#22 Escape the pages!

24 February 2022
Competition Rules

Winners Announced!

Well done to everyone who entered this week's competition. Not only were there some great links between fictional characters and news stories, but the Topical Talk team enjoyed making a list of new books to read over the coming weeks - thank you!

smart_theory of Start-Rite Schools in Nigeria, who chose a character from the book Half of a Yellow Sun. This person has excellent analytical skills that smart_theory would help solve problems of war and political conflict, like in Russia and Ukraine.

selfassured_journalist of Manor Park Primary Academy in the United Kingdom, who chose a character from Harry Potter. They explained how this unbiased judge could apply their skills to recent news stories like the coup in Sudan. It was a great use of our keywords too!

Congratulations! You have both won a star!

The Competition


The news is full of information about problems in the world - and sometimes these are hard to solve!

Your challenge this week is to think about what FICTIONAL character from a book might be able to help if they could escape the pages and come to life.

Your competition entry should say who they are, what book they are from and which problem FROM THE NEWS they might be able to help with.

Top Tips
  • Read the other competition entries first so that your idea is original
  • Make your entry personal to YOU
  • You could structure your entry like this: "The fictional character I have chosen is... from a book called . I think this character could help to solve the problem of... because..."

Comments (113)

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  • The fictional character I chose is Batman from a book called Bruce Wayne. I believe that this character can help solve the problem of injustice and the killing of innocent people in the world because Batman is a superhero whose goal is to seek to arrest criminals, obtain evidence that proves their crime and then deliver them to justice, It spreads security.

    1. Thanks for your entry, thoughtful_iceberg! What qualities does Batman have that you think would help him solve the problem of injustice in our world?

  • The fictional character I chose is (Macondo "The City of Mirrors that Reflect the World in and Around It") from a book called (One Hundred Years of Solitude) - It's not a character, it's a fantasy!

    I think this thing can help solve the problem of (hazardous climate) because Imagine if there were really mirrors that reflect the world, This will help us escape from climate change to a new world and preserve it!!

    1. Creative solution, independent_technology! Can you explain how mirrors might be able to avert climate change?

  • The fictional character of your choice is Sherlock Holmes from the Sherlock Holmes series of books. He is known for his cleverness in solving cases and holding the leads of the case to solve the problem-He will help in solving problems, but his intelligence, eloquence, and calmness

    1. Thanks for your entry, compassionate_explanation! I think you're saying that because he's clever, Sherlock Holmes would be able to help solve our problems today. Could you say more about what kind of problems you think he'd be able to solve?

  • The book character I have chosen is ROBIN HOOD from book called ROBIN HOOD Adventures,I think this character could help to solve the problem poverty and on the other hand justice,Because this character was working to steal and rob the rich in order to feed the vulnerable poor at a time when the category of masters and the rich were few and a large group of the poor, and at the same time the category of masters was unjust and controlling everything and controlling the poor group as well in our societies today, we also suffer from that issue

  • The character is Sinbad from a series of books called Sinbad. I chose him because he can change the mind of the world for the better as he makes people think about the environment and the planet in his funny and beautiful style

  • I chose Ladybug from the book Ladybird and Cat Noir. I believe that ladybirds have great and clever skills to help us with climate change through their superpowers. Ladybug's job was to free Paris from danger and I believe her lucky spell can help us with climate change.

  • The fictional character I chose is SpongeBob from the book First Kids Publishers, and the reason for choosing it is because it will make children fun in their lives because it will reduce stress and pressure, make you look successful and help you choose the positive thing..

  • The fictional character you've chosen is a cowboy.
    One of the old western movies, and I think that these characters, if they came out to the truth, would defend children and women and represent justice everywhere.

  • "The character of the book I chose is Herbot George from a book called The Time Machine. I think that this character can help solve the problem of fixing the future because the book talks about a world that has moved through time to the distant future and found how the future of humanity is dark, and many changes in the world have become. If the character came out to the ground and sawThe future and she told us what will happen and we take our precautions, and maybe if we knew about Covid 19, it would have been right now, not the day of this virus

  • The fictional character of your choice is Superman from a book called Action Comics. I believe that this character can help solve the problem of saving the earth in order to return because he has wonderful and clever skills to help us in climate change with his superpowers, his mission was to liberate America, and I believe that Superman has superhuman talents that can help in climate change and create hurricanes by blowing.

  • The fictional character I have chosen is the genie from abook called Alaeddin. I think this character could help to solve the problem of poverty in my city because the genie has supernatural abilities and he could do anything, he will give every person in my city what he needs of money or anything else, people can start their business and will have monthly income, so the unemployment will be finished.

  • The fictionalcharacter I have chosen is avatar korra from a book called Avatar: The Legend of Korra I think this character could help to solve the problem of nature ,wars and political problems , because A girl with a wonderful leadership personality, characterized by intelligence, wisdom, patience, determination and responsibility of the "Avatar", she can bend all four elements, and is responsible for maintaining balance in the world.

  • "The fictional character that I chose is (Herbert George Wells) from a book called (Time Machine) I think this character can help solve the problem of climate change! Because in the fairy tale there is a time machine with which we can travel to the future and that will help us go To the future, let's discover what our world will be like and whether the climate threat will stop or not!!"

  • The character I chose is the boy (Harry Potter) from the book series (Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone) I chose that character because it is very imaginative and at the same time very wonderful. Seven and I'm not bored of it since I was eleven because it's a great fictional character

  • "The book character I have chosen is Peter Panfrom a book called Peter Pan and Wendy I think this character could help to solve the problem ofSearching for lost children and returning them to their families safely because As it appeared in the movie, Peter is able to interact with children, so he can convince them to trust him, and he can fly also to search for children quickly. I think if I get lost and Peter finds me, I would like to fly in the sky!"

  • "The fictional character I've chosen is Robin Hood from a book called The Whole Life and Merry Exploits of Bold Robin Hood. I believe that this character can help solve the problem of starvation and help the oppressed because Robin Hood was a brave, reckless, and outlaw knight. He has an amazing skill in shooting arrows, and I chose this character because she was robbing and robbing the rich and miserly in order to feed the poor, and also he was fighting the oppressors and releasing the oppressed.

  • The fictional character I chose is (Carl Sagan) from the book (Connection) I think that this character can help in solving many problems because the character used a travel machine around the world..! Where we will be able to discover new regions around the world!
    (Solve the climate problem!)

  • The fictional character that I chose is (Plato's Society) from a book called (The Virtuous Religion of Al-Farabi) is a book from the days of the European Renaissance. I think that this character can help solve the problem of corruption and racism in society! Because Al-Farabi wrote that there is a virtuous society of the kind that a group of Greek philosophers thought of before him, such as Plato's Republic!!

  • The fictional character I chose is Harry Potter from a book called Harry Potter. I think that this character can help solve several problems around the world, such as climate change, a large population census, Corona or several other problems , Because he is a smart character and everything needs intelligence and creativity to solve it , And he can also use his magic to solve these problems, such as the Corona virus , He can make a magic mixture used as a cure for this virus, or climate change can think of what we can do or he can predict the future to know what is coming to us so that we can get rid of it.

  • The fictional character I have chosen is Captain Marvel from the comic book Captain Marvel. I think that as a powerful female superhero leader Captain Marvel could help solve the problem of gender inequality by showing that any human, man or woman, is as capable and

  • The fictional character I would choose is Harry Potter from the series of Harry Potter books because he is a very intelligent and wise young wizard who knows many useful magic spells. He can use these amazingly magical spells to do wondrous magic in the world making Climate change, the invasion of Afghanistan and Ucrane and many more problems be solved.

    1. The fictional character I've chosen is Sherlock Holmes because he knows how to figure stuff out and he LOVES an adventure! He has many ways to find out whats going on and somtimes loves to help. He can unsolve puzzles quicker than others and will never give up his cases.

  • The character of the book I chose is: King Arthur from Avon Dust. Written by the author Marion Zimmer and I chose him because he would be able to protect the rights of marginalized women, and for his great courage he faced dangerous witches who marginalized the mirror and not only can protect women but children, and he is distinguished by his intelligence in making quick decisions Sabeans and he is able to take responsibility he is a king who has a parish and preserves it.

    1. The fictional character I have chosen is The Secret Seven, from the book called Good Work Secret Seven. I think this character could help with protecting society from crime because of their investigative skills

  • The fictional character that I have chosen is Iron Man (Iron Man) from the Marvel cinematic stories, this character has the ability to predict events before they occur on the basis of logic and depends on the mind in that, where he knows the next given that he is future, and can see dozens of steps forward and planning How to respond, we may need this super hero to predict many problems in our world, including wars, famines, floods, global warming and other problems that face us. Many problems, which can be controlled and successfully overcome without their occurrence and without harm, knowing the coming danger makes us more careful and wary of our world from destruction.

  • my fictional character is Gar from the story of edgar sawtelle. he is a very organized individual and I feel that if law enforcement agencies and the judiciary in general are as organised and down to earth as he is, the problem of injustice will be solved

  • The fictional character I chose is "Ebenezer Scrooge" from the book A Christmas Hymn is a novel by author Charles Dickens I think this book will help solve the problem of homeless children on the streets because the selfish man has turned himself into an emotional person who loves the poor and deals with them and helps them and built institutions to protect poor children And the poor in the streets

  • The fictional character that I chose is Cinderella from the book The Cinderella Story, and the reason I chose this story is that Cinderella was suffering from very difficult circumstances, but after determination, persistence and fatigue from her father's woman, she found something that made her forget the pain and fatigue of the past.

  • The fictional character she chose, "the robot Sophia" in the movie "Rosum's Men of Global Trade" written by the Czech scientist (Karel Capic) and there was a movie story about: the invention of people, but she turned against humans and ruled the world. This movie helped to appear The idea of ​​the robot, and then making the robot on the ground and this character helped in discovering space and going down to the depths of the seas and helping the human to work, space, the robot
    He is one of the best scholars in this world

  • The fictional character I chose is Rasmukhin from the book Crime and Punishment, I believe that this character can help solve the problem of humans and their reactions when trial and error ,this character has made it clear that we are human because we make mistakes, and that the mistake is what led us to the truth

  • The fictional character I have chosen is Harry and his friends from Harry Potter series of books. I think this character could help to solve the problem of Palestine reconsolidation and Palestinian conflicts because they reflect a good example of the teamwork and loyalty which can help Palestinian people in their struggle.

  • The fictional hero is Roland Diskin from the Dark Tower series of books and his arduous task is to protect the world at all costs, and if he exists now, we would have asked him to protect the world from climate change.

  • The fictional character I chose is Snow White from the book Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and the reason is this character's choice because the children love her so much and the children when they see this character enjoy a lot and use her through a lot 💖💗

  • The fictional character I chose is Krrish from a movie called Kish. I think that this character can help solve the problem of treachery and conspiracy because countries are turning against each other, and friends have become enemies because of a simple thing and this thing will lead to the end of the world

  • "The fictional character I've chosen is Magnús Scheving and played Sportx from a book called Going to the City of Zombies, I believe that this character can help make cities bustling and the people who live in them motivate them to solve their city's problems and because this character also saves difficult situations and events for the city in time.

  • The fictional character I have chosen is 'Adah' from a book titled 'Second Class Citizen'. She is a woman who has no limits and I believe that she can help solve the problem of people feeling inferior through her examplary lifestyle.

  • Hello everyone, the book I chose is unexpected joy at dawn and it is written by Alex Agyei and the character I chose is mama orojo because after losing contact with her brother she still made the best out of it in a foreign country and made a big company of her own.

  • The fictional character I have chosen is Ugwu from the book "Half of A Yellow Sun". I believe this character can help solve the problem of war and political conflict (like that of Russia and Ukraine) by analyzing the situation and observing any key information other people may have missed. I also admired that even though he made his fair share of mistakes, he learnt from those mistakes, and that is what being a leader is about.

  • The character that I hope will come out of the book is (Bat girl), from the cartoon movie For justice, and I chose her because she is a character who has great confidence in herself and is the example of an independent girl who depends on herself, and we can say that she is a role model for every ambitious girl who wants to reach her goal Despite all the difficulties.

  • The fictional character I chose is (Conan) from the comic book series (Detective Conan), and I chose her for his wisdom, intelligence, and desire to solve puzzles and complexes. He will be able to help humanity, we need someone with his intelligence, responsibility and because he is a good person who will win the trust of people

  • The fictional character of l chose is Hercule Poiro
    From the novels of Agatha Christie ,as a crime novel on the Orient Express.
    Because he can solve the crimes of murder and kidnapping in our days, such crimes have become very common.

  • The fictional character that I have chosen is Black Beauty from the book ' Black Beauty' written by Anna Sewell. I think this character can help solve the problem of cruelty to animals (especially horses). He could teach all humans to be gentle, kind and love all animals but most importantly, treat them fairly without harming them.

  • The fictional character I chose is (Detective Conan) from the manga series by the writer Gosho Aoyama. I think that this character can help news reporters to analyze the initial news before transmitting it to the channel or broadcasting it to people and scrutinizing the events until they convey a correct and accurate picture and thus have credibility and thus the famous Detective Conan He contributed to being an eye on the truth, as the news should be

  • The fictional character i choose is Adah from the book second class citizen i choose her because she was
    independent and determined an she fought against all odds to gain her education. she will be able to help humanity because she is someone who is ready fight for her rights and she was determined to achieve her end goals

  • The fictional character I chose was Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe in the book (the legend of Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe) and I chose him because of his never give up spirit. Upon all the difficulties he had in trying to achieve his dream of becoming a journalist, he never gave up. I believe that having a leader like Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe
    would solve the problem of corruption in Nigeria today.

  • The fictional character I chose is wonder woman from the comic book DC comics, why did I chose her you may ask well I chose her because believe it or not wonder woman stands for some type of feminism, she chose to stay in "man world" while her fellow Amazons to another planet. she stands for some type of hope and encouragement for al the weak and scared girls out there because if we have hope we can reduce the divide between men and women and we can all be WONDER WOMEN.

  • The fictional character I have chosen is a black youth who lived in utter poverty known as "Bigger Thomas " from the book a called " Native son ". I think this character could solve the problem of racism, because even being influenced by fear from his inner heart he finally realized what life meant and he turned out to be a symbol who represents all black men.

  • The fictional hero I choose is the Flash because despite all his challenges, he still finishes strong, he uses his initiative and cares for every one around him despite of their gender. I feel someone like this would help to solve the problems of gender inequality we face in the world today

  • The fictional character I have chosen is Moremi from the book "Moremi the courageous Queen". It is a well known story which talks about her bravery and her ability to compromise in order to deal with the problems faced by her people, even though she wasn't the king she paid a heavy price for the sake f her people.

  • The fictional character I chose is (Robin) from the cartoon teen titans go and I chose him because of his sense of responsibility and how he led the other super hero's to always do their job well even though the hated him for that he still did his job well

  • Hello beautiful people. The fictional character I have chosen is 'Beauty' from "Beauty and the Beast". I chose Beauty because she was able to tolerate the Beast despite how ugly he was on the outside. If everyone in society can be like Beauty and forget how different we look on the outside, how our skin color doesn't matter and how our gender does not stop us from making impact we would be in better positions than we are already in today. No one would ever have to be insecure with their ideas which might actually fix a problem or run from responsibilities because of the fear of not being heard. I hope we learn to be like Beauty. Thank you.

  • The fictional character I would love to escape the pages is "Samankwe" from the book "Samankwe and the Highway robbers". This is because Samankwe displayed a great feat of courage in order to outsmart the highway robbers and I personally feel that if such a character would escape the pages into my society his courage would be greatly used in order to apprehend and correct those perpetrating wrong doings in our contemporary society. He would also be able to find clever ways to solve tricky problems in the society.

  • Hello my fictional character is (SHURI) from the Marvel comic book Shuri. I picked her because she is Naturally intelligent, strong, and brave . Her ability to invent garget and use the resources around her (Vibranium )to solve so many problems can help us now to solve so many problems . She also does not allow anyone take advantage of her even her brother with all his powers cannot disrespect her abilities

  • The fictional character I have choosen is Celie from the book The Colour Purple by Alice Walker. She is a dynamic character by transforming from a voiceless, invisible person who believes she is a strong, independent, successful and self-confident woman. I think if we have people like her in the world which such character it can serve as an inspration and example for others to follow.

  • It is about a book called ogadima diary of a house maid the character I chose is ogadima a little 9 year old girl who likes so much but was stopped just like her mother but because of marriage cause it stopped her education but just after a while they realized they wrong so continued how it will help the if it stopped and we can stand against educationional injustice and it will help if the world if the people admire education like OGADIMMA and her mother

  • The fictional character I chose is the story of Rapunzel from the Rapunzel book, and the reason for choosing this character is because children enjoy watching this character because it is very entertaining for children ❤️‍🔥🐥

    1. Don't forget - the competition this week asks you to explain how your character could help to solve a problem that's in the news!

  • The character that I hope will come out of the book is the character of the super doctor ( Stephen Strange ) from the book of the super doctor.
    I think that this character can help in solving the existing problems between countries, where the spiritual dimension can be used to identify the weaknesses and strengths of the other party, and thus we can benefit from its knowledge in issuing a convention that preserves the rights and entity of our state.

  • The fictional character I have chosen is (Helen Barr) from the book The Dangerous Heroes, I believe that this character helps in acquiring and investigating criminals and obtaining knowledge and instructions for her crimes, she has learned to become able to enjoy this knowledge

  • I hope that the character of Steve, the first avenger, the Marvel Comics superhero, who has been exposed to Hydra and developed himself through radioactive energy, will emerge from global conflicts and use this program to develop and spread peace.

  • I chose the character Iron Man from the Marvel Comics movie Iron man. I chose him because he can organize the country by arresting violators of laws and spreading peace because Iron Man is against the principle of murder and what distinguishes him from other characters is that he has an electronic heart and also depends on the speed to reach the goal as it matches Its speed is the speed of sound .
    The problem of chaos is pervasive in the country, because they must belong in order to baptize their country with its high morals.

  • I think that spider Man is an amazing graphic character that gives those who watch him a desire to fight or compete, and he is able to sense the danger before it occurs, so if there was a person like this, the danger would not have occurred, but if he was present, I would not have found anyone with the strength to face the danger because there are those who predict the danger to them.

  • The fictional character I chose was 'Olympia' from the book 'All the Greys on Greene street' by Laura Tucker because she is such an advocate for the strength of character, love and caring which we all need to live in the modern world. This character could help solve ' mental health' because she lives with her mother, who is suffering from mental health problems such as depression and Olympia has cared for and loved her mother (despite having to often fend for herself) her whole life and could prove to everyone that those people suffering with mental health problems are not beyond hope and can always be helped and made to feel better, no matter who they are or who their families were.

  • I chose Elsa from the frictional book frozen I chose her for her bravery ,commitment , intelligence,we need someone in the world who can sacrifice like she did, someone who can own up to his or her mistake like Elsa did

  • The fictional character that I chose is Stephen Covey PDF from a book called the book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. I think that this character can help solve the problem of lack of self-confidence and lack of self-development and this is what happens in our current society because the book helps to develop self and increase self-confidence through Presentation of the means and methods of organizingperson's behaviors

  • The fictional character I chose is ( harry potter ) from the comic book series ( Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince J. K. ) , I chose him because I think it can help the solve problems because he has a magic and it will make the people life more easily . The life with som magic it's good

  • the fictional characters I have chosen is(Romeo and Julieta)from the book Romeo and Julieta ,because the life without live without love it doesn't mean anything and I believe that they able to give us the true meaning of love,so if the world understands love then we will become more understanding and peaceful cuz love and kindness are they basis of life considered that they have solved an important problem we have "peace"

  • The fictional character I chose is Robin Hood from a book called Robin Hood. I think that this character can help solve the problem of injustice, political problems, and most importantly natural problems, because he is a boy who only knows justice and that he has experienced in life, and what distinguishes him from the rest of the characters is wisdom. Because there was an old man who taught him wisdom, he lostUse it properly with the help of others.

  • The fictional character I chose is Heidi from the movie Heidi. She was an orphan girl whom I chose because she is a nice girl with a good heart. She was not more than ten years old. She lived harsh and difficult conditions and lived with her old grandfather. Sad and urges us to be patient, for she was learning from her grandfather about sheep taking care and feeding them easily. If she was in our world, she would solve any problem with her intelligence and gentle behavior

  • I chose the character of Doraemon from Doraemon Cartoon Doraemon has many tools and equipments he brought from the future in order to improve the past for some accidents that happened in the future, with this he can tell us what will happen in the future through his time machine and with the help of his strange and unique equipments such as the flying hat And the strange door, and the hidden camera, life will get better.

  • The fictional character I have chosen (PAW Patrol teams" performed by Scott Simons) from the book (instrumental) who can analyze any problem and reach its solution in a short time with their experience, eloquence and abilities I think that they will probably help us in solving climate problems, spreading news and finding convincing solutions to every problem .

  • The fictional character I choose is Matilda from Matilda by Roald Dahl as she is very clever and maybe she can figure out why climate change and pollution is impacting the world and why women dosen't have the same rights as men.

  • I have chosen the character harry potter from the chamber of secrets as he solves mysteries which has been a talent of his since he was born. i chose him because he will investigate situations until he knows exactly what happened and prove those innocent innocent and those guilty guilty. he may even save the lives of others facing a death sentence.

  • I have chosen the character Violet Baudelaire from A Series of Unfortunate Events as she is very resourceful with the tools she has. She can evaluate this in the real world as people would copy her and see how she thinks behind her plan. It also shows how females our just as resilient as men and there is always a way to solve predicaments.

  • The inspirational character that I have chosen is Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games because she can teach us all to be strong and brave in what we do. She is an inspiration to put others first and she was determined to fight not just for herself in what she believed in but everyone she knew as well. I think Katniss can help equality because her little acts of kindness to people shows that no matter how you may be enemies, you still deserve to care for each other in what we do.

  • "The Fantasy Personalized is a" Bilbo Bagons "from a book called" Hobbit "I think this personal can help solve the problem of scaling scissors because he helped the dwarfs despite their failure to get the treasure located in the ground

  • "The fictional character I chose is a character Conan from Koton called Detective Conan. I think that this character can help solve problems such as cases and crimes that occur because this character has high intelligence and a great ability to solve crimes and problems

  • The fictional character I've chosen is Daisuke Kambe from the book " The Millionaire Detective". I think this character would help unravel unsloved crimes faster than normal investigators and detectives, considering his abundant financial resources and unconventional methods of solving cases.

  • The character is Jean Val Jean in the book Les Miserables. It is a very beautiful story that seeks to spread goodness and safety. He helped the poor and helped a girl in the story, bringing her out of distress into her mother's lap. Thank you to those like him....

    2-Sherlock Homes is one of the most important fictional investigators in the anime world. He is a brilliant and sharp-witted detective in a book in his name. If he were here, he would have solved the most difficult and most dangerous cases in the world. Thank you to those who try to make safety the symbol of the country.

  • The fictional character that I will choose is Mary Poppins from the series of books * Mary Poppins * because if she existed in real life, she would spread happiness among people and fulfill their wishes and dreams😊💜

  • The fictional character I chose is Batman from the Justice Team and from a book called Bruce Wayne. I believe that this character can help fight crime and injustice, and because it is a noble goal that helps spread good, eliminate evil, and preserve the city and keep it safe.

  • Sherlock Holmes is a fictional detective character created by author and physician Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in The Case Book of Sherlock Holmes, this book includes 12 short stories of the character of Sherlock Holmes, which are police stories, I hope that Sherlock Holmes is in reality because of the accuracy of the evidence he deals with, his skill in using logical thinking and his ability to solve the most difficult cases.

  • The fictional character I've chosen is Detective Conan from the book known as Case closed.And i believe that detective conan would solve the conflict of having murderers in our society and since he solves cases(mostly murders), he would have the courage and the wisdom of knowing how to deal with physcopaths and dangerous criminals and murderers,and as result of that I think peace and safety with rise upon the world leading people to grab eachother's hands and creating undefeatable unit.

  • I chose the character of Zorro created by American author Junto Namcalli to defend the people of the land oppressed by the officials of tyranny. and i also chose the character of Grendizer, written by writer Jo Nagai, to eliminate evil in this world

  • Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character mentioned in the book (The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes) by Arthur, who was solving cases that the police could not solve, revealing crimes and seeking to reveal the truth.

  • Gluskabe is a good giant from the book "Gluskabe and The Snow Bird". If he could escape from his book into reality he would be able to give aid to immigrants, help people after natural disasters and guide people on how to coexist. This is because he is a wise and kind hearted giant always going out of his way to help others.

  • The character Romeo .. from the series The Age of Friends.
    The story of the series is based on the 1941 novel by writer Lisa Tetzner, which was plagued by the prejudice between the poor and the rich, and the mistreatment of people in both classes. If it is clear, but implement the principle of equality and impartiality between the sexes

  • The fictional character I've chosen is Rapunzel from the book Tangled. I think this character can help in the reduction of armed robbery because she befriended a thief named Eugene and through that friendship Eugene saw that there was no point in stealing and gave up his life of crime.

  • The fictional character i chose is (Daddy Long Legs) by the American writer (Jean Webster) He was helping orphan girl and she has never seen him. I believe that this character can help a lot of people by teaching them to help people without expecting from them to pay back the same good thing you gave to them and without show of, because maybe in the future the good thing you gave to people will come back to you.

  • The fictional character I chose is Sophia from a book called (Sofia). I think that this character can help solve the problem of deep thinking about things, because some people think that rich people and princes are arrogant, but Princess Sofia reflects the speech with her lovable and kind character and love to help people

  • The character I would choose from a book is Aslan from The lion, the witch and the wardrobe. I think this character could change the problem of climate change because in the book he has the power to make nature appear and the flowers pop up.

  • The character you chose is Nils from the book Nils's Bizarre Adventures, about a boy who has been transformed into a little dwarf who goes on adventures on the back of a wild goose and helps others He became one of the children's favorite characters and was influential in them

  • I choose the character of Frozen from the Disney book ...
    I choose her because she has supernatural abilities and a kind heart that loves to help others. She also loves to take care of animals and I think that she is the right person to solve the problem of global warming, as she has a supernatural ability to take snow out of her hands, she will maintain the temperature of the poles from melting and death of living creatures.

  • My fictional character that I chose is Greg Heffley for the Wimpy Kid and he is a boy who has a hard life with a family of five and has a friend called Rowley ,who can be very annoying

  • My fictional character that I chose is Harrison Beck From the series 'Adventures on Trains'. I chose him because he is very adventurous and has a good experience on trains. He is a kid detective and has solved 5 different mysteries.

  • I chose captain underpants because although he doesn't have a big brain he is good at working things out in life threatening situations. He can help the news by using his small but big brain to get to the bottom of tough situations.

  • The fictional character I have chosen is Sara from a book called 'A Little Princess' by Frances Hodgson Burnett. Sara is a very level-headed person for a child her age and I believe that she will be able to use her level-headed mind to create an impact on people in such a way that they start to emulate her and become sensible and practical which would end up reducing a lot of problems all over the world like racism, sexism and many more

  • I chose the character of Beatrice from the movie Divergent, and its events revolve around a cruel and bitter society, and this society is divided into five factions, but racism led to the disintegration and decline of society, but Beatrice and her friends succeeded in getting rid of injustice and prejudice and establishing justice and equality with their intelligence, cooperation and love of good

  • The vampires from the Twilight book series the Cullen family, which consists of Edward, Bella, Carlisle, Rosalie، Alice, and Jasper I chose them because they are a team consisting of girls and boys, and women have a big role in this team , and they are vegetarians, do not eat humans and have special abilities, they do not age and read People have bad thoughts, they have high speed, strong hearing ability, and vision of the future, they can solve the problems of the world

  • The character i chose is Hermione Granger from the book series harry potter, i think she would help fighting inequality because she's such a smart and wise character, the tybe that would get into long talks with people in political places to help changing sexist laws.
    And she would write books or start protest movements to face stereotypes about women and show the things they have to go through living in a unfair society.
    I also think she'd be a great example to other young girls and Inspire them to keep fighting for their rights.

  • The character of my choice is Thor, from the Avengers who is portrayed as the god and king of thunder and lightning. He is a strong and selfless character ready to save his people. Why i choose him is because bravery and selflessness are needed in leaders to move a society forward, and create a just society.

  • My fictional character is Amelia Bones from the Harry Potter series. In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Amelia Bones is a fair, unbiased judge who listens to the evidence, despite the fact that her superiors are prejudiced against Harry. She could help with major criminal cases eg. the Kyle Rittenhouse case, Belarus Border crisis, Sudan coup etc.

  • The character I choose is Spider-Man from the marvel series, as he can travel places quickly using his webs which sticks onto buildings. He is helpful for close scenes as in escaping and for trapping and stopping criminals on the spot.

  • The fictional character I choose is eren jajer from the anime ATTACK ON TITAN, because he sacrifices himself for other people,even though he doesn't have the strength to protect everyone himself, he never gives up and always looks at the bright side and never lets his comrades down, and at the end of the day he always succeeds.

  • I found the character betsy Alice from my english book in this she was a girl of age 7 year old . She was very brave she was selected by their neighbourhood for testing the first skate board in the history of the world
    She was very brave she got honoured of testing the first skate board in the history of the world.
    She was very very adventurous.
    She was never scared of any things .
    She do everything which is adventurous.

  • The fictional character I chose is the Smurfs from book called (Les Schtroumpfs). I chose them because they represent our reality, because despite their young age and the difference in their thinking and personalities, they cooperated and tried in every way to eliminate their problem together (Gargamel) Whatever the difficulties were to solve their problem, they kept thinking of ways to solve the problem, and each of them was trying to get rid of their problem.
    If our society were cooperating and looking for a solution and trying despite the difficulties and differences, we would have reached the solution and eliminated all the problems of society.

  • The character I think would help with the sexism issue is Nada from a novel I once read called “In My Heart is a Hebrew Female,” because she is never afraid to confront society and wrong habits, and always looks at things from a different angle, and finds that a woman can do many things. She is wise, intelligent and brave. I find such adjectives really useful on a subject like this, and I think it's a good example.

  • I chose Mulan story because she is a very strong lady
    There was a Chinese lady called Mulan , she has masculine features, she attended the Chinese army . while she was under the training with the couch no body noticed that she is a female
    She was pretending to be a male during the army training
    One day the couch suspected that she is a female and asked her to leave the army immediately
    Although she was very strong soldier her colleagues in the army defended her and force the couch to keep her in the team and she was proving her capacity to stay with her colleagues and defend her self to be female soldier between the male team

  • The fictional character I have chosen from the book The Hunter Game is Katniss Everdeen. I think this role can help solve some of the world's major problems, such as injustice, peace and security, poverty and climate change because Katniss is a highly skilled archer and hunter ,she has some experience with wielding and throwing a knife in order to finish off a wounded prey animal.She is a very clever woman and a quick learner. She possessed the ability to quickly process multiple information streams and rapidly respond to changing tactical situations.

  • I would choose Sephy (Persephone) Hadley from the book Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman, because she fights for the noughts and is determined to support and be friends with the noughts when the whole world is against her decisions. She is trustworthy, a true leader and a champion of peace even though general prejudice is opposing her and the ones she is fighting for.

  • I chose the character 'Sherlock Homes' from the Sherlock Homes book series because he is extremely intelligent which means he can solve political problems going on currently in the world. He would also be able to carry out successful investigations and catch criminals using evidence that he found, which means he would help the world become more cleaner of criminals and solve politics.

  • The book character I would choose is Poirot from Agatha Christie's detective novels as I think he could definitely solve a lot of police cases that are unsolved and would be likely to stay that way. In Agatha Christie's books he is an amazing detective who solves almost uncrackable cases and brings justice to so many people and I think this would be really useful for the Police.

  • The book character I would choose is Louisa Adair from the book 'The Enigma Game'.
    The world problem that I think she could help to solve is injustice against women (especially BAME women). I think this as in WW2 she stood up for what she believed in and ended up helping to win the war by aiding the mission to to break the Enigma code.

  • I will talk about Princess Merda. She is a teenage girl who loves archery. Her father gave her a bow on her birthday. The mother refused her daughter’s hobby because she thought that archery was only for boys. She was determined to marry off her daughter, so she brought more than one bridegroom on the day of the archery competition.But she did not give up and ran away to participate in the shooting competition. I chose this story because it teaches us not to give up and to give up our most basic rights, such as practicing the sports we love and right to marry at an appropriate age, not at an early age.And many other rights

  • Hermione Granger is a fictional character from Harry Potter. She was an ambitious girl who always strived to be the best. She cared about her education a lot. If she were an actual woman during our times she would definitely contribute to female education. She had all the qualities to make a strong individual . In addition to that, she had outstanding leadership skills and the potential to make a difference. I wish the world had more people like her.

  • The fictional character I chose is Sherlock Holmes from a book called A Study in Scarlet, because I like the way of thinking that used to detective the murder. This character could help in solving many problems.