplices to wrangle almost and address essential normal concerns. They deliver a gathering for information sharing, collaboration, and the creation of novel courses of action. Around the world get-togethers like COP28 progress wrangle approximately and support, hence raising mindfulness, setting goals, and building up around the world rising to combat climate change, reduce nursery gas radiations, and secure the environment. They instill a sense of criticalness and collective obligation, moving countries to act and grasp conservative courses of action. Other than that, these events allow for the exchange of the leading phones as well as the trade of development and resources to help make countries light up common concerns. By and expansive, around the world events such as COP 28.Overall, around the world get-togethers like COP28 are valuable at engaging around the world cooperation and driving extraordinary change toward a more temperate and flexible future.

  • I would say COP28 events are very effective since its different representatives from around the world. These representatives have their own point of view of climate change which could help solve problems everywhere.

  • We can make a difference even though we are children to help us go through eco-anxiety because we will inherite this earth, this is our future and if we want to have a enjoyable life we need to stop climate change now. Act now Act fast Act kind.

    1. How do you think you can make a different to change the situation with climate change?

      1. We could reduce plastic bags and swap it for paper and the same for the plastic straws, and maybe have 3 meat products every week or less because beef and other meat makes a big problem for the earth

  • We all might have heard about G20 summit this can be called as an effort and step took by 20 countries far to tackle global issues like poverty together in this these countries assemble together to fight with problems in the world this cannot be done alone but with working as a team we can improve that this COP28 is also a way to ensure a safe and sustainable future tommorow...climate change is vast topic under it their are enormous issues like global warming, scarcity, floods, landslides and the list is long...but if we together make efforts to have a sustainable future the conditions will definitely improve it's said"unity is our strength"...

    1. How effective do you think these summits are?

  • COP28 stands for the 28th Conference of the Parties meeting (The parties being the countries that signed up to the original United Nations climate agreement in 1992) and it is a big global meeting held to tackle climate problems.
    Last year, it was held in Dubai because it is one of the top 10 oil-producing nations. Oil -like coal & gas-are fossil fuels and are one of the main causes of climate change and so people are being encouraged to use less of it in daily life because they release planet-warming greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide when burned for energy.
    At COP28, countries agreed on the need to "transition away from fossil fuels in energy systems." Many countries (including the US, UK, EU and some of the nations which are most vulnerable to climate change) had wanted a more ambitious commitment to get rid of fossil fuels.
    Some of my research came from:

  • It’s essential for the environment to have these meetings because they think of ways to tackle climate change so earth still can be perfect. So we can change. Then we can have cooler planet. We can tackle it together. We can help by using less electricity.

  • Global meetings such as COP28 are extremely good at spreading awareness about climate change and global warming in the world. These events are very good as all of the attendants will know about the tragic and critical moments of destruction on earth and will be able to take some action and install a difference in earth's nature balance and the wildlife population and genuinely the natural and important parts of the earth's community. COP28 plays a crucial role as the attendants and nearby community will understand the troubles our earth has to face every single day and could take immediate action and care about earth more and more frequently like recycling waste and walking instead of driving a car which will pollute the air causing to dying local wildlife and unclean and dangerous unbreathable air instead of healthy and much needed clean and purified air. But in my opinion, COP21 was the most effective and awareness raising and heart pumping climate problem gathering as it made lots of surrounding community very aware of the upsetting events taking place.

  • We must take action now! if not there will be no time to fix it. We still have a chance. 40% of the antartic has already melted. The last decade has been the hottest in 125,000 years. We are also losing 1.2 trillion tones of ice every year.

  • We must take action now,
    if we do not tke action then we never will be able to, the sea levels will rise polar ice-caps will melt and we can not change that not now not ever, in fact 40% of the antarctic has already melted. This ends up in a bad result, it ends up in the sea levels rising by about 8-9 inches or 21-24 cm or 2 feet this could result in places being flooded and some islands sinking.

    This is why me must take action now!

  • Take action now,
    Even though some say that our little changes dont matter but, i am sure that you have asked someone to pick a flower before and they saud now because if everone plays their part then it can make a huge difference in the future of our planet other people left the world like this for us we need to leave it better for the next generation dont you want them to enjoy their lives as much as we do?

    This is why we must take action now!

  • COP28 is a.the global stocktake is considered the central outcome of COP28 as it contains every element that was under negotiation and can now be used by countries to develop stronger climate action

    Thank you

  • Global events like COP28 have proved to be effective in addressing environmental challenges by driving climate action and fostering global cooperation. Previous COP events, such as COP21, resulted in the historic Paris Agreement, which aims to limit global warming to well below 2°C. COP events have facilitated significant outcomes, including commitments to combat deforestation, reduce emissions from coal power, and establish the Loss and Damage Fund. Additionally, COP28 focused on transitioning to clean energy, climate finance, and inclusivity, resulting in agreements on the global stocktake, fossil fuel phase-out, adaptation, and addressing loss and damage due to climate change. These instances demonstrate how COP events have led to tangible global climate commitments and provided a framework for climate finance, underscoring their effectiveness in tackling environmental challenges. However, there are lingering concerns, related to the specificity and implementation of financial commitments in addressing climate change. The evidence from previous COP events underscores the crucial role of these international gatherings in fostering global climate action and promoting significant environmental policies and actions.

  • We must take action now,
    we need to look after our planet and the future generation that could come with it. My reasons for the are that the planet as I am sure that you all know is heating up at a rapid speed, this causes the melting of ice-caps, which causes the sea levels to rise, then the tide gets higher causing floods, ending up in millions of homes and lives to be crushed.

    Another reason is that the population of some animals inn the world is minimising,
    The reasons for this are that the melting ice-caps results in thousands of arctic animals going down with it.

    Research has it that the next big war will not be about oil or land or anything like that it will be about water.

    Those are my reasons for why we must take action now or never.

    'Save the earth today, survive tomorrow."

  • In my opinion, events like the COP are essential in helping countries to talk about the effects of climate change and help them plan and collaborate together to reduce it. The most recent one being COP28 which was held in Dubai, UAE last year. The COP28 was especially important because leaders from all 197 countries agreed that their country should reduce the use of fossil fuels, since it was one of the root causes of climate change. Over 100 countries also agreed to triple their country's renewable energy capacity and doubled the rate of energy efficiency by 2030. This can help tremendously for a country that is suffering from climate change.

  • You know, I truly accept that huge social affairs like the COP are really significant with regards to managing natural issues. They're similar to these immense gatherings where nations from everywhere the world social affair and discuss how to handle things like environmental change. Take the Paris Arrangement, for instance. It emerged from COP21 back in 2015, and it's been a distinct advantage. Pretty much every country in the world joined to it! It put a few truly aggressive objectives for eliminating ozone harming substances and getting support for undertakings to think about environmental change. Be that as it may, it's not just about marking a piece of paper. These arrangements really push state run administrations to make a move. They make this energy for new strategies and flash advancement in innovation to help the climate. Also, you understand what's cool? They don't simply remain in those meeting rooms. COP occasions welcome consideration regarding ecological issues on a worldwide scale. They cause individuals to sit up and focus, which comes down on legislatures to take care of business. Certainly, they're noticeably flawed. Now and then progress is slow, and it's hard to get everybody to concur. Be that as it may, hello, they're as yet critical for getting everybody in total agreement and cooperating to safeguard our planet for people in the