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I chose Ladybug from the book Ladybird and Cat Noir. I believe that ladybirds have great and... #22 Escape the pages! 17/2/22
I think that the symbol G will be the best symbol for applying the news, because the new or... #20 The winning icon 04/2/22
I would like to say that I disagree with PERSON A because the news is not related to the people... #19 Respond! 28/1/22
If I had a million dollars, I would spend them on the following * Small loans for young people... #17 Hey big spender! 13/1/22
How will you start a discussion about the news in 2022? I will start my discussion about the... #16 Wheel decide! 04/1/22
The story of the tree .... Hope makes the impossible. #15 Headline of 2021 09/12/21
I would like to have an interview with climate observer Alaa Dajani to learn more about the... #14 Interview who? 03/12/21
It is important for me to talk about the news, because it is the news that leads the awareness... #13 You and the news 25/11/21
If I were the leader of my country, I would have promised to raise the economy of my country,... #12 Important promises 19/11/21
Your response is nice, but another opinion. I think that the wall, i.e. the background that the... #10 Pick a picture 09/11/21
Your response is beautiful, another opinion. I think that the lamp works with the switch, and... #10 Pick a picture 09/11/21
Your opinion is beautiful. It is true that with the advancement of technology, the news has... #10 Pick a picture 09/11/21
I have another opinion. It is possible that the plant can benefit from its fruits, which are... #10 Pick a picture 08/11/21
I think the best picture for the news is C, because the plane helps journalists report the news... #10 Pick a picture 05/11/21
1- The Book is the End of History and the Seal of Mankind by Francis Fukuyama 2- The book talks... #9 Think of a link 29/10/21
R. Reflection of views is one of the most important specialties of the journalist. E.... #8 The News 27/10/21
j. Journalists' jealousy of each other is earned by beautiful news programmes. O. On time... #8 The News 27/10/21
J...Journey to the light of peace and freedom O...Organise the news to the national and... #8 The News 22/10/21
T. They talk about the useful in the news and we must listen to them. H. History is a good... #8 The News 22/10/21
I like what Shaama sandooyea said that our generation will be more ecosystem conscious one day... #7 Share the expertise 18/10/21