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The majority of the graph being yes was surprising to me since I know that some people have good... Strikes poll results! 16/5/23
I agree with you and your amazing standpoint has inspired me and taught me more about fairness... Equality 16/5/23
The results on the graph were predictable for when people talk about royal families. Most of... Royalty poll results! 16/5/23
The yes side at 75% surprised me because I thought it would be 50/50 because of the different... Strikes poll results! 15/5/23
I do believe there is a difference between helping people and nepotism. Helping people is... Nepotism: Is it good or bad? 15/5/23
Being a nepo-baby can give someone an unfair advantage because you can cheat your way through... Nepo-babies in the news 11/5/23
I believe nepotism starts to begin in step 8. Step 8 states, "Ema’s father gives Ema a role in... Where does nepotism start? 11/5/23
Equality to both my friends and family makes it fair to the other families and friends in the... Nepotism poll results! 11/5/23
My score was a 9 and I'm glad to know that there are mixed ideas on nepotism. Some people still... Test your knowledge 10/5/23
My country does not have any kings or queens because we are a democracy meaning we have... The role of royals 02/5/23
The person i've decided to choose is Sam. Sam works in a national transport company and they... Pick ONE person 01/5/23
I would like to talk about the topic of playing games. For one it is good towards the people... Particular people 01/5/23
The person that inspires me to take care of my environment is my grandfather. My grandfather... Who inspires you? 01/5/23
I agree because if this is done everything will be ok and the economy will grow as people agree... Strikes poll results! 26/4/23
I disagree because some jobs have good pay and good working conditions but people that work in... Strikes poll results! 26/4/23
I believe not all people should be able to go on strike because some workers do not have... Strikes poll results! 26/4/23
I think that the metaverse topic and the climate change topic link because climate change... Competition #3 Making connections 25/4/23
My country is affected by making the air harder to breathe in, water becoming polluted, spread... Climate change in your country 21/4/23
My final score was an 8. Even though I didn't get as I expected on the quiz, I learned more... Test your knowledge! 21/4/23