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I think that the symbol (V) will be the best symbol for applying the news because the news needs... #20 The winning icon 07/2/22
I agree with C, because the youth category is the most important category. You should be aware... #19 Respond! 31/1/22
I found the word “war” and it plays a big role in the news. When a war is waged against any... #18 Search and say! 26/1/22
If I had a million dollars, I would save it for a big project that helps the environment in... #17 Hey big spender! 17/1/22
In the year 2021, a space launch took place from California. It is the fifth spacecraft that... #15 Headline of 2021 13/12/21
So nice to hear this And this question, if answered, may be an end to immigrants, and it will... #14 Interview who? 06/12/21
If it were in my hands, I would meet the poet Ibrahim Toukan is a brilliant poet and writer. He... #14 Interview who? 03/12/21
I think that you are frank and I agree with you in asking this question because what happened in... #14 Interview who? 03/12/21
Yes, and for the knowledge of what is around us and made us avoid the mistakes and neglect that... #13 You and the news 29/11/21
Yes, I agree with you. People yearn to do beautiful and creative things for our world, and to... #13 You and the news 29/11/21
I agree with you, and I think you included the meaning and importance of the news. It is what... #13 You and the news 29/11/21
Yes, and you create awareness in myself, I work for my world, that arouse interest in our world,... #13 You and the news 29/11/21
Yes, and I add to you, as in the events that show the weather, this is necessary because of the... #13 You and the news 29/11/21
"It is important for me to talk about the news, because this is our whole life, we can no longer... #13 You and the news 26/11/21
Yes, we must be serious in order to hear beautiful news that makes us love to hear and develop it... #13 You and the news 26/11/21
Oh, a good leader, and what you will do for the youth will certainly increase your justice and... #12 Important promises 23/11/21
If I were the leader of my country, I will promise you not to do evil and what is poor and dark... #12 Important promises 23/11/21
I'd like to know more about Title A..for the first manned mission to the Moon since the 1970s in... #11 Tell me more! 15/11/21
Yes, and I add to you that these facts that grow like plants must reveal what is behind the... #10 Pick a picture 09/11/21
Yes, it must be told with the truth so that it does not dry out and die and make a form that... #10 Pick a picture 09/11/21