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,, He who made you equal with himself did not wrong you,, Equality is a word with great meanings and indications, since humanity existed, and the world lacked it, so I wanted to mention this topic because of its profound impact on the life, behavior and thinking of people, as there was discrimination by race, color and religion, so it prevailed Racism between white and black, the rich, and the poor, which created a huge gap in entire societies, so we must point out and warn that equality is our right.

It is our right as human beings to be treated well and befitting us as a human being..... Man was created to innovate, work, manufacture, and struggle He was not created to be humiliated! Rather, he is free and father with dignity, so what is the difference between us and animals if we treat them equally?! There is no difference between a white person, a black person, an Arab, or a non-Arab, except for piety, for there are those who distinguish between males and females and give them the right of preference and priority in terms of work and education...

Likewise, there is a distinction between the poor and the rich, as the poor is not entitled to study in classrooms. The rich, and he does not marry them or even mix with people of high status, and the most prominent example of inequality is: discrimination between sons and daughters in the same house; The son has the freedom to do whatever he wants, even if he makes a mistake, he remains a male who does not get blamed, and he has the right to education and work in his capacity as the heir to this family, while the daughter, mother or wife are persecuted, deprived of rights, even expressing an opinion is forbidden to them, and this is prevalent in rural, primitive and remote societies.

If equality is achieved, prosperity, cohesion, justice and unity prevail in society, as well as benefit and common interest for the individual. So we will be people of one hand with logical and sophisticated thinking, and we will be able to overthrow inequality. We are human beings, not stones. We have what we aspire to in this life. We were not created in vain and we were not created as animals that eat, drink and sleep; Rather, we were created to be successors in the land to live in.... If equality is achieved, dignity, human dignity, and unity will be achieved, and every individual on this earth will have an active role to play.

Therefore, we call on all societies to strive, strive, and urge by all means to achieve equality, in order for every individual on earth to obtain his right to equality.... It is the simplest right that we can demand. People are equal as the teeth of a comb.

Blessed are those who contributed and supported. To spread and achieve equality.

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  • I agree with you
    Everyone should have the same chances and rights. It is important because it helps us to treat each other fairly and with kindness. Nobody should be treated differently because of their race, gender, religion, or anything else. We should all be given the chance to succeed and reach our dreams. When we have equality, we can create a world where everyone feels valued and respected.

    1. I thank you for your kind visit. We need someone who understands our point of view. We do not ask for anything impossible. Our demand is simple, achieved by making efforts and educating everyone about the importance of equality and raising the slogan of no favoritism and nepotism.

      1. Thank you for your interest in the matter, and I agree with you that the population is huge, but.... nothing is impossible with determination, perseverance, and continuity. If every person did his duty to the fullest extent without injustice to someone or ignoring him, then this leads to the spread of beautiful habits and love among people, which leads to a feeling The person must comply and give everyone his right.
        In short, if everyone does their duties perfectly, there will be no injustice to anyone.

    2. How can we create equal opportunities among people? Don't you think that it is difficult in light of this huge population?

  • I agree because in the end we are human beings and he has the right to practice what he was created for, and I really liked that you used the words that we quoted from our noble Messenger, there is no mistake in that and I hope that we will fight this phenomenon, and we are the children of the next generation to have a role in combating corruption and nepotism, but how? Can any of you give me a solution to this problem???

    1. Of course there is.
      * When there are job opportunities and so that all people have work experience and have a certificate.
      And they can handle it, they can fight corruption.
      * When united and cohesive, it can become a more wonderful society.

  • I strongly agree with you. equality is one of the most strived things, after all, in human history. To achieve both consensus and a balance of everything is a very important concept as it allows people to live contently, and to prevent conflict. The prevention of conflict prevents disruption and mayhem within our society. This is why struggling for equality is such an important cause. Like thoughtful_wolf says, "Man was created to innovate, work.... he was not created to be humiliated!" This shows the importance of equality, as it allows us all to fulfill our purposes to innovate and improve ourselves instead of humiliate and fight with each other.

    1. I thank you for your kind visit. We need someone who understands our point of view. We do not ask for anything impossible. Our demand is simple, achieved by making efforts and educating everyone about the importance of equality and raising the slogan of no favoritism and nepotism.

  • Firstly, I want to say that this article discusses an incredibly important and sensitive topic which is equality, and it presents many important ideas and points related to the subject. I believe it is good to shed light on this topic and consistently talk about it.

    It is also good that the article highlights that equality is a right for every human being and should be available to everyone regardless of their race, skin color, religion, gender, or place of birth. This is the main message that should be achieved in modern societies.

    However, there are some points that can be discussed in the article. For instance, it can be said that not everything mentioned in the article applies to all societies, and there are variations between societies and cultures regarding equality. This can be a subject for further elaboration in the article.

    Also, it can be said that the article mainly focuses on equality in societies and ignores some other aspects of equality, such as equality in opportunities and equality in treatment under the law. These aspects can also be addressed in the article.

    But overall, I see that this article presents an important message and discusses a necessary and vital topic for human life, and it can aid in continuous improvements that aim to achieve equality in societies.

    1. I agree when you said "It is also good that the article highlights that equality is a right for every human being and should be available to everyone regardless of their race, skin color, religion, gender, or place of birth" because that it is true that an article hightlight should be equal right for every human.

  • I agree because...Justice and equality are the basis of life, and I agree with the phrase we have logical and developed thinking. From my point of view, I focused on this phrase because this phrase is what if we apply and deepen it, people will survive on the basis of justice and equality, but The culture of society is the one that makes it difficult to solve the issue. My question is how can we develop our societies culturally. Another question is how can the culture of society be changed in front of something called equality. From my point of view, we as human beings in developed countries have prosperity. Moral, and we have many ways to improve the standard of living so that it does not become a distinction between the poor and the rich, from my point of view, with the development of the world and civilizations, justice and equality will definitely be achieved, and from my point of view there are many solutions To support issues that support equality and justice by holding international conferences that talk about them. We can also take advantage of social networking sites by discussing their issues and conducting awareness campaigns about justice and non-racism. towards humans or the vulnerable. On the other hand, we must achieve justice in countries where there are famines, because they are also human beings like us. Justice and equality, as I said, have many effects and issues such as racism and famine countries. Aren't these people like us and many like them? The issue of justice and equality has many aspects of view and opinions, and these opinions, as I said at the beginning, differ from one society's culture to another.

  • I was really excited when I saw this particular point under your standpoint which you said" discrimination by race, color and religion, so it prevailed Racism between white and black, the rich, and the poor, which created a huge gap in entire societies, so we must point out and warn that equality is our right." This statement simply lays its emphasis on social divide which simply means inequalities in different social aspects of life which may include; races, gender, origin, disabilities, religion, class, sexual orientation and so on.
    Today, wherever people live, they don’t have to look far to confront inequalities. Individuals just focus on them wanting more for themselves and not thinking of others who might not or do not have the opportunity to pursue/go after their dreams. Or some that has no one to build or lay up the bedrock or foundation for them.
    Actually, rising inequality is not a natural neither an inevitable condition. This means that we could actually do some thing to change it!!!. It happens within and even among countries. It is seen and know to be a major product of politics/policies, laws, institutions, social-cultural norm and practices , governance deficits and the unequal and fair distribution of wealth and power.
    There are many undeniable systematic forces that makes it much harder for some individuals to earn enough income to meet up with their basic needs and means for survival to protect themselves from ruin when they face unexpected expenses that may rise up. This has greatly contributed to the stark rise in equalities in a country.
    Thank You

    1. I agree because...Let us start with ourselves first, because change and the conviction of the importance of equality have their roots within us, in order to transcend and elevate that concept and combat racism, corruption and favoritism.

  • I agree with you and appreciate your write up. It is only when there is equality that societies can progress. Nepotism affects a lot of people and also hurts peoples feelings which results in people quitting their jobs or work less hard. Nepotism has been going on for a long time in my country and it is part of corruption. I believe that nepotism breaks people because they will feel hurt, angry or sad since they are not appreciated.
    I am also glad you brought up nepotism or biases in the family where boys are treated differently from girls and between the rich and poor members in the society.
    In my country when you refuse to use your position to help your family members you are labeled as wicked and stingy.

  • Your stand point is one of the best I have seen so far. Who can ever imagine that some one has the courage to write a stand point on equality. I personally do not have a good amount of self confidence but I really admire people who do and you are one of the few I have seen lately. The fact is despite our differences, we need to move as one. Yes, some of us are dark skinned and the other light, yes, some are more developed than others, yes, some are more privileged than others but put all that aside at the end we al bear one and only one name, we are all called "HUMAN BEINGS" if some were actually supposed to be placed in a higher class than others, they should have been given another name but since that didn't happen we all are one. We should move as one we should relate as one and no race should be classified an inferior than another. Over the years the blacks have had so many set backs and so any have died try to bridge those gaps, we see the likes of Martin Luther King Jr. All this man carried about was the rights of the blacks and the only thing he got was death. Why? Why we hurt our own selves for the sake of some idle race classification. Please, we need to set aside our differences and work as one else we will just keep killing each other for no good reason.

  • Equality in my religion is the most important thing and it is the fairest thing not only in my religion but in the whole world in my religion since 1444 years ago equality was the most important thing that I will explain to you with an example since ancient times those of another religion used to fabricate racism for a person whose skin was black. But when a person entered into our religion, he became treated well, and to this day our religion still treats people in this way, so what about your religion??

  • Islam has been based on the principle of equality between people, so there is no superiority for an Arab over a non-Arab except by piety and good deeds, and there is no honorable soul and another lowly one, rather everyone is equal, because all people are equal, and circumstances may separate them but the law and the truth do not separate them, as the Chosen One said prayers God and peace be upon him: “All of you belong to Adam, and Adam is from dust.”

  • Equality in the Topical Talk Festival We all know the Topical Talk Festival is a festival that allows children to express their opinion. I am one of these children and we all know that the Topical Talk Festival hosts many countries. The Topical Talk Festival does not make distinctions between one country and another. For example, it does not differentiate between Palestinian countries. Thanks For Topical Talk Festival

  • I agree, people should all be treated as humans equally.

    1. I also believe that all people should be treated as equal human beings, regardless of background, gender, race, religion, nationality, nationality or economic status. I believe that everyone deserves the same respect and decent treatment regardless of their background. People should not be treated differently based on anything about personal identity. It is important that people are treated fairly and equally, and that equal opportunities are provided to allDiscrimination and racism can lead to feelings of anxiety, frustration, and marginalization, and can lead to reduced opportunities for people. In addition, discrimination can lead to an increase in violence and conflicts in societies. We must all work to improve interpersonal relationships and promote inclusivity, tolerance and mutual respect. Discrimination and racism can affect the mental and physical health of people who experience it, and can lead to reduced self-confidence, frustration and depression. Discrimination can also affect people's opportunities in areas such as education, employment, housing and health care. Therefore, we must all work to create an environment that encourages respect, tolerance and cooperation, and promotes opportunities for all.

  • In the Nigerian constitution everybody is under the law whether ruler or ruled making everybody equal before the law.Applying this to the topic , meritocracy should be practiced all over the world and not nepotism it tells us that people are not treated equally.

  • I agree everyone should have the same right and no one should be denied of his right because he or she is reach or poor. In the world almost everywhere there is a distinction between the rich and the poor and this is not meant to be so everyone is supposed to be equal before the law we should all strive to be equal. Your standpoint has inspired me a lot.

  • Equality is very important for us to be able to abolish or put an end to this epidemic called NEPOTISM. Equality is ensuring that every individual has an equal opportunity to make the most of their life and talents. It is also the belief that no one should have poorer life chances because of the way they were born, where they come from, what they believe, or whether they have a disability. So, if everyone possess and promote equality especially in the workplace, nepotism will not be on the rise like how it is now.

  • I agree totally and your standpoint has inspired me and has taught me alot of lessons on equality. I mean, equality cannot be overemphazied, when we are born we are given the same rights and opportunites and no one should be wrongly deprived of them. In my country, there is a huge distinction between the educated and the non educated, and also between the rich and poor, and that is very bad and wrong and it should be stood against. Even before the law every one is equal, so taking your brethen to be underneath you is violation against the law. So we should workhard to build a better nation where everyone is equal, because good characters like justice, prosperity and unity and also because according to my faith, it will be seen acceptable and pleasing in the sight of my maker the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

  • Equality is an important thing to have because it helps us make sure that we all get fair treatment but some places can disagree. Not everyone can get the fair treatment that they deserve but that can change over time or not it depends on the time and place. Not all people get a fair chance of getting freedom. It might be hard for some people to do what they like to do because they have a certain limit. I remember hearing this story of a woman having to change her appearance because she couldn’t do any work as a woman. It was very hard for her because she was a single mother. So the fact that she had to change how she dressed, looked, and even how she talked to get a job was horrible because that would have been something stuck with her for years and she wouldn’t be able to go back. She also had a priority which was to provide for her family. All of this shouldn’t be an issue but not everywhere there can be equality.

  • I agree with you and your amazing standpoint has inspired me and taught me more about fairness and equality. We were all given the same rights once we were born and i strongly believe nobody should be treated wrong and get their rights taken. In my country, there is a big racial standpoint about race and equality and also between wealth and poverty. This should not be a big deal because at the end of the day we all should be treated equally and nobody should have to worry about these topics. So we should work hard to build a better nation where everyone is equal because nobody should have to be concerned about any of those things.