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I think all girls should hear the words:"Love yourself first" . These words are important... #23 What should they hear? 25/2/22
The fictional character I have chosen is Harry and his friends from Harry Potter series of... #22 Escape the pages! 18/2/22
If I were a news reporter, I would report about :A paralyzed patient was able to return to his... #21 You choose the news! 11/2/22
I think icon F would be the best icon for a news app. It represents the news because it mentions... #20 The winning icon 03/2/22
To PERSON B, I would say, I disagree with you because there are there are better ways to know... #19 Respond! 27/1/22
I found the word trustworthy. This links to the news because to be a normal and democratic news,... #18 Search and say! 21/1/22
If I have been given 1 million dollars, I will try to meet my country’s needs as the... #17 Hey big spender! 14/1/22
What news stories might we see in 2022? A great deal to liberate Palestinian women, children... #16 Wheel decide! 05/1/22
Gaza is under attack for 11 days causing 248 martyrs, 66 of them are children. #15 Headline of 2021 13/12/21
I would like to interview the US president Mr. Biden to learn more about US new plans to deal... #14 Interview who? 03/12/21
It is important for me to talk about the news because we don't live in vaccum or isolated place... #13 You and the news 26/11/21
If I were the leader of my country, I would promise to end the Palestinian division and... #12 Important promises 22/11/21
I would like to find out more about headline B because I'm very keen to know the types of ... #11 Tell me more! 12/11/21
I think picture C best represents the news because with news we can go beyond boundaries and... #10 Pick a picture 05/11/21
The film I know is An lnconvenient Truth, and is directed by Davis Guggenheim, written by Al... #9 Think of a link 01/11/21
My dream job is to become a manager to a Green Tech. Company . This job would be good for the... #6 Dream jobs 12/10/21
A problem in my community is the difficulties to engage deaf students in education . To solve... #5 Innovation for your nation! 05/10/21
It will be fruitful if we develop the evaluation process for the education systems at Gaza... #5 Innovation for your nation! 05/10/21
From my point of view , I think honesty is the most important quality for journalists to have... #4 Because... 27/9/21
There is No gain without pain #3 Caption this 24/9/21