Political split: pros and cons!


The United States Congress is the legislature of the federal government of the United States (where they make and pass laws).

It's made up of two parts: the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Following the latest elections in November, different political parties have control of the two parts: Democrats have maintained control of the Senate and, whilst some seats are still to be confirmed, it looks like Republicans will control the House of Representatives.

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  • honest_cat | Shouka Prep Girls School | Occupied Palestinian Territory 16 Nov 2022

    What are the pros and cons of political division?!! We know that there is strength in union and when there is no union there is no strength. Among the negatives of the political division: the weakness of our cause before the world, the disintegration of the people, the weakness of the economy, and we have difficulty moving around and seeing our people, and also the impact of this division on the division of states, and each country has a ruler or family that governs it. In my opinion, there are no positives to this situation in which we live. How can you deal with people who have different views at work?! In my opinion, it must be respected because everyone has a different opinion, and we must not be intolerant. On the contrary, we must stick to each other in order to succeed in work.

  • awesome_harmonica | Pointe South Middle School L | United States of America 16 Nov 2022

    The pros and cons in a political split when laws are made and pass, Its that not everyone (Including citizens or people in jobs) may not agree, and people related to that conversation may disagree. To be honest, it only matters if the people around you agree or disagree to the laws that are made.

  • outspoken_knowledge | St. Andrew Kaggwa Gombe High school | Uganda 18 Nov 2022

    Is political division good or bad? A union is strong, and a union without strength is weak. There are several negatives associated with the political division: the weakening of our cause before the world, the disintegration of our people, the weakening of our economy, and difficulty moving around and seeing our people, as well as the impact of this division on the division of states, and each country has a ruler or family in charge. We live in a situation where I don't see any positives. When working with people who hold different views, how do you deal with them? The fact that everyone has different opinions must be respected, and we should not be intolerant. Our success at work depends on sticking together.

  • daring_cherry | St. Andrew Kaggwa Gombe High school | Uganda 18 Nov 2022

    A political split has advantages such as;
    *Two heads are better than one so two parties would solve more problems than one party.
    *Opinions of different people will be brought up.
    *Efficient decision making since debates shall be given more attention.
    *Laws passed favour all people not people of one party only since even other parties shall be involved in the making of laws.
    *Equality could be promoted better
    *Any involvement of in breaking the law of any party members shall be reported by opposite party leaders. e.g corruption actions.
    *There shall always be conflicts due to difference in views
    *Decision making is slow due long debates.
    *Poor service provision since the parties might concentrate on fighting each other
    People of different perspectives can only work together when they respect each other, keep true to the law, cooperating to achieve their political goals, putting their different differences to hold, putting the interests of the people first and serving the people with one heart

  • cultured_gazelle | Shouka Prep Girls School | Occupied Palestinian Territory 18 Nov 2022

    What are the pros and cons of political division when laws are enacted and issued?
    I would like to say at the outset that the political division has no positives because opinions will be scattered between both parties. As for the negatives of the political division, it has a negative impact on all the people, and it will be between right and wrong between both parties because there is no unified opinion between them.
    How can people with different viewpoints work on it?
    They deal with each other, but the opinion between them is between right and wrong, and this will reflect negatively on their positives in any opinion. From my point of view, there is no better than the unified opinion that exists among politicians because if they are divided, they will take the right opinion and this will be reflected on the people positively.

  • victorious_concept | Shohour Public High School | Lebanon 19 Nov 2022

    I think young people should be political because they lived the agonies of other people. Then later on , they might help to treat these injuries that citizens are suffering from when they become a president because they already lived between those people long time then they could know their basic needs . This is an advantage to young people being political . Those people who could change their country to be better . Then in your opinion, would those presidents feel the needs and pain of people that lived with or they would forget in case of being totally comfortable ?

  • accurate_wombat | Rhemaville Christian Academy | Nigeria 21 Nov 2022

    To be honest taking time to keep things in perspective allows us to Develop a better understanding of things. See a problem or challenge from different angles to develop a better knowledge. To understand the importance of something. By having a political split, we can avoid judgement, reduce stress on the law-making body, respond constructively not impulsively because when one side of the government is not prepared for something another side might be, develop deeper empathy, gain greater clarity on matters concerning the state, there will be increased learning opportunities and so much more.

  • triumphant_mango | Rhemaville Christian Academy | Nigeria 24 Nov 2022

    Where there are different opinions about a particular thing in this case politics , sit down and all decide that if you vote who ever wins the vote wins the case. Voting makes everything fair and they can also decide to take turns if one side wins all the time.

  • educated_ladder | Govt. Shuhada-e-APS Model Girls High School A | Pakistan 24 Nov 2022

    I personally think that there should be no political split because I see that in my country there are many conflicts and separation among people just because of their political leader . That's really hurt
    I think that there should be union as unity is strength if there is cooperation of course
    On the other hand we can't deny it's a type of advantages as
    Not everyone stands by one leader everyone has to their own opinion
    Political split i think give people the choice of choosing a leader who match to their mind
    But they should not exceed in such a way that they began to fight with each other just because of political split

  • amazing_moon | Rafah Prep Girls | Occupied Palestinian Territory 24 Nov 2022

    I think that there is nothing positive, but the negatives are that the Democrats still control the Senate, and this is not permissible. There should be equality, and people with different points of view cannot work together to avoid conflicts. We must listen to the opinions of others carefully

  • imaginative_boysenberry | Rhemaville Christian Academy | Nigeria 25 Nov 2022

    If individuals are obliged to cast a ballot for each political race, they will undoubtedly need to benefit as much as possible from their votes.
    Along these lines, they would need to investigate more on every contender to guarantee they will have the option to settle on the correct decision. Thus, competitors would be compelled to be increasingly straightforward about their position on dubious issues.
    Moreover, better-educated voters will have the option to decide on ridiculous plans, guaranteeing more pleasant choices later on.

  • storytelling_cherry | Beit Hanoun Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory 26 Nov 2022

    Of the negatives of political division
    The failure of one of the parties of division to compromise on the laws he enacted, even if they were wrong, and this leads to the eruption of peoples in protest against these unjust laws, so that lawlessness, instability, and safety will spread in the country
    One of the positives of the political division
    Opposition of one of the parties of the political division to the unjust laws of the other side and replacing them with laws that are in line with the requirements and needs of citizens

  • cooperative_dolphin | Shouka Prep Girls School | Occupied Palestinian Territory 26 Nov 2022

    What are the positives of political division?
    I think that there are no positives to the political division in my country, an example of that is Hamas and Fatah. There is no unity or strength on both sides
    What are the downsides of political division?
    The weakness of our cause before the world, the disintegration of our people, the weakness of our economy, the difficulty of moving around and seeing our people cannot get out of their occupied country. We live in a situation in which I do not see any positives, but only negatives!

  • victorious_goat | St. Andrew Kaggwa Gombe High school | Uganda 26 Nov 2022

    Political splits are very common in many countries, political splits are associated with pros and cons since some people may be satisfied with the laws they make and some may be unhappy but the pros associated with political splits when making laws are so many more than the cons laws made by the Congress are always diverse for example in the USA the laws made by the Congress always cater for the people who are represented by the Democrats and those represented by the Republicans but if there was only one party these laws could mainly cater for one side and the other could come as a suplus because each political party has its own ambitions that it promises it's voter so it will always have to first cater for them. The other advantage is that people will have a good image for the laws made not saying that they are made for one side but since many people of different political ideas are involved in making the laws so people tend to have a good image over the laws.
    Despite the strong pros there are cons in having political splits which are decision making seems to be slow because there is a big debate when these laws are being made because all parties will want to make the law favourable for the people they represent so the long debate while making laws in political splits makes the laws making process lengthy, it may even make the government encounter charges for example when the law is become complicated for the Congress the government can organize an election for the people to decide over the laws.
    People with different perspectives can be able to work together by having an intermediate who is able to listen to both sides and come to one conclusion that won't be dispised by both sides, people with different perspectives can also work together by setting up laws of conduct that both sides will have to follow and failure to one will be get a penalty.

  • amazing_computer | Rhemaville Christian Academy | Nigeria 27 Nov 2022

    I'm sorry but if I may ask, could someone explain the concept of a political split to me?

  • practical_aspect | Shohour Public High School | Lebanon 04 Dec 2022

    Why politics is divided when enacting and issuing laws ? All over , divider politics is a normal thing . While passing laws some sides stands with and other is not , this thing because of Inconsistency and it gives pros and cons .
    Usually different perspective can work with each other using dialogue between each other and from this way can get a one solution the two sides agree of it without making any problem and ray imposed .
    Finally my advice for all ladies and gentlemen at this program every thing u want to make it between u and your friends or in a political atmosphere to all people u should use the dialogue to get a nice solution satisfy everyone . And u agree with me or no ?