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Comments (9)

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  • People are using the Internet a lot these days.
    Do you agree that the Internet is a virus that steals people's minds? Why
    and there is a saying that Means
    Internet Double-fices sword, explain the advantages and disadvantages of
    Internet, and How it helps damage society.

    1. I agree because using internet and spending much time on some bad programmes which helps to spread violence between people,especially children.At the same time,it has many advantages too, so we should be careful when and how to use it.

    2. No because it will help you with your learning and with your every day life and you can't contact with them

      1. OK that's right
        I said there are advantages and disadvantages.
        Advantages like what you say use it to learn something new and Benefit from it in our life.
        But there are also disadvantages like using the Internet wrongly for example TikTok program all people use it wrongly and many children watch it.
        So it will damage their future, rob their thinking, and prevent them from thinking properly

        1. focused_planet I honesty agree with you saying that Tik Tok is an example of a wrong use of the Internet, because on a normal school day when you are back form school after having a stressed and boring day, you go home and in order to relive your self of the stress by just entertaining your self, how will you do it ?

    3. I am with you, but I will say something... The Internet steals the minds of people who do not think about their lives and do not organize their time, as well as mothers who make their children accustomed to phones and social networking sites such as YouTube and Tik Tok, which means (addicted). On the other hand, it is in terms of people. Those who know what they are doing with confidence, for example, use the Internet for learning, obtaining new information, browsing the news, and not for empty things. In the end, I will say that the Internet is a double-edged sword, in terms of negative aspects for people who do not deal with the Internet properly, and on the one hand Pros are for people who know what they're doing.

      1. That's right and I can't say that you're wrong but it's very important and useful if we use it in a right way .

    4. I agree because... as it is said technology is a good servant but a bad master. These days people are too inclined towards the internet. For every small thing, we are dependent on the internet thus lacking creativity. Instead of indulging in discussions with other people for information and knowledge, we just try to look out for the answers on the internet thinking it to be more reliable.

    5. I don't agree with you ,because the internet is very useful for the pupils and other people to learn an had a lots of information, but you are right, maybe it as you say steals the human's minds if they use it in a wrong way .

    6. I disagree because the internet is very useful for every one to learn and get lots of informations ,but, maybe you are right if we use it in a wrong way.

      1. I'm not sure about this because it is true ,it has its' purposes but there are so many ways to be irresponsible
        e.c. hacking and saying rude or racist comments to a group of people or just one.

    7. I agree because... Most people around the world will stare down at their phones. I think that people rely on the internet too much. People forget about lots of real things like what's going on in the world. That is why people who pay too much attention to the internet and games will forget about everything what is REALLY happening.

    8. I agree because... people are depending on the internet nowadays and i think people should not use the internet all the time maybe they can use books if it is helpful?

    9. I agree because everyone is connected to the internet .e.c.children and adults.

    10. THe internet is bad because of bully s and that is uneceptable .
      the internet is good cause it helps student s with answers .
      so the internet is 50%50.

    11. I disagree because The internet. May seem time consuming but a lot of internet and social media can open up a new world of protests. It can help diversity and things that are happening in other places. It may seem strange that a lot of children and teens go on their devices all day. But you never know what they're doing. A lot of cartoons such as betty boop had a lot of diversity in the times . They wanted her to actually be black ! . Social media did help diversity to. and because of this !, social media did give more reposition to these people.

      1. The Internet is not for everyone to use and I support that it be for a specific age because it is very harmful for children and adolescents as well.

    12. I agree that internet is a virus that steals people mind however when watching a program and then deciding to study you receive yourself watching more ! Which can effect you’re education by getting low marks which will effect your grade causing you a year repetition.

    13. I totally agree that internet is a double-fices-sword because it has some pros and some cons , from internet pros is that made communication easy and it helped us much during the covid-19 using internet we could attend online sessions. And from internet cons is addiction like whole day staring at a screen no activities done just nothing is a problem

    14. All the things have its own negative and positive impact.It all depends upon us ,how and when do we use those resources, those things.Internet is like a deep sea where we can find both good and bad things.
      If we utilize the internet properly it has a lot of advantages.It will make our life so much easier.It will also help improving our creativity.Why don't you take example of "Topical talk".It is also one of the internet resource app.I think I don't have to explain you the advantage of this online app.
      As I have already mentioned you that"Everything things has its own advantage and disadvantage".Same goes here, Internet also have its disadvantage.I would like to give you one of the best example for this.
      Do you have heard about cyber crime? Cyber crime is a work of misusing all the internet apps through different internet resources, without permission of those victims suffering from this crime.In this crime, people create and use fake ID and create problems for other people.They also public their private chats,photos,etc without their permission.Cyber crime not only create problem on people and society but also create problem on nation.Due to cyber crime, people get on depression, nervous, tension,panic,weak.They even attempt suscide too.If such things goes on continuously,It will surely impact on our society.What if all people starts involving on such crime how will our society go ahead??What if all the people starting suffering from this crime who will be there to develop our society??

      1. Thank you for joining the discussion @amusing_dolphin. Your comments are thoughtful but you might want to copy and repost this comment on this page focussed on the pros and cons of internet access, so that others can more easily read it and respond to you: https://talk.economistfoundation.org/festivals/festival-1/protests-in-iran-mahsa-amini/should-the-internet-be-a-human-right/

    15. the internet is a reliable source of information and if we didn't have it topical talk couldn't be existent and we couldn't share our ideas and theories about the environment or COP27 or any other things. the second point I have is that:
      A: you're using the internet when you made that comment
      B: without it we couldn't socialize from afar
      C: we couldn't watch events on tv or see friends on zoom
      all my points go against what you have said so if i have convinced you please reply.

    16. I agree that we should try and play and be outside a lot more . But then again when you are bored you're just going to turn on the TV or sit down and go on your phone . So I think we should make it so we have a time limit on our devices so we can be more out and about , and be more active.
      Some advantages are that we can send messages and calls from afar , to are friends and family. Say you needed a job you could look on your device and send a message instead of having to go there and then them saying that they don't need you.
      Some disadvantages are that you can get glued to your device and not be social.Also you will be unfit and not be active.

    17. I agree because Yes, people spend most of the time on it, even in family meetings. Everyone must be holding his device and not being indifferent but it cannot be denied that everything has advantages. Also, some students use the Internet to explain points that are not understood, and employees discuss their work on the Internet and computers. We can say that the Internet is a double-edged sword.

    18. I agree with you because internet enter our houses every single second and it affects greatly on everyone's mind.
      Every one should be careful at the contents you are dealing with.Every one is responsible to be selective. How are you and me use internet visualise our nation future.

    19. The Internet is one of the rights of people, but as we know that everything that has its positives has its negatives, the Internet is a double-edged sword One of the most important positives of the Internet for us as students is that it helped us in distance learning under the Covid 19 pandemic, and as I said, we cannot name the amount of information that we have benefited from the   Internet Also, the Internet has made our world a smaller space, as if you have someone close to you and a traveler, you can message him and see him via the Internet, but there are some people who do not appreciate the value of something and take advantage of it negatively As we can see, some people are publishing bad clips on social media just to get the title of fame

    20. In recent years, the Internet has become a powerful platform for a speedier flow of information accessible to every group of people, the biggest advantage is one could hold the information world in his hands which is also a disadvantage as not having all information accessible. My dad always used to say this, the internet is like a monster it will be good if we know how to handle it, or else the monster will eat us for no good reason.

    21. I agree because... Yes, I believe that the Internet steals minds, as it also wastes a lot of time, isolating the individual from his society, isolating him from his family, and also makes 🗣️👩‍🎓him not care about his lessons, his work, or his place and purposes.🏆😐😐😐

    22. I agree that the internet is a virus that steals people's mind . Internet has reduced the creativity of Human resources. It makes human lazy since we don't have to remember the things or solve puzzles to get the job done,we tend to use our brain less and less .
      The internet has been a great advantage. it is a huge source of information. It is far better than an encyclopaedia. We can find information about anything we want to know if we explore it properly. It has been a means of connecting people . Various social networking sites like Facebook, messenger,WhatsApp ,Viber, Skype,ets has made this task easier.The internet can be used for the purpose of business too.we can find many online shopping websites which are the forms of modern day business. as business through the internet has proved to be useful to both the sellers and buyers as it is economical and time saving.
      Despite the wide range of advantages ,the internet owns some disadvantages too.it poses a threat to information security because of hackers activities.the overuse of the internet invites many health problems such as eye problem,back problems ,lack of sleep,etc

  • There is so much wrong with getting to and planning of COP27.The point of COP events is to make aims for their countries, not add to the problem[climate change].

    1. with COP27 events it is good and bad . it is bad because of polution but
      it is good because important people can decide on what there going to
      do about climate change . You are right and it would be smart to do it on zoom because
      it wouldnt cause any bad things to happen BUT it is not all bad .

    2. I agree because. climate is a serious thing and because of COP27 its making it worse. They may be aiming for their countries, They add so much to climate change , You have to !Make your voice heard by those in power. ...
      1. Eat less meat and dairy. ...
      2.Cut back on flying. ...
      3.Leave the car at home. ...
      4. Reduce your energy use, and bills. ...
      5. Respect and protect green spaces. ..
      6.Cut consumption – and waste.

    3. Nice comment alert_apricot! I agree because a lot of pollution happens during this time. How do you think this could be solved? Whilst it could happen less often, as global warming becomes more of a crisis, do you think that leaders will panic and demand more meetings, not realising there is pollution caused by this?
      Do you think that everybody should try to make a difference or that it is up to the leaders?

  • Advantage: - It has helped many people with good typing practice, knowledge, communications, online payments so on.
    Disadvantage: - It affects lots and lots of people in this society. we think we get so close to each other on the internet, but we are just losing physical attraction toward people and mainly hacking, misusing

  • I have commented on awesome _sea Alkhansaa Prep Co Ed School .concerning the bad effect of weather change on the extinction of grey whales.

  • About the Global Warming I think that everyone knows the reasons but the thing is that everyone from all over the world has to decide a solution that everyone has to work on so we can fix that climate change So I just want to here solutions that you think going to fix this kind of climate change.

    1. I agree with you, and I will answer your question because we are here to stimulate the discussion and listen to each other's opinions and in the end we choose the best solution, and your question is solutions to global warming. A good question. First, global warming is pure and dangerous and threatens our lives. Greenhouse gases: including carbon dioxide and methane.2 Preventing food waste. When food rots, methane is released.3 Use of renewable sources: solar and wind energy. There are also international agreements to get rid of global warming, such as: Kyoto 1997, 2015 Paris Agreement. I hope that I have loved you for your question in a good way, and I also hope that we will commit and use these solutions to "save our planet".

      1. I agree with you about these solutions and I can also add a few more so it’s not to throw any garbage in an any kind of water surface , try to take care of the forests so they don’t make any fires for safety and to avoid pollution also in all countries we have to increase the amount of green lands and trees so we can have a clean environment .

        1. Hello, good thought - your comment gives me an idea - Exploring other planets, Objects, Universe etc... we, humans started exploring Colonization, along those thought "Throw Garbage Out" Why not there might be space shuttle which could carry the waste which can't be reused, to the outer space. With our great scientist and advanced technology in the future, Human race will create a path for the waste to the outer space considering some safety measures. It might happen and it's not too long. (Clean up the mess)

    2. We need to stop littering otherwise we are killing our planet and if this carries on, very slowly our world could disappear.

  • In my opinion its bad to show off your money because other people could use that money you dont use homeless people would use that money to live and survive . ilon musk could use his money to charity and are life s would be better and more happier for everyone . I think money should not be a thing and there only a small amount of food and drink so people are treated equal and ideas taken seriously like the common wealth . In my opinion it shouldn t be called that and it should be something less saying there better than non-alot off money .

    1. Hi Allowing_Harp, do you think we'll see less 'showing off' of people's wealth as the world moves into a more economically challenging period? In the UK the outlook looks particularly gloomy with food banks struggling with demand and lots of news stories about people having to choose between eating and heating. Do you think we'll see any changes, or will wealth become even more obvious and provocative to those struggling?

  • People of nowadays in different parts of the world are now contemplating on how and where they want to acquire standard education and life experiences from, it is either a day school or a boarding school, but due to the recent happenings of corruptness affecting the school systems such as strikes, cultism, kidnapping, attacks from terrorists' groups and many more, then which system of schooling is more suitable at this point in time due to the recent negative happenings of the schools?, and why have you chosen this system of schooling?.

  • so people use the internet yeah. When we use the web, we learn things such as:

    A: web design. some people like posting videos online
    B: looking things up and learning facts
    C: the internet is the most reliable source of information
    Take my point seriously

    1. I agree because... I liked your interest in learning about applications and learning more about social media from the Internet and web design and learning more about it. I also think that the main source is the Internet. We can give us a lot of benefits and information. This is if a person uses it well, such as developing skills and learning on it without playing on it and having fun. To obtain any information and benefits that we learn about in life, and it may benefit a person a lot

  • A person can respond to a comment, even if it is complete and does not need a response, by asking about one of the ideas contained in that comment and expressing his opinion that he agrees with this hadith or does not agree and mentions a reason for that and continues the conversation by asking about things related to it. With this topic, it is not necessary to delve into this topic, which will prolong the responses. It is an exciting and interesting question that makes everyone want to participate and respond .