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I and all people are proud of you, Kenny, because you went into space to protect your country... Competition #7 Expert learning 16/12/22
When we discussed this topic with my teacher at school I liked it, and insist to write today... Dr. Mamta Patel Nagaraja answers your questions! 13/12/22
In my opinion, hosting a major football event has negative and positive effects: Positive: We... LEGACY OF THE WORLD CUP IN QATAR 30/11/22
Hello, dear viewers, today in our first meeting about what should be free, we have the first... What should be free? 28/11/22
The root causes of the shortage of doctors are: the difficulty of the profession, the difficulty... What causes doctor shortages? 25/11/22
Mr. Infantino's words are wonderful in the edifice. I was impressed by his words. He is trying... A speech that got people talking 25/11/22
The problems caused by fast fashion are many, including: Relying on it in the cheap market, no... Who is responsible? 23/11/22
I do not want that, because my country is less qualified to attend a big event like Qatar. 1-... Coming to a town near YOU! Or not? 21/11/22
In my opinion, Qatar is a suitable country for displaying the FIFA World Cup, because Qatar has... Controversy in Qatar! 21/11/22
What do you think of this controversy?! And why?! In frankness, there are many points of view... Controversy in Qatar! 21/11/22
How do the words of this doctor make you feel?! Why ?! Frankly, I felt sad for them that they... A doctor's words 18/11/22
Are young people political?! Yes, they are politicians because they have the greatest power and... Are young people political? 17/11/22
What are the pros and cons of political division?!! We know that there is strength in union and... Political split: pros and cons! 17/11/22
The character that I will talk about, I do not think that she is very well known, but she... Who could change the world? 15/11/22
Do you want to be a leader?! Yes, I would, because I like to assume responsibilities and I have... Would you be a leader? 11/11/22
In fact, I sat down with my family and they told me a little bit of information and I put it my way. Space: a positive human future? 11/11/22
King Jin of solo leveling fights the villains who are trying to take over the world by monsters... Who could change the world? 11/11/22
At the outset, I want to say that participation is a good thing, but nevertheless, you face many... The food crisis: why can’t we just share? 11/11/22
Food waste has become a normal thing in countries, especially among the wealthy who increase... Expert challenge: what could you do? 10/11/22
In the beginning, films are very interesting, sometimes action, sometimes comedy, sometimes... Why is it important to see diversity in films? 10/11/22
Hello, I am the honest cat, so I will be honest in saying that I do not like this fast fashion... Who is responsible? 07/11/22
Why not make a fire extinguisher that works on the sun's rays when you feel the sun working. It... How sustainable is YOUR community? 05/11/22
The discovery of space changed the world. We were able to discover many things in space, such as... Space: a positive human future? 05/11/22
When I saw the displayed picture, I thought and found that it is present in one of the series... Working conditions: what’s acceptable? 04/11/22
The minimum number of clothes that can be owned is at least 10 pieces, including: a blouse, a... Sustainable style - be a designer! 04/11/22
Hello, I am the honest cat, I live in Palestine. My country provides a good environment for... What's on your plate? And where's it from? 02/11/22
What is more important than being a leader? Politics or personalities and why? In my opinion,... Personality or Policy? 02/11/22
If I did not see that it was placed and added a good taste, I would certainly accept, because... Bug burgers and critter curries... delicious? 02/11/22
I want to visit the Great Red Spot, which is the largest hurricane in the solar system,... What makes space 'out of this world'? 02/11/22
No, because insects are not something that looks delicious. This is my point of view, but there... Bug burgers and critter curries... delicious? 02/11/22
Among the foods that are made in my country are milk, cheese, jam, biscuits and juices. Among... What's on your plate? And where's it from? 01/11/22
At the outset, I want to say that all people should be equal, so that we do not differentiate... Gender inequality: have your say! 31/10/22
In my opinion, we should buy aid boxes containing food and medicine and give out charity. Yes,... Money, money, money! 31/10/22
There are many factors that affect the food crisis: poverty, the Covid virus, and wasteful food... Why haven't we solved the problem of world hunger yet? 31/10/22
I think that the figure of 95% represents the amount of teenagers who spend their time on... Competition #1 Interpreting statistics 31/10/22